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Greetings, Y'all!,
What a holiday season this has been. I'm here at the new digs in a new county with plenty to be thankful for and not so bad a Christmas when the whole picture is viewed. I'm sorry you've heard so little from me, yet I celebrate a move well-completed! As expected, I've patiently awaited new, high-speed internet and it should arrive soon. The process of getting it will be way different than most will ever experience. A new tower which I'll purchase and own will soon be erected close to the highest spot of my property. Literally, I own the highest natural point on the entire section and contains a USGS survey marker, an Easter Egg I can't legally disturb, yet even among my friends, it gives me certain bragging rights. Last week, I submitted paperwork to allow access to the property by a well-established internet service provider. Their tower specialist is well-experienced and the agreement overall was written well. I've been assured that I should have some of the fastest available data in the entire county when this is completed. I'll also have plenty of appreciative newcomers whose individual microwave dishes will aim at a location under a quarter-mile from my house. Electricity? They'll provide that, but not to me. I won't require grid electric.

Hopefully, it gets constructed and operational during January, the tower will also host my UHF repeater and a specialized 915 Mhz device, both hopefully appearing before early Summer. To my critics, I'm aware of the FCC 33cm band limitations in both CO, WY yet I'm well north of the 42nd parallel. I will have an external enclosure provided for the repeater and both will be solar powered with the appropriate battery storage and current controller. It won't be my only tower as I'm planning a similar one at the house for my HF and certain other VHF/UHF goodies. Rocky Mountain Power is now keenly aware of issues on their system. I created a video on 12/9 documenting that its somewhere on their end. To now, I haven't complained about this publicly since I'd like to resolve it in-house so to speak, yet I won't wait forever. At this time, I can't upload the video to my site due to the lack of bandwidth and I need to save whatever "mobile tethering" my device gives me. I ran out of available data on Christmas Day and getting it restored for now has been quite the chore as it was last time. Trust that if I can't get a decently quiet noise floor for HF that the ham community will hear it from my hilltop. For now, there's just one transformer remaining and waiting to be located which causes nearly 90% of my noise issues due to nearly-continuous arcing. When the 120 Hz buzzsaw disappears for a few seconds, the noise is BELOW S1 throughout HF and distant signals magically appear! My ham rig works properly, most electrical stuff in the home is working properly too, although an electrician is to conduct a throuogh inspection of these circuits, come Spring.

Higher HF bands hold some promise for now. I can receive PSK31 but don't yet have the TX portion worked out. I should be able to work both CW & fone 20M and up before the noisy transformer is located and replaced. I'm hearing more activity on 17M & 15M. The CB'ers on 27.025 (ch 6) gives DX'ers some Holiday Cheer and hope for mankind that 10M FM repeaters (29.62 -> 29.68) soon reappear on legacy scanners, so blow off the dust and find an appropriate antenna. For most of us, it won't be too hard to do. One signficant solar cycle netted many repeaters in the Caribbean and Costa Rica. It can happen on 6M if the Transequitorial E-layer "skip" is going good.

I got some Christmas goodies and even bought a few things, but nothing all that valuable. Mostly stuff which I need for upcoming projects as antenna building and things I'll eventually connect to the towers. I will install beam antennas toward Casper, hopefully so I can receive NBC on-air. I can confirm receiving the ATSC "beacon" or carrier signals from three of Casper's full-power TV stations here, RF 14, 17 & 20 on a handie talkie from my doorstep, thus a decent beam antenna on a tower some 40' higher should prove fruitful. Making a circularly-polarized 137 Mhz antenna is important for several reasons as that'll be the main antenna on my scanner. Most people have gotten rid of their scanners because more and more law enforcement agencies throw in the convenient excuse of "Officer Safety" having scrambled their communications, not even needing to throw that in when an entire state encourages a P25 trunked system as Wyoming does via WyoLink. With fewer landlines, most having been replaced with ubiquitous cellphones, there's less signals to snoop in on than 30 years ago. When possible, I record satellite photos from NOAA's 15, 18 & 19 which use the VHF satellite band, as the listening passband is wide enough to record and display, yet drops out briefly at least twice per pass due to polarization issues for now.

I listen mostly for aircraft of all types and track them using FlightRadar24. Some jet planes are over 200 miles from me and both the elevation and nice horizon helps. Because aviation uses AM, sometimes reception is affected by the problematic, arcing transformer on distant flights. Railroads still operate unencrypted so I tune them in as well. A handful of county services requiring a dispatcher can also remain unencrypted and are in my radio as I find them. I'm also planning on a second antenna, UHF for the home tower to be patched in through an antenna "splitter" or transformer, adding to the signal from the not-so-polarized one. Occasionally, I listen in on GMRS walkie talkies, but not all can be received here due to hills shielding much of Richards Street. This also has a bearing on my proposed UHF repeater and I'm developing a solution which for me is fairly simple; A cross-band handy talkie, small solar panel, battery storage, weatherproofed containment and permission to site it someplace to cover what the repeater cannot. Stay Tuned for more as Casper ARC may be invited to participate, that providing a means they can communicate here.

I have some anti-vax ranting to do later. I also have a powerful, new incentive to lose weight and am thankful I bought a new bathroom scale, just in time for my latest liver cleanse. I have truly stacked on some weight, despite having fasted up to 3 days at a time! No wonder I have a few mobility issues beginning to crop up and breathing is more a chore than usual, but I'm doing more of the right things, especially getting outside and patrolling my 40 acre spread. Bear in mind, it requires an entire mile to hike the entire perimeter, each leg of the square being 1320'. I won't disclose the specifics of my weight or other specifics the scale revealed for now. Instead, I'll do this during Summer, just before my next trip to Lazy L&B near Dubois (Fremont County) where I'll spend a week in the saddle and just having a fantastic time. Losing 20 pounds will allow me to get back in several pair of blue jeans which have been cleaned and anticipating a slimmer human to fit in 'em again, yet I need to lose significantly MORE! I don't need to throw away things still in good shape when I can do something about my situation that results in results. Nuff said, but Stay Tuned as my New Year's Resolution begins January 1st, 2022.

For now, Senator Lummis doesn't disappoint! I knew she'd reappear with a new crypto bill proposal for 2022, which she's seeking co-sponsorships with fellow Senators. Those outside the Cowboy State, please get in touch with your congressional Senators regarding this! As mentioned months back, Cynthia has heard her fellow Senators state they didn't know they had constituents involved in crypto. The fact they learn this will make our collective voices far more powerful in this space as we go forward.

Anti-vaxxing in regards to COVID remains a rather Hot Potato here. Douglas has had open protests and numerous signage around and close to the city regarding No Mandates. Wyoming is among the least-vaxxed of states and may be among the last to ever cave in. Besides, we're armed well enough that I doubt the Outsiders can slam-dunk us without a significant fight. More data continues to come out on the mRNA technology, proven to be quite a failure when first tested decades ago. There are many important questions each of you should be asking yourselves before considering receiving even a single jab;
  1) Why doesn't your medical doctor general practitioner dispense this? Here in Wyoming, the Health Department continues dispensing them, but so does Safeway and the other pharmacies around the state. Alex Jones makes a rather strong case that Big Pharma carefully considered many factors, especially of the patient/doctor relationship! As is, expect these corporate hospitals to suffer a major backlash of lost trust as more people die slow deaths from the side-effects of COVID vaccines. As Alex predicts, some who received their jabs at a public place, such as in Casper at Eastside Mall (half the year, vacant, until the Halloween Store reopens) they'll find nothing left of the "staff" who jabbed their loved ones or themselves, spare having anyone they can possibly hold legally accountable, either criminally or civil. This was carefully crafted to placate public anger and likely instill more hopelessness.

  2) Whenever you visit any provider of vaccination services, do you EVER, EVER ask for the small insert the vaccine comes in? Federal law mandates this be provided to you upon request, although it was learned during the early months of the COVID jabs that it was a blank sheet!! The only possible justification I grant it is the EUA or Emergency Use Authorization which the vaccines were authorized with in the first place. Now we learn that Pfizer wants to keep their secret sauce as such; SECRET! If it's indeed "safe and effective" as all media continue to tout, why can't informed consent be dispensed before the jabs in the first place? Furthermore, why is Pfizer being allowed 75 years to dispense all the results of the vaccines, yet it took a mere 108 days or so for it to receive the EUA? Thousands of deaths have already been disclosed on the two weeks of released papers which InfoWars often discloses in detail. Parents, teach your kids to start asking the same of vaccine insert sheets, even if they don't fully comprehend what it's about. Education and resulting Knowledge being utilized is still, KING!

  3) More and more jurisdictions seem to be jabbing our children without parental consent. If you as a parent are affected by this, do you have any legal recourse in your jurisdiction(s)? If your children are attending public schools, you had best start asking such questions, NOW!! I've already heard one report when one child was pryed with a piece of pizza for his jab at his school! Remember, this is a gene therapy technology which instructs ribosomes in cells throughout your body to produce the spike protein that causes havoc throughout the body, especially to the reproductive organs, more so to females, often leading to sterilization. Receiving the jabs is no different than contracting AIDS in the way that the jab(s) is/are NOT reversible! Dr. Malone who created mRNA technology strongly discourages jabs for children as most young people simply won't be affected significantly through catching COVID. Besides, even if you as a parent are worried of catching it through your kids, you'll certainly be at far more risk if they're already vaxxed.

  4) But..but..but, isn't being vaxxed a good thing? If you're elderly and/or affected by significant issues which COVID isn't at all kind to, such as obesity, then perhaps getting a vax will put some at ease, especially if you're beyond reproductive years and/or capable of producing offspring. If you or a loved one winds up in the hospital's killing machine, please, PLEASE do not accept rendesivir! (sp?? ren-des-eh-veer' is how pronounced) as it is known to shut down your kidneys and you'll build up fluids, thus the ventilator intubates you and you don't recover from, because you suffocated. The Death Certificate will state that COVID-19 with renal failure were the causes of death. See how this utterly intelligent CDC "protocol" the hospitals are forced to utilize, works? They haven't changed it, haven't they?? Doctors are essentially scared shitless of losing their hospital privileges, sometimes their medical licenses in regard to prescribing, if they don't follow such to the stinking last letter. Although I'm not involved in medicine and this isn't medical advice (Do Your Own Research) I'd personally opt for ivermectin, HCQ, or the one thing still off the FDA's radar screen for confiscation in the Postal Mails (even when legally prescribed, if you can believe that!) The Z-Stack, which contains quercitin, is very OTC, yet this supplement contains the correct amounts. Taken when symptoms first appear, this simply works stellar! It contains what's required to retard or otherwise stifle development of COVID. Again, ask questions and use whatever critical thinking skills you possess. The latter in particular may save the lives of your loved ones and yourself!

Didn't I tell you months ago, about how these two nations already have their own means of trading internally, separate from SWIFT?? This story puts all the pieces together, better than I can describe. It seems Biden didn't get the memo since much of it was developed during Trump's term. My Bottom Line: This may well begin WW III because certain, powerful internationally-connected conglomerates will become separated economically. Furthermore, this will BREAK APART many connections of the USD, beginning the process of it losing its Reserve Currency status as more nations become dollar-free, sensing the freedom to be gained.

HEX crypto pumped twice value, 100% IN A WEEK! It remains around the 30 cent mark for now, awaiting more news from PulseChain. PulseX (UniSwap fork) sacrifice phase should start very shortly, around year's end. Those with HEX awaiting PulseChain mainnet, remain patient! I keep hearing of distant light appearing on this journey through the tunnel.

This story gives each of us excellent insight on SIM swap theft issues. Consider locking your SIM if you have even a single crypto wallet or banking app on your phone, more so if you're amongst the high income crowd. Too many service "tradfi" or traditional finance providers today require 2FA or Second Factor Authorization. Stealing one's SIM and put on a phone they control, allows incredible control of your accounts your phone hosts! It makes you into a juicy target for phishers and scammers. Frankly, I hate seeing anyone winding up with a $0 balance from something meant as secure, yet they don't follow up with customers they mandated using the service, spare charging them fees whenever electing away from electronic records.

Quote of the Holidays - "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, it would be Xmas everyday." - Whopper Goldberg


Greetings y'all,

 Well, the Big Moving Day is today! Not everything gets moved, though. Only the big stuff, thus the name. I spent most of the day planning what will be moved and what stays here in Oil City for now. I will pick up the moving van in the morning and the hired help arrives a bit later. Actually, they had to delay an hour so that's VERY GOOD for me! I expect the entire event, including the stopover at my storage unit then to the new digs, to be no more than 4 hours total. The computer I'm typing on won't be fully disconnected, but there won't be a table it sits on until it gets moved late in the month. Expect a delay on followups on this Blog until around or after Thanksgiving. If I happen to view and respond on Twitter or email, it'll likely be through my phone until the final day this modem processes the last byte at the end of the month. Spectrum, it was nice to know you and even nicer to get rid of your constant marketing! For the last damn time, I do not want your TV or the retarded rebroadcast fees (up to 18 bucks monthly, they note in the Fine Print) the local channels demand. I'm so grateful to be OUT of that Media Mess!

Bitcoin falls below 60k as of this submission. ETH also down below 4.4k and HEX? Wavering around 23.5 pennies. Quite a few expect HEX to remain stagnant until PulseChain arrives. We still await Testnet v2 and RH mentions PulseChain rollout sometime after that. I didn't catch on his latest YouTube stream if he will have a snapshot announcement, yet I don't blame him in the slightest if he conveniently skips that to thwart off persistent scammers. I remind all Hexicans and my onboards to be particularly wary of any holiday promises, either today or 12/2 regarding HEX/PulseChain, except if coming from official sources on the Web or @RichardHeartWin on Twitter. As noted above, this move likely spells a dip in my internet usage. You'll get the fastest responses either by phone if you have my #, my SMS may or may not work, so don't depend on texting for at least most of November. Instead, if you use Telegram and already have me on your list, try that first if texting. My phone needs desperate cleanups to free quite a bit of space, including moving images galore to my backup HD.

Oh my damn. No, this wasn't from Wyoming. Scoot it down almost a screen and note the 13 year old with an AR-15. WHY would a kid use one to rid of prairie dogs when very cheap and easily-obtainable 22 rounds are available and capable of solving this problem??

With Kenosha, WI being the epicenter of what's wicked, there are mysterious bricks showing up. You know, the same mysterious bricks of ACME BRICK which showed throughout major cities where BLM protests were taking place. It's interesting that nobody has security video which shows who is dropping these, nor are there efforts being made to physically remove them from these dropoff points to prevent nefarious use in the first place. Some have tried in vain to determine a responsible party, but apparently the BLM Corporation has some rather powerful interests preventing this information from getting out. At least National Guardsmen are on hand, there. Day Two (Wednesday) wrapped without a verdict. They're back together today (Thursday) to hopefully reach a just conclusion. A few parties are already predicting the jurors may well move FAR away. Reportedly, someone with a very sharp definition camera has been releasing images of them and who knows the Real ID system has already matched them up for easy ID and picking! Now are some of you wondering why in the hell I raised the Hell I did about Oklahoma caving in the Tenth Amendment which protected it? I WARNED YOU LONG AGO!

On the COVID front, 118% of Gibraltar is vaccinated! Why would I lie to you? There, it means all the adult population is vax'xed and the remaining 18% are Spaniards who are vax'xed as well, visiting the British island. Christmas is officially cancelled over their latest spike in infections, caused of course by the vaccinated. Alex Jones and InfoWars, you're vindicated!

The Thought of the Week? Oh my!


Men will simultaneously flush a toilet AND pee in it, just to see if we can beat the water in a race.
You're not supposed to know this.
Do with that information what you will.

That's it for now, thanks for your prayers and moral support. Winter at the new digs will remain a challenge on several fronts. I await a plumber on Friday and still have a few loose ends here in Casper to tend to. As of the end of this Blog being uploaded, the computer gets disconnnected a short while. At least the trash service is going! First load gets picked up at the new digs today.

May you and yours enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving next week! I have much to be thankful for. Avoid the jabs if possible, especially if meant for your children!! Ignore the mockingbird media and consult your critical thinking. That Bullshit Monitor sixth sense shouldn't be dismissed.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings y'all,

And a Happy Veterans Day to all who have served. My move to the new digs continues. So far, it looks promising for next weeks' BMD or Big Moving Day. Today, a new tooth implant got put in and it's doing fine. Think of how difficult it is to forget a dental appointment on 11-11 at 11AM! It's been months of healing since one problematic tooth decided to break apart in the Spring. Although it cost thousands to get this put in place and required two levels of dental care, hopefully it proves worthy. The electrical buzz at the new digs remains intermittent, although not as nasty as before. The case remains open due to my continued issues of S9-level noise on my ham radio. When this intermittent mess disappears, absolute bliss results, especially if certain ham bands are open and I can catch some DX (distance) stations. Of course I plan to expand my antennas during next Spring/Summer, including a hefty, self-supporting tower on the high point. I'm keeping my neighbor in the loop since their fence would have some risk of teardown, depending on how I get it installed. It looks very favorable that it won't be a factor, but I'll let the concrete crew help me decide this in regard to siting the structure.

I'm also reaching out to get both heaters and a generator installed from the recently-installed propane tank which is also filled. So far, no threats of winter storms over the next week although spending more time at the new digs will bear down on my patience without reliable broadband internet. I'm still awaiting when one local provider adds a new tower which can then serve me. At least trash service gets going next Monday and then I'll schedule a radon mitigation service to come out and fit up an exhaust system for the home. Gradually, it's coming together! I'll be out of Casper after Thanksgiving. There are several who I'm thankful for and I thank each of you for visiting this blog throughout the year.

HEX has been quite the rollercoaster over the last 36 hours or so. Clay C. of, a co-founder who put HEX under a microscope and re-ranked the token has made yet another tweak as to how the market cap is measured. It pissed off many Hexicans, yet has achieved something amazing! It seemed to seal off the bottom slide and HEX has been on a beautiful rebound, since! We're now firmly above 24 cents after touching 15.5 cents early Tuesday morning. Overall, I'm not against what Clay decided to do regarding HEX, as long as he remains consistent and open-minded to each coin which ranks high enough to warrant such scrutiny. In fact, with HEX having gone down to #22 then rebounded to #9 as of this submission, it may well be the kick in the balls that the community needed. With that said, monitor carefully for RH's next live stream. He's proming us one when he gets rid of his consistent cough as we suspect he caught COVID or something similar. No, the run-of-the-mill flu hasn't disappeared! Australia, you'd be wise not to forget that. FYI, The 11/18 PulseChain launch date most have been hearing about is STRICTLY RUMOR! Now to the short links, they've returned. Yay!!

Clif High gives us a list of considerations regarding if you had the Vaccine and worried of the multitude of side effects.

A UK funeral director speaks out on the aftereffects of COVID19.

Want to vote for Coindesk's Most Influential for 2021? Senator Lummis, I voted for you a year ago. You EASILY earned my vote for this poll, too!

Quote of the Week: "I have seen a lot of weird food combos in my time as a waitress but putting ketchup in your oatmeal ranks up there in the top 3." - @BayleeWilson on Twitter

A face in the clouds? You decide.

That's it for now. Note that I may not be on here much before Thanksgiving due to my potential lack of internet or too much time being spent at my new digs. Nevertheless, even with the Big Guy screwing up so many things in the Swamp, many of us are very thankful for our Vets and for the fortunate things going on in our lives. Don't take those for granted!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings y'all,
 It remains a busy time as changes are happening around my new homestead. It looks like I'll need to get further assessment on my ongoing radio frequency interference issues there, despite responses from my electric provider. I'm still unsure of the core issue, although one home breaker circuit is now isolated and remains off until Spring when it gets an electricians' full attention. I've created a video where all external electricity was shut off to the structure (no others on the property are yet wired) with an HF rig connected to a 12V battery source and a strong, nearby electrical buzz noted. This occurs day and night and for ham rigs, prevents all but the strongest stations from being heard, an S9 being usual level for me. It's for this reason I couldn't continue my participation in the CQ WW sweepstakes contest, held through today. I heard many Canadian and Central American stations with a handful of South America receiveable. My temporary dipole tunes wonderfully and I've worked a number of domestic and Canadian hams already during the absence of the buzz noise. Significant antenna improvements should happen during Spring.

One of the factors in my decision to locate where I did is the excellent RF (radio frequency) horizon, especially for HF bands. I can view nearly all my neighbors from the house and all can be seen from the property high point, it being the highest spot on the entire section! Some portions of the city I'm near are shaded on VHF/UHF due to some hills, yet are close enough that any ham with enough power should be able to work my future UHF repeater from most anywhere in its jurisdiction. I'm also the only licensed ham in my specific grid, according to gridmapper. I'll apply for a frequency pair sometime this Winter in the 70cm band for the repeater which might get some use. At least one area of the property is being planned for a 100' self-supporting tower it'll go on, the shop and old barn to get nice improvements, come Spring. For now, I have a newly-placed propane tank with intentions of a generator the propane will power whenever the grid goes out. Two other parties will come out to setup the generator and set up the brick heaters for the lower level, respectively. More to come.

Recently, a 16-year old high school junior attending Laramie High School, was suspended again for refusal to wear a mask on school premises. Grace Smith refused to leave after her latest suspension and was then arrested and charged with trespassing. In background audio captured from the event, you can clearly hear the instructions to remain in class as the school was on LOCKDOWN, and of course she conveniently receives the blame as many are busy gaslighting, using her as an example. Again, this isn't her first suspension at all in regard to mask mandates. Gov. Gordon allows school boards to develop these, so there is NO statewide mandate for schools, here. The biggest problem I have with this, you ask? I have reason to believe the enforcement by these school officials are targeted and inconsistent, when in a video of the suspension it was noticed another student in the immediate vicinity not wearing a mask, yet not being called out on it. Reading further in her fundraiser for legal expenses ($100k+ had been raised), her father Andy Smith stated "She has also been targeted by peers and school staff members for exercising her rights." which doesn't surprise this blogger since Albany County is effectively, politically purple and going blue due to increasing liberal bias. For those interested, her court date in Laramie is 11/16. One of the local commenters is absolutely spot-on that the situation there makes it more difficult for many students. Keep in mind, the nation's most-elevated division I football stadium is in town where the Pokes play at 7,220'! The anonymous donor noted "We're 17 miles from Laramie and over 8,000 feet in altitude. Laramie is somewhat lower but since Albany County is forcing kids to wear masks they must decree mandatory checks of students' oxygen uptake with finger oxyimeters(sp). When forced to breath (sic) co2 exhalations (breathing your exhaust all day and getting very little O2 due to thin air) how can you concentrate? Can't breath (sic) = Can't think!"

So let me ask you, is Grace the Cowboy State's first Rosa Parks? Judging by the support received, many think so! Thanks to this event, legislation HB1010 was addressed with Grace's name. It goes way farther than the Smith family as many mandates for The Jab(s) spell problems to come here and elsewhere. Wyoming Medical Center MONTHS AGO stated their intent on requiring jabs of their employees. I suspect care will suffer there, especially if the vax'xed happen to be incubating the virus, spreading it to any unvax'xed. Many are ready to issue their own FJB chants. Don't think Wyoming isn't big enough to not require a lightning rod! Our history proves to the rest of the nation, otherwise!

Relatable Quote; This pertains to the previous story, at least in my book.
 "Every person that we quote or remember today stood for something that others couldn't see." - Justice Hill (@jhill21_ on Twitter)

Weeks back, an interesting email came to my inbox which I missed before last blog, but I've been catching up. Wyomingites and Governor Gordon, have you been reading this? I can't directly link to it (from the National Inflation Association ) but these guys often speculate and pontificate on certain sectors they sense are in favor. The point I'm making with this is to not only do your research, but that cleaner-burning Wyoming coal should be in SIGNIFICANT demand right now! Can anything be done to get some if any over across the Pacific? Our trade deficit with the Chinese could be addressed in short order if the shipping container snafu can be resolved and coal being shipped there. According to an article on ZeroHedge, they continue to operate at a snail's pace, despite the new fines being levied.

So where does COAL fall into this? The following Reuters article was published literally a fortnight or more ago:

China energy crunch triggers alarm, pleas for more coal

SHANGHAI, Sept 28 (Reuters) - As a severe power crunch roils China’s northeastern industrial heartland, senior officials face mounting pressure from alarmed citizens to ramp up coal imports thick and fast in order to keep lights on, factories open and even water supplies flowing.

With electricity shortages sparked by scant coal supply crippling large sections of industry here, the governor of Jilin province, one of the hardest hit in the world's no.2 economy, called for a surge in coal imports, while a power company association said supply was being expanded "at any cost".

News organizations and social media carried reports and posts saying the lack of power in the northeast had shut down traffic lights, residential elevators and 3G mobile phone coverage as well as triggering factory shutdowns. A utility in Jilin even warned power shortages could disrupt water supplies at any time, before apologizing for causing alarm.

Cities such as Shenyang and Dalian - home to more than 13 million people - have been affected, with disruption at factories owned by suppliers to global companies like Apple and Tesla. Jilin is one of more than 10 provinces that have been forced to ration power here as generators feel the heat of soaring coal prices that they can't pass on to consumers.

Goldman Sachs estimated that as much as 44% of China’s industrial activity has been affected by power shortages, potentially causing a 1-percentage point decline in annualized GDP growth in the third quarter, and a 2-percentage point drop from October to December.

It said in a note published on Tuesday that it was cutting its 2021 GDP growth forecast for China to 7.8%, from the previous 8.2%.The power crunch has taken hold here as a shortage of coal supplies, toughening greenhouse gas emissions standards and strong demand from industry have pushed coal prices to peaks - China's thermal coal futures climbed 7% by 0500GMT on Tuesday to a record 1,324 yuan ($204.76) per tonne.

Rationing has been implemented during peak hours in many parts of northeastern China since last week, triggering state media reports of power supply disruptions in many cities and stoking concern among the country’s avid social media users.

As some shops in the northeast operated by candlelight and malls shut early, posts on China’s Twitter-like Weibo service expressed concern about water after a public utility in Jilin warned users that power shortages could hit supplies at any time.

Jilin governor Han urged companies to fulfil their 'social responsibilities' and 'overcome the difficulties' caused by coal price rises.

The China Electricity Council, which represents the country’s power suppliers, said in a note on Monday that coal-fired power companies were now 'expanding their procurement channels at any cost' in order to guarantee winter heat and electricity supplies.

Coal traders noted finding fresh import sources may be easier said than done."

UPDATE: 10/5 in my Inbox, also from National Inflation Association;

Newcastle Coal Futures have exploded by a record breaking 12.29% this evening to a new all-time high of $269.50 per tonne!

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) is up by 15.15% this evening to $0.19 per share where its market cap is now AUD$230.314 million (CAD$210.76 million).

The Donkin Coking Coal Mine's measured & indicated resource is 48.57% larger than BCB's measured & indicated resource! This means the Donkin Mine is worth $313.126 million from its resource alone but including its infrastructure and the fact Donkin is already fully permitted/developed to produce up to 3 million tonnes of saleable coking coal per year... if Donkin's owner Kameron Coal was publicly traded we believe it would currently have a market cap of $800 million!

Generally speaking, gross production royalties are almost always worth 5-10X more than equity in the same mine. If the Donkin Coking Coal Mine is worth $800 million, Morien Resources (TSXV: MOX)'s 2%-4% gross production royalty in Donkin most likely deserves a valuation equal to 20% of Donkin's equity.

MOX's Donkin Coking Coal Mine royalty should currently be valued by the market at $160 million!

Including MOX's cash plus its royalty in Vulcan Materials (VMC)'s Black Point Aggregate Project, MOX deserves a current market cap of $165 million!

With only 50.91 million shares outstanding, MOX should be trading today for $3.24 per share!

BLOGGER'S NOTE: I heard on 10/5 InfoWars broadcast, they've noticed the same thing going on. Chinese cities in their northeast are becoming desperate for COAL. This was brought up because of all the container ships on both sides of the Pacific. As mentioned, the Chinese can't presently fill on their side because of energy cuts, power in particular. Note though, coking coal as mentioned is generally used in hot manufacturing processes. Wyoming coal is cleaner for energy production due to less sulfuric content, yet not as hot as coking coal when burned.

So, let me ask what would YOU as an American gladly see? 80,000 new IRS agents the Big Guy in the Swamp wants, or the 80,000 new truckers that America needs NOW? CNN asks, yet I have part of the answers.. Why did California pass and enact a new law preventing many older trucks from entering the state? Biden wants a 24/7 port operation, but it ain't gonna do any damned good if California law doesn't get overruled by the Big Guy. Furthermore, China has too little coal in their northeast production region and likely will suffer significant power cuts or overall reductions in shippable products if they can't get the coal their plants require - from WYOMING and elsewhere, no less. A recent set of stats indicated Wyoming has increased coal sales overseas, but not by much. I heard around 8% over last year. Both Wyoming and Montana have sued for easier port access to be able to export it overseas.

