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Greetings, y'all!,

2020 is soon to be in the toilet, experiencing the swirly it truly deserves. Was it ALL bad? The vast majority of Americans would quickly agree with the aforementioned, yet Santa Claus (Santoshi, who drives a Lambo instead) gave crypto enthusiasts quite the pump for the Holiday Season, it continuing as I submit this final piece for 2020.

Bitcoin is but a short distance from 29.3k USD. Litecoin may reach 150 per coin next week and sits around 131 tonight. Cardano moved up as I expected, trading over 18.3 cents/ADA, but the Big Winner this year is by far HEX, sitting pretty at #8 tonight according to Nomics. It has pumped from .85 cent to 1.15 cents in the last 24 hours with a brief spike at the edge of 2 cents when a whale bought up enough and reportedly staked at a full term of 5555 days. (15.2 years, the maximum per stake allowed by the HEX contract) HEX remains very much understaked at 9.72 percent, equating to around 38% APY for principal staked. Even though Christmas was ruined by COVID-19 in many ways, I still have done well with the present pumping of crypto. Billionaires and hedgies have poured a lot into BTC, lifting up the alts. I also was proven correct on my ETH price prediction poll that Jimmy Snow put out 12/29/19 with a > $301 price point, which is shy of $750 for tonight.

Crypto predictions? As I had mentioned earlier in the month, I'm predicting that BTC should be able to muster at least 150k USD by late 2021. Some predict 300k or higher. Litecoin? Many see 1k as very reasonable by late 2021 and as mentioned recently on this blog, Kim Dotcom predicts BCH to exceed 3k by the years' end. Predictions on HEX are all over the place, but there's no doubting the ability to pump with no more Adoption Amplifier to offer as much liquidity, it being satisfied only through the secondary markets, usually through exchanges which handle it. I could well become debt free and a homeowner (or long-term lease to own) for the first time this coming year, although I won't really be satisfied until I have my own small farm or ranch. I want horses and maybe a few head of cattle. Too much land requires more maintenance and more coordination with many outsiders. It's something I spend time soul-searching about and no final decisions have been made, although I'm actively looking for such a spot, here in the Rectangle where I'm meant to be.

The Federal Printing Press is running hard with 600 bucks stimulus going into the accounts of Americans. So far, the 2k being targeted remains an Enigma, the victim of Congressional bickering. Senator McConnell of Kentucky is against the stimulus while his wife, Secretary of Transporation Elaine Lan Chao has made progress with new drone rules that become effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register. It should be noted she's quite the expert on transport regs and issues, having served under Reagan and Bush 41 many years ago.

Do you have a New Years Resolution or goal for 2021? Mine will be to continue striving to deal with COVID19, getting through this mess, while reminding our Congress Critters they need to do the People's Business, especially in expanding reasonable rules in crypto, not the continued Hot Mess that they allowed the IRS and other alphabet agencies with unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to run amok. I will also continue to search for replacement work, even though my present temp job continues to at least keep me at status-quo. I continue to receive your prayers and appreciate all your good wishes!

We've come a LONG way in the last 48 years. I was just seven when this map came out. It's the entire internet at that time. Keep in mind, the world wide web or WWW didn't appear until '90. Not even Usenet appeared until 6 years later and was limited to two or three colleges.

Audible messages were heard before the Nashville downtown blast on Christmas Day, including Petula Clark's "Downtown" from 1964, an oldie I played back in the Arkansas River Valley on my morning show. Mr. Warren was right that he would be remembered for doing this, even though he caused massive damage and a few injuries. He was the only known fatality in the incident, still under investigation.

The girl got it goin'! I love the passion as she shows how it's done on the guitar, y'all!

This is a FAT CAT! Cut down on the Meow Mix, won't ya?

That's it for 2020! Thanks to each of you for regularly viewing it and I hope to offer even more in the year(s) to come. Please be COVID19 safe and may you and yours have a Happy New Year as I push the toilet plunger to expel what was a horrible, yet memorable year here in the Cowboy State.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,




Greetings y'all,

This is an interesting thread that Katie Haun posted regarding a comment period on certain proposed crypto regulations by FinCEN requiring crypto wallet registration, particularly for Bitcoin/Ethereum, that began the afternoon of 12/18 (a week ago!) which will prove to be a major pain in the ass! So far, this attempt to scare the Market has woefully failed as Bitcoin achieved a new ATH Christmas Morning of 24.5k USD, doing a Bart Simpson chart formation and back to a gradual upswing around 24.1k USD. The Swamp has shortened the comment time using excuses of criminality, so HEADS UP crypto readers! You should quickly review and respond between these two major holidays. Don't later say I didn't give you fair warning. Read through, then get your opinions in A.S.A.P. even though it's the Holidays! Don't allow another sneaky Christmas Fed trick play if you're in the space. Scroll down through the above Forbes article link to review it in detail. Comments are due by 1/4/21 and I've submitted mine by postal mail. Will you join me?

QUOTE FOR CHRISTMAS: "All I want for Christmas is the separation of money and state." - Lina Seiche

Bitcoin is quickly approaching 25k as I've finished this submission. Litecoin is truly kicking ass and taking names with a new 131 dollar price according to Nomics. Other alts doing the same include Cardano and HEX. Ripple has been under the gun and lost a lot of fiat value, yet regained around 20% for Christmas Day. Santa indeed delivered some Christmas Cheer for an otherwise shitty 2020, a year I'm ready to flush down the toilet. Does that mean 2021 will absolutely be stellar? For Stellar (XLM) I'd say so but I remain steadfast on Chuck's ADA which could move up another two positions on the chart before New Years'. I presently HODL BTC, LTC & HEX, the latter being burnt and staked per contract.

This is one HEAVY story as I encourage readers to take time and not treat this with TL;DR kids hands. The takeaway, if this is correct, is stunning. I wouldn't be surprised if some heavy-handed officials here in 'Murica pull the same stunt!

AOC actually makes sense when she stated in regard to the Stimulus Bill; "This isn't governance. It's hostage-taking." Even now, either side can't agree to the amount of stimulus that most Americans would receive. By the same token, there's way too damn much government PORK included. This creates more debt we are very unlikely to ever repay and will speed up the Global Collapse I've been expecting for well over a decade. James Rickards will be vindicated. Don't laugh! I predicted GATA being vindicated. Although their timing was off, the result was indeed as predicted. Nevertheless, Monday will likely have a stimulus vote to be taken which will make news headlines.

Nashville had quite a nasty Christmas. An RV exploded in downtown Music City in front of the AT&T building, significantly disrupting internet communications throughout the Metro. There are reported human remains and even a video from a CCTV shows when it exploded. It was POWERFUL and shook buildings throughout the immediate area. Many alphabet agencies are conducting investigations now.

This is SO WRONG! Yes, it borderlines NSFW, albeit an error. I can't stop giggling..

I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas! I'll return before New Years for a final 2020 entry on this humble blog.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

I have to keep this one short. Weather here is getting colder and more snowy, FINALLY! I have around 2 inches of fluffy white to remove from my truck, but at least the studded snow tires get to earn their keep.

Dammit! Bitcoin pulled it off. The NEW ATH has taken place yesterday and it was a beauty of a pump above 23.6k USD with 22.5k showing a short-term floor! It's not surprising that critics call it a bubble, but this ain't my first rodeo, literally or collectively!! Many of the alt coins are having their boats floated, therefore, even non-maximalists can't gripe much. HEX is approaching 25% on its ongoing pump, so that may induce some bagholders to dump, yet a few more are actually staking, some for 10+ years! Still, the staker's interest remains near 38% on principal and I can't possibly complain. You can scroll down to read what I noted on 12/6 about Bitcoin and little brother Litecoin, having traded around 106 USD and looking at 100 bucks for a short-term floor. I love it when I knew I'd be vindicated. Both were up over 15% in the last 24 hours prior to this submission! Congrats to any regular readers who took advantage and heard of several billionaires and certain hedge funds who've seen opportunity and jumped on it. Many have predicted by the end of 2021 that BTC could net around 300k USD, yet I think 150k is more realistic if a true Global Fiat monetary disaster doesn't take place, otherwise ALL bets are off. Another reason for the pump is cited by those who see Congress closing in on that long-overdue Second Stimulus, the anticipation being too much to wait any longer by the charging bulls. Never forget of Bitcoin's limited supply! Of course I include several other quality coins, LTC in particular for that reason.

Also scroll down for last week's submission (12/13) as I had warned of the likely possibility of the BTC MemPool filling up again as it did three years ago. So far, that's not the case with the miner's fee cost at 101 sats/byte transaction, except you may choose to pay somewhat less and wait longer for it to confirm. Just keep an eagle eye on this if you're in for the quick FOMO/exit strategy. Kim Dotcom happens to be in agreement with what I've stated in my previous missive on this humble blog (where I disagree with Richard Heart regarding quality alts) Kim says BCH is very viable for making payments and predicts it'll moon to 3k by next year's end, even if it's not for the same reason I posted over the weekend. Just pay attention to my trends I'm sensing, do your own research and read between the lines. It's important to note the bullishness isn't limited to crypto as Bix Weir sent subscribers in an email earlier in the day of both 200 and 50 day average TA points in silver's chart being bested. He's expecting some action very shortly and that market can be quite volatile. Kitco Silver's chart at the end of the trading day earlier Wednesday afternoon was around 25.31 USD/Oz and trading close to 26. He's not discounting a peak of 600 USD/Oz by the end of the big cycle and I have to concur if the Fed must throw in the towel. The artificial market pump, even by PPT and ESF, have their limits. Dammit Janet (Yellen) will make the stage and sing another dovey Fed tune, but will she get finally get pelted with rotten tomatoes? A bit early for many to ask that question, yet I'll continue to ask that for reasons noted on other recent blog entries. It makes a trip to Teton County more tempting in the future, for sure!

Hunting season is going on well in the Delta back South. This young man scored a good buck. Well done!

Tired of seeing all those turkeys? They even make noises when you whistle!

That's it for now! If the weather permits on Monday, your first day of Winter, check out the southern sky for Jupiter/Saturn conjecture. These planets will be very, very close together and appear as a huge star. Telescopes and binoculars will get a once-in-a-lifetime treat!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings y'all!,

The hits keep on comin' don't they? The Dems and their media lackeys did a superlative job of gaslighting, hiding the obvious fraud from the Elections. I have newscast after newscast from ABC and NewsNow towing the line about our "President Elect", even though he hadn't been officially elected by the Electoral College. I give bonus points to the female reporter on ABC who continued that Creepy Joe would indeed become our next President after failure in Pennsylvania's Supreme Court decision which lead to the SCOTUS. They even cite the 7 million vote lead that Biden reportedly earned, which is a blatant lie as well and continues to tout the Johns Hopkins COVID death toll which I bet never gets decreased when someone's heirs shells out the money to contest their Death Certificate COVID fraud. After all, the hospitals gotta get paid too! Did Pennsylvania do anything about the Dominion Voting Machine staffers who were to have shown before them? We know they lawyered up, then decided not to show. For a sheeple, that usually means a bench warrant, fines and jail time. I'm expecting crickets to prevail since the Election was stolen. So much for Liberty and Justice for all. That's true for those with money, but most of the sheeple have damn little of it left. Disappointing.

We have a SCOTUS who collectively acted poorly. The most recently-appointed associate Justice effectively LIED to the American People when she stated in her acceptance speech of how they work for us! Not a damn dissent or other opinion given in regard to the information submitted. Justice Alito cited the Section III lack of standing as to the reason the Court refused further consideration. The Court will likely be held in very foul regard now and in future history books, provided today's brainwashed academics openly allow the sordid details to be entered, unmolested. After all, there were well over 1,000 sworn affadavits ready to be submitted and around 75,000,000 American voters who were directly disenfranchised! That's how desperate the Chinese and World Economic Forum staffers through the Democrats want to screw over each and every one of us Debt Slaves. It's called Universal Basic Income and full debt forgiveness in return for each of us to fully give up our ownership rights with particular emphasis on our rightful resistance and birthright of responsible Gun Ownership! They want control bad enough that you should expect them to force their will on you, those who refuse to "comply" in much the same way that the COVID-19 has in wrecking our economy, thus far.

How about that Pfizer vaccine? Approved this weekend and being shipped around the nation, I've heard rumors of injections to be done with a microchip. Although this story is months-old, a brief search has eliminated this as the microchip is made a part of the medicine vials' labeling and isn't part of either the vaccine or syringe. The chip allows health care workers to transmit information about a vials' usage to a database. Not that you should let down your guard, but at least for now, we remain chip-free except those whom decide doing so is prudent. Several Asian-based airlines are already insisting on a Covid Passport for travel. Much like the viral infections originating there, such ideas often spread, too. There goes whatever American tourism there was.

We're seeing more and more on Hunter and his business dealings with China. My thinking is much the same as many of you reading this, especially the MSM news having conveniently ignored details until after the Elections to further gaslight us that the Big Guy may gets thrown under the bus. The investigations may become too much for the Bidens, but nothing will happen if the Big Guy is sworn in and pardons his family, then gets kicked out under Amendment 25 which I suspect remains possible. I'm expecting Harris to become President in due course and Nancy becoming the Veep, spare if Hillary wants back in bad enough. So this was the best the Dems could give us? That's a perfectly valid question! Trump tried and tried. Now let's see if Biden has no shame as Bubba did decades back. Certainly, their protected caste offers much immunity as we can't possibly have powerful bank$ters and those in the top rank in prison, right?? To think we have overt Chinese agents in the President Elects' family, likely including the PE himself, doesn't pass the smell test, but it's just fine with the Dems. I pray you don't forget that nugget. Throw it out for the twitter birds. I've about had it there and am searching for a new social media hangout with a lot fewer snowflakes. I remain of low activity there for now and will announce if I decide to ditch the rude bluebird as @Jack makes that decision easier, day by day. Trust that you'll get at least a month's notice here and on my website's front page if I decide to abandon Twitter.

The Republicans aren't without fault! Many opportunities the Party had in the recent past to include independents have been woefully wasted due to their continued hubris. This political indie may consider accepting run-off Democrat ballots in the future as a slap-in-the-face message of how shitty the Republican Party presently serves their sheeple and failing to hold an olive branch to those who could benefit them. Hopefully, this heaping serving of Humble Crow Pie will have them reconsidering their strategies going forth. Should I post a recipe? A reminder; Georgia has a runoff election for two Senators next month.

I was seeing the possibility of Civil War v2.0 appearing on our shores and the militants of the Left are quickly testing the mettle, the patience of the Right. Four were stabbed with 23 arrested in D.C. as Antifa vs. Proud Boys clashed in The Swamp late Saturday. The Elites have been wanting this stew to boil very badly and they may later wish they'd left well enough alone. For those living their lives normally, again I suggest you obtain extra supplies and food you'll need, paper products and sanitary stuff in particular. Don't forget ammo with your guns! When we see the Johnsons of the left speak their deeply-held beliefs of how they honestly feel about political discourse, then you'd better heed their threat and prepare to "soldier up" against her "soldiers." To the latter peacefully protesting in the Swamp, beware of the "flash tactics" such as assault/battery these punks are using. Don't assume your children you carry to these events are immune. Many militants are brainwashed, young people with no dependents which allow them a certain advantage until they're taken down on the concrete, hurting and crying. Be prepared to fight, fight them HARD and bear in mind, they WILL LIKELY GET BAILED OUT OF JAIL, QUICKLY because many are professional agitators with professional backing that Trump's administration, many of them Swamp Creatures, did little to nothing to address this bullshit early on. If there's a time for the Insurrection Act to be enacted by the President, the time is quickly running out since the SCOTUS has apparently pulled the rug.

I didn't know there's another protected class acronym. No longer limited to those claiming LGBTQ, there's BIPOC or Black, Indigenous and/or Person Of Color. When will us Saltine Crackuh Honky Whities get to claim OUR rightful protections through academia and the Courts? We sure as hell didn't see any of that before the Elections and I doubt they're coming! Why do I carry and firmly grip this lightning rod directly to the table, begging for a direct strike from above? I had my flu shot on 11/19 here in Oil Town and should be good for the entire season, however, I did experience a mild fever and various body aches which cost me a day of work. Vaccines can do this from time to time, ya know! I can't easily sue a vaccine manufacturer for this loss, thanks to the incredible work by our Vaccine Court. It was a damn pox which the Reagan Administration unleashed and this has allowed abuse along the way. Occasionally, an award is given by this Court, but I'm not privy to know how many denials they've given. Oh, but when it comes to the Dems, the "science" has been proven or decided for us on so many things. With all that said, Cornell University offers the BIPOC exemption for this year's flu vaccine requirement on their campus. This article has the college citing "historical injustices and current events" in their health vaccine FAQ, yet they left out the fact certain food aod other experiments were done by our government which affected blacks and whites during the 60's. You see, the government isn't always your friend when certain Deep State Swamp elements with money are lurking. Ask any American Indian as many of them continue to struggle today or those Pacific Islanders, the Marshalese in particular, dealing with the damn mess left behind after those bomb tests. My take on it? I strongly agree with the undergrad who stated "All students deserve equal treatment regarding what healthcare choices they are allowed to make at Cornell.” and I would extend this to the upcoming COVID needle jabs.

It's no secret I'm a staunch fan of the Hex cryptocurrency. This powerful token is already changing many lives for the better. I was among the first to actively blog about "Bitcoin Hex" during February, 2019 and consider myself among the OG's (Original Gangsters) having long ago claimed free Hex from the Bitcoins I held then. All my Hex is staked for the future, so presently I have no tax liabilities whatsoever from it. Richard Heart remains spot-on about crypto as he was early to the space, even more active and early than I was! His computer's wallet was able to mint BTC back then. His latest article on the stupidity of the crypto community is quite blunt, but that's among the reasons I get where he's coming from. He's been retired for 20 years, so why create Hex in the first place? He's wanting at least some of the Hexicans, those active within the community, to consider investing in life-extending technologies. He also has several self-help books he's penned over time and first-hand experience.

This doesn't mean I'm 100% on-board with his opinions! Of points Richard has in his article, I disagree with his take on the need of usability of "copycat junk", especially in regard to LTC, BCH & BSV. I HODL all of these and sense real-world usage whenever BTC's MemPool gets clogged whenever it moons, the ATH during 12/17 being the epitome of miner greed. I could care less about Lightning Network, riding atop the BTC blockchain with not that many transactions being utilized on it, and Heart understands this issue already. Litecoin has distinct on-chain advantages with a fourth of the transaction time average and four times the coins, yet valuation has dragged terribly in light of a solid track record that not even Bitcoin can lay claim to! I remain a strong LTC bull and sense a bright future for it, yet Charlie Lee needs to STFU about Hex as he's pissing me off. He's flat-out WRONG about it! I've had zero issues with Hex and the contract continues to function as intended, the code itself can be reviewed and has been audited three times, one being for economics. If you watch Heart's videos, some are very language-explicit. This article is indeed safe for work, so enjoy!

Water Futures a week or two ago joined crude oil, copper, soybeans and other commodities traded on US exchanges. This suggests water scarcity problems could be nearing! Will Nestle be the Top Player? I've already heard too much about water and them in the same sentences.

The AP reports that microwave energy could well have been the problem with American diplomats having suffered in both China and Cuba. Still, nothing heard regarding 5G implementation throughout America and perhaps the same problems to manifest itself to our general population in the future.

So far, that's all I have! I'm resigned that Biden/Harris will be #46 and they get to deal with a massive mess which Trump couldn't resolve. Hopefully, Americans won't forget the obvious THEFT of the Elections and will be prepared to have the Last Laugh when these two clowns try to unite the nation. The jackasses brought this on themselves and it'll take nothing short of WW III to have the mad sheeple forget. Don't think for a picosecond that I alone brought this idea. It's been reported Chinese troops are lurking in both Canada and Mexico. The Middle East reportedly could turn ugly between Israel and Iran. Keep your eyes on the ball!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings again,

It's been quite a while and I remain busy, Thanksgiving included. Furthermore, I'm still fairly inactive on Twitter and plan on remaining so while the holidays close on in (email me: or call if you must) So what's up or down? The temperature goes up when politics gets discussed. Trump is still fighting the good fight with judges in many areas and his own Attorney General, the obese Swamp Critter he is, doesn't help. Of course the MSM gives their stories top-billing as the intense gaslighting continues here in the former Land Of The Free. There's the continued COVID shutdowns throughout America and elsewhere with costs continuing to mount on an already-fragile economy. We have the WEC/WEF preaching a Great Reset and we all know how this winds up. They demand something from it, specifically our ownership and freedoms. In return, they apparently want to give us Sheeple an UBI or Universal Basic Income. Smells and looks like communism to me! "Does it to YOU?" is the more important question to be presented. I'd rather shovel horse shit the rest of my days on this blue orb than put up with my Constitutional Rights being given up for the ease of being a mushroom. Watch the ball, y'all!

Some are asking me about the weather, both locally and elsewhere; It's been beautiful here for days and days on end and will continue most of the week, yet there are changes to come! Many co-workers have been awaiting the change. Christmas decorations are already adorned throughout town. A handful of homes have dustings of snow from last Tuesday's brief bout in shaded areas and Casper Mountain has snow in place, although not that much. The Hogadon Ski Area staff would love to open up a few trails and their prayers I think will be answered in due course. The GFS weather model is quite bullish in getting upper-level energy across the Cowboy State by Friday. The NWS in Riverton already has slight snow chances and I agree strongly that the north and west sections of the state get it first. The upper level ridge finally breaks down viciously and much more moisture from the Pacific Northwest makes it eastward. I'm expecting decent chances of snow by next weekend from what I'm reading so far, yet these weather systems may change in development before then. It's worth watching and I suggest the locals be prepared. I'm doubting we'll get the sucker punch we received back in early September, but it's Wyoming!

Rudy Giuliani, Trump's primary attorney, has tested positive for COVID-19 and one Twitter posting notes that up to 15 Arizona lawmakers may have been directly exposed. We'll find out finally if the Kung Flu can be transmitted by loud farts. At least one late night show has had video of him in testimony while a loud cheek-flapper or two was being released.

Bitcoin wants to RUN! Several hedge funds are buying up and helping to steady the price in the 19k range. When it exceeds 20k, expect FOMO to build in as it did during 2017. I keenly warn HODLers wanting to sell to keep enough for huge BTC miners fees as was seen 3 years ago this month when the BTC MemPool filled and most had to dig deeper to cover ever-higher fees to get a transaction through! Bitcoin bull runs are still fun, but it's not all unicorns and rainbows if you're not prepared well-enough. The excellent news it brings is that other quality cryptos and tokens are appreciating as well! It's super-swell to see Litecoin (LTC) bump against and above 90 bucks. Presently trading shy of 83 USD, Litecoin has been biding it's time well. Congrats for those HODLers who listened when it was back around 50 or less. If BTC moons soon, expect little brother to go along for the ride! Some LTC bulls expect well above 500 on the next cycle peak, some thinking 1k isn't too high for that matter.

Ethereum, you ask? ETH 2.0 is gradually getting fueled with momentum to follow. It can't come soon enough, those cheaper gas fees and far-greater throughput. Still, there's plenty riding on the backbone of ETH's original and it remains near 600 USD. Cardano (ADA) has continued to do well. I still don't own any but am cheerleading Chuck and his team for the excellent tech it offers and gradually rolling out more! It's sitting pretty at #8 on Nomics' chart. The Big News for now are stablecoins. The Dems want to harshly regulate what was Libra and is presently capable of six transactions per second ((loud snickering)) as that is below par with slug-slow Bitcoin and terribly wimpy in comparison to HEX (through zkSnycs can handle 2k/sec) and the Russian-borne Universa, whose team still continues refining it, presently capable of over 20k/sec rate with 50k/sec planned. I HODL or stake all three.) the latter has landed additional contracts and I continue to hear of more developments, most that I'm not at liberty to discuss. For those HODLing UTNP/UTN tokens, continue your patience as I'm doing the same. The rewards in coin price should come with more usage and acceptance, so it remains a game of strong hands. Their interfaces are improving and the swaps are getting faster, yet limited to 100k per swap. If UTN tokens are in the blockchain, as long as you have your .unikey (PrivKey) and .unicon (Contract) files, you're golden. I developed a means of cold storage for these digital files, whereby you use a Hex Editor and screenshoot all data from both, then put on durable printed medium and secure as you would a BTC/LTC/ETH/DOGE PrivKey. In case of a Carrington-type event, you simply re-create the file from the Hexidecimal data, then double-check your work. Works great for me!

With all that said, any and all stablecoins here and in the EU may well require far more regulation. There's a New Villian in the space. Rohan Grey has a kick-ass understanding and appreciation for crypto, but his STABLE Act still falls short on one critical point that costs any support I'd be willing to give his proposal regarding strict regulation of stablecoins. As you'll read in this link, you'll notice the concerns of Ethereum node owners whose traffic includes so many smart contracts, including Tether (USDT) and other quality projects. To submit the bill as-is without regard of immunity to these node owners is identical to holding any and all routers of the internet as liable whenever anything illegal transverses these devices and through an ISP or Internet Service Provider. My bottom line? It falls short and doesn't deserve to move out of committee until such protections are provided for those incapable of filtering out such specifics of which were never directly addressed beforehand in the smart contracts in question! Rework it and I think you'll have a better chance of it getting out of committee. Mr. Grey, if you read this, I plan on voicing my disagreements to Rep. Cheney about this and to watch for any reworkings of this bill to make it more protective of the space you otherwise appreciate. The dollar's "systemic risk" is very much to it's own anyhow as Congress has long ago relinquished their authority to this unaccountable, unelected Federal Reserve. The abuse of the USD both domestically and abroad has been long apparent and has caused much misery to so many. When those running this quagmire finally get it back operating as it should, perhaps overall management inside this mess needs overhauling, too!

Finally, Tadzio (@TadzioMatrajt on Twitter) lives in Brazil with his family. I've followed his tweets for months now and we chat tweets from time to time. He's got a Thanksgiving story of his own and I'm pleased to post the Twitter link that lets him describe the whole thing. Well, actually several horses gifted to him recently.

I hope each of you had a great weekend and a recent Happy Thanksgiving. Stay COVID-19 safe and I'll try to drop by a bit more often. It's really THAT busy here in Oil Town.
 Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

 What a hell of a time to be alive! The MSM has gaslighting to an Art Form and it's carried over to the News Now newscasts carried on local outlets here in Casper. There's quite a bit of evidence coming from several jurisdictions in regard to voter fraud that they refuse to admit as they're playing for huge stakes, bluffing the POTUS. They pressure Trump to play his hand so their side can hide what they can. The problem is that time is running out in some of these states, lest the Trump campaign may have to resort to the SCOTUS, opening up another can of worms for the MSM to feast on.

The recent 11/3 Elections? On the phone, I've had inquiries about this. As far as Wyoming is concerned, I'm glad that's overwith! Lummus won her US Senate seat and I'm confident she'll help those in the crypto space. So far I can't say for sure that Rep. Cheney is aboard and if she remains tight-lipped and not even lukewarm, that will directly affect my vote the next time she approaches We The Wyomingites for another mark in the confidence column. Sewer debt by municipalities was put up for vote and passed statewide. Art Washut won my district (36) for another two years as did Chuck Gray of district 57, who I attended one of his many Town Halls. Both are strong conservatives on so many points. On the City level, incumbent Steve Cathey edged out Michael McIntosh by 85 votes, but 102 Write-Ins could've changed the picture if they focused things differently. I agree with most of Cathey's positions. There needs to be leeway and a willingness to compromise in at least some circumstances. He was appointed to the council right when I moved to the Oil City last August to fill in Chris Walsh'es seat.

In crypto, Bitcoin has recently reached 16k with many of the alts being lifted with it. This has put selling pressure on HEX and given Hexicans (and those to be) a true bargain in advance of BigPayDay, about a fortnight away. It fell from around a penny and half to the predicted .0084 that Methodology dot info penned a couple days ago, one TA watcher stating it was a classic .618 retracement. Most in the HEX community see that money coming back for HEX when the present rally has run it's course. When that happens is hard to say, but it could be very soon if the present 16k holds as support and is traded sideways to absorb the uptick.

BCH or Bitcoin Cash (which I HODL some) has a HARD FORK arriving today, Sunday 11/15! This article should tell you most of what you need to know if you HODL some If you already have BCH in cold storage or a wallet YOU directly control, you can expect an airdrop. Some exchanges are expressing support for both coins, at least initially.

The News Now Nonsense continues on K2 Television. You still see a lot of screwups on screen, but none are coming locally. Get it? My co-worker banter on this subject reflects most of my opinion on this. Earlier in the week, one newscast had a National Parks phone number on-screen as incomplete. Another cast under two weeks ago with one of the newest NN talents didn't know how to pronounce either Teton or Arapaho and had to restart a story which didn't get edited out before they fed it to the station. Trust that I'm NOT going to assist in coaching them in the manner that I did (and continue to) in my native Arkansas with the Arkansas Pronunciation Guide, one of my most-popular webpages which I get the most email input on. (I've not forgotten about the promised "soundboard" I mentioned in the webpage - still on my agenda) I'm encouraging fellow Wyomingites to comment to the collective of stations that Commissioner Michael O'Reilly of the FCC has commented on Casper's lack of reporting by on-air talent who would be directly accountable to the public.

Finally, due to the continuing elections, (Sorry, Biden/Harris haven't been voted in to be 'elected' as that's done by the Electoral College next month, so the Office of the President Elect is a bunch of bullshit.) I'm still not visiting Twitter very much and am not presently reviewing any comments you may be leaving me there, so be forewarned. I want this damn mess to get solved, then resume with my life. I remain very busy with other more-important shit to get done.

Comment of the Month: "As the planet approaches a critical mass of leftists, we will reach the 'Pelosi-Schiff limit'. Once this limit is breached, a moron-singularity occurs, in which all rational thought and logic collapses into an infinitely dense 'Biden hole', from which no intelligence can escape. At this point the earth and the known universe will cease to exist as all matter is instantaneously transformed into genderless elementary particles, as per the Zuckerberg-Dorsey theorem." - gilligan, on ZeroHedge

That's it for now! Big Pay Day arrives on 11/19 (Thursday) so here's your final reminder if considering either starting or adding to a HEX stake via the contract. This is a ONE TIME EVENT with significant rewards, especially for long-term stakers who can demonstrate they have the STRONG HANDS necessary to prevail. A 10-year stake is excellent and I may well add a final one tonight to get 'er dun. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to 2021 as HEX will likely prove to be an incredible ride that few in crypto will ever forget. I'm grateful to be part of it, although I still encourage anyone to DYOR and QUICKLY! The stake for BPD must be in place no later than 11/18 to be started on 11/19, although I'd recommend 11/17 or earlier. There's plenty on HEX.COM but if you still have questions, go to the only really helpful discussion on Telegram's @HexCrypto.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!

Welcome to November! Did you enjoy last night's BLUE MOON? This was the first true Halloween Full Moon since 1944. I called my mother to look out the window and take in a view. A few low clouds and haze prevented an initial sighting in parts of Central Arkansas, so I hope she tried for a second time to enjoy what won't again happen until 2039. The weather was near-perfect last night here in Oil City, yet so few took advantage to enjoy the uniqueness. Due to COVID19, the many Halloween get-togethers were either too restrictive for most, or the fear of COVID19 was just too much. At least we're into November, a new month and new clean slate. It's also back to Standard Time, so the Sun sets an hour earlier and you got back that hour you lost in March. Now for the nastiness of Tuesday's Elections...

Ouch! Could this be true?? Of course your friendly MSM won't report on this before the Tuesday Elections.

Catturd (@catturd2) encourages each of us on Tuesday evening, to instead"Turn off the TV Tuesday night. Especially Fox News. Find people you trust on Twitter, who are great with the state by state voting numbers, and see what’s really happening.
Don’t stress yourself out with fake News drama." Which I'm tempted to agree. Just dealing with ordinary stuff today on Twitter is a challenge when those who don't know you call you full of bullshit and aren't willing to consider that MANY hospitals are likely claiming 100% death rate, attributable to the Kung Flu. Sorry, but these aren't isolated and the smell test fails miserably. When my best friend tells me about someone he's known for well over a decade that got fired from a hospital for not following through with their fraudulent mandate, combined with congressmen continuing to receive money from hospital lobbyists, then it's easy to conclude that something in The System is extremely corrupted, particularly in light of Citizens United which SCOTUS essentially ruled the deepest pocketbooks could rule. Still, there are enough Americans who see how Bloomberg's funding of certain campaigns and initiatives is insidious and have voted quite the opposite. Good! Let that jokester sail back to Bermuda. I hope he stays there, hurricanes and all!

Reports are strong of many snowflake cities locking down for violence and escalated rioting in advance of Tuesday's Elections, this despite tens of millions having voted already. ZeroHedge had one article a few days back of voter regrets in regard to the early voting in most states. Yours Truly has already voted (previous post notes this) so am pleased that mess is done, even if I could've gotten paid for being off a couple hours to accomplish this civic duty.

