Here are my 2023 blog entries in reverse order: ---------------------
Greetings, y'all,

This was my final blog entry for 2023. I remained busy throughout December, yet took in some happenings as I had time.

 In local happenings, I missed his appearance last year here in Douglas. I had caught the stomach flu earlier that day he was to appear and had to miss it! Although I caught the stupid flu again late Monday 12/4, I was NOT going to be denied! I worked all day Friday before the 12/8 concert to prove myself as capable of attending and it all worked out nicely. It was worthy of every minute and I never left my seat. I don't want to leave out the Hamilton Street Express, a youth choir directed by Randy Gifford who put on several superb performances. Skip Ewing appeared again and he was doing it all, solo! A few minutes delayed at first, but no big deal. Quite a number of us old timers already knew songs he was famous for, many covered by top country artists close to the time he was bringing his game to MCA records while I was working at KAWW-Heber Springs, AR. His performances of these songs were often hard-hitting, even intense, but some he caressed in the style of his earlier years. He also sang some of the new tracks from albums of recent releases and that from upcoming "The Road To California" which he predicts a release date by February. The cherry on the cake was he invited the children in attendance to the stage and got the parents and rest of the audience to participate in some Christmas cheer and even read out part of a Christmas story. Ewing has traveled a lot of miles with much experience and he related to attendees how few of his overall audiences would be compatible with this specific type of Wyoming tour venue, in part because audiences are smaller and parents generally teach their kids how to behave (this I notice working as a courtesy clerk, for that matter!) still with a single area code in no imminent danger of filling up. This show would've fit well with a TV special, come to think of it. Because of Skip's choice of moving here, finding Linda, the wife he's truly happy with, with horses and dogs and chores to do - I'd not be surprised if he's invited to CFD (Cheyenne Frontier Days) before much longer. He mentioned too, some of his recent albums are finally gaining positive traction he didn't expect now, such as "Wyoming", based heavily on many things of his journey. He also gave our audience significant intel of what he's planning to do, expanding his show with his band, Horsepower 307.
Ewing has significant songwriting cred covering a decent count of #1's in the country genre and has capabilities to cross genres. The event had a number of sponsors and they received excellent seating for what was absolutely worth attending, although no matter where you sat, it was a quality view. I would've PAID to have seen this. I will happily PAY to see Skip with his band next year, for what he's hinting for Douglas I think will be quite the show to remember! In fact, I plan to tease it here on the Blog so none of you anywhere near the area will again miss something with such quality. Skip's regret? He forgot a request for the title track from "Wyoming" and promised us we'd hear him sing it next year. Hold his feet to the flames if he again forgets, y'all!
I think Skip is on the cusp of greatness with his plans and continued songwriting. His contacts in Music City, some with decades of success are quality and so are his songs. He WORKS at what he writes to make them the best they can be. He said so and for those who write as I do, I can tell this! His achievements and talent prove this too, even when the major labels' management disagree on what he accomplishes, which to some songwriters is a huge issue as these contracts are solid, the writer often at the mercy of his (or a group's) label. I concur these people don't always see eye-to-eye with their signed artists. I can cite NUMEROUS examples if you wish, yet Ewing explained to us that even under these conditions, he still showed success elsewhere. Much of this I already understood as a former DJ, mostly in the country genre, certainly so during Ewing's MCA days. I could've waited around after the concert and had him sign a Greatest Hits CD I have from after that time and told him of my extensive history. Our conversation would be rather long when he learns the parallels of my Wyoming journey, which some of you, especially in my Inner Orbit, already understand. Perhaps he or his management will come across this humble blog as I'd love to hear his feedback via @windmechanic on X, or add any additional comments. I'm still expecting to get some fencing set up, construct a riding circle, then focus on getting horses of my own again, hopefully this coming year if Biden, et al, doesn't get the nation blown to atomic particulates.
To conclude.. Didn't attend? You jackalopes missed out! Skip Ewing has really matured from what he was to what he is today, which is very much Wyomingite. If you live in the Cowboy State, check out his concerts whenever he's home doing a Wyoming tour. Visit skip ewing dot com and consider his email list. He's open, loves us and embraces the non-existent state we call home. What matters most to me of this review? He truly LOVES what he's doing now. I pray he enjoys a significant renewal of success to come.

Christmas came and went. The winter here so far has been very mild, yet cold. Plenty of Ukraine news, too. I'm SICK of so much money wasted, yet am keenly aware of the kickbacks and other dark stuff the MSM doesn't touch. Instead, you learn all about the latest barely-passed medicines with multiple side effects. Mixed-race actors are given more and more roles with such sensitivity to inclusion, although many Blacks may never need some of these. Watch for more diversity to arrive if the open border stupidity is allowed to continue, our Replacements continuing to arrive daily. With so much attention on Texas lately, expect more border crossings elsewhere along the 2,000 mile length.

Watch this on YouTube: The Great Taking from David Webb. Pop some corn and watch! To me, this is IOUSA v2.0 (IOUSA was a documentary created in the late 2000's, shown at many movie theaters around the nation. I watched it in Little Rock) Learn what Maiden Lane was about, our sneaky Fed Reserve and so much more. The Uniform Commercial Code is also quite the eye-opener. This is in the first 25 minutes of over an hour and eleven minutes of something which should SHOCK YOUR WORLD!! Book Entry Securities? The only person I heard about this during the 2000's was the recently-departed Jim Sinclair who warned readers to take their stock certificates outside of their brokerages to ensure we remained actual owners, not in some computer! I did so with the stocks I owned a score ago. The DTCC was a significant game-changer. Understand these concepts as some I experienced and you then can begin to protect your stuff. You have TWO CCP's to worry about. Chinese Communist Party and (likely more so) any Central CounterParty. Watch it carefully and begin to grasp where I'm coming from. This is quite a deep dive and I believe worthy of your time. Warren Buffett warned about derivatives. He will be vindicated in that regard. We were so fortunate in '08. We will not be so fortunate, now!

Goodbye 2023! It was nice knowing you, but a far more formidable year awaits to challenge us. After all, it contains the Elections.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings Y'all,
The End of November ends like a hungry-assed lion!

 It seems that most visits from The Reaper occur as we're going into the Holidays. Charlie Munger pulled the Betty White earthly departure move at age 99 on 11/28, having planned a centurian birthday party. Guests were to include infamous Henry Kissinger who did make the Century Club. Henry passed two days later. Back to Charlie, he was a gigantic part of Berkshire Hathaway and one of crypto's critics. The irony of this is his formula for success fits crypto very nicely:
1) Spend less than you earn. 2) Invest prudently. 3) Avoid toxic people and toxic activities. 4) Defer gratification. 5) Never stop learning.
Thanks to John LeFevre on X for that factoid. Munger could've done way better on #5 in regard to the crypto space, yet he likely viewed #3 more so. I agree that there remains way too much toxic activity, too many shitcoins for the rugpulls and ever-shorter lives with more degens being numbed into ever-shorter cycles of coins/tokens with little if any real game theory or actual value. THIS, more than anything is another reason for people entering this space must always do research and learn security of their assets.

Dr. Kissinger, on the other hand, was a significant, respected globalist. A consultant to many presidential administrations here in America and abroad, he loved power! Later in life, he was a China-first person, so don't assume that he was focused solely on USA interests. With all that said, the 2024 New Year's Party for both these men is obviously off. Congratulations to those whom predicted the earthly departure of both these powerful men. Their respective passings will open up space for new occupiers, so this will be interesting to see.

Folks, if you've been reading my Blog for a while, you've probably seen my occasional mentions of SSRI meds and the website SSRI Stories via SSRI Stories dot org. There's yet another excellent resource; who covers this and so many other subjects. The author also has a subscription service for those interested in the deep dives. So, why in the hell did it take so long for this story to make ZeroHedge? Better late than never, yet you're already ahead of the curve from my blabbing about it. Certainly worth the read, in my opinion.

Speaking of developments.. Three pages of the Nashville transgender shooter's Manifesto were leaked. Verification was obtained from several sources in this regard. Steven Crowder's show recently broke the news and it's been the lead story for several days last week. Reportedly, another 30+ pages may be forthcoming, although an investigation has been launched in regard to the leak. It'd be more ironic if this leak is greater in effect than the SCOTUS notes leak regarding Roe vs Wade, throwing it back to the individual States!

Senator Barrasso, the senior senator of my state and Senate Republican Conference Chair, revealed at a Halloween press conference of explosives being found on border crossers, recently. With the continued issues at our porous southern border, this should surprise nobody! Yours Truly has been noting concerns here on this blog for some time. It was a matter of time before enough noticed, but the Dems only care about what affects their Party and too many RINOs continue assisting them.

In a related matter regarding one's personal protection, we're seeing the Senate has accepted into committee, S. 3223 - Known as the AMMO Act. If this horseshit becomes law, Americans will be limited on rounds being purchased in a period of time AND forced into background checks for ammo purchases beginning next year! Furthermore, purchases have to be registered into records to be retained at least two years. We know typically that those mantaining these records may well be politically pressured into extending such retention due to the weaponization of .GOV through the O'Biden Administration, likely put into some sort of database, shared with our new Global Masters into some fucking social score scheme. Have YOU already learned of this, spare having contacted your Senators about it to make certain they understand your awareness and concerns? I have and encourage you act, QUICKLY! This is an election year where the stops will be pulled out for another election steal! These leftists know they're screwed if Trump is allowed back into the Oval Office. Once enacted, this garbage makes it far more difficult to have removed because too many are scared they'll lose their less-valuable .GOV bennies. It's huge smoke & mirrors when you see how trashed our USD has become. One of the sponsors, Liz Warren of Taxachusetts, clearly a Communist in Democrat's Clothing (CIDC, said as Sid-Cee) has taken progressive politics to a new, troubling level. The Stick Man provisions in this PoR (Piece of Rubbish) also make it nearly impossible for communities intending to protect their own, to lawfully participate in such presently-lawful exchanges, sales, even donations if they so wish to punish the People for their Right of Association in such regard. With less money available and a looming social score, it will become far more difficult to offer resistance if our $$ becomes a CBDC as the EU is already committing to, they being captured by the UN/WEF. With defunding of police in so many US cities, you can see why those subject to it are already suffering, unable to function unless they arm themselves. This is part of The Plan by communist, socialist, corporate entities for you to fail so they become your Savior! Again, don't be a damn sheep, ready to be shorn then slaughtered!! Take action and be prepared to vote against your Senator(s) if they choose to ignore you. Some are likely to be up for re-election, so don't let your memory become that of a goldfish.

The question, finally answered: "Why your garbageman might hate you." Very sage advice, I'd say! Remember too, I worked at the landfill in Casper for around a year and a half, what should've been a brief month having turned almost into a career, before I moved out near Douglas over two years ago.

Argentina has a new President, Javier Milei! I pray he'll consider making Bitcoin or other viable cryptos as legal tender as in the case of El Salvador. He is essentially Libertarian in the eyes of politically-aware Americans and can affect real change there.

We live in interesting times! CZ of Binance fame settles.. He steps down and reaction to what he accomplished is indeed mixed! Just remember, an exchange must have your keys if you're treating them for exchanges or as a bank! The latter is too convenient. Richard Heart, Mayer, et al, have warned over time and time again that crypto was created to give people the power OVER any middlemen. For cash, exchanges do fit for a temporary storage if you're in need of it. I'd exempt any traders whom understand the inherent risks and don't bet the whole damn ranch on what they're trading.

Is DOGE starting to break out to the upside? This is a promising trend. Bear in mind, Richard Heart soon goes to trial in regard to the SEC nonsense. Many, myself included, believe he's gonna prevail on HEX, PLS & PLSX! The SEC has their place and they're terribly unprepared for cryptocurrencies in general when their Chair understands nearly nothing about what they desire to regulate, spare actually targeting the actual scams to address before they "rug" more entering the space. Congress as a whole, must also jump in and rein in the IRS with their crypto proposals. They control the Treasury's pursestrings and should begin utilizing that power, NOW!

Finally, since DOGE is an animal-memed coin, let's look at animals. Some want more than just looking, petting, riding or eating them! That's right!! Now, academia floats a trial balloon to further sexualize people to something. There was an African man who was caught "in the act" with a neighbor's cow. He was forced to purchase and essentially "marry" the animal, despite being married. Do I sense a Sodom/Gomorrah v2.0? I believe God could well handle another matter of this sort, even if through a different means. Why did Wyoming pass a law against beastiality in 2020? We were among the last states doing so by necessity and there may be just two left with none on the books. It occurred from a Sweetwater County incident north of Rock Springs of a man who was legally charged with trespassing, but nothing else. Surprising, he wasn't named in the media. Naming is shaming! It causes accountability in most instances. Consider if this becomes a new, protected class (since it involves SEX, this is highly likely!) Well, Katy, bar the barn doors!

That's it for now. Does the Mark of the Beast become implemented before the '24 elections?
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings Y'all. Welcome to November!

This entry is NSFW due to some language. This will be amongst my shortest blog entries of the entire year and the first story is huge, a combination of things as overall I'm not putting in much fluff. Most of the news, you're already aware of, but crypto is changing and could literally skyrocket overnight. Again, I remind regular blog readers as I did at the Foreward, that I'm not a financial planner, analyst, or any sort of guru. However, I am a man of conviction and sense some interesting shit soon hitting the fan with crypto being a benefactor, as long as you're dealing with decentralized projects. Definitely do your own research! (DYOR)

 I'm convinced we've gone past the crypto bear stage and the bulls have arrived. There's very little additional noise to work out of the floor we've been experiencing for many a month now. We also have increasing pressure to spend, spend, SPEND more and MOAR on WAR! Although the Big Guy has notified Congress, we're still not under a declared HOT WAR, yet! Note though, Yemen has declared war on Israel and that southern Arabian Peninsula nation, heavily backed by Iran, already has many missiles purchased from Russia, although exactly what they possess and the amounts aren't yet confirmed by Hal Turner of his radio show as aired Halloween evening from his Pennsylvania bugout on his website and three shortwave stations. Many additional nations have already expelled their Israeli ambassadors and Russia isn't at all impressed with the Jewish State for that matter. Expect the $$ printing to continue. How Mr. Powell at the FOMC meeting might rule on yet another 25 basis points or simply freeze for now? That's news in it's own right, so we'll just see. Note though, if he snakes the rate yet higher, that's more costly to each and every American. Food, insurance, fuel, other services dependent on the same, even the damned taxes and our postal rates keep going up! Many workplaces have felt the flames and reduced hours for now, including mine. I see no way the Democrats can honestly win next year, even with a HOT WAR likely to take place, except if the masses truly become delusional. They'll either try to freeze elections (which is clearly unconstitutional) or simply cheat again in the Battleground States. Even some good congressmen will face significant challenges to remain in office, although we're already too deep in RINO shit, thus a UniParty could remain relevant. Something has to give as our spending rate is way too fucking high and the tax intake? Barely over what we're having to pay on the interest of all this additional debt made over the past several decades. At the end of Hal's Halloween radio show, he noted China has observed that of America's 240 years, we've been at peace for only 16 of them! Many Americans also are concerned of a potential draft. The appetite for defending so-called, luke-warm allies and some more warm, simply isn't there and they know we can't afford it!

Watch BTC! The ETF may well get approved in the next 24 to 72 hours. Watch crypto make headlines in very short order when this happens. Max Keiser recently appeared on InfoWars. It's no secret I'm a long-time Max Keiser fan as he was among my very first followers on Twitter some 14 years ago with one of his numerous projects at the time. Max thinks very much outside the box, same with his extremely sharp wife Stacy Herbert, the true political half. I always sensed they'd be an awesome couple and am pleased they've proven to be quite the team, too! They're staying in El Salvador as Max has teamed up sometime back with their President, being in his Inner Circle. Both are Orange Pilled and I have zero reason to diss either in their thinking. They'll benefit from two primary things; 1) Bitcoin has consistent name recognition and a proven track record. 2) It is proving to be a digital store of value! With that said, I disagree with Keiser on one point that both he and Alex noted on the show.. It ain't gonna be a single factor who truly wins in this bull market AND more importantly, Bitcoin itself isn't the sole decentralized project! Bottom Line? The memo still hasn't reached the space that HEX is ready to skyrocket with PLS & PLSX. They'll benefit even more than BTC and my $$ is very much going to remain in these three. Furthermore, Richard Heart is readying to fight the SEC and if the Judge is at all cognizant of the facts, I sense yet another MAJOR crypto victory which could give one of the largest-ever green candles to the entire RH ecosystem. As always, I'd be rather foolish to bet the entire Ranch on it, but I'm ready to add more PLS/PLSX before others catch on. Our capabilities to outdo BTC in terms of multiples are certainly as viable as was the case during the last bull run. This is my final run to grab the train and climb aboard to a more-desirable car instead of most others who'll await to board the crowded caboose!

Robin Monotti on X gives us significant insight regarding the COVID jabs. PLEASE, don't allow this liquid garbage into yourself or loved ones!

Finally, a message from a banker regarding ATM usage. NOT BAD!

That's it for now. Again, WELCOME TO NOVEMBER! Happy hunting to all hunters. So far so good, here. I'm also bitching loudly at the US Postal Service for their shitty service lately between here and Little Rock, AR. My bank hasn't received either of the last two checks I mailed there and I've already confirmed I'm using the correct PO Box to route it properly. So why am I not in trouble? I'm able to electronically transfer the minimum payments for both, yet the bank's customer service wants me to call them, instead of using their already-secure messaging system, which I took the time to fully explain my circumstance, to a woman with rather poor reading comprehension skills, as she encourages me to consider visiting one of the credit union's branches, all in Arkansas, yet I disclosed to her that I'm in Wyoming, now. They have my information! Looks like I'm mailing my next check Certified/Return Receipt Requested and likely filing a complaint with the Postal Inspector, as if they don't already have enough on their plate. Still, something has to give!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings Y'all,

It's been close to a month now. PLENTY of content therein. There's some NSFW in this submission, but no really big rants. Some of you will see.. By the way, I work part-time as of almost a fortnight ago. I didn't need to work and was happy with a full retirement. I WANT to work bad enough that I'm willing to get off my lard ass and make it happen. I have $$ in the bank and am not financially hurting, although I hurt my knee around the time Israel was invaded and missed my new job only one day. I'm off at least two days a week but am happy to NOT be full-time. I stock grocery shelves and the people? They're fantastic and even the customers overall are awesome! With that said, this will cut down on some of the updates I give here, yet I pray to be around for the Long Haul.