GrrrGraphics has HAD IT with Patreon and has pulled their account. Ben and Tina Garrison of Montana, best known for their political cartoons, refused to cave in to the ridiculous demands of Patreon's "Trust and Safety" team to cleanse their website of "COVID misinformation" from GrrrGraphics' website which Patreon neither controls or has direct monetary investment in. One of Ben's most nerve-touching cartoons of a dead woman in the cartooned clutches of the Washington State governor was inspired by this story, aired on KOMO 4 in Seattle. Ben and Tina already have another means in which to receive support and Ben was surprised the San Francisco funds portal kept them as long as they did. It was a good six years but they got rekd by bigger fish, too. This blogger encourages you to keep that in mind before you use them.

 I've been forgetting to celebrate 20 years last month using as a domain name. It was obtained shortly after 9-11 as I sensed many major changes to come in my life. This whole time, I've kept my hosting with an OKC outfit who has seen me through thick and thin, but that doesn't mean with this simplistic-yet-functionable design of the 90's, that I allowed it to remain technically stale. I'm thanking CloudFlare for my domain being among their first 250 to be hosted, having learned about it through my continued participation in anti-spamming Project Honeypot during 2010. The corporation I think has millions of names hosted today and I no doubt saved myself much hassle through having the DDoS and other protections in place. Today, this site reguarly draws dozens of hits daily and usually 30 or so countries weekly.

The Quote of the Week comes from "curiousweb" on ZeroHedge in regard to the COVID-19 vaccinations;
 "Yet, regardless of these short term consequences, and supposedly without any idea of the long term consequences, whilst excluding, disparaging and discounting all other possible treatments, government policy continues to, intimidate, gaslight and coerce 100% of the population to take unlimited mandated jabs on an ongoing basis. At best they are risking mass genocide through criminal negligence. At worst they are doing this knowing full well the intended effect with premeditated planning."

That's it for today. Halloween is here! Spirit of Halloween, a store in the Eastside Mall here in Casper had so many visitors yesterday. Since I'm continuing my move to the new digs, those in my Inner Orbit will receive Christmas cards soon which have the new address. Some may have the new physical address which I won't release publicly and kindly request any with it not to divulge. I start a new fasting tomorrow. I don't plan to grow out a new beard anytime soon, but I'm tired of growing too much (except for wisdom and HIS grace) elsewhere.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

This submission is LONG and contains some rants and language. Read on and you'll soon figure it out. It's COVID. A real virus cluster or grouping, genetically manipulated, in which entire countries' economies have been devistated due to fear of catching it that now mutate in several forms around the world. Blame is very widespread and China is now suffering an economic turndown due to alleged release on their soil, although they would love for business as usual to return. It ain't gonna happen if the global population rejects them soundly and strives to return production, including base materials, to their respective nations.

Thus far, the one source material which the Chinese possess most are the REE's or Rare Earth Elements. I'm a former investor of many resource stocks and this fact I knew over a decade ago. REE's are utilized in various components, especially high-efficiency generators and electric motors. If REE's become too rare to work with in America and elsewhere, then electric vehicles and the sore subject of battery disposal/recycling from these will hamper present efforts from manufacturers. Furthermore, some parts of the nation simply don't have the amount of electric grid infrastructure to ensure timely delivery of these EV promises. Texas, you're likely included in this too! The Lone Star State continues to grow, grow, GROW with more Blue Staters wanting to flip it blue majority and already the major cities are purple, Austin being the Blue Beacon for what Texas may well become as California if the state grid isn't adapted to handle Texas as a WHOLE. We're learning now that FERC/NERC is twisting arms there to get the grid ready for Winter, something that grabbed Texans by the sensitive genitals back in February. Yes, coal may well have to remain as a means of energy production unless more nuclear energy solutions are employed. We in Wyoming still haven't been told where the site for the proposed nuclear power plant will be. Four are presently under consideration.

Now back to COVID; People are dying needlessly and the nation is reaching a new boiling point. Hopefully, a civil war doesn't break out over it (which the Global Elites really want) yet many families and friends are already divided over this CCP Virus, which the global population should collectively hold the Chinese as responsible and demand compensation. The terrible irony is that they may not be the sole party as there continues to surface stories of American connections to this chimera through at least two locations and it could well put some people in prison if the social resolve becomes too much that the Courts can't enforce the no-liability clause given the still-experimental vaccines, lest the Judiciary becomes overwhelmed as was allegedly the case with the November elections and our SCOTUS balking at actual justice over fear of riots! More information than ever is making it past social media, although MSM remains extremely complicit with the NIH, despite reports that NIH staffers have reportedly refused the mRNA jabs and that same report notes that Fauci himself hasn't been jabbed. InfoWars has been reporting some severely damning information, but they're not at all alone in bullhorning over this bullshit. Read further and watch a nurse curse the vax, herself. She's damned near had it! Many doctors, nurses, even those on many airlines are ready to ditch their jobs. Now, for the other hard-working nursing staffs around the nation and globe, you should consider the daily battles you undergo. Are you seeing a repeated pattern which doesn't make sense or that the doctors give you explanations which don't really make sense? You may mean well by insisting the general population get vaxxed, but by ignoring alternatives with a proven track record for both efficacy of viral reduction and far less kidney failure due to hospitals dispensing remdesivir (they get a hefty financial incentive for doing so!) patients are getting badly screwed or murdered. Some who have made it out of the hospital have hefty medical bills that their insurance doesn't cover, but the insurer plays a dovey game and dodges addressing the issue head-on. Short of a World War, many people in this system and their administrators will pay dearly, one way or another. The Dr. Ardis Show makes a compelling case of why the mRNA jabs should be avoided and any loved ones should not be dispensed any remdesivir. He connected the dots on hours 3 & 4 of the Alex Jones show on 9/20 to my satisfaction of what is happening.

Although I'm not a doctor, I did work briefly at a Holiday Inn Express! Seriously, FWIW, here's some advice, FWIW, for those who did take the jab(s).

OpSec (operational security) is CRITICAL for any Big Fish in the crypto space. I repeat, OpSec is CRITICAL for any Big Fish in the crypto space! Don't wind up like him. He got hated just for existing. He bragged too much and paid too dearly. What happened to Kim Kardashian in Paris? I haven't forgotten and the anniversary? TODAY, no less! Where does the time go? It was five years ago on 10/3/16 when she got robbed in a supposedly-secure pricey guest hotel, but there were many security issues and the list of suspects reportedly were numerous. She'd been really flashy with her bling on social media and her security guy I think was fired in the aftermath.

Hackers got into the Multi Factor Authorization (MFA) process of Coinbase and made out with funds earlier in the year, according to Coinbase. So far, not much information to go on how the hack occurred. True, it can be phishing as a vector, but there may be more going on under the hood. Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: PulseChain expects at least a two-month lead to arrive at mainnet. The testnet is operational. This is worth the read and I'll GLADLY await something which proves epic. Other "ETH killers" have failed thus far and this really doesn't surprise me! Awaiting properly-tested success will net huge gains and maybe in the interim, shake out the whiny, ill-thinking, short-termed thinking, very likely shorter-penised crybabies wanting little more than ant-sized gainz they'll quickly dump on true Hexican heads. Sunday evening 10/3 at 5pm PST, a stress test of the testnet is scheduled. If you happen to DEV any difficult project, there's playground equipment you can try to break.

Yahoo News notes the CEO of Southwest Airlines in Dallas wound up with a Whataburger application stapled to his bag. His airline (LUV) is indicative of how competitive the job market has become. Thanks to COVID-19 and how fragile our economy was before the pandemic, getting workers has been very difficult and challening in many areas of the nation. I'll gladly interject too, that some may have resigned due to mandatory vaccine requirements, they choosing to either be fired or simply resign. Now, a South Miami doctor has decided that ONLY the jab(s) will work for her seeing another patient in person. Dr. Marraccini is partially incorrect regarding the "full approval" of Pfizer's mRNA vax. I kindly remind readers that the FDA only continued the EUA or emergency use authorization of it and they're very closed-minded thus far on ivermectin, HCQ or other alternative treatments, already being used in numerous nations and proven efficient against this viral chimera and likely the variants emerging which mRNA isn't handling well. Did any of you hear Hannity's talk show during his Thursday first hour? I was amazed by the depth of one of his guests who pioneered the mRNA treatment and grateful that recommended consultation with one's doctor should be given, considering this is the first implementation of the technology as such.

Whistleblower material from Project Veritas regarding the COVID vaccine and aftereffects are making the 'Net. This material is NSFW/language and presented due to previous known censorship on the largest of social media. (FUCK YOU, Twitter for promptly removing the posted links by others, which I grabbed and they're here on my site instead!) Others who directly experienced their COVACCINE disasters are beginning to speak out as well. Jummai Nache, a Minnesota health care worker, lost both her legs, a hand, 3 digits on the remaining hand and has suffered irreparable heart damage from her two jabs. Folks, this isn't InfoWars, but StewPeters dot tv and the interview is powerful! I have an honest question for each of my readers; Is Black Lives Matter going to step up for this couple, considering what they did to Minneapolis? She only did what her employer mandated her to do and what Sleepy Joe demands over all of us, even going beyond our Governors. Now you might begin to understand why I'm so fucking snarky about mRNA vaccines and suspicious of the vector vax which J&J suggests, as side effects have been reported through their jabs.

Sports news? The Razorbacks got shut out 37-0 on the road, suffering their first loss of the season after a historic start going in at 4-0. It was a Top Ten standoff and the Bulldogs of Georgia proved their power, especially on defense. Coach Pittman doesn't expect the loss to cause issues on future games and notes the possibility of playing Georgia again this season if the lessons learned from the game set in quickly. He plans on working the team, especially toward the penalties called. Wyoming basketball has the men's team holding their first practice of the season this past Friday in Laramie and planning no less than eight national TV appearances. Wyoming football has an excellent start of their own with 4-0 and a bye-week, yet next Saturday they go on the road to take on Air Force down in The Springs.

Was Nicki wrong? Not according to TyphoidMary!

What do we have here? THIS type of nonsense is among the reasons I pray Casper never hires another Nevada cop again. One from the Vegas area we hired caused a major stir in an iconic Casper bar (I think last year), unwilling to consider the locals were telling him the truth as to the wereabouts of someone they sought! Although I don't have the entire story at this point, I would think assaulting a well-dressed Lieutenant Gubenatorial candidate in this manner is way too damned much! To me, It's not even that Mack Miller is black, but the treatment regardless of skin color and the numbers of blacks affected is exactly how BLM got their momentum. I've stated on here many times that America is reaching the boiling point. I think the crowd rightfully demands accountability and reform from those we've empowered. The Suck Factor as I see it now is off the scale! I don't give a damn if any of you disagree as this ain't the law enforcement that I dispatched over 36 years back. I'm also depressed over the recent suicide of Lieutenant Dundas on Casper's force who was the epitome of being awesome! He was born here, loved the people, loved public service, yet suffered issues over what he encountered over time. His memorial service is tomorrow 10/4 at the Ford Wyoming Center. RIP, Sir!

Finally, I've saved the best for last! I'll be moving to another location and owning my first home. The home itself needs some love and work, but inspections finished have revealed it and other buildings either in overall good condition or to be re-sided and re-roofed on one structure. The final payment to secure the offer was made Friday and I sign the papers and pay the closing costs on a date subject to change. I'll disclose the physical address on a need-to-know basis for now. Yes, my ham radio on HF bands returns likely before Halloween on 40m and above with a long-wire experiment to soon follow, giving me 80m and/or 160m access. Furthermore, I'm planning on the first area repeater for the town I'm moving to and will make request to the frequency coordinator for Wyoming, any day now. There are other hams there and judging by the ham locator map, I should have no problem covering it. Stay Tuned!

That's it for now, enjoy October as the leaves change color. It'll be beautiful, both temps and blue skies through at least early Wednesday, then forecasts are calling for above average precip in the mid-term. We could use it, ya know? Fall colors are approaching peak this week here in Oil City and on the mountain.
 Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all,

It's been nearly a month, but plenty has been going on..

The Wyoming Blockchain Stampede / WyoHackathon ( opens up on the campus of the University of Wyoming in Laramie this week. One of the issues I continue to hammer is the need for more internet bandwidth for all Wyomingites, businesses in particular! Although I'm now a HEX maximalist, I still continue to talk viable crypto coins and tokens. There are at least 3 other Hexicans I'm aware of as Wyoming residents. Please introduce yourselves to me if attending (I'll have on the well-used black cowboy hat with the leather stampede string) and note due to pending contracts and inspections I must attend, I won't be able to be present as much as I'd like. Very likely, my interaction with the Hackathon itself will be way toned-down, yet I'll try to attend functions dealing with regulatory concerns, enjoying some of the food and snacks and the fellowship. A hat tip to the University is in order for the excellent settings, security, and the overall atmosphere.

Other Wyoming Happenings? Tyler Lindholm, former state house Rep. Dist 1 (Crook/Weston Counties) and now serving as State Policy Dir. for Sen. Lummis, asks AgTwitter and other Wyomingites of what he should do with two heifers he received in trade for some Bitcoin to a college student not long ago. If he creates a Twitter profile for them, I'll follow to keep up with their progress. Maybe he'll be with his new boss, Senator Lummis? Cynthia is quite the crypto rock star in Congress. I stand by that she's the BEST vote I cast last November!

Cointelegraph has an article claiming California as the most crypto-ready state. Sam Bourgi, in his story, cites crypto-related Google searches, even the number of blockchain-related bills passed as factors in the state's rating. Fine, Sam.. You didn't mention Wyoming's head-start since 2018 to remove crypto from taxation within the state, it's not even taxed as personal property! Instead, many Californians are fleeing their state for here and other less-expensive destinations as taxes are drowning many. Could it be that the number of crypto-focused bills there are indeed too regulative as already seen in NY State with their BitLicense? Of course they with CA & NJ will have more BTM's as their population and being tech-rich on both coasts drives it, but the Cowboy State is gradually catching up and using the legislative momentum built up to move forward.

The Block mentioned not long ago the SEC is reportedly investigating Uniswap. They are a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) which handles a large number of tokens including HEX. So far, it's a fishing expedition which could go on a while. After all, Congress remains terribly ignorant on what Bitcoin is and they have their own blockchain. Consider too, a voter blockchain could have eliminated the 2020 Elections nonsense. I mention this as InfoWars has stated (to paraphrase) that a world digital ID, back by immutable blockchain, has likely been in the planning stages for some time now.

COVID deaths and the mRNA "vaccines" are sometimes a subject I stir up controversy on Twitter. Of course, most of these critics choose to ignore stories such as ongoing in Colorado. Many are complaining of false COVID cause reporting. Even Gov. Polis was asked and responded about it. He refers specifically to situations where a COVID case was reported within a 28-day window from the point of death, but many recover far quicker and the death itself being credited to COVID appears sinister and I think ripe for abuse by hospitals with a financial incentive for the Fed's COVID-19 money. Nevertheless, Colorado is trying to do something about it and my opinion is that Polis should be more attentive to these concerns.

The HEX community is serious! CoinMarketCap has been laughing at the gatekeeping of the HEX token, rather consistent at #201 on page 3. Their excuses ring as lame since the coin is not at all friendly to trade, a staker having burned off all tokens going into each individual stake. Ladies and Gentlemen, this was planned early as a feature, not a bug! Now, CMC is being sued in Arizona by a class action of Hexicans in order to seek fair representation of the token on CMC's platform. You see, it's more difficult for HEX to get dumped on by outsiders, so the gatekeeping has so far worked in reducing attention to the cryptoasset, designed to pump either by available supply or sheer demand by those finally discovering it. The complaint may be downloaded through this link.

Our Constitution apparently causes harm, as in containing harmful language according to the website of the National Archives. Yes Lauren, the Left wants to get rid of it, but they're not entirely guilty when we keep hearing that Dubya considered it "a ********* piece of paper" during his term. Politics has turned into an awful crude and dirty business in both parties.

Americans are chanting dirty, en masse, especially college football games! Tell me, how in the hell did he get elected? Just change the chant to "F*** Dominion!" and go somewhere with this.

Still have those aluminum cans or other recycleables of the shiny metal? Aluminum now tops 3,000 on supply woes. Stay tuned.

Could vax mandates be on the ropes? There's hope in the UK with their proposed vax passport being canned! Clif High gives sage advice on how to handle this. After all, if you force their hand, it'll be THEIR hand which gets slapped later! Replies also came in from tneilsonc and from David_H058. Some of the advice given may be relevant in certain jurisdictions. Don't ask me for specifics as I'm NOT a lawyer.

Harris English gives us the Highlight of the Day on the PGA. He aces 224 yards! I'm not much of a golf fan but DAMN, this was fantastic! Sheer beauty, realized.

When you thought you seen it all, here's quite the barrel racer rodeo tweet! Cowgirls, enjoy the ride, even if it requires afterburners.

That's it for now. Prayers go out to the family of Gabby Petito. A body "consistent with the description" of the 22-year old woman from Suffolk County, NY was located in Teton County on Sunday. Her fiance' Brian Laundrie from Florida has fled and not located as of this posting. Because of his consistent lack of cooperation with police, many eyes were on him, yet he wasn't charged with any crime. This will likely change sometime Monday if the body is confirmed as many expect. I'll also try and convey the overall feel of the media reporting here in the Cowboy State in light of these ongoing developments in my next Blog.

Hoping to catch some of you in Laramie,
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all,

On the crypto front, Hell does freeze over from time to time! It took a while for BTC to crack 50k, but dammit it DID! Richard Heart remains steadfast on his prediction this remains a bull trap. Ethereum remains as expensive as ever to deal with gas fees (surprising to few) yet the PulseChain has a nagging hangup with verification nodes, I think in regard to the bridges to be built between ETH & PLS chains. Cardano (ADA) broke 2.5 USD but where are the smart contracts? Solana (SOL) now trades on Kraken and has been doing impressive pumping lately. Now I must admit I've sinned as I've shed my last Bitcoin. For the first time since 2011, I have no BTC under my direct control. I at least understand what allowed Richard Heart to mine BTC without much issue - using a GPU instead of the CPU I tried in vain to use while a college student in Iowa. Not a powerful CPU for that matter (welp!) yet I never gave up what BTC I earned through krebminer and bought several BTC with a tax return in 2013 and watched first-hand MtGox pump and dump insanity. I should really write a book on this, the time being epic and I sensed much more to come. HEX has proven to me the excitement of being alive today! Also having those diamond hands with the remaining BTC I had was proven when I cashed it out in time of need. I need the funds to hold out just long enough for the massive pumpamentals soon to arrive. I'll tend to the remainder of transfer when I can. There's important fish to fry for now. That bitcoin will be way way cheaper, spare any hopium the space can muster. Watching it stagger doesn't show much promise, but I've been wrong before.

Well, it was well after sunset when T.O. and I returned to Casper a week and a half ago on 8/12. We started out well before dawn earlier that Thursday to head out not far from Hoback Junction, south of Jackson for a horseback ride in Teton County I had reserved in advance. Most of the operations' wranglers had already gone back to college, so this was the only feasible way it could be scheduled and the only day in their entire season I could get it to work out. I wanted T.O. to experience this bucket list item at least once in his life, since it would be his first! I carefully considered different options beforehand. A nose-to-tail ride is usually uneventful, the riders taking in the incredible beauty. Sometimes, it turns out a bit different. We departed Casper at 4:15am. I had contacted best friend C.D. and he was able to catch us on the Jackson cams when we entered the Main Drag, making the turn. Never getting lost, we made it to the rides an hour early. That gave us time to rest and get out and enjoy some cell phone free conversations with other wranglers still there. The weather had a mild haze, most of the smoke out of the way for the first time in a while from all these nagging wildfires. The temperature was near perfect and all I had to do was put some sunscreen on the few exposed neck areas the hat didn't protect.

Horses have personalities. It becomes more apparent in their pecking order when away from humans, a necessary trait which benefits survival of the entire herd. If I should release and record some of the music I've written, that aforementioned phrase will be the title of my second album out the chute. I won't yet disclose the rest of my thinking in that regard. There were no pecking order issues during the ride and few if any witnessed in the holding pen, yet horses will be horses! T.O. got aboard his first horse and it wanted to pull a typical dude ranch horse tactic of reaching down to grab damn near anything green to eat while in motion. We later named it the Chinese Buffet. Mine was the tallest horse I ever got on. I have short legs with a trouser length less than 30" that makes it difficult to find blue jeans in my presently-extended waist size, although I get by. My recent fasting slimmed me down somewhat and I felt great for the ride, but there was no way I could get on this Empire State tall mare, over 17+ hands high, without using a high rock or large tree stump to gather momentum to get my right leg over her. Off we went!

She acted fine the first half of the half-day ride. T.O.'s saddle was loosening and the wrangler had to come back and pull it back snug. The meadows south of Jackson in the national forest were fantastic! The heavy smoke had already cleared from the area and very little haze remained. Lunch was well-made and quality for the small space to be stored. Water was plentiful too, but I needed only a bottle for the whole journey. We encountered no litter or other people on these trails and crossed one creek twice. The lunch area was under a nice grove of forest trees. Nobody ate their apples and it was unamounously agreed to give them individually to each of our horses at the ride's conclusion. Maybe we should've reconsidered?

T.O.'s horse started to munch green things on branches and grass he could reach with increasing frequency. His human was correcting him more frequently with quick, upward jerks to get his attention. Mine was beginning to bend her entire body at a 60 degree angle to the right of the trail's direction, essentially walking sideways, near perpendicular, in a manner that I experienced only after having cued other horses to do such in the past. Being an experienced rider, I began looking for any possible root causes. The saddle felt fine, I saw nothing loose, there were no nagging flies or hornets bothering her that I could see. She was acting up and the wrangler noticed this kept happening. It required a basic switch under two feet long, freshly cut off a tree. Instructions were to scold her and apply that switch at least once behind the saddle on that left side she kept jutting out, just hard enough so she knew she was in trouble. Increasing it to twice proved more effective, although as hard-headed as she was, it required nearly twenty applications of this before she got the message and quit complaining in her iconic, low-bellowed grumble. Hey, I'm patient with this and never got short-tempered over it, despite her acting so silly. We got back to civilization, the parking spot where we dismounted and then out came the apples! T.O.'s Chinese Buffet critter quickly noticed the treat, but the wrangler had to remove the animal's headstall and bit first. After instructed to hold these flat in one hand, these apples were small enough and the horses were smart enough to eat half of it, then the remainder went down in the next juicy bite. Each of our mounts had earned their keep, despite the challenges their personalities presented.

"So, how was it?" I asked my former roomie. He truly enjoyed the experience and vows to do it again, although after some soreness, he's still not ready for a whole freakin' week of it as I do at Lazy L&B in neighboring Fremont County, essentially between Casper & Jackson, not far from Dubois. I'm a twice-vacationing veteran there and have NEVER turned down a ride whenever offered there. I have entirely too much fun, especially the full-day rides. I don't care much for fishing, although I'm fully eligible to get the full-year resident license. Personally, I am very satisfied with my recent weight loss, although I can use losing even more and will strive for that as a worthy goal between now and my next horseback-dominated vacation, likely at this time next year. Being more lightweight means more choices of horses and I'll emphasize that to their staff before enjoying those rides. I want to be able to cleanly mount without using a high step to get aboard whenever possible. It doesn't sound like that much a deal to most, but I want to achieve it nevertheless.

UPDATE: For those having kept up with my McBroken stories on McDonalds; Fox Business reports a judge awarding a temporary restraining order on Taylor, the exclusive provider for McDonalds ice cream machines. Note though, there are no mentions of franchisees cheating the devices when they run out of the mix, specifically designed for proper operation as I've reported of that in the past, based on comments from another source.

Pun of the week: When your dog becomes a purebread!

OBITS: Stacy J "Jim" Boyer, N7VLM passed earlier today, becoming a Silent Key. (SK) Jim was a Past President of the Casper ARC and many who knew him said on tonight's net that he'll be missed. No details are available as of this posting. You may want to check the Obits either in the Trib or for further.

That's it for now, I doubt I'll get to update this until next Sunday. My landlord was notified I'll be away from this keyboard at least a few days. Hopefully when I return, HEX will be putting on a hell of a show. It's actually TIME for this to again happen. We'll see how the stars line up, God willing.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

Bitcoin is nearing 46k USD (some swear this is a bull trap! I'm watching a likely pullback at 50k, sparing breaking news) and ETH is below 3.2k on Nomics as of this submission. BTC got a rejection at 46.8 last time, so a breakthrough past 45k might occur before you've read this. ETH has launched EIP 1559 which is bullish toward it. HEX is feeling a pinch for now having retraced to 13+ cents, but Pulse hasn't yet launched. Expect FIREWORKS! It's early August and Summer Heat is well into place. Expect a pump, soon. PulseChain had a very successful sacrifice stage which ended over a week ago. Over 27 million USD was donated to anti-aging research via the SENS foundation. Given time, many whom sacrificed will receive a tax receipt which may be utilized to reduce one's tax liabilities in many nations. (FYI: revisit the SENS website regarding how to obtain that receipt. DO NOT delete your confirmation email if already received!) Of course, one should always consult with their tax professional for appropriate advice! Richard Heart gave a PulseChain update and it's getting done. Remain patient and know the Devs and him are working on this. Nearly 18% of all liquid HEX was sacrificed and literally billions of dollars went down the volcano as well. This will certainly stoke higher fiat prices from the remaining HEX, despite a few whales spending lavishly, hammering the fiat price at times around a penny or so. They'll stop soon enough and the pumping will begin. For that matter, these same whales may buy back much of whatever they dumped if it's not bought up soon enough. I did that with Bitcoin often, many years back. Personally, it'll work out nicely with PulseChain readying for final steps before snapshot, then to the release. There remain four steps which Richard says must be completed for mainnet to arrive, with snapshot being later on that list. For those on the fence about PulseChain, be extremely careful about scammers who would gladly sell you fake PLS coins. Until and the official chats say otherwise, PLS and the associated snapshot of the ETH chain state to copy there hasn't happened!

BREAKING: With SENS mentioned above, yesterday, Laura Deming posted a thread on Twitter, accusing Aubrey De Grey, the Chief Science Officer of SENS, of sexual harassment and noted in her tweet of Celine Halioua, who may have had "similar experiences" there. UPDATE: De Gray, presently on leave while SENS investigates, gave a statement regarding the allegations through his Facebook page. Personally, I do not regret my recent donation during the sacrifice stage and political statement supporting PulseChain, to the anti-aging research which SENS sponsors and fully realize this wasn't a donation to De Grey, specifically. If these allegations are proven true, it would be very disappointing but I doubt it will make much difference in decisions I make toward the efforts of this excellent organization as a whole. I remain neutral for now, pending the investigation. As was expected, other media outlets are already covering this ongoing story.

Ethereum has implemented EIP-1559 about a week ago. This MSN article explains more and is likely due to PulseChain coming out probably next month. Likely, they're fighting back now that the miner's fees are about to get slashed, aiming instead at preserving their tokens' price! Since HEX retains a lot of ETH in the Origin Address or OA, this could actually boost Hexicans, too. For now, gas fees have not been reduced. I tweeted earlier in the day of having noticed the average swap gas fee in 1inch had spiked to 2,100 USD for a SINGLE route HEX/USDC swap! Uniswap at that moment had spiked to around 1,500. It quickly reduced to 1,050/850 respectively. Under an hour later, fees were still an excessive 370/125. Folks, PulseChain must happen SOON as ETH is failing its' users as Bitcoin did in Dec, 2017.

I'm making a humble request (including an extended rant or two) of new Pulsians joining the telegram chat to NEVER diss the Hexicans as myself. I'm a known boomer and am NOT alone (Conrad Zen, you're so incredible and appreciated.) I will also speak out forcefully in chat when certain people fail to recognize their excessive hubris! I don't care if you're young or old, but being disrespectful is being disrespectful! I won't cite any names here, yet I remind each of you that without HEX, your opportunities to benefit from PulseChain may never have gone to fruition. Learn our story first before you think for a picosecond that the HEX community is strictly separate and incapable of PulseChain participation! There remains too many newbies in the Pulse chat who've done minimal research and this aggravated Hexican has answered the same questions countless times which could've been answered in the pinned comments section of the chat in the first place.