HEX continues to reach new milestones of ATHs (all time highs) especially now in advance of BPD or Big Pay Day where BTC holders who didn't claim their free HEX get to pay the stakeholders of what could've been their rightful share, with some interesting exceptions of course. Methodology dot info now updates their HEX price prediction to two and a half cents each by this time next week! We'll see. Taylor Kennedy gives us this excellent article on HEX, priced at over a penny and 2/5ths each, now an honest Fifth-Ranked on Nomics, sporting a 5.5 Billion USD market cap! Do Your Own Research but git 'er dun soon as 11/19 is under three weeks away from this posting. Remember, although this is never financial advice, I still told 'ya so!

HEX may not remain alone on pumping in crypto. Many Bitcoiners expect theirs to start moonshooting. Nomics dot com which features Methodology dot com's predictions has BTC gaining another 1k or greater in USD, cracking 15k by this time next week. The bulls can certainly get this going, but they'll have to step in and provide support, too!

That's it for this pre-election update. I likely won't check messages on Twitter until late Tuesday. Ping me either through texting or calling either my Arkansas or Wyoming phone #'s or email and thanks as always for reading.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

I continue to pursue other opportunities outside of my temp job of which I'm very likely qualified for. If I don't believe I'm qualified enough, I likely won't apply as I don't really want to waste the time of others, no matter how desperate they may be to fill the position or positions. Nevertheless, even in this COVID-19 economy, there are some opps popping up so keep me in your prayers or wish me the best going forward as my phone could ring at anytime. November will be an exciting month, regardless if nobody calls me for an interview as there are two significant events, both involving more money! I still wish I had been interviewed by my present employment for recent jobs they filled a few months back. Sorry, but I'm holding that obvious lack of consideration against them since I was not only qualified, but am appreciated by my co-workers and the fact I had suffered injury in routine work (on a holiday, no less) that wasn't my fault, an occupational hazard of which nobody contested, but I carry a new scar for my personal collection. Only those in my Inner Orbit know specifically what I'm doing and where I work as it's never been revealed here to this point on this humble blog.

Getting ready for ELECTIONS 2020?? Damn! I voted yesterday and got that overwith. It took well over a half-hour to make it to room 154 at the Natrona County Courthouse in Casper downtown to get my ballot. If you're a Wyomingite with a current voter card, that's all the Clerk needs from you to get started, but have an ID ready if you don't have one. You'll be asked if your address has changed, then the two-sided ballot is presented with an affadavit that you've voted in person that specific day and won't appear at the polls on Election Day itself. As you can see, the line went up the hallway and it continued to build. It went the entire hallway length, almost to the stairs after I had finished casting my in-person ballot. I'm not disclosing how I voted at this time, except that the biggest emphasis was on both the Presidential Election and all other candidates who have voiced a positive response to cryptocurrencies - the latter being germane to Wyoming. Maybe I'll say something about this later on. I'll no doubt have a Wednesday or Thursday post-elections update with other amazing stuff.

 I realize Winter is setting in, but there's still a lot of you who eat ice cream or enjoy shakes at McDonalds. Now, your prayers have been answered in regard to finding out if the damned ice cream machine is broken before your next Golden Arches visit; Thrillist on Twitter features McBroken dot com. The website checks the status via the corporation's internal API and paints a red dot at restaurants where it's broken. Twitter's @rashiq tweeted; "I reverse engineered mcdonald's internal API and I'm currently placing an order worth $18,752 every minute at every mcdonald's in the US to figure out which locations have a broken ice cream machine", but he adds "To clarify how this works: mcdonald's keeps track which locations have a broken machine, I'm merely querying for those - no order gets executed, no ice cream is actually wasted." Now to Yours Truly, this has been an occasional sore spot with Guymon's (OK) location. A LOT of ice cream and shakes are sold there with a large Latino prescence and many events in Texas County, especially during May. Worse yet, geography works against the location, it being 2.5 hours away from Amarillo and 4.5 hours from OKC for parts and repair personnel to fix it. I've also complained repeatedly about how infrequent their outside electronic signage and kiosks are updated, they being among the first three markets to install those and they blame external sources for when something on the kiosk's menu isn't available. I'd love for Mickey Dees corporate to do what they can to facilitate Rashiq to make the overall experience really hip and the API with actual availabilities at each location could save customers a lot of time/money/aggravation beforehand, regardless if eating inside where COVID19 restrictions aren't problematic or using the restaurant's mobile app. I can easily forsee where this idea has strong wings for flight. Rock on, @rashiq !!

Leave it up to the ingenuity of East Texans in the Piney Woods to thrawt the plans of deranged lib-uh-ruls' (how many are recent coastal transplants??), intent on making the Lone Star State blue. The City of Lufkin, as has many places elsewhere in Texas and the nation, have had numerous reports of election signs being stolen or defaced and discarded. Now, action has been taken by one anonymous tree climber who dresses as Trump and it's brought MAGA publicity to Angelina County as the POTUS tweeted a shout. Now, let's see if Dems are willing to deal with the climb to steal them! The neighbors will very likely know by the repeated shouts of "Help!!" when libs can't reach their intended target safely. After all, most of 'em don't like to put in actual work, they putting money to work for them as The D.C. Swamp consistently does with our collective tax money or freshly-printed Fed notes! Rush Limbaugh was, and remains right when it comes down to following the money trail, especially true with the lefties who will likely try to hire some outsider. The publicity and awareness this generated will very likely keep any takers at bay!

Since we're on the subject of Texas, a Heavy OBIT to pass on that Jerry Jeff Walker has left the Earth's stage. He was 78 and had been suffering from throat cancer. Austin will never be quite the same without him! He was best known for his '68 classic "Mr. Bojangles" which the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band immortalized with a Top Ten cover in '70. At least once in your life, you MUST hear the extended 5:12 version narrated at the start by "Uncle Charlie and his dog Teddy" These interviews made an album of the same name. The tune has been covered by numerous artists over the years. RIP

It's also been learned that Arlo Guthrie is retiring from the stage. He gives mini-strokes and a more major one as reasons he's not setting foot on the stage any longer. Best known for his own "Alice's Restaurant" which the album version extends a healthy 18 minutes, his other huge single was during '72 singing "City of New Orleans" that the late Steve Goodman wrote. He's 73 now and wants to enjoy life as he's "Happy, healthy and good to go." So, naturally this humble blogger extends a hat tip and best of wishes going forth.

Now to crypto: Bitcoin has shown some signs of becoming overbought and a mild correction I agree may be coming within a week. Yuval Gov has an article in CryptoPotato which makes sense. I sense BTC could go down to 12k for solid support, rather than the 12.5k the article cites. So far, it's been a nice run! It bodes well for next year, that I'm certain of. As of Thursday morning, BTC, USDT & HEX are the only ones with positive traction, although HEX is losing a bit of their recent pump (give it a few hours, the chat room tells us!), so we'll see. As of now, it's crossed into "penny territory" at least thrice.

An update on HEX of which I participate and the following is of course NOT financial advice: Already scoring the ATH and rocketed into #9 ranking as of early Thursday morning, zooming past Litecoin via Nomics dot com, briefly piercing 3.7 Billion USD in market cap! Of course "nothing but crickets" from either CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, the latter of which I'm prepared to permanently remove their free URL as I'm damned fed up with their gatekeeping (specifically, when they deny a coin their rightful rank without specific explanation of why, or lying about their portal's "transparency" in part to justify their denial) as well. Specifically, CMC has kept HEX on top of page 3 at rank 201 while CoinGecko has no ranking defined for HEX. As of Thursday, Methodology dot info predicts during the next week that HEX, priced barely under a penny each, could advance past a penny and a half by that time. FOMO has clearly set in, y'all! Again, HEX dot com has the specifics on their ERC20 token designed to reward those staking in a contract, just as a bank's Certificate of Deposit, except this one pays way better! Because this one is likely the most complex of all crypto, you will need to invest time doing research to understand consequences of what to and not to do. Furthermore, you will require some ETH to pay gas fees as each action done on the contract must be through YOUR actions. A reminder, if using Telegram, the main HEX chat is @HexCrypto with a very helpful community that doesn't put up with negative chat for long (there are specific rooms for the bearish). The Big Pay Day for HEX is 11/19 so time is running ever shorter.

Hexicans (those active in the HEX community, as myself) continue to hammer certain crypto information portals of why HEX isn't being truthfully represented in their rankings. There continue to be those visiting the chats of why HEX and other strong coins aren't willing to bribe,pay, compensate for the privilege of having a proper and accurate listing. Actual market cap is very helpful, ya know! As mentioned in at least one previous blog entry, I've already removed CoinMarketCaps' listing a week or two ago from this site's External Links section. I'm ready to add to that blacklist and am seriously considering a repeat performance with Coingecko now. Want to judge for yourselves? BTI Verified gives you their rankings of why Nomics rules their roost and CMC needs serious attitude adjustments a.s.a.p.

Quote of the Week: - "Politics is how people organise themselves. If it works in your favour its leadership, when it doesn't its politics." - Ajit Tripathi (@chainyoda on Twitter)

Video of the Week - Careful not to press too hard!

Video of the Month - Aren't bees pretty? I think this one saw its' reflection on the cellphone and decided to "kill" it. You need the sound up to truly feel this one!

That's it for now. The weather out here is tranquil and should remain so throughout the upcoming weekend and well into the first week of November. Wyoming could well have another significant storm shaping up for late next week. Also, don't forget to switch back to Standard Time this coming Sunday morning. You'll get back the hour you lost in March. Have an awesome weekend!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

Thursday's final Presidential Debate in Nashville was far more subdued than the first. There were interruptions, but the moderator had way better control of it, especially with the occasional muting of microphones. Furthermore, hard questions were given to both candidates. It's also interesting to note that nearly 50 million Americans have already cast their votes, close to 30% of the overall registered voter count nationwide. ABC reported 2008 was the previous record high and that this year could well surpass the overall number of popular votes cast.

Why is BTC and the alts pumping beautifully? Wednesday morning as I wrote the initial report on rumors of PayPal accepting many cryptos, according to CoinTelegraph - BTC rocketed past 12.4k quickly and went well past 13k where it sits now and may rocket further. Litecoin pumping past 51 USD at that time went up another $4+ for a 12% gain on the day, presently sitting at 56. Another coin which may well be considered is Ethereum, rocketing past 418 and change, now at 412. Stay Tuned and watch for those spikes and dips!

UPDATE: Cointelegraph's original article noted four cryptos being considered by PayPal, so add BCH to it. I HODL all four in one manner or another, 3 in cold storage now. All four are indeed viable with proven security and fit the coin definition of cryptocurrency. They're correct that under present crypto "law", a tax nightmare is looming for those keeping poor records (if any). I predict plenty of non-compliance to come and that Congre$$ Critter$ after elections will finally have to get off their lard butts and face the orchestra. Crypto ain't goin' away! CryptoBuzzNews notes all the Big Bank$ are having to finally decide how to court crypto, BTC in particular, as it's no longer optional! HODLers have waited years and years for this!! Before November 3rd, you should suss out your Congresspeoples' positions regarding cryptocurrencies and cast your ballot accordingly!! I've chanted this numerous times in the past and repeating myself again here. Present "guidance" from an agency not directly accountable to American taxpayers from the Ballot Box should NOT be allowed to stand where participation is potentially ruinous to the space, so it's very much up to You The Voters to ratchet pressure! Congress is the sole authority toward the US Treasury who runs the IRS and they're supposed to be working for YOU. Don't allow them to gaslight you and don't forget this!!!

Here's an image of Senate Bill 3571, presently in Committee. Digital Dollars? They'll use a variety of excuses to eliminate the anonymity of CA$H, including COVID19! It's very much about full economic control which will eventually control what and how much of something you wish or need to purchase. Furthermore, with any government "backdoors" on any Digital Dollar wallet, far more likely than not, just watch the politicians and Elites manipulate it and you as string dolls, if you do nothing to squish this pest. We're talking about the ultimate ease of forfeiture, just like South Park's "And... It's gone!" episode. By the way, even if this is laughed out of committee, fully expect it to be reintroduced or even SNUCK IN a future bill of some sort. After all, Nancy was right that we have to pass it to find out what's in it! She leaked out one of the Swamps' deepest secrets, although it's been rather obvious for some time now.

HEX has been kicking ass and Big Pay Day 11/19 is under a month away. FOMO seems to be getting at least a toehold. Nomics dot com, the one TRUE non-gatekeeper of the infoportals has HEX this evening/overnight into Saturday in the USA at #13 and closing in on stablecoin USDC, having crossed a 2.5 billion USD market value. Not at all shabby for this toddler, but the planning for it's future was very well done and stakeholders are clearly looking foward between the Elections and Thanksgiving, the latter which they'll likely have much to appreciate in this very challenging COVID economy. I'm hoping and praying that HEX not only cracks into the Top 10, but exceeds CMC's beloved Binance Coin (BNB) in due course, which of course I'll celebrate in true schadenfreude style. If this were an NFL game, let this be your Two-Minute Warning IF you're still on the fence regarding HEX. Although not financial advice, understand that the HEX code needs zero modifications, is not a scam or ponzi and has been audited three times, giving short-term stakers income already, Uniswap v2 with the most liquidity at present. gives you plenty of details with the Telegram room @HexCrypto for your sincere questions, but time is indeed running out!

Max Keiser of the Keiser Report gets interviewed by Stansberry's Daniela Cambone. This is a good one except where I nearly throw up when he disses Ethereum. First off, he doesn't understand that because ETH has its' own blockchain, that alone defines it as a COIN! (Others whom ride on ETH are tokens, as a result) Furthermore, ETH has incredible amounts of crypto value from others using their blockchain and has a proven track record. He's being a typical BTC Maximalist by ignoring the already-in-usage cases that DeFi and Dex via ERC 20 tokens (utilizing ETH addresses, no less!) are making, some well into the Top 10 with more competition knocking on the door and on the way. ETH needs to finalize and get v2.0 running so fees can again come down and the coin getting a nice boost in value as a result, to remain relevant. Worse yet, as I've mentioned time and time again here, Keiser ignores that BTC is not at all dynamic when transacting on-chain with a ten-minute average transaction time, nor has Lightning Network, created to lessen miner fees to encourage greater adoption and usage, has yet to achieve higher than Beta status with some having lost invaluable coin. Although I continue to HODL BTC and believe it will again pump, I remind readers that both he and I have been terribly inaccurate of calls we've made on Bitcoin's fiat price. I agree in the medium to long term for the next cycle that 100k is very feasible and prudent while Max predicts a 400k USD price. He could yet be proven correct when one considers the depth that the Dollar has been abused. We'll see!

Rapper 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis Jackson) has gotten fed up with New York and is likely to ditch the money-starving Big Apple as Trump has! He now endorses the POTUS. The big takeaway from this which I emphasize; Trump does NOT hate black folks. 50 Cent reportedly accepted Bitcoin for at least one of his albums back before the ATH in 2017, although he claims he has no more of it. He's among the latest of many black celebs to climb aboard the Trump Train. You see, THIS is the kind of "woke" that America needs now, as socialism is incredibly costly for what's received by the taxpayer. 50 Cent wants to keep at least some of his $$ and I can't blame him! Tweet of the Week? “I guess 50 cent don’t want to end up 20 cent. - @KatrinaPierson on Twitter.

There's a new dance thing now. The Trump! Tik Tok helped bring it viral, the irony is that Trump's Administration has been trying to shut it down on our shores. For now, I'm hearing little if any of that talk.

This holiday season, the beloved Charlie Brown and Peanuts Gang stuff you've watched on over-the-air TV for decades now has a new home with Apple+ TV. Yes, internet is required (something I'm still trying to get my dear momma to consider getting) but with that in place, you'll get to watch these classics FREE during certain time periods. Consider it a marketing ploy to get the app going, even if you watch nothing else.

Sports Video of the Week: Soccer fans, I won't spoil this one. Yes, if I were rooting for that goalee's team, I'd have screamed obscenities. So would you. The rest isn't hard to figure out and one person got their ass chewed good over it.

That's it for now. A snowstorm is barreling in for Saturday night into Sunday. This will be a brutally cold one for late October with sub-zero lows into Sunday morning with maybe 4" here and 8" onto Casper Mountain. I'm already prepared with new windshield wipers and wiper fluid better temp-rated than I had months ago. Stay COVID19 safe as that continues to be a huge headache throughout.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

 I continue working and eyeing opportunities which occasionally show up within Wyoming. Out-of-state opps are considered as long as I'm not required to move away from the Cowboy State. The hot water went out earlier today and I still don't think they got it fixed. For a while, both hot and cold water was shut off. It was a regular day-off for me and I had all my laundry washed Friday, so I'm deeply thankful I didn't wait. Neither should YOU when it comes to preparing for any potential disruptions regarding Election Day or afterwards. When cornering a monster, it WILL fight back. Be Prepared and this means extra food/water/other necessities. It's been a while, but I'm soldiering on.

UPDATE: The Chinese virologist whistleblower has kept her word! You can read up on what makes COVID19 very serious and why it should be classified as an unrestricted bioweapon. Cases continue to climb in the majority of states. It's also interesting to note earlier in the week that ABC News revealed that those with type-O blood seem to be more immune to the effects of COVID19, confirming what someone on ZeroHedge commented on about a fortnight ago.

While on the subject of ZeroHedge, they along with InfoWars are giving us a HUGE tease as to the insanity called the 2020 Elections will manifest in short order. Well over 23 Million Americans have voted already. I'm saving my vote for Election Day itself or may decide to early-vote this coming Thursday, avoiding what will be long lines. Nevertheless, I voted in person for the primaries and will do the same soon. What's the story? It's one which contains what Hollywood couldn't have made up; Classical Political CHUTZPAH! The Dems blaming Trump for Russian collusion when more is being shown that they've been at least indirectly influencing outcomes in many jurisdictions, to benefit themselves, of course! So far, the MSM won't touch this but the pressure is mounting quickly and various spins of this story are already coming out. Frankly, they don't want to acknowledge how likely corrupted (and compromised as) all the Bidens are, no different than the Clintons. In this case the allegations are very serious and we as Americans are realizing what real enemies we have across the Pacific, in bed with the Elites (psst, their government is watching this website too) and the other money-making Power Peddling elsewhere. China reportedly has ALL the damning photos, according to Rudy, and InfoWars reports that Trump is getting ready to release this to the public! Comments on the story itself have so many, including myself, wanting the evidence to be released immediately. The NY Post reportedly is refusing to publish the photos as they're concluding it may be construed by officials as publication of child pornography. Be watching for counter-punches from the Left if Trump doesn't get this out soon. After all, my second sentence of this paragraph means some of the decisions of 2020 are already in queue, awating the count in two weeks. USAWatchdog interviews Kevin Shipp which also breaks down levels of this. Yet another of much news to come.

 Hunter, how will you afford that child of yours in Independence County? (assuming the mother remains there). That's the least of your problems if Trump's lawyer and the FBI have what's claimed, you're likely screwed good like a light bulb. And, I thought HRC would be the first BIG NAME to get named. Appears I thought too soon! Now with that said, what type of gaslighting comes up in short order with just over 2 weeks from Elections? Not too many minds have been changed - THAT'S why the release of it must be surgically timed. It also makes me wonder what dirt if any they truly have on Trump and why it must be released accordingly. This will be an Election to remember as it certainly won't be settled late on 11/3, maybe for weeks or months afterward! Prepare accordingly. Some are threatening various forms of disruption, including communications and your electricity. Your excessive toilet paper supply for COVID19 will likely prove a prudent decision going forward. Steve Bannon presents the October Surprise soon, according to ZeroHedge, referring to a recent interview with Revolver. The mind-numbing has just begun.

PCR testing (the common COVID19 test) yields greater than 90% false positives. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich was among the lawyers who fought VolksWagen over their diesel snafu. He speaks fluently both English and German and is accepted for practice in the German Republic and California. He gives a strong case as to why a class action lawsuit over COVID19 would be successful by most parties filing as such. I lost the audio of 49 minutes I made. Sorry about that. :-(

CNN may be Fake News to many, but sometimes they report interesting stuff. Mink farming is becoming severely depressed, thanks to Covid19! The virus is easily transmitted among mink as their cages are in close proximity, these animals suffering much in the same manner as humans. Furthermore, there's documented evidence of transmission to humans and those owning ferrets and weasels should beware! Bear in mind, this story shows there's significant bias toward eliminating the mink farming industry altogether, although I doubt this happens when one considers about a third of production is sold to China. Still, this pandemic continues and with a strong possibility of viral mutation, I can understand the different viewpoints.

On InfoWars, David Knight reveals news from the Fed Reserve (as Federal as FedEx!) who noted they're not printing any more bills. Expect a digital money future! This means you may have to use plastic on each and every purchase, no matter what. Don't want it? Remember, the Elections are on the way and you have a short window of opportunity to ask BEFORE the Vote. Immediately after it, it'll be the time to ratchet pressure on any newly-elected Critter$ to keep ca$h fiat in the picture.

Meanwhile, the CFTC desires strongly to gain greater understanding about cryptocurrencies. Could their efforts be at odds with the Fed Reserve? In not-too-unrelated news, the USDoJ announces a cryptocurrency enforcement framework. Naturally, they talk about the dangers associated with cryptocurrency usage. They must have a reason for existence so government can waste spend more of your tax $$ the Dems already want to impose. Admittedly, they have valid concerns regarding issues as cryptojacking and phishing attacks, but we must already ask "What will you do whenever a new scam site appears on the internet, and it's not within the American jurisdiction?" and "How easy will you make it to report ANY scam sites, so you guys can actually do your work without interference and intimidation to Americans who pay your salaries?" We also need to understand from the multitude of participating alphabet agencies how each define a "criminal", even if the DoJ says that crypto has a promising future, especially when cryptocurrency remains such a tiny portion of overall criminal money laundering.

Pain Management versus your insurance company! It sucks to be in pain or sick, but here's an article with a lot of powerful advice and info from a retired pharmacist. Thank You Steve, and Thank You Carrie for sharing!

That's it for now. I expect significant news which will likely warrant more entries in the weeks to come.

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Greetings, y'all!

 In the crypto space, Bitcoin is down about 2.5% on this first day of October, it continues on a range-bound between 10.2 and 10.8k USD. BitMEX, a derivatives-focused trading portal of crypto has been served by CFTC through the always-hyperactive Southern District of NY Court, a criminal complaint regarding their unregistered activities. There's been numerous horror stories of many traders getting REKD through them, rather badly. To play Devil's Advocate, there appears too much indecision within these bureaucracies and Congress is occupied with other stupid things. Furthermore, it's odd how CFTC cracks down this way, yet has turned a BLINDED SET OF EYES over the years in regard to the painfully obvious silver metals manipulation, especially through JP Morgan with their naked shorts over time to keep the fiat price down, of which the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) is fully vindicated. No, I don't give a damn how long ago the latter occurred, mostly under Obama's watch. The fact of the matter is that the CFTC is very inconsistent on their enforcement! By the same token, there are cheerleaders regarding the action against BitMEX, especially when Bitcoin remains so range-bound as mentioned earlier. Let's see what happens!

 The recent Presidential Debate was quite a "shitshow" and I didn't expect anything less! Many on Twitter gave the following scorecard: 1) Pres. Trump, 2) Moderator Wallace & 3) Not-As-Sleepy Joe. The Hal Turner Radio Show of 9/30 didn't disappoint! (you can listen to his NSFW stream directly through this link or on several shortwave frequencies noted on his website.) His show starts at 9pm Eastern, 0100 UTC at least on weeknights and callers aren't screened. Allegations that Biden was "wearing a wire" to receive external coaching points on-stage were presented. Some callers noted that Joe's eyes were Black, where you couldn't tell his eye color" and some speculated that a Biden double was put in. Why not a peep from the Secret Service to anyone else if this were the case? Biden gets that protection! By the way, let's collectively wish another Happy Birthday to former President Jimmy Carter who turned 96 today! His tenacity for public service, particularly noted through Habitat for Humanity, is likely among the many reasons he's the oldest living former Oval Office holder in American History. His marriage continues strong at 74 years and counting! ABC news watched a parade of many locals file past Carter's home earlier in the day, his wife to his side. Carry on, Sir!

 Also noted on last night's Hal Turner Show was Armenia and Azerbaijan really ratcheting WAR! Normally, you'd see these interceptions from Israel as they knock out rocket fired on them from Gaza. In this instance, Stacy Herbert shared the linked video that someone recorded in Armenia just a bit earlier, as it was overnight there. You should expect this to 1) escalate quickly up the News Ladder, 2) draw in additional nations supporting one side, for a host of reasons, then 3) This could escalate a World War as the COVID economy simply isn't recovering, no matter what the MSM pundits would have you or I to believe! Let me mention further that both nations have been at War before and one of the many reasons for polarizing support are the religious differences in these neighbors. Armenia is >90% Christian while Azerbaijan is >90% Muslim. Reportedly, both France and Russia will lend support to the Armenians, while Iran and Turkey lend support to the Azerbaijanis. With fatalities on both sides, I don't expect this to quickly wane anytime soon. Stay Tuned!  Michael Savage of the Savage Nation radio broadcast announced earlier in the day that effective in January, he leaves broadcast radio for podcast fame. This has a Casper, WY audience on AM 1230/FM 95.9 even though he's no longer on NYC's WABC radio. Listeners should visit Michael's website to get on his newsletter so they'll know where to get the future podcast, which he promises both audio/video and a great deal of variation from what he does now.

 Michael O'Rielly, one of the five Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission, released a Blog on the FCC's website in regard to his thoughts on Strategic Improvements, last Friday 9/25. I strongly suggest to Wyoming TV viewers that Casper's market is indeed on his (and the Commission's) radar! Scroll down the link to his paragraphs on "Updating Failing Station Criteria" and locals can finally suss out why these different companies worked as they did to combine ownerships, using the Commission's waiver allowance which O'Rielly describes in detail. He notes further the realities of most television markets, yet Casper's is significantly magnified because of the energy bust added to the ongoing COVID19 issues which affect Natrona County. Michael noted in comparing Sioux Falls, SD vs Casper, WY that the Oil City is suffering very badly; "Unfortunately, we have also seen how existing approaches have decimated local newsrooms in places such as Casper, Wyoming. The latter is a painful example of how myopic limitations can significantly harm local journalism, and in turn create huge losses for communities, both in terms of jobs and local news." and this is so, SO TRUE from my personal observations!

 I despise the News Now substitution on KTWO-TV to the point I rarely, if ever watch it any longer, preferring Town Halls' KTWO-AM (separate owners) newscasts. The Trib newspaper is too pricey for a Sunday copy from the newsstand at 4 bucks, and for what? Too damn much fluff for me! Maybe when I retire with my upcoming ranch, I'll have enough time to truly dig it through. I occasionally visit Oil City News online, not behind a paywall as much of the Trib is today. Speaking with co-workers and others who noticed the newscast changes after approval of the waiver, they strongly agree of the shortsightedness of the owners.

 This stinks too much like radio broadcasters at IHeartMedia's predecessor Clear Channel (who I worked for in both radio and TV from 2000-2003 in the Little Rock market) centralizing everything. Savings are most noticeable in closure of unnecessary studio space, but it pretty much ends there. Although News Now has worked diligently to include more Casper area news, they still fall terribly short on believability. After all, this former master control and TV audio guy learned long ago that Perception equals Reality! Viewers with concerns can write the affected stations, whose comments must be retained in the Commission's Public File. The FCC utilizes online means for this for transparency as part of the Commission's mission of licensing for the public interest. I'll grant that money alone no longer makes the cut with "Uncle Charley" - of which I appreciate O'Rielly's keen interest to detail in these matters!

Video of the Week: Why did the chicken run circles around the pallet stack? The commentary is also giggly good so turn up the volume!

That's it for now. There's a lot going on in the news, so I'll likely return during the weekend.
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Greetings, y'all!

 WyoHackathon 2020 is underway and virtual this year. I love going there and meeting the people I've communicated with for the third year, but sadly, the COVID19 pandemic has made a trip to Laramie too risky, Albany County becoming a hotspot at the college. Incredible takeaways are found in many of the presentations being given via where you can view the schedule and join in the Virtual Rooms with presenters and panels, watching away as I did both Friday and Saturday. The Hackathon itself continues for a month with certain events concluding late Sunday. The only nagging technical issue is the inability of presenters to promptly answer questions from viewers, yet most are making themselves available for post-presentation questions, so bear this in mind.

The Block notes that lawmakers want to amend the Securities Act to provide more clarity for crypto assets. I'm still having doubts that much will be accomplished between now and Election Day 11/3 except by The Orange Wonder himself! If he's getting it done, that's far more than our Congress Critters for now, many whom are up for re-election. Still, I want to remain hopeful that reasonable taxation will become the result, instead of the stinking HOT MESS it's remained for far too long!

KUCOIN suffered a 150 to 200 million dollar hack, but those KAI tokens will soon be utterly worthless. For now, beware that these hackers may be trying to unload them AND that a new token will replace them 1:1 ratio. Read the article for more details. It's helpful if you have a Telegram account if you need human assistance.

SHORT LINKS: Bix Weir noted on a 9/23 e-mail to regular subscribers "Word on the street is that JP Morgan has settled with the DOJ, CFTC and SEC for 10 YEARS of precious metal market rigging with a monetary SLAP ON THE WRIST!" He added "Truthfully, I don't care what they hit them with. What I care about is... WILL THERE BE FURTHER SILVER MARKET MANIPULATION AFTER SEPTEMBER 30TH?!"
 That's an excellent question, Bix! My phyzz silver should pump nicely too and find a new home if that happens. It continues to appear this will happen regardless of who occupies the White House in late January. I'm expecting that I may need to travel to my safe and do some selling! In the meantime, are there any gold/silver doubters out there? Consider Jim Rickards' advice as he's been around a lot and seen it! CCNews24 notes that Israel wants to make Bitcoin a currency! If enacted, I'm willing to bet my first-borne that the USA has no choice but quickly follow suit! What's been stopping the IRS from changing their ridiculous policies on cryptocurrencies and tokens in regard to taxation is the present indifference of Congress, not acting as a whole for the People's business. Too many bureaucracies are a huge drain on our economy and cancerous to the Rights of Americans to peacefully and LAWFULLY conduct their own lives! Trump can't drain the Swamp by himself, especially with such a divided Congress and Nation for that matter. I fully expect more impeachment talk and more stumbling blocks to be set. Biden can't win and the Dems know this! Harris is lackluster for now. Ben Garrison's latest Biden cartoon truly tells volumes. A meth shot in the butt I doubt will do the trick for long, even though it's drawing the greatest number of comments. Joe is looking sad, but let's see what the debate holds when he leaves his basement for the podium. Keep the popcorn handy!

Binance purchased CoinMarketCap sometime ago. They and most other portals do an excellent job of GATEKEEPING, (this is a new word I'm adding to my Blockchain Glossary) basically preventing proper, transparent crediting of a coin/token's proper ranking on their portal! Coin Market Cap has been under pressure from Hexicans (HEX community at large) to provide proper ranking, instead of tossing it below rank 200 on page 3 or worse. In reality, HEX has been ranking in the Top 30 for a decent while now when compared by market cap, the very thing CMC has in their name, yet doesn't practice! Don't believe my allegation? See what one of the CMC admins has to say! I'm not going to fully speculate as to why they practice as they are, except the well-known practice that more and more exchanges want fees to list coins, most often those with flimsy aspects. CMC is owned by a centralized exchange. I'll just shut up and allow this NSFW clip from The Hexologist and Richard Heart do the talking. Richard lays down the truth!

As a result of their absolutely classless bashing, the free CMC link on my external links no longer exists and won't be reinstated. Instead, Nomics takes their place with actual transparency. As long as they never cave in to any gatekeeping, I pledge to maintain them on my external links and will use them extensively. After all, that's what these links are primarily for.. ME! As far as I'm concerned, CMC can go pound sand and spend daddy's Binance Coins as I'm done with those jive turkeys.

By the way, HEX has absolutely no reason to market itself after Big Pay Day (11/19/20) which is under two months away. Those who miss out putting ETH into a stake beforehand will miss out on a huge spike in the stake value due to BPD. There's been Zero Scamming from HEX and their contract requires no tweaks whatsoever, having been audited thrice and running real nice on Ethereum's blockchain. The gas fee remains high, but that's for almost anything using a contract on ETH for now. Of course, this isn't financial advice of any sort but time will soon run out on Hex's launch phase. The Moon is getting in better view. It will take time to get there and don't you dare fall for phishers and scammers wanting your seed phrase and Private key in some website or through DM chats you didn't initiate! You'll be far happier in the long run. Keep reading as later in this submission, I take on someone spamming for their referral.

This week's foodie Video: Uncle Roger spends about six minutes reviewing an egg-fried rice recipe from BBC. Mixed review, but he says she's doing it mostly wrong. Haiya!!