Israel was attacked by Hamas going into the Sabbath on 10/7, which judging by the continuous news cycle, isn't so long ago. Many Israelis including dual-nationals have been kidnapped by Hamas fighters or mercenaries. Biden's Administration, as usual, screws up any and all negotiations they involved themselves with, with exception of the J6'ers! Now, our home-grown "extreme MAGA" activists, already jailed well over three and a half years with the inability of getting a fair trial in the District of Criminals, have to be made the Ultimate Example, but I digress.. Instead, a prisoner swap was arranged with the Islamic Republic and America gave Iran some 6 billion USD which was likely used to finance this attack. Most analysts already conclude the Jewish State was well-aware of the impending attack, considering their consistent monitoring of communcations circuits on a global basis. Many of the initial fighters were noted as African and either they or their families have likely received a rich payment in terms of their own countries. Likely, much of the abandoned military hardware in Afghanistan has been circulating throughout the MENA region. On that basis alone, many are now demanding the impeachment of Biden. There are also reports of US Naval ships headed to the region as many Israelis, especially the dual-nationals, seek to flee the country. There are some webcams on YouTube showing Gaza and the region in real time as of this submission, including this one. There was a huge rave party going on with many liberal Jews paying their circumstance little if any mind. Quite a number have no guns as they consider themselves "protected", but as I state even with the crypto economy, it works UNTIL IT DOESN'T!! Please, Mark my works on that.
Now, Owen on InfoWars heads to prison under a week over his constitutionally-protected free speech, but the IRS is shaking him up for $300k (conveniently due when he reports to prison) which he truly doesn't owe, while their boss Dammit Janet continues her gaslighting, touting that the nation "can afford two wars." Our spiral into the whirlpool can only be solved by allowing ADULTS back into the room. Even then, it won't be easy and tremendous damage due to the UN/WEF, academia, our public schools, various media, even social media, have betrayed this nation!

As a result of the attack on the Jewish State and other recent events, expect the oil price to possibly top $150/bbl over the next several months or so, IF the economy can possibly shoulder it! Haven't I already told each of you humble readers to PREP UP? Get your home in order, y'all! Russia reported around a fortnight ago of this submission that they've halted diesel exports. They're among the largest global exporters of this critical transportation fuel. PREP UP! Extra food with long-shelf durability, bought now will be way, way cheaper than later. Don't buy shit junk chips for such a thing as they expire less than 2 months in most cases. You need canned foods, powdered milk or sterile milk (storable at room temp) is good, although I use evaporated milk, which adding an equal amount of water keeps it legal standard for milk. Dried foods are certainly a plus. Don't just get beans, get rice too! Both make a complete protein. Keep water stored too! If using plastic containers and you happen to have a decent quality well supply as myself, I will use that water on the garden and replace it with fresh water to keep any plastic materials leaching into it at minimum. Save emergency money OUTSIDE the banks in case the government decides a banking holiday is necessary! More and more banks are reportedly going through a liquidity crisis. Where I work, we occasionally receive fewer coin for change and this is true with the Big Fish as Wal-Mart, etc. You have been duly warned!

I learned from one of my Douglas friends that severe hail had affected mostly vehicles, but several homes suffered damages from storms which affected the area on the weekend I went to Colorado a month ago. His damages literally amount into the tens of thousands on several cars. There were no damages noticed here because I was absent and any vehicles here were secured inside buildings, yet my insurance company wants me to openly accept almost a trebling of my deductible in regard to hail/wind damages to my structure, but no claims. My metal roofs on both the home and storage have no damage and I'm NOT going to defraud in regard to the old barn with a roof, already in bad shape when I bought it almost two years ago. A replacement policies for both home and vehicle are already submitted and signed by me today!

Wyoming news? HuffPost reports 22 year old Lorna Roxanne Green was sentenced to five years in prison for having set fire to the Wellspring Clinic in Casper, last May. It was the only full-service abortion clinic remaining in Wyoming. The AP further reported the activist will have to pay restitution in an amount to be determined later. Judge Johnson stated the amount will be well over 280k USD. Wellspring opened back in April.

The government of the United States continues as expected, kicking the can another month (mid-November) Dem Rep Jamaal Bowman got caught on camera, pulling a fire alarm on the impending moment to delay the House vote. He really didn't need to pull off this stupidity. His colleagues are likely on the Ukraine Take and I predicted were likely to approve yet another Continuing Resolution to keep the money train and additional defense assets focused squarely on Ukraine. Now, we have Israel going! We still have political prisoners, J6'ers who've been in the DC Gulag Prison for years. Comments were quickly coming in that what's good for the goose is also good for the gander. Why can't we do the J6 DC Gulag treatment to this Congressman? That's right! He's ABOVE the law and a Democrat, no less! He's apparently laying low and likely got his hand slapped. His constituents should seriously consider getting rid of his ass, come election time!

Something certainly STINKS! Be damned careful who you date, be careful what digital bits you leave behind. The "pussy trap" I occasionally cite has gotten The Donald in a big stink, more than once. We all know about Clinton! Through his actions with Monica, every middle-schooler into Junior High suddenly understood what a blow job was, along with the numerous cigar jokes. The impeachment resulting from it was resolved strictly on party lines. Fast forwarding to Trump, he's ordered to give 5 million to a woman he really doesn't know. No rape was involved, defamation at most. Recently, sexual allegations against Russell Brand have been leveled. Now Tim Ballard of Sound of Freedom fame was targeted weeks ago! Suddenly, seven women lay the blame. Seems like a coordinated operation? Like something where RICO could ultimately be filed against weaponized minions of our Deep State Dems?? I believe Brand and Ballard will be vindicated, but at significant social and personal expense. I agree with Alex Jones from his 9/19 show that data mining for any dirt is among the utilized tactics. Threats, money, blackmail would all be on the table as these women will be sought and talked. Remember, we're dealing with a government, already captured by zealous globalists and their minions, with endless money, promises to be broken at some point, desiring to remove any resistance toward their ends! (Owen, I've NOT forgotten this! You're being treated like so many American Indians and Billy the Kid.) It's a Cartel, globally-run outside of Mexico. El Salvador at least has put the kibosh on domestic MS-13, yet there remain many well-armed organizations in the world who don't play around!

It's no longer the 87,000 being hired by the IRS! Another 3,700 to be added as agents are now being sought by the agency, in a report by Epoch Times. To be honest, there's only so many billionaires (under 800 for now) in the USA and Treasury with the Biden Administration will be at a stretch to keep their promise to essentially forego audits to taxpayers with 400k/yr incomes or less. If inflation continues at the nasty stretch it is, more and more Americans will fall into that bubble. Going another step further, here's a Heads Up from Epoch Times regarding an IRS rule change in regard to inheritance which unless addressed by affected taxpayers, they'll certainly pay more!

BitBoy, Ben Armstrong from Georgia, a huge Bitcoin influencer and advocate was arrested the evening of 9/25 and booked in Gwinnet County, GA near Atlanta. It reportedly occurred during a livestream he was transmitting when police showed up in regard to Armstrong alledgedly seeking to reclaim his recently-repo'ed Lambo. At time of arrest, he had a weapon in his vehicle, not on his immediate person, and a female companion in his vehicle. Others claim he had cocaine and many twitter comments were that he needed to immediately seek help. I've heard of nothing more regarding any drug allegations, yet it didn't look favorable for Ben. an update of actual charges with a $2600 bail were released on 9/26. He's already had a 10-point rebuttal posted earlier after release. Stay Tuned!

An ongoing question with a DC Obama-appointed judge effectively gagging The Donald; Could Trump be deballoted by the SCOTUS? This may be ruled on "sooner than later." Also, NYS files suit against the Donald. Just another of the Lawfare he faces, but he's hanging in there, STRONG MAGA!

Richard Heart's trial occurs next month. It's fucking nonsense and Hexicans know it!! For those so inclined, visit @RichardHeartWin on Twitter and consider commenting.

Sure, she's O.K. and so are the kids, he claims. He's also apparently not concerned about their welfare AND has claimed to have heard from his wife. Her cellphone last pinged 9/7 a distance away from him. So how has he heard from her? Did an E.T. phone his home? Sounds about as credible as all those afternoons of "The Juice" decades ago with his extensive trial on TV, day after day, followed by his civil trial after his acquittal. Of course we don't know who "dunnit" but who knows how this winds up. I sense four people got murdered as I doubt they were conveniently disappeared. I've heard nothing more since this and the original story AFAIK hasn't been updated. You're welcomed to tweet me if you know more. Gracias!

A man who runs a small construction outfit of some sort stated bluntly "NOBODY wants to work anymore!" He added in the 1:20 clip that 3 days had passed with nobody reporting to the site to help. I explained to one of the commenters that the construction trade often requires a second and third hand to safely complete some of the tasks. He stated it didn't matter if they did or didn't have tools, he had an entire trailer of them at the site. 15 or 25 or 40/hr, they found excuses not to come in. 20 miles out, no driver license, even one full-grown man assisting a baby shower! (I have to agree this is something the women should take full ownership whenever possible) I saw nonsense thanks to COVID having caused quite the stir. Plenty of freeloaders at my apartment building milked all the Fed bennies and free rent they could get from the landlord, then a sudden exodus took place when Uncle Sam finally slammed his fist during '21! "Good riddance", I said back then! The man had sufficient reason to gripe and I FELT his despair. Sadly, his account got suspended and I had not saved the video, although it likely remains on TikTok.

Finally, this is BRILLIANT! Sometimes, the X-fam of American innovation really shines through. Of course the Big Guy's handlers will simply scoff and brush it off. When we're getting all these nationalities from opened prisons to wreak havoc on Americans, we can scoop them up and send them off. No need to pressure actual taxpaying Americans to do the dirty work that others (likely sent here to do as part of a mission?) willingly are to do for their countries.

OBIT: Mr. Gold has passed, yet his memory will shine on! James E. Sinclair, founder of TRX Gold passed Friday 10-6 at his Connecticut home. He was 82. For years on end, he ran the freely-available and now-retired jsmineset dot com website with his take, his educated opinions on gold. A long-time friend of Tanzania, he had his feet on the ground there, cementing numerous relationships and having formed a company now creating profitability. I think the big takeaway was Jim's fairness to others. Consider how "Fair Trade Chocolate" has made inroads on how consumers make decisions of cocoa purchases. Sinclair had this mindset in regard to the Tanzanians, especially giving a greater share of gold to the jurisdiction making the resource possible. When others entering the east African nation without the contacts and relationships made were required to re-negotiate contracts, this didn't affect TRX (formerly Tanzanian Gold) directly. Jim knew what he was doing, had done so sincerely, and leaves behind so many employees, management, shareholders and admirers of his knowledge of the yellow metal. DISCLOSURE: I am a long-time TRX shareholder and continue to HODL these. Sinclair's vision remains with us and I'm convinced the company's best days are yet to come. Note though, this is not an endorsement and I am simply an investor. The stock has had a rocky past, yet Jim lived long enough to see this project become viable. I'll give it more time to prove correct.

Suzanne Sommers almost made 77 complete spins around the Sun, here. She died after an extensive battle with cancer. The video on NBC gives us some memories. The Three's Company actress who continued her success into branding, such as her wildly-successful ThighMaster, anti-aging tech and more are fondly remembered. Her husband deserves a decent share of the credits, too. They were a beautiful couple and married around 46 years!

That's it for now! Today, I head into Casper for more important stuff to prep myself for the next snowy/rainy/icy weather system to arrive. It ain't a question of IF, but WHEN. Floridians and Texans, some of you have to continue watching for tropical systems. Tammy could form in the Atlantic, soon! Where she goes, the guess is as good as mine. The highways will have plenty of hunters as well. I'm getting more antelope crossing the Square of Solitude, bearing in mind I must again pay the semi-annual property tax due on it. Converse County, WY - could you guys consider getting Road 56 paved, SOMEDAY?

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings Y'all!,

 There's PLENTY of news, but I took time to get two huge personal events out of the way, both involving the feet. Since 2017, I've made a biennial journey to the literal source of the Arkansas River, the East Fork's source. The exact point is where this major river begins its 1,469 mile journey through four states to the Mississippi River. I (and other mapmakers for that matter) don't accept the lower "headwaters" point along CO 24 north of Leadville as the point due to it sharing a tributary called Tennessee Creek, its source not as elevated or likely as accessable. Not many Arkansans can brag about having made the 7.5 mile total distance hike to and from the beginning, the source in a place of beauty. At the neck from the peaceful spring-fed pond, it's a mere 2 feet across and you may choose to spread out your legs and get someone to photograph you with bragging rights of having stood on both sides simultaneously, the entire River flowing underneath you!

 Now for the summary of my fourth journey to the Source; I grabbed a ride with fellow graduate Laker Ron & son Rafe on Saturday to the beginning point of the hike which doing so, shaved off 2 miles, making the usual 7.5 miles into 5.5 miles as described later. Friday, their family gave me nice accommodations at their home in The Springs (Colorado residents know of where I speaketh!) and the weather on 9/8 was perfect! The same was forecast for the upper reaches of the tiny-yet-active Arkansas River. I had wanted to visit it a fortnight earlier, but remnants from a Gulf Coast tropical storm that hit south Texas had moved into place, bringing areas of torrential mountain rain and thunderstorms. That last weekend of August proved unsafe and I postponed it. Labor Day is a tricky time as hotels are charging their premium rates, it being the Last Hurrah of Summer. The weather was a bit more promising but I decided to choose the following weekend. Here it was and now the dreaded trip through and back across Denver! The mile-high city is a challenge with a variety of drivers, regardless of I-70, portions of I-76 along it, I-25, I-225 or E470, the popular toll road cutting time to and from Denver Airport. The most insane commuters include motorcyclists rapidly weaving across traffic at high speeds for the conditions (one mistake and they may become the latest Colorado organ donors!) with cars and aggressive lane changes a close second. Big trucks have their own unique challenges and most drivers will help with their circumstances if possible! I timed the journey so I could avoid the morning and afternoon rush times with all the damned stop-and-go, stop-and-go! It's 278 miles with one fueling stop in Cheyenne for me to make it from home to theirs and takes on-average, five hours or so.

Saturday was the time to hike and it was NICE! Ron chose the 25 to 70 route, heading westbound through the Eisenhower tunnel to Copper Mtn and beyond. I-70 is always a traffic challenge in its own right, but doing this cut off traveling through several towns, making transit over two hours from The Springs. Personally, I'd have taken time to visit a friend in Custer County, but I'll make do for now and hope to make the connection on a future trip. We arrived before 11AM, far later than I'm used to, drove up Forest Road 135 past the parking area, then to the edge of 135B where we parked barely off the road as mentioned previously. Checking everything, I had all I needed! The most difficult part is the getting there in the climb. Because of the gain from parking zone to 135B, it shaved off enough height to make it a 1,150' vertical gain, his car being nimble enough to make the extra demands given it. Beginning the hike, you'll notice frequent sounds, some fairly loud for the environment, of aircraft from Denver. Our height made jet and other aircraft larger in appearance as we were closer to them, height considered. We encountered a hunter with a birdshot shotgun, but didn't ask what he was after as I figured it out after the hike. He was the only person we encountered. There's a huge boulder after maybe a half-mile, then the trail zigzags around it with more switchbacks until you've cleared the treeline into alpine tundra. It was about another quarter mile into it when we noticed birds we never seen before! The search I made turned up white tail ptarmigans. We used about three minutes in curiousity of them, then continued, making a sudden left turn across a bridge, badly worn and in need of maintenance. I stopped frequently to snap more images and take brief breaks. His son has taken this hike two years prior and has grown quite a bit! The trail became more defined along an old railroad grade, then after another mile, we made what I call "the fishhook" or significant bend in the trail direction, well above the River with less than a mile to go. You're closing in on the destination, likely having taken a hydration break or two for water, then another big elevation push before a brief cutaway past many rocks to reach The Source! GPS can be used effectively to find it and the beginning neck of the Arkansas travels due southeast, quickly picking additional tributaries from nearby springs coming out of rocky outcroppings, then quickly descending down steeper sections into a deep valley. R & R found the actual trail faster than I did, but we all enjoyed lunch on Celebration Rock, family dog "H" along for the hike, stepping, then slowly digging into the source pond.

I grabbed the sample container to continue my tradition of taking back part of the cleanest water in the entire River. I sampled water on the opposite part of the source pond and had the others hold back the dog, so the water at that spot wasn't disturbed. It worked out perfectly and the turkey/cheese/mayo sandwich was among the most delicious I've ever enjoyed. We hung around at the source a while, noticing some cumulus cloud buildups, but nothing organized enough to render dangerous lightning strikes. It was something we kept an eagle eye on and it did give us a few stray raindrops. The trip back was much faster! Along the way, I twisted my foot but didn't sprain it. There were some times when I cried out in some pain and I regret having to ask Ron to slow down for the sake of my left ankle. I checked out one particular boulder and noticed it moved since 2021. We didn't encounter the birds as earlier. Another few drops of rain met us as we went into treeline, but were far enough in the valley as to not worry of lightning. We left before sunset, another fully-successful trip to the Arkansas River Source. It was different than I had envisioned before my first visit, but in many ways, the trip into the basin, the overall aspects involved, left a stronger impression. The return trip to The Springs brought us to Frisco where the Summit Thai restaurant, maybe a block or so from Safeway, impressed me a lot! They made my Approved List. Careful on how hot you order your Pad Thai noodle dish. A Number Four was nearly too much for me and kept my sinuses remained clear, all through the night! I journeyed back the evening of 9/10, nothing serious was encountered, not even a massive bull Elk!