Hexicans heavily participated throughout the recent sacrifice phase. We're still getting throughly screwed with excessive gas fees now. I paid pennies for most of my stakes last year which have cost me around 800x to 1500x to close in early July. You think I'm still not pissed over this, even though I can get that wrote off on my taxes next year? The principle of it matters far more than the money as I also went through this same bullshit in December, 2017 when BTC MemPool overflowed with transactions during the 20k ATH. The miners, mostly Chinese, enjoyed incredible windfalls and it still took some transactions days, if not weeks to clear. True, Hexicans also want the Mad Gainz that Pulsians desire, yet these communities are designed to be complementary and inclusive of each other! As mentioned above, we're damned close to public testnet. A snapshot where the data from ETH to PLS will happen. It may take some time (or little) for PLS to gain a good price discovery so diamond hands is paramount in both communities. I also remind Pulsians that Hexicans who are staked will make daily HEX interest as always and it continues to outperform every damn thing else in the whole space!

My Bottom Line? Don't be a douchebag with any ridiculous nonsense that HEX is yesterday. NO! Far from it!! The future remains bright and getting brighter than ever with more exposure from major interviewers, Kitco being among the latest. The gatekeeping outside of HEX will end by necessity, one way or another. The community has a 5555 club (the maximum days possible in a stake, about 15.2 years) and I've seen one excellent tattoo of this posted recently (she will be so nicely rewarded in the future.) Simply put.. HEX works, especially for the stakers. PulseChain too will work. Collectively between the HEX and PLS communities, anybody can benefit in so many ways and we give back to others and ourselves in creative ways as RH recently proved. Let's not cause problems and division between these communities that share such incredible synergies. It's unnecessary, a waste of everyone's time and disrespectful to RH because of the time, money and sheer efforts spent by him to solve a painful problem which has proven highly detrimental to people as myself who are now onboarding new Hexicans. I've scored two so far, one pending, another considering, with the former having gone through learning pains, including those same excessive gas fees. When PulseChain rolls out, we'll collectively sense the relief as well.

Although old news, Coinbase is facing class action lawsuits. Of much newer relevence, Boxmining through the Poly Network (NOT Polygon) got rekd of 611MM because of admin words getting hacked on a network blockchain. Admin passwords, even if multi-sig, are an attack vector and I warn users that networks requiring such have had insider hacks in this space! This is why HEX doesn't have such things and has been audited numerous times to have revealed such security issues.

Yellen, whos yellin' now, sent a letter to Congressional leaders regarding the Debt Limit. This was sent when the renter's moratorium expired. That has apparently been extended for another 3 months.

ZeroHedge reports that Wal-Mart will soon implement a vaccine verification program. The World's largest retailer hasn't revealed how this happens or how it will affect their operations. This long-time WMT stockholder isn't amused, yet not surprised. For now, complaints are coming in regarding their website interface for shoppers using curb pickup. Although I have the app, I've yet to use the latest one, but I hear it SUCKS badly. Stay Tuned!

Another recent ZeroHedge release notes an Israeli study on Ivermectin and efficiacy in treatment of COVID-19, rather than the absolute JUNK mRNA that TPTB continue to gaslight us on its safety and effectiveness. It makes the big Pharma producers several dollars per jab and I continue to hear from several sources about the spike protein the jab produces as being more and more problematic. There reportedly are severe issues to both pulmonary and reproductive organs beginning with microclotting and continuing with sterilization, especially in women. Even if reproductive effectiveness isn't a factor, one should keep in mind that these spiked proteins can trigger immune responses due to blood platelets falsely sensing damage to the very narrow capillaries in the lungs. Microclotting can result and is too narrow to be reliably detected on MRI technology or CAT scans. There is a blood test available which can detect these microclots which a doctor can run, called "d-dimer." Recently, an autopsy was run on a German citizen after dying, likely from the COVID jab. All the organs in the deceased were loaded with spike protein from the vaccine. There is one point the fact-checkers are correct on a TECHNICAL level, albeit it remains quite insidious; The mRNA tech doesn't alter one's DNA. Instead, the jab instructs the cells' ribosomes (not part of the DNA nucleus) to produce the spike protein which reportedly are causing the problems.

Student Loans and Biden.. It had Nancy taking to the floor, proclaiming that only Congress can forgive them, that these student loans can't be forgiven by Executive decree. The comments I've seen believe the Big Guy can pull that off! For now, this has so many confused including this student loan holder. Nearly 3/4ths of mine has been paid back, but I may remain on the fence if I'm going to get soaked with Taxes for my Mad HEX Gainz for the Big Guy's infrastructure deal. Before you get angry with me, remember too - we have a rather loose southern border at the present time with people whom will be expected to re-elect in the Democrats in power and possess few if any skills for work here, especially those from Haiti. Since this is being allowed to stand, that gives additional suspicion to the possibility of UBI (Universal Basic Income) and communism to overspread this nation.

This is hard to read, but it'll be even harder for future Oregonians. To read, write or rith'-muh-tick must be a "raycess thang" ya know!

The Tweet of the Week goes out to @porterrockwel14; "God is God and I am not. I can only see a part of the picture he’s painting."

Tweet of the Week Honorable Mention goes out to Justine Harper (@MsHodl) who stated "We are in an abusive relationship with our government..

and some of y’all are at that stage where you’re telling other people the bruises were actually your fault."
Well stated!

That's it for now. I'm out on a trail ride today and the weather should be superb with most of the smoke gone for at least another day or two. If I experience fun or interesting stuff, I'll share that with you.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all,

Summertime is in full swing. Record temps today and tomorrow expected here in Oil City with triple digits possible, yet hope reigns abundant! There's a lot of rain expected east of the Divide going Thursday into the weekend. Riverton's weather service office notes the PWAT or precipitable water should easily exceed an inch. Temps will collapse a few degrees, but all that moisture will bring humidity really high. There are concerns of flash flooding to come, despite the drought. Summer hasn't been bad! I've watched the most rodeos in person in years and have talked T.O. into his first horse ride. He has to decide SOON when to schedule it as five weeks remain in the outfits' tourist season. He'll do the driving and I'll pay for the half-day ride we'll both go on which includes lunch. It's tame for me as handling the riding basics ain't a problem, but perfect for a beginner as riders won't be allowed faster than a walk. Since weather near the Tetons can be unpredictable, I'll have at least a sweatshirt if it gets cool or a shower appears.

China is now the #1 superpower! So says Dan Collins. Dan lived there for 20 years and keeps up with trends. He operated the China News Report website for many years and ran many a business over there. I've watched his reports on Keiser Report from time to time over several years. This is a good eye-opener and I think a must-watch for Americans!

Well, damn! We get back our summer. Er, at least some of us do, depending on our jurisdiction(s). This guy in the TikTok video is spot-on, even though he doesn't fully understand why. Want to put the other pieces of the COVID19 ruse together for that "eureka moment?" The Hal Turner Show conveniently discussed this subject of why NOT to get vaxxed with the mRNA vaccine, both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings on his show and was reading directly from a complaint, filed recently in the federal court of the Northern District of Alabama, which Yours Truly has available for your pdf reader. This complaint, several pages long, reads much like a major expose' and contains information which would melt down the Twitter and Facebook fact checkers - you know who I speak of, these people we never have identified, yet have the ban hammers to continue THE narrative. Please, pop some corn and read through it.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has announced legislation to stop officers in the military from teaching CRT or Critical Race Theory. Personally, I'm surprised at the degree of ignorance of too many Americans that most of the racial treatment within the military began to be quickly chipped away during the Civil War. Racial diversity has made a significant, if not the dominant difference, in making a far more capable grouping of defense assets. Even if the government still pays too damn much for stuff, they still shape up people to make these forces. I agree with Cotton that CRT really has no place in the military. It's bad enough when that one guy at West Point a few years back had under his uniform, that red t-shirt of a Cuban communist, and proudly displaying it for a camera or two. Someone on Twitter showed a picture of a farmer who refused to work for Castro the Conqueror. The aforementioned Cuban communist I referred to wasn't Fidel but one of his henchmen, giving the farmer a 4-minute trial before declaring him guilty. The farmer was pictured with a priest before his life was snuffed out. I disagree with the poster that you'll never see that on a t-shirt. My take?? You won't see that on a t-shirt until the communists get the upper hand. They'll want to present an example.

Speaking of Arkansas news, I did hear mumblings on a Dallas AM station yesterday, of the Natural State aiming to eliminate state income taxes by 2030! Presently, seven states including my Wyoming don't tax on income basis. It will require a petition with 89,151 verified voters to get it on the ballot and hopefully the title will pass muster with the state's Attorney General. (I've seen other measures struck down solely due to such technicality in the past) Doing so would put Arkansas at a nice advantage when you consider last year the state reportedly had a billion-plus surplus. At the present time, Florida and Texas are among those seven. Tennessee has certain taxation in place, but I'm not well-versed on how.

Our southern border now is loaded with people across the globe. See the video for yourself. Quite a number are Haitians. Why can't we bring back production from China? How in the hell can we find work for these people, nearly all with no higher-education? I can imagine the magic printing press that either party will use to kick that can down the road, until it runs out into ocean. I continue to see more and more palm trees appearing. Big Guy, you readin' this? No, I won't repeat it here. Nevermind..

Cleveland changed their MLB baseball nickname to the Guardians, Friday. Were they too quick to leave out the reason they were the Indians for over a century? You be the judge! Whatever gripes were hurled at the Home of Rock & Roll will soon be forgotten while over a century of rich tradition there gets tossed away for the same intentions of its original name.

Kevin O'Leary with Shark Tank fame, opened up last week to Yahoo Finance about Dyslexia. It was emotional at times for the Canadian. We always knew O'Leary had a big heart inside, and now we better understand one of those things which give him greater motivation and drive in doing some really good things for others.

Bitcoin just cracked 40k again due to Amazon rumors. More on that later in this extended paragraph. Plenty of crypto news is around if you're into HEX. The PulseChain sacrifice stage is underway through and one can sacrifice for 75% value through SENS, a California 501(c)3 non-profit which for decades is striving to reduce the rate of human aging. As of this posting, around $27 million has been fully donated. To see their founder get emotional and humbled at such generosity was priceless, when considering a typical year gets them around 5 million. This means many projects on the shelf can be fully activated! The organization has many grants they offer to researchers, so the effect of the PulseChain sacrifice should bring forth many fruits of much labor. Give this time.. Time which is being invested toward additional time of our own and that of our successors. May they bide these wisely for the sake of humanity and may PulseCoin with HEX continue to benefit from this sacrifice. Even though the price is under sell pressure due to rumors of Amazon crypto acceptance, I would beware of excessive hopium and although NOT financial advice, considering selling this peak may prove prudent. After all, how many HODLers will use their BTC to actually purchase stuff? Furthermore, how many will keep proper records for the IRS regarding their crypto purchases? I predict if Amazon approves, they'll be forced to maintain crypto records for the agency. Now you can better understand why the hell I whine and moan that Congress needs to smooth out this still-rocky road.

Bloomberg reported on Anthony Di Iorio, a Canadian and one of Ethereums' co-founders. He intends to quit crypto due to safety concerns and go on to other things. His net worth making him a greater target, requiring him to have security at his side. I certainly hope Anthony the best on his future endeavors. Maybe moving to Nunavut being an option? Trust me, Tony.. The damn City is much like that damn grey mare, not what she used to be. Drive along areas of NYC to get my jest. Sing that childhood song about "great green gobs of green, grimy gopher guts" and all the notes about that horse are there.

Were your Unemployement Benefits stolen? Here's a summary from CNBC (Bubblevision) which outlines why California wants to save $$, but their high population and terrible tax accountability made for a delicious target. Plenty of scammers and thieves there and overseas were at the ready. Only now is a transition to chipped EBT cards being done and maybe this will make a dent in the bleeding patient.

Our BTC Welshman is at it again. One of my followers is also into BTC and Welsh. He notices this ongoing pattern of appearances in the headlines of the bloke who had a hard drive of over 7,000 BTC thrown away in the rubbish, as there was no backup of the private keys! This hedge fund he has going could well be his final chance and I shall consider it a miracle if it didn't get crushed or otherwise compromised by the elements. To be honest, I've seen odd stuff survive Casper's bailer (including a cat, so traumatized by the experience, it didn't stop running while making its escape) and big trash trucks who handle the routes, so I can vouch the possibility is there! Here's two crossed fingers of HOPE for ya!

Yet for some, just squish that cat! Sorry for being so cat-tankerous.

That's it for now. As PulseChain sacrifice stage continues, we'll see what next move Bitcoin dishes our way.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

I had a great time at Yellowstone National Park and came back Monday. It was a very good decompression, only a few spots with cellphone service there. If any of you want me to blog a long, multi-paragraph blog of pro tips from my experience there which may prove helpful, especially those of you using Wyoming to access the park on the South Entrance, please tweet me via @windmechanic and request it for the future. Otherwise, I'm doing the TL;DR (too long so I didn't read) version this time. T.O. did the driving and the gas mileage was very good. I also had a blog entry I failed to post BEFORE I left, so look for some older stuff peppered with this submission.

I'm getting laundry done and several other house chores I rarely had time in the past. My cowboy boots got shined up nicely Wednesday evening as care of leather is something that rodeo folks, especially the timeys (timed event contestants), are into and do regularly. Laundry is caught up like never before. A new month arrived last Thursday and I had plenty to get done before my Yellowstone trip, the first time there. I finished my two-day fast last Tuesday evening, very honest in the way that I completely cleaned out my gut doing a liver cleanse in conjunction with it, having no food at all in me. My liver didn't give out many stones, nothing large, just pea sized and maybe a nickel sized stone. In particular about the fast, I shunned all food, therefore nothing whatsoever of sugar, so I drank only water. Already, I can wear a pair of blue jeans which were too tight for me just days ago and those work pants I wore to the temp job which were nearly too tight to wear? They're actually loose now, almost requiring a belt. While at Yellowstone, friends noticed I was a bit thinner, therefore, I proved conclusively that in the near future, I can withstand a longer fasting period with no serious complications when ready and will likely do this sometime next week (mid-July.) I intend on losing quite a bit of built-on weight, much of it from being confined at times due to the COVID. As I begin to track my weight, I'll build goals, not only to get there, but in maintaining what I've reached. I'm still considering several things with my new wealth, one option being a split situation where I live in a conventional home with some land with no tower restrictions for my ham radio and pay to board a horse at another location, OR continue to await when real estate prices crater and I can get the ranch and home with everything in one X-marks-the-spot, even if outside Natrona County. It's not at all possible at the present time as too many Blue State Escapees, pissed with how their politics have repeatedly let them down to the point of bankruptcy, have sought greener pastures. Hopefully, these transplants will have left behind their failed, shitty politics at the respective state lines they departed from! I still strongly believe that the recent peak in lumber prices will play out and so will at least some of the excessive pricing in the housing market as well. Waning ranchland demand shall inevitably shed some of that excess. One way or another, likely sooner if I choose the former of the options, I'll get back into a social community of some sort and may spend less time with this desktop computer. I'll continue to seek, fast and pray for further divine guidance. My ranch is somewhere in this wonderful rectangle, within 41N to 45N and from DC, 27W to 34W, best known as Wyoming, God Willing!

In crypto news, Bitcoin and others have been selling off. As of publication, I'm seeing 32.7k as I have throughout the morning. Ethereum is selling off from near 2,400 yesterday to around 2,150 USD. Binance Coin is down to 315. HEX was down under 8.1 pennies last night from 8.7 yesterday, now closing in steady on 8.3 pennies. Bullishness awaits when the sacrifice stage of PulseChain comes in. Some charts predict minimal of 12 pennies on HEX while some predict a quarter or more per token. Just as outlined on my disclaimer, none of these projections are financial advice, just opinions and not necessarily sound ones. Hexicans and those wishing they were early to the game will be able to sacrifice various coins for the chance at extra pulse coins which will be initially worth nothing. The market will determine if there's any adoption or value given to pulse going forth. Although not tax advice, do keep in mind the worthlessness at the start for PLS coins.

What is ridiculous is the continued extreme expenses of Ethereum transactions that Hexicans suffer which used to cost me PENNIES! It ran me hundreds of dollars to close the recent stakes I had that expired. There's little doubt that major projects on Ethereum are beyond sick and tired of waiting for sharding or other promised improvements not having taken place. Some sources indicate that a speedup won't take place until perhaps into 2025. DeFi is growing at an incredible pace but can't continue with something becoming as slow and clunky as a Bitcoin comparison, which I think is fair when one considers that the ETH miners have gotten as greedy as their 2017 year-end BTC cousins under essentially the same circumstances. PulseChain can deliver on significant improvements to Ethereum in so many aspects. I look forward to the sacrifice stage to throw in coins to protest the economic rape that Hexicans as myself are suffering, even though I can get back some of that value on next year's taxes.

Speaking of taxes, those interested in the PulseChain sacrifice stage will have the opportunity to receive a significant tax deduction! Legally, this should work out well since if anything PulseChain should be received in return, it carries an initial valuation of ZERO. Read through carefully from the SENS organization in California, well-established and doing outstanding research into human life extension. Remember too, PulseChain will have some free PLS coins in the largest airdrop in crypto history. It is worthy of reminding that these ERC20-compatible coins on this new chain either must be moved or utilized within 30 days or they will disappear! This is to keep stagnation at an absolute minimum. If you already use MetaMask, simply create a second account and move the free PLS coins you do not need over there for safekeeping. To back up the address itself and the associated PrivKey as you did with account 1 isn't a bad idea, right? (wink wink!)

Wyoming's Cynthia Lummis, a US Senator and probably the biggest crypto supporter in Congress, supports at least some investment in Bitcoin for retirement. This can be very fruitful if the timing turns out right. I need to get her onboarded with HEX as I think it'll blow her mind, the Mad Gainz it gives me. There's a lot more to explain with HEX and more so with upcoming PLS when their chain gets introduced. ETH will remain but things with it may never be the same again.

The TL;DR version of Yellowstone; Vacation time was wonderful and an adventure just working through the learning experiences and logistics. Each campsite has a bear-proof box to store anything which might draw bears, they having a very sensitive sense of smell. Madison area had fewer mosquitoes than Canyon (where friends stayed) and also had no cell service, wonderful to keep nighttime beepity beep at an absolute minimum. Some cell service was noticed at Old Faithful, especially the parking lot near the post office and in much of the Canyon area. Old Faithful was true to form and we stuck around long enough to witness 3 eruptions, of which I caught one really decent video. You must prepare with at least a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen as you'll COOK after a few minutes at 7,350' in direct sun. Consider treating your lower neck area too! People were respectful throughout so of course I practiced the same in return. With no fireworks, this was a perfect vacation for all noise-PTSD affected Veterans. There were quite a number of bikers around the park and they were great, too. No strong FM broadcast stations could be found. The only bad mark was the advertized showers at Canyon were CLOSED! This made for a near-miserable departure Monday when T.O. noticed microlesions in the six-year old tent, so he chose to dispose of it in one of the bear-proof dumpsters.

Returning back through Riverton, T.O. and I both witnessed the looks of despair, disappointment and sticker shock of many gun enthusiasts and hunters on the near-empty ammo shelves at one popular Wyoming sporting goods chain. It would give a mental orgasm to any extreme leftist gun-grabbers! Recently, the CEO of Remington made a video reassuring the public that their Lonoke, AR plant was producing ammo around the clock to gradually restock supplies around the nation. We filled ourselves up and the car, too. The ice we had bought there on the way lasted down to the last pound, in part because I had frozen four 1-liter containers which had contained the sparkling water "Clear American" you buy at Wal-Mart. They can be filled with your tap or filtered water and frozen over and over again. It took the two days to completely thaw it out in the medium-sized cooler. The team effort T.O. and I gave on that and splitting certain expenses worked out well for both of us. A final note: You should seriously consider getting an Annual Pass from the NPS if traveling to the South Entrance of Yellowstone as you must also pass through Grand Teton NP immediately to the south. Both are worth visiting and the ParkPass is good for basic admission to nearly all the parks in NPS, lasting for a year.

I don't yet have a source to back it, but Yano who has reasonable credentials tweeted that Soros approved BTC trading for his Soros Fund Management fund. If proven true, that could mean some interesting action. I'm also seeing the timing of it with El Salvador's legal tender recognition being a factor, yet Soros is known for playing both sides of the aisle.

San Jose, CA becomes the nation's first city to require gun owners obtain liability insurance on their weapons. The Mayor not only expects insurance companies will ensure more gun safety, he's doing his best to gaslight residents that this is good, saving the City much money. This is such a farce! Not only did I predict that law-abiding citizens be affected the most, but the Mayor agrees with other critics bringing up my same argument I tweeted. Expect shooters to rid themselves of their personal assets before going on a shooting/suicide binge, and no - they won't have a stitch of insurance! Furthermore, with nearly too many laws and not enough resolve (more jails) to successfully enforce them with more money and power from the taxpayers, Californians apparently seem to be satisfied with a catch-and-release policy that's only getting worse! Enforce the laws already on the books and I think more can get done. Nearby, Oakland is out of control. Someone must crack the whip where it NEEDS to be cracked, not with those who aren't causing the problems which the Council and Mayor have brought forth an unconstitutional gun policy, ripe for lawsuits.

McAfee near his Waterloo! NSFW (language) but it's a dandy. John & Janice McAfee in their final interview together before John's death. He may have been a fantastic bullshit artist on the run, but a clever one and not the typical sort to take his own life. I still don't believe McAfee killed himself, although the investigation hasn't been completed.

OBIT: Rummy reaches room temp.. Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld passes at 88 and the twitter comments are not so nice. At least one of the twitter Shaqs gives us a zinger of something Rumsfeld reportedly uttered sometime ago. At this time, I have trouble parsing it out myself. No, I'm not on drugs or a drinking binge. Most of that I gave up a long time ago anyhow. Jesus I think rewards me for my efforts in doing what I should, including fasting in His name.

That's it and I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day holiday. Depending on news and happenings, I may return suddenly if PulseChain sac stage suddenly appears. It will arrive without fanfare or warning, so check DAILY.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

 Don't read this extensive paragraph if you get easily queezy, weak of the stomach or about to eat. You may scroll down to the next one and continue. You see, I have a fast in progress which started Sunday evening around 10pm MDT and a long-awaited liver cleanse is running with it as of early Tuesday. Even Charles of ADA fame wanted to know my cleanse protocol. It's in the excellent book "The Amazing Liver Cleanse" which I've memorized the pertinent stuff and follow through the procedure. It requires you have a lot of toilet paper available, to track timing of certain things, to have 2 primary ingredients (1 cup olive oil to trigger the event and several pints of water with epson salts of food grade quality before and after it) and the necessary patience to see it through. If a one-bathroom household, warn the others you may require QUICK access and coordinate the cleanse accordingly! Some of the liver stones ejected are green (some can be red) nickel sized and can be quarter size, although most will be pea sized. They're GROSS but my liver loves that it has room to properly regenerate and function as God intended. The fast is to start the process of purging lots of unnecessary FAT, although it can't be done overnight. This will take several sessions and I'm learning from Charles of how to do this more safely. The fasts I've done in the past have been successful. My first liver cleanse required me to get an enema bag as some of the stones were pretty large. Crapping out crystals? This happened soon after on a road trip near Tulsa. The liver cleanse I did two days before the event had loosened a lot of built-up cholesterols in the liver. It was wild to look at!

BREAKING: Some are asking if this is the beginning of the end for Binance? Short answer, I don't think so! They've been banned in the UK by regulators there. Read between the lines on this one. The BBC said "Binance’s existing crypto exchange is not UK-based so, despite the FCA ruling, there will be no impact on UK residents who use the website to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies." yet Binance won't be able to obtain a site within the UK. The story wasn't specific enough so one commenter noted "This decision only affects futures trading so the title could be better done to actually represent the reality of the situation." Still, this is a big development and may cause additional focus on Binance subsidiaries as CoinMarketCap who has continued to exercise gatekeeping on HEX. Addressing that one factor alone could mean a gigantic spike in HEX, especially if timed with PulseChain's rollout.

As of this posting, the Pulse sacrifice stage still has NOT, repeat NOT been rolled forward. It may happen any day now without annoucement or forewarning. I also am reposting my warnings of numerous scam tokens and scam channels regarding PLS underway. The only means of knowing for certain of legit sources are through the official Telegram PulseChain chat or annoucements through @RichardHeartWin on Twitter that he initiates.

It took only hours after Spain decided to allow the US to extradite fugitive John McAfee, wanted for numerous tax issues in Tennessee and on the Federal level. It is noteable that John could've decided to appeal his Spanish hosters and it could've gone before their courts. Nevertheless, he's dead from apparent suicide according to their officials. No doubt there will be an investigation, yet I find it rather odd that American officials over there insist it was suicide, rather than emphasize the facts to be known through investigation. Rumors throughout Twitter indicate he may have had dirt on certain officials, especially Hillary, yet I emphatically state we may never know one way or another, since John had a controversial past which included the mess in Belize years ago. I await his "Kill Switch" getting flipped and avoiding the spinning fan blades in the immediate vicinity. McAfee had a tattoo on an arm indicating he had no intent on killing himself, although he feared he would die in prison if extradited back to the USA. He was 75. His widow, Janice gives more insight as to John's last words. Stay tuned as the investigation continues..

Since Tennessee was mentioned, fireflies are brought up from time to time as this is their time to shine! Lynn Faust is an expert on the luminescent beetles of the late evenings in this nice article in Nature.

Let's talk Bitcoin a bit, shall we? Nevermind, the Hexicans invaded Vegas and had a kick ass time spreading the word about the most-productive crypto! It has retraced a bit from 9.6 to 6.7 pennies recently, but has taken a Texas Bounce to 7.6 pennies overnight and settled around 8.2 and remained throughout Monday as of this post. When posted, 8.4 pennies per HEX is what showed. It appears the floor set in late Sunday and appears promising when viewing ETH over 2.1k and Bitcoin rebounding nicely to over 34.5k USD. One of the things to help Bitcoin in the not-so-distant future comes from China. Their crackdown on crypto miners has significantly dropped the Hash Rate! Every 2096 blocks (about a fortnight of time) a new difficulty number is calculated and applied to Bitcoin. Some whine and moan that Bitcoin's security has also been halved, even much in line with Litecoin (so WTF hasn't Litecoin appreciated in sympathy with this??) Cryptobuzz expects this adjustment to happen by Friday and gives an expected figure on it. This adjustment will give greater odds for those miners still connected at better profits, until some of them get new digs elsewhere. Texas is among those locations, yet the Lone Star State wants their residents to keep thermostats at or higher than 78. This is of course very confusing to your humble blogger so let's see what happens.

El Salvador's President gives his citizens and businesses information on how to use Bitcoin, the latest legal currency authorized there. Yes, Paraguay continues to seriously consider doing the same. If introduced and enacted, becoming the second nation to embrace BTC as legal tender.

Speaking of Paraguay, this tweet is telling us that it's coming! American University of Paraguay will be accepting tuition payments in Bitcoin.

Don't let the communistic "woke" gaslight you out of what is America! They're being such useful idiots who took everything in this nation for granted as the degree of their indoctrination was far too great. Their teachers should've been born in third-world nations and stayed there instead! JoelGaines on Twitter gives us rare insights which the MSM would ignore today. It's incredible the emotions when the gaslighting propaganda nonsense is removed. Most of all, Joel wraps this up with a brief takeaway. We can keep our America if we stand up for it!

Canada is presently suffering an outbreak of european gypsy moths, especially in southern Ontario and some areas of Quebec. These insects are also having a banner year in certain areas of the USA, particularly in the quarantine areas which include all of New England, much of the mid-Atlantic coastal region and portions of the Midwest, including the MN Arrowhead, all MI, most WI and portions of IL, IN & OH. I mention this because those moving from an infested area to a non-infested area are required to perform an inspection and certify it was done. Ensure any driver handing your move has that certification with them if questioned by authorities as mentioned in the release.

With Canada mentioned, they, along with the Pacific NW USA are experiencing a hell of a heat wave! BNO News updated that the Great White North set a new national record of 47.5C (117.5F) in Lytton, BC around 4pm Pacific time. Personally, I've felt 118F in Phoenix during July, 2005 as part of the Guad Trip(tm) with C.D. Yes, it was HOT, but not terrible except for the static zaps as humidity was barely 3% if that much. I had on a long-sleeved white button-up shirt and had few problems. You'll go through a lot of water on a day like this!

You'll inevitably witness people who are totally clueless with their boat trailers as this is that magical time of Summer, going on the lake! Some are more clumsy getting their "money pit" into the water than a T-Rex wrapping a Christmas present! Rather than pay some bum waiting at the street corner or at a Wal-Mart entrance for their next booze or drug fix, pay her to back your trailer into the water, if at all unsure! I appreciate her resourcefulness as she's deserving of a hat tip. It could be the best Lincoln bill you spend all year!

OBITS: Diamond and Silk, you know, the Hardaway gals who keep it real, lost their wonderful mother today. I join in prayer and reflection for what a wonderful job she did in raising two exceptional Americans. They're proven torch carriers and I think it'll be carried even higher in her memory.