Performance of the Week: The girl has Crazy Train with some improv. Damn impressive, if I must say so!

This week's True Art is from Victor Pina. The Self-Made Man speaks for himself as he sculpts away. Damn! I wish it were that easy for each of us!

Finally, THIS is how you handle someone spamming you on behalf of someone they represent. This person isn't a scammer, yet they royally screwed up and I knew they didn't want to admit it. Just parse through this nonsense from "Investor Emily" and myself, you should get a giggle or two. I received a Direct Message on Telegram from "Investor Emily" who saw me in one of the many conferences I visit and wanted to earn some easy referral cash. "Her" surname given didn't look right, a sign of deception and obfuscation. I sensed this was going to be a waste of time, maybe a moment of laughter!

Investor Emily: Hi

Mark: If you're pitching something to me, you have but two or three sentences to convince me. Otherwise, you'll get plonked quickly.

Investor Emily: Am Emily from Texas

Mark: Cut to the chase, please

Investor Emily: I want to share an ongoing platform with you.
Are you an investor?

Mark: This will depend on a host of things

Investor Emily: Host of things ??

Mark: Yes Emily. TIME is precious to me

Investor Emily: I want to share this platform to you because its reliable and paying
And they offering a 2 day bonus profit

Mark: To whom and in what way is it paying

((pregnant pause))

Investor Emily: I want someone to partner with to make the bonus profits

Mark: To whom and in what way is it paying

Investor Emily: Its an investment platform that offers 10% profit

Mark: What is required to begin. In what unit/crypto is being accepted?

Investor Emily: You have a bitcoin wallet

Mark: I certainly do. Why bitcoin, specifically?

Investor Emily: Etheruem too
You have to register with an email

Mark: Either are extremely liquid

Investor Emily: I am an investor in bitcoins
I invest with this platform and they have been paying me
So I want to partner with someone and get a huge profit this time

Mark: Finally, is this a third party group or are YOU and YOU ONLY doing this?

Investor Emily: We have investors
Real investors
You can sign up here to check out the platform
((I'm quickly reviewing the primary domain of and noted at the bottom, their anti-spam policy. I'm loaded and ready to let that heifer have it!))

Mark: Ah. o.k. but you do realize you're spamming me, a VIOLATION of their rules, right??
I'd rather not report you, so please just leave me out of this. Good Day. :-)

Investor Emily: I didnt spam you
You ain't interested anymore?

Mark: You sent me a DM on Telegram. I'm not arguing with you. Just GO! Buh bye, or you get reported to tradepayinvest

Investor Emily: I never sent it dear
Sorry for that maybe telegram did it
OK bye
If you ain't interested anymore

Mark: Keep on and they'll get a full transcript. I am not playing

Investor Emily: Sorry

Now, with that whack-a-mole overwith, I'm THROUGH playing cool! These assholes will be reported with complete transcripts given to those they represent. This one I let go and I kept my word, even you the humble readers didn't get the referral number to help identify them. "Emily", you're warned and that applies to all you other zombie DM'ers. LEAVE ME ALONE!

That I think will wrap it up for now. Hat Tips going to WyoHackathon, done virtually this year. May Laramie get through this COVID19 mess in due course so I can come back. Muchas Gracias to Charles Hoskinson for spending a decent portion of his Saturday evening in quite an informative and rant-laden AMA on YouTube and to all the presenters and panels whom appeared on the Hackathon's virtual streams. I think all these will be available for replay through as there are at least two I've not caught in full that I'll want to review again. It's about the learning and putting together the pieces, y'all!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

I've been wondering for a long time what Easter Eggs may have been put into the COVID-19 coronavirus. Perhaps we now have at least some of the answers? It appears a Chinese virologist who fled the country has those and is rather openly stating that it was created by Chinese scientists in a lab! This is a decent read and you may be vindicated as to why governments across the globe have been so careful with the previously unknown. UPDATE: She appeared on Tucker Carlson's show and this video likely HAS BEEN PULLED from both Twitter and Facebook (scroll down for audio if video is missing.) This extremely powerful interview is just over 6 minutes.

I pray this whistleblower is given full, immediate protection and am grateful she made it to friendlier shores. Tucker is correct in questioning her motives at this point, yet I believe she's the Real Deal with significant understanding of the virus. Many in the comments section of ZeroHedge are rather skeptical of her and cite various reasons. If you peruse the comments, apparently they are erased after one week! The biggest takeaway is her assertion that the Chinese INTENTIONALLY released the Wuhan Flu! Until now, I believed they released this crap by accident. There are some who believe she went too far in stating such. Stay Tuned for more data and information she plans to release soon! Based on what she's already released, I'm tempted to trust her more than Dr. Fauci! She's the Covid-19 Equivalent of Snowden. UPDATE: The referenced Fox Network video has been pulled off numerous times from Twitter and Facebook, and Tucker's facial responses of shock are easily noticeable. If you can't find it, I have it available for Inner Orbit contacts whom DM me for the link, but here's the audio from it in MP3 format! She has a very heavy accent with broken English, so listen carefully to gather the full meaning.

Since February, 2007 I've openly encouraged parents to pay attention to their children's surfing habits on the internet as "it ain't yo' Momma's TV!" as part of my "Middle of the Internet" webpage, a part of this website. I hate to say I told 'ya so! This is what happens when parents don't pay quality attention. Sorry, but children on smartphones ain't so damn smart, nor is allowing them free reign in finding this rubbish! That's where a parent with a functioning cranium needs to be watching for this shit! Note the article, through a Baltimore TV station, states the app(s) show impressionable children (who can't yet read) what to do. More nefarious, it's far easier for a parent to miss such subtle instruction(s) in the first place if they're NOT supervising their kids! 'Nuff said.

Huge news remains with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The associate justice of America's Supreme Court was 87 and her accomplishments were huge! Now, the Pissing Match begins with talks of her successor. The Orange Wonder and Senate had better ratchet things into high gear quickly if they're to accomplish the near-impossible by Election Day, 11/3. I'm already wondering what will be higher on the news food chain; a new SCOTUS justice or that Vaccine which already has legal shield blessings. Most people trapped in such a scenario would not keep their sanity. How the hell Trump puts up with it is a testament to his capabilities, even if he utters stupid nonsense from time to time. If the Dems get the Vote, we're talking Harris likely to assume POTUS duties in short order and she's a worse gun grabber than Tulsi was!

By far, the biggest buzz in crypto this week have been the UNI tokens! The ERC20 token of Uniswap has been doing GREAT today! Priced under 4 bucks as of 9/17, they doubled that the next day and steadily decreasing to 6.50 on the 19th. By the way, there are plans of releasing more! Those who used the Dex for any swaps on or before September 1st are eligible to claim at least 400 UNI. There are YouTube videos which explain the process. Because Uniswap has been heavily used by HEX stakers, many on that token have swapped their UNI for HEX and staking it nicely!! Polkadot continues to hold #5 on the charts while Cardano moves up a spot to #11 and Tron is #15. Monero has regained Top 20 status in part due to the bounty the IRS has put onto it, wanting a hacker to show off secrets to the agency for a wimpy 600k+. I'm still giggling over that one.

Congratulations, Kraken! Wyoming's first banking charter for digital assets now exists! Don't forget Avanti Bank & Trust may open their doors next month. Both of 'em will be HQ'ed in Cheyenne. They reportedly will be competitors, yet each target different clients. Kraken will handle more general public consumers while Avanti will handle mostly institutional clients and not have to provide comprehensive customer service of the type which Kraken provides. I can also vouch Jesse of Kraken and Caitlin of Avanti are both quality people with quality visions being put in action. This is the beginning of awesome things in the space! Of course, Wyoming still doesn't exist. Most Wyomingites have capabilities to learn and participate in this space, afforded incredible abilities under the most friendly of cryptocurrency laws in the 50 States! We're still extremely early in this game, y'all!

Arguments continue that government can or cannot get into one's crypto. To my understanding, Wyoming has a law preventing authorities, even Judges, from invoking orders for a Wyoming resident or custodian in this state from revealing private keys as part of digital assets protections. Gold remains as a cited example where the government through FDR came in and "acquired" the People's gold, then revalued it much higher in price. How much of that "West Point" gold in accepted 400 Oz. has made the "phyzz" or physical market, "lended", to monkeyhammer down the gold price, which most wound up in Swiss refineries to 99.99% purity, then reshaped into kilogram bars for the Chinese? GATA is indeed vindicated on that as far as I'm concerned and I agree the Chinese have far more gold than they're willing to disclose at the present time. My concern is for potential gold investors to have any bars or rounds they want to acquire, to have them checked by x-ray or otherwise for phonies made of tungsten cores, with exception of reputable dealers who understand this issue. I'd also say that with some privacy-minded cryptos that hiding value will be easier. MWC has Tor available on their latest wallet releases and there are emerging technologies where off-block transactions can be mixed in, Lightning Network being the best example of this. Imagination can do incredible things.

The primary reason I dispute the contention in Morgan Housel's recent interview in a podcast episode with Pomp, is the international reach of cryptocurrency that wasn't readily or immediately available with physical gold during the Great Depression. Bitcoin was the beginning of a true, international money not relying on a fiat currency for its' inherent value. Furthermore, there's an electronic key which controls the balance in an address that the government has yet to master the "trap door" mathematics the NSA developed with SHA256 and there's many other algos with different coins today. Quantum computations are most difficult if the cold storage private key one uses has not been used before! Just sayin'..

One must keep in mind what Paul Harvey regularly preached decades back "This is not one world!" and that remains so true, today. Of course the IRS wants the secret sauce to hack Monero! The cat and mouse game continues with Congress concerned over elections and deeply concerned of Four More Years, instead of doing the People's Work which includes cryptocurrency regulation, resulting in the unnecessary HOT MESS the IRS has today. Pelosi wants the House kept in session until a bill can emerge for more stimulus, which is badly needed, yet spells more DEBT with an economy essentially shuttered by the Kung Flu. No matter who controls the Big Cookie Jar, I don't see any way this can be avoided for now.

If in gold or other precious metals, you've likely seen this Canadian blonde conducting interview videos for Kitco Metals. Daniela Cambone-Taub recently resigned from Kitco to take on a new role. Now I've learned she's with Stansberry as their Editor-at-Large and Anchor. Congratulations Daniela on your new role. This long-time metals investor and fan hopes it present new challenges and greater opportunities!

Here's another nice Rube Goldberg machine. Quite useless for the effort put into it. Sorry, but I think the ending could've been better.

The Tweet of the Week! A bit old, but I say to Maria, "It's a mom thing and yes, both you and your daughter are awesome!"

The Tasteless Video of the Month.. The echo effects are wonderful! If done in the Deep South, the store fills with laughter. Intestinal anticipation of Miller Lite to come later? Sometimes, suggestion is all it takes! So WHY did I choose today to post it? The Second Anniversary of Twitter's infamous cat with the signature "Farting Sound" to end many a hilarious tweet has arrived! Congratulations, Catturd! (He can be followed via @catturd2)

That's it for now. Finally, a Pacific cold front entered Casper Saturday afternoon with a brief sprinkle shower. A hot air balloon was reported over the City before the frontal passage, but nobody talked about it as the smoke likely prevented visibility. A few of us joked that the balloon's pilot needed oxygen to deal with it all. The winds sure picked up and hopefully the damned SM0KE being endured from other states' wildfires will clear out for a while. At least I can see the mountain decently. Here's a picture from Wednesday where the mountain wasn't at all visible, just an ugly grey! I was looking directly where you should've had no problem of viewing it. At least the high temps were kept down a few degrees, but many co-workers complained of mild coughing and irritation from the pollution.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

 It's been a literal "bipolar" episode of the weather here in the Cowboy State and it made wonderful headlines on both national news and weather outlets recently. For the record, some of my twitter tweets were wrong about the record high we received before the storm. It was last Saturday when Casper reached 98 degrees and I was working during that time. It beat the old 95 degree record from '78. Wyomingites were well-warned of this upcoming Winter Storm, late Labor Day, beforehand. Labor Day itself had no issues as I worked then. The cold front arrived around 9:30AM as the dry grasses really began to bend southward and the mountain's top disappeared in lowering clouds. By the time I left the job, temps were into the 50's and diving quickly. WYDOT had already closed a portion of Highway 252 (Poplar St.) and Wyoming Blvd, especially the elevated Outer Drive portion would later close, including the long stretch of US 20/26 westward into Fremont County. It was freezing before 7pm Labor Day and snow was already flying on Casper Mountain, this image was the first I snapped for comparison. Exactly a day later, check out in this image of the 17" snowfall received there! Nearly all of it has melted and the weather should be wonderful for maybe a week forward.

 Power outages were expected and Natrona County experienced around 3,000 outages when the storm hit late Labor Day into early Tuesday. Tree branches began to snap under the weight of the heavy, wet snow and one could see the sheer numbers of vehicles with trailers and pickup trucks full of branches on Tuesday and well into Saturday, headed up Bryan Stock Trail to the dump. Overnight Monday, Casper received around 5 inches and one couldn't see the Mountain all day. Although I left my apartment Tuesday morning about 15 minutes earlier than usual, I wound up 3 minutes late to work, getting no slack from a co-worker who literally has no business lecturing me for several reasons I won't go into here. Nevermind, I still have a 2-WD pickup truck and it's not outfitted with special tires for the upcoming Winter, yet - therefore I still have ample wiggle room to argue! Casper received over 7" of snow officially and the moisture is so much appreciated. Finally, K2 radio reported that the City's landfill had opened an express lane, just for those with tree branches downed by the storm and it remains open through September. They warned that it closes at 2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so get there early! I heard Saturday through T.O. and others that the traffic covered all of Metro Rd and some of Bryan Stock Trail at times. Don, I hate you have to wait through all that for the trash you dump there. Tell John & Wendy I said Howdy!

UPDATE on Wyohackathon! I was notified as a registrant for this annual event at UW in Laramie that Hackathon this year will be a VIRTUAL event only! It starts 9/25 and goes a whole month. No word if other related crypto business events at the University will go on, such as the Business Forum on 9/26 which I'm also registered. Stay Tuned for further developments.

Whittaker Point or Hawksbill Crag, is an iconic Arkansas cliff. People will do near-insane things there as well as drink in the nature the site gives. The UK's DailyMail gives us readers an idea of an Arkansan couple's ideas of a memorable wedding. It's amongst the most photographed of nature sites in the state. The view is quite impressive and it gives many vertigo that they don't wish to admit, even to good company! At least they both thought it through BEFORE the pictures were taken, and I'm not talking of any pre-nuptials.

This is one article that parents shouldn't ignore! Have children in public schools? Have you been home with them to witness their virtual lessons that many schools insist on?? COVID19 has brought back parents and their children in many cases and YOU can make a real difference in prevention of Marxist/Socialist indoctrination. Do any of you realize that at least some school districts want you to sign off on a form, regarding you no longer monitor their lessons they give to your child or children?? What do these taxpayer-funded clowns want to hide from reasonable ADULTS in the first damn place?? Read this thoroughly, and ask yourself some simple questions:

1) Since I'm not working and have my kids at home, will I at least monitor what I can about what my children are learning? Does it pass the Smell Test?

2) Who is paying the taxes in this household? Is it ME or my children??

3) What's with this so-called "student privacy" these school districts cite? What law(s) is/are they based on?? Furthermore, my child remains in MY home and the internet access is something I'm directly paying for, right?

 No doubt, some of you may have additional questions to add to what I'm already reasoning through. If your garbage, unionized district of dweebs and dim bulbs who are teaching utter nonsense are not willing to reason with concerns you have. You DO have a Plan of Action you can enact with other concerned parents;

a) Silently, organize other parents into a non-violent protest by getting your names on the next school board agenda and attend the meeting together!

b) Invite any local or county media to the board meeting. Make this count with free publicity!

c) Wave the ridiculous forms and begin yelling "HELL NO!", then collectively tear them up in little pieces.

 You see, doing this can send a rather powerful message. It may not work any better than the Richmond rally regarding the Second Amendment, yet it should shock the Powers That Be on that Board. Most of 'em pushing such stupidity deserve the "Board of Education" applied with significant force across their butts, as if they were belligerent students all over again. They deserve some schooling, nevertheless.

Racers are also part of the near-insane, just as roughstock (bareback, saddle broncs & bull riders) rodeo guys. Both will practice their skills whenever inspiration hits and the opportunity presents itself. Neither look any good in sandals or crocs as we just don't fit that profile. Cowboys often go to the Florida beaches before a rodeo there in their shorts and boots. It IS what it IS!

Gary Simon has made a FREE solidity course designed for those creating Dapps using Ethereum's blockchain, creating Smart Contracts on the same! This one is designed for beginners and will continue playing throughout a list, in order. Pop some corn before sitting down for this one. Paper notes can be helpful!

Tinkerers are amongst the most creative on this Evil Blue Orb! Remember the Billy Bass tweak, where you can change both music/sound and movements of the mounted fish? This one puts that to shame, provided there's SOUND playing with the video. Imagine getting RickRolled whilst pregnancy testing! No, your baby won't be a clone of Mr. Astley. (He continues to perform and tour) In fact, the device won't be able to answer your Big Question!

While we're talking about tinkering, consider the tinkerers of email - PHISHERS! This informative article by Sophos gives many the very tips that most companies and municipalities don't give in the first place! After all, we're trying to dodge that damned ransomware that most of you reading never found the time to backup your computer's drives in the first place, right??

The Spanish are nearing their boiling point with this COVID-19 madness! This video shows a woman getting arrested by police, then the public forcefully take her away from the cops! They're also pulling off their masks in solidarity. Again I ask... WHAT is in this virus which causes it to be so dangerous? Can't scientists give us straight answers of what is in this damned Kung Flu?

The Chinese are definitely stockpiling. Agricultural goods are again for sale to them, but I don't have the numbers to back this. Troubling still, are reports they're putting Europe between us again (check out the sixth paragraph of this report for the skinny.) and what the hell is the US Clean Network? It's known that Iran will receive China's heavily-filtered firewall and more assistance. Yes Tehran, it comes with a price!

China doesn't want Trump to continue as President. As the Hal Turner Radio Show notes, these phony drivers licenses are for those registered as Democrat. Although not mentioned in this story, Michigan is troubled that one of the fakes for their state, seized in another American city, can actually be SCANNED! Yes, many other locations than Chicago have turned up FAKE drivers licenses. Furthermore, China has shipped weapons into the USA to equip domestic terrorists, and what's the latest on those "seeds" being sent? The Dems have got to love this interference! What will it take to suss out this crap? Will a nationwide DNA database become mandatory to combat this fakery? I have my doubts about the Real ID since most Americans seem too lazy to get a Passport. By my understanding, with such, they can demand any photos to be taken at airports (for databases) be deleted. This exception overridden by any applications for TSA-approved pre-screened cards that get you through the line way faster.

The IRS doesn't get it! They simply DON'T! Congress is way, WAY the hell worse about this as well. Our Congress Critters, many up for re-election in November, are not at all understanding that more reasonable policies and tax rates enforced by the former are very much part of the solution regarding tax compliance. Representative Cheney, are you "feeling" this? Why is the agency offering a cheap bounty of freshly printed Fed fiat for any Secret Sauce that a potential hacker of Monero holds? Bear in mind, Monero isn't alone in their striving for quality privacy! MWC Coin has so many features and Tor is part of the toolbox in their latest wallet release. What Congress and the IRS have is a STINKING MESS they generally refuse to address. To Bitcoin Maximalists reading this; like it or not, I suspect BTC will have to go the privacy route, much like LTC is pursuing. Is Taproot nearing rediness? Will Lightning Network achieve more than beta status? Schnorr Signatures on the way?? Those who insist on status-quo BTC usage are dealing with Chainalysis and the tracking. It's quite laughable when the coin mixers are quickly identified as was with the 15-year old in Florida. I disclaim I HODL BTC, LTC & MWC mentioned.

The CIA loves to put observation skills to the test. They gave a good one this week! What differences do you see in these photos?? Look for ten with differences between photos. Answers on Twitter's @CIA account. I can give you the spoiler of my findings if you wish to read on:

1) Yellow coated person in center disappeared.
2) The white shirted person, right of center has a backpack now.
3) Flowers in extreme right changed yellow to red.
4) The "P" sign for parking changes to an "R" or restricted on the right side of the street.
5) Ornament atop the gazebo in center is a lighter brown.
6) Above the ornament, a large, gold object, likely a clock, appears.
7) To the left of the gold object, a blue flag banner clearly shows.
8) The light post near extreme right now has an orange and green object, affixed to it.
9) To the right of the "P" sign, one of the store's four lights, specifically at the far end, is extinguished.
10) Toward the far left corner, the blue car magically turned red.

Answers? I missed the obvious railing at the extreme left lower, next to the car. All others I nailed within minutes. Not perfect, but it was fun to practice.

That's it for now! Thanks to all of you who visit this humble blog and I can be reached via @windmechanic on Twitter.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!
 Thanks for your patience! This blog hasn't been forgotten, but with turnaround on so many fronts, there's not that much to report for now.

 It's been a full news cycle on some things, then stuck like a skipping record or CD on others. My temp job remains solid for now and I've sucessfully taught two other employees what I do, which will help my resume going forward. I've been assured I'll remain aboard at least until March, so there will likely be more opportunities to get hired. The support I continue receiving toward this is significant and appreciated. Those who were hired that I've taught are doing very well and a lot are being asked of each of us. I'm still not at all worried as my bills are getting paid, my lease has been renewed and I'm not reliant on what Congress along their Party Lines can't decide with this massive, divisive, messy stimulus which should've arrived last month, then the damned elections arriving in two months, which I'm already well-registered and did vote in the Primary last month.

 Labor Day is approaching this weekend and I'll get Monday off. I'm planning something brief and fun that day, but the weather likely won't cooperate with plenty of the rain we could've used months ago and I'll need a Plan B! In fact, overnights for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings here will be at or below 30F (-1C) so the hoodie and coat are washed and ready. The transition between the seasons begins soon and I'll need to decide if studded rear tires are needed for my two-wheel drive pickup. I'm keeping emergency food available as potential disruptions to supply remain a strong possibility. I encourage each of my readers to bear in mind that resistance and a possible Civil War here will remain as long as limp-wristed leftist, marxist politicians on State and Local levels refuse to allow Rule of Law to return. That's truly how desperate and butthurt their side is! I sense that strongly on a few of the arguments I occasionally get into on Twitter.

  I hate to block people on Twitter, but am not hesitant when I give them the opportunity to reason and they decide to unload like little toddlers throwing a damn temper tantrum. It's turned into a cesspool with some people, as the cutesy profanities initially found on the portal have often morphed into personal attacks with the Orange Wonder at the helm, his tweets rendering interesting effects of their own. You see, they don't get the full picture, even if I'm proven equally guilty of the same. Of course, the attackers feel good NOW as they got out their **** *** and overused "nobody will ever love you!" mantra (I don't know a thing about them and vice-versa!) but they get blocked, and it remains permanent. It's both laughable and sad, yet most will truly never care and I blame the indoctrination of media and the public schools for dumbing down their actual potential, bringing on such irrationality. SO BE IT! I have a life to live, (unlike damn near 99% of them) I still work for a living and I won't waste our collective time if they decide the blue pill tastes better. Besides, I'm NOT their shrink, even if I should ever play or use my voice talent on TV in the future for such.

  Now onto crypto news; It's definitely a trend worth watching! Wrapped Bitcoin could soon become a first-class crypto asset. Keep in mind, Bitcoin has it's own blockchain and is incompatible with Ethereum's blockchain. Leave it up to ingenuity and market demand to invent Wrapped Bitcoin. Coindesk notes that as of recent times, more BTC is being tokenized into ERC20 compatible for usage in Ethereum blockchain projects than are being mined. This was likely inevitable with the fairly-recent Halvening, yet ETH has been on quite a bull run lately! It's all about DeFi and those involved in it could thrive. They're not alone on technology with LINK, ADA, UTNP and many others providing strong tech. (I HODL just one of these) I agree with the article where it equates this with stablecoins. Of the aforementioned, I also HODL BTC for now.

  Certain tech continue to emerge! TRON is very bullish on the charts for now and has an intriguing and powerful technology. You can create your own TRC10 Coins with zero programming knowledge if you buy at least 1,024 TRON and register them in that category. They function much like a NFT or non-fungible token. TRC20 is Tron's equivalent to ERC20 tokens dominating on Ethereum, but TRON has their own blockchain. They're pumping beautifully, near 70% over the past week and #11 on Coinpaprika. Cardano (ADA) has dropped over 4 pennies per ADA, sitting at #13. I think NOW is a fantastic time to BTFD. I'm going to get some for the tech being touted and I believe will do well, going forth. Bitcoin (BTC) has taken it on the chin, going down over 15% from near 12k to almost 10k, midweek. Many believe this dip will be followed by a larger, deeper dip. Not always, Grasshopper!! Don't believe you'll magically hit the dip everly time. I've done that and it's RARE when I can pull that off. Get ready for a floor and perhaps some sideways trading, considering any technical damage of this correction. Any second dip may be realized short to medium term.

  Ethereum dived from 483 to sub-400 and this didn't surprise me, especially due to really steep gas charges. Don't forget the ETH Gas Station gives you guidance on how much a gas charge can be gamed in advance of v2.0 next year. Just Sayin'!

 Coinbit, the third-largest South Korean crypto exchange, was siezed by authorities with much "wash trading" being alleged. Now, besides these issues, isn't that yet ANOTHER good reason to stop blindly entrusting exchanges with your coins and tokens? We had Mt. Gox in 2014 and Quadriga in 2018 with their problems. If you're a trader and understand these risks as literally a COST of doing business, then go for it, but for the average person, this often costs you dearly with YEARS of legal bickering behind the scenes!

Kenosha, WI has been quite the lightning rod, lately.. A black man gets seven shots for ignoring the cops. Here were my INITIAL thoughts; View this video (if still up) and see if he was indeed a direct threat to the officer who just kept on firing. Comments are very insightful! Most agree with me that "seven is excessive", yet the man's chosen ignorance and possibility of reaching for any weapon was likely the catalyst. Another noted that the officer having grabbed the man by his shirt and not utilizing non-lethal means such as a Tazer, is something serious to consider, too. I'm surprised he didn't gun the woman nearby, but let's see what the investigation gives us! What will any body-cam footage reveal? Some in the peanut gallery believe any released footage will have been doctored. Remember, long before George Floyd came on the scene with rioting that continues in certain areas to this day, I was concerned about these tactics, asking if more than a single shot was warranted. This only reinforces my concerns and I think will further escalate more violence. UPDATE: Identified as Jacob Blake, he's reportedly fighting for his life in a Milwaukee hospital. As expected, a huge group has shown up in the area to protest. Even Wisconsin's governor has chimed in harshly. Kenosha County declared a curfew until 7AM Monday. It's definitely HOT in southern Wisconsin! UPDATE #2: Wisconsin Dept of Justice reports Blake had a knife. This still doesn't give much insight why 7 bullets were fired his direction, with at least 4 hitting the man, paralyzing him. MSM reports that he may well regain use of his walking at a later time. Riots continue in the area with Wisconsin national guardsmen having been called. Later on, they were successful in quelling additional riots and Trump, in his Pennsylvania rally cited this.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: This guy plays the melons next to the swimming pool. Electronic and very hip. Talk about musical food! This tune is exactly a minute and deserves to get licensed for a killer background for commercials.

That's it for now! Have a happy Labor Day Weekend and I'll return with the first mountain snow of the season in this region.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!

 I'm sorry for such the delay, but developments remain slow and I remain busy here in the Oil City. The job I applied for was awarded to another person, yet the news isn't bad and will very likely work out for the best. This, I had to remind myself that PATIENCE is KING here! Additional openings were created and soon I'll be in the running for a position far more ideal with the crew I've gotten to know and work well with. It won't be filled until sometime in September, that much I can say so I continue to welcome any positive energies of prayer and best wishes to me as God knows best! I was ill on Monday with a stomach sickness and am making up for it working another weekday of which I'm normally off, so I won't lose any hours this week.

 We've been rather fortunate in Wyoming in regard to Covid-19. The overall case numbers remain low and death count statewide as of this posting is 29. Still, it's been a very difficult time in so many of this states' municipalities with recoveries of businesses and services still slow in many areas. I have friends and family back in Arkansas whom I'm thinking of and I'd be surprising them with a visit if it weren't for the Kung Flu. It was good to hear from David C. a few days ago. Psst: If you're reading this, David - of course I plan a visit your way, eventually!

 I'm not surprised of Biden's choice of Harris as his Veep. I think he would've scored better if Tulsi Gabbard had been picked. My more-conservative friends quickly note her anti-2A sentiments, yet of the entire field, the Hawaiian clearly served our nation with honor and had good ideas to move the overall-left polarization back to a more-moderate playing field. Furthermore, one must understand the Hawaiian mindset is generally socialist-bent. It's generally how they roll and being Democrat plays well into what works there. I don't see the Islands changing Red anytime soon.

 In the Crypto World, Chainlink (LINK) broke into the Top Five and remains quite bullish! Priced close to 16.50 USD=LINK, it's up 70% over the past week, around 28% over the past 24 hours according to Coinpaprika. Cardano changed two positions to #8 this time, still trading at a respectable 13.9 cents per ADA, their recent Shelley fork upgrade being successful. Weiss ratings gives ADA their thumbs-up, citing Cardano's tech. I do not yet HODL any ADA, although I'm considering adding some. Chuck & Team I think will advance further, LINK or not, ETH or not! Speaking of ETH, it's been fairly flat on price, close to $400 USD. I'm hearing lots of griping regarding the gas price, but it should ease once v2.0 is implemented. Vitalik vs Adam? I think Vitalik more than has this WON! Furthermore, Chuck with Cardano should also thrive! Both these men are visionaries. With that said, Adam does have a point regarding pre-mined, yet I try not to judge severely before seeing the forest for the trees.

 At least a few in Congress want the IRS to enact change of how taxpayers are treated! I didn't see Liz on a list of co-sponsors which included four of her House colleagues. I reminded Twitter and reminding Wyomingites reading this of Cheneys' re-election bid in November. Is she actually EARNING it? Yes, she stands up to Trump very nicely! Does that alone equate to forward-progress for Wyomingites in general? This state has the most friendly crypto laws of all 50 states and I want to see this continue, considering that several others are modeling legislation after our own.

While on the Politics subject, another Kanye Update is in order. TMZ notes Ye & Family have been on vacation to many spots on the globe, mostly to help mend his lately-rocky marriage. They ended one and have started another. I've not heard if Cody has approved of the facility so West & Family can create their long-touted clothing lineup. Also, Kanye admits he's running a spoiler campaign to help Trump, this according to a recent interview with Forbes, via texts. This is likely related to other issues he has lately. Finally, I've gotten a Cody contact recently, a Twitter follower who can call and leave me intel as they so choose. I'm checking the number at least twice weekly, now.

 Our relationship with China, especially on the economic level, truly SUCKS! Gordon Chang tweeted last week;"A #Twitter friend in #China just told me his wife had an appointment at their bank to buy $1,000 with renminbi. The bank could only get $400 for her, and they told her she could never again buy dollars from any location. The dollar shortage is severe." Just wait until Election Time is all I'm gonna say for now!

 Louisiana has their own way of doing things. Their habitual offender law and what its costing to taxpayers in the Pelican State should be reviewed! The guy likely has a room-temp IQ when he keeps going back and breaking more laws, but the state Supreme Court in Baton Rouge ain't helpin' that man none! That, or the punishment isn't tailored enough to force him to think otherwise.

 Finally, Fidi Guy (from NYC's FInancial DIstrict) has a rather catchy 10 Financial Commandments done with great rap & beats! The Twitter version allowed a mere 2:20, so to get the Whole Enchilada, surf here, watch, then bookmark this Bad Boy and pass it on! Learn it and Earn it. Peace..

That's it for now! Be Covid Safe and expect me to change my present Twitter Avatar, once this Wuhan Crap is outta here.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!
 I remain awaiting additional news and interview on one specific job my temp job has led me towards. I'm doing fine but breaking even. Fortunately, my good health allows me to cruise on without much worry. I'd rather be in this position than with a family and poor health. Too many are rightfully concerned about no job and the strong possibility of federal enhanced unemployment benefits running out with eviction notices to come out as a result of federal moratoriums running out. It will continue to remain a "cluster" between now and the Elections. Many are beyond desperation in getting a second stimulus check if they're working and paying bills as I am. I'm already proposing a one-time total cash purchase of my next lease term if they give me a discount for not having to worry with collecting from me during that term. Furthermore, I've proven my ability to co-exist and not be a nuisance to other tenants or their guests. Considering the severity and fragility of the economy in COVID-19, if they turn me down, they'll have missed out on a magnificent opportunity to strike while the iron was hot. One radio show gave me the idea that I need to replace several potentially problematic parts (PPP) on my truck, especially brake pads! I drive on Casper Mountain far too much and suspect it's time to get those replaced. For those concerned about the approaching Depression, getting this taken care of will add time going forward. Consider having your belts inspected, continue to get those oil changes, too! I likely won't update this except for those in my Inner Orbit.