More on the trail if you choose to travel it; Seen on satellite maps, the trail can be very tricky as it's a Class I with no existing markings. A few have brought along pets, but PLEASE, pretty PLEASE, ensure they don't crap on the trail without removing it! A few of you have, and it SHOWS, especially along the rocks and not far from The Source! As you can imagine after doing some rough math, this was my fourth complete journey on it. It begins with an elevation of around 11,300' in the parking zone along Forest Road 135, close to the Climax Moly Mine near the northern edge of Lake County. Do not trespass where posted as such! Outside of mine property, you're in the San Isabel National Forest. The road further uphill and outside the parking area is rather rough and if travelled, do so in an all-wheel or 4-WD vehicle. Do not attempt to travel up the old 135B road which veers off to the right alongside 135, a mile past the parking area (there's no signage.) You certainly won't make it far and turnoffs/turnarounds are likely impossible or unsafe after a few hundred feet. Once parked, then hiking on the old 135B or Mount Arkansas Road, (the shortest possible journey you can make this trail on the established route) you'll experience areas of upland forest and crossing the treeline. Although defined as roads and formerly maintained as such, 4-wheelers would have several severe challenges if remaining on-trail. Even if horseback, your mount will need to be accustomed to an old, narrow bridge which crosses one of the streams which empties into the River below and may not handle the weight of the animal and rider for now. Thanks to the mine's processing facility, you'll likely enjoy cell service throughout the treeline, perhaps a mile or so in the alpine tundra, yet be forewarned only satellite phones will work in the elevated basin in that last mile and half before arriving at the source. Because of my knowledge and experiences of this trail, I'd entertain hosting a tour for Arkansans interested in enjoying this rather remote spot, but am cognizant of the challenges this trail will give. Allow at least seven hours total with lunch, for the hike's duration. Please leave your pets at home, with exceptions given on a case-by-case basis and service animals shouldn't be a problem. NO wheelchair/disabled access is possible. Acclimation of height is a MUST for those never having experienced what altitude sickness can render, so an overnight stay at an elevated-location hotel such as Buena Vista or Leadville will be required before the hike and footraces or any running during the hike will be highly discouraged. Bringing along sunscreen of at least 30 SPF (this white boy uses 70) is STRONGLY advised as this elevation allows much more burning by direct sunlight, plus you'll be above treeline for several hours! Put it on before you embark. You'll likely notice a sensation of burning, even in the early morning hours of hike day, so cover all those sensitive exposed parts to remain sun-safe. Even one small missed area and you could be really miserable a few days! Bonus Points if you wear a long-sleeved shirt, jacket or sweatshirt, and any wide-brimmed hat with little-if-any mesh. On Hike Day, we'll start very early if there's any notes in the weather forecast (through Pueblo, CO office) of afternoon thunderstorms. Appropriate footwear includes shoes which can handle getting wet (bring along an extra pair of socks in your backpack) as you'll likely encounter some marshy areas if you wander off the trail. Again, the trail isn't marked, so getting your feet wet is possible close to and at the source. There's a learning curve if you plan on making future hikes without a guided tour. You'll climb shy of 1,300' during the hike from the parking zone, arriving at the source under 12,575'. There's a nice, somewhat elevated spot to enjoy lunch. I call it "Celebration Rock" as any lunch enjoyed here seems to be the MOST FLAVORFUL ever experienced! (I'm at a loss to say why.) I'll also bring along a sample container, kept apart from my drinking water, to take home a sample of the cleanest water the River can offer. The spring feeds the pond year-round with glaciated water meltoff. I accidentally drank some on my first visit but suffered no ill effects, although I had to dump out the rest and re-sample it. It's among the rare events I'll wear a cowboy hat with regular city shoes when I hike this, due to elevation and the very rough, loose rocks which can cause some to suffer a foot twist or sprain. Brief warm-up exercises should be done due to the thin air before your start and takes under a minute. I recommend at least one liter of drinking water per person, two for adults! Lip balm comes in as helpful as you're evaporating much faster than if downhill. If any effects of height acclimation were noticed, having something like dramamine, rolaids or ibupropen can help, but in severe instances, walking downhill for a few minutes should help with an episode. Every person handles this differently. I've always had on-hand and taken at least one headache remedy, as effects hit me an hour or so after arriving at the River source. Enjoy the setting and look all around you at the different mountains as you're in a basin, among the least-advertised and least-disturbed, the locals keeping this location pretty much a secret! Mount Democrat is the most prominent of the distant mountains and a true 14'er, the others being under 14,000' AMSL. If you're on a tour I may host, I'll fill you in of what mountains you're looking at. Regardless of the time of year, you should notice at least an area or two of snow remaining. If you know what you're looking for, keep open your eyes for Arctic Gentians, also called Boo-Hoo flowers, they're true late-bloomers from late Aug/mid-Sept that show their delicate white blooms with dark speckles and undertones of either purple or green. I've seen at least three blooms each visit I've made. These are located in a fairly narrow region including Colorado and Wyoming high-elevation locations in the alpine tundra above treeline. You should notice six coral-colored stamens inside. A closer inspection should reveal a green anther, which separates all the stamens as it fully matures. At the very end of the mature anther on a perfect bloom, look for a pale, delicate, two-leaved pistil. Mountain folk expect snow no later than six weeks after seeing the first blooms and I suggest a month duration in most years. If visiting during the second or later weeks in September, you may encounter a hunter or two with a bird shotgun after white-tailed ptarmigans. These game birds, sized about that of a crow and appearing much like a partridge, are found above treeline during Summer and hunting season, having feathers undergoing change during Autumn to a more-typical Winter white camoflauge. This time, companions Ron, his son Rafael and myself came across a hunter. After all, it was on 9/9, the first day of gun season in Colorado for them. The 2023 season allowed 3 birds to be taken and later down the trail, we came across around just short of a dozen. They don't fly very far, yell louder than a mourning dove, yet I've never seen then on previous trips down the trail.

Now onto Number Two.. I've had a strong interest in visiting Sheep Mountain, several miles southwest of my Square of Solitude, since I moved to Douglas almost two years ago. The prominent mount with a summit of over 6,400' is all private property! The best opportunities of a visit happen during a narrow window of the year where permissions from several parties are required in advance. You see, this remains one of the truly fun projects of Dr. Kent Sundell, a well-bearded Geology instructor at Casper College who also teaches Paleontology during Spring months and another geology discipline I can't recall that involves cutting and shaping of various rocks. He has an extensive CV and plenty of respect throughout the region. Although not instructing full-time any longer, Kent has a number of goals yet to accomplish in regard to his ongoing studies of the Douglas meteor impact field.
I began making contact with Dr. Sundell earlier in 2023 after reviewing a research document which he co-authored. Prominently displayed on the map is a quarry, southwest of town that I often directly view in the distance from my residence. That business has fantastic folk on staff and over time provided critical access. It was Friday 9/15 I was scheduled to call Kent, as he, along with University of Wyoming geology staff, had been studying and drilling core samples for analysis. I called expecting an answering service, but he promptly answered at 6am sharp that morning. Oops! I called back early that afternoon and grabbed a ride with him in a 4-WD, the crater roads having improvements, yet very rough so time was granted as safety is a must. Their expected wrap-up of drilling on three of the known 135 discovered craters happened just hours earlier and UW staff were moving the drill off-mountain after almost a week, shortened a bit due to usage of all available bits.
Around 280 million years ago, Sheep Mountain received well over one-hundred meteor impacts, likely in a single event. My tour began with the smaller of the three craters under research, two almost adjacent to one another. I first took pictures back toward Douglas and could tell the area where my property is located, then focused on these impacts and Kent's description. Because of the private property ownership, there's no ugly graffiti, undue disturbances outside of natural causes or serious human impacts in the immediate area, other than the recent roads connecting the craters. It being literally line-of-sight, I had no problems operating my ham radio into my repeater at the home, with one-watt output and likely full-quieting, although the repeater itself had a perfect signal back to me. That alone is a testament of how nicely-tuned my first handmade UHF repeater antenna wound up being, yet another reason I sought the visit. The second crater had little difference in size or overall effects from the impact. I was shown a second core hole and took additional images. We awaited for the UW staff with drill to proceed and they appeared ready to depart back to Laramie. They had challenges they faced, despite the weather having cooperated. Still, additional goals of deeper cores were met and I sincerely pray they'll be given new insights after processing, which should take around three months or so. Onto the Big Crater we went!
I'm told this likely has the best preservation of all the craters. Cores were extracted from the center to further add the body of research. This crater is noticeably deeper and wider than the others and can be seen with binoculars or my 10" telescope in an area not too distant from the quarry. It's higher than the quarry, but nowhere near the mountain's summit! Two areas along a nearly-vertical wall at the southwestern edge have dropdowns or cliff-grade structuring perhaps 15 meters high. The crater's inside is liberally populated by juniper trees, the outside perimeter shedding water and minerals easier with erosion and wind. Regular readers already know my property at 5,000' has plenty of eastern prickly pear and so do the more-exposed areas of Sheep Mountain, both shedding rainfall quickly. The angle of the mountainside at the Big Crater is around 14 degrees. There was much I learned and I truly enjoyed the tour, yet the biggest takeaway for me was Sundell's revelation that there are only 200+ known of these impact craters existing on Earth, which means Wyoming has an incredible resource with so much yet to be studied.
Few Wyomingites outside academia know of this meteor field. Those who do can picture the rarity of this. Devil's Tower in Crook County is an outstanding monument in our National Parks and a consistent tourist draw, featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind some 40+ years ago and image placed on many a state license plate, but possibilities may exist for meteor impact craters which people could study first-hand. At least for now, the private property owners have zero interest in allowing such access, especially regarding the general public and likely for numerous reasons we Wyomingites understand. As mentioned earlier, the preservation due to their strong reluctance of visits is excellent and barely disturbed. At the infamous and huge Meteor Crater near Winslow, AZ the public isn't allowed into the deep. The Douglas craters aren't very deep or near as wide, yet one can say they've walked into and inspected an impact crater through a visit.
Research for suspected impact craters away from Douglas in regard to this single event have been conducted with no known discoveries so far. Sundell has already conducted research on this and has confirmed some factors with a rather intriguing hypothesis, which when further researched and proven, can shed more insight on specifics of how these impact craters were created and how time has treated them. He further stated there certainly are no solid meteors to be discovered due to the sheer amount of time, erosion and other factors involved. Nevertheless, his studies so far are revealing more and more. To be honest, I want to keep in touch with him and help further on his future research. To me, this will be a prudent donation I'll give that project, a grant and part of my paying-back those who assisted me earlier on my college journey. Regular readers already know of my interest in teaching a non-credit course at Casper College and I'm continuing to prepare my numerous power point presentations on cryptocurrency toward Winter/Spring. I hope I can impress in the manner which Dr. Sundell did with his tour. THIS experience was wonderful! It's why each of you should act on your curiousities in life. The journey you take and subsequent legacy you leave will be richer for the time you invest accordingly.

The latest Hot Topic on Monday was "Where's the fucking plane?" An F-35 fighter jet had some sort of issue. The pilot ejected safely but the aircraft reportedly remained on autopilot. The plane's transponder was off. Giving a SWAG (Scientific Wild-Assed Guess), the airframe was created with composite materials, much like the B-2 Bomber stealth craft, making direct radar identification very difficult, if at all. So where were any other fighter craft in the skies, nearby? Military authorities had been asking the public in and around North Charleston, SC for reports. Each of these Lockheed-Martin fighter jets runs from 80-115 million bucks! One report claimed it somehow made it to Cuba, but I doubt anyone really knows (or wants to admit) what about it. I'm not ruling out a potential False Flag or worse if the plane's computer system were infiltrated or hacked by an enemy. EVERYTHING requires electronics and these computers bring up possibilities, scary to contemplate. Stay Tuned! Just to jog your memories, still no release of information regarding the ammonium nitrate in tanker cars which reportedly transisted southern WY from Cheyenne westward, nor have we seen a release of the Nashville trans shooter's Manifesto! UPDATE: Debris reportedly located not far from Florence, SC

I'm in very good company that so many are pissed off at Gary Gensler and his SEC minions. In this report through Cointelegraph, Congressman Tom Emmer, GOP Majority Whip, now seeks an amendment to limit the Agency's oversight. It can't happen soon enough! I suspect that Richard Heart will fight the SEC allegations. He designed HEX as NOT to be a security under the Howey Act. So why is it NOW that Richard becomes this target? The Agency likely can't prove he spent any of what we sacrificed for any of his marketing or recent DocuMovie and I'm not witnessing true Hexicans in the community of blaming him. What is looking nicely thus far is the apparent bottoming of HEX/PLS/PLSX. At least in the interim, there could remain more noise to work out of the prices. I've already spent money to buy more PLSX and PLS remains quite a bargain, since Pulsechain and PulseX both function as they should.

If Bud Light were not in bad enough trouble, now our Second Amendment is at risk from one of the largest gun safe manufacturers! Thank You Liberty Safe for becoming the Bud Light of gun safes. I'll be shopping accordingly. Furthermore, if my folks get me one of yours, it immediately gets no use or storage and becomes exchanged for another! Even reviewing the company's statement in the article, one must really ask "WHY are you keeping MY codes and those of other purchasers in the first damned place? Was this disclosed to me as a customer when I bought it??" Even crypto is way more secure than this! I'd never pay another party to keep my codes when I don't require such "custody" thereof. Liberty Gun claims they're following federal and state law(s), but to what extent? Do such retention laws of these codes actually exist for the amusement and ease of our bureaucrats? Maybe with elections on the way, we should begin to ask our Congress Critters "WTF?" Folks, I'm going to use this story as an example when I write up my Security Chapter for my crypto course. I realize that purchasing a gun safe is ultimately a personal decision, but honestly, do other Liberty Safe owners realize the severe betrayal even now? I'm concerned the company has this information in a computer database connected to a network which could become hacked, even if properly isolated from the internet, itself!

You gotta love RFK Jr if you have a functional cranium! As President or Vice-President, he's a formidable force to be reckoned with! His Childrens Health Defense website reported the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on 9/1 ruled FDA exceeded their authority under federal law when it ruled against usage of ivermectin. Hells Bells! Even the corrupt WHO has kept this extremely effective and safe drug on their medications list to keep on-hand. Still, it's tough to get in many USA jurisdictions. Bear in mind, Tennessee remains the only state where it can be purchased OTC. Most pharmacies in the Volunteer State have it readily available. I continue getting mine through a Utah compounding pharmacy. UPDATE: The FDA is refusing to update their website in regard to the recent ruling by the Fifth Circuit, according to the Epoch Times through ZeroHedge. Of course there's both politics and the MONEY which stirs up the pot! The FDA doesn't want the Appeals Court to rule on this. The Court said it chose not to decide on the standing issue, yet FDA's panel stated they don't want to give opinion on the issue. Someone has to speak out as the new Vax hasn't been human-tested, but both manufacturers have been given the Green Light to dispense to a gullible public. Simply, this liquid garbage doesn't work and there's no means of turning off the mRNA mechanism, once invoked. THIS should be pounded into the craniums of those considering getting vaxxed. Another red light is that standard flu boosters still cost me to get, but the COVID vax is always free! FYI, the reluctance given by the Agency is proof positive that the COVID "vaccine" remains experimental under the EUA and they don't want the public to have EASY, FULL TRANSPARENCY of this fact. P.S., flu booster vax's should be carefully screened and reviewed on the fine-print paperwork included in the vial it arrives in. During Summer, to my understading, there were mRNA flu booster jabs being administered through Duke University to volunteers. I've gotten to the point of never accepting another flu booster or other "vaccines" since the definition of a vaccine was modified to "provide protection" which the mRNA has yet to prove it can do without the serious issues including death.

Bidenomics continues to rear its ugly-assed realities! I'll throw in a third personal item, yet to be resolved. My insurer may experience a loss of my premiums! My present homeowners policy comes with a renewal. If you've received yours, have you CAREFULLY reviewed it? Now, the insurer who I won't yet disclose, no longer desires to insure my hail and wind structural damages anywhere as effectively as they have in the past. Essentially, they're trebling my deductable in regard to the same. Worse yet, they aren't interested in my willingness to pay extra premium for the same cover, as present. (I'm covered to mid-October) My agent, a really good guy from the first time I met him, has been trying different solutions but to no real avail. Not only is this capricious action from the underwriter beyond obscene, it stinks of ObamaCare-type cover and how lacking our once-strong economy is becoming. The increase was 30% last year and 13.2% this time. Some are paying even more! The motor vehicle has just 8.2% increase, yet it hurts too. My agent will likely suffer as I'll soon seek a replacement company and so will many others. He doesn't realize yet of how loudly I'll complain to the Division of Insurance on the matter, not at all his fault. More and more, drivers are shaving away or cutting out motor vehicle insurance cover! Notice that this pattern is increasing throughout the nation. Neighboring South Dakota is among the top five, now being noticed for skipping coverage. What will soon result are people who shaved off too much collectively, whereas Party A "Bob" causes an accident and Party B "Alice", having cut back or earlier chose to waive both underinsured and uninsured coverages will suffer a major incident and losses due to their choice. Sorry, but lawyers whom deliver cost both in pain/suffering and damages ALWAYS COST $$! One of the commentors of the story stated State Farm is adding these coverages, but do they REALLY have authority from the State to do such? My suggestion is for each of you to carefully review your renewals so this bullshit doesn't catch you off-guard and to develop a plan to price other insurers well before your cover runs out. Even if Trump escapes the nonsense of battleground states stealing elections, it will take time for the economy to recover, if we're not already deep into WW III.

Hunter Biden gets an indictment of his own in regard to the gun charge from a 2018 purchase while he was dealing with drug addiction issues. So far, his daughter Navy and her momma in Arkansas seem to be receiving their child support payments. I suspect the Big Guy or his handlers are seeing these through. I still sense there's plenty of pardons to be given and they won't include any of the J-6'ers, most still in the D.C. Gulag.

InfoWars' Owen Shroyer gets 60 days jail for his political speech. It's the most ridiculous garbage rendered to a journalist, but we're dealing with D.C. Swamp Justice. Expect an appeal, hopefully to the SCOTUS.

VIDEOS: Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony. Definitely a good episode! It was a well-invested 15 minutes.

I didn't expect a Senator to exclaim this, but damn! It's Pennsylvania Ghetto! Wait for it.. :-D

OBITS: Gary Wright, best known for his tunes Dream Weaver and Love Is Alive (both released in '76) passed on 9/4, Labor Day. He was 80. Having a long friendship with the silent Beatle, George Harrison and various other groups along the way.

Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico and much, much more, passes at 75 on 9/1. He was among the true statesmen!

Quote of the Week: "Communism only takes the barrel of a pen to implement but takes the barrel of a gun to remove once it's gained hold." - Marty Meatball on ZeroHedge That's it for now, Enjoy the week to come and realize the early snows are indeed on the way. Prepare accordingly!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, Y'all!

Portions of this are NSFW due to language which needs and deserves to be expressed.

I pray all of you are enjoying, or have enjoyed your Labor Day holiday weekend. Indeed since last time, a new month arrived, but news doesn't just freeze up as Biden, McConnell, Fetterman and Feinstein, all useful-yet-useless chess pieces deserving replacement through We The People. Instead, we have a replacement population, not subject to any COVID vax mandates, accompanied by military-age Chinese men (they await orders, make no mistake about it!) Venezuleans (they released their prisoners, as the Cubans did decades ago) Haitians and some other nationalities with deep ISIS connections, coming into America. Many portions of our southern border are now wide-open. Ads are populating tik-tok of 20k bonuses for new Border Patrol agents when in reality, we should be sending National Guardsmen to re-secure these zones and undo the fucking mess which Biden's minions have brought on to the American people. All these agents would do is facilitate transport of these "immigrants" to various sanctuary cities. They make more than tax-paying Americans, many native to Maui, Hawaii whose homes and cars were burned, the general area of Lahaina remaining behind shielded fences while an "investigation" takes place. Personally, I think it'll be as transparent as the transgender Nashville shooter's Manifesto!