That's it for now. Get ready for the Fourth of July celebrations, this year on a Sunday. Hopefully you'll get the Fifth off as 7/4/2021 falls on Sunday. I could wind up at Yellowstone that very day, but it's early to say just yet. Take care and I should update you at least once this week.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, Y'all!,

Today is the first day of Summer and longest for the Northern Hemisphere. It was a good ending Saturday evening, mostly for those in second place, in winning their respective championships at the CNFR which I watched from the stands in section 119, even getting hit by a small pebble tossed on Finals night from a hoof of one of the barrel racers as I was in the box seats, near one of the cans. The College National Finals Rodeo, held in Casper, had a few heartaches and their share of winners! Casper College took home the Team Roping national title with the Johnson brothers, whose father Jhett coaches the team and I was equally impressed with two cowgirls in the Breakaway Roping, each making a new arena record, tying at 1.6 seconds on Tuesday and Friday evenings which I witnessed both. Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding had some impressive rides on eliminator pen quality Vold and Frontier bucking stock which left some rough stock riders limping. Hey, that how the sport generally rolls. The judges were outstanding as they knew how it's done, and most of all, I appreciated the extra thought in the chute gate selection by the stock and how it generally is known to buck to the benefit of the cowboy. I would suggest this makes it safer for the rider and certainly can help on the points and avoidance of rerides in many instances, something which smaller associations often didn't consider decades back when I rode in Arkansas. You can download the ESPN app and search "rodeo" which you'll find the CNFR. There will be a rebroadcast of the finals on 8/19, I'm told.

Post-rodeo is also good. It was dry during the entire week of the CNFR, but Casper finally got a break from the heat yesterday. Sunday evening temps sank nicely and it was raining Sunday evening when I originally typed this for posting. Blessed Relief we've needed for a long, long while! I expect lawn mowers to be buzzing shortly, the grass getting a rebound from the liquid sunshine. It's also Crimson Dawn time again! Their Midsummer's Eve celebration returns to Casper Mountain at the Crimson Dawn park, this evening, 6/21, at 7pm and scheduled to go on to 10. Donations are gladly accepted at the Museum on the Parks' grounds.

In the crypto world, it's been a general funk for Bitcoin, who can't seem to catch a break. Trading at 32.5k this morning due to China's crackdown on miners (they can NEVER make up their minds!) and that of crypto activities with their banking, other coins are presently suffering in sympathy, affecting most, but not all of the alts. ETH now slips to under 2k. HEX, flipping BNB and #4 is having to deal with trying to cross its Rubicon, not yet above a dime. Still, it seems to pump at strange times when few others do, so anything could happen this coming week! Gatekeeping from CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko doesn't help HEX, but it won't be able to stop it either, even if BNB flips HEX again, that occuring several times in the monetary cat and mouse game. PulseChain already has numerous scammers trying their best to rain on Richard's parade. There are PHONY tokens being put on certain chains from those falsely claiming them as PLS. Again, as of this posting, PulseChain hasn't yet been released. Furthermore, it likely won't be released until the upcoming sac (sacrifice) stage arrives and finishes. PulseChain sacrifice will arrive SUDDENLY, without warning. With that said, the only reliable locations to get honest news on this is through or inside Telegraph's OFFICIAL Pulsechain Chat! Be forewarned there is a phony SCAM channel in operation as of this posting, which the lower-case L (l) was replaced by an upper-case letter I (I) and comparing the parenthesis, look amazingly alike! Just sayin'.

UPDATE: Lumber Prices are falling, says the WSJ. Of course, Yours Truly noted this very prediction on my earlier 5-31 & 6-6 entries, so scroll down to compare. Furthermore, WSJ expects with dehoarding, that the price could take time to correct, something I also noted on 6-6, not that far below.

Yes, this was nonsense. Threats, both visual and verbal, were hurled at this couple outside their home on a private street. The McCloskeys pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges and forfeited the specific firearms they brandished. The husband exclaimed he would do it again if forced. At least in this instance, it cost the lawyer couple a lot less time and money, plus saved the Courts from what would've been an extensive battle. We need an entire nation of McCloskeys to stand up when the cops are nowhere nearby. They're correct and vindicated in MY opinion. Could it be that the simple act of aiming the weapon was what caused this result? For the untrained as them, it becomes a grey area. Bear in mind, too many cops consider similar or lesser actions toward them as threats to their safety and have shot and killed unarmed suspects, many getting acquitted by Grand Juries around this nation. Sadly, it took George Floyd's demise to begin the process of law enforcement reforms. The activists were BLM, making a point. This is what happens when you allow your schools to teach indoctrinate them and you pay no attention to what they've been instructed in.

Senator Cotton, from my native Arkansas, openly warns that Beijing could collect DNA from athletes around the globe at the Olympics. Don't forget the anal swabbing that Biden's diplomats had to endure briefly, their excuse was that this method was most conclusive to the prescence of COVID-19, which they very likely engineered in their Level IV lab at Wuhan in the first place.

Finally, Bleeping Computer gives us Windows users some registry hacks on the upcoming Win 11 release. These you can use to customize your device when released.

That's it for now. I'll be throwing suggestions on minor things regarding the entrance procedures at Events Center which I think will help transparency there in the future, especially through their website. I hope to see a few of you at Crimson Dawn, late Monday.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all,

My temp work ended Tuesday, 6/15, and was solely my decision. The City had an opportunity to hire me, but filled both positions last year at the time with internal candidates who are quality choices. I would've liked to have hung on but remained disappointed by not receiving an interview, spare the City actually checking my background. They never once utilized my abilities with a forklift, despite me using one daily in my former warehouse duties back in Guymon and having taken time to be tested for evaluation by the temp employer, who revealed I missed but one question presented. I was also certified in telehandler and skid steer. I sensed I was wasting my time watching an fairly unresponsive City Council who claims but 900 bucks in surplus at the present time as mentioned on K2 radio news, willing to revisit portions of the budget when the snows return. The energy industry is still reeling with major headaches in this area, although I see a few trickling back in. Mining got it really hard! I can retort to my Ward 3 City Councilman Steve Cathey. As you'll read in the aforementioned link, his son has had it hard in mining, but so has this temp worker who barely broke even for over a year and a half! I had no benefits during my entire tenure, I was clearly needed and valued by co-workers and was essentially working for the City, doing City work (including a small scar from a worker comp injury due to the inherent hazards) and meeting many City employees who are griping much about the same things the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) did at the meeting. I have already spent half of $5,000 to replace a recently and completely broken tooth with a post for implant, which some dental insurance could've handled much of the economic bite. Fortunately, thanks to HEX, this won't put me in the poor house. Some in the City think I'm easily replaceable, yet the temp firm still can't locate a replacement for me. The temp firm had to beg me during Dec, 2019 to get me for what should've been a month of temp work, yet the City continued to renew my contract. I went through a brief break of three days in Mid-March last year and was quickly renewed and was rarely told of when renewals occurred, which comes down to basic transparency and communication, something terribly lacking in this City. Today, too few are seeking work, remaining on the government dole that won't work out well unless communism, Marxism and socialism win out, raping this nation of whatever freedoms we had for a power-hungry government after full control. Not once have I received any assistance during the entire time of this pandemic. I miss the faces, I miss the stories, I don't miss the mess that I've witnessed more and more, some which past Councilmen have brought on the City itself before COVID arrived. It can do better. A HELL OF A LOT BETTER! NO MORE SPECULATING!! P.S., As a Casperite, I reserve the right to attend the November Council meeting when wages will be discussed again. If attending, I will of course request inclusion on the agenda and go with a prepared statement or just let it pour out of my heart as I did with Esterville's meeting about the recycling contractor in 2011 or as I did with my two former Okie reps at Eggs & Issues. Maybe I'll get another pat on the back by a Chamber of Commerce VIP. Life ain't so bad after all, is it?

Summertime highs have continued to hit records here in Oil City. Yesterday, the old record of 93 was bested I think by two degrees. The earliest chances of rain are sometime this coming weekend. Ideal weather for an outside rodeo, but Casper does it in style on the hill. The CNFR (College National Finals Rodeo) is back! It was skipped last year along with Cheyenne Frontier Days due to COVID. It was an excellent Tuesday night performance at the Events Center, now renamed the Ford Wyoming Center. Signs and tickets are gradually being replaced with the marketing and there are some decent events scheduled. Ford Wyoming Center dot com has details on the different ones later this year. I witnessed as perfect a run as one could witness in the cowgirls' breakaway roping. A new NIRA record of 1.6 seconds was set! Saddle Broncs were tough as most cowboys got bucked off. The few who made it had spurring issues with that critical front stroke after the markout. I think one blew his stirrup which got him bucked off, but that alone is a goose egg (zero score) disqualification. You know, it's a good thing to save that ticket stub whenever going to a public event with reserved seating as this! I got a box seat and took along a set of binoculars. Somehow they got separated from me when the performance wrapped up. I caught on before someone else picked them up, using the ticket stub to guide me back to where I sat. There they were, almost over the edge of the railing into the next seat. These Sears 8x21 compact binoculars have been with me at least since the 90's or longer. They were a long-ago Christmas gift which has been to many a rodeo, mountaintop, even my recent City temp work when outdoors. The parking lot itself became a challenge. I hung around to allow the traffic to bleed off since I didn't have very much gas in the tank, when someone with personalized tags on a Chevy Colorado decided to haul ass in reverse at nearly 50mph, nearly alongside a forward-motion car, suddenly swerved with reverse into a vacant parking zone at the lot's edge (how the hell he didn't take out the thick wooden guard rails or flip over on the side, I may never know) then sped on in forward. A city employee approached me to ask and I suspected the guy was either enraged about something or intoxicated, either behavior could apply. I think he was tracked down and given the Jesus Talktm about such a dangerous stunt. I was on the phone with T.O. at the time so he got to hear the skidding for himself. Oh well, the next rodeos I attend will be closer to the weekend, including the Finals.

Miami recently had a huge Bitcoin conference. Some very EPIC things occurred there. A congressional candidate from Florida was ejected from the conference when she reportedly stormed the stage and gave guest Jack (Dorsey) of Twitter a huge piece of her mind. She rightfully complained how hypocritical his actions protraying "freedom" of expression were at the conference while so many people are de-platformed from his portal with no accountability. She would know, as she was among those affected. She is again running for office and if I were a Floridian, she'd get my Vote! Now on to what REALLY sparked interest.. The President of El Salvador was also in attendance and intended to introduce legislation which recognizes Bitcoin as Legal Tender! Well, it happened shortly afterwards. It will have rather significant ramifications to present challenges to IRS "guidance" as the definition of "property" the agency applied will likely change or become invalid, especially to small transaction amounts. This was a HUGE shot across the bow to Congress in The Swamp! Wake the hell up, already!!

For months on end, I've whined, moaned, bitched, and groaned at our Congress Critters to actually do the People's Business and begin to grapple with implementing reasonable rules and regulations regarding cryptocurrency, particularly on reasonable utilization and taxation. Consider the People's input and STOP allowing unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats continue to do the work YOU should be doing!!! El Salvador, as a result of their new legal tender law on Bitcoin, may well become the first nation to encourage immigration through promises of no capital gains taxes (at least on crypto?) to permanent residents. In advance of this, Watch more and more smart, crafty American expats and emmigrants-to-be, actually begin demanding of Congress, a full repeal of FATCA! This will pull back the veil that most Americans are woefully ignorant about who would otherwise kiss this Land of the Free, goodbye! Freedom will return as the pressure to put tax-and-spend stupidity on the back burner reaches a boiling point. It'll either further divide the nation between conservatives and progressives, or literally break the nation's piggy bank. Don't leave out Paraguay! If you clicked and read through the story on the above link, you'll have discovered that landlocked South American nation is also eyeing crypto in a huge way, too. Economic revolutions are getting closer and closer to our doorstep. The world and its' reach are truly global. Stay Tuned, y'all!

Talk about spiffy! Here's a chart link for the Colonial Pipeline and DarkSide ransomware BTC flows. Note though, an unexplained spend was made to an FBI controlled BTC address. This was explained in such a manner likely to create FUD as I remain fully unconvinced that quantum computing has advanced enough to execute a Private Key decrypt steal. There's definitely more to this and I've not come across the details.

I watched a YouTube video last night. Dick Cavett did a hell of an interview with Bette Davis back in '71. I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. Much like the book you can't put down, what a difference a half-century makes! Watching it gives you incredible insight of actors and actresses of that day and earlier as Bette was incredibly honest and sharp as a tack! Probably the one person still alive with such panache is Our Other Betty, as in Betty White, 99 years young, sharp as Bette ever was and possesses the same old-school, powerful work ethic of Davis. Also, the interview gives social insight of that time when cigarette smoking was very commonplace. I always hated it when my paternal grandfather smoked, both grandfathers smoked for decades. It was what it was!

A Cambodian award-winning rat, retires from a rather unique career which undoubtedly saved life and limb of many.

It's no secret I routinely diss CNBC, calling them "Bubblevision." Yet they carry in their prime time slot, Jay's Garage. Jay Leno and Tim Allen are hilarious together and both are car fans. This was a fantastic summary of their episode.

So to conclude, I have much more freedom for now to decide whenever I want to post a new Blog entry. I have many positive things to experience as the Summer closes in. Maybe I'll get to see some of you at Friday's CNFR performance and Saturday's Finals? I'm not hard to pick out amongst the hatters. I wear one with a stampede string as all my cowboy hats are modified this way. Furthermore, Crimson Dawn Park & Museum on Casper Mountain is opened for the public. They generally open mid-June through mid-September. There was no June 21st "Midsummer's Eve" celebration last year, but that's been reopened. The park is a unique celebration and reflection on the life of author Neal Forsling. If attending, consider a donation to help fund next year's Midsummer's Eve festival, open to the public, rain or shine.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

 Omaha Beach, France observes D-Day rememberances. It's a warm one here in the Oil City. Friday broke the old record of 1908 with a 95 degree high. It remains a busy time for me, but much anticipation of decent to awesome things to happen soon. I'm planning for some fun Summer stuff at a much more leisurely pace. New tires on the truck and the wheels were torqued Thursday. I'm also getting more inquiries on Bitcoin but am hesitant to recommend it unless someone new for the first time has diamond hands, you know the necessary composure and willpower to continue HODLing those coins/tokens.

Richard Heart warns those interested in the PulseChain airdrop, which has NOT yet started, "Do not fall for imposters and scammers that direct message you. It is a scam. Do not click their links! You'll know important things when I livestream about them. Unless you see me confirm it on telegram Twitter and YouTube, (sacrifice) phase isn't started. Don't fall for the scams." Furthermore, CryptoVince is warning "People looking to jump into #PulseChain, beware. There's already Telegram scammers DMing people and directing them to a fake version of the website, pointing to a Telegram bot (presumably set up to socially engineer you into sending them crypto). Be on your guard." So consider yourself duly warned.

UPDATE: Puerto Rico; The IRS will significantly focus on those who claim to have moved there, to ascertain they are indeed island residents. I don't doubt there will be immense pressure to obtain more money for these spend-happy Democrats who will overspend on projects if Congress so allows. It will be extremely difficult to dodge the tax man if you did anything through exchanges, especially with fiat money involved as an off-ramp. Just Sayin'.

Did you get the jab/jabs? You may not be able to fly in the not-so-distant future, or watch the airlines go batshit crazy with their lawyers over this. So says this article from greatreject.

Because Chinese society is aging, the nation will allow couples to have three children. There's no word on how much carbon tax will be imposed on these families.. Oh, you mean they WON'T pay up their "fair share" when comparing opinions against many other progressives? It's a fair question, really!!

In other news from China, it appears more and more that Rand Paul, Tom Cotton and others of like thinking are vindicated. Furthermore, I think hiding this person from other Swamp Creatures was an excellent idea. I strongly agree there may be a few operatives in the District of Criminals who would've ruined any investigative edge.

This guy deserves an immediate nomination for this year's Darwin Awards! Just watch and see. To Be Honest, the couple who followed him get an Honorable Mention for being so damn close. Just think of anyone with a lit cig making contact at the right time.

Ooops! I don't think the warranty is covered on this one. I'm not the only person who thought this when viewing the otherwise-spectacular drone video from Iceland.

UPDATE: It appears the lumber price binge is topping, as was easily forseen. What I'll add is to watch lumber retailers deal with their pricey inventories. The effects going back to normal won't happen overnight! Give it some time to correct and check frequently with dealers is the best FWIW advice I could dispense.

For now, want to do that project requiring wood? What a difference several months makes! See for yourself.

Come on @jack, this Twitter nonsense you allow is getting ridiculous and your fact checkers should be identified so We The Users can retort and appeal. You're a publicly-traded company and We Your Users deserve to remind you of that. Congress should consider tossing some of your minions in jail, but you're so important as the bankers and silver manipulators that only get a slap on the wrist. At least that Florida gal running for Congress gave you sage advice while in Miama that you and your competitors should seriously heed. She may be the first one to convince her colleagues to do so when she gets elected!

Equality? Certainly hard to achieve when the human element of ones' individuality is applied. Definitely food for thought from Hermann Observer on Twitter, an American in Berlin who has authored a number of interesting books, germane to any American ex-pat or visitor to Germany.

In Memoriam, although Memorial Day was 5/31, this is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices given for this nation. We all bleed RED and should always bear that in mind when it comes down to reflecting on these men and women who gave ALL!

That's it for now. Summer sizzlin' continues and I expect a decent turnout at Crimson Dawn on Casper Mountain on 6/21. The part on Casper Mountain with that name opens on 6/15.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,  It's Memorial Day, 2021. Yesterday, my former roommate and I travelled to neighboring Fremont County. We stopped at Powder River where some rather classy antiques were on display and had an enjoyable chat with their owner who we appreciated the time he spared to show them off. Further along the route, I noticed a Chinese flag being flown on a property within easy view of the highway. My friend didn't want to believe me but agreed to slow down and stop for a picture on the way back. We went on to Riverton and discovered the Trailhead Restaurant, a nice sit-down establishment at 830 N. Federal. Don't let the prices scare you as you'll get a decent serving for your $$ and damn, it was delicious with LWCC beef! The server has done this long enough or is really sharp as there were zero issues. Their staff is well-diverse for the area and they all seem to do great work. They didn't have to shoehorn either of us as their hours from 7AM-4PM are temporary and we arrived with barely a half-hour to spare. I can't blame them since it's a holiday weekend and such, but the experience was excellent. The place is now on Yours Truly's Approved List. Fremont County has had huge problems with COVID-19, yet seems to be returning more to normal now.

As we left the restaurant, many others had just arrived, but the kitchen was already closed and they had to be turned away. I was concerned about the same when we arrived but it was our Lucky Day. We left town to head back, having to watch for wildlife as they're on the move. Near the county lines' eastern edge is the tiny community of Moneta, just over 5,600' elevation. The Ranch of Our Lady is at the edge of it, sporting a large Chinese flag. I had noticed the large yellow star and got a brief glimpse of the four smaller ones as we passed initially, but the frontage allowed us to snap pictures. My roommate thought I had flipped my lid hard enough to dislodge my cowboy hat, but I couldn't wear it in his car. Nevertheless, he saw it for himself. I have no idea why its being flown if this LLC is protesting greater influence from our primary trading partner or has actual Chinese ownership. This is a mystery for now and I'll dig into it a bit more.

Speaking of things Chinese, an update that studies of the COVID-19 virus have been ongoing. The virus itself was engineered in a lab, very likely at the only Level-IV lab in China at Wuhan. More and more, it appears Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who fled someplace from Hong Kong, is vindicated.

You see, just days before, a nice, sweet admission to the global community was uttered from one of the highest officials in the CCP in a video gone viral. Citing just this story, we can safely ignore any useless chanting and other guilt trips from the truly ignorant about "racism" in regards to the origin of Kung Flu!

Puerto Rico could change their present taxing regime in regards to crypto. Furthermore, isn't it reassuring that Wyoming has already settled this, sometime back? My smile hasn't been removed and I'll be vindicated of the numerous tweets I posted regarding the cowboy state's incredibly-friendly crypto laws. The space remains very early and amazingly young when I see questions posted as to the actual existence of crypto-friendly locations. Pro Tips: The Winter SUCKS, unless you already enjoy wintertime activities. It can be outright harsh here. Do prepare with more supplies as a prepper attitude is very vogue, especially the farther you live from a good store or two. You will have to winterize your vehicles and yourself if coming from a far "more tropical" location. (Don't laugh too loudly, but I did hear that statement roll from some guy who whined at his co-worker in Wal-Mart West off CY Ave, as the temperature was quickly dropping and a Winter Storm Warning for later that evening had been issued. He wanted his Wyomingite resident to move Southward, likely not realizing how much nicer the Summer is here.) Me? I love the overall mix of people and how much better laid-back the natives are. Brown and Gold are the Pokes' colors here. Some in Colorado give us consistent poking in the ribs over that, but we have creative retorts at our disposal. It should be known of the long-time rivalry between certain universities. When I attend a UW (said by many as "You Dub") football game in Laramie, the cowboy hat is consistently part of my appearance. These hats are perfectly acceptable and nobody gives me rude looks for wearing my well-known trademark. More so because the number of ranchers and horse riders here remains decent enough that I blend in. I think the horses love the cooler weather, too. I've not fully forgotten some of the reasons besides crypto that I hang those hats here. The Ranch? A matter of time. Crypto should be what completes the Circle.

Natrona County remains a challenge to get work outside the already-depressed oil patch. We lead Wyoming in the percentage of unemployed. Crook County in the northeast corner sports the least unemployed percentage for now. One should bear in mind we Casperians are among the first to shut down oil patch operations and often the last to restart. Real Estate remains RED HOT in Oil City for now, but I fully expect the Realtors' good times to fade and crash again, after the lumber prices get slammed to reality and the real possibility of a depression could set in. The Big Guy and his harebrained leftist handlers in the Deep State can receive much of the blame as the pipeline could've truly helped. Instead, shuttering the project is ruining relationships and economies on both sides of the 49th parallel. Does Liz Cheney really believe people will rally around her constitution arguments against The Donald? I'm catching view of some of the billboards and they make little if any sense when considering the sensibilities of Wyomingites. With her anti-Trump actions resonating among many energy workers, pissed over Biden, I doubt the favors she called for and gaslighting will do her any good. I don't give a shit how much money she has in the kitty to fight other Wyomingites wanting her House Seat! Too many believe $$ is the answer, yet many senatorial and gubenatorial races in the Cowboy State were bitter losses to those endowed with cash! I reinterate she will fare best by changing parties and remaining in The Swamp where she will be welcomed with open arms. With hat in hand, that's as nice as I can put it, y'all.

UPDATE: Twitter finally realizes "Greater Idaho" could well become a Real Deal! More Oregon counties are giving serious consideration of joining their far-more-conservative neighbor, because they're conservative enough and desire a government who doesn't ignore them just for the Big City $$ as Illinois has done for far too damned long! It'll require both states' legislatures and I think Congress would have to weigh in if such a proposal should take place. At least this is a wake-up call to the useful idiots in Salem to finally crack the whip! They need the tax $$ further inland to make ends meet as socialism and marxism simply aren't sustainable.

Is it true?? Will PayPal allow customers to withdraw crypto? This is a game changer if confirmed. So far, I've heard from two other sources that crypto can be withdrawn to a wallet. Short-term, I doubt it makes much difference in the crypto market's downturn. Presently, Bitcoin trades sub 37k and I expect it'll have some sideways trading sub 40k, spare any insane news over the next several days.

"Everything Georgia" on Twitter gave us some crazy video. A kid in Atlanta threw out 5,000 in Ca$h at his graduation, only to be detained and escorted away shortly afterward. The cheers and video don't lie, y'all! I kept hearing he rained about 10k. This link to a photo tells more, although I've not verified it fully. Those rappers love the Benjamins and he showered the front rows with love!

Taylor Monahan, the CEO and Founder of MyCrypto, gave a lengthy thread on Twitter regarding EIP-1559 and how it applies to ETH. Even though she may not have nailed the definition(s) of what using it in Ethereum was designed to do, she nevertheless observed a boatload of things which could help the top crypto token further improve their user experience, especially in the pocketbook! Some commenters were needlessly rude, but there's usually a motive for their snarkiness, as their Big Bags.. Amiright?? Bottom Line & TL;DR is she brought up a subject which needed discussion a long long time ago, which by the way, PulseChain should both help ETH on price, get some traffic moving and solve fee issues at the same time. These people need to read THIS Blog! Next..

UPDATE: On my previous submission, I mentioned I'm after the earnings of the Big Four meat packers in the U.S.. Brazillian JBS left the NCBA, feeling the heat of very pissed-off producers. The NCBA, with packers on their Board are likely feeling the heat, themselves! The present anti-trust investigation might be one of the few bright spots to emerge from The Deep Swamp if it doesn't get buried as the CFTC did years back with their four-year silver manipulation investigation that turned out "nothing." I remain convinced otherwise. That was an obnoxious waste of taxpayer funds as nobody went to JAIL, but I disgress.. Let's consider the retail aspect of red meat sales, that if the difference numbers aren't showing strongly in the packers, the stores themselves continue enriching themselves. More and more products are reflecting stronger inflation as we read from Yahoo! Finance that meat eaters are being hit the hardest. Anne Riley Moffat also provides some charts in her article showing how different groups are being affected by the food inflation which I warned you about to STOCK UP, on my 4-22 blog edition. I reinterate that warning, today.

I also opined on the 4-22 edition (scroll down enough to read) that cheaper real estate could result after whatever point lumber reaches a topping price, which I think is imminent, spare an active Atlantic hurricane season, with one named subtropical storm already and officially kicking off Tuesday, 6/1. ZeroHedge has an article through Bloomberg Radio about "Air's coming out of the balloon." so the housing top may come even sooner than I expected. Just keep your eyes on the trend.

Some additional food for thought, even if the calories are unhealthy, from the Babylon Bee. It's news which they readily admit as fake. Laid-off American workers sneaking into Russia to put their well-seasoned pipeline skills to work? Why not make it REALITY?? Besides, the first near 100k USD per year would likely be tax-free, so it slaps Biden and his tax-and-spend heresy where it hurts. I see the Bee's reporting as far more transparent than the MSM and you can see their gaslight glow in the daylight! You won't get the comments unless a subscriber. Finally, Florida Governor DeSantis is clearly after cancel-culture deplatforming and has signed a bill into law there allowing to sue big tech for damages when this occurs. Many suspect that Trump will take full advantage of it. I pray other states join the Sunshine State in similar legislation to shut up woke people being funded by questionable sources who can't handle any commentary they consider distasteful. Such is life in much of America today and it's generally sickening.

That's it for now. May you and yours enjoy the Holiday weekend and if you don't participate in Memorial Day, that you at least include these men and women who gave their limbs and lives for America, in your prayers. Amen!

With hat again in hand,
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

It's been busy lately but I have to get ready to leave my present work to undertake a new beginning. There's a lot of stuff in here this time and I'm watching Bitcoin take what appears to be a dead cat bounce, but blame the US Treasury for at least some of it. Scroll down enough to read it right away. Other cryptos have taken it on the chin. Even though HEX joined this group, they're already rallying since PulseChain is causing so much anticipation. It could be within a week that the sacrifice stage for it comes in view. PulseChain dot com isn't yet active but the Telegram chat via certainly is!

Looks like the stimmys are here to stay, especially if you have little ones you're caring for. UBI? Watch it enter the dictionary before much longer. Not yet set in stone, be watching this trend! Speaking of trends, Gerald Celente is in rare form. This is NSFW, so keep this in mind as he doesn't mince words in his excellent report, Trends Journal.

Elon Musk caused a major shitstorm in Bitcoin over the weekend, but it's gradually recovering with many celebrating buying the dip. It's finally stabilizing above 40k on his "Diamond Hands" tweet and I never expected to see a hate crypto appear and pump as it has. Using ticker symbols "FELON" or "FUCKELON", you can see where the hate is going, even though I didn't find a price or listing on either coinmarketcap or nomics. Now, how high it pumps or how long it can last is up to the supporters and HODLers. Hell, I never expected DOGE to hang on as it has, but Elon has his stamp on their bullishness, too! Many Musk fans are questioning which coin he remains loyal to. DOGE has their mining shared with Litecoin in a unique PoW arrangement. Miners on either coin can successfully mine coins on either chain, since the same algorithm is utilized.

ZeroHedge got their Twitter account suspended for the second time, Monday. I don't know when it was reinstated or what it was over. Twitter is much like China on cryptocurrency as their mind can never be made up.