UPDATE: Kanye didn't quit, after all! He's on the road again and was in South Carolina Sunday 7/19. Monday the 20th was the deadline for independents registering in the Palmetto State. There were several zingers that West threw during the rally which incensed some of his fan base, especially in regard to Harriet Tubman, which I personally disagree. History notes she was careful on how she handled her affairs and kept a pistol on her for protection, having effectively freed hundreds of slaves on her Underground Railroad. Quite an incredible person! Additionally, he stated he would cut ties with Adidas and Gap if he didn't "get a seat on the board." which is really pushing one's weight around. In my arrogant opinion, he'd better bring in the good $$ for both if if he has a chance of truly pulling that off. Fame goes only so deep and can be quite fickle, yet $$ always, ALWAYS SHOUTS LOUDEST! He's taking significant offense to comments that he could split the black vote away from Trump. He also indicates a pro-choice stand regarding abortion, despite stating under signifact emotions that his father didn't want him born, thus parents should receive one million dollars for having a child (but, but, but... WHO pays?) Finally, his campaign at just two weeks old plans additional rallies, including New York State. Again, I remind readers that if he plans to stick with his running mate, a female Wyomingite preacher, that he must claim another state as legal residence to vote, due to Constititional stipulations. Furthermore, this week I should find out how the City of Cody rules on his proposal to set up his clothing line in a building which was used for pharma generic drugs production. I learned from the Michael Savage radio show, aired here in the Oil City on AM 1230, that West received 5 million in PPP money. Let's see how this fares out.

HUGE NEWS broke in crypto for Americans, Wednesday! ZeroHedge helped break a story in CoinTelegraph that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is granting permission to federally-chartered banks to CUSTODY cryptocurrency! Comments started to flow in from many in the space who remain suspicious that keys must be held by the respective institutions. Personally, albeit they're correct for technicality, I still call it utter nonsense as a likely number of these people blindly entrust their exchanges, some of them actively trading! Caitlin Long responded with some of the important differences which Wyoming has a legal structure which no other state has, albeit many as California are taking significant notice. As usual, there's plenty one can learn from her input, so take the time and read through them. You'll get a tease of some of the really hip and cool offerings to come.

Bitcoin is officially MONEY, but in the eyes of a federal court. According to the article, don't expect a sea-change by the IRS or other bureaucrats in regard to tax reporting as the ruling apparently affects ONLY the District of Criminals, e.g. The Swamp. I must again emphasize that Congress has to get it together, doing the work of the People to address this crypto mess! Bitch, whine and moan incessantly at them, telling them you'll remember the Ballot Box in November and get registered if not already!! Just Sayin'.

Cardano's "Shelley" has launched and ADA gets a resulting surge of 13%! The hard-fork from the Byron era is apparently working fine toward the network upgrade, scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, 7/29. The token is nearly 14.7 cents per ADA as of this submission and will likely beat LINK to the Top Five! Its' surpassed the market cap of BSV and under a billion USD from BCH. Ethereum is truly pumping, now over $300 USD with a near 29% pump over the past week. Again, we're months away from ETH 2.0 and as mentioned in the previous submission, some are predicting 4-digit USD Ethereum again and I happen to agree, however, it has many notable (and formidable) competitors on its' heels, ADA included. Most projects committed with ETH won't change! Bear in mind the efforts given to audit code, and once quality code is implemented, there's really no reason to switch to another project. Still, the newer projects give promise to more scalability, robustness and other factors and features. This is an exciting, yet careful time to be alive in the space, especially where smart contracts are concerned! How's King Bitcoin? Up over 5% at 9.65k, many expect the psychological barrier of 10k to be surpassed, but I'd not be surprised for it to retrace near or above 10k, becoming a new support floor! Litecoin is finally, FINALLY joining the party, up 14% this week to over $48 USD and remains terribly undervalued. Stay Tuned.

Portland, OR protests have gotten really nasty, but Antifa's message is very specific. So says a long ago confirmed Portlander and long-time co-follower Grypto who I respect and appreciate. I've kept the Dog's location a secret from this #Blog until he disclosed in recent public tweets. Main Takeaway? Trust ONLY the live streams for the ground news there! Yes, federal agents have been severely injured through high-powered hand held lasers. Replacement agents now have special glasses (I won't disclose the technology) which minimise this literal torture that deserves decades of hard time from these brazen perps. Personally, I fully expect severe federal pushback in the days to come, if not hours from now as this is getting beyond ridiculous. Government buildings have been damaged there and "protestors" insist on pressing this on Federal property. More than likely, authorities are using some of the weakest links to begin tracking down "protestors" through their ubiquitous, always-available and on, CELLPHONES! Is there a SIMM Swapfest going on there? I seriously doubt it for now. I'm also surprised if a drone or two isn't "collecting" as they did in Minneapolis and lasers not being used against any drones or other aircraft. THAT alone could trigger some fast reaction and resolution. Stay Tuned as I fully expect this won't turn out well for them, even if the Dems score blood just over 100 days from now..

I'm getting perhaps a few answers regarding the COVID-19 viral makeup. Is it full of various Easter Eggs? Could this have been a natural occurance, after all?? Professor Francois Balloux on Twitter gave an excellent thread of what is already known about it. Many Thanks to MoonOfAlabama dot org for pointing the way.

There's been this national coin shortage. Few can explain WHY this is such an issue now or why Wal-Mart has cut the number of self-check kiosk registers in favor of card-only users, as I personally experienced last week. In the past, CoinStar kiosks always charged customers around 9% for customers' spare change. My how the tables have turned! One bank is now paying customers a bonus for their excess change lying around. Don't laugh, as this windfall profit could make a REAL difference going into a depression, as I'm more and more predicting after the Elections, regardless of who wins! UPDATE: As the recent Twitter Hack is investigated, Bitcoins collected from the scam have been going through mixers and into certain exchanges in an attempt to launder them cleanly. They've had some success, but not fully. I'm hoping to get more info.

UPDATE: Remember my prediction in regard to Wal-Mart's mask mandate? Just scroll down to the previous one to review. Maggie Ann gives us the verdict that the Customers will win, despite the National Retailers group who insist otherwise. I also predict the airlines will eventually have to bend under customer pressure, Delta in particular who are referring those claiming a medical exemption to a "contractor", who I'm concerned may not be licensed for such diagnosis in the state the customer resides. After all, not every jet can belong to Fed Ex, or am I wrong on this one?

Thanks at least in part to the Kung Flu, CNBC reports that minimum wage workers cannot afford rent in any State of the USA, according to National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual “Out of Reach” report. Now we Americans await and see if any extended unemployment bennies continue to filter out to recipients. In some areas, without changing the compensation, many WILL NOT willingly return to work! Trump and his administration wants to ratchet down systematically. The Dems want no change whatsoever, banking that they'll be the Saviors to the lazy. I believe that only to an extent as there are children involved in many of these cases. Is a parent late on child support being put in jail at the present time with COVID-19 inmates? Utterly ridiculous if there is even a SINGLE case of this at present! Only Wyoming and Hawaii have no reported inmate infections of COVID-19 in their state lockups. Recently, my state has started testing all inmates and staff after two contractors reportedly tested positive at one state lockup.

For now, Wyoming has 25 COVID-19 deaths and I think we're shy of 3,000 cases, although I've not been to the Dept. of Health website today to get the latest, precise numbers. With TV, thanks to 3 local stations having been bought out, most local news coverage has "tightened up" in format and I've gotten where I rarely watch K2 TV news any longer. Guys, you want it to look slick and save $$. You're going to discover much resistance on SEVERAL fronts with your changes, even if you give it time to settle in. It doesn't look like Casper, except vaguely on Segment I and the Weather segment. I'm not "feeling" Casper in sports as it severely lacks. I've never seen your national news anchor in any of the stores here and won't speculate where he's from. The feel isn't local as the breaks are tighter than the live national news. Trust that my successful master control experiences in two larger metro markets grants me ample street cred going into this opinion. You guys HAD your brief chance to snag me. In fact, there's a mild FCC rule violation that neither previous or present management hasn't yet caught, but the Denver FOB, if noticed during an inspection, would give you fair warning thereof. It's serious enough they'll give you the Jesus Talk and insist you correct promptly. Yes K2, this affects one of your licenses so you may ping me on Twitter via @windmechanic, follow me, I'll do the same, then I'll give you the scoop, FREELY at that! I can't be more fair than that. It's up to your management to get a clue and reach out!

In Wind Energy and Renewables news, FERC Order 841 passes! It took a ruling by the US Court of Appeals in DC. This will yield powerful results and could affect utilities going forward. Let me explain... If you're viewing the article link here, you'll see one large unit which can be considered a huge battery, having stored energy from a source to be either fed into the grid or used on-site at a later time. If timed correctly, the customer can game demand by using their resource when grid or utility demand is most costly.

In an unrelated ruling, released the same day. Rooftop Solar won a stunning victory! States can continue to compensate rooftop solar owners. Read more through this link and Congratulations!

The Picture of the Week isn't elsewhere on my site, yet. I still don't have enough time to git 'er dun! Instead, Twitter delivers this quality tweet of The Four Horsemen of Wholesomeness. Well stated, Eric!

Finally, the Quote of the Week belongs to superkruger, regarding crypto infrastructure;

"First you use their infrastructure.
Then they mock you.
Then you build your own infrastructure.
Then they use your infrastructure.

That's it for now. Remain COVID-19 safe and remember that Wal-Mart locations are likely giving out masks to customers at the door. (This wasn't the case earlier in the week)

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all. It's Saturday!

It remains a busy time for me in the Oil City. The interview is postponed for now, yet my work continues! If I'm hired, the work I presently do should not change much at all for now and I get to keep working with the excellent crew that considers me one of their own, already! There are plans to implement whoever gets hired for it to be integrated into something really decent. As long as I can work and continue remaining "breaking even" on the small wage I earn, I'll continue to remain patient. Bear in mind, I'm not receiving any government assistance of any sort, except for the stimulus checks. I sense a huge amount of pain to come throughout the nation and the politicians will go into uber-spend, uber-print mode in advance of the Elections. Remember, November! If not already and you're eligible - Register to Vote and get that done, soon! It should be quite a memorable month and I don't expect interruptions of the upcoming Gen Elect that first Tuesday, but I'm not blind that politics is presently so polarizing that damned near anything is possible later this year.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it's extremely likely that IT IS too good to be true!! An obvious Nigerian-type scam hit via Twitter through many of it's most famous users, such as Kanye West, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and many more in a well-executed hack! At least the perp(s) were smart enough not to screw with Trump on this one, or the USSS would've kicked things up several notches, although I understand Obama was among those hacked. UPDATE: ABC News reported recently that the FBI is investigating. Apparently, a hack into Twitter's console occurred where the scammer or other parties have gleaned necessary details to have hacked, then posted the scam on fully-verified "badge" accounts, making them appear as authentic when this wasn't so. Mike Coudrey notes to us that according to those leaked console pictures from Twitter, that the "Trends" and "Search" blacklists indeed exist, allowing the publicly-traded social portal to shadowban its users. A few parties believe an inside job was done, but that's too early as of this posting to conclude. As far as the Bitcoin scam addy goes, when you view the address, notice it's the SAME one across these accounts! Finally, let this be a painful lesson that there's no way, NO WAY AT ALL that Bitcoin can be "doubled" unless another party provides some Bitcoin they own. Used to, this scam was a simple script and shown extensively on Pastebin, but it's still a scam!

As of this posting, close to 13 BTC, around 120k USD, had been deposited and the scammer has moved most, if not all, around. Now, to the smart asses at Chainalysis; make yourselves useful and give We The Sheeple a report of what you're seeing, unless of course you're induced by TPTB to keep quiet for now. One young guy wanted and awaited his coins back after sending around 1.5 BTC. He ain't getting a satochi of it back unless they find the perp. The scammers are laughing like the hyenas they are. People, you gotta THINK THROUGH this nonsense! You can beg all you wish to have it returned, but the famous people you think have your coins can't possibly help and had no idea you were being taken for this joy ride to be dumped. That's how damned insidious it is and the scammer knew this!

Yes, Bitcoin is literally magical internet money, so stop thinking otherwise. Engage your brain since you're a target and stop giving them that power that YOU hold and stop believing everything you read on the internet. You'll remain happier and get the last laugh of the Middle Finger Salute.

Other currencies continue their hopium through good news. ADA (Cardano) remains amongst them in the Top Ten. However, Chainlink (LINK) has surpassed Cardano just days ago and many in the space believe it is destined for a Top Five position, if BTC doesn't dump! Chainlink clearly has a fan base and has been making inroads with many use cases being touted. Some of these articles are clearly hinting that BCH, BSV, LTC may be surpassed not to return, which I disagree! Don't forget that LINK is at least based partially on the Ethereum chain and the latter isn't scheduled for an upgrade in the short-term! I'm not buying into this FOMO for exactly that reason, no matter what bagholders of it have to say for now. ETH houses a boatload of quality projects and clearly needs to speed up. Keep your eyes on these and see if the Market prices in the expected productivity boost of ETH v2.0 now, or in the future. I doubt many will be disappointed. The question is, WHEN?

Comet NEOWISE is expected to become the brightest since Hale-Bopp (which Yours Truly absolutely enjoyed back in '97 while living in Fort Smith, AR) so in the Northern Hemisphere, plan to watch in the morning and evening skies for it! It was cloudy here in the Oil City on Tuesday, 7/14. Wednesday, it was clear and I had little if any problems seeing it after 10pm MDT here in the city lights and I didn't have to leave home! Here near 43 degrees latitude, I can see it low in the northwest sky with a forward-slash direction on the tail. Want to see it in the morning before dawn? The comet's tail is back-slash directed and it shows just N of NE, here. It's early but as it moves away from the Sun, it'll gradually dim, yet moves closest to Earth around the 22nd. I can see it with my aged naked eyes, yet the binoculars gives a far better view. My astro app says it's Mag +2.6 which isn't shabby.

Hate wearing masks in public? You're really going to hate this news going forward, and since nobody can say what Easter Eggs are in the Kung Flu, you'll despise this more so. Wal-Mart, Sam's Club begin their mandate of customers wearing face coverings starting Monday. Many others will follow, although they should take advantage of their special windfall for now. I expect there will be violent incidents in at least a few locations from this. Many co-workers are expressing significant resistance even now. I've gone back once to stock up before the mandate. I've asked many to describe for us what is in COVID-19 so we can make informed decisions for ourselves. Some people suffer significant heart problems and blood clots after their COVID episodes, but rarely do I hear of recommendations for COVID-19 patients to seek secondary treatment through a cardiologist! There remains a lot of finger-pointing at certain states and regions therein where almost anything is given a COVID-19 diagnosis and the nasal test may well show false positives. Furthermore, the article is correct that nobody can say for certain of how long this mask nonsense will last. For many, this is approaching a boiling point. Amazon? I hate to advertise freely for them, but I expect Bezos to achieve trillionaire status shortly. In fact, I'd expect "cubby holes" where items can be obtained securely from the outside and vice-versa will make a comeback. COVID VIRUS FOR PRESIDENT! You've already won the Election.

In Wyoming news, Kanye is OUT! He's busy planning to utilize a facility in Cody (Park County) to build his clothing line. Cody Planning/Zoning are considering the rapper's plans and he's got 'da $$! ;-) We should know something by middle of next week of how Cody rules on this, although I think it'll go through. I seriously doubt he'll get any cotton from his land and should be looking Down South. The Texas Panhandle can grow it, thanks to irrigation and low-moisture seeds available there, or even down in Dixieland where Cotton remains King! West is building a mega-mansion on his ranch land near Cody, which if he had chosen Wyoming as his home for election purposes, it would've caused problems for him! He had chosen a female preacher, a Wyomingite, as his running mate. We've seen this before here in the Cowboy State with George W. Bush (Dubya or Bush 43)/Cheney.. The Constitution forbids both the President and Vice President to reside in the same state, so Dick had to move his legal residency from Texas back to Teton County.

I like this! Bart Schilling tweeted about this old farm truck being shipped from Iowa to Texas, to start a second life. I tweeted that I'd be glad to get updates on this vehicle, so Stay Tuned and we'll see! Schilling says of the truck "Going to restore it and take it to farm shows, parades, mostly. Will also probably haul planting seed, similar items. Can’t let it completely stop working."

That's it for now. Be COVID-19 safe and enjoy the weekend.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all,

 It's been a busy Monday and will be more crazy tomorrow here in Oil City where I work. There's enough news to warrant a Blog update.

I love it when I'm correct. It's not about black lives when these morons deface statues of black folks. In this case, a woman and baby who had escaped long ago, the church itself having assisted her and others escape the slavery they purport to despise. Far too many of these activists are deeply brainwashed and are quickly losing all the "street cred" they had. Furthermore, that movement strives to string along as much support for solely their own marxist, socialist gains - not considering anything of realistic, common sense. Trump understands this as evidenced in recent speeches! Don't drink the BLM KoolAid until they tackle their severe issues internally. Example, you ask?? These two officers handled this situation beautifully and if I were in their shoes, I'd not handle it any differently myself. Actually, in light of the aforementioned, they could've asked the young lady about statue vandalism throughout the nation. As most who visit here can easily gather and have "sussed out" - it's very much about tearing down America itself, then using what has been built up to be torn down, with nothing at all accomplished except a false sense of accomplishment, if even that much which satisfies the Soros groupies. This is no longer about George Floyd and what should have been done years ago about the pervasive, protective culture of law enforcement, many bullying the public poor who are either ignorant or fearful of standing up to the City (or a bad judge who continues to be reelected, as I witnessed back in Pope County) then demanding appropriate and enforceable reforms. Minneapolis, give up your seat belt enforcement cash grab nonsense. Your job toward your constituent taxpayers is far more pressing than raising money for utter garbage the City likely abuses anyhow! Black Lives DO Matter, just as much as ALL LIVES MATTER. This is where I'm standing on the issue. Triggered? Report me to facebook?? There's no account I carry there and I think they have problems.

I'm spending time working on the necessary update to my Wyoming Cryptocurrency Laws website. I found the notes that Caitlin Long left me of the different bills, most having been enacted! This is where I have to read through and make links so the site remains relevant. I'm thankful for those teachers and enthusiasts who have told me they're using it and sending students to it, although I've yet to check how the traffic is to that page. (I pay for unlimited access) When it's done, I'll tweet about it and again update the main page of my website. HEX is wanting to pump some more, but I suspect we're still lacking the FOMO stage.

Hades is starting to freeze over! The POTUS actually wore a face mask when visiting Walter Reed Medical on Saturday. We've seen Pence wear one, it was The Donald's turn! Again, I ask what Easter Eggs are included in this magical Kung Flu that continue to cause economic and social havoc around the globe. Let's have the REAL news, the skinny, so I can include it here.

Bottom Line? Politics have some strange bedfellows. It's a Swamp Thang, y'all!

UPDATE: Scroll down and keenly recall my 7-2 entry regarding ISCResearch's tweet regarding alleged Chinese involvement in sending weapons to a Florida address. Seeing this triggered my "pay attention" signal as extremely few were watching the ball and I frankly expected more to develop. Many readers may think I spread plenty of boredom, but when true, these are the Train Wrecks we can't turn away from! Yet another reason my regulars visit and are spreading the word of this humble blog. Hang in there as Big Fish are likely involved.

You see, we're learning just how willing our top trading partner will reconcile anything whatsoever, that they are active in spreading their Marxism through willing, brainwashed American-borne lackeys to invoke change as they too can't stand our POTUS, Trump being the convenient flash point, the lightning rod of focus for blame. I admit that's quite a clever, sinister chess move if I must say so! Fortunately, not all eyes are on the Kung Flu which was likely released by accident in Wuhan, but I'm still awaiting any MSM reports which will begin the true "woke" that America needs and deserves, that "kick in the balls" to convince Americans that it's time to punish the Chicoms by moving ALL our manufacturing, including all medicines, back HOME and insisting on true economic reform to allow this to set root and prosper over time.

It appears the California Governor has his fingers in their cookie jar, which if proven as truth before a Court or Grand Jury could equal significant money laundering charges, but grounds for TREASON against the Governor of America's most-populous state may be solidly lain! Please Stay Tuned and let's see if this revelation becomes headline news. Based on the aforementioned Florida story, this may amount to be HUGE!! I can already sense potential irony if California gets left out of any return of manufacturing we relegated to the Chinese if Newsom's alleged involvement is proven. Not that the state or it's residents can afford any more screwups, but with strong leftist involvement which pleases our enemies, anything is certainly possible.

This is almost Hollywood Juicy! It's also scary as both major stablecoins are apparently under law enforcement pressure to freeze fund addresses. Stay Tuned as crypto still has an uphill battle. Even with the stock bull, Bitcoin is saying "Meh!", stable at 9.2k USD.

Finally, Monday night brings an announcement from Ford Motor Company. The Bronco RETURNS! Let's see how this might induce GM to respond. Their K-5 Blazer was quite the off-roader and the looks of it were fantastic.

That's it for now. You and yours should try to beat the heat! It's hot enough even here in the Rockies, but it's July and I expected something as this. Stay COVID-19 safe.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

So what's been going on with me? BUSY! A job opening has popped up in the last week or so and I've applied for it. I'm simply awaiting the response for an interview and will find out in due course if I'm a good fit for what many Casperites have already stated they wanted for the City. For now, that's the only significant clues I'm giving those outside my Inner Orbit. With time, if hired, I'll get to make a big difference in one aspect of Casper. If I'm treated well, I'll remain with the City for the remainder of my working career. Stay Tuned for more details and to those who already know the details, I thank each of you for your moral support and prayers. They're greatly appreciated!

Anarchists are idiots, but I didn't need to tell you that. Remember how they defaced a statue remembering a black infantry? Now, a statue of Frederick Douglass was torn down Sunday night in Rochester, NY. I'm no longer convinced they're doing these acts in the name of black people, when I see such stupidity which equates to the IQ of a small soap dish. Frederick was a GREAT American! He had brains going for him. Washington DC had been mapped out in advance but the plans were apparently lost or destroyed. Douglass put that back together from memory. His accomplishments are noteable and should be a source of pride for blacks throughout this nation. I'm glad Trump blasted this through one of his morning tweets!

By the same token, we could use way fewer laws! Why am I tweeting that lawmakers are very much part of the blame? Just read this article and see if this makes any sense. It does to me!!

Americans, don't forget those damned taxes! Mine have been submitted to my CPA, the last piece of paperwork mailed out yesterday. July 15th is that day, but an extension can be obtained into mid-October. Of course my crypto taxes are declared! I want the IRS to live up to the "S" or Service portion of their name and get to work on a past return which shouldn't have taken even half this long! The Tax Advocate for my state is operating remotely due to COVID-19 and I'll not be happy if my likely-overpayment from that tax year isn't resolved and forfeited to Treasury. It will cost politicians many votes for whatever decades I remain alive if this isn't acted on soon. Meanwhile, many "businesses" have received millions of dollars in apparent bailouts. I've gotten not a damn thing regarding insurance since I moved here. They blame that when I applied, I had not earned income here, despite having applied during open enrollment. There are other issues I won't go into, but trust that I did give one state representative my Jesus Talk on it. With November on the way, expect insanity! Don't wait until the last minute to voice your concerns to those representing YOU!

Speaking of taxes, Orange Wonder Donald must disclose his tax info to one particular government agency, so said the Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision. The Donald can expect this information NOT to be made public before the Elections (do I sense triggering from the left?) and can induce lower Courts to review certain portions, according to news reports from several outlets.

Hypothecation and rehypothecation? I've likely used those words in sentences here in the Blog before! Bix Weir in interview gives us the definitions. It's a brief but fun interview with Paige on a Word Wednesday.

In the Crypto world, Cardano continues to gain attention and turning heads! ADA gained another 32+% since this last submission, according to Coinpaprika. Apparently, Charles and crew had more excellent news for HODLers and it's nice to see greater than 12 cents USD per ADA! Does this pressure Ethereum ETH yet? It's not yet pumping, but bear in mind that v2.0 hasn't been implemented. Other coins to watch include Dogecoin DOGE, which has doubled since this last submission. Tik Tok users and several others are pumping it wildly and seek a dollar per DOGE, although nay a penny has been yet attained. I realize many of you want to FOMO, yet be aware it could easily collapse and don't expect a new investment "Prosperity Plateau" or "Goldilocks" effects! (Warning properly dispensed.) VeChain is also on my radar with a near-doubling in the past week, although I'm not aware of the news. Finally, HEX is pumping again and bear in mind, after 11/19 (BigPayDay) the AA or Adoption Amplifier disappears! It'll give HEX the true market exposure so many want to witness. I'd expect more to stake long-term and that HEX will clearly pump with more being staked going into 2021 and beyond. One particular Korean token I bought has nearly doubled and its' scarcity is good reason I'll HODL it a while, their community becoming more excited of progress. I won't publicly tweet this one yet, reserving it for my Inner Orbit. (nudge, nudge!)

The music world has suffered a significant loss. Ennio Morricone, a superlative talent and genius in scoring literally hundreds of movies has passed at age 91 due to complications from a leg injury. You can view a fraction of his accomplishments and awards. He was a musical genius and saw opportunity knocking at the door. I look at him as the George Martin of Hollywood's Golden Age. Likely his most noteable work in Westerns was the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - the classic featuring Clint Eastwood, but his craft went across genres and I believe numerous Hollywood movies were enriched because of his contributions.

Also on the Obits was Carl Reiner. To gain insight to what he taught through this article penned by Michael Elias was revealing! Carl had been around a good while and often gave good takeaways, including his love for shopping and sharing those experiences with those whose company he treasured. He was 98 and had lived a very full, creative life, his shelf of a baker's dozen Emmys being testament to another superlative talent having passed, yet the memories remain. I mention Carl since my co-workers and myself got into a recent discussion of "The Jerk" which was featured in this article that both Reiner and Elias worked on; the 1979 movie starring Steve Martin, "I was born... a poor, black child" and I doubt such a movie would work in today's "woke" world, but damn it was quite funny in many ways! This was part of Reiner's craft. His gut-feeling served him well in TinselTown and he'll be sorely missed.

My choice for Twitter Photo of the Week is one which can mess with your mind. Indeed, these are two perfect geometric circles and do not intersect another in any manner.

That's it for now. The end of the week is coming fast and so is that Summer heat! Some areas of Wyoming can expect to crack the triple-digits, although there's very little humidity, as too much will make matters miserable. Wyoming State Parks have open camping now, but reservations are required!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

 Do you have 90 minutes to spare in watching two YouTube videos? While 99.99% of "woke" Americans remain severely distracted with degrees of anger, you're getting the SCREW JOB OF THE AGES! This first video is one of the FINEST Keiser Reports released in a long time! Max and Stacy present some powerful charts and commentary, then Eric Latham "The Character" joins Max to discuss Bitcoin and how truly empowering cryptocurrency can truly be for the black community. Yours Truly celebrates people of all races, creeds and nationalities who are taking the time to learn and take advantage of the opportunities that crypto offers. In the first segment, Stacy notes how few loans that Chase offered to black consumers in The Swamp of the District of Criminals, which ironically has a 40% black population, yet whose real estate generally fetches the greatest amount in the nation, today! Consider popping some corn and spending a half-hour getting the Real Skinny on this!

 The other kick-ass video for each of you to seriously consider viewing: USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts last week. Scroll down a bit as YouTube's link from me doesn't work so well, therefore I linked directly to the article itself. The video lasts nearly an hour with Fitts in exceptional form (she correctly notes the "vaccinations" to come are NOT medicine, but a sinister tracking system) and remember this! If American, you have no legal recourse, thanks to the Vaccine Court! Bankers meeting last August in Jackson Hole, in my adopted state, have plans for us Sheeple. The Kung Flu has put these well into action. The biggest takeaway is the DEFLATIONARY results from the COVID 19 shutdown offsetting the INFLATIONARY results these crooked bankers, governments and Elites have wrought with theft and mismanagement. Transhumanism is also brought up so expect many jobs to be eliminated via robotics. I must give Fitts some pushback that organized religion has let down too many.

 Have any of you been wondering with baited breath of why America is at the BOILING POINT? This op-ed, released by The Hill online on 6/26, pretty much sums up the basics. Statues being tumbled down is very much a stupid, non-relevant point. The graffiti of FUCK12 and ACAB, are valid! Indeed, America has become a police state and our politicians at both the State and Federal levels are very much to blame for this outcome, even if unintended!! For those states considering elimination of no-knock warrants and certain police tactics which are obviously unnecessary, such as against George Floyd in Minneapolis, you're listening and making what I believe will be the right choices going forth, even if the "movement" doesn't think it goes far enough. I still don't think it necessary to "defund" the police, except in cases where ill-gotten gains due to Civil Asset Forfeiture continues to be forced on taxpaying Americans, this includes federal agencies, a few in Detroit in particular!

 Also released on The Hill on the 26th is the House vote to grand statehood to the District of Columbia, making it the 51st state. This is a very-highly polarized decision and as typical of the two parties, both have strong feelings and arguments for standing their respective ground! I won't spoil the whole thing, although if it makes the Supreme Court, I'd fully expect Justice Roberts to again vote with his liberal bedfellows in another ruinous 5-4 verdict to allow such to stand! Just Predictin'!! ISCResearch noted on Twitter, a seizure of a lot of weapons, reportedly sent from China to a Melbourne, FL address. Were these likely to go into activists' hands? Where in the hell are any MSM reports of this?? Most importantly, why does this look and smell much like Fast And Furious from the Obama days?

Now it appears Germany will have far less American military influence going forward. Stay Tuned!

Epstein's confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested on sexual abuse charges in New Hampshire, according to the FBI. Bob Levine and others are getting this statement out of the way EARLY!! Expect some well-deserved memes to appear at any time. Just sayin', y'all!

The POTUS is tweeting more angrily towards our primary trading partner. Want the solution, Sir? Bring back the manufacturing here, including those meds that we've relegated to their manufacture with entirely too much trust. We'll spend more, but it's truly time for a renaissance. Either way, we may have to face this, HOT WAR or not!

On the crypto front, I love sounding like a broken record when I see Chuck's project gain even more momentum! Cardano (ADA) got another 13+% pump over the past week and is elevated to #8 on Coinpaprika, just under Litecoin. I'm congratulating HODLers for their patience and faith in it. Having significant prescence here in Wyoming gives it more creedence, I think. Hoskinson hints strongly that more announcements regarding #ADA are on the way!

Don't leave out HEX! It's starting to pump again, but there remains a lot of weak hands whom Emergency Unstake and needlessly lose a lot of HEX to the stakers. The primary reason the pump is slow for now is the time between now and BPD or Big Pay Day on 11/19/2020 with plenty of . We'll see a FOMO and spike toward that time, perhaps those who drank the Kool-Aid will wake the hell up and actually free-claim with Bitcoins they held under their wallet last December 1st. Even with the funk in the space, there's life to behold and appreciate. HEX continues to make things happen when elsewhere seems hopeless.

That's it for now. I sincerely wish each and every one of you a pleasant Fourth of July holiday for Americans viewing this humble blog. When you see the fireworks blaze, remember that America will pull through the Kung Flu. I want to see and learn what the scientists are learning of any "Easter Eggs" the Chinese likely added with this cold virus. InfoWars is giving several clues that an HIV delivery is there, likely placed to study a possible vaccine for it. There are reasons that nations who aren't subject to the degree of economic distress as us are giving incredible attention to the illness and why avoidance is so critical to the point where entire economies are and essentially remain, frozen. Furthermore, I'm not yet seeing the "V" recovery and expect it to be more an "L" with an obtuse angle at that! Finally, continue to prepare for when the stimulus money runs out and the enhanced unemployment bennies run out, unless Trump magically extends them before the November elections.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

 Null TX noted that the Brave browser has been redirecting users to it's referral link on Binance. It's unknown for how long this has been going on, although the link has recently been pulled from the browser's source code. If you signed up for Binance through the link, you've at least shown Brave devs some love. This sneaky precedent doesn't look so good for Brave, going forth. Existing users? I don't know if updates are automatically sent. If you don't have such a thing set up, you might consider updating Brave.

A loophole exists in US Tax Law which may allow bitcoin traders to write off unlimited losses. There are some strings with this, so definitely consult with your tax accountant and realize it's likely NOT applicable for tax year 2019 and likely 2020 when you read through the article that mentions one should apply before day 75 in a tax year where the specific provision is to be exercised. Furthermore, it could well depend on the TYPE of trading you do. Again, read through it carefully as none of this is financial advice.