Burning Man, the minimalist festival in the Nevada desert held annually, is a muddy, shitty mess for 2023. Plenty of schadenfreude went out in comments across the internet forums for the disaster this year's event metted out. "Three inches of mud with another inch of rain on the way" was once X posting sent early Saturday and the event goes only through Monday, yet the rain might not stop until late Sunday into Labor Day at the earliest, perhaps Tuesday being the earliest to BEGIN clearing the Desert, called Exodus. For those more remote, I expect they could be bogged into Wednesday. So much for those important in-person meetings from attendees with briefly-lain plans. Furthermore, even the thousands of portapotties couldn't get serviced for the weekend. The event, held in Black Rock Desert, is in a playa. In spanish, that translates to "beach" yet in the semi-arid Texas Panhandle, playas are usually narrow-depth ponds when wet, subject to frequent dry-outs. Internet is spotty at best with no cell service, just those with Starlink or other means of satellite connectivity can give Ground Zero reports. The article also notes even the billionaire attendees are stuck in place as neither vehicle or airport traffic can move, both deemed too dangerous to proceed, and I can't disagree. Nope! Nada!! At BM, not even $$ talks when it gets really shitty there! It'd be funny if they can't get the effigy burning to wrap up the event. I may have to update, but if I fail to do so, X dot com may have your answers via @bmantraffic.
UPDATE SUNDAY: There's a lot going on, so read through all this or the text portion for the very latest scoop. Further down is an audio link from the festival's radio station. No more attendees are being allowed into BM 2023 and will be turned away! As of Sunday, it remains too early to pin down when "Exodus" takes place, but The Man may be burned Sunday Evening, weather permitting. Only 4WD emergency vehicles were being allowed to travel the playa. Additional rains expected Sunday could amount past a quarter-inch to add to the misery. Additional support as of late Saturday has arrived at Burning Man, according to Insider. Mobile cell trailers were located in areas allowing attendees access to cellular and internet. Also, some attendees will use bus transporation to head back to Reno where they parked. Yours Truly has been listening to "Mudpocalypse" on Burning Man's 94.5 FM carried on iHeart for anyone to hear through this link, where they chant "Be one with the mud!" With the weather, thousands are tuned in on the playa. Depending on the time you try the link, who knows what you'll hear? It wouldn't surprise me if it remains on-air at least through Wednesday.
UPDATE LATE SUNDAY: No burning of The Man tonight! Officials couldn't set up all the needed safety. There may be a bit more rain to arrive, too. Fireworks at 10pm. Monday going forth appears much better with The Man rescheduled to burn at 9PM PDST, then midnight Tuesday morning gets another burn as the Chapel of Babel goes up in flames.

Speaking of a S-L-O-W exodus; Marijuana and our Federal Government.. Nullification among the states is making "weed" more of a moot point in most instances. Because of how damned slow most government moves in regard to changing times, many bad laws are rather slow in being removed from the books or at least amended to match the societal changes. Legal pot, especially when legally obtained (or lawfully cultivated) and used responsibly, should never be reason enough to be denied most federal benefits! If not you, Secretary - expect justice Thomas in the SCOTUS to eventually weigh in on it!

Simon Ateba, the biggest burr on the saddle which Press Secretary Rag Doll rides in on her high horse, weighs in on the utterly wasteful, moronic and ridiculous judicial Clown Show in the District of Criminals. Since he's directly "over the target" each time he enters the press conference, I follow him now on Twitter for more actual insight the MSM rarely gives us! He noted two more Proud Boys members were sentenced for their roles in the Jan 6 (2021) Capitol attack or Capitol protest turned ugly with assistance of Epps, et al. (Ateba actually gets the Capitol spelling CORRECT! Learn from his attention to detail, y'all.) Ethan Nordean got 18-years and Dominic Pezzola got a decade for smashing a window. Nordean's sentence matched that given to Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes for similar charges. X posters are keenly noting Antifa and BLM are rarely if ever charged.

Bill Gates has his defenders. He's being "fact checked" by AP (Meh!!!) over the alleged release of genetically-modified mosquitoes in Florida. Remember though, his Ted Talk from 2009 in Long Beach where he discussed the subject at-length and reportedly released a few "non-infected" on-stage with an audience as giggly as he is. Presently, there are at least two cases of malaria in the Sunshine State and two more in the District of Criminals. Who the hell made him a DOCTOR? Doesn't he have active warrants in certain nations for what he's already committed? If the former video is true, where's the informed consent?? STAY TUNED!

"Give us this day, our daily bread," right? Don't whine at me for a two-month old story as it remains every bit as relevant today! It's very much the flashpoint we know as California and well-known now that Walgreens locations in the Bay Area have their merchandise very much secured, the Joggers' situation there way beyond control with a socialist male supermodel Governor (likely under grooming for President) and a complicit, Soros-funded DA. Due to lack of Rule of Law, it's been easy-peasy for the joggers who just pack up and run. My point? Why aren't the Dems standing up to the United Nations regarding their future reduction of available foods due to production controls in numerous nations? Now with fourteen major US metropolitan areas in C40 (under the auspices of "Climate Change" of course) and guess what? San Fran is amongst them. New York City has actually been ahead of this curve with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg leading them a dozen years ago. Did these high-money, high-power officials have the authority to sign such a "Compact of Mayors" without the approval of Congress, per the compact clause in our Constitution? Is there an active Treaty they signed which automatically granted such authority so Congress need not have been bothered?? If this proves correct, it's clearly time that concerned Americans begin questioning what else our apathy has allowed, more so with the obvious lack of attention given it by the MSM over time.

OBIT: Jimmy Buffett sails on to enjoy many a Cheeseburger in Paradise on the first day of September, as Parrot Heads around the globe morn his loss. The iconic singer-songwriter was 76 and penned so many hits throughout his career, releasing 50 albums with one titled "Equal Strain on All Parts" to be postumously released. Only recently did he complain of health issues and his family hasn't disclosed those as of this submission, they being by his bedside at his passing. Buffett was certified a billionaire this year by Forbes and although not likely related to Omaha's Warren of the same surname, he leaves behind plenty of Berkshire-Hathaway stock for his aires! The fourth-generation sailor is survived by his wife and three children. Let's cherish his memory every time you visit the beach or sail away as he brought the country music genre into what he wrote as Gulf & Western, making it HIS Oyster! RIP Jimmy, and trust when I find a stranded, lone starfish desperately needing a toss back offshore, I'll include a prayer or two for you as well, whenever I make "a difference" in the time I invested flinging it like a frisbee to save its life. Finally, trust that your inspiration to your songs have rubbed off on me to an extent of what I hope mine may someday achieve, that difficult-to-remove barnacle to boats and much more in the sea, transformed into the collection of poems and notes we all appreciate.

That's it for the crazy updates. If the news cycle continues quickly, I should have more in short order.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, Y'all. Welcome to the final day of August as we get prepared for Labor Day. I realize for those still working that productivity is hereby reduced in anticipation of enjoying the final vestiges of Summer, 2023.

 The Blue Moon (defined as the second full moon in a calendar month on the Gregorian Calendar) was AWESOME through last night! It's the only Super Blue Moon appearing for the next fourteen years, so says my mother. I pray she got a really good glimpse, even staring at it. I also pray she continues living to witness the solar eclipse next April 8th, which crosses Little Rock and gives her section of Bryant even more totality than I experienced just over six years ago here in Wyoming. September begins significant change to Cowboy State weather from time to time. The fifteenth is when human habitation ends for the year on Wyoming State Trust lands as Winter begins, bringing back wildlife to many locales. It's also the final day of the season until next June 15th to visit Crimson Dawn County Park on Casper Mountain. I already have posted many pictures on the way on the Pic of the Week portion of my website. You'll see a single image which changes twice weekly and I mention this in case I failed to note it in my tweets I send to bring you here. It's already updated through 9-28 and I already have many photos from Crimson Dawn's Midsummer's Eve from June 21st, coming for October. If you missed the celebration, oh you missed out! The pics to appear tell the story, so check the link twice weekly and make it a habit. Bonus Points if you pass along the word to visit!

 I gave time over the past weekend to decide on a big purchase which will help me out here on the Square of Solitude. The nice thing is that I have quite some time to get it paid off if I should go through with the purchase, and the warranty on it is sweet! I'm having to watch my funds that they don't go too quickly, yet since I bought it during August, there's literally no interest during the ENTIRE duration of paying it back! It's a necessity on many levels. At least the credit card balance is finally shrinking enough. The pickup has cost me into 5 digits to get engine and transmission issues resolved. Yes, it was in a hell of a wreck back in '15, a situation easy to blame on how shitty Oklahoma state highways are maintained, especially in the Panhandle, leading to it during an early March sleet episode. I received a traffic ticket to add unnecessary shock to the experience, so of course I took it to court and the Judge was excellent as to dismiss it the following fortnight! Sometimes, all one need do is stand up for what's right, to show the rookie troopers they're sometimes way too full of shit for the bosses they desire to impress. This one didn't even show up to court!

Wyoming's KKG sorority in Laramie takes a setback in regard to their lawsuit over inclusion of a transgender. US District Judge Alan Johnson ruled he couldn't proceed because bylaws of the organization presently do not define what a woman is. Apparently, Johnson chooses legalese over common sense, or may be concerned of what precedent if any, may be set if such definition doesn't exist within KKG. Nevertheless, the sorority in my opinion should add such definition to their bylaws and refile. I fully realize Judge Johnson could again refuse to hear on grounds that lack of definition BEFORE his ruling could by itself be grounds for another dismissal, but I'm not aware of existing case law and I don't practice law. Hopefully, they'll get their just due in a Court where some action can be taken. Bear in mind, the 25th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder comes in October, another event which affected UW very profoundly.

It was an incredible shitshow, yet not too surprising as this is indictment number four! Atlanta's Fulton County has processed The Donald, yielding the first mug shot of a former President in American history. Trump posted it on his resurrected, dormant Twitter (Now account for the first time in over two years, the Death Stare. Albeit suggested and likely rehearsed before his arrival in Georgia, it was unmistakeable and will go down in history, too. No doubt the Rice Street facility where he was booked will become enshrined as a future National Park by our Facist, Marxist, Communist overlords at some point in the future for having lost all their Honor, giving those indicted their newly-minted Badges of Honor and more-or-less giving Trump the Grover Cleveland manuever to sweep next year's election if they don't again STEAL it. In that regard, we can also thank the dimwit democrats for having sealed their own fate. I truly pray they're stupid enough to incarcerate Trump as the Elites will finally get the Civil War v2.0 they've been salivating over. The Media has their work cut out for them to crank the gaslights to the nuclear exploding point, that is if Russia doesn't run out of patience and already have nuked us by then. Some indictees have already made their Badges into new Twitter Avatars! Snarky lefty Dems of course want nervousness to rule the roost. I don't even have to give you a link or two from some who've asked the indicted if they "think this is a joke." Well, even if it weren't so short-sighted of the Jackasses to pull off this waste of taxpayer money (as January 6, 2021 - right??) it is indeed a joke and total travesty of what used to be American justice. Now a mere fragment, surrounded by weaponization by DoJ and many other agencies to include the FBI and IRS, of their former honor. We can certainly thank Obama and Biden for much of it and some by both Bushes and Bubba. Clearly, the clowns gave an excellent performance in Georgia's capitol city. I'm in agreement that I don't even need to link Trump's mug here. You'll notice it on T-shirts and Mug on a Mugs soon 'nuff as his campaign already has the presses running.

HEADS UP: Do you love Pacific-sourced seafood? Better get it NOW and stock up! The Hal Turner Radio Show reported on his Friday, 8/25 show that the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan is now releasing radioactive water it had retained from the disaster, directly into the Pacific. Where in the hell are all the environmental greenies on this? Likely, they're being kept ignorant on the matter, much like the Hawaiian officials have been doing to the public with the disaster on Maui, where Biden's appearance brought much backlash, including obscene gestures and loud profanities by the locals impacted over the mess. I'm adding that the delays many on Maui suffered from the Big Guy's visit could've been minimized if his flight were to have landed during their nighttime. Simply another lack of consideration from his Swamp handlers, but I digress. Back to Fukushima, Turner added that China has instituted a ban on Japanese seafood as a result of this reported dumping. I'm NOT at all surprised our American MSM hasn't given much, if any attention to this matter. For now, Trump's mug shot from his Thursday processing in Atlanta remains at the top of the news. It's all about retaining power in a fascist, communist marriage of corporate bedfellows with our corporate government. The ultimate "Lemon Party", so to speak. Psst! If you don't already know the definition of the phrase, parental guidance is strongly suggested if you decide to Google it, although in too many woke zones, your schoolkids may well have been exposed to the subject!

You may be able to have it your way, but Burger King is getting sued over size. Also in the article, McDonalds is defending a similar lawsuit in Brooklyn, NY. Note too, Taco Bell was sued last month in the same court for lack of advertised fillings. Welcome to Bidenomics!

OBIT: Bob Barker, "America's Barker" and the best-known of the showmen in television history, passed Saturday 8/26 at age 99. He had quite the run on several noteable shows after an early radio stint. He claimed part-Sioux American Indian from his father's side and him mother was a school teacher on the Rosebud Reservation in Mission, SD where he was a student and was taught with other Sioux. TV shows he hosted included Truth or Consequences (old timers, y'all would remember the huge "firework" prop he brought on-stage) and later on, The Price is Right! That was truly his time to shine. After the passing of his wife, (I was still in high school then) Barker became an animal rights activist. The Barker Building is PETA's West Coast HQ and he regularly touted his spay/neuter messages as part of his daytime CBS show, going on for decades which even the network paid homage. Since I'm often an equal-opportunity asshole, some of you, myself included, may recall the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Bob during 1994 in Los Angeles Superior Court by his former show model Dian Parkinson, a fixture on the show for eighteen years. It was withdrawn the following April. Parkinson claimed it was too costly and causing her health issues. She's 78 now. So now you have more insight about Bob Barker. Among great Americans and there'll never ever be another like him! RIP

That's it for now, Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings Y'all!,

Ahh, the State Fair! What place can you go, maybe besides the zoo, where incredible food smells almost overload part of the atmosphere, then a few hundred feet away, the stench of animals and their poo take over? Combine that with many displays, exhibits, rides, various snacks and foods, rodeos, fast cars, a museum where the state's pioneers are remembered, then a demolition derby wrapped it up Saturday. If you attended, you got quite a number of neat things that occupied your mind and time. I've gotten a number of images and will be updating my Pic of the Week collection with several I've taken. As of this submission, the images haven't yet made it but should by next Friday. They change twice weekly, one meant for the whole weekend, the other is Monday-Thursday and changes at midnight Central Time. I already have enough for an entire month (8 or 9) and looking forward to sharing with you. Watch my tweets under handle @windmechanic for updates, usually in conjunction when I update this Blog.

HEADS UP: The Scamdemic returns by mid-September with masks again, by October, expect masks on planes again! so says InfoWars with lockdowns to return. Twitter keenly notes certain MSM are already touting these "developments." I happen to agree The Swamp Democrat Facist Communist Empire wants to again steal the elections with mail-in ballots and COVID with restrictions being the convenient excuse. Personally, I expect the media to pull the same bullshit they did the last time that Hospitals (kill buildings) will resume their previous cull protocols for dot GOV $$ of course! The Administrator's and Doctor's hands will be again tied and compromised as before, our deep involvement in socialistic contract medicine as Medicare, et al ensuring their compliance. You should NOT comply!! If you've been reading my Blog, let me throw in reminders if you must go for COVID treatment, DO NOT give any blanket authorizations, especially NEVER AUTHORIZE OR ALLOW REMDESIVIR!! Why am I seeing my local supermarket offering free COVID tests again? Their pharmacy offered the free "vaccines!" What is it they knew that I didn't until 8/18? I don't need my tin hat as this isn't hard to suss out. You have the opportunity to PREP if you've not done so already, so use your favorite marketplace at least for what you should've already completed by now! I'm also concerned that this announcment with subsequent rollout may be ideal cover for the CBDC to be rolled out, especially if businesses are again shuttered. Our government continues to throw away money to Ukraine, likely a decent chunk being laundered back to power-hungry freaks. They offered 700 bucks to victims of the Maui fires whom can't leave the mess they're forced to endure. The federal government and state governments both haven't allowed opening of the roads where the public through the seashores have provided aid, such as fresh water and more (much, much more below!) Additional disease can be expected through our southern border, in particular, drug-resistant tuberculosis. Read more below as you're being given a Heads Up in regard to beef!!

Want to know WHY I hope to get more radio amateurs (hams) on the air? Just view this tweet for insight. This from a realtor! Too many of them and those never involved in the hobby believe you presently need permitting for a small tower as this, when federal rule PRB-1 essentially overrides it. My mother and I got into a fairly-heated argument over the subject. She's tolerated my ham radio as novice KA5FJZ in August, 79 when I was 14 (I was the first known student ham at former Mills High near Little Rock) and I turn 59 later this month, yet doesn't understand not even an HOA can prevent my construction of a tower up to 50 feet high, although I would be willing to compromise with their committee over the final location of the structure, likely in the backyard. Note too, I'm already guaranteed an outside antenna for Over-The-Air TV/FM reception by FCC decree! If you're already asking.. I'm NOT planning on selling the Square Of Solitude and pulling up my roots to be back with family in Arkansas!! The state has much to do in getting me the least bit interested in a return there. This scenario, if ever presented, would be a fight her HOA would lose. There's several reasons I'm confident of which I won't reveal here. Besides, it's a totally moot point as I have 40 acres, fully paid off and I could hire a tower crew to construct a rather high one. The FCC and FAA won't gripe excessively if I clear it with nearby DGW airport (the facility has cleared me for up to 150' already!) required obstruction lighting if 200'+ and a possible EIS (environmental impact statement) if I dared haunt 300' or greater. I already have an observation "beacon" from the tower I almost had built on my two acres outside of Heber Springs, capable of two bulbs which I could voluntarily light up the top if I so equip it. If I should get grid power to Hex Hill, I'll actually commit to getting it lit with quality conventional long-life bulbs. Because of my already-lofty spot, I'm perfectly happy with my proposed 115' of Rohn 45 I hope to get constructed with a small building next year on Hex Hill. Going back in time, the State of Arkansas through the former OES (Office of Emergency Services, now ADEM) allowed me access to their old wide-band antenna on the KEMV-TV tower near Fox (Stone County) when they upgraded to the modernized statewide UHF switched trunking system during the 90's. It had heavy usage by hams in several north-central counties due to the extensive reach and was used in several SKYWARN situations. The poor machine's antenna, just shy of 300', repeatedly was zapped by lightning, it being attached to the tallest lightning rod (over 900') for over 50 miles! It could be accessed in higher locations of Little Rock, North Little Rock and even a handful of places in the southern Missouri tier of counties, especially Ozark County. I'll always be grateful to the late Jack Oyler, Chief Engineer of that station in allowing its occupancy. Now, a Searcy, AR ham or group has claimed it and I'm pleased it's back on the air, hoping they can make the most from that resource. I was the first in Arkansas to utilize the 145.11 Mhz repeater pair in 1989 and a Past President of the Arkansas Repeater Council, carrying the gavel from 2002-2004. Today, I have NN5NN/R resurrected as the only 70cm repeater in Converse County. There still may be some awesomeness to come from it, maybe the State Fair next year!