There are drug dogs and YES!, there are bad, bad drug dogs! Reason dot com gives us a nice expose' on this matter. Remember, if you're the innocent one who got your vehicle and money impounded, no drugs or other contraband involved, yet you're out of money and your time to clear your property (remember, this is civil asset forfeiture we're talking about) then this story is definitely for you. This shouldn't be America in the 21st century, but sadly, the K-9 solution can prove to be a matter of loyalty to its' master. Why people in Republic, WA didn't gang up together on their City Council for change is likely due to the out-of-town and out-of-state commuters and travelers. By the way, Wyoming is mentioned in it as well, this state has civil asset forfeiture (WHY???) and at least one significant arrest case along I-80 made it to the state Supreme Court in 2019 or 2020, so it's not isolated!

Catalin Cimpanu through The Record, gives us a story on ransomware tactics. There are several attack vectors being utilized to extort money, including the intention to cause shorting the stock of publicly-traded targets. Company IT staffs have to grapple with this, daily. Lately, many municipalities and state agencies have had to cough up funds if their staffers responsible for such hadn't been vigilant with frequent backups and failing to inform all their worker bees to not let down their guard when opening up emails with attachments. I mention this because the Colonial group who runs that huge east coast pipeline operation has already reopened portions of it and are utilizing what backups they can in light of their recent ransomware hack. It's a huge mess trying to purchase gasoline from portions of east Texas into New England. Certain areas are more affected, especially the Deep Swamp DC/VA/MD region, much of GA & NC. So far, no issues here in the Rockies which I'm aware of, nor has the gas price increased. We can blame the Deep Swamp of the New State of Columbia for them having created at least the basics which created this industry, they having been hacked out of these goods.

Is my neighbor Idaho ready to become an OCEAN STATE? Many counties in Oregon are apparently ready to join the state with awesome potatoes, to ditch the potatoheads in Salem running their affairs. The rainwater fiasco would be reason enough for me to vote YES as that is so stupid for too many reasons, not just the obvious invasion of the state on private landowners. Not all whom reside in the Blue States agree with the big money politics they're subject to. Stay Tuned and keep some popcorn ready to pop.

Treasury sure wants Americans to cough up more money if they're into crypto. Where the hell is Congress on this discussion? They continue to deny the DOLLAR ITSELF is the most convenient means of money trafficking. Are individual dollars with their serial numbers tracked? RARELY!! They can't argue the technology to track fiat currency isn't possible, but they'd rather sneak in a digital dollar CBDC they can fully control. Bitcoins and most other crypto, on the other hand, are easily trackable on the blockchain itself. This is a convenient time to spread more FUD, especially with Dammit Janet's strong dislike of crypto in general. Add to that, Senator Brown of Ohio, Chairman of Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs in the Senate, gave a letter to acting Comptroller Michael Hsu regarding bank charters being granted to entities who "do not meet the same set of regulatory and consumer protection standards that banks are required to meet." yet he fails to consider Wyoming's SPDI law which specifies no fractional reserve, protected 100%! I saw quickly through this nonsense and tweeted a quick retort. I wasn't at all alone, with Cardano's Chuck cutting to the chase, chiming in his own words, mincing none at all! The Swamp has plenty of critters. Some may mean well, but ignorance is either rampant or chosen to flourish when it comes to keeping a status quo. Wyoming truly thought the SPDI law through back in '19 when HB0047 was passed.

If you're into HEX or considering becoming a Hexican and already have a Reddit account, Richard Heart had been doing an "AMA" or "ask me anything" section recently, but a human decided to remove it since they were just too stupid to recognize that Richard was promptly answering the questions presented. Noteably during the AMA, he expects PulseChain's Sacrifice Phase in around a week or so (pulsechain dot com should soon become active with specifics!) with the mainnet in perhaps two months, which puts that around late-July. There's already a functional testnet and Richard says the devs "are doing super good work!" Godspeed Mr. Heart, as this can't come soon enough. Also, Nomics sometimes shows a higher average on the token because of the Bitmart exchange, where wash trading has gone crazy in anticipation of PulseCoin. Most Hexicans rely on for their HEX chart fix, especially if in a tight timeframe. This link is referenced in 4 hour candles.

Casey gives others in AgTwitter and myself some food for thought. I've asked how the earnings sheets of the Big Four beef processors in the USA reflect, since someone is making $$ and it's clearly NOT the ranchers! Meanwhile, the Hal Turner Radio Show reports that a food shortage is being engineered by the unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats in The Deep Swamp! In the past, I've read about government programs doing exactly this, paying producers to destroy viable product, but threatening them with no subsidies? That's ratcheting it to a new, disgusting level. Sounds like Obama communist, socialist politics to me!

I first learned about this flower on my favorite internet usenet group alt.tasteless decades ago! The titan arum or Corpse Flower grows in southeast Asia. It has a huge bloom which opens rarely. It smells like rotting meat as that helps pollination from certain native insects. Because it's the largest known bloom in the world, many come out to view it and get a whiff! It's Alameda's turn to enjoy that fame.

Wow! This is a deeply comprehensive article on COVID-19 and may help you decide on how it originated. I warn that it's a LONG one and requires time to digest it all. Definitely worthy of a bookmark, IMHO.

Speaking of COVID or its variants, I happen to agree with Mike on this one. With COVID, you can never, ever tell where that sneaky virus winds up next. Ma'am, please roll that window all the freakin' way up! Nevermind that with some who received both jabs, they still wound up infected! Now, Pfizer gets their "emergency" authorization to allow jabs in those under age 16. I again ask "If all these mRNA vaccines are so safe, why doesn't FDA immediately greenlight these for general usage to preserve my life insurance underwriting options in the future? Is there something more sinister which nobody, the media in particular, refuses to inform us?" Leave it to the Hal Turner Radio Show to discover chemical SN-102 which is reportedly in the Moderna vaccine according to the CT Dept. of Health. According to the chemical paperwork by the Michigan manufacturer, SN-102 is not fit for either human or veterinary usage! You can catch Hal on international shortwave 5950, 7490 or 6160 Khz at 0100 UTC M-F or his livestream through his website while live.

DoctorPete gives us sage advice.

First, it was Bill in that blue dress and red hot high heels!

The National Science Foundation mentions research at Boise State. DNA could keep information much like our computer hard drives. I warn this type of technology could be used to abuse mankind, especially by government. After all, what if someone's name or social insecurity number being entered into DNA should trigger something extreme to happen? An update on real estate: One billboard here in Oil City purports your home can be given offers within 10 days or it gets sold free. Twitter, via WSJ Real Estate notes the Phoenix metro area is being deluged with offers in their higher-end neighborhoods. Both have in common the Blue Staters fleeing their excessive taxation from their tax-and-spend politicians. Who did we vote for President?? I continue to ask this over and over again. Sorry, but there ain't no free lunch and these politicians should be taught that with a boot from office and new blood when the Ballot Box comes around. With the pourous southern border allowing more future Democrats free entry, these Blue Staters will get to experience the folly of their past political choices in due course, no matter where the hell they move to!

That's it for now. Spring is setting up decently here in Oil City. Enjoy it where you are as well.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, Y'all. Happy Mother's Day, especially to mine back in Arkansas,

 Buy gasoline NOW! Don't fiddlefart around (being a procrastinator) on this one, especially if east of the Big Muddy.Colonial, who suffered a hack attack which affected switching on its US pipelines which supply up to 45% of the East Coast and Southeast, is giving NO timetable for when they can restart. It's about to go "full DOGE" as ZeroHedge tweeted this afternoon. Y'all been warned!

 It's been exactly a year and a week ago today that my first stimulus check arrived in the amount of $1,200. It took some time to get that mess resolved of how to receive it, since I had moved here from Oklahoma in late August, 2019. For some odd reason, my CPA insists on knowing when I got it, despite the fact that it's non-reportable income for most people. I'm working on the tax stuff since the Treasury & IRS delayed the tax deadline for most people a month and two days, to 5/17. Because of the recent dental issues, I've delayed this long enough. My former roommate had a loss in his family so I'm handling his laundry this week until he returns. Out here in the Rockies with no family, we're both without support systems, yet thanks to college - we reluctantly rely on each other at times as we both work and remain fairly busy. I got an interview earlier this week! Nevermind thanks to the Kung Flu that I couldn't go in person, but I'm recovering from oral surgery and await the tooth fairys' "stimmy" to help. I should know soon if I make it to the next round of applicants, although I think the initial interview went well, considering the influence of the pain med I needed.

It's really no secret I'll be leaving my present temp job and I don't mind stating this publicly, since but a handful of you know what it is. They had the opportunity to consider and interview me when two positions I was clearly qualified for did open, yet they failed to do so last year, despite me having timely applied. I've simply had it with them simply renewing me over and over again in an inexpensive holding pattern which keeps me from more productive use of my time. Furthermore, I was notified days ago by my state Dept. of Health that at least some of my results from COVID testing that the client insisted on, wound up on GitHub with information including certain sensitive stuff that could be used to commit ID fraud. [NOTE: This was not directly due to the client itself, but a third party handing the testing.] Besides, certain Twitter liberals, tainted with cancel culture stupidity (because too many are too damned LAZY to get credible employment of their own and want to place pressure on my employer to get me canned) don't like me voicing anything conservative. I have news for you, assholes! I don't have to work in the first place when one certain crypto is already making me solid returns not dependent on Bitcoin, and like honey badger, it don't give a damn! It absolutely exists and I get to withdraw a small amount from it soon, not even depending on any tax refund, although I'll likely get a large one with as little as I presently earn, since the present job doesn't come with benefits and any insurance except required workers' compensation. Of course I'll work with my CPA and withhold appropriately, yet there's always a battle and "Dammit Janet" Yellen wants what amounts to be a windfall profits tax (an economic act of rape) on crypto and tokens. I think she's done a lousy job in the Fed and deserves a pink slip with a place waaaaay deep in the back end of the long, long unemployment line to experience what most Americans already have during the CCP virus which didn't affect her and her loved ones in The Swamp. I will continue to encourage fellow HODLers to put pressure on their Congre$$ Critters to actually tackle this crypto taxation issue as it deserves to be reasonable! We DON'T have to tolerate bureaucrats making these decisions, except when Congress itself is too damned lazy and punts the ball to them. These representatives, unlike the bureaucrats, actually work for US! Make them EARN YOUR VOTE for once, y'all and grow a damn spine, please!! It'll prove to be time well-spent. I'm doing my part and need you as a HODLer, with me.

There's a global shortage of... Oxygen. Seriously! Most prominent in India, now Even the Chinese-influenced World Health Organization has placed O2 on it's list of essential medicines which that list is available through a link in that story. The biggest factor in all this, is the ongoing COVID pandemic.

US Officials arrested Roman Sterlingov, alleging money laundering and money laundering without a license (interesting how these two charges co-exist, essentially no difference than those dozen or so states which charge marijuana dealers with no state-accepted tax stamp on the weed they sell, a form of "tax evasion" which doesn't at all legitimize the pot's legality.) Sterlingov allegedly ran the Bitcoin Fog mixing service. Don't think for even a fleeting moment that agents aren't using their Chainalysis contract to the maximum extent! The article doesn't explain if the dual Russian/Swedish citizen was arrested here on US soil.

Litecoin has yet to be fully appreciated, both on the price and usage. After all, can Bitcoin still safely transfer $2,298 USD of value with a fee of a single red penny? :-) Taking an additional look at bitcoin fees, the fee when I wrote this for the fastest and cheapest transaction if using on-chain, remains at 102 sats/byte. If you have very low inputs (are spending from a minimum number of BTC addresses in your wallet) then 22,848 sats are the rate. True, you CAN use a less number of sats to spend if you have time to spare. You can always assess your circumstances to decide what works best. By the way, the math? 50k USD (for fair comparison, that was the price at the time) x .00022848 = $11.42 for the same transaction. Furthermore, Bitcoin has a transaction time average of 10 minutes to process the block it gets added to, give or take a few minutes. Litecoin does this typically in 2 and a half minutes! You should consider using Lightning Network to avoid the stiff on-chain fees when using Bitcoin. Gradually, they've gained greater acceptance. As of this posting, Litecoin is priced at $360 with a decent likelihood of mooning well past $400 this coming week. How is HEX? Quite awesome! It could touch four cents USD before midnight Mountain Time, presently at 3.85 pennies when I posted this. I won't add to it any further, except keep an eagle eye on PulseChain dot com for details. Ethereum, although valuable and world-changing, doesn't deserve to be anywhere near as expensive for gas fees! PulseChain is adding cool, impressive features to what should soon become something jaw-dropping. A testnet is already operational. Note though, I seriously doubt I'll sacrifice any liquid HEX for Pulse. It'll become noteable soon enough.

The exchange suffered a cyber attack last week. From their release pinned on Telegram last Friday morning:
 "Hotbit just suffered a serious cyber attack starting around 08:00 PM UTC, April 29,2021, which led to the paralyzation of a number of some basic services. Meanwhile, the attackers also tried to hack into Hotbit’s wallets (However, the attempt was identified and stopped by our risk control system).
In this case, Hotbit team has shut down all services for inspection and restoration immediately, and the overall recovery period is expected to be no less than 7 days. That time has finally passed and Telegram rooms of HotBit indicate the exchange is back in service.
Please note that all your assets are safe and secure, and you can follow us on Twitter,Facebook, and Telegram for Hotbit’s latest recovery progress."

We've NOT heard the last on the '20 Elections! Not only is Mr. MyPillow intent on releasing a bunch of evidence in that regard (almost all that the courts never reviewed) but inventor Jovan Pulitzer claims he was offered a cool 10MM to stay quiet about voter fraud in those elections. With the Dems, it's about the Benjamins and arm-twisting in The Swamp to get their way. Stay Tuned!

Arizona chimes in a careful manner about the Maricopa County elections audit. They're worried that shared router data could compromise other sensitive digital traffic, which apparently includes law enforcement traffic. (Yours Truly was once a law enforcement telecom op.) As you can read about in this tweet, Clif is willing to get 'er dun in a BIG way! Don't doubt the man's capabilities for even a microsecond, Phoenix. He's worked deep in the rabbit hole for several biggies including Microsoft. His resume is no doubt HUGE and experience in internet tech matters is immense!

Do you love your ice cream from McDonalds? Those shakes as well?? What a hell of a video! Somehow I came across this half-hour video and already has well over 4MM hits in the first week. Consider this a gigantic update from my 10/30/2020 blog where I lashed out against Mickey Dees and invited visitors to surf to McBroken, the website which shows the percentage and locations of broken ice cream machines at all McDonalds franchises in the USA. Pop some corn and spend a half-hour watching the biggest expose' on WHY McDonalds Ice Cream Machines are always "broken." Johnny Harris gives us incredible insight. ANYONE who owns a McDonalds restaurant should immediately view this. Why I sense antitrust being a possibility coming from it, I think it's a rather solid case if Johnny did all his homework, which so far is very convincing he DID! Now, if you're still reading this and have viewed the video, also check out some of the comments, especially the one from Matt Fochs. His contribution to this discussion is germane and points out how some franchisees overlook or cheat which backfires in regard to how the machine was designed in the first place, not to mention the taste likely isn't as expected. Want me to TL;DR a part of it? Matt stated "Side note, a huge issue besides overfilling the hopper that most often causes the heat cycle shutout is when store do not order enough ice cream mix to meet demand and try to thin or replace the mix with milk bought from the local grocery store. Milk doesn't have the other added ingredients and as a result the heat cycle causes a thick film and/or froth that sets off the sensor due to consistency differences and weight/temp differences."

The Weight Question when it comes to horses and donkeys, especially their riders whom are becoming heavier and heavier. This article from New Zealand is dated a day later, but keep in mind one cartoon character always mentioned it's always tomorrow across that Date Line. It doesn't give a good answer, although for the mountain riding I love to do on the dude ranch I've visited, they look for someone weighing in less than 30% loading for a mount, better if around 25%. That means I'm back on my diet when I quit working and when I get my own horses again!

Well, surprise, surprise, SURPRISE! The NY Post released new photos showing Epstein & Maxwell were guests in Bubba's WhideHaus. The hits never stop, don't they?

That's it for now. I hope each of you have a good rest during your rest of the weekend! Give me good thoughts, vibes and of course your prayers are greatly appreciated. I want to continue working and earning my share of my keep. Doing so gives me greater street cred when arguing with politicians or at least giving my input. Paying my fair share of tax ensures I have a clear conscience both ways when voicing strong points.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

 The George Floyd murder trial wrapped up in Minneapolis with guilty verdicts on all three charges. I had tweeted earlier that I expected problems, regardless of the verdict and that it would likely not be limited to the Twin Cities. DING DING DING!! NYC wonders why they have so much open real estate and Mayor deBlasio has this $30,000,000 marketing program to bring in new blood. Does that blood want to be watered down by a NYS/NYC tax burden, in combination with the Big Guy's tax-and-spend proposals on high-wealth individuals (a necessity in regard to big business establishment there!) They're out of their league and out of their minds! Paul Joseph Watson notes via Summit News and released via ZeroHedge on Wednesday of how BLM protestors still want blood. Harassing diners and white restaurant owners to "get the fuck out of the city" ain't at all cool. They got their desired verdicts but nothing will ever be enough! They truly hate America that much!! With that said, law enforcement still must change their training tactics going forth or we'll see more of these verdicts and anarchy will rule supreme, except of course to those with guns and the will to utilize them in appropriate defense. O.J. voiced his opinion that he wants police training reform, that defunding law enforcement is ridiculous. I strongly agree on both!

Biden is utterly hilarious, as is his tax-and-spend party. Stocks are tanking as the Big Guy proposes to raise the capital gains tax as high as 43.4% for the wealthy. The Fed has wanted to generate inflation and as usual, they will very likely overdo it. We also have the potential of WW III, thanks to our clueless representatives who foolishly side with Ukraine in a matter which Americans really have no interests in, except to allow the Deep State and their buddies to make tremendous money in War. I'm a bit stumped to understand why we're not hearing about the Biden Familys' involvement in certain Ukranian matters lately, instead focusing on China. Putin had a noteable speech Wednesday in Moscow. Of course the MSM here didn't cover any details.

Let me take this opportunity to warn each American now to STOCK UP ON FOOD AND OTHER ESSENTIALS, as the aforementioned inflation will be passed onto food, toilet paper, specific paper products and many other essentials by Summer. Furthermore, I'm being clued in that the very high lumber prices we're witnessing are becoming very top-heavy with fewer lumber sales as a result. Unless this were a very heavy hurricane season, I sense lumber will become cheaper with sawmills already operating >90% in the South. Does that mean to get ready to short Big Lumber? It could take time to show, unless the resulting inventories become massive enough to warrant. This lumber crash to come, may also translate into cheaper real estate in about a year or so. Nevertheless, this raise in the capital gains if passed will be a major jobs killer in several blue states, chasing out even more residents to cheaper digs. Just keep your eyes on the ball and watch these trends.

The PBoC have researchers who are urging the nation to lift birth limits. The story explains some of the history in order to get Americans up to date on the intent and present realities in China.

Wind Turbine news has NREL developing a computational framework for modeling golden eagle behavior near wind farms, with the goal in protecting them. Does Trump know about this?

Apparently, Uber wants to know you're wearing a mask before they'll pick you up. I would suspect this is done directly on their app, so it's likely not so simple as snapping a pic of yourself, then uploading the image. You may well have to make it a desktop photo on your screen which you can quickly access of this. After all, they have this all-knowing AI which may be more pathetic than "Tay" was for Microsoft.

Speaking of masks, my "Quote of the Week" is from @vampyanji on Twitter; "Does anyone else rip off their Mask when they exit a store - like they just finished a disappointing surgery on Grey's Anatomy?" Of course I do!

That's it for now! We're getting more and more towards the end of the month. Insane things usually happen during this very week. Watch the news, the trends, and continue to prepare yourselves for what could be very difficult for us and the America we love.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

Because of technical issues in OKC with my hosting, I couldn't upload this Blog when intended on Sunday. I didn't bother Twitter with it, either. At least it's working again! :-)

So how is springtime here in Oil City? We had the perfect Easter, but as this is posted, snow is again flying east of the Divide with a late Arctic front taking a straight southward dive. Up to 5" expected today, although the warmer temps over the weekend will likely prevent many driving issues. Still, in light of the recent wreck that Jeffree Star and his best friend Daniel experienced on black ice covering Hat Six Road, you can't let your guard down. At least both were wearing their seat belts, yet were still hospitalized. April remains a wintry month in this region. I learned that quickly last year.

In crypto news, a huge mining issue in China apparently cut the hash rate and caused a weekend freaking-out in Bitcoin. It dumped close to 10 billion USD according to Joseph Young. The alts took it pretty hard, but they're recovering gradually. DOGE continues being a star! It hit 40 cents and many swear up and down they won't dump until it hits a dollar USD. Some on Twitter disagree. If you want to jump on DOGE at this time, be extremely careful. Bonus Points if you have the means to short it as I sense too damn much hopium. Even though I was a first day Shibe, I've moved on and HEX remains my favorite going forward, although my Litecoin does continue to show incredible promise going into the Summer. At under 300 bucks this morning, it still has significant upside to go. I also HODL both BCH & BSV. The former is shy of one grand, the latter just above 300 bucks. Both should continue to thrive more in this market, especially as Bitcoin recovers more. Finally, NEO (I have none of this) is pumping magnificently, now closing in on 125 USD.

Kevin McCarthy encourages ALL of Congress to learn more about cryptocurrencies, not conveniently punting the ball to China, any longer. Perhaps NOW, you understand why I call Yellen "Dammit Janet" and others have carried the ever-brightening torch. Either that or I have a decent pulse on money which the Fed remains clueless on. Meanwhile, the Chinese are gradually warming up to crypto, even if they truly don't want it to exist in the first place. Li Bo, deputy governor of the CBoC said, crypto assets such as BTC should be used as alternative investments or investment tools. This is reportedly a first from such a high-ranking official in the Chinese economy.

I've gotten some interesting intel from LibertyBlitz fame Michael Krieger that Moderna wants to combine the seasonal flu shot with their COVID vaccine. Is this literally sneaking in an experimental vaccine into the arms of unsuspecting Americans? Personally, going forward from this point in time, I suggest when you get your annual flu shots to DEMAND that little paper insert which every vial must contain (it's Federal law!) and review over what's contained. You're hereby warned; CAVEAT EMPTOR!

"There is racism physically built into some of our highways" and Pete is apparently spot-on with his assessment, especially when considering the legacy of Robert Moses. Directly related to this story, here's a noteable tweet from Michael Napolitano.

In Wyoming News, "Defend The Guard" is attacking federal misuse of the National Guard. Yes, Liz is mentioned and Matt Gaetz, despite his sex probe, is likely vindicated in regard to his speech in Cheyenne last year.

Finally, go take a risk! Stop asking for excessive advice was the epitaph of a centurian who passed shortly after giving it. Myron, you have my continued admiration, even six years after your passing.

That's it for now. I have a lot to do and prepare for today.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


I certainly hope each of you had a fantastic Easter! It was picture perfect here in the Oil City as the big melt continues. More rain and snow showers are in the forecast as the week goes on. We can use the moisture, Yes we can! In fact, an inch to maybe as much as three can be expected overnight into Friday morning, although I doubt Riverton has their forecast at all set in stone.

It's nice when Reuters puts reality into focus! Biden/Harris are utterly clueless or playing us as mushrooms. Indeed, coal and oil pay a hell of a lot better than today's wind or solar! Consider too, A Bloomberg report shown via ZeroHedge today shows Cali and NY State, both Dem-run, with the biggest weekly change in initial unemployment claims. Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Although many companies are reopening for business, the best comment I spotted on the forum is "Why should I work when I can walk out to the mailbox?" and that alone is such a huge grasp of social sentiment today. It sure as hell was the case here in Oil City last year with many getting the extra 600 bucks weekly in UE bennies. It also has caused many companies interested in rehiring to spend much additional time to triage received applications for work, likely the biggest portion of the stack attributed to those applying solely to continue their benefits.

PayPal annouces their crypto checkout launch! You have bags of certain quality cryptos? You can be in a buying mood! This isn't immediate and will happen in the "coming months" they say. Americans, don't forget to note the COST BASIS to keep compliant with current, ridiculous tax "guidance." We're still NOT ready for prime time when Congress continues to punt to the bureaucrats.

Also, Coinbase reported through their blog last week, reported by Cointelegraph, they expect to go public under the COIN symbol on NASDAQ on April 14th, under a week from now. They delayed matters by paying a fine to the CFTC of 6.5MM USD. Hey, another cost of doing business!

Hexicans (those active in the HEX crypto token community) are rejoicing over the upcoming fork of ETH, named Pulsechain. This will give blessed relief, especially to HEX stakers as myself. Pulsechain should grant a new sense of HEXcellence and assist in greater adoption of blockchain's premier time deposit. Hexicans are submitting their ideas in a free-for-all discussion of artwork in the newly-created Pulsechain chat on Telegram and one has been chosen by Richard. Some reasonably decent ideas have surfaced of what the logo should be. Pulsechain may become effective by July or even sooner. I'm not at all certain if those outside of the HEX community will make any use of it. Furthermore, there's continued talk of a Pulsechain airdrop. At this time, there's still a lot of upcoming news and more will be released by months' end. Regarding the features, Richard himself stated to one sceptic;
[05.04.21 12:20]
"Let me put it to you like this.
There is no chain in the world that has the features PULSE will have.
unique, powerful, useful features.
you'll see :) "

I have no reason to doubt Richard. He's been very straightforward and focused throughout HEX. Besides, my earned interest in terms of the token continues nicely. Stay Tuned as I'll try and keep you informed.

Arkansas news? The Hogs lost recently to Baylor in the Elite Eight. Baylor went on to win the Big Dance which former Hog Coach Richardson got 'er dun in '94 and nearly repeated the following season. Still, considering the shitty year 2020 was, this was exceptional for the Razorbacks and I have to feel for 'em coming later in the year, hopefully with a full Bud Walton Arena.

That doesn't mean I've forgotten about the Wyoming teams! The cowgirls won the Mountain West and were defeated by an excellent UCLA squad in the national tournament, yet several will return to Laramie later in the year. The cowboys will continue their improvements, too.

Obits include G. Gordon Liddy who passed last Tuesday at age 90. He was the mastermind behind the Watergate burglary, but most importantly, he NEVER caved in and ratted out those above him. He was truly an American Patriot in the truest sense of conservatism and his integrity where it counted is extremely rate in this nation any longer. I regularly enjoyed his no-apologies take on politics on one of his talk shows as he didn't mince his words. RIP!

Brett, this is one of the reasons I enjoy your tweets on AgTwitter and am among your latest followers! Crosby brings up the subject of which is easier for cowboys to do with their cattle; Line 'em up or bunch 'em? The liners have it and the comments are informative.

The Deep Swamp doesn't want fireworks at Rushmore on The Fourth. Of course, area tribes didn't want the fireworks displayed last year as I keenly recall their protests and the COVID-19 Kung Flu continues to be cited as one of several reasons the Park Service has denied the request for this year, despite South Dakota continuing to improve on their numbers. If it was the Big Guy's idea, do any of you even think for a nanosecond that it'd get cancelled? Asian Carp continue to be a nuisance fish throughout the Midwest and Lower Mississippi with many of the tributaries. They don't like certain music, I've read.

Finally, for reasons of being plain stupid, Adobe decides that DOS remains relevant in year 2021. Hells Bells! I happily use OpenDOS and they're wonderfully stable as MS.

That's it for now. In the world of crypto, HEX remains my first choice. I have other bags awaiting their day in the Sun, including Litecoin.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,
 First off, let me apologize for the long time without a Blog. I got bad sick last Sunday with a stomach bug that even last Monday kept me in bed, It was a horrible series of episodes, sitting on the toilet with diarrhea exploding below, a large plastic tumbler or large cup in one hand, catching the simultaneous barrage of vomit from my upper end, which without the size and convenience of the container, would've created an incredible mess. Now, imagine this going on for nearly 5 hours of numerous repeat visits. It's no secret I tend to catch this annoyance from time to time, more so because of the special work I do for now. I hate it when it prevents me from working as I presently get no sick days or vacation. This gives many of us insight as to how severe the effects of COVID-19 has been to Wyomingites and throughout the nation. At least I'm back 100% after the chest cavity became less sore, something requiring 2 or 3 days.

It's been a s-l-o-w thaw lately from the record 26" four-day duration snowfall from Winter Storm Xylia, which Casper received from the 15th through 18th. Still, a good 3" of the white stuff remains as snow cover here in Natrona County. For now, nothing more than nuisance snow showers or rain appear from time to time, but the moisture is appreciated. The way it worked out is very positive as the runoff is going into the ground, nice and slow - not overwhelming the city's sewer and water drains. It shouldn't be long before April with plenty of green grass sprouts up.

An interesting story on Oil City News regarding a girl's babtismal certificate brought an equally-interesting ending. It wasn't her picture, after all!

Idaho has decided to ditch Powerball. The reason is MSL's decision to add Australia to the players' pool. That nation is anti-gun enough to concern many Idahoans. At this point, the Multi-State Lottery hasn't commented. The state's last participating drawing will be August 23rd.