Those with wallets utilizing seed words, we are dealing with a new type of wallet theft which may require a strong rethink of SECURITY in this regard! Unlike BTC with incredible numbers to crack, even with quantum math on our doorstep, the number of dictionary words is far more limited which puts math in the hacker's favor. This also includes most, if not all, off-line wallets if they require connection to the internet, especially to a database. This tweet tells it all and I suspect that seed words, especially those which must transit the internet, will need a significant overhaul going forth. Mathematically, the MWC wallet which requires a seed word phrase in exact order to initiate, will be far, far more difficult to crack, it having 24 words. If the words are solely in English (or focused in another language based on the user's IP location) then one can use a dictionary attack script, much like during the early-day internet, telnet and BBS systems. Why not implement purposeful misspellings, numbers with some words and special characters which are considered universal across devices, warning users to carefully check what they write? As I tweeted, this is the next obvious step going forth in regard to seed phrase security, just as others have experienced in password evolution and for the same reasons. Bottom Line? I think this is a powerful wake-up call to all Devs that should be quickly considered and addressed, now that it's been tweeted.

This week's Public Service Reminder, because both security and seed phrases remain the subject: NEVER put your seed phrase or private key into ANY website! Use your grey matter, that Sixth Sense, whenever you encounter scams like this who imposter any crypto project. They're after to steal your coins/tokens/money!

While I'm discussing security, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is pleased to announce that Zoom will offer end-to-end encryption to ALL users, not those with paid plans as in the past. The article warns present Zoom users to harden their Zoom settings "to defend against trolls and other privacy threats." My question going forth, could Zoom wind up grabbed by a bigger fish, then forced to decrypt? We've seen this rodeo before, just in different events.

Portland is clearly unhappy. Of course they harbor the biggest part of the Oregonian economy, but what PRICE can businesses continue paying? Really, Kate?? Central Arkansas is also unhappy! Black Lives Matters protesters demanded concessions, likely unreasonable, from the world's largest retailer on their home turf and Bentonville wasn't having any of it. One of my mother's closest friends had been shopping, investing about two hours of her time before hearing that others and herself had to evacuate the store immediately and abandon their baskets! Twenty Twenty may be good eyesight, but most will remember this year when everything went to SHIT!!

UPDATE: Grypto tweeted early Thursday; "Portland is making CHAZ (Seattle's autonomous zone) look like child’s play right now. This is bad. NO police. They’ve taken over the pearl. Smashed scaffolding onto cars. Started fires. According to tenants officers aren’t responding. Ppl don’t understand stores haven’t even opened! Phase1 STARTS Friday" )Phase I is when businesses begin reopening throughout Multnomah County where Portland is sited.) Additionally, "These morons are calling it PKAZ after Patrick Kimmons who was shot and killed by Portland police. What makes this stupid? Right before he was killed police watched this guy fire his gun and injure TWO people downtown! All on video." JaneNC added the counter-attitude of it; "People against it here like myself are calling it the Portland Oregon Occupied Protest (POOP for short)" which brings a healthy laugh at 3AM here, my roommate having to work in a few hours. UPDATE: POOP was dismantled during the morning hours, Thursday. Apparently, Oregonians still have some resolve.
  p.s., We're not even into the thick of the Elections with a Second Wave of COVID 19 expected? The second (and as earlier reported here, FINAL) stimulus check to Americans may not happen until August, unless Congre$$ gets their act together, and quickly! Many states still have restrictions which haven't allowed existing businesses to reopen in a manner which allows them to profit. I note that co-workers and myself have discussed at length of many Casper area restaurants, some very popular, that haven't reopened their lobbies or reopened at all. This just SUCKS!

Trump's Tulsa Rally should be quite the event if early line-holders are any index of it. There are some Twitter Trolls trying their best to gaslight any momentum that the POTUS makes between now and the Fall Elections.

Wyoming Athletics has a NEW CLEAR BAG POLICY that all who wish to attend any ticketed events at Laramie, such as football, basketball this fall must follow. You will be screened at the door or entrance. If prohibited items are found, you'll have to take it back to your vehicle or dispose of it at the door. You should carefully read through this webpage to give you guidance. Medical equipment and service animals are O.K.

Good things can often come to a screeching halt when it comes to YouTube management. For no stated reason, the portal pulled the account of "Hexologist", likely the best known cheerleader of Richard Heart's HEX token. The Idahoan and combat Vet already has other outlets for his videos, so YouTube can go screw themselves of the many followers whom viewed Hexologists' daily reports and occasional long streams. There are other alternatives, so stop worshiping those dweebs. Some others have gotten their YouTube channels restored, but Alphabet clearly has issues and I'm not alone for bringing out this fact! UPDATE: Hexologist has a new streaming channel, found via this link.

Have that dog who hates having their toenails trimmed? Does it CRAVE peanut butter?? View this for the ultimate solution. It's the same thing our politicians use on We The People and it's called "diversionary tactics!"

Crypto Charles gives humble readers my chosen Tweet of the Week. I'm still giggling, BTW.

Finally, Scott Douglas Clary on Twitter gives us sage advice on how you should truly spend your life:
"You're never actually tired. You're just not doing what you're meant to be doing. Understand the different between tired and demotivated."

That's it for this submission and as always,
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

 Bully (@BullyEsq) gave Breaking News that BTC was spiking on widespread reports of riots and civil unrest. Indeed, it crossed into 10k territory, then retraced down again as the bulls still haven't come back in to defend. Didn't this blog in my previous entry reflect my concerns of rioting going national? We had issues here in Casper with one breakaway protest group who briefly blocked the intersection of Wyoming Blvd at Second Street, likely the busiest intersection in the City, behind that of Wyoming Blvd. at CY Ave. My gut may be large for now, but it still lends me that sixth sense when rioting was a possibility! It's proof positive that the nation has reached a BOILING POINT on police tactics. Philly had a HUGE protest Saturday. The District of Columbia looks way different and Trump is avoiding questions when he should instead be preparing to address the nation. Many cities are considering defunding at least a portion of their deparments, which I think is quite extreme. Why not implement verifiable and enforceable REFORM first? While we're at it, get rid of Civil Asset Forfeiture and other legal tactics that prove too costly for many Americans to legally fight in the Courts. After all, why defend one's Property if the government will find a way to steal it from a person? They'll gladly defend the property as if it were their own to begin with if taken under such vague legal theory, disregarding the rightful owners' proper possession having been denied Due Process. Sadly, not even the SCOTUS wants to honestly address the issue. It could well require a Constitutional Amendment to put it in the File 13 where it truly belongs.

After all, it's nothing but delusion and denial to label America the "Land of the Free" when property rights are denied in such a manner, regardless if by the state or nation. It's also unfair to expect the owner to be fully liable for their own legal costs in attempts to resecure possession of said property(ies) when that person could be afforded free representation if charged with a far more serious crime. Indeed, the charge is against the PROPERTY(IES), not the PERSON, therefore the "rub" in all this and the Court will likely rule accordingly unless properly filed and argued. Let's quit kidding ourselves! Reform is badly needed, but let's be damned realistic on how that reform is handled where police can continue their basic work to Serve and Protect. To that end, We The People must begin speaking out to have both Federal and State laws reformed. Stop blindly trusting your representatives to do this for you! I discovered for myself first-hand what a shitty job my Panhandle representatives on the State level in Oklahoma were doing. I'm sorry, Murdock. In my arrogant opinion, you don't deserve the Senate position you hold today. You're part of the problem when you're unwilling to debate the obvious and you're part of the many reasons why I decided to move away last year. I'll let the "Real ID" verbal scuffle I had with you and the former Senator you replaced be reason enough for my outburst here. Washington D.C. leaks too much data and didn't deserve any of Oklahoma's DL data. I stand FIRM on this and you and your colleagues should be ashamed for allowing those assholes to twist your arms as they did to Texas! KYLE LOVELESS WAS RIGHT!!

When it comes to employment and unemployment, they don't all mean the same thing! The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services is precisely the Poster Child example of this as I experienced their stupidity first-hand in many different, ugly ways back in '08. Newsweek notes that Unemployment would have been three percent higher last month if FURLOUGHED employees had been included. This is a pertinent subject here as it includes many state and municipal workers subject to this when the Fiscal Year starts next month.

Black folks are getting tired of whites apologizing for being white, of white privilege and so on. Please understand that most of these are white liberals, taking the opportunity to perhaps win back some of the black voters who support Trump's progress in their communities, especially the young blacks of voting age. There's still a lot of undecided voters throughout America, still shellshocked at remaining locked down in the Blue States while their economies continue being decimated, the same likely expecting a Federal bailout over their decades of mismanagement! Congress still hasn't approved a second stimulus payment and it took a significant percentage of Americans to receive the first!! It took me nearly three weeks to finally receive mine and even longer for my mother and brothers to receive theirs. Read on as I mention this specific point of a second stimulus later.

Meanwhile, the lack of education in our public schools truly manifests itself when such a thing as this happens. I consider this a worse gaffe than Biden can dispense when black protesters deface a monument dedicated to other blacks as it makes one wonder if it were a circumstance of ignorance or simply wanting to deface something honoring anyone they can never be. Have these protesters ever considered their efforts worthy of a monument sometime in the future, later the monument is either defaced or removed when History is again rewritten due to societal change as they're imposing now? The original soldiers of the 54th are no longer with us to defend their honor. Just give some thought and reflection on this. Alabama nailed this one perfectly when they passed a law that ANY monument there deserves protection.

Keep on HODLing. The BTC fees were increasing recently as I had feared the MemPool was getting into overflow. Thankfully, it was temporary and not comparable to the 12/17 ATH (All Time High, near 20k) but if that happens to maintain and more FOMO into it, even if this sucks, you may well see the BULLS stampeding, at least short term. MWC Coin is on it's FINAL HODL steps! If you've been HODLing it consistently under the same wallet address and wish to participate, you have until the end of this month to git 'er dun, but the sooner, the better! 1) Download the latest wallet or ensure you have at least v1.0.18 downloaded and operational. Always make certain your seed phrase is backed up before you upgrade, albeit doubtful you'll have any problems.. 2) On the menu, go to HODL and follow instructions to claim. With few exceptions, you'll simply leave the box checked under "I am claiming MWC for this wallet." 3) After submitting, the process isn't instantaneous but will happen from one of the claiming wallets from people who weren't wise enough to claim that first time. Finally, I'm watching ADA (Cardano) making decent gains as it has entered the Top 10 according to CoinPaprika! I'm not sure if there's a FOMO going on. Congratulations Charles for your hard work and ADA HODLers as your patience is paying off.

So how's HEX, you ask? It pumps better when more are claiming their BTC to free HEX and when they stake the HEX for long stakes. The latest patterns indicate most HEX HODLers want short-term stakes to glean interest to sell on exchanges (very short-sighted indeed!) and a decent number are staked short of BPD or Big Pay Day (11/19/20) when others with Bitcoin as of the 12/1/19 snapshot and never moved their coins didn't claim, thus stakers get the bounty they failed to exercise. It's expected that you'll see a significant FOMO coming up during November, short-term stakes to take advantage of BPD, then off to the exchanges as many of these users still don't understand that Bigger is Bettersm in HEX, longer stakes in particular. There are also too many n00bZ in HEX who don't read the documentation of the contract or ask in Telegram's #HEXCrypto group (thousands subscribed!) and freak out or otherwise don't understand they should not emergency unstake

Fast Company clues us Americans that the final stimulus check will be the next one!

When Minneapolis police allow their precinct to be burned down, Indeed, this is powerful enough an argument to keep the Second Amendment as relevant, if nothing else but one's chance at SURVIVAL! We're seeing increasing rioting at many other cities around the nation. Meanwhile, President Trump still has his Twitter, despite their staff flagging a tweet or two.

JohnCooper0610 brings up a solid point in regard to funeral double-standards! His tweet says it all. Perhaps The Powers That Be want COVID19 to get propagated, then it becomes an afterthought? After all, the riots have continued, despite. Oh, and he's NOT alone! Janice Dean is in the same boat. A loved one passed and she couldn't attend the funeral over the Kung Flu! She's rightfully angry and sad at the same time. My prayers go out to them and their loved ones affected.

Colorado residents and those visiting should be aware that on Thursday, Gov. Polis signed an executive order, giving private businesses the right to deny admittance or service to anyone trying to enter their business without a mask or face covering. I expect this trend to expand as Covid19 remains uncertain. Some experts fully expect a Second Wave to enter the picture during autumn. Stay Tuned!

Cody Stampede officials have spoken up. They don't consider their NIGHT rodeo bound by the 5/27 news conference this blog noted. They still want to run and had requested the state Health Dept. to grant a variance to allow additional attendance. So far, 600 total has been officially approved. Stay Tuned in case additional details are released. The night rodeo there is a long-standing tradition and goes throughout the Summer.

Want to lick that toad? DON'T!! Smoke the venom instead! Beavis and Butthead had this on one episode (one said it tasted like chicken) but the amphibian produces a powerful toxin to ward off predators and is poisonous if eaten. However, the toxin can be dried and smoked. Mike Tyson swears it changed him after his first toke. Not yet legal in the USA, but it could become so in the not-too-distant future when you consider a chemical "close cousin" with similar effects already is!

Charlie Stuff on Twitter says what many of us are thinking; America is on the cusp of Civil War! I suspect this is correct for so many reasons: 1) We continue to have an Empire mentality which is unsustainable! We can't continue to spend, spend, SPEND as the former Soviet Union did until they were bankrupt during the Reagan Administration. That doesn't scare democratic socialists here whom groupthink that they can outperform what the Russians didn't accomplish and the Chinese still haven't fully realized for that matter. 2) The US Dollar's continued success as the world's Reserve Currency is in significant peril. As I've hounded on social media and likely on this Blog, both Russia and China have a backchannel in place of SWIFT for direct trading, bypassing the dollar demand. This will weaken the Dollar's usage on the international stage, it being treated differently than those dollars being passed domestically as some economists have noted from time to time. 3) The Social Construct or Social Contract is becoming too expensive to continue to print! Proof positive is within this Blog's submission in regard to the Senate being slow and deliberate to grant more stimulus money to Americans who need it NOW! The referenced story predicts the second stimulus (if passed) will likely arrive in August, yet so many states have been slow to reopen businesses. Even with reopening, their capabilities are significantly reduced with social distancing and reduced hours still in place with many. In Casper, many restaurants still haven't reopened to dining.

Many downtown businesses in Casper will reopen for business on Monday, June 8th. Note too, wyomingcda dot com is a website for Wyomingites in need of rental assistance, yet I understand it's but a single payment they provide, which the media didn't specify if for a PERIOD of assistance through this ordeal, or only a MONTH of rent. It's part of the 1.25 billion bucks the Feds gave the State, which a special session was called for in Cheyenne recently. Wyoming's Food Bank of the Rockies has remained busy with much food assistance. 4) Young people have no future, here or elsewhere. Really? Generation Z has grown up with digital means at their fingertips throughout their lives. This late-era Boomer grew up without the internet! Cryptocurrency has opened up my eyes to the disconnect between generations as the younger people who grasp these opportunities, especially here in Wyoming with the excellent crypto environment under state law, can do incredible things! Laramie at UW already has a cryptocurrency blockchain program in their computer sciences. Wyomingites should grasp these opportunities and it's not out of the question that I may move there and complete a Bachelors in Applied Science to add with my Associates that focused on Wind Turbine Technology. If young people open their minds and look beyond some of the established or more traditional employment roles, there's a lot already available here. To hell with the Big Cities! Many will happily ditch them to get away from this rioting, dividing mess. Besides, pillaging is no way to live, especially if you're stupid enough to loot an Apple Store where everything stolen becomes tracked by GPS and reported to the cops, complete with times and movements as it was indeed designed with that in mind! Welcome to Big Brother's Corporate Structure and compliant buddies.

Some Food for Thought..
 The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die. And dies having never really lived."

Finally, the Tweet of the Week belongs to "CHIZ us" and I'm still giggling!

That's it for this submission. I may reappear Wednesday, but likely again this next weekend. Tweet me via @windmechanic and note for those few with my phone number that I'm available at or after 4:30pm MDT weekdays.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

This is a brief blog this time and I realize there's a tremendous amount of news going through the 'Net. I'm not bored! COVID-19 continues to be among the lead stories, although the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis has sparked quite the firestorm. There are some legit protests, but looters have taken advantage of them, especially in politically blue states. One radio show I heard Saturday got my attention when a guest called the Minneapolis Mayor and Police Chief as "pussies", which I'm surprised that didn't get the red Dump Button treatment. Sadly, Minneapolis has in place a policy where such action as the arresting officer did against Floyd as allowable, despite the fact that Floyd was subdued and not an imminent threat. The injustice, not only in this was obvious, but has been occurring in other major cities. With all that said, looters have found this as convenience to destroy and loot. Protestors are concerned their message will be lost due to these looters, some from outside the jurisdiction. As NBC4 noticed, looters were often in groups, one acting as a lookout for cops, others looting and jumping into a car to speed off and get away. Furthermore, their license plates were often concealed to keep them off security cameras. These are likely seasoned criminals and if caught, they could get additional charges, however, the jail situation is bad enough in the area that most who get arrested are released the next day, spare if they have additional warrants, according to reports from the station.

Bully (@BullyEsq) gave news that BTC was spiking on widespread reports of riots and civil unrest. Didn't this blog in my previous entry reflect my concerns of this going national? My gut may be large for now, but it still lends me that sixth sense!

Keep on HODLing! Also, the fees are increasing as I fear the MemPool is getting quite an overflow. I can't judge if it's anywhere near as bad as the 12/17 ATH (All Time High, near 20k) but if that happens to maintain and more FOMO into it, even if this sucks, you may well see the BULLS stampeding, at least short term. This is only my immediate thought and I could be wrong.

When Minneapolis police allow their precinct to be burned down, Indeed, this is powerful enough an argument to keep the Second Amendment as relevant, if nothing else but one's chance at SURVIVAL! We're seeing increasing rioting at many other cities around the nation. Meanwhile, President Trump still has his Twitter, despite their consistently-liberal staff flagging a tweet or two. Then, Flint, Michigan chimes in. They're serious about Protect and Serve. Considering what that city has been through, this was a huge breakthrough with police and protestors putting aside differences. Of course, the Elites can't have such an outpouring of love throughout the USA as that no longer applies to the hate and separate which keeps people off-guard. Flint, I'm cheering on your efforts! May THIS spread throughout the nation. There remains serious hot spots. As of tonight's submission in California, LA County has a 6pm curfew which many aren't following. Long Beach and Santa Monica had numerous stores looted.

Back in Wyoming, Cody Stampede officials have spoken up. They don't consider their rodeo bound by the 5/27 news conference this blog noted. They still want to run the night rodeo and have requested the state Health Dept. to grant a variance to allow additional attendance. Stay Tuned!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!
I hope each of you enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday in America. Remember, it is unfortunate circumstances of War which bring out the Memorials and the true meaning of this solemn day, so our collective freedoms can be enjoyed! Please, please don't take it for granted to where you are a slave to government, forgetting about all those whom have perished! That alone bastardises the meaning of freedoms which so many have given their lives for. May God continue to Bless this nation.

Minneapolis remains on fire! Los Angeles to a lesser extent, now include Memphis and NYC's Union Station with arrests there. Target store locations, especially the one near the Third Precinct in Minneapolis, were getting looted to the point it was THE trending topic on Twitter overnight Wednesday, Now, the National Guard in Minnesota has likely secured portions of south Minneapolis. The four cops involved have been fired and demands are very high for charges for arrest against the main arresting officer, which the Mayor has called for. I tweeted earlier my concerns that copycats could well join the Twin Cities in this, not solely due to the death of George Floyd, a black man at the knee of that zealous cop, but of other social strife due to Covid 19, such as the government on both Federal and State levels not willing to recognize that their constituents are getting desperate. This is becoming a fire in danger of nationwide spread. In fact, I quickly discovered I'm not along on my thinking! Many are tweeting for cooler heads to prevail, but a few paying attention have noted this isn't entirely a race matter, that many whites have been involved in the riots. One white teen I noticed was smiling broadly for the brief time he appeared on one looting video. One man noted on his tweet "the dregs of society" are the culprits.

Some of you may have seen the twitter scuffle I got into with law enforcement supporters months back. THIS was something of ongoing concern - in part, the training methods being utilized by today's cops, often at odds in regard to American's RIGHTS, dispensed by foreign-based firms with likely damn little accountability to We The People. What is the perceived view of Police by many Americans of reasonable education? Ease of control and officer safety, let the Courts deal with it and they have unions support their position(s), but Americans, more fed up with taxpayer waste and misuse in particular, are "woke" to much of this trend now. Combine this with the severe economic strain and it could cause even more vulnerable businesses to buckle under. Many looters seem to believe that insurance will automatically repair and replace everything. NOT if the injured business must liquidate under bankruptcy! They're correct that black lives can't be brought back. I say this applies to ALL LIVES, regardless of race and I do not apologize for correcting them on this. A white man could have been the victim, too! Furthermore, I again remind them that these riots did not consist solely of black folks. The videos I've already seen on Twitter over the past day or so don't lie!

This speaks of a much deeper problem which America must come to terms with, especially in regard with policing going into the future. People are simply not patient enough to deal with the convential corporate system of venting to their corporate entity City Council, even if they go through the trouble of being placed on the next Agenda. (Having been in media, I knew how to do this and have exercised it before on minor issues) Several factors are to blame here, with politicians being at least part of this, they making the rules and laws.

Wyoming has so many cancellations ongoing due to Covid-19. Governor Mark Gordon was on the air earlier today to report much sadness. It was bad enough when CNFR, held here in Casper was cancelled earlier, yet it was revealed during the conference, held during the 3pm MDT hour, that Cheyenne Frontier Days is cancelled for the first time in it's 124 year history. There's such history, action, music and so much more which goes into the Granddaddy Of 'Em All which got its start in 1897 and it brought tears to so many in this decision. Five other significant rodeos cancelled in Wyoming include the Central WY Fair/Rodeo here in Casper (costing estimated $4.4MM), Laramie Jubilee, Cody Stampede, Sheridan WYO Rodeo (PRCA) & Thermopolis Cowboy Rendezvous. So far, the PBR Sheridan event and the Hulett Rodeo have been spared and are scheduled to go on as of this submission. Other small rodeos whereas gatherings of 250 or less are allowed to proceed with social distancing guidelines, effective June 1st. Casper Mountain usually hosts the Crimson Dawn gathering at Crimson Dawn Park on the day of Summer Solstice, June 21st. This year, the ongoing event has been cancelled. Because the park is a county park, a deputy will be stationed to turn away vehicles from the park on that day. The park is normally open from June through September and contains around 96 acres facing away from Casper. I've heard it's a great place to set up one's telescope for viewing the stars whenever open and the weather allows.

Of similar note and strange irony, David Muir reported on the cancellation of the Boston Marathon, also cancelled due to COVID-19 for the first time in its' 124 year history. This matches the situation at Cheyenne with Frontier Days - just the dates are different. I'll see if I can nudge Muir to mention this as well, although I doubt the Yankee editors there will give it much thought. THAT'S why you visit this humble blog!

Cybercrime has some powerful statistics! Here's a Forbes story which gives the reader much insight.

This past Sunday on TV belonged to "The Match." Capital One featured four extremely competitive men in a golf match not soon to be forgotten! Tom Brady (8.6 handicap, according to Rush Limbaugh on his radio show) wound up splitting his pants, getting the ball from the Seventh Hole after making an incredible birdie that quickly hushed critics, including Chuck (Charles Barkley) who is totally hilarious and magic on TV with his smack talk banter. Tiger & Peyton won it by a single shot and all helped raise over 20 million bucks for charity. It was quite EPIC and I knew my co-workers would be talking about it. There's much hope it can continue well into the future.

9-11 came and went. This is a story released on the fifteenth anniversary (9-11-2016) of the tragedy that indeed, the three buildings falled due to the attacks, were caused by controlled demolition. Such doubts, triggered mostly by Building Seven in close proximity of the Twin Towers having caved inwardly as the others, were signs of a specifically engineered, controlled demolition.

Andy gives us input about BTC's fake sell-off.. Even though Rush Limbaugh effectively gave Florida Governor DeSantis the Conservative Studies Graduate Award during his Thursday 5/21 radio show that Yours Truly heard , (the award doesn't exist, as Rush notes correctly that the learning never ends!) Rush probably didn't expect a Court to strike down the Felons' Tax To Vote, whereas felons in the Sunshine State may have their voting rights restored if they provide restitution and fees. Essentially the Court ruled it becomes a Poll Tax, which the 24th Amendment struck down sometime back. Earlier today, Rush bashed Twitter and was so correct on so many points! In particular, Twitter would likely not exist without President Trump, no matter what you think of our Orange Wonder. Bear in mind, The Donald is quite the inward thinker and quick-witted TV veteran who can troll with the best of 'em! Don't forget the '16 Campaign when he put the slam on Hillary, especially during that priceless debate. Rush brought up other numerous points and I agree with him that he doesn't depend on the BlueBird to deliver points to those who usually listen, instead using his radio show which has fared far longer than social media itself and which he's branded well. There are many whom have weighed in, both nationwide and here in Wyoming, regarding the potential regulation of social media. Rush mentioned during his show earlier today of one specific portion of 47 CFR in the Communications Act where Twitter could well have "fact checked" a person, namely Trump, becoming a "publisher" by definition. It could well prove as biased at that, if the same means isn't implemented to the opposite side of the aisle! Nevertheless, Breaking News was cited that Trump is aiming to give warning to the bird! Jeff Mason of Reuters agrees and tweets the same. Indeed, an Executive Order to this was implemented earlier today!

OBIT: When you read her story, you'll realize a terrible loss has occurred for New Zealand. A former Miss Universe finalist has lost her life at age 23. So far, I'm clueless as to the cause of death. She was on the verge of making incredible things happen for others, which makes it tragic, indeed!

Here's another entry into the Honorable Mentions of the 2020 Darwin Awards! BTW, Enserio? (Seriously?) Yes, the little girl is NINE STORIES UP and fortunately the swing didn't fail her.

Sound Up for this video. This rodent sings to a quite captive audience and goes on for 40 seconds.

This woman on a twitter video, despite having a muscular disease, is quite capable at the piano. If there's a time that hope needs being realized, she's a great example that it does happen!

Stay Tuned as this blog shows up from time to time. I hope to update you Saturday evening. Thanks for your patience as we'll all have to retain much of it to get through it. Of course I want to see the economy rebound, but am realistic that it may not happen at all smoothly. Peace!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!
It's now Monday as of this submission. Some states are reopening gradually and I think it's a good thing to get out and wander. Here in Wyoming, people often bring their dogs to their outings, these being part of the family. My recent visit to Casper's Rotary Park was nearly perfect. Please trust that the 100% utopia tag rightfully belongs when the rules are being followed, as this park is fantastic. At over 100' high, Garden Creek Falls is one of Casper's better-kept secrets, especially during the late-Spring melt, as is ongoing. Here's one problem being noticed by your humble blogger:

Both on the trails and the parking lots, people are often not leashing their dogs as the sign insists they should. Specifically, the Rotary sign states that animals should be on a leash the entire duration of their visit. Dogs can be very protective of their master(s) and frankly, I don't want someone's visit to get ruined through another's assumption that their pets are ready for public encounters with strangers. I hate giving fellow Wyomingites ugly looks over their infractions, but I'd entertain Casper Police to start patrolling, educating as necessary, then writing out some citations or "trespass" them (under Wyoming statute, allowable for a period of time) for those simply not willing to heed something so simple.

I presently live in an apartment, heavily dominated by dogs as pets. Nearly all from my building have their animals on leashes, releasing them when inside the fenced dog yard. Why can't the public be more considerate? I'm on-record as of now that if I hear of a dog attack at Rotary Park, I will request to be placed on the CIty's subsequent meeting agenda where I will voice my peace on this. Furthermore, I sincerely invite to be notified of such a circumstance since I don't receive The Trib or tune in to K2 (either TV or radio) consistently. I'd like to be part of the solution in preventing a potential attack, causing the City to have a heavy enforcement of the leash rule going forward. If you believe I'm an asshole for thinking this way, I can't really help you that we agree to DISAGREE on the strongest of terms in this regard.

Bitcoin News? Author J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is rightfully concerned that her not owning any Bitcoin will subject her to the irrational anger of maximalists in the space. Yours Truly reminds her that the magical Mimble Wimble phrase she authored, has already become immortalized in three different distributions of this wonderful and powerful protocol; Grin, Beam & MWC or Mimble Wimble Coin. I also replied three things about Bitcoin and other cryptos have in common. The biggest "ice breaker" or Eureka Moment is when she spends a set amount of crypto for something, just as the money it is intended to represent. The technical portion of Bitcoin is not necessary for every HODLer to understand in order to spend it, with exception of security and awareness thereof. After all, with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there's NO bank to rescue you! It's truly a value that YOU or a strongly-trusted party you entrust due to their custodial status, holds!

Otherwise, BTC wants to pump a bit. Ethereum is following suit as their v2.0 looms in the near future. With so many coins and tokens using it, ETH clearly needs to upgrade a.s.a.p. as their network is clogging up far more often than it should. It's acting much like BTC did during the previous ATH (All Time High) in December, 2017 where the result was clearly less than stellar. HEX is taking a price downturn and so has MWC, but neither are down significantly.

Wyoming news is significant in regard to reopenings.. It began Friday with gatherings up to 25, social distancing and other measures being allowed throughout the Cowboy State (Teton County and Jackson may be exceptions!) Restaurants are allowed to reopen with restrictions. Here in Casper, many restaurants have increased vehicle traffic. The iconic Panchos on CY Avenue consistently has a long line to their drive-thru. Access to the southern half of Yellowstone National Park will begin a partial reopening from the Wyoming side on Monday (Montana still has strict restrictions as of this submission) Grand Teton gets a partial reopening as well that day (check their website for specifics) and Wyoming State Parks are taking reservations for their facilities which remain restricted only for Wyoming residents which began Friday. Deaths remain at 7 statewide with a total of 529 cases reported as of Thursday 5/14. Fremont County remains with the most cases at 193 (and most increases in new cases) with both Platte and Weston Counties never having any reported cases. Cheyenne Frontier Days? Still being debated. The Grand Daddy of 'Em All occurs in July and this would be the 124th. There are other rodeos still under debate, so Stay Tuned!

I find this as hilarious, but it's an election year, so anything is possible! RT reports that Dark Web hackers are demanding a 42 million USD ransom for "dirty laundry" they claim having on President Trump. Their deadline is under a week from now. Stay Tuned and pop some popcorn!

Kansas cattleman Steve Stratford goes into detail of how the cattle market in the USA presently works. This video is POWERFUL and very pertinent. Listen to what he says to gain understanding of what each of us who enjoy beef will likely be affected in the weeks and months to come. He also gave an update this past Saturday that he remains very open-minded on how the future should be shaping up, especially with truthful labeling of product origin, which I believe is simply COMMON SENSE. He resides around Pratt, KS which I've been through a few times.

Stefan Kertesz, MD is seeking examples from patients and other doctors of situations where health providers have expressed judgmentalism toward patients. When does it happen? Do you have examples? If you have a Twitter account, consider replying.

Jerod T. McDaniel earns the Quote of the Week.

Jesse Powell, the co-founder/CEO of Kracken exchange, is giving us an update on his status through Twitter. My prayers are for a speedy recovery as I know first-hand what horrible neck and back pain has been about from my rodeo days.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings y'all!,
It's been a while. Covid19 remains the Top Topic here. My numerous contacts on AgTwitter are rightfully concerned about damn near everything, from meat packers enriching themselves at the expense of the very producers making their livelihoods possible (this trend is only ACCELERATING UPWARDS due to the supply chain) One Texas rancher gave a striking, seven minute video on the severity of this situation. My response?

"This news has been making ABC as it's been aired at least since Monday, although AgTwitter has been sounding the alarm for well over a week & half now. Part of the solution is getting to know our farmers and ranchers who want to sell, even small portions of their production. Where I live now, the state has a Food Freedom law which allows producers and consumers to directly sell. It recognizes that not every family can buy a half or quarter of a processed beef, thereby shares for a specific percentage can be sold. Most places aren't as lucky in this regard! Consumers have had an uninterrupted supply chain and may have to forego or modify certain protections taken for granted. Many won't figure this out until they go hungry, some will resort to either crime or suicide and many will call for a HOT WAR from it." Certainly, I pray I'm very wrong going forth on it. I've already hoarded canned meats to ensure some degree of protein supply.

Casper is a place of abundant hope. Even with the shitty energy price situation here and the ongoing Covid19, there are signs that people are having damn well ENOUGH of this! Your humble blogger joins in often with the 8PM howls in my neighborhood. I had wondered why I was hearing this phenomenon at the same damn time every evening and realized through searching that the 8PM howl is much like the iconic scene from 1976's movie "Network" where UBS anchor Howard Beale invokes his nationwide newscast viewers to vent out. Actually a healthy release when you realize the painful parallels he described in that scene, we're experiencing now. Saturday night is also becoming a large cruiser's loop, up and down CY Avenue (pronounced by the letters "C Y" as the road was named after an area ranch) with many sounding their horns as they drive and fairly large congregations are forming in some of the parking lots. 1957 never quite disappeared. Some things of quality NEVER change!