Richard Heart continues to teach whoever will listen. I can't find anything in this extended tweet from him, posted Monday 8/14 that's incorrect! Because of how that's published on, I'll repeat it in its entirety. Not only that, but I'll even update a bit of my crypto course and add context to it as possible. Of course he'll get credited for it! He's got this, SOLID!

As you may conclude, the latter entries are very pertinent and germane. This is why the sacrifices for PulseChain and PulseX were created. It was simply a means for Richard Heart to teach, and the community to prove, without expectation of work from others, that Free Speech is a protected Right in America and how computer code fits this category. RH took time before release to ensure as many who sac'ced would actually receive something from it. I was among them. Some of those who sacrificed are already loudly bitching, whining and moaning of how bad a decision their "sacrifice" has been, yet both PulseChain and PulseX are but three months old, but function flawlessly. This is the easiest test for true Hexicans with previous experience in the space to determine who made good and bad decisions, versus among the "degens" to dump on the heads of the rest in this community. There's one noteable, impatient asshole who I won't name that I'm considering blocking on X (twitter) because he fits that profile so perfectly. Bottom Line? The aforementioned is a powerful lesson which I believe history will be kind to Richard in the long run. With that said, Kansas could learn a few things from us!

Sometimes, our First Amendment gets another challenge, but rarely from local government! I have no doubt many lawyers in the Sunflower State are readying for an extended time in the Federal Court over this development. No doubt the Magistrate Judge involved will be questioned, even with the potential of vindication via peers further up the Judicial chain. As hard as the state tries, this still makes Kansas look really retarded to its many critics. That's sad!
UPDATE:The Magistrate Judge who signed off this utter nonsense is reported to have two DUI's on her record. So was she protecting a friend or two instead of recusing herself?

Corey Costas, on his recent stream with "Funding Gym" is correct that twitter (X), in regard to Hex/PulseChain/Pulse, is presently a "cesspool of shit." This is a decent stream, good to review. My Bottom Line is to keep an eye to the rest of the space. Is BTC or ETH rallying? Be careful in dropping good, proven tokens in a bear market with dot GOV, especially SEC, pressuring crypto. You could get rekt, badly!

The Globalists have gotten Skittles aboard. A new Woke Entry is noted! Will the enhanced ESG score be worth it? Anheiser-Busch and InBev continue to get it right in the earnings column and elsewhere. I'm wondering how much a stock-shorter will have made acting on this trend??

The CDC admits this shit! Alpha-gal syndrome is bioengineered into many "vaccines" today. Loose-cannon quacks, such as Doctor Liao have for years, wanted to bioengineer our diets where beef ain't for dinner any longer! This unaccountable scumbag gets blessings by our CDC, the UN and likely from other third-parties who should be identified and called out. Why in the hell isn't the Beef Checkoff using the dollars from cattlemen to legally fight such heresy? If I learned of this and were leading the Checkoff, this would be a priority! A fight which each and every beef producer should be spearheading and rallying hard! Finally, tuberculosis is again infecting beef cattle in Texas. Not financial advice, but I'd recommend you stock up now as predictions are a thirty-percent increase in beef prices by October. You've been duly warned.

It's happening.. Want to believe the USD continues to rule the roost? Time to wake up, buttercup! BRICS already have 40 nations aboard. The Saudis have already reduced their petrol output and won't resume it anytime soon. They have little to no respect for the corrupt Big Guy Administration. The USA doesn't produce much anymore. Many Americans truly don't believe the nation can change this anytime soon. It certainly won't as long as the Status Quo continues! Leadership throughout the Executive and Legislative branches need change.

Another major development is an attempted LAND GRAB in western Maui. The apparent whitewashing through the MSM doesn't look at all good and certainly doesn't pass the Smell Test. It's been well over a damned week (occurred 8/8), yet people there cannot return if they leave the affected area and one independent reporter on-scene who simply filmed the local happenings is being harassed by powerful people. He's literally over-the-target whenever this nonsense happens as media are compromised too. Too few realize what I think is a nasty attempt to make away with some of the most valuable property in the world, literally VULTURES trying to exploit the vulnerability of land owners in the area for pennies on the dollar, looking for multimillion flips to awaiting elites! The Hawaiian governor had to retrace his thoughts of adding land for another state "memorial", his obvious ignorance of the Hawaiian natives and very tightly-knit community from what was the capitol of the former Kingdom of Hawaii. This goes way, way back before Pearl Harbor!! The PEOPLE of Maui aren't receiving aid this far out from either the Feds and State, and they're pissed! The Hawaiian PEOPLE are proving to be THE solution. As I preach with cryptocurrencies, be extremely sceptical as to whom you entrust with donations for supplies. I've awaited on commentary from Tulsi Gabbard and this video proves my gut instinct correct! The former congresswoman carries a huge, huge heart for America, more so for her Hawaii and she's in Ground Zero, listening! She said in regard to the ongoing relief (or lack thereof), "The community support hubs that they have are 100 percent community led, volunteer supply collections, conducting all these co-ordinations on their own. They feel like the government doesn't care about them." and again, being a native Southerner, a bit more weather-aware in regard to both tornadoes and hurricanes, then we have this amazing-parallel comparison to the terribly-botched relief efforts after hurricane Katrina, nearly 18 years ago. The protections of our Bill of Rights was used like toilet paper in the aftermath by Louisiana National Guardsmen. Furthermore, those who did flee awaited long for any FEMA relief and there were many, many refugees from the Big Easy who became Arkansans, after having lost everything in the storm. I've still not forgotten all those mobile homes near the Hope, AR airport which were deemed unusable. Ventilation of these structures could've mitigated this issue instead of the massive waste these bureaucracies bring upon themselves and never have true accountability for.

VIDEO: I've seen this tree before, in person, passing by the Decatur County Courthouse in Greensburg, IN years ago with C.D.

PDF File: PayPal has the capability of crypto payments. They strongly prefer stablecoin PYUSD due to their agreement with Paxos. Otherwise, they've gone up on the spread for all the others! Hawaiian readers, Mahalo! Due to existing law, you're presently SOL in getting PayPal's Cryptocurrency Hub on your account, despite your age! Y'all may want to raise hell about this in the future, so put this on your calendar to contact your lawmakers. First off, Maui deserves your continued attention and both eyes.

That's it for now. Much to get done. Thanks as always for your visit and continue to spread the word!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, Y'all!,

The Wyoming State Fair is now "setting up shop" at the Fairgrounds, south of downtown just off Center Street. It opens this Tuesday, has a PRCA Rodeo for two nights of real action, then concludes late Saturday with the traditional Demolition Derby. Yours Truly of course will buy a Season Pass Pin. For me, it's among the many true perks of living here. I made it four of the five days last year and participated in the Parade. I hope to catch a few of the locals as I know but a few.

For 2024, I'm already talking with a number of the ham radio ops living here. I'm guaging interest in a Special Events station and I plan to bring up this subject during the Wyoming Cowboy Net from time to time, more so after the Fair has concluded, especially during Spring, 2024 as I need to present this idea before the Fair Board. If I can land a suitable site in one of the buildings, this could be awesome for public awareness! It must have enough outside space, outside of the main foot traffic areas, so I can set up both a quality antenna setup including one for the repeater. I'll bring along an HF rig for the Special Events. I'll also bring along and plug in my 447.9 repeater (-5 offset, 100 Hz) for visiting hams. Not only will it cover the whole Fairgrounds nicely, it has sufficient power to cover Douglas, even if the antenna were under 20' high. I envision having as many radio amateurs bring their 70cm HT's so we can demonstrate the repeater AND for those coming to the Fair, using it when coming into town. Through this, we could expand the hobby and bring some new people in it while offering a communications alternative "when all else fails"tm, as The League would say! DISCLOSURES: I am a present ARRL member. Developing..

Wyoming news; From Cowboy State Daily - Congresswoman Hageman says mandatory electronic ID's for cattle are too costly, invasive. I agree! To change the subject further eastward, I may have mentioned this sometime back about how some Michigan cattlemen simply moved their herds the hell away from there when the state's Dept of Agriculture began mandating RF ID eartags. Michigan gets a few things right but gets much more WRONG! Their coordination with the Feds on so many things prove my point, especially where Civil Asset Forfeiture is concerned. As mostly typical Democrat states do, they love getting OPM or Other People's Money! As a result of the distribution, so many Michiganders seem tethered to their government that they rarely speak out the way they should be battling them. I see the state as a California with icicles. It's among the larger states east of the Mississippi and those in the Upper Peninsula continue to chime in that Lansing doesn't do much to address their concerns. I've been there but was way too short of time in getting to meet and know more of the excellent You-Pers residing. They're among the best folk on the planet!

Many have wanted to see his ass again behind bars, including a number of us involved in crypto. SBF (one of the commenters calls him "Scammy Bankrun Fraud" and I admit it's quite clever!) got his jail bail revoked. He had it coming, thinking his connecting to a football game through a Bahamian VPN connection on the internet would get him past court-ordered scrutiny. He Effed around and found out, right?? No, not all the charges against him were dismissed, just one or two in regard to Bahamian authorities and the extradition terms per their treaty.

Richard Heart responded to the SEC well before his recent run-in by the SEC. This video on Twitter is two minutes long. BitBoy (Ben Armstrong) agrees and is now supportive of Richard! I finally follow Ben for the first time as he's proven his street cred to Hexicans. YourFriendSommi on Twitter posted all these addresses, pointing out that Richard hasn't touched any of the sac (sacrifice) money or otherwise. I've been tweeting that RH was already a billionaire before he created HEX. He's after glory as he has all the money he will ever need. What has he SPENT on HEX, PulseChain and PulseX? Can any of us still recall how many Developers or Devs he hired and kept working to creat the latter two?? Fourteen that I'm aware of. Finally, Goldkey on Twitter gives us a list of other targeted coins and tokens. The SEC is out of control and has gone rogue! Some have liked where I've tweeted how the SEC considers everything except BTC as securities, despite my response that Litecoin and Dogecoin both carry BTC code and function essentially the same! So how will Richard respond to this nonsense? We'll wait and see. I'm praying for RH and this wonderful community, as well as other viable coins now under attack.

Speaking of government overreach, a Virginian is clearly winning hearts as his tune "Rich Men North of Richmond" goes viral, including hearts of many noteable Wyomingites. The Cowboy State Daily story link gives us more on Oliver Anthony's I-Tunes chart topper! The UN and their elites are supportive of the Rich Men North of Richmond. It goes back to the Big Club which Carlin told us about from the stage. For me, Anthony sings it with such raw sincerity, openly explicit with a healthy dose of politics and a comedic touch that's now touches millions. It brought a few tears to my eyes. When many thought that "Try that in a small town" was the anthem, Aldean, already deserving for Country Song of the Year and the Country Music Hall of Fame for all he's experienced, gets bested by a former factory worker, living on a farm in Appalachia! Oliver now garners "a sea of people" listening to his live concert when he experienced audiences under two dozen just two months ago. He's reading out a few verses from the Bible, too. I fully expect some of the Hollywood writers to write an answer song which will fall flat on its face. They've never learned their lesson that the raw sincerity can't be force-fed, even with their public relations specialists.

I noted back on April 27th regarding rice (scroll down if you don't believe me.) India is the second-largest exporter of this critical grain. They're not exporting any more! Let me warn humble readers again that rice is truly going way the hell up in price. Get yours NOW! Also pay attention to the oil price. It's also going way the hell up! OPEC, the Saudis in particular, are cutting back production. I predict an average price of 4 bucks/gallon by Labor Day. This will make my upcoming Colorado trip more expensive, but since I quit smoking 26 years ago, I can afford it for now, although I'll have to save BIG for 2025!

Unconfirmed: Notorious_Stuff on twitter says Massachusetts State Police reportedly lost The Obama's Chef, Tarari Campbell's blood sample due to human error. The question I probed to fellow X'ers (Twitter users) has drawn me many likes lately! "Is Campbell's body now cremated?" I also asked if there was there no requirement for a second sample being secured, much like what is done in drug tests per urine, the second sample existing if any challenges are made? These may be valid questions to be dispensed!

Woody Harrelson had a somewhat-recent live bit on SNL which shocked many a liberal. It's true! He's effectively cancelled himself with at least some of Tinseltown's greats, and many are extremely butthurt over it! Welcome, Woody!! Your Red Pilling is noticed, you're over the target, and somehow I pray RFK Jr. will pair up with Trump, next year if not before. Californian Progressive die-hards haven't experienced enough pain to change even a single iota. Therefore, the UniParty (and most of Congress) needs significant change, now!

OBITS: No more Dale! Johnny Hardwick, the voice of Dale in "King Of The Hill," has reportedly passed. He was 59.

That's it for now. Traffic around Douglas is picking up in advance of the State Fair's rollout. Although today was a pleasant 70's daytime high, it'll warm up with no rain forecast for the next several days, promising to be a really nice time for fair attendees. Hope to meet y'all there!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings Y'all,

It being the final day of June, 2023 - Wyoming's Summertime continues, but with some nice cooling thunderstorms. Outside my window, I'm watching thunderstorm buildups and expect some severe weather possibilities during the afternoon and evening. Cheyenne Frontier Days wrapped up last night. It was something I again skipped, yet am planning next year. For now, I'm focused on making my Arkansas River Headwaters hike late in August OR Labor Day Weekend. My Colorado contacts will be notified as the time approaches. I've also constructed a new 80 meter ham radio Inverted Vee antenna. This is my first one using a balun on the HF bands, ever! It's working quite well without the amplifier and I'm more tempted to test that out to see how I rank against the inevitable DX pileups on both 20 & 15 meters. So why am I waiting? The FCC has a specific rule which states if I'm to exceed 900 watts on that band, I must use a wattmeter while doing so. The Yaesu is capable of 1.2kW if I shove in the full power from my Icom and the twin 572B tubes appear good. With that said, MFJ tells me there's a delay on the wattmeter I ordered, to await further. Grrrrr!

The following three paragraphs are all intertwined on similar subjects:

HEX is hitting a rough patch in the meantime, more than likely a gigantic DIP in the interim to scoop some up with PLS & PLSX. Richard Heart received notice from the SEC, charging him with having sold unregistered securities. The Dallas-area SEC office blames Richard for purchasing luxury items with our investments, which I strongly disagree as you'll see below. Notice the meme.. Sam Bankman-Fried got released from his campaign-related charges. Seems some powerful people who received some sort of compensation, had enough sway to cite terms of the Bahamian treaty we have that led to this dismissal, although other charges remain and some officials want to see Sam's bail revoked. Stay Tuned!

HEX has long been gatekept by certain powerful interests in the crypto community, especially that it's a poor choice to be easily traded. Ethereum, the native blockchain which HEX got started has continued to increase in fees to process transactions. This is very much why Richard Heart, the founder of HEX, sought a solution. He came up with two, actually! PulseChain is a fork of Ethereum which uses PLS or pulsecoin for gas fees and PulseX is an decentralized exchange, basically based on Uniswap and uses PLSX or PulseX for gas fees there. All three are functional, none with serious defects. OG's (original gangsters) in HEX already know Richard as quite a stand-up guy! His SciVive self-help materials, freely available online, contain much motivational content. His billionaire status came about before his creation of HEX and I still believe he did it to secure a legacy. I feel no different today. People haven't been "rugged" here as in so many other coins and tokens. In fact, shortly after the PLSX release, we briefly listed LP or liquidity provider capabilities for PEPE, which many in their community took advantage of. It was severe enough that it was removed from LP. With a bear market ongoing and a reluctant Congress to provide direction of where the crypto regulation should go in America, the United States is in significant danger of losing our position in this emerging space. Frankly, higher powers who hate seeing people as myself be able to function here and prosper, would rather I go back to hard labor while they get to fly their private planes (John Kerry included!) and preach their global nonsense which we had no say in. Various "degens" who despite Richard and all he's achieved weigh in that they're surprised it took the Commission so long to finally tag him, but Heart has been straightforward with the Hexicans from the start. The fact that certain HEX promoters (none who received any money) were contacted by the SEC last year did trigger the possibility of this outcome in my mind, albeit I see these charges without merit. I still am of the opinion that Kraken's penalty of 30MM and no more possibility of operating a certain portion of their exchange as before as nonsense, and I see the charges against Richard, no differently. Finally, the timing is even more suspect with Richard's docu-movie "The Highest of Stakes" coming out in select theaters. Publicity from this could only assist HEX and Heart, plus all Hexicans.

As mentioned before, I'm no fan of Gary Gensler and his SEC work, more and more reviled by the crypto community. He was horrible as CFTC Chair years ago for reasons I've already stated online and his present grab for power in the space is equally horrific. The latest example I can provide was the Commission's overreach toward Coinbase. Congress had recently skewered Gary before a Committee, so pressure against him has gradually reached a boiling point. Furthermore, as the linked article notes, Gary seems to exclude Bitcoin without considering the basic code underlying it exists in many popular, viable coins he apparently considers "securities", such as Litecoin and Dogecoin, still fully-functional and traded on the markets, too. The stench of SEC bullshit is getting rather rank.

Congratulations, Caitlin!
From the first time I met her nearly five years ago, the native Wyomingite always struck me, not only as a straight shooter, but someone who has passion to achieve, yet not shy of showing some of her emotions. I rank her among the five most intelligent women in all of the crypto space! There's rarely an instance I don't have some sort of takeaway in what she says, either in a speech to many, or just one-on-one with her experiences of the financial industry in New York City. Caitlin recently received a University of Wyoming Distinguished Alumni Award. Her extended tweet is very much worth the read! She keeps to the point of where her bank, Custodia, hopefully winds up gaining their long-delayed and well-deserved FedRes access. I sense some very, very powerful entities pressured The Powers That Be from allowing crypto to advance. Not only do I predict her persistence, especially in regard to the Rule of Law, will pay off, but that History will be kind to Caitlin Long, especially here in the Equality State. Decades from now, her portrait may well be placed with other infamous Wyoming women.