Oddly enough, something which I actually agree with Chuck Schumer! The NY Senator apparently is working toward ending the federal prohibition on marijuana. He's applauding action in Albany as NYS is close to cannabis legalization. My position? I don't use and I don't care. If anything, it offers me way more job opportunities. I continue to job hunt and I'm already submitting to drug tests anyhow. As long as the tests are conclusive and not retarded as those follicle tests are, I'm cool with that! I'm also very pleased that cops will have at least one reason less to prey on those they don't at all like. By the same token, Dana Ivey makes a reasonable tweet query to Chucky "Can you make it so people aren't allowed to smoke on the street? The stink of Marijuana is intense and makes my stomach turn." and I agree she deserves her "space" as well! Let's discuss a reasonable balance.

International news has the Suez Canal blockage continuing to make headlines. My personal recommendation? Consider your lucky stars if you still have quite a hoard of TP from last year's COVID onset. If not, stock up on toilet paper and paper towels as I expect a run on those. Supply chains remain constrained and this is also affecting oil prices, since some of the global crude oil supply regularly uses Suez. Go ahead and load up the tank(s) if you still have a decent gas price for now!

Cointelegraph's Andrew Fenton recently gave us this article, well-written about Bank of America's Francisco Blanch's opinion on Bitcoin. All you really have to do is experience the absolutely lousy service from this mega bank a few times with the wrong thing being uttered by someone working on the bank's behalf to get mad enough to literally pay off nearly two thousand in credit card debt in person at a branch location while requesting a terse, two-page statement be faxed to their corporate headquarters in North Carolina. I did this as a college student in Iowa during 2010 and NEVER looked back. I even wrote profanities on one subsequent check for a three dollar final charge they assessed, I was so pissed! You're probably asking why I did business with those fools anyway.. They bought out a good Arkansas bank over a decade earlier which I was always treated well and had that credit card with. A piece of advice I happily grant you now; If BofA buys out your financial institution, take your marbles and jacks and RUN, RUN, RUN if you possibly can! Avoid the headaches and their nonsense. Mr. Blanch is simply among the latest of reasons to remain extremely wary of his employer. If you're after the TL;DR then you chose the wrong blog as my opinions are rather shrewd of why his Bitcoin report has flaws and loaded with banker bias;

* His "exceptionally volatile" assessment is so dated. As with any cryptocurrency, volatility is a given. This is also true of most equities and any financial products whose ranking is inherently of greater risk. You want to make Mad Gainz? You take chances in getting there as a goal and hopefully you've done adequate research. Grayscale, Kim Dotcom, Elon, The Winklevii, et al, have all voted with their own money and they've netted quite a bit thus far. I seriously doubt any have serious BofA relationships. Furthermore, provided the institutions continue to both acquire supply and HODL, not only BTC but other quality alts, then volatility can be expected to lessen due to the underlying support.

* Impractical would be correct if dealing with on-chain usage of Bitcoin. This is also the case if presently dealing with Ethereum's excessive gas fees. I realize I'm indirectly opening up rather-fresh wounds again as I continue to hear about v2.0 and the contentions of ETH miners losing more of their golden eggs. Bottom Line? The Market has solutions! Richard Heart has announced a fork of ETH to allow HEX users to utilize less-expensive staking fees, something which prevents greater acceptance of crypto's first Certificate of Deposit, presently paying around 37+% APY and which I happily participate. Bitcoin has level two solutions which are proving solid enough that CoinOK gives their OK to Lightning Network. Orange Pilled (Bitcoin Maximalist) folks whom have lazer focus will continue to do very well, especially if looking at medium to long-term and this rebuttal doesn't include their reasoning, which is very workable in their instance since they're generally decent HODLers and not so short-trended as others in the space.

* To Francisco's credit, "environmentally disasterous" can be argued in this case and this applies to any crypto which shows broad acceptance in the space, combined with Proof of Work (PoW). Don't forget that China has the cheapest electricity and most BTC miners on the planet. presently shows the BTC hash rate around 160 Eh/S (Exohashes per Second) which the electricity being consumed is comparable to many small nations. It also helps strongly secure the network against 51% attacks. Dogecoin has pumped incredibly in a few months, yet doesn't carry near the degree of hashrate to remain secure. Shibes have combined their mining of DOGE with Litecoin long ago, both scrypt algos and both their networks have avoided these attacks with this merged solution. Litecoin has finally begun to narrow the incredible gap experienced in the previous bear market. Their upcoming implementation of MimbleWimble should give greater options and reasons to HODL it. Miners of either coin could successfully mine some of either, because of the merged nature it uses. This alone is a potential solution to the aforementioned, although Bitcoin is very much its own animal and merged mining will never be on the table.

* Flunctuating demand is NOT the sole reason of BTC price discovery! It is but a factor, another being the desire to be among the few who can own some and simply hold it. It carries value because of the work having gone into mining it and the unique nature of this value has the capability of transfer, a fungibility not found in other products or entities, including electronic money transfers which ultimately require reconciliation of some means if not a DIRECT transfer of BTC itself on-chain or related crypto which functions in the same manner. This isn't limited to either BTC or crypto in general! Why are certain works of art being so incredibly prized over the years? Some cite it as the most convenient means of money laundering. Today, there's the NFT (Non Fungible Token) craze going on which I never envisioned unfolding in such a manner and that, at least for now, drives incredible speculation, but that's for a different discussion and time. Why in the hell does nearly every publication continue to cite the 21MM BTC supply? I've gone over details in this Blog in the past of how at least 4.5MM estimated is essentially locked in electronic purgatory, due to serious errors in failures of so many to back up their PrivKeys, the former Polish exchange Bitomat being a textbook example. There are numerous cases of people having lost thousands of coins due to the same. At least if you get hacked, the coins can find some usage - not so if the necessary electronic signature to spend them in the first place gets LOST! As of now, there remains roughly 2.34MM BTC to be mined out by 2140, not yet part of the supply. With all that said, the far-more-important available supply is way the hell less than the supply cap implies. Psst, don't forget Satochi's Stash of a million coins.

* Looking at Blanch's critique of Tesla, his argument may have some environmental cred against Musk in regard to cars, yet not even the article notes the significant reduction in space junk, thanks to reuseable rocket stages by Elon's ongoing SpaceX achievements. I see potential going forth in elimination or recovery of space junk. Besides, the Tesla CEO isn't totally stupid. He wants gains and isn't limiting it to BTC for that matter as his pumps of DOGE have recently opened new doors for it. Now, Coinflip has our favorite joke coin as supported on their 1,800+ BTM's around the country. No joke! Although I was literally the first person to voice support of using DOGE as part of settling payment in a future business (which I've still not started) I'll still fulfill that promise if I go through with any BTMs of my own. After all, having at least one to assist with public demand and acceptance of crypto was one of the primary reasons I attended the very first WyoHackathon in 2018.

* Finally, Blanch cites money laundering without admitting that the USD is the primary and preferred means of money laundering. Until big bankers stop getting slapped on the wrists with fines and actually face prison time, matters won't change significantly! Notably, the article indicates that going long bitcoin is BofA's most crowded trade. Hopefully, you got something from all this.

Obits include the incredible Texas Roadhouse CEO, Kent Taylor who recently passed at age 65 due to suicide, his tinnitus or constant ringing in the ears became too unbearable for him to withstand any longer and likely brought on by his past exposure to COVID-19. I mentioned Mr. Taylor on my 3/29/2020 blog because he chose to forgo his salary and bonus for his Roadies! He was a true stand-up guy who gave back so much and whose Casper location I still visit, including today after the Blog was updated. It's among the busiest of Casper eateries and their staff is well-trained. His idea, dreamt of on the back of a restaurant napkin, was through a lot of hard work and setbacks, gradually made into an empire of around 600 quality locations. I doubt from this day forward that I'll not think of Kent when I enter any Texas Roadhouse, despite the fact he hailed from Louisville. RIP.

The forecast... Yes, I totally relate to this as March has been quite a doozy this year!

That's it for now. Enjoy your weekend as I am with the ongoing thaw. Spring is finally arriving and more rain replacing the snows is proof positive of this. Casper Mountain continues to harbor quite a snowpack, all their runs are operational for skiiers and snowboarders. You can always find out how Hogadon Ski Area/Resort (the City runs it) is doing by calling 307-235-8369 anytime for their report, usually updated each morning.

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Greetings, y'all!
 Some are asking me about the weather. Oil City got 9" snow into Wednesday (6" on the ground) and another storm, specifically Winter Storm Xylia, is closing in for the weekend, well to our south with significant impacts this far northward. We desperately need this moisture, so not all that many are complaining! I was getting pissed at Riverton (NWS weather office) as to why they've punted to successive shifts much of Thursday, the question of how the powerful upper-level low will affect Casper and Natrona County in general. East and south of us, the counties are in the Cheyenne office and Winter Storm Warnings were already well posted, two of the counties being neighbors. The forecast discussion indicated they were well-aware of the overrunning moisture the models were showing. The weekend event promises to be historic with both Pacific and Gulf moisture getting involved, plus the strong circulation and jet streak playing a role. Some areas of the Cowboy State could get a new 2' or more of heavy snow. This is another thing most Wyomingites rarely experience as light, fluffy snow is usually what's received. This and what we got earlier in the week are worthy of making good snowmen! Travel will totally SUCK for a few days afterwards, especially in the rural areas of the Laramie Range along I-25 and I-80 will likely close for at least a portion of the route. I'm prepared, even if the power goes out. Food is sufficient, including stuff which doesn't require cooking and my phone can still be charged through a huge, fully-charged battery and I have most of my fast data still intact.

So far, not much change on the numerous crypto. Bitcoin remains in a trading range of 55k-59k and trying to again punch through the ceiling. It appears that it'll crack through in due course and that 60k will soon be but a distant shadow if what I'm seeing in the sell chart on Bitstamp proves true. It's gotten stronger in the last three days or so and I expect the bulls to take control. There's been recent FUD, despite Dammit Janet and her out-of-tune stage performances of lovey dovey Fed songs. She probably hates crypto more than Mnuchin, yet loves to travel to Teton County in the most crypto-friendly of the States. Capitulation by their side apparently isn't on her agenda, yet. Give this time to play out, but watch the trends!

Bitcoin is going through yet another anti-money laundering tirade by many in the powerful banking interests. They still don't wish to admit that the almighty USD remains the preferred means of money laundering to this day! Can't the Fed put in chips into the bills which could track how this fiat cash is transferred? Generally, nobody is keeping track of the serial numbers on their fiat currency as it either gets deposited with their bank or they feel it's secure enough that the effort would be moot. At least with Bitcoin in its present form, it remains far more trackable than fiat currency. The article is nonsense in the manner that government cannot watch transfers of Bitcoin. They already have this capability through the IRS through their contract with Chainalysis if they truly care to pursue such. Don't be gaslit!

Litecoin is finally back above 200 USD. Thanks to continuing purchases by Grayscale, according to this video we could see great gains. Definitely do your own research and congratulations to those who in the past have taken my not-financial-advice in buying LTC sub-50 USD. You're already in the Driver's Seat! :-D

This is an ongoing question. Recently, a photo of Mitt Romney with a shiner on his right eye was posted and it went viral. So far, silence!

Anvil Launching is a SPORT in America. Doubt me on this?

Ron the Rooster made the Crenshaw home, HIS home! He's "family" now and the rest of the family are just living in it today.

That's it for now, the pre-Xylia blog update. More to come as I eventually dig out.

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Greetings, y'all!
Welcome to the end of February. Trump gave a speech at CPAC today. He was WRONG on one significant point. He's valid on having wanted an independent energy America. On that, he succeeded wildly! He remains terribly wrong on wind energy. Did The Donald become aware of Biden's DOE order on 2/14 where Texas had to accept outside electricity, that being produced outside the Texas grid? He's also wrong on the environmental friendliness of wind turbines. He blames numerous bird strikes on them, despite ongoing efforts to mitigate this issue. The environmental impact is rather minimal when there's no combustion taking place in generating electricity. Of course there's maintenance required with turbines, but this applies to electrical turbines used in other electrical generation methods outside of solar. Natural Gas is cleaner than Coal, yet there's combustion taking place to generate electricity. He also cites that the wind doesn't always blow. Neither does the Sun continue to shine continuously, except certain times of the year inside the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. There are enough turbines in enough areas that generation is general taking place in most regions, with electricity being given and distributed to the grids. His continued negative stance on wind energy is utterly disappointing as that proves he chooses ignorance on that and a number of other issues. At least I'll grant the Democrats that point.

The Don also ignored COVID fears as a valid reason for mail-in voting, although his Voter ID point is perfectly reasonable. Voting being a "sacred institution?" We've already had other sacred institutions as woefully violated. I don't want to hear it!! I want Trump to come out here to Wyoming if he's going to repeatedly mention the House Rep he mentioned. Furthermore, I want to see a sea-change in the Republican Party in so many aspects, or the GOP can fall to the dustbin of tried ideas. Many of you have already read on this humble blog of WHY I have my doubts and these haven't changed. It must in order to remain relevant in my opinion. At least he later nailed it shut with Liz and he can at least count me in to help voting her out if she insists on remaining GOP. Again, I see a bright future for Cheney if she changes party affiliation or decides The Swamp is a better home. The Dems would welcome her with open arms. Finally, I must agree with Juanita Broaddrick's tweet "Trump was more of a President in that speech.....than Biden has been the last 6 weeks .... or will ever be."

 Arkansas news gets interesting in regards to the ever-powerful landlords with the Legislature to go into session in Little Rock. The ARA or Arkansas Realtors Association of course gives powerful resistance whenever the Natural State's lawmakers want to do anything to bring tenant Arkansans who ultimately pay these bills, into the 21st Century. Not only does Arkansas have a criminal statute on the books for unpaid rent and provides no Rights to any rental property by a tenant who is even a SINGLE DAY late on payment (no legal exclusions I'm aware of, even if the renter happens to be incapacitated) but there's presently no legal duty for a landlord to keep a suitable habitat, that includes being reasonably pest-free. In fact, if a renter happens to be in a lease with a faulty property, they MUST continue to pay regularly on that property in order to have any legal standing for whenever their day in court comes up! There was one property I rented in Little Rock with the question "Have you ever been charged with any crime?" In Other Words, for those sharp enough to read between the lines, the landlord was using an unregulated database of public listings, which of course are subject to serious deficiencies and whose owners likely wouldn't suffer any consequences for wrongly excluding a potential renter, because the signed agreement indemnifies these parties! I was informed by a former co-worker of another Little Rock property excluding any guns from their private property of apartments, even by renters whom they've already run backgrounds on! An obvious violation of our Second Amendment, yet who's counting.

Another property I rented from had no duty in pest control, except for roaches - this despite my apartment having dozens of brown recluse spiders. I spent money on glue traps to catch these pests and they worked their magic. Even the pest control guy was impressed with the specimens of them and more caught in one. It should be noted that most poisons won't work on this poisonous arachnid and many newcomers to Arkansas may not realize what to do if bitten. I'll lay down a pro tip: Two things should come to mind. Firstly, grab a piece of ice and if possible put it in a wet towel, applying it on and close to the bite to cool it down significantly, but be careful of frostbite and apply for around 15 minutes per application. Time is of the essence to delay potential necrosis (dissolving of the skin around the bite) and potential hospitalization! Secondly, have you had a tetanus booster or tetanus shot within the past 10 years, unless contra-indicated? This species can pass along tetanus frequently enough in a bite, so bear this in mind in case you must seek medical attention. To conclude, if you're an Arkansan, especially if you're renting the roof over your head, please contact your lawmaker for passage of bill HB 1563. You'll get my continued admiration for doing so.

Wyoming news in crypto? Cointelegraph's Andrew Singergives quite a good article on States vs Federal. The Cowboy State gets a front seat and the spotlight for this one. Although the article notes we have a low population and there's only so much a single state can do, I EASILY counter that although New York wants the rest of the Globe to revolve around it, that their politics and excessive regulation/taxation are literally shuttering portions of the Big Apple and chasing away crypto as many in the space predicted some time ago. Their BitLicense is certainly a factor in all this!

I must also remind that it was Wyoming who invented the LLC back in '77 and it brought on a boatload of resistance from the Federal Government, IRS in particular. Neighboring South Dakota simply copied the work already done. They're also a small state, single area code, two significant cities as us, yet have all this banking money. It's NOT all about Biden's home state of Delaware, which by the way has gotten much more expensive over time, despite having only three counties to handle their usually-light Chancery load. I'm nowhere near done, y'all. Don't discount the fact there's a Chancery Court available to handle business crypto issues here! SF0104, enacted in 2019, allows for this. You'll find it and most other Wyoming crypto law consistently through the Wyoming Cryptocurrency Laws portion of my website, this week getting promised updates from 2020. I've finally had some time to catch up in this regard and will be reaching out to ascertain if there are new bills or files to be considered by the upcoming legislative session in Cheyenne. Professor McKeon is spot-on that multiple agencies, especially on the Federal level, should coordinate on the topic of crypto. In fact, I strongly opine this should've been done years ago during Trump's term, filled throughout with Democratic dissent and getting precious little of the People's business done. Stay Tuned!

Maybe there IS something to this anal cavity COVID stupidity? Reportedly, Biden staffers were at least encouraged to submit to anal penetration to detect COVID-19 by CCP doctors whom claim this method to be the most conclusive. China apologizes and promises to stop. I wonder if this was truly another "trial balloon" similar to what many governments impose on legislative proposals. I'm not being at all sarcastic.

Faketoshi got hacked last February. Coingeek gives us insight as to Dr. Wright's lawsuit. The one word I continue to emphasize against his case is "decentralisation", yet I'm not the Judge or Judges who will hear this through. An estimated 3.5MM British Pounds are at stake.

Coinbase filed publicly on an S-1 for a NASDAQ listing. This mega-unicorn means crypto is truly going public and those who have HODLed and kept in the space, get to witness more history being made, alongside Wyoming's SPDIs as Kraken and Avanti, both to be headquartered in Cheyenne. The world is changing and pretty damn quickly at that!

Overall, crypto is taking that breather. Cardano and Litecoin are the pumping exceptions, the latter still very much undervalued, the former being a potential rival to later climb and flip #2 if ETH gas continues being excessive. Want to argue with me on that? Trust that I'm NOT alone! Where will BTC correct to? It was in a narrow trading range just below 50k and now fiddling with 43k-45k USD. Some expect it to bottom during March around 35k-40k which to me remains a correction, not a severe crash as was seen in '18. Besides, I view it as a decent time to collect some sats and will likely drop by the local BTM when I suspect the bottom is nearing.

I'm quick to remind each of you that crypto does correct from time to time, including HEX in terms of fiat. I also remain concerned about stablecoins and how actually stable they'll be if any of the fiat they represent, crashes. I'm doing just fine and don't need to cash out anything for now. In fact, I don't even require the full-time temp job I continue working. If I'm discharged from it, I'll miss my co-workers but won't be adversely affected by the employer's decision. That's part of the freedom that cryptocurrency gives those who've planned carefully and exercise careful security. You are indeed your own bank and you must always watch the ball. Only a few could be considered trustworthy enough in this space!

Here's the Aggravation/Victory video of the Week. Note the final victory yelp and grabs of all the purchased products. I hate it when food manufacturers insist on extra air for bags, which causes this very problem. Now for some noteable quotes;

"When you measure, include the measurer." - MC Hammer, during a recent Twitter tweet regarding Science versus Philosophy

"Be bold in what you stand for and careful what you fall for." - Dwight Corby

That's it for now. Even though I don't require replacement employment yet - I'm still looking for new opportunities here in Casper and elsewhere in the Cowboy State. Finding the right one will help me in any decisions to move or where to finally settle. Your prayers and subtle guidance are always appreciated.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings y'all!,
 It's extremely windy today in the wind corridor of Central Wyoming. At least it's warmed up enough to melt quite a bit of the snow for now, just in time for the next cold front to bring in more of the white stuff later today. At least it's not anywhere near as dry as last Winter! My mother in Arkansas reported that much of the nearly 2' of snow received days ago has melted. A friend in Louisiana reports seeing strange sights in the swamps of huge icicles hanging from the trees. This is likely a once-in-a-lifetime event. Texas remains slow to rebound on their grid. More details of exactly what happened there are coming out. Don't be so quick to blame the turbines not being winterized as the sole cause of your blackouts! Learn more as there are SEVERAL factors at hand. I simply don't have enough time to go through all of them.

Tesla's Elon tweeted yesterday that Bitcoin appeared heavy, as he apparently did with Dogecoin days ago. Both have severely corrected overnight in America, the former taking a hard Texas Bounce around 45k trying to settle down a bit, yet considering how strong the bulls have been lately - this shakes out some weak hands and short-term history should show Musk proven extremely wise in encouraging this correction as it will likely prove very healthy for both BTC maximalists and altcoin/token lovers alike. Watching BTC rest to gain more strength to finally breach 60k in the not-so-distant future is nice. I'm NOT complaining at all as I see the Big Picture! I salute you, Elon!!

To some, this news is not so much a surprise.. Kanye & Kim to get a D I V O R C E !! They'll agree to have joint custody of their four children. Now, how this affects his properties here in Wyoming is yet to be discussed, although I'll be watching as I can. EOnline dot com notes Kanye is here in Wyoming at his ranch near Cody and has been for weeks. Kim wants him to seek help back in L.A. so the waiting game continues. The fingers are being pointed, but who knows? The rapper has had many changes of his mindset, simply something which goes with bipolar disorder. I sincerely hope the couple can come to terms and reconcile this ongoing mess.

Rush Limbaugh died last Wednesday at Palm Beach, FL of terminal lung cancer at age 70. The link gives you an idea of the radio he did before his fame arrived. The amount of hate speech which poured in from Lefties at Rush as he assumed room temperature is certainly a sign of "UNITY" that the new Administration in the District of Criminals wants us to blindly embrace, yet they remain terribly clueless. Some wanted Trump to die with him. Hate Speech was regularly cited, nevermind that Rush simply flipped on the light to put the absolute scare into the political left, whom won't shut up at anyone not willing to agree with their narratives. Was he perfect? Hell No! He had prescription drug addiction issues and lobbed occasional jabs at certain people which I don't believe he had good judgement going those days. He was married four times but lived a life that few could ever realize, spare even tolerate! The work he put in for his radio show, some labeled as "America's Fourth Branch of Government," literally took hours, even with the EIB staff. He simply was the best at what he did and no liberal host could ever gain the traction he did in the over 30 years his show ran on-air. I worked at KCAB radio 980AM in Dardanelle, AR during the early 90's when his show premiered in the Arkansas River Valley and Limbaugh was heard on the station's FM translator long after I left the station. After Rush's show before Sean Hannity took the slot later was Alan Colmes, a liberal with a decent gift of gab and an overall good guy who as Rush, died too early at age 66 back in 2017, years after having joined Hannity on Fox Network and being heard on Sirius/XM. I can tell each of you that when management cancelled his quality show, the station received a bomb threat just days afterward, despite being a frequent target of a caller who gleefully chimed "I wish KCAB in Dardanelle, Arkansas would get your rotten show off the air!" Shameful!! Today, EIB is heard on fellow Eastern Arkansas Broadcast station KARV 610AM and here in Central Wyoming on Town Square Media's KTWO 1030AM. At this time, it's the "Best of Rush" shows with various guest hosts. Some media already believe the show will shutter their doors, which I seriously doubt! Kudos to Ben Garrison of fame for having created a fantastic Rush cartoon; It has Rush returning his talent, which was on loan from God, back to the Almighty himself. It's both happy and a genuine tear-jerker to his fans. Only those who listened would understand the context.

Somehow, I came across this recent Lynette Zang interview. She's a PM's dealer in Arizona and well-known. She opened up on a powerful experience she had and I couldn't help but shed a few tears. It was well worth the time.

Finally, many of the elderly are receiving COVID vaccines. Here in America, they're the mRNA type which is not a true vaccine as we've had in the past and hasn't been through any animal testing or gone completely through the proper protocols utilized in true vaccines which use portions or fragments of the virus itself. I don't blame many for their hesitancy in taking the two jabs! I believe in true vaccines and remain curious as to how other foreign countries are developing theirs. A Chinese and Russian vaccines I understand are either being developed or now available in their countries and I'm curious if either are using non-mRNA technology. We should be asking serious questions as blind acceptance is dangerous, especially when we're learning that after vaccinations, the person isn't actually immunized! Rather, they must continue to social distance and wear their mask. When will normalcy return? Why even get the damn jabs if this technology proves as of little benefit or possibly hazardous in other developments yet to happen?? Some speculate it's a population control mechanism, which I don't fully believe, however, it does create more questions than answers and should cause the population to pause and think this over. After all, none of us will be able to approach the Vaccines Court for compensation. Trump saw to that and he deserves significant blame for writing off any potential liabilities regarding Operation Warp Speed.

That's it for now. Thanks as always for reading! I'm still applying throughout Wyoming for replacement work, although my present temp job continues. It's also pleasing that more and more conservative people are talking about Cancel Culture and striving to obtain legal protections from looney lefties who have little else to do but take outside money to spend time harassing a conservative's employer to get them cancelled from their work and income, whether it's a government or private employer or removed from various platforms, such as YouTube through demonitisation or PayPal if accepting donations or payments for products or services these lefties despise. They deserve to be drug into Court with civil lawsuits by competent attorneys who will give their leftie lawyers real resistance and finally STFU! They want Civil War v2.0? They're eventually going to trigger what they wish for and the results likely won't favor them, no matter how damned rich their Dem strongholds or backers happen to be.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all and welcome to the Valentine's Day edition of this humble blog. It's a rather huge ice cube out there.

There may be love in the air, but trust me - it's likely an INDOORS event this year, and not strictly due to COVID19 for that matter! Prayers were abundant for the horrific 133-vehicle pileup on I-35 just north of Forth Worth last Thursday. Six have perished and some really nasty video has surfaced from the event. I need not link any of it as it's spooky to say the least. Already, an investigation is being called for to check and ensure that the roadway was treated in advance of this tragedy. Now, central Oklahoma has their version going on. An icy Turner Turnpike with a multple-vehicle pileup with National Guard assistance. Nasty!! Now, to both events.. Y'all gotta slow the hell down whenever this mess threatens you. You'll have to quit driving too fast as both of your states' drivers do routinely, just as we have to do here in Wyoming! First suggestion I'd give? Road speed signs which change highway speed limits with the conditions, just as is done here in Casper, with speed enforcement cops out there, willing to write tickets as warranted. When it snows, the 60mph posting on I-25 magically goes down to 45 with blinking yellow lights. If it gets awful, the interstate highways get CLOSED and the same can apply to other Wyoming highways.

My native Arkansas has a Winter Storm Warning which goes statewide as the snow is expected to fly tonight. Fox16 reports that snow tires have been selling heavily in advance of this event. Oklahoma has Winter Storm Warnings statewide as well. Texas is nearly that affected, although Governor Abbott already has declared all 254 counties with disaster declarations, a primary concern being the Lone Star States' power grid being capable of handling the expected demand. ERCOT, who handles the grid is noting this demand already, judging by the prices for electricity at this time!

So how's the crypto space? Not insane, but damn close to it! Alt Season is already upon us. Bitcoin is 48.5k as of this writing. Ethereum is north of 1,800. Cardano is backing off to 85 cents (I may jump in if this trend continues as Chuck had a video earlier today with more excellent news to come for ADA.) Close competitor PolkaDot sports a 27 bucks & change. Binance Coin BNB is near 134 this evening with a Methodology dot info prediction of 189 in a week! Litecoin? Lovely! It flirted with 220 but backed off to 210 this evening. Bitcoin Cash is simply awesome with 730 USD, backing off 768 earlier in the day. Jokecoin DOGE still isn't joking around with 5.9 pennies and a prediction to pump back above 7 cents by next weekend. Stellar has remained stellar! (XLM) with a price of 51 cents per Lumen. Uniswap token has pumped to shy of 21 bucks. MWC that I HODL is holding sideways, around 14.60 after 15.25 or so, earlier on. ChainX or PCX which uses PolkaDot technology is mooning this evening. Earlier, I saw 6.80 but it's 8.45 and up 23% today! Stay Tuned

There's a crypto ETF for non-USA, accredited investors started by Brazilian-based Hashdex. It begins tomorrow, President's Day 2/15 as the first crypto ETF in the world and will have a focus on institutional investors.