It took a long time, but today I finally received my first Federal Stimulus Check and got the full amount in the mail. The rest of my family are in the same boat, they're all eligible and should be getting theirs any day now. The gears will be slow to gain momentum, especially where excess caution is being exercised. Much more time given to this damn shutdown could result in more business bankruptcies! I've already done my 14-day quarantine to protect my co-workers and they were pleased to have me back. It's a pleasure to work for anyone with decent work crews and an overall-decent public. I also pray for fellow Wyomingites who are dealing with Covid19, both directly and indirectly. Let's keep on pushing forward and we'll eventually exit from this extended nightmare. For now, I distinctly warn the end is not yet in sight and our collective patience and preparation is paramount to make the best of an awful situation.

Cryptocurrency is presently enjoying a well-deserved pump! Bitcoin recently reached 9.2k and lifted the boats of the alts. Hex enjoyed yet another incredible pump to over four-tenths of a US penny a few days back, then reaching half-penny value status Saturday, putting more of its early adopters into some powerful money! There's that huge temptation to take profits and it's extremely costly to those who break any of their stakes, especially if the stake being broken was planned well into the future! Mimble Wimble Coin has been lifted nicely as of late into the 20's as the mining returns were trimmed earlier this month from over 2 MWC per block to a mere under-one-fourth of that, at 0.5 MWC. If you HODL this coin, I should encourage you to consider two things; Firstly, update your MWC wallet to v1.0.15, available from the MWC website. Secondly, go to the HODL tab in the new wallet to register for the HODL. It isn't automatic so give it a day to confirm your registration! If you're not trading or moving your MWC around, you'll be in Class I until a particular block shows up, then Class II begins. Details are on the MWC Hodl website. A third Class is envisioned and even the possibility of a late airdrop looms, although you already know I'd entertain requiring recipients to HODL what they get for at least a minimal time period. HODL on and enjoy some MWC added in due course!

I continue to HODL my LTC and believe in it's future. I have no specific news regarding mimblewimble implementation going forth, although this should provide more value in regards to privacy. I HODL various other alts who also have valid use cases, not yet realized by the masses. This remains a young time of a LOT of growth. With Covid19 making an even more powerful case away from phyzz ca$h fiat bills of dead presidents, I warn humble readers to be extremely wary of digital dollars. I'll temper this with "give them a try as you wish and they'll likely work out" which is valid at least for the mid-term. Tether (USDT) is proving the most-traded, yet I have concerns if the US Dollar itself crashes with all the money printing in regards to Covid19 relief. With that said, as of this submission, my Arkansas family haven't received the stimulus funds from the first promised checks, although they're likely in transit. My roommate got his direct deposit last week. My situation is that I changed my address nearly 700 miles north-northwestward.

Thankfully, with temporary work that continues to work out well and the steps I've already implemented to save more $$, I'm getting by and the bills remain paid. In fact, certain bills will get me a bit ahead such as with my insurance being lowered due to less driving during this Covid19 mess and student loans being suspended, although with the latter, I'll still send them reduced payments which will go directly for the loan principal! Taxes? I'm still getting that put together as I have ample time. With this insanity has come opportunities to reset a few things here and there. It's a new normal that will be slow to go back the way it was. I miss the handshakes and certain social norms, yet expect a second, more devistating round of infections from this very-likely-engineered virus. We should tread carefully going back to this! Many are deeply pissed off at how this crap has affected them and continues to this day.

Wyoming news? Let's mix both crypto and the Cowboy State on this one. This excellent piece from Cointelegraph's Samuel Haig features Caitlin Long, co-founder of the upcoming Avanti Bank, to be headquartered in Cheyenne and expected to launch next year. This institution should prove to be a true game-changer in the space.

Speaking of CoinTelegraph, I'm pleased to highlight a particular law, passed during the Nixon era, oddly enough exempts CRYPTOCURRENCIES from federal regulation! If this is indeed true, no matter what our President says - until HB1010 is either amended, repealed or challenged before the SCOTUS, he's the one all worried about Fake News and I stand with CoinTelegraph with this story, despite its' April Fools Day release and the fact Joel's story didn't release the ruling Judge's name. (you think I'd overlook some fact checking as warranted?) Considering the story's brief update and Cointelegraph standing by it, it's likely NOT "Fake News", Donald! Now, given the additional ammo this reference provides, I'll have even better reason to pressure Congress to do their job and for the IRS to resolve something which should not require 3 years to resolve! I remind both in this humble blog that the Genie was long ago let out of the bottle, even if the story is shown as true as Bill Clinton's clean-as-snow morality.

Kenny Rogers recently died at age 81 in Georgia. The native Texan's mixture of pop and country set him apart and this former DJ played quite a bit of The Gambler's music over the years as he was also involved in many infamous duets, especially the one Dolly Parton and him sung about Islands In The Stream, a Bee Gees penned tune. There were rumors given that his widow had given half of his estate to the Donald Trump 2020 campaign, but Reuters has squashed these rumors in a recent article. Kenny was clearly a fan of The Donald.

That's it for now. Prepare for the unsettling to continue. Be prepared to sacrifice, but don't sacrifice your SOUL to certain eugenicists and elites who would rather have you deader than a doornail. If you hear the howls outside your window at 8pm local time, consider joining us by giving your vocal chords their exercise of First Amendment democracy, and may The Almighty, however you pray to him, shower you and yours with His Blessings.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!
 I remain under quarantine until mid-week. Easter was a big, frozen mess here in Oil Town, yet the roads were in fine shape for the most part, according to T.O.. Little things such as cleanup and laundry got done and put away. I enjoyed watching the snow from the living room window at times, noticing nobody on the trail except a few dog walkers. Most of the day, the mountain was obscured and it's been generally peaceful with little if any traffic on nearby Twelth Street. There's some Wyoming news later on to read. Certainly late Spring into Summer won't have much to enjoy with this ongoing Covid19 mess. I'm appreciative my roommate, family back in Arkansas and others I know are at least avoiding getting infected. More and more, the truth about this is coming out and depending on ramifications, will determine a lot of societal change and potential collapse, including that of a HOT WAR!

Bitcoin can't catch a break! It still can't cross the rubicon of 7,300 with enough bullish support to keep it in an uptrend so when it fails, it falls! This also pulls down most other coins in sympathy. I'm still not yet willing to call a bottom in this Covid19 mess.

I'm sorry I failed to post this the last time. Ivermectin is under study in Australia as a possible cure for Covid19. This name is strongly familiar to this former horse owner as it's used to treat large animals for various parasitic worms, usually once or twice a season. I bought it in a syringe, no needle as it wasn't injected into tissue. Flavored just a bit for the horse to take. It's also used heavily on cattle for the same reason. I've heard rumors of how fast the supply is being cleaned out around the nation. I'm NOT a doctor so bear in mind that experts haven't tested for dosage or efficacy of this on humans. Don't be a dumbass experimenting with what isn't understood!

IRS says the first batch of coronavirus stimulus checks have been entered into bank accounts of Americans who filed either 2018 or 2019 returns. Be watching or otherwise checking with your bank you used if direct deposit (ACH) was used for the refund. Otherwise, checks will be mailed out to physical addresses, soon.

Drudge Report notes this from Kaiser Health News of the potential of heart damage due to Covid19. It's my opinion, this could give further weight of the virus having being weaponized. If proven, this could put additional strain on medical staffers and doctors whom may need consider the patient's heart in present and future Covid19 diagnosis and care in particular!

Then, politicians are making decisions that MD's should be making! Dan Laird, a pain medication specialist and Nevada MD continues to keep Nevadans informed of HCQ, the drug suspected of helping those with Covid19 infection. He notes the double-standards coming from the Governor's Office in Carson City and potentially the time being wasted with HCQ being readily available. Dr. Laird notes further in another tweet of the partisan politics, which I concur in absence of arguments against dispensing by the Governor. Note though, some believe HCQ have significant long-term side effects, Michael Savage in particular. Dr. Savage has expertiese in this field and has been attempting to warn listeners of these effects for many of his latest shows. If your radio market doesn't carry his show, it's available on podcast via ..

Cattle prices have made the meat packers a shitload of money when comparing this to last year! Wyoming's congressional detail along with several legislators on the state level have called for an investigation of the Big Four, whom I need not name since AgTwitter already knows. This story in Lonesome Lands proves Wyoming isn't alone on the sheer frustration of this very issue. Ranchers are demanding the enforcement of existing law to begin equalizing matters. The demand of meat has been very strong, yet cattlemen have eaten larger and larger losses! Most in the cow biz believe strongly that their trade organizations have left them sold down the river. I sense the Big Four packers will open their pocketbooks to their Congress Critters. Because... Citizens United and the packers' livelihood, of course! This story has more facets than the Hope Diamond! Further down, you'll pick up more and understand why you need to stock up now.

Wyoming became the last of the 50 states to receive a disaster declaration from President Trump. Gov. Gordon completed and submitted his letter primarily to prepare the state in case additional support becomes necessary from Washington. For now, we remain the only state with no known Covid19 deaths and among a handful with no mandatory stay-at-home orders, although those outside of Wyoming not here to perform work are required to quarantine 14 days, therefore, please hold off on visiting here for now. State parks are open ONLY daylight hours (no camping permitted for now) and national parks such as Devils Tower, Grand Teton and Yellowstone NP remain closed.

It was the Roosevelt first, now the Nivitz has some Covid19 positive personnel. Stay Tuned! So far, they're reportedly isolated in quarantine.

This was indeed RIDICULOUS! Wisconsinites stood in line on 4/7, the deadline to get in voting. The SCOTUS just days ago, refused to extend the deadline any further and it put the public at greater risk for Covid19 infection. Furthermore, I was told the Justices refused to consider a case which seeks to end Civil Asset Forfeiture, a significant pox on the American public, it's citizens in particular. We deserve a Constitutional Amendment to override the utter incompetence of our SCOTUS on this issue. Such a shame!

Speaking of Wisconsin, this story from West Bend shows something sad enough that I had to turn it off the second time I reviewed it. Milk, wasted down the drain in part due to the stalled economy. Farmers there and coast-to-coast are calling on the USDA to bulk purchase it for food banks, the needy, even powdered milk for future emergencies! Lately, the latter has been impossible for me and T.O. to buy (he goes shopping far more often as he's still regularly working.) Evaporated milk is still difficult to obtain at either Casper Wal-Mart. (2 cans for me in the cabinet.) Adding this to other agri-headaches in the cattle biz could mean bankruptcy for many! We don't need the Chinese to buy out any more farmland or gain any additional leverage over our domestic food supply, especially over a tragedy as this. I'll add this link from TruePundit dot com of farmers being told to quit farming, with crops rotting in the fields and dairy farmers being paid to quit. The story suggests this is occurring by design! I believe some is by design and the rest through a frozen economy of something not predicted. Please view the video in this story if you have a quarter-hour to spare as makes additional note toward the end of the video, the reduction of Chinese imports at Los Angeles. A co-worker with friends at Long Beach learned weeks ago of cargo ships anchored off the coast. The video says half the workers at the Dock are now out of work. The fan blades are spinning fast, awaiting the presently-falling shit to finally meet up and sling around as so many keenly predict.

Of course the Elites have been dreaming of this time to strike while the iron is hot! Prepare to resist this by storing away food and keeping your guard up!! Inflation is very likely on the way with the Triple P (Powell Printing Press) in full operation. If Trump is to be the leader fully capable, he needs to analyze the chess moves to come. If he thinks it through instead of knee-jerk reactions, he can pull it off beautifully, yet I expect it will require a lot of time that many don't have. People can undertake desperate measures when they have nothing to lose! At least Wyoming is heavily armed and we can address incredible amounts of nonsense. Again, I warn if the derivatives garbage crash down, that a Depression can be fully expected and it won't turn out at all good, even for most of those attempting to profit via shorting as the social response could be very significant with politicians having no choice but to "windfall tax" those ill-gotten gains! The Great Reset after a HOT WAR would be feasible at that point.

New Yorkers in state government have some apologizing to do, but good luck in getting them to admit they're wrong in the first place! After all, we're talking extra ventilators they auctioned off nearly 4 years ago. Proof Positive even the President's critics don't always have all the information at hand to cover their butts, either!

Casper will suffer the loss of CNFR, the College National Finals Rodeo this year! Covid19 has caused NIRA to cancel the remaining rodeos for college students and the Oil City will miss out this season. MILLIONS of dollars are spent here and throughout the state by rodeo fans through the week held at the Casper Events Center. If there's a silver lining on the cloud, just as NCAA students, NIRA will grant another year of eligibility to contestants. There were two Wyoming colleges in the running to send students here. No doubt, Panhandle State back in Goodwell had several working on eligibility for the Best of the Best. Let 2021 be even better than expected to make up for this set of unfortunate circumstances this season.

Virginians, you're going through very dark days. Lee fought for the Old Dominion. He loved Virginia enough to break away from the Union. True, he was a slave owner, but those slaves testified of his family's care for their welfare. Now Virginia has become more like Maryland. Red Flag laws which likely don't contain limitations or protections to any falsely accused or allow for recovery against such falsehoods. You see, media hasn't mentioned any protections in these laws to placate critics. It would be extremely wise for them to have done so for damage protection to their agenda. Therefore, it is likely that significant legal costs against such will be borne to get back seized property. Used to, Virginia allowed significant handgun purchases. The new law limits them to one a month, thanks to Democrat Governor Northam. It's exciting for him of course! Bloomberg gave a lot of money to help change the political overtones. One can't blame all Democrats as many moderates there didn't want to pass legislation against AR-15 style rifles. Northam will not stop next year, therefore if you think you're going to easily vote him out, you got another year or so to wait.

CryptoBuzz reminds us of the fast approaching Halvening of Bitcoin! Of particular note are two forks; BCH (occurred) & BSV this week with BTC coming up by Wednesday 5/13 estimate.

With that said, scummy scammers are very busy, working every possible angle. As you'll read, they are rather complex, even fooling KYC measures at some exchanges. After all, they got important shit to get done, including screwing you out of your coins! Be damned careful and remember to ALWAYS implement the Smell Test!!

Hexologist, an active participant in HEX token and endless energy cheerleader for this project who resides in Idaho, (quickly proving itself as viable even in this environment,) has accomplished the Two Pizzas Purchase with 70k HEX! Those not familiar enough with Bitcoin should know of the historic importance of the 10k BTC purchase of two pizzas. This is one of the first indexes used to gauge the overall fiat value of Bitcoin.

Short Links? Of course!

The Liquid Network makes their pitch as to why they're useful for Bitcoin. Do your own research as I've not used it, but it appears pretty decent! Chuck Franzke “Dancing Chuck” — is a 97-year old Wisconsin WWII Navy pilot — and he’s not letting quarantine get him down. Check out the Ping Pong Princess! She's got this to an art form already. Get her into the Olympics when it's safe to do so. This is an AWESOME shot! Most pro golfers aren't dealing with moving targets. The Blog shares in his sudden outburst of unbridled JOY! Now, can we somehow have him choose our winning lottery numbers while the iron is HOT? Beauty of a baby! This calf has some interesting markings. Does it match any international or state flags? Asking for a value-minded friend.. :-) Mr. Beak shows off to the mirror and gives us that important question! What a silly, lovely bird.

I have several Aussie followers. Watching this video, it's hard not to think of an American scene, it looks much so! Sadly, Merve is no longer with us, this magnificent dog had a tumor developing near his heart. Many followers of @Bouta_NT and myself share his pain and grief. Let those memories live on and RIP Merve! His sister Roxi carries the torch now.

Now for the Scare of the Year! Best played around Halloween, it's just far too funny to ignore.

The Quote of the Week is something not to be discounted!
"If you’re not angry or worried about the socio-economic fallout that’s going to hit us in the Fall due to Wall Street greed

you’re not paying enough attention." - Nako Mbelle

That's it for now, I'll return with significant Breaking News.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!

So what the hell happened? Roommate T.O. was on the road working in Salt Lake. He experienced both the 5.7 shaker and the 4.1 aftershock (I was on the phone with him during the latter) the former one opened all the drawers in his room, shook the overhead light fixture and TV really good, scared the shit out of an elderly couple down the hall, then a guy the next floor up ran out in his underwear - nothing else! Later on, it was time for T.O. to come home and I had only one day notification of this. It was a busy day to prepare! You see, his workplace to repair certain industrial stuff is huge and so is their workforce. Two positive Covid cases plagued the facility and he was coming back into Wyoming where a 14-day quarantine is now imposed on visitors not here on work. I'm still working temporary for one particular entity which is truly a necessity to keep Casper functioning. The job changed a bit and I'm more outdoors than before, yet still critical due to recent changes there. Likely, I'll get hired when the appropriate opening appears. The co-workers are far better than I had in my previous job (nothing to diss the previous supervisors, as they were good!) so my bottom line was not to pose any potential Covid risk to anyone here, just in case T.O. had picked it up. Utah had sizeable Covid numbers in both Salt Lake and Summit Counties when he returned late 3/31. So far, neither of us have any signs of illness and we're prepared with phone numbers and info for testing if necessary. I'm literally on quarantine and plan to remain so through Tuesday, 4/14. My job should be awaiting me when I return.

Yes, April Fools Day came and went with very few humorous hits this year. Covid19 is the Rock Star we never wanted to experience, yet CoinMarketCap blogged about toilet paper and posted in Rank 0 about the Toilet Paper Token. Look carefully at the chart if visiting the site for an additional giggle. Come on, you WANT to look! If for any reason the TPT no longer shows, click here for a screenshot I grabbed April Fools Day!

Don't be April Fooled into getting robbed! I would appreciate more details of where such activity may be going on of this sort, but people can be quite disgusting in times of anxiety and fear. They'll have to carefully calculate their victims if done here in Wyoming as they run the risk of getting beaten good or shot! The warning? "A new thing circulating now. People are going door to door handing out masks. They say it’s a new initiative from local government. They ask you to please put it on to see if it fits. It’s doused with chemicals which knocks you out cold. They then rob you!! Please DO NOT accept masks from strangers. Remember friends, it’s a critical time and people are desperate, the crime rate will spike. Please be cautious & safe!" Hey, not bad advice, but I'd appreciate knowing where these problem actors are operating, so those at potential risk can be ready.

Avanti Bank is getting more press in advance of opening next year! Caitlin Long gives Forbes an interview with some decent insights. It doesn't surprise me that Kraken will invest, their founder is one fantastic guy I've spoken with more than once and staffers I've met are helpful and positive.

Guymon, you sometimes still make my day! Caktus Jack's on N. Main features two messages on their marquee, not at all typical for this generally laid-back town of nearly 13,000. There was one day I refused service there as the electricity was off in that part of town. Even though I've been there numerous times since before departing last August, I must sit back and humbly apologize. You guys/gals make this cowboy PROUD!

BREAKING: We're finding out a Harvard professor allegedly signed a contract to the Chinese biolab in Wuhan and didn't disclose it. He may well be responsible for the disposition of coronavirus to China. Two Chinese researchers were also charged. The professor could get 5 years in prison if tried and convicted. Let me guess there will be some deeply pissed people behind bars whom could present a direct threat to him, since so many prison inmates are being directly affected by it.

Many Trump critics pointed out a New York Times story regarding the USNS Comfort on NYC's Pier 90 with just 20 patients. Bear in mind on a LOCAL level, the ship was supposed to handle Non-Covid patients, so NYC land-based hospitals could handle Covid more efficiently. Another tweet I saw, stated 49 other conditions in addition to Covid that the ship wouldn't treat. Now it comes out Saturday that several Covid patients were transferred to the ship by mistake! Ooops! I wonder how many of these same critics directly blame this screwup on Trump? An update later Saturday indicated the five positive Covid patients have been transferred back to land.

Covid 19 from a surgeon, your "Class 101" info! This ain't a virus to play with! The video lasts several minutes. The explanation is NSFW, yet he kept it real.

Any Vermonters reading this Blog? What say you in regards to the "non-essential" stupidity going on in Montpelier? Seeds can't be purchased to grow your own food, now? Sounds like some politicians deserve the Exit Door in my arrogant opinion!

Andy and family shows us how to deal with the quarantine insanity. Some will indeed be livin' on a prayer, so I include mine with the rest!

WeeGranny is 93 years young. Her video had well over 6 million views within 24 hours! May she come through this Covid19 mess in flying colors!

Picky Eater? Take the test! I scored 6 things I won't eat from this list. As some of the comments reveal, several have 20 or more!

Blockchain continues to prove viable going forth, and we're not talking crypto! Forbes gives us an interesting read on how GrainChain, a newly-launched blockchain startup, allows tracking of these staples in these times of continued hoarding due to the Covid19 epidemic.

Silver is being affected due to coronavirus! Mexico & Peru (together, they handle 40% world supply) have shuttered companies' operations in their respective nations. Can the Crimex and JPMorgan hammer down the price? This is actual supply, quantifiable as mentioned!

Yes, we live in interesting times! Use some of that toilet paper you HOARDED away on the poker table. Here in Casper, it remains the elusive, modern-day Poker Chip! Some of us, including Yours Truly under quarantine, have enough time on our hands. At least the Deluxe Apartment in the Skytm is stocked o.k. for now.

That's it for now! Even with quarantine, I've gotten plenty done here with the extra cleaning, yet there's more to do in my bedroom. Laundry Day is Monday. Sparing Breaking News, I should be back mid-week.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!

Andy Hoffman, in a now-deleted tweet (, mentioned the next stimulus step would be 7 trillion from the Fed, a 58x gain over BTC's market cap. Here's the original he posted. I had mentioned to several others of the Friday the 13th All Time High Dead Cat Bounce. I'm sensing I under-did this prediction.

Trump wanted badly for Kumbahyah and rainbows on April 12th. I was afraid this remained far too soon with more cases being reported now. The math simply didn't add up. His news conference earlier today (Sunday 3/29) makes 4/30 the new social distancing deadline as he ditched his Easter pitch. Not a bad idea!

Speaking of Andy, I've heard nothing from him regarding the decent uptick lately in MWC. Compared with Grin & Beam, it's a rather large difference as the latter two continue to shed value in sympathy with the other alts! One needs to check the MWC website to better understand why many are running to get MWC while it remains on the cheap. You'll notice the MWC mining rewards get significantly shaved, beginning after April Fools Day. Do I expect significant FOMO from this? Perhaps, but I'm not betting much on it and I don't need to! After all, Block 202,500 is the exact point where you need as much MWC in a single address if participating in their HODL program, which reportedly rewards as long as coins aren't moved during such a period which rewards may be given. The website is the main resource to learn more as specific details still haven't been released! Now you understand why so many continue to check out this blog? Of course, I strongly encourage you to DYOR!

HEX continues to brighten up! There are still a decent number of ETH Whales who load up the AA (Adoption Amplifier function via in the last minutes of each day, beginning at zero hours UTC (00z) or 6pm Mountain. To those early adopters, you're doing wonderfully! Still, Richard warns not to expect anything from transforming ETH to HEX. Stakers will turn out best in terms of shares, which are transformed back into HEX at the end of stakes. Just don't forget to withdraw promptly or begin to lose that value to other stake holders!!

Firearms News gives those living in urban areas some excellent advice and insight.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation or EFF is warning Netizens that there's significant phishing in light of the Covid 19 outbreak

I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, yet some of this information may help you in the event of Covid19 exposure.

Pricewise, SabotageBeats tells us that eBay prices have gone up since Amazon is shipping only the essentials until sometime next month. It's known that the online retailer is seeking 100k new hires.

Incredible efforts made by so many are part of this outpouring of assistance to combat Covid19. A veterinarian in Chicago (@bandrewww on Twitter) offers help or advice regarding their dog or cat and this is particular for those forced into quarantine with their pets. He reported later that the response was massive and requests patience from everyone.

This humble blogger and native Arkie joins other Arkansas expats and Arkansans in prayer to those 18 injured (no fatalities, I'm thankful) and so many others affected by the Jonesboro tornado on Saturday afternoon. I was fully aware of this event as it took place and saw the incredible tornadic signatures on radar as it happened. It was painfully obvious how fast it developed and my jaw nearly dropped. Seeing this difference didn't surprise me at all! I had spoken with my mother who reported temps in the mid 80's on Thursday. I reminded her at that time of how the conditions were prone to line up and get rather nasty. Arkansas has a tornado corridor in which Jonesboro is part of, especially due to the NE/SW preferred direction of so many Spring tornadoes from Hope through Little Rock, then Jonesboro along I-30 then old US 67-167. It widens eastward from the corridor from Malvern, then somewhat northeastward from Pine Bluff into West Memphis, yet the Little Rock (LZK) weather service says and readily shows us that these storms can form in any of its 75 counties. The state's only documented F5 tornado occurred in Jackson County back in the 30's. The county contains Amagon community which likely suffered significant damage from this storm earlier in the afternoon. Brookland, a 3,000+ town after Jonesboro likely suffered a direct hit, too. The Memphis (MEG) weather service office conducted a preliminary survey and matched my earlier EF3 prediction. I should note for all readers that only a survey by trained personnel can render the rating under the EF or Enhanced Fujuta. I'm aware of the various criteria, yet have never participated in such a survey to this date.

UPDATE: MIT researchers are working heavily on an open-source ventilator with approximately 100 dollars in parts! This may be just in the nick of time, even with Trump's recent declaration of GM producing ventilators. Scroll down through my more recent entry of my concerns in this regard and you can see why I spoke out as I did to get many viewpoints!

The Rube Goldberg machine continues incredible improvements, even now in the 21st Century. Clearly impressive! I agree, this guy has won the internet in light of Covid-19.

Doodling on your 1040 Tax Form? You're NOT alone! Of course, Nixon doesn't like it! Not one bit!!

Kent Taylor, the CEO of Texas Roadhouse restaurants, will forgo his salary & bonus into next year! That money goes to his front line workers. He's a step-up guy and I'll personally reward TR with a few more visits during this time. Besides, the Casper crew is well-trained and the service is fantastic!

Dave Weasel encourages you to make the most of your quarantine! Making elephant friends is essential to achieve this.

Naturism dot com puts a cats' patience to the test. Yes, the ending is the punch line.

Waffle House Index? FEMA created and uses it to indicate crisis severity! The popular, mostly-Southern chain has reportedly closed 365 of their restaurants which total nearly 2,000. Furthermore, only 107 were closed due to Hurricane Katrina in '05.

Performance of the Week! Probably the best Covid19 parody you'll get on the 'Net! @dannymatz90 performed it superbly and I assume wrote it. Nicely done, sir!

Laugh of the Week courtest of Don Purser

Quote of the Month - "Gone are the days where people fake a cough to cover a fart." - GemCrypto

Quote of the Year - “You don’t make the timeline. The virus makes the timeline.” — Dr. Anthony Fauci

OBIT: Joe Diffie, a popular country singer from the 90's, died 3/29 to complications with Covid 19 in Nashville at age 61. Noted for his hits including "Pickup Man", "Is It Cold In Here", "Third Rock From The Sun", "John Deere Green", "Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (When I Die)" and numerous others, all of which your humble blogger knows well from playing them hundreds of times each. RIP Joe.. "Ships That Don't Come In" from your '92 Regular Joe CD was your masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. It deserved the top spot, so FUCK Nashville if they prevented it from reaching it for any reason.

That's it for now! Keep safe, enjoy what you can, tell those you love that you love them! I'll return with breaking news, so hang in there...

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!

 In this present environment of borderline insanity, Coronavirus remains the Top Topic on this Blog on this day of posting, the John 3:16 day! For those Americans wishing to keep track on a more geographically-specific basis, I think this is the best map for doing so, especially on a laptop or desktop. 44 states reportedly have the virus and this number will likely be out-of-date by the time you read this. Many states have gotten their first few cases, so it's spreading around. Many school districts in the state are now closed through April 5th. K2 Sports reported the next 3 college rodeos are cancelled, leaving maybe two that Wyoming students can compete in for the CNFR, held here in Casper in June, yet I wouldn't be surprised if this gets postponed later, especially as this region is among the lightest reporting of overall cases. Most stores, including Casper, are already out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and certain prepper items. Here, don't expect to find any TP in either Wally World location after 10AM! Getting there when they open at 6AM will likely net what you seek and it would surprise me none at all if hoarders, et al, await in line, much like Black Friday.

Beginning Monday, 3/15 all Walmarts are no longer around-the-clock due to necessary steps the store is doing to enhance safety. I do not take this virus to be at all ordinary, especially with a strong likelihood of reinfection to take place with so many. Because the most severely affected apparently require ventilators at hospitals (with supplemental oxygen!) Bruce Fenton wants ventilators which can be legally used by hospitals and is calling on Open Source to make this happen a.s.a.p. Furthermore, Tara Dublin on the West Coast tweets a report from someone at Belleview, a Doc who says his ER is overrun and worries about the next 3 weeks. I also note for you, a tweet from SuzeQKnits, an APRN as noted on her profile. She's very tired, working a double shift due to the ER getting huge numbers of patients with flu-like symptoms. Of course my prayers for strength go to her and the huge numbers of medical personnel and doctors on the front lines. This won't be easy, but we'll get through it.

On the flip-side, I did get excellent comments from Dr. Lamartiniere, MD including this tweet, so please heed it right away! Naturally, I'm being an asshole to fault those crowding the Nashville bars and of college students enjoying Spring Break in sunny Flah'-ruh-duh and lest we not forget the current Oklahoma governor, having made a mistake that many won't easily forget (By the way, that was brought up during Trump's news conference earlier this afternoon, which he answered he's not seen the tweet, yet your blogger noticed a twitter trend due to the post.) It's also disgusting that the BoomerKiller virus has made a Twitter Trend, that certain Gen-Z'ers would want their grandparents at room temperature! I took time to visit my grandparents when they were in their twilight years as those visits I know were PRICELESS to them! It was a lesson I heeded after having taken for granted the love that they sometimes gave me, yet I woke the hell up, realizing I would be wasting time and never again having the chance to show my love. Americans have fallen numb to too many of these basics, whether by their smartphones or listening to too many smartasses with nary a care for them! It might be the most beautiful thing to have a full digital breakdown and blockage of cellphone data for a day, perhaps a week to temper these brats! Even when I was on horseback on vacation here, I often took pictures, then uploaded them later in the day when I could get back within Wi-Fi digital range again, the tower at Dubois not very capable except over 7,300' above sea level. I add, NOW would not be the time to do this, with digital connectivity so critical in light of this coronavirus. Pick these battles carefully, y'all.

Wyoming. A place of such contradictions and extremes, yet the mega-rich love this place which "doesn't exist!" These include Kanye West and family on their 4k+ ranch near Cody, then you have the town of Jackson or Jackson Hole (that's actually a valley just north of town) in Teton County. Noteably, it has become the richest and only Democrat-majority voting county here. Check out this book pitch from Justin Farrell, a Yale professor and native Wyomingite who approached the ultra-wealthy to give their thoughts freely on the area as part of academic research. Intriguing to me, as it was the FIRST place recommended for my proposed BTM or BTC ATM business I continue considering somewhere in the Cowboy State, my residency being a plus toward such a venture. I disagree with the "mountaintop towns" part as Winter plays havoc with several important roadways here, WYDOT (Wyoming Dept. of Transportation) having their work cut out for them, Wyoming 22 at the pass in particular. These are generally valley towns where the water is easiest to obtain and the dangers of lightning are minimal.

Bitcoin gets the best descriptions from some of the awesome followers this humble Blogger has. Gem keeps it real! Mind you, she tweeted this several days before the giant BELCH of BTC and other cryptos. Hex has gone down minimally, although there are some users having reported problems with transactions. These issues aren't with HEX, but with the contract interactions via Ethereum at the time.

Grypto the Dog and I communicate quite a bit. His location is kept secret for numerous reasons. He gives us a decent tweet stream regarding the economic mess and I concur for the most part as his perspective is valued by this humble blogger. Mind you, I've already predicted on Twitter that Friday the 13th's nearly 2k gain will be marked in the books as the All Time Highest Dead Cat Bounce. I fully expect the bloodbath to continue into this coming week, even if not on Tuesday, Saint Patrick's Day, itself!!

Those with dry powder should be prepared to BTFD as the bottom is hard to pin down, especially with the near 3k point drop in the Dow, for all practical purposes a TWELVE PERCENT PLUS DIP, the biggest since the '87 Crisis. I strongly predict an oversell throughout all the Markets and don't yet sense the bottom. For those of you having watched my tweets over the past week, I've been bearish as my gut instinct sensed that pain was to be felt and at least some blood was to be shed. I apologize that I underdid it, still I was correct. Technical damage in sympathy with the Markets has been done. It could take significant time to rebuild, but it shall happen! I won't predict any overnight miracles as that presently smells of bullshit. Timberowl had a poll regarding BTC and where it goes in terms of USD. With my commentary, I think you'll know exactly how I voted!