Excellent question, Jeff! He posted this question in an image "Should rioters and looters automatically lose their government assistance if they get arrested?" Yet I remind loyal readers that being arrested and charged doesn't equate to being guilty. They deserve their day in Court like the rest of us, except those rather interesting exceptions as FIFA Court, the NDAA under Obama (the NDAA is still getting renewed regularly, as is the Patriot Act - YUKKK!!!) applying for rental housing of any sort in Arkansas, or getting disappeared.

Here's a powerful video! Give under an hour for this one and you won't be disappointed. This Boomer walked away with at least four significant takeaways! A founding member of Greenpeace (who left the organization in 1986) noticed the organization was infiltrated with politics and the power-with-money which flows with it, to the point that destruction of civilization was being advocated. Neo-Marxism never works, except to the benefit of those at the very top of the Food Chain, in other words, The Club which George Carlin warned us about. Mr. Moore isn't wrong!


Yet another reason why we eat them.

Yet another reason why NOT to remain in San Francisco. Mind you, I know a few people there and have immense respect for them, but couldn't stand living there, myself. These people, grasslands, mountains, rough winters and such in Wyoming have grown on me. My choice I think remains sealed, here.

That's it for now. I remain HEX loyal and will watch to see what happens. I may even add to my holdings as HEX isn't at all broken and sense at worst, it being yet another money grab by a good Democrat politician, rotten to the core!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, Y'all!

This very lengthy submission will contain some NSFW words. I also rant against the transgender narrative. It's becoming a hot-assed Summer and the furnace is cranking up! Also, it's been a short while to say the least.

Insane news.. Ukraine has gone into their Counter Offensive which means the Russians are ready to pull out all the stops. The Hal Turner Radio Show on Wednesday evening reported it could affect NATO with all the weaponry and ammo the West continues to flow in there. Hunter Biden's sweetheart deal fell apart. He sought global immunity but the Judge wasn't having any of it, coming down to Hunter's gun charge. I'd not be surprised if The Big Guy pardons his son. Mitch McConnell is supposedly fine. He froze up for 18 seconds on-camera, Wednesday. He was out months earlier for a concussion. Some suspect he had a mild stroke, I think we just watched reality "The Walking Dead" co-starring The Big Guy and Sen. Fetterman. Stay Tuned!

Before July, it was cooler than normal here and throughout the Cowboy State, but warming up to normal this month. The Fourth of July fortunately wasn't a washout here. I've not watched any rodeos so far this year, which means I skipped CNFR in Casper. My Arkansas visit throughout early last month was far more critical in so many ways and I refreshed a lot of friendships in several locations and with friends last month. I'm planning another Arkansas visit next year.

Personally, Jason Aldean deserves to be admitted to the Country Music Hall of Fame, right NOW! He was on-stage when it happened, among the targets at the Las Vegas shootings which affected many fans at Route 91. Now, his latest hit "Try That In A Small Town", likely at the top of the Country charts (already a top download in the genre), has sparked quite the controversy and his upcoming eleventh album it'll be on hasn't been released! He's been on-stage so often that he's used to most controversy, but the rallying of support from many other Country acts is refreshing to see! The song is certainly not racist. If I owned a radio station, I wouldn't have pulled it from the paylist, even if it cost me sponsors. CMT, I'm going to try and get a local business to stop showing you in their dining area, if they already haven't done so. You guys cucked out to all these paid shows and specials, falling into the "MTV trap" sometime ago.

Parents, have you noticed all the "free testosterone" ads on radio? Always three buzz words which go for the positives of certain supplements the guy experiences from using it; Feeling younger, feeling better at work and.. feeling better in the BEDROOM! It's amazing about the value placed on these three if the couple already has KIDS in the formula. Y'all paying attention? Your kids are your future! Guys, place your priority on keeping them safe from predatory retardation, dished out by certain teachers and backed by their union. This is critical in coastal states, especially on the radiation-saturated Pacific Coast.

Parents MUST fight the mental illness being presented. Warn your children that doctors and teachers will ask them questions which they really shouldn't! Coach them!! Teachers may teach your children that you the parents shouldn't be trusted, yet as parents, remind them that both of you brought them forth into the world and all that both of you have done to nurture them. Rebellion against you by one or more of your children may prove the death knell against your family as both doctors and teachers will note your children's responses which get shared for nefarious purposes, unknown to most parents themselves! Warn your children that going down the transgender rabbit hole is nothing less than serious. The outcome of even one bad choice they make, cannot be undone. This is not a game! Teach them about the Washington State law which will shield them away from you if they run away and make it there. California is no different and Oregon is quickly closing in on the trend. Your kids will allow others to hold the gun against them if they simply CHOOSE the trans side. Finally, emphasize to your kids to watch their digital words. A digital trail of crumbs are being swept and records are being kept. Me talking in this manner paints a serious target, but Jesus and his Father, Our Heavenly Father, Almighty God shall vindicate those who speak truthfully regarding this outright evil.

Cluster bombs? How about Cluster Fucked. Princess Di is likely spinning, yet weeping in her grave. She worked hard to eliminate land mines and now these cluster bombs undo her vision. Neither the US or Russia signed the treaty eliminating their use. The outcome is the same as with land mines, but in a different package. It's bad enough that weaponized depleted uranium (DU) was shipped to Ukraine by the Brits. No wonder Putin hates London and The Swamp so much! The Elites truly want to slice and dice the Russian Federation plus steal their resources. Russia won't have any of it!! We'll realize the meaning of Cluster Fucked unless adults appear on the scene.

Hades repeatedly is freezing over and over again! I never thought I'd see the day when a man wins a women's competition. Remember, it wasn't all that long ago we've allowed biological men (with the scientific X-Y chromosomes) to take away titles which biological women clearly deserved to win. Many politicians have strived to restrict this heresy. Trump used to have a YUUUGE role in pageants. I bet he keeps his distance from those now! Nevertheless, he might comment on his Truth Social. Miss Netherlands is a HE! 22-year old Rikkie Kolle beat nine women to win the title and the competition is part of Miss Universe. Watch him later this year become a shoe-in (actually, high heels) to win the Global Crown in El Salvador, approved by our ever-loving Elites to further normalize this mental illness. Italy has already said Hell No to this madness, ensuring all contestants are biological females. I can't confirm if genetic testing is being implemented regarding it, though.

Richard Heart tweeted about the billion or so of coins that nobody wants. You'd expect to believe this is about crypto, but it isn't! His link goes to NPR, which talks broadly of a congressional mandate, creating millions upon millions of dollar coins (some still call them 'silver dollars', yet contain none) that few if any American knows of. Next time you visit your bank or S&L in-person, ask them if they have any of these coins. Furthermore, see how many businesses would even accept the legal tender coin in a transaction. Maybe I need to risk myself at penalty of false arrest or accused of heresy by trying to explain the government's continued heresy in attempts to spend even one of these. It ain't the way that American society works! We're so staunch on our mindset of the paper Washingtons we carry, and they're quite costly to maintain. The EU understood this as their smallest bill is the 5 Euro, yet they have both one and two Euro coins widely in circulation, saving their treasury quite a bit. Remember the almost-golden dollar coins, roughly the size of a quarter, which worked in few vending machines? The linked story states the mint still makes these and would be required to continue a quota of Sacagawea (bird woman) coins. Currently, the law says 20 percent of dollar coins made must have Sacagawea on them, according to the report. Sacagawea, an American Indian woman best known for her assistance of Lewis and Clark in their exploration to the Pacific, remains famous here in Wyoming. She died at age 100 of natural causes and is buried in the Indian Cemetary at Fort Washakie in Fremont County. The cemetary is a few blocks off the main route and there is at least a sign to direct you if visiting. I've visited her grave more than once.

CBDC UPDATE: Didn't I warn you? Didn't I?? The Digital Pound should be arriving in the UK. Of course they'll justify the rollout for people's safety. That alcohol in a young person's hands can be eliminated by the usage of this government-controlled banker-approved digital "asset" which I've warned you numerous times how this will become abused by these same entities. I can easily state that a black market will ensue to get that alcohol back into the young when the CBDC arrives. FedNow began arriving in certain US financial institutions last Friday, 7/21.

I ask in regard to this reportedly-decentralized project, how can this information possibly remain private? I still know too little about WorldCoin, yet on the surface, I'm worried of how those who participate won't become compromised in the future with their biometric information on this blockchain or associated database. How will the offer of Big Money not compromise it? I would give deep thought, much like choosing to refuse the damaging COVID vax.

Somethings gotta give! Whites in Texas are now a minority. We also have a sick narrative embraced by the upper swine in the FedGov about White Supremacy nonsense. To an extent, states use it to deny numerous, properly-earned benefits to people of European bloodlines. At least the SCOTUS has recently nullified Affirmative Action. This denied me employment more than once while in Little Rock. One of the nation's largest ISPs used a psychological test for applicants as myself, likely tweaked to benefit minorities. I seriously considered suing and probably would've taken this if offered back then. It's a group of lawyers. Today, I'm retired by choice and won't allow their bullshit in my past to rule my future.

I'm very much FOR a duo-prospect as Trump & RFK Jr. in 2024! I agree with most points in this ZeroHedge article that having two real adults in the room should prove significantly beneficial in the governing of this nation, now on the verge of nuclear WAR. We're already a UniParty in this nation, refusing to hold real political hacks in both the Federal Swamp and State governments, especially regarding States' responsibilities for a proper election vote, accountable for their deeds and the UN seems to have significant control over many sovereigns. If it weren't for our Second Amendment, these Elistist Freaks running the UN/WEF would've already had taken America over without a single shot fired. So what if RFK Jr. sounds shaky to some? I'm after his other qualities, numerous and sincere, which more than outdo his voice. Both these guys I think would be simply amazing and we might just see more reasonable "deals" being made across the aisles in Congress. With that said, we should be individual watchmen, willing to lend our voices that the pendulum doesn't swing too quickly opposite. We're holding significant debts, although we're not alone by any means.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: From @BlockChainBobC on Twitter, responding to Richard Heart's recent attempt to wake up some in the PEPE community. He's NOT wrong! Note though, this isn't an outright SLAM on that community. It's a SLAM on those whom "degen" themselves to the point of really losing what need not be lost. It's a gamble of hopium with some of these guys:

"As someone that also has holdings and does research in just about every sector of crypto, from defi, to nft communities, mining and everything in between, most of the people in crypto are NOT good people. They actually take pleasure is destroying charts, lives and causing misery. They laugh about dumping on people. It's not just about the profits they make, it's about hurting and taking advantage of others. Do not impute your goodness on people that do not deserve it. There are real monsters out here, and the world would be better off if many of them were just put down. These people will adopt pulsechain as the community builds more and more and adds more economic energy, but make no mistake there will be some carnage caused by these people."

It took way longer than expected, but Our Dollars Matter! InBev had enough to where they got rid of her. I can't believe this question is even presented. This is either insanity or trolling on steriods.

Have a half-hour to spare? Bored past the point of tears?? Pop some corn and watch this on YouTube of how the economy works.

OBITS: Tears are being shed as the incomparable, classy performer with an incredible career and just a fantastic spirit about him, passed Friday 7/21. He sang music that was good! I saw parallels of him and the late Ray Price not allowing a genre to command aspects about him. Both men knew certain songs were, and remain endearing. I'm talking Tony Bennett, here! He was around 2 weeks from his 97th birthday, yet continued to release music. Bennett had that rare panache and his gut instincts rarely failed him. "I left my heart in San Francisco", a B-side (flip side for you young'uns) was his signature hit and Arkansas had a place in it. Reportedly, Tony first performed it publicly at The Vapors club in the heart of Hot Springs. As a young kid, I still remember the signage, passing by it. The Vapors lasted into the early 70's, later changing hands and converted to some sort of headquarters. Tony, as you croon with the angels in the celestial world, we're missing you very, very much! RIP

Sinead O'Connor passed 7/26 at age 56. She is survived by 3 children. The Irish singer and activist, best known for her Prince re-do of "Nothing Compares 2 U" had numerous health issues and suffered horribly at the loss of her 17 year old son, but was loved by so many, especially in her homeland. Annie Lennox also kept her hair at super-short if not outright bald. I compare both as the talents of these two are truly hard to come by! RIP

FINALLY: Nice (and hilarious) physics question on video! I did ask the painful question of how many got "racked" when making contact again with the tree after entering the water.

That's it for now, thanks again for your time and spreading the WORD about this humble blog,
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!,

This is a very long submission, deservingly so! I went to Arkansas at the first of the month, keeping it quite secret for a number of reasons. Only a few knew of the journey in advance and I'm pleased it worked out really well, especially the return leg. I rented a U-Haul to bring back many belongings, including a very powerful ham radio amplifier another friend gifted me over a decade ago. I've already received a rebuilding kit for the internal power supply inside and plan to hire an electrician to get a 240V circuit wired to operate it when finished. Alreadly, the Wyoming Cowboy Net is pleased to have me back and I had best check in at least twice more before the month's end to keep my roster position. Before my arrival at momma's, I gladly took time visiting a dear friend in Wichita on both journeys. This gave me time to both decompress and visit with him as we shared so many concerns, both domestic and globally. I know his station's capabilities and we may well test our stations on 40m on up from time to time. If nothing else, I'm convinced he has wonderful neighbors, one may be a future onboard to crypto and will be my initial test of how powerful my teaching materials regarding crypto can be. It's no secret I've been working on a non-credit public course for cryptocurrency with the greatest emphasis on security. He has the first released copy of my Cryptocurrency Glossary, presently 11 pages of definitions regarding commonly-used terms found throughout the cryptocurrency space and claims this additional information is a huge upgrade from a far-more-simple course he took part in. The glossary is only a piece of the puzzle, yet exists so newcomers can cut down the confusion factor significantly. For now, I don't plan to release it to the general public through my website. It's that homework assignment which remains as such until the point where each of these words and phrases become engrained to the new crypto participant. With all that said, continue reading this Blog regularly. If I go forth with a course, either here in Douglas or Casper, you'll be among the very first to know when available and more details. Attendance is crucial as only those who reached out beforehand with issues will be provided a private link to view or hear any video or audio I happen to record for that night. Students will agree not to publicly stream or otherwise distribute any videos they create at any class or lecture I hold, except as recorded or distributed by the institution on their server.

I bought a mower on Friday, choosing in-between the regular and riding mower categories. My properly isn't badly unlevel, yet a regular mower will tax me more as I'm not quite the Spring Rooster I once was. A self-propelled mower is now handling the biggest Summer chore I'm having this year, if the tower doesn't get constructed. The tower may have to be delayed as I've not heard back from the bid I've sought. Also, either a skid-steer or other equipment I can outfit to hoist and place hay bales for my future equines are being considered. Bonus Points if it can handle both that and the snow removal which I'm getting rather tired of working through each Winter here. I have calls to make and questions to dispense on which may be the most usable here. I've already eliminated several, even one domestic brand for their past foolishness which I rarely forgive. Expect an update in the future.

T.O. and I attended the annual Mid Summer's Eve celebration at Crimson Dawn Park, held atop Casper Mountain each June 21st, rain or shine. This was his third tour and my second. We've also visited the park at times when few others visited. It truly has this peaceful vibe to it. This year's public gathering was certainly not like any year in a generation or two. One annual attendee said this was so surreal in her over a quarter-century of visits. Earlier, I suggested I'd attend if T.O. would go. He agreed if I drove there and back, even in his vehicle! We're both glad we experienced an incredible occurance on the first day of Summer, along with hundreds in attendance. You see, Neal Forsling, who donated her cabin and land to Natrona County after her passing in 1977, essentially welcomed us this year! Many believe as do I, she gave us a welcoming with fog rolling in just before and during much of the evening tour which she initiated some 94 years ago in 1929. A second round of fog reappeared as we emerged from the woods, down the trail then upwards toward Red Butte, where she, her second husband Jim, her daughter and son-in-law are all buried. To watch visitors disappear in the fog was priceless, as was one brief parting of the clouds in one small 7 degree wide opening, allowing in a brighter reflection of the evening light, as if to wink at us! The tour wraps up with attendees grasping some of the red dirt. This is a time you may wish away something awful, yet you can make a really nice wish too! Legend has it that only one wish will be granted to someone that year. Approach the bonfire, as you cast the dirt into, saying "Burn dirt, BURN!" You then reflect a moment or two, making the return trip down the trail toward the cabin, but diverting a bit to the right as hot chocolate and a cookie are offered to those leaving. I had fasted the entire day before that moment and both were delicious! Thunderstorms were brewing to the north around 9:30pm when we left. Venus and the waxing crescent of the Moon were really bright and close to those storms. I suspect Neal was telling us thanks for the visit, but it was time to leave as the thunder got even louder! Rebecca, a Casper Mountain native who was a friend of the family, still appears as the primary storyteller as the first non-family person doing so. She has a very capable apprentice who in due course will become the torch carrier for this tradition, cancelled but once due to the 2020 Covid pandemic. I can't promise this experience ever again, at least as the comfortable fog, shy of 8,000' to happen again in this setting in our lifetimes, as Forsling's story of the seven witches of Casper Mountain is briefly given, along with the stories of the other shrines in the Park. It was what it was.. Spectacular.

The sub IMPLODED! :-( Coast Guard officials spotted debris a distance from the Titantic's resting spot in the Atlantic. That's not all!! The US Navy recognized sounds of an anomaly, an submarine implosion this past Sunday, consistent with the time communication was lost, from their extensive network of sensors. The Hal Turner Radio Show from 6/22 reported that the White House was notified, thus the Navy did their duty. If true, questions I have: 1) Did the District of Criminals share this with our Canadian neighbors? Look at what they spent in search efforts! I have my doubts. 2) They sat on this news, pending developments. Of course they'll state "national security" as a reason, but in the Big Scheme of Things, is that really valid to bury a while? 3) If they failed to promptly notify our Top Brass (which I seriously doubt, especially in such a development as this or those involving our enemies) will heads roll? At least you know my thinking on this Sub-ject. Apologies for the pun if inappropriate, yet there's no, I repeat, NO chance for any recoverable bodies when you have pressure of 400 atmospheres at that depth of 3700m (around 13,000') working against you. Even if the implosion occurred at a fraction of this depth (which I strongly suspect), I sense the compression would've liquified all flesh with perhaps a few bone or tooth fragments to remain. May those men rest in peace in conjuction with the Titantic they sought to further study.