President's Day is a Federal holiday. Fortunately, former President Trump has been acquitted of charges lobbed his way in his second (and grossly unconstitutional) impeachment. Michael van der Veen, one of Trump's attorneys had his homefront vandalized by the ever-angry lefties, likely the same ones who vandalized both Nancy's garage front and McConnell's door with misspelled phrases (so much for the Leftifts'purported education, right?) as their very own Congre$$ Critters collectively failed to approve any additional money to be sent to aid in the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

Crypto opinion is very interesting and agreeable this week. I'm on-board with Noelle Acheson regarding her Coindesk article on potential government bans. Due to institutional acceptance and adoption, Bitcoin ain't gettin' banned in America and that essentially applies to most other alts. She mentions Dogecoin, something I'm strongly familiar with.

Horsing around? Good Grief! You blew the poor creature's mind. :-D

Thought of the week

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Greetings, y'all!, It's fresh and overwith..
Super Bowl LV is history. Tampa Bay becomes Champa Bay with a 31-9 victory over Kansas City. The Chiefs at times were their own worst enemy by being too aggressive, making stupid mistakes which penalized them heavily. Tampa Bay came in with a more prepared plan and it showed. The oldest coach to win the Big Game with a 43-year old quarterback with tremendous skill and knowledge he brought down South. Even the commercials on this year's Super Bowl were better than last year.

In Wyoming news, Liz Cheney gets a censure from the Wyoming GOP. As the Oil City News mentions, momentum has been building toward this for some time. Personally, I still don't buy her argument for justification of her impeachment vote on several grounds; 1) Trump is no longer President. 2) Her vote and those of other RINO colleagues may well prove unconstitutional. When Chief Justice Roberts refuses to participate in this upcoming circus, you can already smell something worse than dumped in the kitchen disposal. 3) She could've ignored the urge of satisfaction until after Trump's departure to sunny Flah'-Ruh-Duh. (say the Sunshine States' name with your best-possible Brooklynese or Queens dialect) then commented to her heart's desire about Orange Man. Yes, it was immature for a POTUS to say what he did, but he's not a politician! This is among the reasons the Dems couldn't stand him, but guess what? They won't STFU about him as without him, Twitter hasn't been the same with many, including myself, in process of ditching the Blue Bird for Gab. (Some are aware of Parler's CEO having been canned by his management, but it's not his fault!) Nevertheless, without the boogeyman to keep their blood pressure above critical levels to maintain a proper imbalance of vampire behavior (high taxation, wealth taxes, ObamaCare as prime examples) they can't push their narratives with the ease they grew accustomed to.

Another Oil City News story to note, and this I've tweeted about more than a few times, is how Blue Staters have been making a beeline out of their overtaxed lands. California now wishes to make into law that certain taxes can continue to be collected up to ten years after a resident departs, they being the West Coast Roach Motel. Hey, it's all about MONEY, ain't it? It's something I hear about from both visitors and former Californians of their states' general attitude. The OCN story gives insight that Wyoming is gaining fewer and fewer coastal imports. Of note though, last Sunday's Trib newspaper brought up the sore subject of Remote Workers and the ongoing quest regarding taxation. They featured a former Casperite who works remotely to his California job and has brought his family here, getting to pocket more income, yet in typical newsprint fashion, I'm seeing no solutions being considered. It's a damn good time to ask how can the state be made more whole with less energy production and more of these remote workers moving in. Yes, they contribute when they're buying stuff. I'm certain Wyoming receives income from Amazon, Ebay, etc. when purchases get taxed (we can collectively thank neighboring South Dakota for that) but silently, I sense what Representative Gray and other conservatives have been watching for years now - an Income Tax! Dems in Wyoming's Legislature continue to throw wet paper wads of "Enact an Income Tax" at the ceiling, praying for at least one to finally stick. Temptation is no doubt becoming more and more entrenched in light of continued COVID concerns to finally get a bill out of committee and into discussion. WHAT should be discussed? I've danced this subject into my mind of what may work and what may not. Can a bill contain provisions which 1) will regularly gauge how the energy and mineral industries in Wyoming are changing and how this changes any taxes collected, and 2) is there any Sunset Clause(s) being considered to add to such proposals? What I don't want to see is an increase in government size to handle any Income Tax proposals. State Employees are harder to eliminate down the line. Could a Sales Tax increase be considered instead? Can sunset provisions be added to it for the same reasons as the aforementioned? Especially if you live and vote here, consider carefully as to what the results will be and openly discuss these with the people you elected. A reminder; Cheney can't help much except on the Federal level! I'll comment more on her, a few paragraphs down the line.

Applying for work here is tricky for now. With the energy field overloaded with new unemployment claims due to our new administration's recent first-day actions, even entrenched Casperites are applying for any work appearing which they're not at all remotely qualified! Hearing of anywhere from 60 to well over 100 applicants for most jobs is no longer a fairy tale. It makes it easier for some employers to find their elusive unicorn, but the process requires much more time as applications have to be triaged. You see, it comes down to the continued unemployment checks with that Federal enhancement which I never got to enjoy because I continued working. The administration wants to drain Americans dry to accept Universal Basic Income, to tax the sheeple into giving up their Rights, including ownership of ALL private property, then forcing these sheep to be further sheared into moving out of their homes into a city dwelling of perhaps 350 square feet. Don't worry about your bed or clothing! You won't own any of that after you willingly gave it away with your Rights. After all, our new Chinese masters want the farm and ranchlands to feed their people, they having been rather poor stewards of their own land, especially rivers. Some of you would argue with me on this when certain species of turtles which were numerous, are down to near-extinction levels today due to few-if-any regulations. Being "cheap for roundeye" has its price, ya know! I had one guy on Twitter claim that the Chinese are far more energy-efficient with a lower carbon footprint than the average American. I'd say the opposite has occurred when looking at the multi-laned highways into Beijing, unless he based this solely on population. Can we expect our Chinese masters to change this behavior if it doesn't directly benefit their State? They clearly want things back to the way they were, before Orange Man stirred up the hornet's nest. More Chinese are getting fatter and falling into the American fat trap.

Did you read carefully through my previous blog submission? Did you?? DING DING DING!! My 1-28 prediction of short squeezes in PM's came up, although the overall success isn't yet assured in any manner. It sure has dried up available Ag phyzz as the WSB (Wall Street Bets) Gang I doubt is stupid enough to attempt to short squeeze Au. The latter got quickly monkeyhammered after price started going in sympathy with the former, besides, central banks still have quite a bit of the yellow metal remaining, except Canada of course. Even with their squeeze, price manipulation remains King and most have steered silently away, at least for now. Stay Tuned and keep the popcorn at the ready. So far, the weekend seems more tame than earlier. It's very much a silvery lining, but which cloud shall it grace is anyone's guess! Nevertheless, it looks awesome for those as myself who stored away hundreds of Oz. years back. I doubt silver will reach an extremely quick spike, but it'll certainly M00N in due course and could plateau well ahead of where it was.

Overall in crypto and in terms of USD, Bitcoin revisited near 41k and has failed to again breach that hard resistance. By the same "token", Ethereum has again failed to pass 1.8k. I'm hearing more and more gripes of excessively expensive gas fees on Ethereum's blockchain. I'm told most weekends, especially early mornings in America, usually work best. It's having an effect on the staking and closing of stakes on HEX. ETH Gas Station gives gas amounts guidance, but it's not gospel. What's not to love about Cardano? Further down, I'll comment more on it. It's #4 for the first time on Nomics! For those who've read and took my heads-up about BNB Binance Coin on my 1-17 submission, it's pumped up shy of 70 bucks! Congrats if you took action toward the long side. I still HODL no ADA even now and I still dislike BNB and hold none of it, either. MWC is doing better! It's retraced somewhat but exceeded 15 bucks. Litecoin remains stagnant around 150 USD, give or take a few. It should advance back to 180 on the next BTC moonshot, but we'll see.

Wonderful news that OKCoin will allow users to choose Lightning Network for their Bitcoin transactions. LN has advanced far enough that to many, the beta designation is proving more robust and I think more will give it an alpha. The thing to consider with LN is that the address must be capable of the LN itself. The biggest pros are extremely cheap fees (4 pennies for now with OKCoin's LN) and transaction times are usually 3 seconds or less.

The Elon Factor strikes again! Not only did Dogecoin reach six pennies late Thursday night, it did it again overnight and presently is 6.62! Musk also changed his Twitter profile later to include Bitcoin. BTC was in danger of dumping earlier in the week, yet jumped 4,500 bucks when HODLers noticed. By the way, congrats to Tesla's having made a profit for the first time. Car makers as Ford and GM have recently stated their intention of moving away from internal combustion engines. Again, I must emphasize that enough energy grid be in-place in the years to come for the electrical revolution to occur. That means YOU, environmentalists! I've not even asked where the spent batteries go to. Today's technologies may not easily allow huge lithium-ion batteries to be landfilled. UPDATE: #DogecoinArmy became a Twitter Trend earlier Thursday. Such pump, much coin!

The Lincoln Project made the Twitter Trends early in the week. Interesting points of view are being tweeted that I've not even considered. Could Liz Cheney and/or other interested parties create a viable third Party? Boomers as myself likely recall how Ross Perot dominated the early election campaign of '92, only to drop out and re-enter after his momentum had suffered a Texas Bounce. This is 2021, the age of the New Norm. You've read my rants about the GOP. Their elephant poo stinks too! Even though Liz remains a GOP member for now, it's intriguing to consider if a true fracture occurs where more moderate voices get attention, including borderline Libertarians as myself, whom the extreme left now consider as terrorists with no solid evidence whatsoever. It shouldn't be forgotten the Lincoln Project added a lot of fuel back when more Republican-centered. Trump simply added the lit match.

To those keeping up with trends, watch GrayScale carefully. Five new ETFs are being considered by them to add to the crypto space. Another six are also on the table, explaining in part what all the M00Ning is about. With ADA pumping as it has as a result, Cardano reaches the Top Four for the first time! Congrats to ADA on the Shelley rollout with many more developments to come. Some expect Cardano could flip Ethereum. It remains possible, yet there's plenty of pump to be earned from it, regardless. Charles, this Blog salutes you and your team! I still don't own any ADA at the present time.

What a job! Getting paid to watch others having, you know...

Tweet of the Week: "I’ve tweeted this before, but my ethics professor impregnated his son’s girlfriend. I think about it every class." - Sierra Armor Eris (@unbridled_id on Twitter)

A close second place goes to this video. Quite a work of art and a burn of one minute of your life.

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Greetings, y'all!,

Winter continues here in the Cowboy State and it's still early enough, although the days are gradually becoming longer. I'm not yet tired of the snow, even though the cold causes several challenges. Tire pressure sometimes shows a bit low and the stupid key switch siezed where it took me around 20 minutes to get it to turn, which happened earlier this week. Come late Spring, a new set of four tires get purchased and mounted. Work continues and it's not as busy as it was during the holidays. My search for more permanent employment continues here and some opportunities are showing up, although there's a lot of competition for what's available.

I'm mindful that more support jobs for the oil industry could open, depending on the oil price. Yes, the talk of EV's (electric vehicles) is buzzing all over the place and brings up several questions, such as road use tax computations (a tricky proposition for hybrid vehicles, unless GPS measuring and logging is utilized) and of course, how capable and robust is the overall electric grid to support energy demand of this sort? Furthermore, disposal of spent batteries should be planned going forth. Are there components which can be recycled as is being attempted with wind turbine parts, especially nacelles and blades? Bureaucrats should be considering these factors NOW, instead of adding more and more false flag laws which remove more and more freedoms.

BREAKING: Coinbase has announced a proposed direct listing. It announced last month of having confidentially filed a draft registration statement on Form S-1 with the SEC, according to Coindesk. They want to go public! Stay Tuned. Dogecoin has essentially TRIPLED in the last 24 hours, trading short of 2.4 cents! This may well be an ATH for our favorite joke coin, but it ain't no joke with Elon continuing to tout it! If I had held my DOGEs, having been a 1st day Shiebe, I could own a really nice home here in Oil City or a hobby farm in the countryside. HEX will get me there, but the wait for the stakes to mature continues. Just remember, a DOGE always equals a DOGE! Such coin. Woof!! Bitcoin took a Texas Bounce off 30k not that long ago and has resumed a gradual climb, shy of 33k this afternoon. Litecoin took a recent retracement into the low 120's but has rebounded to 132 and change this afternoon. HEX remains stagnant around 4/5th of a penny, yet the T-share payment chart indicates an imminent bottoming and most Hexicans are expecting the rocket to be reloaded and readying for launch.

Today, the Big Talk has been all about Robinhood restricting their users participating in the Short Squeeze of GameStop (GME), AME Theaters (AME) and a few select others including Blackberry. Schwab and TDAmeritrade also restricted their users in regard to these same trades. (DISCLOSURE: I'm a TDAmeritrade client) Robinhood users can only sell their positions while the Hedge Funds to buy and sell without limits. Rush Limbaugh made it his show's primary focus earlier today and explains the parallels between Hedgies exerting their power, in comparison with Lefties, their criticisms and the recent elections. The richer keep getting richer while the poor, they just stay poor. There was nothing at all illegal with what happened!! Hedgies are having to cough up literally billions to close their shorts. The bottom line? They have the Big Money which talks and don't appreciate the little guys playing their game, putting them in the chair eating crow sandwiches. Politics clearly has entered the discussion. AOC, Ted Cruz and Donald Jr. clearly have joined opinion on the utter hypocracy, stating how unacceptable these actions against lawful users are. Although NOT financial advice, (read my disclaimer at the very top) let me predict you'll see this same chutzpah exercised against the gold and silver markets overseas. Watch the phyzz market get squeezed in essentially the same manner as the Hedgies. How long that takes is a fool's errand, so don't ask. I think you'll thank me later if you own the Phyzz! Bottom Line & TL;DR? This has indeed morphed into a movement, an economic revolution against Big Money!

I'll throw in that HFT's may well be on the radar. One Minnesota representative tweeted that a transaction tax on HFT or High Frequency Transactions should be considered, at least to reduce the traffic of them. I'd personally temper that the tax should apply only in the event (and be far steeper than proposed) for any party using HFTs who suddenly cancel their transaction, having used it solely for price discovery, IOW, a transaction which was never executed over a specific time period sufficient for execution would also be exempt from such a proposal.

Keiser Report, shown on RT network and on YouTube has excellent commentary. I didn't even know it existed until one of my first dozen followers some 12 years ago was Max Keiser himself, touting a movie funding site which he had a Twitter account for. Learning about Keiser having created the Hollywood Exchange through a patent he holds and several over the years have stolen his idea in some fashion or another has solidified me into a KR fan, since there are several parallels lending to Bitcoin itself. His wife and co-host Stacy, in episode 1648 opines smartly on how other nations will have to print in sympathy with the US Dollar, especially due to the USD's reserve currency designation. This will benefit Bitcoin, which I strongly agree and remain bullish on, especially with increasing institutional exposure and a crypto dominance exceeding two-thirds of the whole enchalada. Where I differ in the space? I'm no maximalist. Some believe Bitcoin can be the ONLY means to achieve this and I know otherwise from direct experience, but it takes research and a gut instinct with a willingness to chance some wealth! Stacy and I have followed each other on Twitter for some time and offers amazing commentary. She's among the most-informed women, specifically in regard to Bitcoin and carries intriguing insights.

What makes Bitcoin so damned special? Several pros and cons I can name here! Supply Cap of 21MM is cited, albeit an estimated 4.5MM has been lost, literally locked up in electronic purgatory for a number of reasons throughout the years. Think of the former Polish exchange Bitomat having lost their PrivKey due to not having backed it up before modifying parameters on a cloud web service they used at the time! I feel for the Welsh guy who lost 7k+ BTC in a landfill years ago. The HD was likely crushed anyways and he had no backup. I lost .27 BTC years ago, worth somewhere around 20 to 30 bucks at the time, by failing to remove a wallet address which the company had gone out of business and I had failed to remove! You can see the exact details by visiting my 2017 Blog on this website, scrolling all the way down to the May entries, I think it was 5-25. With that said, don't forget the digital gold or Store of Value which it represents. The banks continue to offer stiff resistance. Nomi Prins gave a fantastic interview with Stansberry Research's own Daniela Cambone, recently. I have Nomi's excellent, well-written book on "Collu$ion" which takes some time to ingest. (She truly did her homework, including much global travel!) and shared that Bitcoin is still in a speculative investment stage. Nomi expects BTC to transition to greater use value, at which point with increasing demand, the banks will likely include it. Of course, Wyoming is paving the way with two such crypto-minded full-reserve institutions opening. I'll predict just as we're witnessing with GrayScale, that additional alts will be included - a basket of value, so to speak. We're living in an exciting time of economic CHANGE and opportunity.

Although Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, Satochi did an overall excellent job with having solved electronic double-spends and offered immutability through blockchain technology. It wasn't perfect though! Richard Heart is quick to remind whoever will read or listen and comprehend, that BTC has two inflation bugs to its history, the first required a rewind of the blockchain as someone generated literally billions of BTC from it. A second one was discovered later, I think after the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) fork, but it wasn't exploited and was subsequently patched. Even with the inherent volatility, this coin continues to give GIFTS from forks, both past and present. BCH came from it. From BCH begat grandson BSV (Bitcoin Satochi's Vision) and BCH is again splitting into BCHABC (or is it BCHA?) and BCHN. My original BCH awaits a resolution. Besides forking into new child coins, Bitcoin has been used in numerous airdrops and other claims, MWC and HEX included and both were heavily touted on this Blog throughout 2019. I'm about as OG (original gangster) as a personal blog could get on HEX. Originally Bitcoin Hex, Richard Heart envisioned a means of introducing Bitcoin to Ethereum as part of a new ERC20 token. I teased it for nearly 10 months before it launched in early December, 2019 in part due to one's ability to claim BTC they held in their own wallet as proof required an electronic signature through the HODLing address. HEX proved to be by far the BIGGEST gainer of the year and I'm fully staked. It requires no further development since it is a completed project with no off-switch or downtime from the start. MWC also allowed claims from BTC holders and users had to sign electronic signatures through their wallet address in the same manner. MWC has added many features and all their HODL tranches have concluded. The coin, using MimbleWimble technology, can use the latest wallet release to conduct atomic swaps of certain alts. As from the start, I continue to HODL all I own of it.

Cons of Bitcoin are the lack of significant development. It remains very secure due to such huge participation by miners, but remains very easy to track by anyone. It's also very slow with 6 to 8 transactions per second and a lack of concensus to expand transaction blocks. Miner greed and the overflow of the MemPool in late 2017 added incredible aggravation. I'm concerned as BTC pumps further, that even the Lightning Network will experience issues with this. I believe this could dampen Bitcoin's climb past 100k or higher as the year progresses. For institutionals, the fees are simply a cost of doing business. For those who believe Bitcoin as a payments system for everything, I beg reconsideration, especially of the small stuff, until LN is proven flexible and solid enough to weather the extremes the network can throw at it, being a side-level operation. Litecoin I think is far more flexible for the smaller stuff, has far lower miner fees and has a solid track record, it being Bitcoin's little brother. BOTH coins are supported at most Bitcoin ATMs.

Regulars here already know how many coins and tokens I've commented on, some which I've never HODLed, most which I've benefitted nicely or that I believe strongly will pump. Rarely have I lost much for an extended time period in the space, however, my curiousity often rewards me. Occasionally, it takes additional time for some coins or tokens to pump enough I make the difference or at least minimize earlier losses. At least you understand more of my mindset. I'm quite adequate at checking several columns of tokens to gauge which ones may be making moves I should monitor and note what may be newsworthy to you, my readership. This blog has never charged anything as I consider the time you give in reading this for whatever opinion I offer as payment enough, although I appreciate whatever referrals you give of this humble blog. Without it, this website changes very little. Over time, my hit counter in Oklahoma City which I occasionally review, shows a gradual increase in the hits. Eventually, my Twitter exposure will shrink to minimal and I'll be primarily on either Gab or Parler where my opinions should receive more respect than now. It's rare that I get email comments about this blog and Twitter does a decent job of helping me to link to it as always.

UPDATE: Remember those mittens that Bernie Sanders wore at the inauguration? There's a story to them! Ruby Cramer tells you more.

That's it for today. Enjoy the ongoing circus and the economic revolution taking place. Don't think TPTB won't fight you back! You want change? Demand it, stand tall, and at least if we can't unite behind Biden/Harris, that we should unite for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and quality shitcoins alike. That's my take. We should be mad as hell and not take it anymore!
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Greetings, y'all!,

I release this blog submission on the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st Century, Mountain Standard Time. It's been next to insane and I'm grateful I had today off. Still, I got a lot done! Crypto has gone down, including many alts, on a Double-Spend story. Technically, it happened but didn't cost anyone of any coin or money. This is a complex article of what occurred and explains double-spending on two scenarios. Bitcoin itself is sub 31k and is going through a normal correction. Another prediction makes it 27k after the weekend. Let it run its course, I say! The same with the alts for now. The bulls haven't abandoned crypto, but they need rest.

Oh my damn! Not only is Liz Cheney censured by her Party in Wyoming's Carbon County, but State GOP Chairman Frank Eathorne's talk of secession of GOP states including Wyoming has truly stirred up a hornet's nest where the Cowboy State that "doesn't exist" had becomes a leading Twitter Trend late Monday. On Twitter, it's truly gotten many uneducated outsiders about Wyoming's capabilities in weathering The Storm. An entire year can be had without any external Federal or Wyoming funds, the state operating as normal. Graphs of this have been published before by more than a few sources. So far, Governor Gordon has left the piggy bank alone. He believes no Constitutional authority exists to access it for the present shortfall of revenues, last year reported at 1.5 Billion.

Liz now has a challenger and it took but a week! Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard filed to run against her on Wednesday. The Senator has a district including portions of two southeast counties and is the former head of Wyoming Gunowners. He was elected in 2016.

Back to the subject of secession; This state likely can't survive as a fully independent entity in regard to supplies and infrastructure, she being a land-locked rectangle with enough elevation and geographical extremes preventing such. Texas is far more capable of independence when their coastline is considered, a sufficient population to defend her and bordering another nation. A strange irony is that most of Carbon County was part of the Lone Star State's land claims for around five years. Could other adjacent states join these two in such a Twenty-First Century Confederacy? That's the focus and apparent result of betrayal by our only House Representative. Personally, I seriously doubt such rhetoric will result in tangible action. Talk on Twitter is extremely petty and nit-picky with lefties who have too much time on their hands and enjoying to deflect the tiniest of misspellings. I had switched the third and fourth letter of "realtor", (easy to do when typing around 70 wpm) resulting in an insult even though I knew the correct spelling. I didn't realize we are indeed armchair/keyboard lawyers and teachers, yet that's how divisive we've become with the degree of indoctrination through much of academia to the nation's young people. If an presented idea offends, look for ANY means to decredit, as if one were literally on trial. I say most whom think conservative have been on trial throughout Trump's entire term and it shall continue throughout the entire term of Biden/Harris! Most newspapers would quote with "(sic)" on these, but it's from generally useless tweets which draw few if any comments that trigger the left. Two can play that game going forth and if that poster had checked my website, I already have a Play on Words section which describes often-mistaken word choices by including both in a single sentence to describe their usage. Check it out sometime as it's available to all.

ZeroHedge reports that a Project Lincoln co-founder has left his organization over a massive scandal. I suggest this is the beginning of numerous problems the organization faces if allegations by some regarding harassment by Project Lincoln supporters toward conservative dissenters, including pressure against employers that often results in a firing. I've witnessed one such extremist tweet posted which refers directly to the organization around 1/17, the poster demands "do the right thing" as the only nice point and I've been hunting it down to share here in light of this news. Twitter wouldn't do anything against the abusive poster, so why waste time reporting it? That's how bad it's gotten lately and among the numerous reasons that Twitter will suffer a MySpace decline going forth. It's very much about shutting up and shutting down any viewpoints these people can't handle and the inevitable backlash being witnessed now. That's why Trump put the media, CNN in particular, under such scrutiny after first taking office. The left claims they don't care we're migrating, but we clearly realize with our collective sanity still intact, that we don't care to play their stupid jackass games! Such is the goal of 21st Century Gaslighting.

Now to yesterday's Headline Circus.. I worked throughout all the pomp and circumstance which happened in the District of Criminals. I learned that Biden apparently left out of his sworn oath to protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic (I wonder WHY???) There's really nothing else to appreciate about the inauguration, except Bernie Sanders in mask and mittens. He's shown up EVERYWHERE on social media, the memes are so creative. I know nearly everybody hates mittens, but they're warmer than gloves when the cold dishes out that nasty bite. They're not so useful in a real-work situation as I do, but if you're relaxed as he was, he made the right choice! Afterwards, Biden went to work with a whole stack of executive orders, covered elsewhere by other news outlets.

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano (ADA) fame gives us FAIR WARNING regarding upcoming tax policy proposals. You should spend around 10 minutes going over this informative video he produced and pay close attention to trends. I've warned you in this humble blog recently of the potential of the Great Reset, whereas you lose all your personal property by allowing The State to kill off your debts, then giving you UBI or Universal Basic Income. This would simply accelerate the process by incredible bounds. Consider too, the information being gleaned from such new legislation being passed that the Elites could use in destroying a person or their business. America is literally f****d if these proposals become law and will allow this nation's downfall into Communism to proceed unhinged and unbridled.

Of course the left remains pissed about their loss of power for 4 years. Don Winslow wants people to start snitching on their Trump neighbors, to monitor and report suspicious activities. It's such nonsense as this which keeps me away from the movies and I could care less about Netflix. They'll have plenty of money from their Chinese and other Elitist allies to spend on their own tracking to come after Trump supporters. Winslow, be careful what you wish for! Talk of a Civil War v2.0 continues to eminate and you don't help matters. "Children's teachers" that Don mentions are of course those protected by the teacher's unions and are indoctrinating our kids with the blessings of the Left which Don supports. This is classic propaganda. Computers being more valuable than guns has only so much meaning when our very own NSA has created software to cause numerous issues in popular operating systems, they get hacked, then the tools become ransomware. I wish I could make this shit up!

The Clean tweet of the week: “The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." – Bill Watterson

Don't ask me about the dirty one! Only those in my inner orbit who DM me will be clued in on it. It's just too brutal to include here.

That's it for now. I should return Sunday.

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Greetings, y'all,

A special note: I may have to add a blog entry before Thursday. If I make a Special Edition, it'll show up here and of course I'll tweet about it on Twitter and Gab. I expect the possibility of significant news and will blog if pertinent to regulars. As I gain more followers on Gab and Parler, I'll access and tweet all three platforms of blog updates. Twitter will be slow to shut down, yet regular followers there may see less of me there. I will still answer tweets directed at me, albeit not as frequent as before. I'm @windmechanic on all three.

Matt Braynard reminds us of Four Years Ago.. Over 200 individuals charged with RIOTING during Trump's inauguration with all charges dropped. Can we expect a repeat result from the Swamp? It didn't benefit the Creatures, so I expect a huge "Hell No!!" as an answer.

How's crypto? Bitcoin remains in a trading range from 34k - 40k and at least short-term, I expect no change in this. Of course the upcoming change in USA Administrations could affect this going forward. If you missed last week's news regarding FinCEN, scroll down to review. Litecoin has been near $150 as earlier expected, is near 143 tonight and I think it'll advance upward, more in sympathy with Bitcoin than before. Ethereum is in a close range above and below 1,250 USD. HEX has been going down and I expect a good buying op at .007 and lower. Both techies Polkadot and Cardano have been kicking asses! DOT trades just shy of 18 bucks tonight and has flipped Ripple, while ADA is 39 cents and holding, sitting awesome at #6. PCX ChainX is sitting near 7.50 while MWC has recently rebounded to 10 bucks, retracing to 8.50 tonight.

I still don't like Binance Coin (BNB) despite how well it's been pumping. Still, a trading op may be imminent with it if CZ is true to his word.

Elizabeth Johnston's blog notes that Parler has apparently contracted with Epik to handle it's platform, although not fully confirmed as of this submission. Still, it shows promise to those with Parler accounts, as Yours Truly continues his gradual transition from the Big Blue Bird. Note too, @windmechanic is already set up on Gab, so all you Gabbers, please consider a follow and I'll return the favor. UPDATE: Parler is coming back online! Note though, their apps aren't on either of the two Stores. How this may affect the Parler lawsuit, I don't know. It's good to see at least a static page for now, with a message from their CEO.

Jerod McDaniel gives us my choice of Tweet of the Week: "If you don't like the politics of people who have all the money and power... Stop handing it to them." Well agreed! Let's get the COVID restrictions done and overwith to help make that possible.

But, not to be outdone is the Pic of the Week: Yes, sometimes a picture tells the story of 75 million voters. Let that sink in!

That's it for now. Thanks as always for reading my missives, crypto nooze & rantings, no matter your political leanings. You lefties in momma's basements around the nation can move here and take my job if you can deal with it for a day, even though I still won't disclose it for now and I sincerely pray for you as your eyes SHALL be opened. It simply being a matter of WHEN, not IF. (Psst.. I'm willing to wager most of them can't pass the background or drug tests, so their "concerns" for me ring hollow.) For the rest of you, my sincerest thanks for passing on the word of this humble blog and may the One Almighty richly bless you!.