Finally, the short links! I know little about Robert Welch, but his 1958 speech about the New World Order was so prophetic and remains fully relevant some 60 years later.

A betta fish jumps a hoop by being tricked. Good one, Eddie!

A Tennessee man had planned to sell his stockpile of over 17k bottles of hand sanitizer online. He's under investigation for price gouging as he was making Mad Money, up to 70 bucks a bottle in some instances. He's now going to donate all of it under color of law. Gouging can be awful, but sometimes the Markets are exactly ripe for this! Market players often donate to the politicians so the bureaucracies such as the useless CFTC (in the case of silver manipulation) can simply turn their heads and blow plenty of hot air up everyone's rectums. Now, my question for the unwashed; "When will the BANKERS, especially Hells Fraudgo, wind up in JAIL instead of paying fines with freshly-printed fiat they didn't earn, for their obvious gouging of customers to make them more fees?" For now, I think these AG's have their priorities messed up, even if they had no direct issues with the bankers I cited.

Ohio is getting quite ghetto, according to one Twitter poster in Ohio. Others in the Buckeye State are reporting the ammo is getting rare as toilet paper. So Martial Law may become necessary, SOON!

That's it for now. Be safe out there and I'll return likely Wednesday or Thursday while hopefully lining up my next interview(s), which could be delayed due to the coronavirus situation. Thanks for your good wishes and prayers as I do the same for each of you.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,
 It's taken a while for me to reappear, but I remain very busy. On the job front, I remain under consideration with at least one of my applications filed back in January and likely with another. It doesn't mean I'm standing still, though! I continue working for the temp agency I've been with since before Christmas. Having that has at least kept my past losses in check as my bills are still being paid on time, plus time away from this computer has gotten me around some great people with invaluable advice! My escape from Oklahoma has so far been completed. They need to wake up and realize their ongoing socialism and continued raping of many of our Constitutional Rights is costing them dearly.

((WHISTLING LOUDLY)) To the party in Indonesia who continues to attempt to sign in as myself; Yahoo is aware of your nonsense and so am I. Try as hard as you wish to crack my password. You're messing with an old one which was long ago changed when I was in college, compromised on a Minnesota road trip. Spend the rest of your days trying to figure it out on your terribly-outdated Win NT computer. Your IP is known within Bandung and already on several spam blacklists. I need not disclose anything more. :)

The coronavirus Covid19 continues to gain more attention and affect more people! I agreed with Bully several days back that getting more and more stuff before any possible outbreak is simply good preparation. MSM outlets began noting days later how supplies had begun to run out, and these outages are increasing around the nation. Make a list and check it twice as I do! If you live in the country, you already make your city trips count by doing that if not already using one of the store's apps to pick it up at the curb. Don't forget your pets for that matter! Don't forget toilet paper, wherever you can find it! Apparently, one major chain expects to be out for the next 23 millenia. ((snickering!!)) Consider getting more medications which you may have limited supplies. Bix Weir interviewed Clif High recently. Clif broke down in the last minute of this nearly-hour interview. A few think it was faked - I do not believe it was faked at all. Clif has enough training, logic and intuition that he's not typically easy to break down into tears. Even if upcoming events happen to prove him wrong, in my opinion he was utterly sincere as if his own fate here or thereafter relied on this video. I believe that the MSM's response and that of so many parties, wanting desperately to save face or put lipstick on this pig, are responding to something very severe in which we're hoodwinked. We're either facing a severe False Flag, economic upheaval, or something they must admit is very real, not ordinary and simply not to be ignored. All three I think will manifest themselves, although it's impossible to think of how soon or in what order these take place. 2020 will be a year to be remembered. Also, many are preaching how you shouldn't be touching your face, even your mouth. I'll be damned if I ever use my back scratcher in place of my hand. Yes, even with frequent handwashing, I still get sick from time to time. When I finally reveal what I've been doing in the months ahead, you'll understand.

To expand, I strongly believe so many will die from it. I believe this virus was engineered and released accidentally from Wuhan's biolab. I further believe that many insidious actors will play on our fears for desired results. The reasons are numerous for my beliefs, but I suspect that the economic systems around the globe are readying for the derivative failures I've mentioned numerous times through the years on this blog and elsewhere on my website. I believe with several others that the economy never recovered from the '08 Crisis and the resulting manipulations have made undeserving assholes whom collectively manipulated the numerous commodity markets rich on paper whilst screwing over the "muppets" who entrusted their advice on the flip side of the trades. Judging gold and silver lately where greater amounts of monetized DEBT is being thrown at it, their LemonParty is finally about to END and these scum are likely planning a clean exit, but to no avail as their demise is simply delayed, due to the apparent endurance of this pathogen. You see, the virus may well be so pervasive due to its likely-complex engineering that despite their expended efforts, these same elites who despise their "cattle" shall perish in significant numbers, too! This includes certain people who believe they're superior as this release likely changes everything! Justice can finally be realized without all these lawyers and judges, plus the PRISON TIME these pathetic weasels deserve. Who'd a thought?? Note that I'll withhold comment on Jamie Dimon's recent heart surgery, although this ain't Twitter where I could be banned for being open to my inner thinking. It's no secret how many despise that swine. If you're amongst them, trust that we're kindred spirits.

Sincere prayers and wishes for a fast recovery go to the tornado victims in Middle Tennessee. A powerful tornado tore through portions of several counties, including the northern portion of Nashville. At least 25 were reported killed with numerous more as injured. All Access reported these series of storms devastated parts of the city's music business. The EAST NASHVILLE offices of DUALTONE RECORDS were “totaled,” according to the label’s tweet, which added that the staff is safe.

Also in EAST NASHVILLE, popular live music venue THE BASEMENT EAST was heavily damaged. A rep for the club posted on INSTAGRAM that “the staff took cover in the basement of THE BASEMENT EAST. Building is severely damaged,” and shared a photo of the destruction. The club is working to relocate some upcoming shows, and has cancelled others." Tornado season is locking in throughout the South and should continue so, well into May. This former Southerner encourages all throughout Dixieland to carefully review your severe weather preparations and communicate these things with your family. I'll be doing so with my family back in Arkansas, a state well-known for their share of severe weather, especially having fatalities due to nighttime tornadoes.

Looking at Wind Turbines, a subject I enjoy keeping up with, the sore discussions of where to put "turbine waste" or the old, outdated technology being replaced with new tech (called "repower" in the industry) where the nacelle and all inside it, plus the rotor assembly with longer blades, are brand new. It does affect Oil City! The regional landfill here accepts turbine blades. Legislation attempting to halt the acceptance of these old blades was being pressed as part of the budget meetings in Cheyenne last month. I'm clueless as if it was accepted or not for further consideration. Some Casper city council representatives traveled to Cheyenne at that time to discourage further consideration of the proposed bill. I can't expand on my comments for now except I've voiced them to a state representative, recently.

Wyoming, you may be a hard state to get established in with certain things, but you never cease to amaze! Moving here may yet prove to be the wisest decision I make in this life, besides allowing Jesus to save and redeem me. Caitlin Long has given much thought to continuing her career after so much hard work and time with the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition. As a co-founder of Avanti, she's betting it on this new institution, to be headquartered in Cheyenne. It will cater to cryptocurrency interests and operates with 100% reserves, so it's as solid as it gets. Consider, this bank as a bridge to the Fed in regard to crypto interests, having been made possible due to legislation which passed in Wyoming, again paving the way. In addition, Mountain West basketball has been AWESOME for the Pokes! With only two conference wins this season, few if any expected them to beat Nevada to move into the Semifinals, the FIRST 11th or caboose seed MW team to pull this off, ever!! I so wanted to see this team become a Cinderella in the Brackets, yet they proved with those two post-season victories that they're capable of greatness going forward.

Friday night was the decider as Utah State earned the win into the MW Finals, apparently acting as if this were merely a given. Next season, the Aggies may not have it so easy. It should prove more fruitful for the Laramie bunch as Coach Edwards and the team shore up experiences to make more happen for this program, having gaining attention not at all seen in the regular season as Coach realizes too well that circumstances play heavy into the game, the team being far better than the 7-24 total of things this time. It's also a reminder going forth at least, not to ignore the Cowboy Spirit!

Finally, Wyoming may be further vindicated in light of the India Supreme Courts' decision regarding crypto, a STRONG similarity as to what inspired Avanti in the first place, truth be told! The Court nullified the controversial banking ban it imposed on companies transacting in cryptocurrencies. Of course the RBI is concerned about their monetary system being at risk, no differently than the IRS conveniently making up "guidance" in absence of majority of Congress making the regulations AS THEY SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING, so We The People realize representation for the taxes being imposed!

It's only natural that one of the recognized top women in crypto, a Wyomingite, takes the next step to advance this exciting, ground-breaking venture. Read through the extended tweet stream Caitlin gives us. You're reading what I believe is HISTORY being made! I'm happy enough to admit I'm shedding a tear or two at this news with the possibilities for many in this state. Wyoming, again you're at the cusp of incredible things. If you're already a resident and have even a small amount of interest in this space, you'd be wise to learn how the passed legislation, available on my website, affects the state in such a potentially positive manner. Legislators I've spoken with remain in solidarity with what has passed.

Litecoin dot com gives an February update regarding the proposed mimble wimble implementation. David Burkett, a publicly funded developer working on the Litecoin Core Project, believes ‘it’s finally time to commit to the first major event’. He also shares that he aims to achieve a MW testnet launch by the end of summer, which will include ‘all block & tx validation rules, basic p2p messaging, transaction pool, syncing, and the ability to mine blocks’. Burkett is clear that this ‘will NOT include a usable GUI wallet for casual users to test it out’ and that ‘transactions will likely need to be created manually at first, or via a cli or automated tool’.

Ben Pirus of CoinTelegraph dot com fame reports that the number of crypto ATMs (many call them BTMs) now exceed 7,000, with machines in 75 nations. Wyoming doesn't yet have one licensed to my knowledge. Yours Truly would like to change this, encouraging more HODLing in the most crypto-friendly of the 50 states.

On MimbleWimbleCoin: TradeOgre and BitForex are now additional exchanges for MWC. The latter began trading Monday, 2/25. Wednesday 2/27, the coin took a severe correction, but not surprising within the space. It's given a decent opportunity to buy through the different exchanges. Hotbit alleged the MWC713 wallet is buggy and can't properly resolve as designed, that invalid tokens were (and can still be) calculated and settled, causing second-spend attacks. As a result, Hotbit contends that the MWC platform has suffered asset loss within their platform, not the other way as MWC suspects. Before the news release, MWC reportedly tweeted of a second airdrop, yet were vague of any specifics. I had pondered at that time if Hotbit were proven as correct, could THESE unclaimed funds be used to make any affected Hotbit users as whole again, without affecting the overall economics? Later, MWC did exactly this, compensating HotBit 90k MWC, which many in the community had mixed feelings. I also wondered if the new, active exchanges be affected in this same manner and they should also consider halting their trading to investigate? There were problems with at least one of a similar miner attack. MWC tweeted later in the morning "We have spoken with Hotbit regarding the recent announcement. We will release more details about what actually happened later, but for now we have discussed using some of the unclaimed airdrop funds to make Hotbit and the Hotbit users whole." Bottom Line? MWC truly cares about the tech and their users. This experience proves I likely made the right choices in it, after all.

In the MWC chat on Telegram, Yoga Dude may have given us significant insight, which if proven correct would vindicate the coin: "Well there are other Mimblewimble projects that are solid, Epic Cash comes to mind. But I have a question about the Hotbit problem - this was clearly their issue, and it was known, discussed and abused in darker forums on Telegram - they had same address for Grin and MWC so you could deposit Grin and Sell it at MWC prices. From the article this is not clear and I still dont see how its MWC thats resposible (sic)." He added "Their 'abnormal' assets appear to be the result of Grin deposits being counted as MWC. :-D Thats on THEM not MWC..." which I would agree! I'd have gladly paid for that "scoop" earlier before it became the shitstorm it manifested into. Now do you see how these arguments can be turned back and forth, wilder than an Oklahoma EF-5 tornado? THIS is why you visit. It's the trainwreck of news you can't fully ignore.

It's no secret to anyone by now that I hold some MWC, although I've had no transactions since mid-December and have proof of all my exchange transactions, which have settled perfectly with no numerical abnormalities as a second-spend attack would reveal. I awaited responses from both parties and continue HODLing on as this never injured me economically either way it concluded. By 10:35AM MST, 2/27 - TradeOgre literally moonshot to 275k sats (23.96 USD/MWC) giving those who dived in earlier a sweet profit! We're talking just short of a SIX-BAGGER within 2 hours. It's rare that even the Whales can pull off something as that! Note though, it corrected very steep later in the day. HotBit finally came back on overnight into 2/27. A miserable correction for MWC, but not at all unheard of. Richard Heart has stated early on that crypto always, ALWAYS corrects at least or more than 85 percent, that Bitcoin certainly has done so on numerous occasions in its 11 years.

To conclude, here are the statements by both parties: MWC released their take on the HotBit incident. and HotBit did the same. Both parties claim to have learned from the experience. As mentioned earlier, MWC used around 90k of the 600k in unclaimed airdrop to compensate HotBit. Most users believe this was a mistake Hotbit should've swallowed and learned from. Although I agree with this, I'm also mindful that MWC had the funds and willingly decided to show this goodwill for the sake of the coin and its users. For what it's worth, I personally emphasize to Hotbit that they count their "lucky stars", that such bailouts as this should NEVER be expected as a general course of remedy in these instances as most projects simply didn't have the available resource to make all affected as whole again. It does bring up a suggestion to be offered by future projects that a portion of their funds be made available in reserve for specific instances such as what was experienced as this space remains very young. Now to build and work on MWC's rebound in the three exchanges trading it. Furthermore, with opening two additional transaction pairs on Hotbit (MWC/ETH and MWC/USDT) there could be additional liquidity going forth to help in the rebound. Give it time and let's see where it goes as Bitcoin with most of the alts have corrected severely. MWC deserves a revisit to their ATH and I think this happens in due course. I'm not willing to give predictions for now, as these matters take time for recovery, so as always, DYOR! They have an exciting roadmap ahead. Consider visiting on the web, then scroll down for the articles link to get the latest.

Let me introduce to you, CPD Project! Many have moaned and whined about not knowing about either MWC or HEX. This humble blog had been hammering information about both BEFORE taking registrations. I can't make any promises about CPD Project except scarcity (21MM total) and essentially the same rules regarding registration as those who participated in MWC, shall apply here. Note too, a HODL program will exist as well! Particulars? 1) To get free CPD tokens, you must have; a) at least one ethereum network address which you have full control over. Using the MEW (My Ethereum Wallet) is fine or MetaMask will do. If installing either, absolutely follow through with noting seed phrases and/or private key of your ethereum. Just as you would with BTC, note lower case versus upper case on letter characters. b) whatever BTC you plan to claim for these tokens on a single address on a wallet you control that can sign, although CPD Project does provide a link for signing offline. Warning: Your BTC address must be that of a legacy public key (P2PKH) which always starts with a "1", they offer no exceptions at all for this! Furthermore, coins you want to claim cannot be ON ANY EXCHANGE during the snapshot at block 629999. Do I need repeat this? N00bZ, If these coins are on an exchange during snapshot, the exchange has the keys - not you! I need not have to repeat what Trace and I consistently preach about the dangers of blindly entrusting your assets to exchanges. It's still not a perfect science, more so when MONEY and hackers wanting whatever you have, are involved. Treat your coins as such and you'll likely fare way better. 2) Do not lose/delete whatever BTC address with the private key you use to initially claim, as you must be able to again sign through it to receive your CPD when available during May. Order of things? Register NOW, await snapshot (during BTC Block 629999 around 5/11), then login and claim your coins no later than 5/31. Don't forget the HODL program to follow later! Good Luck to each of you and to the CPD Project.

Those gift cards you might use a little of, then toss aside as forgotten, likely contains a balance! Real $$ lying around that you can again use. As a rule of thumb, these cards contain a toll-free number or other means you can find out the balance. ZeroHedge offers that reminder. After my Oklahoma move, I've gone through a bunch of 'em and found quite a few meals remaining on the Arch Cards from Mickey Dees. Wally World has come through nicely for me with at least a week of meals remaining, maybe even a tank of gas? Don't just toss 'em in the rubbish without first checking! These balances don't often expire as would a store coupon.

OBIT: This blog takes a moment to remember the ORIGINAL Rosie the Riveter! If you watched PBS programming, this incredible woman gave so much in funding these for decades. Although I saw "Rosalind P. Walter Foundation" over and over again on the credits, I never once considered she might be our Rosie. Although she had good money, she worked the night shift driving rivets into planes at a Connecticut plant for the War effort, spurring a song and poster campaign during '42. Mind you, she wasn't the ONLY Rosie (three others carried the title at different times) but she started the legend and was proven far more legendary in later life, behind the scenes. Walter was 95 and had lived a rich, full life, well lived. RIP..

. A cute, one minute video awaits you as a diver convinces a young octopus to shed its' unsafe plastic cup for a natural seashell covering to keep it safe.

Another minute-long video shows you the set-and-forget fisherman. Talk about a wise use of time! Just make sure the fish hangs far enough above the ground so that varmints don't take it away.

That's it for now. Enjoy the weekend! Breaking News as possible will be addressed here.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,
 The visit to Denver was a SUCCESS! I want to thank and hat-tip Dan "The Man" Shields (one of the event's co-founders) for a memorable set of experiences in his Mile High City. Many of you recall how I was on Dan's awards-winning team last year in WyoHackathon in Laramie! No issues, other than the struggle for parking, were encountered at ETH Denver. The people and venue were great! I'll have to go back next year and get more time to take in and enjoy as one day wasn't enough. My present temp job insists I work as many Saturdays as possible. I nearly went off the highway trying to get back, but stayed the night in Douglas to allow WYDOT to get the road cleaned off. The truck was comfortable enough and every other hour, I turned on the engine and heater. I can handle this roughing it when it comes down to it. Rodeo gave me many good Life Lessons and there's indeed life after Little Rock! I made it to work only minutes late Saturday and was able to give the acting supervisor that information, beforehand. Getting a good SLEEP when all was said and done was priceless. I also brought back some quality swag from Denver. Some of the snapped images from the event will make future editions of Pic of the Week, presently on hiatus, on extended vacation, sleeping soundly like me - yet not forgotten. Watch for tweets once this gets reactivated.

Speaking of Denver, Dan, with Csilla Brimer & Matt Millen, will help present a Bitcoin history conference on March 9th at 7pm MST. This event is hosted by the Open Economy Initiative and is being promoted by the Denver Crypto Group. Location will be 3000 Lawrence St. in Denver. You may register through this link.

Crypto IOTA has shut down it's network due to an attack, including funds being stolen. You should monitor developments and not open Trinity (the wallet) until further notice!

Not at all surprising, Mnuchin is at it again! Of the Swamp Critters I'd love to see Trump dump, he's among those on the short list. His concerns ring extremely hollow to me as I see the larger picture and We The People can make the biggest difference by insisting Congress take control on allowing PEOPLE to make our own decisions with the money we entrust value as we see fit. As you can see, Forbes is working this hit piece, but so far had little effect on Bitcoin, a dip to near 9.5k USD, then rebounded past 10k. The Bottom Line? Either the USA gets on board or we get left behind as CRYPTO AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE in much, if not most of the world. Furthermore, TPTB are deeply concerned over their increasing lack of economic leverage in regard to foreign policy. They need look no further than themselves, past administrations who swept their messes under the carpet and their handlers for having this long-time, long-term blank check printing press for so many of their screwups! Trump, do you REALLY want my vote? Wake up and realize crypto will remain, even if you and your administration attempt at outlawing it. It could cause me to change my voting choice as the Party situation is still not strongly set for crypto, except when Yang was running. I saw Andrew Yang having no chance due to his Universal Income dream, a socialist solution which is totally unsustainable, both monetarily and socially for that matter.

Why, you ask? How good is the VA in addressing Veterans' needs on a consistent basis? A number of them have already committed suicide on their facilities! Medicare by itself is not sufficient for most. Medicaid is piecemeal at best. Strongly insufficient for a Wyoming newcomer, that's for damn sure! For one, I'm pleased the Legislature turned down the chance for Medicaid to expand. They're too big in their legalese form letters! I've already attended one Town Hall meeting recently to voice my stark opinion on exactly that. Folks, take the time and DO THIS! A Town Hall with only a half-dozen people ain't gonna do much to change this country. You are putting too much blind faith in those either you (or likely OTHERS) elected. You "don't have time for this shit", you say? Then don't give me any damned lip service when I was among the few who stood up and voiced my peace. This nation can truly be different, but apathy must be addressed. Let me guess most of you won't kick its ass until the pressure is too great for you that you'll finally stand! That's why civil asset forfeiture is so pervasive. Gradual creep over time. Only massive pressure being given Oklahoma by the media in regard to the card-swiping troopers of OHP put the program (which BTW wasted thousands for 16 terminals) on ice. Such a damn embarassment and it almost shut down tourism statewide. Mistake Mary (Fallin, the former Governor) won't be kindly regarded for allowing such heresy in the first place.

A Florida trucking company now has to sue Homeland Security in Federal Court. This is a textbook example of Civil Asset Forfeiture at it's finest, yet the media seemingly doesn't have the huevos to call it out for what it is! Reading through the story, you can easily summarize how the Feds double-down on their legalese! I predict they'll do as Detroit agents did with another CAF case, their agents still insisting on keeping 4k of ill-gotten gains for no good, valid legal reason whatsoever, so they can fund their own party or a number of other functions, hoping the little man gives up and capitulates. Truth be told, those scumbags deserve TIME IN FEDERAL PRISON with full resitution, damages and interest due immediately! Trump, the Swamp extends to so many field offices. Do you even have any idea why so many law-abiding Americans you "appreciate" and do the right thing are abused by the existing Swamp where we're essentially forced to begin carrying pitchforks for these unelected, unaccountable and UNDESERVING minions with excessive protections and unions? Where are the PEOPLE'S UNIONS??

I'm trying to remind as many of you reading this of the BALLOT BOX. It arrives in November and you had better make time to find out what your Congress Critter(s) will do for you, including voicing your concerns, including warning them you will follow up online as to how they voted! After all, the MSM won't do that for you except on issues they "feel", such as abortion, sex change surgery and the like. THOSE issues which we're supposed to immediately feel and bow down to them. If The People raise the same or higher level of Hell on a consistent basis, they will become noticed. Richmond, don't expect your taxpayers throughout the Commonwealth to easily accept your Democrat's new gun-grabbing laws. They voiced their concerns en-masse a few weeks back, peacefully, and they don't want to exercise pressuring a recall vote. Unlike most leftists, responsible gun holders realize that Nine One One may be reachable from nearly anywhere, yet the peacekeepers we entrust are likely 10 to 20 minutes away, except if another officer is in dire need. See how this works? Already, a caste here in the Land of the Free. Lefties argue endlessly that an officer's background and training is sufficient, but I've often retorted to them that many states have similar vetting in place for CCW or concealed carry weapon permits. Texas is strict in this regard. You must nail a certain number of targets at certain distances to earn it. So far, constitutional carry in Oklahoma has proven successful. In Wyoming where I now live, few people bat an eyelash for those who open carry. It's not an issue, most places in the Cowboy State - yet if you're out in the open with the real possibility of facing wildlife capable of injuring or ending your life (yes, I have a story I can cite on this if you really want to press me about it, it happened in Fremont County!) then having this legal protection and recognition that the People can be responsible for their affairs without requiring the ever-encroaching reach of More Government (you see the circle closing, right?) to SAVE you and I, then cost you and I a boatload of money in the Courts as lawyers rifle through endless messes.

Essentially, we're back to the beginning of the circle-jerk, two paragraphs back with the Florida trucking company and their suit. It also proves how fickle our government minions are to the services and screening we endure. These agencies have very thin skins! One only needs to again read the paragraph from the Fox9 News story "After the lawsuit was filed, Rozenberg said he and Nulman received letters from Customs and Border Protection revoking their participation in the Global Entry Program, which allows for pre-approved entry into the U.S. The program requires an application, fingerprinting and extensive background check. Rosenberg told the Times the revocation is no coincidence." of which this blogger totally agrees! That's so EASY to suss out when you see how The Swamp carries a caste class whom can't stand to be called out. Trump needs to address this bullshit and it won't be at all easy when over 90% in The Swamp vote Democrat! Apathy gives you a temporary reward. These "servants" can't leave enough alone and have the blessings of their superiors, empowered due to the apathy. Trump is trying in vain to bring the light on as many Creatures as possible, but government is entirely too fucking BIG! Look at how they enrich themselves from civil asset forfeiture. Where in the hell is the other $21,550? Another office party? We've seen how bad it's gotten in many states, but the Feds ratchet it to a new level! History won't look kindly on this ongoing pilfering and plunder. Remember the Ballot Box first, please! Freedom isn't free, so keep up the pressure.

Earlier today (2/19) Kim Dotcom, who has very good reason to remain deeply pissed over many happenings initiated by American government agencies and the like, can no longer support Trump. He adds in this tweet that the POTUS is also a victim of the DOJ, FBI & Deep State. Why? Assange, of course! Did any of you really think the white-haired Aussie would disappear into oblivion? Furthermore, do any of you think Snowden will be treated any different if he were to come back to American soil on his own accord? His legal argument is rather simple and something the Founders would lovingly approve; that all arguments a defendant gives a Court shall be considered, that under no circumstances can said arguments be stricken from the Courts' records or denied consideration by an impartial jury of his peers! For a nation which "values freedom" that men and women willingly suffer injuries and die for her Stars and Stripes, why in the Hell should this point even be at issue here in the twenty-first century? Hasn't Lady Liberty learned from our lessons, or has the Corporation of the United States of America with so many rules and regulations of questionable constitutionality, consistently sustained by lawyers and others of the corporate status-quo Swamp with parasitic minions galore, continuing to ensnare even more precious Liberty. It was Assange and Snowden first to enlighten and bring brightness on the darkened Swamp! Both those men deserve full pardons and be true recipients of Nobel Prizes.

I have several Aussie followers on twitter, aware of this blog. I'm saddened that GM has decided to axe their Holden brand as the American automaker is apparently fed up with right-drive designs. They plan on honoring all warranties and continue with support on spare parts and the like. At least 600 employees become laid off as this brand retirement become effective next year.

UPDATE: John Kim, Chief Litecoin Evangelist, clarifies he's after corporate sponsorships, not from individual Litecoin HODLers as myself. As much positive energy as he exhudes on the community, he will pull that off without any problems. Also, I'll be passing on more information of his upcoming North American tour as I learn of such.

Trent Loos, on his regularly-released Loos From The Hip video blogs, was in Blunt, SD on Monday and gives us reasons why not to blindly entrust rich, stuffy politicians with deep pockets. Indeed, Bloomberg is only half-right about farming as he conveniently discards the excessive regulations (and the middlemen!!). You the Voter must decide if the glass is half-empty or half-full. Virginia, I include you again to not let Mini-Mike and Sorry Soros dictate one's gun rights in the Commonwealth.

Country music star Daniel Lee Martin was found dead in Florida, amid child sex abuse charges from Tennessee. The New York Post notes this was not isolated to one party and that Martin likely committed suicide in advance of being served warrants for his arrest.

Someone holds a camera in video mode while on an small airplane. It falls out of that person's hands while the door of the plane is open. Check it out all the way to the end to gather the Rest of the Story!

That's it for now. Bitcoin has just done another swan dive to 9.5k as I type this, proving the volatility hasn't at all left. I suspect this is short-term, yet the alts may feel this in sympathy. We'll see.. Sparing Breaking News, watch for the next installment either Saturday or next Wednesday.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all and Welcome to Wednesday!,
 A light snow started coming down and it got heavier on the day this was posted. Not only is it enjoyable to watch, at least I didn't have to go to work in it! I'll also be off next Wednesday. I went out in it as there were chores to do. I nearly got stuck twice but have added sandbags in the back to give the traction the truck desperately deserves. Tomorrow's commute will tell me much more. I'm also bearing in mind that once I've moved to a more-rural setting and keep animals, I'll be responsible for them. These will incur costs and may limit the mobility I enjoy for now. This is among the reasons I'm searching for better work, to give the crypto I have the best chance to fit the goals I'm aiming for. I'm looking forward to ETH Denver and have reviewed the schedule. There's quite a bit I will cover Friday, a decent amount for Ethereum beginners! My phone gets a full charge Thursday in advance of my travel to the Mile High City. Maybe some pics to show off this event? It's billed as among the largest of ETH-themed gatherings.

Virginia gun owners, your state is screwing you over! Will you continue to resist and have these backstabbers the voters sent to Richmond, recalled? There were some Democrats who sided with the Republicans (God Bless them!) but your new Governor apparently loves Bloomberg's deep money bags and many in the House are pushing through their agenda. Please don't allow your state to become another Maryland!

Bitcoin (BTC) is trying to pump, but remains lackluster in comparison to many of the alts. Still, the Crypto King is doing better and better, showing up 10k+. One of my followers predicted too early that the initial pump, days ago would be the last time to see 10k in the rear view. Even now, my gut instinct tells me it remains way, way too early to pin any bets on that. Give it time and expect 100k minimum, 200k a decent chance to peak the new bull cycle. The alts are taking part in this! It's nice to see that Winter as pretty much finished.

Litecoin (LTC) is showing decent signs of vitality! It's shy of 82 bucks (7+%) so that prediction I made sometime back about 50 bucks or so per coin putting you in the Driver's Seat remains valid and steadfast going forth. As BTC pumps further with some excellent improvements to come to its little brother, expect it over time to exceed the ATH. With that said, Chief Litecoin Evangelist, JohnKim77 from Twittersent out Wednesday that he is seeking to conduct a North American tour. As your humble blogger gets further details on this, I'll pass this along so other LTC fans can meet up as possible.

MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) is going into parabola. It's moving between 26 to near 30 USD. I don't see the move as completed, but am sure not to FOMO as many others are doing for now. (This ain't my first rodeo!) I predict a mild to moderate correction sometime this week, giving those wanting in, the opportunity to BTFD. There's been quite a number of people entering Telegram chat there, begging for a second airdrop to make up for the initial opportunity they missed, many having not even claimed their coins they had claimed via BTC last year! There are a number of ideas floating around of how to resolve this; Could the 600k MWC be added to HODL? (most popular so far), Could a second airdrop be done in which it is auto-staked in HODL, to prevent what happened around Thanksgiving? Some just want that second airdrop because they see immediate value and want to DUMP it for fiat or another coin. A handful have proposed having the 600k BURNED to add value to existing holders going forth. Hotbit has been busy with MWC, with increasing volume on the chart. Andy, even though you're not part of the MWC team any longer and you're catching a ton of shit from the community, you were correct on the points you've brought out. A hat tip to you for the 50x to 80x bagger being enjoyed by those who listened and heeded almost 3 months back.

HEX has also been very busy, ratcheting a recent 8x over 30 days. A mild pullback underway shouldn't last long and there's plenty of speculation as to who or whom being the Ethereum Whales invading the AA or Adoption Amplifier during the last two minutes each day. ETH has been pumping hard! $250+ USD as of the morning of this update. The sheer demand for it might chase away the Whales, giving those after cheaper HEX a chance. We'll see! It does bring up happy notes in the songs of attendees to arrive in Denver for ETH Denver, myself included. You might see this cowboy hatted 50-something on Friday as that's the ONLY day I can attend! The job I work for now must have me back Saturday.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continues to gain traction, working toward 500 USD. Regarding Bitcoin SV (BSV)11:34 AM 2/12/2020, they're up over 350, even with "Satochi" ((giggling)) and his lawsuit issues. Both have use cases and are riding the trend upwards. Cardano (ADA) has been gaining nicely with 1.777B market cap and 6.9 cents per coin, up almost 13% today.

Put your head to this fact, the next time you purchase a car! So you love electronic vehicles, right? For that matter, many ICE vehicles have specific computers. You love Teslas? Get ready to pay so YOU can use it. It is LICENSED, much like Microsoft software, so shell out that $$, buttercups! Furthermore, even if third-parties develop an open source, expect Tesla to fight back. Musk has to fund his Martian retreat somehow!

Wonder why your cellphone service SUCKS so bad? Sometimes, the birds are to blame!

Impressive Front Loader skills! Consider here in America, children his age play with toys of this type. He's running the Real Deal, y'all! The kid's only issue is his size to manipulate the controls and for his overall view.

That's it for now. Thanks as always for reading and I hope to meet some of you Friday while in Denver.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,
It's been a while, but there were several events I dealt with and I've been working lately, although this job is temporary! On Monday, 2/3 - A major winter storm centered here, dumped under a foot of fluffy, wind-driven snow. Nearly all city services for Casper were suspended, to give you an idea of the severity. I didn't get to work and truly couldn't, even if the workplace were open! When the storm began, it was freezing drizzle and it QUICKLY coated the parking lot below. I realized the gravity of the situation if no garbage truck showed up before 6AM (it never came!) I made up the difference by working Tuesday through Saturday and got in all my hours. My bills continue to get paid and I'm still hoping to hear from some of the pending applications as some jobs close their acceptance of applications this week. With that said, I have plenty else on the plate.