Onto older news, This short video breaks down what happened with Bud Light, Target, Chic-fil-a, et al. Ian Corzine is correct! All of these WOKE entities are publicly-traded, right? My advice, FWIW?? (I'm not a financial analyst nor is this financial advice) DO NOT BECOME A PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY UNLESS YOU'RE SELLING IT COMPLETELY!! Speaking of Chic-fil-a, here's more of their story and no doubt more to come.

We were so close to a real escalation with Russia, due to the Wagner military group leader calling essentially for a coup d'etat of Russia. Thankfully, the former has agreed to exile in neighboring Belarus and troops under Wagner command have returned to their posts. If this doesn't last or others are emboldened to do a copycat, it could cause the missiles to fly if the control goes to someone with less patience than Putin. He has sensed the real root issues and that's all I need say for now.

Minnesota becomes #23! CBS Minnesota reports August 1st will become the day and forthwith that Recreational Marijuana becomes legal in the Land of 10,000 lakes. Gradually, nullification of this ridiculous nonsense is becoming more and more realized. You're asking ME if I'm using? NO! Although I'm presently retired, I'm presently in no need of it. I've visited a legal Colorado dispensary while still an Oklahoman to gauge how they operate and was impressed by their overall professionalism. I also have a relative by marriage who is involved in the medicinal MJ trade in Arkansas. I doubt I'll use again until my back pain becomes prohibitive that it'll truly help. I already take an extremely-high quality, full spectrum CBD oil from time to time for that condition (courtesy of damned bucking broncs!) My ham radio hobby requires a federal license to authorize me in using the particular RF spectrum offered and I'd rather not jeopardize using until the Courts finally nullify the "controlled substance" status of MJ in Title XXIII. Give it time and we'll watch it become moot as we're well on the way! Either the SCOTUS makes it so (Thomas wants federal restrictions already gone on it) or watch the President press for it to disappear as it should've been years ago. Minnesota has many idiots running their asylum for decades, yet they have right idea in getting legal MJ going there.

In Wyoming news, Custodia is gaining ground! Cowboy State Daily dot com in their article brings out several pieces of this complex puzzle which shouldn't be at all complex! The Wyoming SPDI law was carefully, craftfully created to be compatible with the Fed Res! The American Bankers Association have already given their blessing with a routing number. I've been tempted more than once to ask "Can we get the Fed Res to release Wyoming's jurisdiction under Kansas City to another member bank, so this can be sped up or otherwise realize there's clear bias against granting Custodia their master account?" The more I speculate, the more I wonder if there's external pressure toward CBDC's from the globalists on down their ladder, since many Elites are bankers or banker families. NEVER lose sight that despite the many known failures within crypto (especially the numerous rugpulls, fueled by fraud and hopium and rarely raked in by the SEC, et al, in time to defuse their evil) that it has value, being proven over time and to answer issues which the present system is ill-pressed to answer. Furthermore, even if you argue that the INTERNET crashing will kill crypto, how will the CBDC (also electronic and literally a cryptocurrency) handle the same outages? A second system you say?? Remember, many places throughout the United States are ill-equipped with high-speed internet. Some Point of Sale locations still use a dial-up landline modem through the universal service telephone network to verify cards. This is also due to cellphones not serving all areas. Satellite internet services remain rather expensive and are subject to issues in times of inclement weather. Trust that the CBDC will have severe flaws with it, especially in cybersecurity or attacks on the cyberstructure.

As I talk to people, some firmly believe that decentralized cryptocurrencies shall be outlawed with only the CBDC (central bank digital currency) to remain standing. Of course I disagree strongly and that's because crypto is truly an international game. It only takes two or more of the nearly 200 sovereign nations to trade it. The value is far too great for the United Nations to take down, especially on the social level! Money is based largely on faith for it to receive, store and dispense value. Currency is the recognition that a means is capable of realizing said value, generally in a physical form. Bitcoin is already legal tender in El Salvador, yet it's still very early in implementation. CBDC's are a CENTRALIZED form of crypto with a sovereign power having the capability to control any aspect regarding the value a user holds within it or disposition thereof. You see, the Elites are pushing for total control and only a UNIFIED, GLOBAL CBDC can achieve this! I strongly predict IF this happens to occur, you'll see the biggest push to squish any and all decentralized cryptocurrencies as they can't stand any resistance (competition) actually. Already, many nations have done about-face stands regarding crypto, Russia and China included. Paul Harvey said it best, paraphrasing "This is not one world."

How gross can we become? I want to see Bill Gates consume this, regularly at that! Lab-grown meat gets the green light, so maybe we won't eet zie bugz all the time. Consider too, it's a wonderful vector to add mRNA for those who earlier gave Gates, Fauci, Hotez, Big Pharma and the UN's WEF, the raised middle finger. Impossible Burger is impossible enough. What will Bill name it? Puke Protein?? We likely won't be given the provenance or exact origin of the cells generating this product. This is disgusting, but the UN wants the Netherlands to give up their highly-productive farms. Read between the lines!

The Short Links:
The QUote of the Week:

Laugh of the Week: (Video - volume should go a bit lower than usual)

My parting thought; Michael Munzelman with AP writing for Yahoo News mentions several points regarding the Capitol Riot fundraising. AP writers in general, remain incorrect (or is following the narrative) of the "baseless belief that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump." I see that as continued gaslighting. Why? So many judges refused to review evidence presented and they effectively were the People's last line of defense. The story states that prosecutors want additional fines atop prison sentences. Let's break this down a bit.. Can Michael state in regard to this story that time served (no bail or timely trials) would be respected? Furthermore, even if lawyers were already provided and sentences were given, why deny the ability of the accused to appeal IF they didn't simply accept a raw deal from (likely) a Soros-appointed PA/DA or otherwise a Federal prosecutor, weaponized as other government agencies are proving to be, now? Smells like an Eighth Amendment imposition to me! So, that person made income, you argue? Fine! let's get the IRS on it and throughly audit the entire Biden Family while we're at it, if that's remotely possible. Considering the whistleblowers from the agency having been removed from an ongoing investigation of the same, either an agency or other entity owed a favor exercised it well. It comes down to interference of governmental operations in the name of poliics, you think? Perhaps it's time to change the oil in Uncle Sam's Big Engine come next November. The oil isn't just dirty, it SMELLS flat-out rotten!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings Y'all,

We're on the final day of May. My county had a tornado touchdown this past Saturday, 5/27 and seen mostly south of Douglas. Phones lit up all throughout but no tornado sirens? This I'm planning to follow up and ask as the storm's direction was directly toward the city. More rain is forecast for at least the next five days here. Plenty of grass is growing here on the Square of Solitude and I'll soon get that lawn tractor, although the weed wacker has been deployed several times. The first parts of my garden have been planted and more apple sprouts have been dug and into the ground now. I'm a bit surprised we're not already deep in a HOT WAR with Russia, which the UN would love to see happen, especially their bedfellows of the WEF. Collective powers probably want to take away Russian resources as spoils. It's ridiculous, but money speaks the LOUDEST and Uncle Sam remains broke. Our House of Reps continues to attack the proposed budget cap deal. So you ask, what can delay or speed it up? A beautiful diversion! It appears The Empire and NATO are intent on poking The Bear. Although rarely if ever reported on the MSM, it can't be said that the Russian Federation didn't repeatedly warn us. Same applies to our ally Brits! Yes, this is an older story, yet relevant now. Don't expect the Mockingbird Media to keep you informed, UNTIL it can't be ignored any longer. ZeroHedge, InfoWars (via banned dot video), HalTurnerRadioShow with a handful of others in the alt media can inform you in this epoch of apeshittery. I truly hope you've come to completion of your preps with any necessary Plan B. As part of your plan, do you have your phones, laptops, desktops backed up? DO YOU??

We have a Vice President who declared recently that Americans who open-carry fire arms are "extremists." Sorry, but responsible Second Amendment enthusiasts, especially those with a real need to defend themselves, their family, others in imminent need, and defense of property, happen to soundly disagree with your misguided, heretic assessment. Enjoy your Secret Service protection on our taxpayer dime, but many reading this already declare you won't ever reconsider your position. You and your Big Guy boss are such buffoons with no true sense of reality. Prove us wrong by dismissing your protection! Folks, she knows what she's doing but wants to appear as braindead as Joe to buffer the upcoming shitstorm. Don't fall for it!

Now, the next phase of The Vaxx mRNA begins.. Guinea Pigs are lining up at Duke! Read the article and realize you should take the time to read carefully any inserts before your next seasonal flu jabs! Consider too, if there is an Intentionally Left Blank, or no information sheet provided with flu jabs, either this year or into the future, then refuse it and have that Jesus Talk with your doctor or utilize your own critical thinking skills. After all, Big Pharma is hell-bent, truly serious about their new "definition" of vaccine (9/2021-present): "The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease." Not prevention thereof before 2015 or immunity (2015-2021). Caveat Emptor, even if offered freely!

InfoWars (American Journal) and ZeroHedge have both reported on who I'm calling Assange v2.0 .. Gonzalo Lira, a decently-known journalist who has been critical of the Ukrainian conflict with Russia and also of the Ukraine President, has been held by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). I strongly agree with MTG that we've spent so much tax money there and if the Ukraine government can't allow the return of Lira, that's a real huge problem. I'd entertain that we freeze any future aid there until Lira is returned, but that could affect important back-room transfers. Just look back to FTX if you need a reminder and please keep Gonzalo in your prayers and awareness, especially if you're American.

Wyoming news; October marks the 25th anniversary of the unfortunate murder of Matthew Shepard, a University of Wyoming (You-Dub) student who was lured by two other men whom subsequently killed him. No, I didn't believe the girlfriend of one of the convicted that it was a robbery which went wrong then, and I still don't believe it today. Now, a Soroity on campus at Laramie has collectively filed suit over concerns of a biological male who identifies as female. Complaints include obvious staring at females and other male outcomes of such. The sisters consider their residence as a safe zone. Stay Tuned..

In other Wyoming news, The Cowboy State carries the highest score of the fifty in regard to sound money legislation. A hat tip to my native Arkansas for becoming the fourth state in allowing certain gold and silver to be legal tender.

In Arkansas news, my native Saline County apparently will follow Cleburne County with paper ballots. So ruled the Quorum Court in Benton back in February. Arkansas already has this allowance in the State Constitution.

Now onto HEX and PulseChain/PulseX.. The bridge has been sped up nicely, but there's a workaround. Richard gives us important information on the current PulseChain bridge, used to moving assets from and to pulsechain and ethereum. It's a temporary fix, yet workable and no doubt his Devs will work to resolve it in the days to come.

Finally, it's rare I recommend following much on Twitter. Simon From Florida has been calling both InfoWars and the HalTurnerRadioShow in the past. He's abandoned the latter as Hal's show is focused very much on both the news he receives and of his shortwave and online listeners from his Bug Out in Pennsylvania. I've been following Simon a short while now and grateful that Alex notices the shining diamond from the Sunshine State. Harrison Smith of the morning American Journal show on InfoWars calls Simon his "international coorespondent" and I can't disagree. Simon has an amazing grasp of global happenings. If I were President, I'd hire him in a Cabinet or high-level role in a heartbeat! Find out for yourself if you want to dive the deep rabbit hole via @simonfromflori2 as I have.

OBIT: She kept her HOT LOOKS later in life than most women and kept it going until she was ready to retire. Tina Turner passed Wednesday 5/24 at age 83 in Switzerland of an extended illness. You'll catch quite a bit of her best material from the 80's on AC format stations today and I gave plenty of spins on Soft Hits 100.9 (briefly 102.3) in Russellville. An amazing talent with probably the most amazing comeback in rock music history, Turner was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2021. Her bold vocals and kindness will be remembered too. "The Queen has gotten her wings." commented Cheryl Parlett. RIP, Tina. Quote of the Week from Twitter's Wyoming Patriot:

"If tacos can fall apart and still be AMAZING! SO CAN YOU!!" That's it for now. I'll return with more as warranted.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings Y'all and Happy Mother's Day, from a very waterlogged neighborhood in the Wyoming countryside!

 State Trust Lands in the Cowboy State open to the public Monday and it continues until mid-September. It's been quite a raw Winter as El Nino is to return around mid-Summer. Because regular, consistent rains are something nearly alien to most Wyomingites, some homes and businesses suffer an occasional, small, nagging leak. The type where you put out a pan or two to catch and hopefully minimize a mess. This was the case at one local business, loaded with shoppers, so the necessary signs and a bucket were strategically placed at the edge of an aisle, and I doubt have been moved since. Here at the Square of Solitude, it's the kitchen vent with rain dripping slowly from a narrow upper cabinet and alongside the microwave oven onto the portion of the stovetop I've never used. Two pans remain ready to catch more of it as the weatherman predicts more gradual rains throughout today, maybe early Monday. As I write this, the visibility is almost a mile. This issue is something I need to investigate, although not typical. This never happens with snowmelt! On my road, well away from my driveway, I could see where a car had gotten stuck. Another neighbor helped them out of their jam. Earlier that afternoon on the first day of these extensive rains, my truck had almost gotten stuck on the same road, too! Mud Season is being extended thanks to the beneficial rains, held in place by a large, omega-shaped Rex Block weather system. It's useless to wash the vehicle until the rains cease, long enough so the road mud has hardened. I had planted numerous apple seedlings just before the event, the very wet environment giving them the really good chance of success not found in most years here. Some of the larger, more developed seedlings were left outside in a small plastic planter with sufficient potting soil, to catch the ongoing, light rain, the best source of water for these sprouts to enjoy. Sunshine should return by late Monday and I'll move the delicate plantings to a more suitable location for warmth. It's a bit strange, yet not unusual to put on a coat in mid-May here due to late snows, but that hasn't happened. The last accumulating snow last year was May 20th. Temps barely made the mid-50's with lows in the low 40's, and a few 60's to return during the coming week. I had to return a communications microwave dish for replacement as the electronics weren't functional enough for me to initiate the required setup. Otherwise, expected deliveries of other necessities and certain electronics arrived with no issues. I'm close to making another Casper trip for other necessities and looking forward to hearing from the tower construction contractors regarding their bids, likely during this week.

Oh my damn!! I called my mother earlier Saturday afternoon to announce that Hades has frozen over! PulseChain went MAINNET at 0000z (6pm MDT, 5/12) and in a matter of hours, the price of a PLS swap was skyrocketing. Why, many of you ask? The jealous bastards at one flegling competitor decided on DDoS attacks of our wonderful chain, but unlike other chains who cracked at the pressure for different reasons, the competition allegedly are pissing away money to keep up this nonsense to cause disruption for any possible reason. From what I've learned so far, it's wonderful for us Pulsians and PulseX brothers and sisters in the space as they're literally dumping decent amounts of PLS that will cause remaining coins to increase in value, especially over time. Thus far, their costly try to achieve schadenfreude has failed and they'd be wise to halt it until the Bridge, allowing transfers of ETH assets to PLS and vice-versa, is implemented, likely by Monday or more likely, Tuesday. My relatives and so many fellow Hexicans (an impatient bunch still learning what makes a solid project) were very concerned if the release would ever take place, but again, I had reassured many on twitter and telegram that RH and the Devs wouldn't let us down. In reality, mainnet was operating in the background while Richard's Devs were ensuring what they recently implemented would work in a real stress test. Immediately, the HEX price essentially halved as there are literally twice the liquid HEX and staked HEX in existence at the launch. Furthermore, the real PLS has been delivered to addresses in which sacrifice was initiated from. Let me warn users of MetaMask that one person reported getting scammed of 4M PulseX through a malicious link he had connected. At this point, I'm clueless as to the specific link or site he used and for me to assist in taking this shit down, I must be informed so PhishTank can assist the community as they have in the past.

As a security measure, a separate address was used in the sacrifice phase from the primary I use elsewhere. This was in case someone, somehow cracked the main address and chose to clear me out. I wouldn't be without as that second address is also secured in a separate location, not with the first. ALWAYS consider your security profile from a worst-case scenario! My future students get maximum credence from my course by both attendance and heeding the importance of securing these assets as I've done. Literally, months ago, I mentioned here of my computer crashing. The Hard Drive lost the Master Boot Record and it couldn't be restored. I had to spend massive time copying some files which had not been backed up, but I never had to worry with my MetaMask wallet as that information was found from my secure, physical backup. The wallets' seed phrase not only restored my main address, but the other addresses I used! I know two people who failed to secure their password, seed phrase, or private key of a critical digital asset they owned. Don't YOU be next! It's a loss which is hard to swallow, especially if in the case of one of them, could've earned them enough money to completely purchase a decent home, in the city where this person lives.

Also in crypto news, Bitcoin's fees have truly escalated and may continue doing so. Richard Heart tweeted differences between BTC and the upcoming PulseChain, which are significant. Bitcoin had their chance sometime back to strike consensus to expand the transaction capacity. Now, additional factors are adding to fees as MemPool is clogging quickly, as was the case in late 2017/early 2018:

From The Block Pro Research, and I've added some content as well:
What has caused this network of over 14 years to just recently see this transaction breakout (and a corresponding fee rise) despite the price of BTC still less than half its peak.
There have been over 100,000 Ordinals Inscriptions (when you attach metadata to a specific satoshi to create an NFT on Bitcoin) every day since April 26th. The continued popularity of Ordinals has hinted at a change of Bitcoin’s public perception after it has previously often been touted as a somewhat stagnant blockchain.
Speaking to the shift, the principles of Ordinals have been used to generate a Bitcoin token standard, BRC-20. This has allowed people to issue tokens (including pepe) on the Bitcoin network. In general, these new Bitcoin memecoins have driven a MASSIVE uptick in activity, with BRC-20 transactions surpassing regular Bitcoin transactions on April 30th, May 1st, May 6th, and May 7th. The market cap across all BRC-20 tokens has already reached $900 million.
Recent banking uncertainty in the U.S. is also a reminder of Bitcoin’s core use case as a permissionless, trustless, and transparent form of money.

That makes me wonder how much longer before consensus to expand the transaction box size, or otherwise putting advances in BTC at risk, especially in El Salvador where it remains recognized as legal tender.

 Several Proud Boys members were found guilty for seditious conspiracy in D.C. in the J-6 rally. Not surprising, they're the precursor for DoJ, et al. to place the same charges on Donald J. Trump. Hey, whatever it takes to take down the Top Dog, the ONE MAN with the capabilities to hammer the jackass socialists, marxists, communists deep into the soil. Keep your eyes on the ball!