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Greetings y'all!,

We live in interesting times. Yesterday, the Oil City got a dose of Thundersnow at 6:50pm. I reported this to the NWS Riverton office after I had gotten home from having eaten out for a change. It was 45 degrees when I entered the place, then when leaving, I nearly gasped at the sight of a decent snow squall. The weather forecast noted little to no accumulation, but it was piling up fast. Once in the truck out of this mini-blizzard, the AM broadcast band had plenty of static, as like one hears in Dixieland from dying thunderstorms. Suddenly, a flash shows up and thunder occurs under 10 seconds later. My second thundersnow as a Wyomingite! I had no problems getting the short distance to home, but the snow was quick to stick. It did melt and refreeze so I had to be careful where walking, especially in cowboy boots. Such is WIntertime, here.

At least today, the laundry is all done and I got a few more groceries. Hell has frozen over because at least one of the Arby's locations in town has the 2 for 6 bucks special on French Dip -w- Au Jus!! Casperites should visit ONLY the CY Avenue location to get the deal. You'll get a sour look if visiting their Wyoming Blvd. location because they're not participating. I've eaten one and the other? A magnificent lunchtime will be anticipated tomorrow, even though the workplace will remain very busy. Notice how I don't reveal where this is! Not even my LinkedIn profile reveals this. On Twitter, I occasionally deal with unhinged lefties who think their Party doesn't suck, yet I try in vain to convince them that BOTH major parties have serious issues (this isn't at all "weak", but extremely obvious.) Those on the left will be the ones who get screwed over with the rest of us, but they're too stupid to see the warning signs from the Crime Family we're about to allow into the White House, spare watching any news which tells them anything meaningful. HINT: They'll fall for the same trap they're trying to pull on conservatives as any life which doesn't beholden to the State is totally useless to communists.

Because I don't easily fold like a well-worn wallet, these Twitter lefties probably want me fired from my job so I can be just as miserable as they are. This election won't change their attitude, except embolden the extremists in their clique. Worse yet, they have like-minded friends (some are probably B0Tz) who "like" everything they keyboard. They can read my blog, but unlike Twitter - I don't have to allow anything they say to be entered. If my hosting gets shut off due to their collective pressure, I already have an alternate, both DNS & hosting, lined up in one specific nation whose privacy policies in regard to internet hosting are among the strictest on the planet. Furthermore, if they do their research, they'll find it's not some weak-linked, bulk mass registrar. It won't be at all easy to cancel this domain name which has remained solid and continuous for an entire score, come September! Can you believe we'll be coming up on twenty years since Nine Eleven? That is, if there's a United States of America remaining by then.

Wyoming news has Liz's image and name all over it. Her name is all over national talk including Rush's show that Todd Herman hosted today and was mentioned on K2's evening news and ABC News. Even KTWO radio noted that Trump received around 70% of the Cowboy State's popular votes for President. Cheney was staunchly against the Orange Man, fussed at him, then decides it's fine to ignore the Wyomingites as myself who voted for her by leading the charge of ten Republican House members, joining the Dems in voting for Trump's second impeachment. Even more so, she doesn't give a damn on how the Party here thinks of it. Sounds like a classical RINO showing their true color. Disappointed? I'm beyond that. Essentially, we've been BETRAYED! I'm surprised she's retained her Committees she serves. Some in the Party wanted her removed from at least one, according to one of these newscasts.

Does Cheney believe we will have long forgotten this before her next "re-election?" I'm thinking more and more that this very action has likely sealed her fate, unless she's considering a Party change. Many believe this was a vendetta while others think it was to win majority Dem favoritism. Albeit true that Wyoming has a history of controversial actions, it's NEVER wise to second-guess the basic sensibilities of her residents, even if the Reps' father was a past VPOTUS. Many still despise Daddy Dick for many reasons I won't go into and that includes a few passionate Wyomingites! I've seen my share of it on Twitter as well. I just know that Liz became my first declared wasted vote as a Wyoming resident and I have little, if any confidence in her going forward, even if she follows through on her pledges against Xiden's liberal agenda. What works in Teton County doesn't necessarily apply to the remaining 22.

Although Cointelegraph has a good story on GoChain, there's more than one group to prove provenance of food. Wyoming already has Beefchain and Sheepchain in place and this blockchain, in cooperation with ranchers, can show information about the animal and where it was raised and processed.

In Arkansas news, a Garland County deputy prosecutor gets fired on Halloween last year for speaking up about the state's criminal eviction statute. Note though, the story shows many counties no longer prosecute these on the taxpayer's dime. In fact, the legislature will again consider repealing it. I have my doubts if the affected landlords, some corporate, contribute heavily to the politicians involved.

UPDATE: Many of you recall the big stink I raised about FinCEN's proposal and having published my comments on this very blog not that long ago. Over 7,500 comments were received, according to Cointelegraph and the agency is extending their comment period into the Biden Administration. This was considered a significant win for crypto and I wish to thank any of you who commented along with me!

UPDATE #2: Parler remains down for the count! They've struggled to locate a provider, but to no avail. At least they've file a lawsuit over this political theater, AWS having submitted samples of the "speech" they're concerned about and desiring to have the suit dismissed. I have my Gab account set up under @windmechanic as well, so if you're already Gabbing, consider a follow and I'll of course follow back present followers from Twitter. We'll see if Parler can rebound in the future.

That's it for now! Barely six days remain before The Swamp brings in someone more suited, for them at least. DO NOT travel to either the District or any of the Fifty State Capitols for any of these "armed rallies" as it's a fucking trap. Trust that a False Flag is being unfurled and you'll get fully screwed from any participation. Most of us have little if any money to waste on lawyers, except of course the radicalized left who have hundreds of lawyers and money from the Elites, CCP, et al to get them out of jail. Trump's swamp creatures needed a List on these people, not a No Fly List which the Dems in Congress now want to place others on the opposite side of the aisle thereon. To this day, I still find it funny that Ted Kennedy had such problems for months and months from that list. He was very powerful in Congress for a long time, yet it nearly took God himself to remove Ted's name from it. Pssst, there's talk emerging that Xiden may get impeached shortly after being sworn in. After all, he's the Big Guy with these connections from the Far East. The shitshow shall continue and some Jiffy Pop is at the ready. I'm getting better and better at using it on the kitchen range.

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Greetings, y'all!,

Trump being booted off Twitter is ridiculous and short-sighted. Although not financial advice, I predict a downturn in TWTR on the Markets Monday. You'll understand why at the end of this submission when viewing the Tweet of the Week. It outlines the Left's hypocrisy to-a-tee! I've already started an account on Parler, also under the @windmechanic handle and invite Twitter refugees to rally with a follow there. I have a Gab account but it's not fully set up, their support is helping me as part of that is messed up and requires a reset. I think most of us require a reset and a viable Third Party could be what saves this nation from a second Civil War. With all that said, a tip of the hat is due to Senate Elect Lummis from Wyoming. Cynthia, you took that stand and were featured with the Dirty Dozen. I'm damn proud of you! You also have a clue about crypto, unlike the Other Two who've said nothing so far. Neither of these actions are forgotten and I'll reward you positively.

Here's hoping you're enjoying the weekend, what's left of it anyways. Crypto requires popping corn and patiently watching for the next move(s). Bitcoin is swan diving from 41k to a deep dip of 34k where a new floor may be forming above, my guess around 35k to rebuild and take a necessary breather. Grypto (@gryptothedog on Twitter) is correct that we've encountered far deeper dives. A few TA analysts expected a dive to 20k, which I seriously doubt due to Grayscale's recent buying spree. They sense the obvious money printing and the Big Guy (Xiden) expects Trillions to be spent soon. I agree more money will seek a safe haven and am not at all concerned of Congress threatening crypto as a whole, not with institutional support having arrived and codified in the system, although Congress still has much work to do to get crypto elevated where it should've been years ago! Even Russia recently recognized crypto as property and their courts will treat it legally as such. Ethereum edged upwards toward 1,300 USD but diving back to 1k and Litecoin has dived from its' stubborn 182 resistance to 137, where it again will eye 150 and I expect sideways movement, short term. Bitcoin Cash has been kicking ass and taking names! It exceeded 630 USD yesterday and sat shy of 600 this afternoon, but dived this evening to under 500 with a Methodology dot info prediction of 770 in a week. The bulls remain firm with chart position, even when Cardano drops 21% to 26.2 cents, dropping a notch to #7. HEX remains the sideliner, yet hasn't lost much value to under a penny. It should pump nicely again when attention toward the other big movers, especially ETH, has settled down a bit. I was wrong this last time as the pump on the Big Fish lasted way longer than I expected. The BIG MOVER is Compound Dai, a coin with much action lately, moving up 24 notches on Nomics to #13, up an even 300% to trade at 8.8 cents this evening. This was massive and likely unsustainable so I'd expect some traders whom did their research to pile some shorts on CDAI. Regarding MWC, I'm watching a head/shoulders TA form and someone having dumped, I've heard on Bithumb. It's trading 10.62 now - down 18%, yet could correct further to complete the medium-term second shoulder. This usually spells a bearish pattern emerging, but I have no plans on selling any of my MWC anytime soon. PCX (ChainX) did close in on 5 bucks, but has corrected 10%. It uses Polkadot tech and with a rarity of BTC, it's a token worthy of watching. I HODL all the aforementioned, except CDAI & ADA.

Humble and HUNGRY! Appropriate for the Buffalo Bills, making their first playoffs in a quarter-century. Although Josh Allen is a California native (he remains closely-tied to family and friends west of Fresno) he has this strong Cowboys connection having played in Laramie for three seasons before being NFL drafted. He still has loads of fans throughout Wyoming and remains well-respected by those throughout the Mountain West. Allen has done quite the job for the Bills this season, proving not only to fit well with what they're doing, but Buffalo could go Super Bowling. It's what I'm predicting and how I'd bet going forward. I sense coach McDermott has the machine to do it and not just with their play-caller. Even though this Bison they play for is blue, they have a unified team in purpose. God is Great and God is Good!

Playoffs continue with the Steelers and Browns. The Browns had a stellar first-quarter with four unanswered touchdowns. The Steelers put 10 points to end the first half, but the Browns added another touchdown and extra point kick to make it 35-10. This was posted before game's end and I did catch some of it on TV.

In Arkansas news, Richard Barnett put the town of Gravette in Benton County back on the map in an interesting way. Gravette is well known as the location of the Shepherd's Chapel where religious broadcasts have been made nationwide for decades by the Murray family. Now, a man who entered Nancy Pelosi's office at the Capitol and put his feet on her desk has been taken in for that and taking things he shouldn't! InfoWars reports that Nancy is deeply pissed because her laptop was stolen. It was followed up that the Army Special Forces has it now. For several days since the incident, Hal Turner's radio show has been reporting that someone with a USB stick swiped data from at least one computer. Capitol Police were observed moving back baracades which allowed a huge influx of protestors to enter the Capitol itself, therefore, the criminal complaint may or may not have the "teeth" that many believe, but that's what the Courts are there for and Richard will get his day as I doubt he'll bend for any plea deal, even with the Dems controlling the entire shooting match. Screw it! Let the Feds feed, clothe and tend to Mr. Barnett's needs. I think it's a far better usage of tax money than sending it overseas to military juntas running third-world sovereigns whom likely waste it anyhow. That is money laundering at it's finest at cost to the American Taxpayer.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime victory for The Sheeple and hopefully a truly-remembered wakeup call to the Creatures we've sent to the Swamp, most being incumbents, at least some deserving of a one-way ticket to Gitmo! I'll include a post-script here for the lefties not to tinker with gun rights and responsible gun ownership, even though I fully realize the temptation is unbearable for them to do exactly that! Many of them still haven't learned their lessons when the cops don't (or can't) appear when 911 is pressed on their phones. Their ancestors (if American) many generations back had to be tough and too few of today's youth truly appreciate the sacrifices made for them! They, with their Chinese connections via the Big Guy and his family will bring in legislative Easter Eggs which makes those viral ones inside the Kung Flu look rather pale in comparison, when looking at what made this nation the America it once was. Not only is crypto proving you must be your own bank, but preservation of all American Rights requires you exercise your Second Amendment yourself, responsibly of course. This is how we generally roll in Wyoming.

Tweet of the Week: "I'm old enough to remember Kathy Griffin tweeting herself holding Trump's decapitated head."

"She still has her verified account." - @thebradfordfile on Twitter

That's it for now. Enjoy the snow down Texas way. More to appear here in Oil City by late Wednesday, then again Saturday if the models pan out. How things progress in The Swamp over the next ten days is anyone's guess!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,




Greetings Y'all, it was a Wednesday to go into the History Books!,

You won't find ANY links in this submission. It needs none and the news is rather damning, especially toward Antifa/BLM as you'll read below. I agree with one talk show that this was the most significant news event in the USA since 9/11. China is absolutely delighted in the "beautiful sight" of this tragedy, but they have Taiwan in their sights and the White House in less than two weeks for their Agents. It's not hard to understand why this nation can't again fully unite with the Chinese connection hanging low over the Bidens, especially the Big Guy. Will the GOP begin insisting on Creepy Joe's tax returns? Will Joe and the Dr. Mrs. raise holy hell when it gets somehow "leaked" in the manner it did with The Donald? Yes, I'm asking these hard questions NOW as I want you to note them for trends, in the same thread, in the same vein as I would for cryptos I discuss here. Don't TL;DR overall news for at least the next month or so and keep the popcorn handy!

For Thursday, I took in a whole day of news early on and did a lot of other necessary chores, including getting more envelopes and checking on work possibilities at Workforce. The spinmasters of the MSM have been superlative. Today, there's incredible pressure from Democrats upon VPOTUS Pence to slam the 25th Amendment on Trump to get him out of office with another near-two-weeks to go in The Donald's term. Remember my mention of Secretary of Transportation Cho, the wife of McConnell? She chooses to resign from the Administration effective Monday 1/11. My former roommate was correct in stating Trump being a single-termer, yet the POTUS remains in The Swamp and very capable of causing this transition PLENTY of PAIN! Be watching carefully as each day presents a new news cycle of it's own. The Insurrection Act could well be invoked. The Donald may not be a politician, but he can play a checkmate move. Timing could prove far more notable than his years on TV with the billions of bucks he's dealt.

Did you look at the crypto charts that morning? Damn!! I've not seen Litecoin at #4 in a long while, but it's there despite just 163 yesterday (Wednesday) morning. Cardano? Even more a surprise as Chuck's excellent coin continues to reveal more of the work put into it. 33 cents with a 30% markup ain't so shabby and meets the couple of positions I had expected it to move, sitting pretty at #6 (where it remains Thursday morning, but down a penny.) I'm also watching BCH, one of Grayscale's coin holdings was up 6% at 438, continued bullish past 455, then down to 461 for pre-dawn Thursday, falling a rung at #8. Remember at the end of 2020 how I hinted at Stellar? You'll have to look at the last of my 2020 entries through the top link of this page to refer to it, yet XLM was megapumping at 84% to almost 33.2 cents, Thursday morning it stands tall at 34.5 WOW!! Hexicans are waiting their turn and the HEX token is just beginning to pump as Ethereum finishes the same, just shy of 1,200 USD Thursday morning with 1,300 to soon arrive. Frankly, just as Litecoin, it has a boatload of catching up to do.

Later in the day, the Capitol in the District of Criminals was BREACHED! Many fingers are being pointed at Antifa for at least a busload of their group, dressed in black for the occasion, having infiltrated peaceful Trump supporters intent on making known their grievances. Tensions were already near the boiling point and it didn't take but one mistake by the US Capitol Police to set off a lot of damage. Congressmen were evacuated to several secure rooms throughout and had been taking tunnels to avoid outside crowds, some reportedly armed with other than handguns. One person was shot and later died of their wounds. Of course the crypto world had been watching this event unfold, but most of the pumps had been done by late in the day. Bitcoin had barely touched 37.8k USD on Bitstamp for a Wednesday peak before 9pm MST, corrected slightly, was closing back in around 37.5k as of East Coast sunrise on Thursday, then 39.3k with 40k in sight by 9am MST. Litecoin is now out of sideways 165 trades and favors the near-term resistance of 182, now 172 USD around 9:20a MST.

This development will change the overall security structure of the District, yet more violence is expected. Pence was correct for stating how dark a day it was for the Capitol, yet he turned his back on Trump for this one and if the POTUS somehow finds a Wild Card to play on the table, their relationship has been effectively ruined. The message is simple from many of the American people that election fraud, no matter the level, caused the overall change of our election results in six states, that no redress was made available since the Courts obviously refused to consider any evidence and that change of our elections has become mandatory going forth. It's further obvious that the Biden/Harris administration will receive plenty of resistance if or when placed under two weeks in their respective offices.

Concerns about the "Nuclear Football", containing the launch codes which always accompanies the POTUS, regardless of venue, should land in Biden's possession for even a picosecond, lest allegations that this information will be promptly shared with the Chinese, be realized. The deperation to rid The Swamp of Trump remains full-scale by Dems and several from his own GOP. InfoWars notes of rumors of Congress wanting to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the POTUS before end-of-term, using the MSM spin (boy, did ABC News do a dandy job of exactly THAT!! I recorded the newscast if you wish to challenge me on the literal points they gaslighted in the airwaves.) The smoke hasn't cleared and I sense more will be generated. Congress must damn well pay attention that "business as usual" may not happen a while and any transition won't turn out so nice. Rumblings of a Civil War have been cast, but the warning signs have been quite apparent for some time. Because of Democrat-run inaction in several liberal strongholds, these groups have been embolden for months now. Trump's desire for action has often been squashed by the Federal Courts - something which his administration has been working on with new appointments. Trump has only days remaining to pull out any rabbits from his hat. Time is clearly against him. Of course he could pull a checkmate-level, calculated move that nobody expected and several scenarios have already been pointed out elsewhere, some very viable! Not to be left out and more telling, are Democrats now pressuring one SCOTUS justice to retire early. He's NOT ready to leave. Good for him, and I pray he doesn't pull a "Stevens" senile gun-grab missive after he does leave!

That's it for now. Expect more commentary from me during the weekend, likely during Sunday. I'm blessed to remain well and capable of my work, although there are potential leads to better things. The Wolf isn't at my door and I still have plenty. That's more than some I encounter at Workforce with barely two nickels to rub together. With that said, thank you for keeping me in your prayers and rest assured, I'm in no danger of not paying my bills. HEX is quite the Hexcellent Call of the Year I made. It was by far the BRIGHTEST star in my galaxy of crypto. Glowing red to gold, it'll be there when I'm old.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,




Greetings, y'all to 2021, A reminder that the 2020 blogs and earlier can be accessed as noted above.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin!! We're lighting candles on the cake for ya, son! You're just short of being a teenager, yet you're grabbing daddy's keys to the car and burning rubber already! Damnit!! Batting just shy of 35k and most swear you'll parabola into oblivion. Just as life itself, you'll experience significant growing pains and even some pullbacks. A lot of bullishness has appeared over the past week, is FOMOing and frankly, I see it justified. At age 12, you've already "died" 392 times, yet have hung on through so many events and have made quite a name for yourself around the globe. It's a household name for certain, but damn few can:

1) Express how it works.
2) Understand how to both secure and utilize it, and
3) Truthfully brag about having used it for payment in a product or service.

You're clearly proving to be a formidable competitor to precious metals, often dominated by paper proxies and IOU's of the same. A handful of speculators and HODLers are already taking profits, and I won't curse that in the least! It's skillfully played. What I'm looking at is the fact that more BTC is being bought than mined. (Muchas gracias, Grayscale!!)

Bear in mind, Grayscale has additional categories including Litecoin, which is terribly tempting to me. No doubt their Ethereum fund will be showing some kick-ass gains, come Monday with a newly-sported 1k USD price on the coin. I may have to eat my hat if they start a HEX fund. The HEX token has pumped quite well and later I'll discuss more about all these.

I'll return to crypto in a moment. Washington, District of Criminals has a huge rally coming up Wednesday. InfoWars reports a lack of rooms and flights into the District for this event, designed to pressure Congress and the entire Swamp for that matter. Senator Elect Lummis (R-WY) is already on the Nasty Twelve list as she joins in the challenge of the Electoral Votes cast not so long ago. Good for her! She promised to make a name for herself and is getting right into the thick of things. Am I making any predictions how this shitshow winds up? HELL NO! This is popcorn time and I've already gotten some Jiffy Pop at the ready, after my Wednesday shift. There will be fresh snow on the ground by late Tuesday if Riverton's forecast for us pans out. Thursday should be a day-off for me, so expect an update on this humble blog.

Bittrex Global is removing several privacy-based coins on 1/15/21. Note though, not all privacy coins on that minor exchange are affected. A few are speculating that regulations are the cause, so pay attention to the news trends. I'm not certain if Bittrex carries MimbleWimbleCoin, yet my MWC stash has gained incredibly from 2.53 USD/MWC to 13.65 USD/MWC since 12/14, a period of under three weeks! Such quintupling has several reasons to it and those who saw opportunity before Santa departed on his sleigh to acquire have done quite well after the coin's final HODL distribution! I never gave up on MWC as I saw too much opportunity and great work going into it. Patience has been the key to MWC success, thus far.

Chris has quite the coin with fantastic tech, including atomic swaps to the toolset it already contains. If you hold an old MWC wallet, you should consider upgrading and definitely ensure you have that exact 24-word seed phrase in it's precise order as securely safe. A reminder is in order to NEVER, EVER disclose your seed phrase in any email, website, or web form, no matter how the scammers package it as they will clean you out so quickly. Double and triple-check any spellings if using any paper media! You've been warned for security's sake. There remain way too many suckers, don't YOU be next!

A few are asking about Litecoin's eventual transition to MimbleWimble technology. Litecoin has crossed $160 this evening, it already beginning to catch up with Bitcoin's mooning and volatility between 33.5 and well above 34k USD. I can't yet label someone who questions LTC's viability in regard to delisting privacy coins as being a "concern troll" yet it's difficult not to, in light of the solid track record the coin has possessed since it first appeared, even with shared mining with Dogecoin. By the way the favorite joke coin of so many, pumped past 1.3 pennies early this morning! (The fake Elon Musk account pumping it has since been disabled, so it's a penny per DOGE as of this submission.)I'm trying to hypnotize my former roommate into recalling his password to his DOGE wallet. I won't disclose here how many he HODLs. However, I get to "rub it in" with plenty of salt. Remember, ALWAYS secure that important wallet information! ALWAYS!! At one point, I was among the top 350 Dogecoin HODLers. I'd be buying a nice home if I'd held, yet HEX shows way more promise! By the way, fellow Hexicans - the price has been decreasing a bit, then stabilized around 1.2 pennies this evening, matching what occurred yesterday if reviewing the go dot hex dot com stats. Hang in there! With a 30+%, 1k USD ETH - your incoming pump should be quite noticeable, and very soon. Finally, Cardano is pumping nicely to 22 cents! At 23% pumping, the hard work put into ADA continues to be noticed. I'm also seeing a twitter pump on Polkadot (DOT) which is #6 on Nomics as of this submission. ChainX (PCX) is a coin built using Polkadot which I've HODLed a few months now and oh boy, it can pump! Scarcity of it is also nice with just 21MM as Bitcoin, but a cheap price point under 4 bucks. It's been 4x for me with incredible upside possible. Of course, DYOR!

One of my consistent followers wants to know my thinking on the SEC, going forward. Scroll past this paragraph for the entire submission I gave FinCEN. A final notice given now that any comments you wish to give can be done no later than tomorrow, Monday 1/4/21:

* * * * * * * * * *

To FinCEN, Vienna, VA;
Docket Number FINCEN-2020-0020
RIN number 1506-AB47

Regarding the proposed rulemaking to requiring banks and money service businesses to collect and maintain records, including verifying identities of customers, I strongly disagree with the proposal as written and pray for full dismissal of such, due to the following points:

1) FinCEN, having shortened the comment period, wishes to pursue a similar result as was steathily accomplished during the Wilson administration, by passing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Many Americans, including myself, have openly criticized this action well over a century after it was enacted due to the manner in which it was submitted to coincide with the holidays and lack of thorough Congressional attention or debate. The Federal Reserve has not at all maintained the value of our Dollar currency for a number of reasons and I fully expect severe economic issues to ensue in due course, at least in part to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.

2) I also disagree with the vagueness in this proposal of what the Agency considers as "structuring", especially considering the unfortunate and utterly ridiculous experience of one Arnolds Park, Iowa restaurant owner whose business and personal reputation suffered from such allegations. To my recollection, she had an actual need to place her deposits accordingly due to liability insurance limitations. To disclose, I had an account with the specific institution involved at the time as I lived in that general region as a college student. Banks and similar institutions apparently are prohibited to disclose to customers what is defined as structuring, which strikes me as terrible lacking of transparency at the hands of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, especially when in comparison to banking and money transmission customers being actively warned about overseas scammers. For this and other reasons, to see this further propagated across cryptocurrency is a gross lack of trust by government in those already exercising responsibility in proper and timely reporting of their tax liabilities, myself included. Personally, FinCEN hasn't convinced me of the actual need of this proposal, nor of the statistics released, especially when the US Dollar remains the primary source of money laundering, an inconvenient fact which Treasury fails to admit for purposes of this proposal and punishment which the affected banks never face any time in incarceration, unlike individual Americans could be, if this ill-thought nonsense happens to pass.

3) Furthermore, I suspect the proposal is arbitrary and capricious as a result of the aforementioned. To comply with the numerous points which FinCEN desires will cause undue expenses for questionable gains as a result. I agree with opinion from Casa's CEO Nick Neuman of the speed in which this proposal is being considered. He implies It is essentially being jammed through before a change of administration, decided during the November Election, albeit remaining in dispute as of this submission. It is no secret of my disdain for the policies of Secretary Mnuchin and his general dislike of cryptocurrencies, they being problematic to this emerging space in which other nations are resolving their crypto legislation at a far faster pace, especially in regard to tax compliance. As a result, they are experiencing competitive advantages going into the future. To this day, IRS has horrific guidance requiring specialized CPA services to maintain any degree of compliance with too many in Congress choosing the subject to vanish, yet it should have been discussed at length and acted on many years ago! I also join opinion with Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer of exchange Coinbase, that the fifteen days presently allocated for comments is obtuse or obstructive in proper intent of regulation at best.

To conclude, In a more lighthearted sense, this proposal deserves more time than the Warp Speed given for COVID vaccines. Although one or many may consider this comparison as not germain or even capable of standing to this submission, nevertheless, these fall along parallel timelines and the failure of either circumstance to consider sufficent time to both consider and test would likely result in severe failure of each.

MJ Mullins


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Among the last of my 2020 comments, (with a new year, you have to go to the top of this page and click the 2020 link to review) you'll notice the shortened comment period of a FinCEN proposed rule change regarding crypto wallets and elimination of any "structuring", which of course they don't strictly define. The System want banks to snitch on all of us for the least of things, which I pray they continue doing! This flood of SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports) will encourage even more people to keep more money outside The System, allowing cryptocurrencies and their ability to retain and even increase value as HEX is proving today, to flourish more.

I think getting rid of the Congressional Old Guard is a prudent goal that Americans should strive for. Quit kidding yourselves if you're willing to keep paying those ridiculous taxes for things you may never get to use and your Congress Critter simply punts their responsibilities to the bureaucrats! I couldn't obtain Medicare or even ObamaCare when I moved here. Representative Gray (who was reelected!) understands this from Yours Truly. Even when I opened up an application to the government's Marketplace in November, their price was way over DOUBLE what the same Blue Cross offered directly, cost! To hell with that undescribeable mess!! Now, we have an incoming Dem administration which will likely reinstate the ObamaCare penalties, ignoring the realities brought on by the COVID19 pandemic. I'm also thinking along the parallels of Michael Savage regarding China and COVID. I'm highly tempted to believe this crap was intentionally released and distributed as a means of weakening and eventual CONQUEST of this entire continent, especially when reports have come in of Chinese troops in both Mexico and Canada. Why? Money is likely the initial dangling carrot being hung from the rod and string to the Fish. The game changer is Michael's reminder to each of us on his 1/1/2021 podcast through his website, that viral warfare was used in the past with American Indian natives being exposed to smallpox in gifted blankets. I wish he could've kept going on radio, yet I think his new venture will prove well. Consider going to michaelsavage dot com and listening to a conservative viewpoint that's hard to ignore. Now for the short links:

I swear, I've seen it all... But...but..but, I still haven't

You know you're in GOOD company when fellow tweeters give excellent wishes. Of course, I do as well for 2021. 2020, Good Riddance!

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