City snow plows ran intermittently but travel was strongly discouraged. Police responded only to vehicle accidents involving injuries and all area schools were closed. Even though a private snow plow appeared, their work was quickly snowed under with the blowing snow and continued deluge of Winter from the sky. Regarding my Pic of the Week, it should return AFTER Valentine's Day, likely Saturday, 2/15 (I head to Denver for a day or two that weekend.).

Now I get to introduce you to Russ through his participation in a unique experience, via Turkish Airlines. There was but one 30-second Super Bowl ad I saw him during the third quarter. I'm including the link to the nearly 3-minute trailer which gives you far more insight. I first met Mr. Holmes and his wife Sarah in Signal Mountain, TN (near Chattanooga, my first time in the Eastern Time Zone) in '98 while attending a rodeo school nearby, through one of their close friends who became my best friend as well. Their kids have grown up well and as he says on the extended video, his business has kept him rather busy. I'm grateful for Turkish Airlines having given him this experience as I equate it somewhat to the infamous Guad-Trip of 2005 which our mutual friend and I spent two weeks on the road, Wyoming included! Karlos & Mariha also had powerful impressions given them for their journeys. I've heard of the quality of service being superb by the Airline well before this ad campaign and can vouch they serve around the globe, well. Stick around long enough as I plan on giving readers an update later on from Russ, of his overall experience and that of getting away to sample another part of the world.

I heard Rush Limbaugh announce near the end of his show Monday 2/3, he has advanced lung cancer. It quickly gained trend status on Twitter and made headlines on Drudge Report. Being a former board op for an EIB affiliate, I've listened to Rush for decades since the early 90's. Of course, rabid far-leftists who poke at each and every little social infraction are quite pleased with this development. I reminded with a tweet of my own that it would prove rather ironic if both Rush and SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg should pass on the same day. Truthfully, I don't wish such an outcome on either! This could be the most significant event this day, since the Day the Music Died some 61 years ago in an Iowa field near Clear Lake. To have been where that Beechcraft Bonanza came to rest is peaceful, yet a bit spooky. I've shown a pic of this before on the Pic of the Week. Fans still brave the elements when practicable, although the site near Gull Ave and 315th still gets plenty of visitors, making the quarter-mile trek along the fence to the monument.

Kobe Bryant's death (and his daughter, Gianna) with seven others aboard a helicopter which crashed into a hillside near Calabasas, CA Sunday 1/26 was a tremendous shock to the system, to the sports world and beyond. NBA-TV's Brian Shaw, clearly in tears and significant emotion, went into reflection about the "Black Mamba" (a popular Twitter hashtag) later in the day. Something many of you reading this humble Blog may wish to bear in mind. Kobe was in the midst of greatness beyond the basketball court. His memory won't be easily faded. It was being reflected directly and indirectly during the Grammy Awards, held that evening.

Voice of Guo Media reports of significant numbers of Chinese that are either sickened or have died in the coronavirus outbreak. This of course is terrible!

As you know by now, it's happened! Brexit is reality. A special message was broadcast on the white cliffs of Dover. I have my doubts these fine gentlemen completely grasp the reality this Yank sees in specific parts of the UK, especially Scotland desiring to remain with the EU and how about Northern Ireland with the real possibility of a hard border with the Irish Republic? Despite contentions from some that the Government routinely affects Bitcoin traders with manipulation, this at best is only partially true! Mike McSweeney reported on The Block:
"More than 4,000 bitcoins – an amount worth approximately $37 million as of press time – will be auctioned off by U.S. law enforcement officials on February 18. The U.S. Marshals Service said on Monday that it will put up 4,040.54069820 BTC on the auction block on February 18. A $200,000 deposit is required for those wishing to participant, and would-be bidders must register by February 12."

Massive Adoption, a huge crypto convention to have been sited in Memphis is cancelled! Please review the website via for the latest developments. Jacob had cancelled back in November and had rescheduled it for late this month. Here is the post as of this submission:

"Massive Adoption was an event I started working on in March of 2019. I have spent almost every day of the past 10 months, including 12 and 18 hour days, trying to put a large Bitcoin, blockchains and digital assets event in place in the Mid South. Due to my mistakes associated with inadequate funding and lower than anticipated ticket and sponsorship sales the conference ran into cash flow issues. My excitement and naivete, coupled with limited experience in putting on large events, added to the difficulties.

One of these cash issues affected an attendee who re-posted articles about negative instances in my life. While this information has been available for years, the publication of this information coupled with the current delays in repaying refunds and making preparations for the event caused a cascading stream of issues and a self-fulfilling prophecy. I do not blame anyone but myself for this, but it did cause partially-justified FUD that sent the event into a tailspin.

Again, my full and honest intention was to put on a great large event in Memphis. I have met many of you in person, visited Memphis many times, met with the blockchain community there and spent many days building friendships while we worked together to make this thing great. I thank each and every one of you for your support and willingness to help in the past 10 months.

Unfortunately, as things progressed, speakers, sponsors, partners, and many attendees have lost faith in my ability to put on this event. Of course, I understand this. Furthermore, In order to put on the event, I would need to sell more tickets and more sponsorship packages, which is not prudent or feasible at this time. As a result, I am canceling the event and promptly proceeding to start working to repay everyone who bought a ticket, travel package or sponsorship package.

Tickets and packages will be refunded in the order they were paid. I expect it will take 6 months to repay everyone. The oldest purchases will be refunded first. It will take 30 days for the first refunds to be processed, so I will post the first names no later than February 29.

I understand you’re angry. I will be refunding everyone out of personal funds earned as I return to the consulting work I did prior to focusing 100% of my energy on Massive Adoption.

As far as #satsforstudents are concerned: Initially #satsforstudents was intended to be a side project within the Massive Adoption conference. As it grew, thanks in large part to the tremendous generosity of the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, the event started taking on a life of its own as it was clear it is a worthy cause many of you support. I will, therefore, do everything in my power to put on a student-focused event using the contributions directly to cover associated expenses and grants for students. This is an initiative I make absolutely no money on. If you would like to help or partner to produce the event please let me know. All of the money contributed to the program is separate from ticket and other conference revenue. If I am not able to produce the event by April 31, 2020 contributions will be refunded starting May 1, 2020 (to conclude no later than May 5th).

To conclude, I understand the current situation has caused many of you much distress and my actions have cast a shadow on the crypto currency community as a whole. I again apologize for this. I sincerely thank each and every speaker, attendee, partner and sponsor for your support. Please watch my actions as I work tirelessly to repay my obligations and make this situation right."

Jacob Kostecki

January 31, 2020

My personal take on this? I wanted badly to attend! I had to watch my expenses at the time because I chose to leave Oklahoma and move here to the Cowboy State, which I did during August. I again considered attending but had not landed new employment until around Christmas, which I still have for now while I seek something more permanent. In the future, I'll gladly consider a similar event to attend if Jacob gets enough sponsors and interest to host it. Memphis was not a bad choice! That city will always be special to me as I passed my ham radio Extra Class ticket in November, '85. There should be given the opportunities to encourage and grow cryptocurrency education and usage.

In the place of Mass Adoption, I have registered and have been accepted to attend ETH Denver, held between 2/14-2/16 in downtown Denver. Ethereum has become far more exciting lately. Many of you understood how sceptical I was about ETH, but thanks to HEX and the recent improvements to ETH, I'm far more bullish about it and those projects related to or operating on the ETH blockchain in some manner. With that said, I hope the very best for Jacob and his family. His heart is in the right place so please be patient as he works to make things right to all those affected.

Bitcoin, there are those wanting you to improve. BIP's have been issued and I pray the Devs take each under serious consideration. I'm NOT at all apologetic to any BTC or LTC bull or maximalist who doesn't notice certain alts taking serious, valuable attention away from these two giants. I remind readers I continue to HODL both and see both as relevant, especially now! My concern focuses on the future if the present consensus that neither coin needs any improvement(s) continues to hold solid. I see increasing fragmentation toward greater privacy and scalability in the up-and-coming alts which some are gaining significant value, under-the-radar of these maximalists, some of these alts having significant potential. Of course, I see gains to magnify generally ALL coins in the next BTC bull run that could start any day now! An accumulation phase has been ongoing with fewer and fewer sudden dumps, indicating a floor is in place. I encourage the whole space to debate and encourage improvements of cryptos occupying the Top Ten list. Basically, bag holders already "get it" with supply caps and solid track records. As long as any BIP's don't ultimately compromise a crypto's security to its rightful owner(s), then I think it's great to consider improvements to make both even better going into the future. As myself, many of you have HODLed on patiently for years. I believe some really fantastic times are coming up, so hang on for the ride!

McAfee thinks much of the way I do, but he's overdoing it. He's correct how the current BTC lacks various attributes which many newer alts are already implementing. Once again, I don't want to see BTC & LTC lose their relevancy and I remind Blog readers that I continue to HODL both, under my control and in cold storage (no exchanges) as they'll again pump beautifully. As of 2/8, BTC is again above 10k USD, but IMAO, it's too early to declare it'll never again fall below the 10k point. There's still way too much which quickly affects the price in terms of fiat, yet it hasn't been killed. The Genie is out of the bottle for good!

Where's the MSM on this when you need them? Radiation has apparently leaked into atmosphere from a nuclear plant near Dimitrovgrad, Russia. If this is further confirmed, watch for more in the news in the days to come! One commenter noted it's a research facility, rather than a utility plant.

Spaghetti has a history to it. Even if Italians want to distance themselves somewhat from it, Americans and Brits have a love affair for it!

Today's Rimshot Joke(where you hear the "rimshot" of the drum and cymbal after the jokes' punch line) Star Trek's Sulu isn't impressed with the Space Force emblem being so close to that of Star Fleet, the iconic series which George starred in. In fact, he's throwing out hints that royalties are expected. I'm doing my best not to bust out laughing after all this.

Internet sales taxes gives governments more money to spend! One problem I already see (this COULD become a viable argument if Congress gets the spine to overturn the 2018 ruling with a Constitutional Amendment) is that consumers aren't being represented in those jurisdictions where the money ultimately winds up. I'm deeply cognizant that these same jurisdictions often granted large companies decent tax breaks to land them and may be finally recognizing recovery. I remind these same jurisdictions that spending too much often leads to horrible results and is most often unsustainable. My suggestion in lack of reform? The SCOTUS should've ruled a "take it or leave it" flat tax, depending on number(s) of jurisdiction(s) collecting. Computers have a far easier time parsing out compliance and the tax collected would be smaller, especially tax-hungry places such as the coastal states.

What do you think this koala sounds like? I sense a badly-tuned 2-cycle engine.

Tweet of the Week honors goes to Gem (@GemCrypto) among the intelligent and fine ladies in this space. She posted "You don't need to 'fit in' to the world, you're already part of it."

Advice of the Week, proudly given to readers of this Blog!

That's it! Sparing additional Breaking News, I should submit another blog entry next week.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,
 Welcome to the weekend! I'm so sorry for having delayed this submission. I caught the stomach flu last Saturday for the second time in a month and had to sit in bed, except for running to the bathroom every hour or so. I finally got over it late Wednesday. This was way worse than the earlier bout, lasting nearly 4 days. Of course I lost weight as I was cleaned out, so to speak. That's why many of you noticed little of me on Twitter until Monday. I worked Tuesday, had Wednesday off, then it's back to work and all is going well. The hiring is still going slow here in Oil Town, although applications are getting caught up. (Crossing fingers & toes!) Your well-wishes and prayers remain relevant and appreciated.

The coronavirus remains a gigantic story, especially in regard to it dominating the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat celebrations being seriously affected if not altogether cancelled. Many believe this virus may have been engineered in Wuhan and escaped the strongly-fortified laboratory, a Level 4 facility which is one of only 54 around the globe. One recent post in ZeroHedge predicts 10 days out for infections in China alone to reach 250,000!

The Second Amendment Rally in Richmond was very, very well-attended! I'll let the video from this man tell the story even better than the suited teleprompter readers could ever muster. Virginia, your people made a grand stand, proving you won't easily become another Maryland, even if your freshly-elected elitist-following puppets having been elected actually push through their gun-grabbing mockery of our Constitution. History will treat you well as long as you show resistance against your tyrants! You've NOT heard the last of this.

Congress, will this pass your muster? A new bill in Congress allows far better tax treatment than the so-called IRS guidance. My question? "Is this deep enough to scrape away at least some of the 'guidance' nonsense of the tax agency, or will they continue classifying it as 'property'"?

Andy Hoffman gives a stellarly bullish outline of MWC. MimbleWimble has been on quite a tear on 1/11 & 1/12. I predict on 1/12 (Sunday) that it will have to correct significantly if too many FOMO into it, at least short-term! HotBit, the sole exchange handling MWC reports having shut down both deposits and withdrawals until otherwise notified on their site. I disagree with Andy on how HEX will work out. It's incredibly early for HEX as their Big Pay Day remains over ten months from this posting, whereas those having held BTC on 12/2/19 that don't claim (which exclude certain holders, such as Mt. Gox and multi-sig addys on that date of snapshot) will have their "shares" given to stakers. That happens close to Thanksgiving, 2020, some 353 days from initialization of HEX. Furthermore, Andy didn't review the last two days of how HEX in terms of ETH is gaining some ground now. I expect success from both MWC and HEX. BTC and LTC will do swell going forward, yet give all this more time. UPDATE: Parabolic FOMO showed up on MWC, pushing it briefly past 6 bucks, then reversing to 4 USD support. I've occasionally seen a candle below that, but $4 seems decent for now and expecting more upside to come.

A very clever thief stole a lot of crypto from someone who had been carefully saving for years! Such a sad article because the good Pastor had generally paid attention to good security practices. He was likely using a Trezor-type product which was compromised with a link to the scammer's phony website before he purchased it. The article gives fair warning not to buy inexpensive or second-hand units from unofficial suppliers (through eBay in particular) AND to never, NEVER enter your seed phrase online for any reason whatsoever! Treat it as you would with a private key, NO EXCEPTIONS!! I will add this to my security warnings I'll be teaching in my future crypto course. It gave the scammer what they needed to clean out his holdings. My advice to Pastor Phil from this point forward is simply to set up COLD STORAGE, using a single address in each respective coin you want to HODL long-term and add through the Public Key anything additional you store, especially your BIG VALUE HODLings!

The catch is, you must protect the security of the associated Private Key you'll require to claim what you're saving! I've been extremely successful at this. Another possibility is multi-sig protection, where multiple signatures will be required to spend the coins, but don't lose ANY of the required signatures or you'll lock up your coins in electronic purgatory! If choosing BIP38 on a PrivKey wallet, do not forget whatever password or passphrase you used to encrypt it and don't make it dictionary-simple for that matter. Baseball and 12345678 are sure-fire loser passwords!

From the "I've seen it all Department" Baby Yoda has serious competition if Baby Jabba winds up making an on-screen appearance! Just sayin'

This second addition to the "I've seen it all Department" features someone who proves cluelessness in winter weather. I've never owned one of these snow brooms before this year (very popular here in Wyoming) yet there's a protocol to these things, lost on the driver in the video. Even if the snow slipped off the roof onto the windshield, notice the tag on the broom is still fastened. They might have more success next time if using the scraper, versus the brush.

Obits include Tamás Blummer, a pioneering Bitcoin developer who lost his battle to cancer on Sunday, 1/12.

This Lab retriever has the musical keyboard figured out. Just wag your tail and music comes from it.

That's it for now! Again, I've recovered from the flu but enjoying the belt size I lost! As more develops, I'll save those for the next time, right here.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings y'all!,
 Work is continuing for me at least another week longer and more applications are being worked on. As a result, I don't have the time to spend here as I did, but I enjoy giving each of you my thoughts as I can. I continue to be blessed from time to time so your well-wishes and prayers are definitely making a difference! This week, I have at least one weekday off which I'm putting together a list of things to get done. In other news:

Burger King partners with a third party to accept SIX types of cryptos for 40 stores in Venezuela. I pray they'll consider DOGE to be added to this excellent list, but it's an awesome start.

Bitcoin and Litecoin continue receiving high regards going forth. I'd entertain seeing further improvements to both, so time will tell. As of this submission, I'm watching 8.1k+ and nearly 51 USD respectively.

As of January 11th, MWC has been trading crazy on HotBit dot io, yet their nodes are being resynched on that very exchange. Andy Hoffman hints to remain patient, his latest statement on Telegram early this morning in America;
 "Clearly, the HotBit techs are far les active over the weekend - which in East Asia, where they are located, is rapidly approaching its end. But I assure you, MWC network security is a top priority, as HotBit clearly has a MAJOR opportunity to become the leading trader of what may well be a top 10 coin in a year or 2. Thus far, they have been extremely helpful and responsive, and I expect a similar, extremely positive outcome this time, too. And now that hash rate has surged, network security is correcting itself, making HotBit's job much easier. Given MWC's incredibly bullish fundamentals, I anticipate a powerful buying surge when HotBit inevitably re-opens MWC withdrawals. I've benefited greatly from taking that risk - as part of an overall crypto risk management strategy, of course. What you choose to do, is entirely up to you! And as for potential sellers, please watch the OTC discord channel, where buyers have been at least as large as sellers."

HEX continues to garner "Hexcitement" at different levels. Their community continues to roll out new charts and sites showing the potential of this release. Richard Heart continues to emphasize the Howey Rule, despite all the new activity from over 2k new users in the Telegram HEX chat. Personally, I'll give this more time to mature. I don't expect a crazy pumpfest for now as MWC is putting on.

Why does Real ID even exist if the States won't allow consistent reporting of ALL information? Yes, illegals not being allowed to be viewed for ICE for deportation, yet Real ID wants and codifies under LAW, all sorts of identifying information. For Security Theater and additional government control, of course!

McAfee disappoints as he drops his 1 million USD = BTC (after doubling up just a month or two ago, BTW!) so he loses plenty of respect and has no intention of eating his manhood on national TV. The manipulating traders wanted this, but his capitulation will likely impact the space, at least short-term.

Cointelegraph's William Suberg wrote this facinating story on how today's generations will inherit much from Boomers as myself. This humble blogger is caught somewhere in the middle of this as my first decade as a HODLer becomes complete by late this Spring. There's much I could chime in about here. Bitcoin Maximalist vs viable Alts, Easier apps and means of crypto acquisition/spending vs increasing tech and building of crypto economy, security of one's HODLings vs the exchanges and traders vying ultimately for fiat. Definitely a buffet for this Food for Thought.

UPDATE: On Don Imus'es obituary. The last one you saw was in my own words. AllAccess released their Obit on Imus which is far more informative. Pop some corn as there's many outside the broadcasting industry who may enjoy this!

JOHN DONALD “DON” IMUS, a radio host, humorist, philanthropist and writer, and a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS BROADCASTING HALL OF FAME, passed away after complications from prostate cancer at the age of 79. He died FRIDAY morning (12/27) at BAYLOR SCOTT and WHITE MEDICAL CENTER in COLLEGE STATION, TX after being hospitalized on CHRISTMAS EVE.

IMUS, who famously feuded with his former WNBC colleague HOWARD STERN for years, made his name as one of the first of the personality radio hosts first in CLEVELAND and then, in NEW YORK at WNBC and then, after the station was sold to EMMIS COMMUNICATIONS and changed its calls to WFAN.

Born JULY 23rd, 1940, in RIVERSIDE, CA, to a ranching family, raised on a sprawling piece of land dubbed THE WILLOWS near KINGMAN, AZ. IMUS served as a bugler in the MARINE CORPS, then served as a brakeman on the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD. Upon winning a talent contest at JOHNNY OTIS’ nightclub, he began working as a singer/songwriter, managed by OTIS. Listening to a local DJ one morning, he went to the nearby station and persuaded the owner to hire him, beginning his radio career on JUNE 28th, 1968, at KUTY in PALMDALE, CA. The following year, he left for a job at KJOY, a small station in STOCKTON, CA, where he was fired for saying “hell” on the air. From there, he developed his playful persona at KXOA in SACRAMENTO, CA, where he would prank call a restaurant and order 1,200 burgers to go. One of his major influences was CALIFORNIA radio personality DON MacKINNON.

Following a stint at WGAR in CLEVELAND, IMUS moved to NEW YORK’s WNBC radio in DECEMBER, 1971, recording three record albums, two for RCA (“1200 Hamburgers To Go,” which included some of his more popular stunts at KXOA, WGAR and WNBC, and “One Sacred Chicken To Go With Anthrax,” a studio-created effort centering on his satirical character, The Right Reverend Dr. Billy Sol Hargis) and one for BANG (“This Honky’s Nuts,” his stand-up routine recorded live at the MANHATTAN night club JIMMY’S, and an answer record to RICHARD PRYOR’s “That Nigger’s Crazy”). There was also a 1973 single, “Son Of Checkers,” which went to #123 in RECORD WORLD.

“IMUS In The Morning” became part of a national broadcast in the fall of 1973, with a SATURDAY night segment rotating between WOLFMAN JACK, ROBERT W. MORGAN and IMUS.

IMUS was first fired by WNBC in AUGUST, 1977, as part of an attempt to revamp the station’s sound and boost ratings, so he returned to CLEVELAND, doing afternoon drive on WHK, which merited a front-page story in the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER. During this time, he commuted between CLEVELAND and NEW YORK, where he was taping a TV talk show, “IMUS Plus,” for WNEW-TV, nationally syndicated by METROMEDIA.

By SEPTEMBER 1979, IMUS was hired back by WNBC, which revived his morning drive show, and where he formed an uneasy partnership with HOWARD STERN as fellow bad boys of radio under the slogan, “If We Weren’t So Bad (We Wouldn’t Be So Good)".

IMUS’ best-known character was Billy Sol Hargis, a radio evangelist who headed the “First Church Of The Gooey Death And Discount House Of Worship.” In 1981, IMUS published the best-selling novel, “God’s Other Son,” whose subject was Hargis. The novel was reprinted in 1994, spending seven weeks on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list. Other IMUS characters included the GM Geraldo Santana Banana (played by doo-wop singer LARRY CHANCE) and Moby Worm, a monster who devoured local schools.

IMUS also served as the announcer for GERALDO RIVERA’s monthly TV series, “Good Night, AMERICA,” and was one of the first VJs on the new VH1 cable network in 1985.

When WNBC was sold to EMMIS BROADCASTING on OCTOBER 7th, 1988, the station signed off the air and was replaced at 660 AM by Sports station WFAN, which moved from 1050 AM. “IMUS In The Morning” remained, becoming nationally syndicated in 1993 and simulcasting on MSNBC in 1996, where the radio personality’s signature cowboy hat became a frequent sight. At that time, after overcoming cocaine and alcohol addictions, IMUS reshaped his show from strictly comedy into a forum for politics, charitable causes and news-based parodies, taking much of his inspiration from his rival, HOWARD STERN.

IMUS’ outspokenness landed him in the press, whether it was calling RUSH LIMBAUGH “a fat, pill-popping loser,” LESLEY STAHL “a gutless, lying weasel” or TUCKER CARLSON “a bow-tie-wearing little pussy.” In 2007, IMUS came under heat when he described members of the RUTGERS UNIVERSITY women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos,” forced to defend himself against charges of racism. The outcry led MSNBC to announce they would no longer simulcast “IMUS In The Morning” and CBS RADIO to cancel the show immediately after several sponsors pulled their advertising.

CBS later settled with IMUS on his reported $40 million contract, while KIA VAUGHN, one of the women involved, filed suit against IMUS, NBC UNIVERSAL, CBS CORPORATION, MSNBC, CBS RADIO, VIACOM, WESTWOOD ONE and IMUS sidekick BERNARD McGUIRK, citing slander, libel and defamation of character, though she later dropped the action.

IMUS signed a deal with CITADEL in NOVEMBER, 2007, for a multi-year syndication contract where the show would be based at WABC in NEW YORK, with another agreement signed with RFD-TV to simulcast the show on cable. In 2008, he signed an agreement with FOX BUSINESS NETWORK to simulcast his morning show, which lasted until MAY, 2015. In MARCH, 2009, IMUS was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer. His show continued to be syndicated nationally by CUMULUS MEDIA.

IMUS won four MARCONI AWARDS, three for Major Market Personality Of The Year in 1990, 1992 and 1997 and one for Network Syndicated Personality. He was inducted into the NATIONAL RADIO HALL OF FAME in 1989, while TALKERS MAGAZINE ranked him one of the 25 greatest radio talk show hosts of all time.

IMUS officially announced on JANUARY 22nd, 2018 he was retiring from radio. "Turn out the lights, the party's over," he said at the time of his last radio broadcast on MARCH 29th, 2018..

IMUS’ philanthropic activities included running the IMUS RANCH for kids with cancer near RIBERA, NM, until selling it, raising money for the TOMORROWS CHILDREN FUND, the CJ FOUNDATION FOR SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), AMERICA’s veterans and their care, autism studies and environmental concerns.

IMUS is survived by his wife DEIRDRE, their sons FREDERICK WYATT and LT. ZACHARY DON CATES, two daughters, ASHLEY and ELIZABETH, and two adopted stepdaughters, NADINE and TONY, from his first marriage, and three grandchildren.

This craziness is what happens when you tame a coyote and mix it with a cat, both growing up together. It's just a minute long but there's little boredom with these two.

Reptilian Buffet... YUMMY! Then, there's the sexy reptilian, responsible for helping restore a portion of the tortoises' population in the Galapagos of Ecuador. Quite the stud!

Jaime, you're showing us how it's done! Don't doubt yourself. If you double up on your goals, I won't doubt your tenacity nor will most if not all my readers. YOU GO, GIRL!

Tweet of the Week honors go to Andrew Fleischman. Brilliantly stated commentary on the US Health Care mess. Many of us "feel" this one!

That's it for now. Somehow, the world keeps spinning as I await the next huge snowstorm here in Oil Town, but Texas got their welcomed white stuff, enough that Denton made a Twitter Trend! Sadly, Dallas proper missed out on most of the fun. Be careful out there and as warranted, I'll jump back in with any special updates.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!
 Welcome to a NEW Decade! 2020 has arrived around the Globe. The previous years' blogs are now archived for year 2019 at the top of the webpage, along back to 2017.

Do I have any predictions as to how Bitcoin and other alts will behave for the next 365 days? (Yes, this is a Leap Year) I believe we'll see a lot of irrational action as I still agree with Richard Heart that Bitcoin suffers a China Syndrome, their miners having to simply sell what they're earning to pay the bills. There may be additional infrastructure being made with the upcoming Bitcoin economy and additional focus on Lightning Network, but if few are using it in the economy and simply HODLing it for that Big Dump for fiat, we'll see additional volatility. Furthermore, LN still carries risks of coin loss, despite assurances I've gotten from one maximalist. That person won't suffer the same as I would from coin loss! If anything, he benefits just as I have from others having lost coins along the way since I began HODLing since Spring, '10. I will say I have taken Jimmy Snow's survey and saved my answers in .JPG format. I answered 20k+ BTC in USD and 300+ USD in ETH. Litecoin will likely follow suit in pricing via Bitcoin. I've saved those survey answers in .JPG to prove how I answered these and likely will show these at the end of the year, SOMEPLACE on my website, God Willing.

Could Bitcoin reach the 2MM USD Mark before the end of this year? Time will tell! It's Bitcoin after all. I have some doubts due to newcomers HEX and MWC. The latter gives you until midnight PST 1/2/2020 if you have not yet claimed your airdrop of MWC you initially made back in July, last year! You must have the addresses' Private Key in your wallet or other hardware wallet, using a wallet capable of signing a statement, then the exact password you used back in July to make that claim. Even if you miss the deadline, you can still sign up on and trade BTC for MWC while the latter remains extremely cheap. The MWC HODL program is nearing release, so stay tuned for your opportunity to add to your MWC stash.

An UPDATE on reasonings that YouTube has shut down so many crypto channels. Nevermind that warnings were not given to many of the influencers as YouTube simply offers their platform. How many times must I indicate that there's free cheese in a mousetrap?

Our United Nations wants You! You're no longer good enough for Uncle Sam when your taxpayer-funded United Nations wants paramilitary with experience to disarm us useless, gutless, apathetic Americans with behind-the-scenes blessings of the socialist elites! Does the UN offer a VA or any benefits, other than raping and/or pillage of the masses? You're a scumbag if you even consider such as worthy, no matter how much freshly-printed script they offer! We're already watching Virginia become a primary Second Amendment Sanctuary, (hey, if illegal aliens are good enough to protect by gutless Dems for their votes and promises {to be BROKEN!} of FREE SHIT) then what's good for the goose is also good for the gander! Remember, their freshly-elected Dems the voters of the Commonwealth foolishly voted in have threatened the National Guards' deployment to de-arm the sheeple population, no less!

Disarmament and Reintegration? I don't even need to spew any obscenities or profanities as to what these Useless Nincompoops can do with their UN, the same organization whose troops impregnated many desperate Haitian girls for basic necessities, then left them all behind to fend for themselves. You lefties want to ignore this and allow for a forced disarmament and reintegration of Americans? You're the bigger of Fools if you're a poor lefty who believes your leaders have your backs! They're equally guilty, if not more so, of supporting the War Machine! Those BOOOOOing the POTUS during Game 5 of the World Series in the Swamp, plus the jackass who spiked a profanity on DC's Fox 5 after the Nationals won the Series should be proof enough of their >90% Dem support. 'Nuff Said!

At least other states are trying to undo Maryland's attempt at utopia. The nation has already seen where it's taken it to!

Don Imus passed at age 79 on Friday 12/27. What an incredible guy for the airwaves! Growing up on a family ranch near Prescott, AZ gave him cowboy logic, yet he mixed in so much political incorrectness and pranks along the way. He was the precursor to other radio greats, including Howard Stern (they occasionally appeared on each other's shows) and let me tell you as a person who spent 15 years behind the microphone in a cut-throat competitive field - that spoke volumes about mutual respect. Often, I felt so damned out of place in broadcasting, especially the smaller markets I worked. Although never on-the-air in a talk format, it was fortunate for me as he was there, proudly hatted. We had quite a bit in common, although we never met!

Having Don in this world where stereotypes often define a person was fantastic for me! I found the main disappointment was the racial nonsense regarding the Rutgers' women's basketball team. I doubt he meant as harshly as he did, but it caused him significant problems that he matured from and rebounded two years later. If you're not familiar, he could be very caustic, yet had a soft side to his veneer. The famous often tuned in and were guests on his show as he was truly intelligent, smashing barriers when you consider his beginnings. He was a cancer fighter, although that likely did him in. I wish his health would've allowed him to continue with what he pursued, especially toward his Ranch outreach to children. After all, his active role in what he founded resulted in having added Zachary to his family. Proof that significant progress has been made in the fight against leukemia.

Sadly, there will never be another Don Imus. Your radio will never again "suck" in the morning in the unique way that cowboy could lay it on the 'waves. He's survived by wife Deirdre, sons Wyatt & Zachary, daughters Nadine, Ashley, Elizabeth and Toni. They've lost a close, incredible achiever and the nation has lost one of their on-air finest. RIP Don.

As earlier mentioned, the hardest thing is to predict what crypto will do during 2020. Bitcoin has plenty of catching-up to do if McAfee doesn't want to lose significant face in eating his pecker on national TV, especially with him on the run from the IRS. He's a big-enough fish they pay attention to, after all. He's gone up the ante to 2MM USD.

Many thanks for reading! Unlike major portals who would give me strikes, then silence me - I'm going to state what I state to an audience willing to read it on a platform I pay for. There is no reason to warn me into silence as long as I'm telling what I believe to be the honest, simple truth. As long as these well-wishers don't threaten me with harm, I'll be kind enough not to block them for that matter. Once I've stated something, it rarely gets deleted. I think you know that about me by now! Finally, Epstein didn't kill himself, nor shall I! I went through a severe depression in my teenage years which I nearly took my own life. I need not bring up the events leading to it, nor do I dwell on it. Occasionally, I offer whatever discouragement I can to hopefully prevent someone, likely I've never met, in ending their own life. A spiritual intervention took place at that last moment some 40 years ago and I rallied from that point. It's a means that I use to witness to Him. I have a strong-enough social net that if something significant were amiss, they'd KNOW!

Even my own grandmother told me of how she came back to Earth after she passed while in the hospital. Likely an angel, it spoke that her time wasn't up. She came back and enjoyed a full life, even helping me at times I was ill-financed. There was a PURPOSE in her return which He wanted to see fulfilled. There is no doubt a purpose in mine, yet to be fully realized. This is one reason I'm not at all concerned if my life is taken by someone, even if they obfuscate the scene and any witnesses to conceal the reality by those with significant power. He exists and will be the final judge as there's no hiding one's serious misdeeds. That "Sky God" is MY God!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,