UPDATE: Voice AI Scams. Scroll down to my 4/17 entry to read about them, if not already. Hey, I told you so! Thursday 5/4, Alex Jones of InfoWars gets a call from Canada. Twitter's Prank Stallone (@theJCS) calls Jones on his cellphone spoofing Tucker Carlson's phone number, then through a computer-generated voice identical to Tucker Carlson, plays obscenities and harasses Alex. The Canadian intended to play his end of the recording on his podcast on 5/8 and I've heard one report he's been arrested. Neither Carlson or Jones are playing around and reportedly have lawyers on this. We The People shouldn't dismiss this incident so readily. Remember, it could well be you or your family next! With Prank Stallone, he apparently is looking to earn social troll credence and considers it a joke. If incidents as this are allowed to go legally unanswered, don't whine and moan when you or someone you love winds up losing money in a scam, even if a kidnapping doesn't take place. Bottom Line? This was an identity crime. I agree with Jones on this one. Artificial Intelligence can be used for either good or bad. This nonsense needs to be reined in, quickly!

Nashville shooter's Manifesto is essentially being withheld from public view. What are the Feds hiding? We already suspect significant collusion with the Deep State and a few who've viewed it have leaked that the extremists want a gun battle or other action to disarm responsible gun owners. America is very well-armed and we're ready for such fringe groups, which is something that scares the Deep State to the point they fear their power gets fully stripped. Already, most politically-aware Americans are trusting the FBI less and less!

It's not just the FBI and CIA looking more and more ugly, but even our military. Why in the hell did the Navy appoint an active duty drag queen as an ambassador? So, the COVID jab mandates weren't enough, right? (facepalm) Uugh!! Just remember this when Elections occur next year, even if the scum steal them again.

That's it for now. Bear in mind from the recently-published twitter thread, the "20 life lessons every father must teach his son." of Rule 1; No one will love you as much as your mother. No woman, no friend, no organization will ever love you as much as your mother. Her love is unique. It's a blessing you can rely on. But to expect this type of love from anyone else, especially your spouse, will lead to heartbreak." 'Nuff said.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings Y'all,

 Spring is taking hold here in Wyoming. Several sunny days with 70-degree highs have taken place and I'm seeing more neighbors riding their horses again (I'll be joining them in due course). I think the antler shed hunters are busy, although state trust land doesn't open up for public access until 5/15. I'm taking the nasal allergy spray again, albeit not as often. My new weed whacker has gotten some nice usage and I'm impressed with the Black & Decker unit that came with two batteries. I already have a second charger unit because of the B&D cordless drill I have. I can run the whacker for 50 minutes total before I have to wait 5 hours. String, you ask? I've got extra to use. The autofeed function is fine and I don't have to bump the bottom front. Later in the month, I'll have the usual changeover to my summer tires on the truck. I'm planning for the construction of my 115' tower and await a bid or two coming in for my consideration. I'm also looking at my old barn for reroofing and residing. Inside, it's not too ugly and the weed whacker has come in handy in there! Still, I have more old hay cubes to shovel away before it's worked on. I'll have less time to spend here whenever I'm really busy. A Wyoming Winter goes for half the year and add another month at the end for Mud Season. Because of my hill, that's shortened maybe a couple of weeks, unless the snowpack is really heavy. I need to ready things for two days of showers, we can use the rain here while lower elevation areas may have to worry with snowmelt flooding.

Janet Yellen, our Treasury Secretary, is warning us that Uncle Sam may well run out of money as soon as June 1st. That isn't all.. I'm connecting some dots here to paint for you, quite the nasty outcome. Sudanese fighters, involved with WAR, get to play with viruses as they occupy a viral lab! This likely becomes the next convenient excuse for the next outlay, maybe Phase II of the scamdemic, or the WHO (World Health Organization) voicing why governments should allow them to become our Medical Masters. Bear in mind, it's at the end of May when additions to their existing treaty are to be added, these meetings being essentially done in secret! Can you begin to grap why the American government "handlers" behind the curtain want so badly for WW III to begin? It's a Diversion of Diversions. Not to be forgotten, all these issues with various major banks. Jamie Dimon wants everyone to believe the system is Safe and Sound and so says Big Guy Biden. Why does this sound like our TV sets and radios spouting out the Safe and Effective mantra about the COVID-19 vax. I say "bullshit!" to both of these and remind each of you, humble readers, to get your preparations finished. Bonus Points awarded if you withdraw and secure cash in a secure spot, NOW. Although not financial advice in a legal sense, nevertheless, I expect the "financial hurricane" that Dimon initially referred to, could begin later this month and could include bank runs, plus an extended "holiday". You see, a HOT WAR can't be ruled out in America, both domestically and foreign. The Great Reset is something which control-freak elitists have wanted to experience, many in on the decades-long planning. Brandon gets re-elected next year? He still wants Wordsalad Harris in the Veep role. The more I witness, the more I sense the shit hits the fan, maybe by the month's end as Hal Turner is opining on his shortwave radio show, heard weeknights. I sincerely pray I'm wrong, but The Quickening has an ever-tightening belt.

"Quickening" isn't a recent add-on to American slang. Art Bell mentioned it often during his Coast To Coast AM broadcasts, often to describe how much shorter the news cycle was becoming, events getting ever more-stacked. To add to the Quickening and likelihood of HOT WAR, there was an assassination attempt on Putin, early yesterday, 5/3. The Ukranians may be celebrating it now, but I doubt The Bear will tolerate this degree of provocation much longer, even if it creates a NATO Article V situation. Some are asking if the reported drone strike at the Kremlin was a false flag? Who knows! I do sense The Bear is pissed and seeking relief. Another convenient diversion to any HOT WAR is the fact that Title 42 expires Thursday 5/11, although Biden's Administration likely hasn't enforced it since Joe's fraudulent election. Our already-pourous southern border opens up even wider, despite the White House Press Secretary gaslighting us that border crossings have been reduced by 90 percent. Those 1,500 troops the Big Guy sent there will be there only to assist Border Patrol as massive caravans are already in transit. It's a massive brainwashing operation we're experiencing! Yours Truly has an original copy of the late Roy Masters' Brainwashing book; "A synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics" and it's truly a powerful read. I think you can download it today from the Foundation of Human Understanding website.

In Arkansas news, ZeroHedge had the headline "Hunter is now the Hunted!" He's ordered to appear on future court paternity hearings for his daughter. The mother also seeks to change the child's surname to Biden, which Hunter strongly opposes. Biden appeared Monday, 5/1 in Batesville (Independence County) and at least some court-expected documents regarding his income weren't available at the hearing which Judge Meyer wasn't at all impressed. She set a deadline of 5/12 for attorneys to present answers to each of the discovery responses to be completed and filed. Also, the report notes Hunter will return to Arkansas for additional depositions next month. Apparently, he finds $20,000/mo to be a bit steep on child support, but that may open a major can of uberschiess if he's found lying, especially with so much under the microscope as the Judge notably stated.

I'm a former resident of the area, having briefly worked both an airshift and occasionally as News Director at one of the Batesville stations during '90. The Batesville I remember over 30 years ago is one of generally no-nonsense, although it wasn't always that way! After all, there's no Batesville Police. Independence County Sheriffs Office had a Metro Division covering the city when I worked in broadcasting.

OBITS: No more "Jerry! Jerry! JERRY!!" as Jerry Springer died Thursday, 4/27 in Chicago of pancreatic cancer. The former Cincinatti Mayor was 79 and had transformed TV with his shows and helped with various spinoffs, such as the Wilkos Show. As Jerry himself said to close his programs "Take care of yourself, and each other." which I've not forgotten, having worked at Little Rock's Springer affiliate and often responsible for catching the show's feeds when Jerry was doing the shows in Chicago.

Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian icon and treasure, passed at 84, Monday. Old timers here already know how well his music has aged and remains aired on so many American stations, especially "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" of the biggest boat on all the Great Lakes, sunk into Lake Superior due to a nasty 1975 storm killing the entire crew of 29. Maybe he's performing for each of them now? RIP. That's it for now. Back outside I go, yet there's planning and hopefully making some really good things happen. May the Fourth be with you, too!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, Y'all!

Tucker Carlson? He's OUTTA THERE! Fox fired let him go this morning, Monday 4/24. There was tremendous pressure against Tucker for this outcome. New York's AOC on MSNBC wants more journalistic regulations on the federal level, blaming Carlson for inciting violence (haven't we heard the same congressional bullshit from the J-6 select committee regarding Trump?) Alex Jones broke this on his InfoWars show, first thing at 11AM CDT. More details to come. The Globalist elites have pulled away the stops when Fox loses their #1 host. Juanita Broaddrick sees through some of it. "Follow the money trail!" exclaimed Rush Limbaugh over and over and over again!! JB asks "Did Fox offer Tucker and others on a silver platter to avoid paying the Dominion settlement?" To be transparent, I learned anchor Don Lemon was fired from CNN today, also suddenly! This was a major bellwether event and I sense (and predict) collusion from TPTB. Expect shock waves to reach most, if not all, MSM and alternative alike. With that said, Tucker will return. Expect significant Truth Bombs to come...

I'm up early Monday writing this, having spent time watching weak northern lights, the show ending pretty much before 2AM. Mostly a faint glow of greenish-teal, I noticed some orange and red hints coming in. To know they were for real, it was just before 1AM MDT when I got to witness my first-ever Aurora pillar, greenish-teal with a supporting column twice the width of the pillar, quickly followed by two smaller pillars with no support columns, around a degree separated in the northern sky. Severe geomagnetic conditions (8.00 measured twice) made this show possible. Could there be stronger Aurora to come? YES! Solar Cycle 25 is nowhere near peaked, so it could get really crazy. For now, I'm very jealous of those further northward in Canada who got incredible, lengthy shows of this event, and Norway? Some of it had incredible Fourth of July quality atmospheric "fireworks" going on. HF (shortwave between 3-30Mhz) communications were pretty much ruined in polar regions and my cheap little radio downstairs struggled to receive much of anything, especially on higher frequencies. Now, the earthly weather lately has been a huge "Meh!" or nothingburger. With a firmly-entrenched northwesterly flow across the Cowboy State, our highs haven't reached much above 50 in the past several days. From time to time, a brief snow shower visits the region. When this occurs overnight, we're getting from a dusting to maybe an inch of snow, short-lived as the Sun's steeper angle melts it off within a few hours. Some type of self-propelled or riding mower is about to enter the Square of Solitude and I'll also be considering a tractor with capabilities of lifting large volumes of hay, with attachments for snow removal. A snow blower is out of consideration due to potential property damage concerns. I'm also trying to obtain information on one particular tower construction contractor for scheduling later in the Summer. I expect my persistence will pay off.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's inventor, decided to walk away and leave it in good hands exactly 12 years and one day ago today, Monday 4/24. He meant it to be a payment means and some who've participated in it from its inception have done this, myself included. Gradually, BTC became a digital storage of value. Decentralized currency as this opened up the world to a more international means of exchange, not having to deal so much with the money changers at the airport, who upon return, refused to accept for exchange, anything below a 5 euro bill. It's not been at all perfect. Richard Heart is quick to let you know the two discovered inflation bugs. I'm quick to let you know of the instance when Bitcoin's blockchain mempool remained full in late 2017, early 2018 where it required around 3 months to move $16 USD of it from one address to another, otherwise, if I had chased the fee, it would've been more expensive to send it. Nevertheless, it was my beginning into crypto during 2010 as a college student in Iowa. Ethereum has been affected by excessive miners fee, the pressure continuing to this day as we await Pulsechain mainnet. v4.0 testnet exists and it's running very well, thank you! Back to Bitcoin; thankfully, taproot and Lightning Network upgrades have lowered the miner fees. What will the next dozen years be like? If the world isn't blown up completely, many opportunities await HODLers, as HEX presented to me! Finally, do I expect Bitcoin to reach the magical 100k USD? Hell yeah! Satochi.. Wherever you are.. You'll continue to receive our continued, timeless admiration.

Sudan is at WAR again. Just like the shitshow in Afghanistan last year, we're having a repeat performance with the Big Guy Administration bringing back maybe 100 or so, plus a Canadian or two. Now, private security companies are doing what America SHOULD HAVE DONE! By the way, the Big Guy wants to run for re-election next year. Is it yet time to declare the 25th Amendment and get his pathetic self removed? The only bad thing is Cameltoe! Her giggly mess will only make matters way worse. I'm hearing that the Dems want to skip the 2024 debates. This is something which RFK Jr. should demand a debate. He can wipe the floor of any debate stage with Biden and anyone on the Big Guy's crime family!

Business Insider has this wonderful, informative article on the Swiss and why they rarely have have mass shootings. Now, you get MY SAY on it! These lih'-bu-hurl Yankees and other Coasters seem to keep out a critical portion of the overall equation! I continue to encourage each and every one of my humble readers to visit SSRI Stories which features after-the-fact summaries of mass shooters and how over-medicated on psych drugs that way too many Americans are. A situation not so apparent in Switzerland or the EU for that matter! Don't believe me? Ask any foreign Border Guard to explain how many pharm pill containers they're seeing from visiting Americans. Regarding the Nashville shooter, 1) We've still NOT seen the shooter's Manifesto! Let that sink in!! 2) The shooter's toxilogical profile hasn't become public knowledge as of this submission, as this often takes months to fully resolve, yet we know due to the transgender circumstances, the biological female likely had extreme amounts of testosterone. To summarize, this hormone is extremely powerful, even in small amounts to bio-females, even though they naturally produce some. Men who have Rx of it in creme form are warned to prevent contact of the medicated area with their female significant other and children! One radio show explained the shooter's phenomenon of gender therapy as female menopause hot flashes with a multiple of ten or greater! Is this something which the Swiss have experienced? I don't think so.

Since I mentioned the Nashville trans shooter's Manifesto not having been released, there's a REASON (or several) for this. Simply click the link for the story as it essentially covers the points I'd bring up here. This is also being brought up on OAN and other outlets as of this submission. It may be due to the weaponized nature of the Bureau and concerns of how American voters will react to an unredacted release, the next elections to come around in a year and half. Consider too, corporations not only want favor from the government, but they want favor from the UN/WEF and their Credit Score minions for approval when UBI recipient sheeple (the few with a high-enough score to earn themselves a purchase) want beer, just the approved corporates who played along with the elite's narrative bullshit will be able to sell through the CBDC. Finally, are you seeing the light? It's still a long tunnel, yet maybe some of you are getting glimmers of a few distant rays. RESIST for now by using ca$h fiat, whenever possible. Don't rely too much on your plastic. It's hazardous when it burns.

The SEC Head, Gary Gensler, was throughly barbequed by Congress, especially in regard to his seemingly-hostile stance on most crypto matters under his agency's umbrella. Again, as a silver investor, I keenly recall the LOUSY job he did as CFTC Chairman during their silver manipulation investigation, lasting four years with JP Morgan making out like bandits. I don't think any fines were issued and nobody served a picosecond of jail time. I don't know if it was more expensive than the Russia, Russia, RUSSIA! "collusion" investigation of Trump, the gigantic nothingburger that was beyond ridiculous. That's how BADLY the Dems hate The Donald! Although he has self-centered tendencies, he truly loves America. You can't say that about the majority of Dems and certain GOP'ers. Voters should no longer concern themselves about the "experience" of their Congre$$ Critt3Rz when they continue getting a repeated "experience" of The Shaft from the same! It's called the Ballot Box and may God have mercy on all concerned who live in Soros-funded DAs/PAs in blue states.

Washington State passes Bill 5599. It's all over the news that this legislation, passed by both legislative houses, makes it legal for that state to proceed with gender changing of children who identify as transexual, no parental notification required and paid for by Washington State taxpayers. This also applies to ANY runaway child stating their desire for this irreversible procedure(s) who make it there to be sheltered and sexually slaughtered. The slippery slope has begun into the Perfect Storm. May God have mercy on our souls..

On occasion, Hades still freezes over! Nebraska's senators passed a permitless, concealed carry law in Lincoln. For those not familiar, this nearly-minted Nebraskan (I almost landed a job in Keith County during Summer, 2007) can teach you details of its unicameral (single legislative house) nature. There are but 35 senators in all of Cornhusker Land, and for each bill passed - it had to pass TWICE! I like the ease and less expense, especially in political regard which Nebraskans endure each election cycle. Furthermore, this process may well help on weeding out bad bills more efficiently than here in Wyoming, where the rush of bills between House and Senate chambers becomes quite a dizzying hissy-fit in the final days of each session, annually in Cheyenne. I'll grant the bill's sponsor, Senator Tom Brewer has good tenacity and patience! It passed after six consecutive tries. It's the latest after Arkansas and Florida, now #26 in this category. My mother in Arkansas is very pleased of Gov. Sanders having signed a similar bill into law in Little Rock, perhaps two weeks ago.

That's it for now. The Quickening has switched to a larger gear, by necessity.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, Y'all!

 It snowed thrice Saturday here on the Square of Solitude. Temps are too great during the daylight hours to keep it solid, so it melted away. In much of eastern Wyoming, we're watching for flooding potential along the creeks and rivers. The mountaintops aren't near as white, so water is on the way down the mountain and up the rising waterways. My little Crater Pond is filled. It should last through most of the Summer and could well keep water into early Autumn if rains continue into late Spring. Officially, an El Nino event has been declared and is months away at the latest. March was rough on me. My truck was in for lengthly engine fixup, but I was prepared. Earlier this month, another big storm affected this region. I'm now catching up on bills and very fortunate to have appropriate resources. I have family to visit but haven't decided on when to vacate, but neighbors are being notified to keep watch as I'd do the same for them. Shopping list? A tractor with snowblade is being considered. I have a communications tower or two to get priced and get bids from a tower construction contractor or two. I have around 50' of fence to shore up the backyard of 30+ of my acres, to purchase. That old barn looks even older and I need badly to get a contractor with crew to get new siding and a metal roof with new doors, both ends on it. Horses? They'll come along and the barn will do for two head. There's yet another deal I've been pitched recently and seriously considering it. I have ample, fallow, unused land for production which should help me pay my taxes to the County going forth. Landowners have a voice. Larger landowners have an amplified voice and God has already blessed me with my own Big Mouth which I intend to use as warranted. Nevertheless, your prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated.

 It's on the way.. The Unicoin! Click the link and look at the avatar, icon, or logo it has. Quite a long horn it has to stab each of us where the Sun doesn't shine, removing all our economic freedoms from We The People. Sadly, there are too many weaklings not willing to resist, most continuing to make piss-poor money decisions. I warn you, once accepted by us, we'll be ENSLAVEN by it! Remember, Congress gave our sovereign monetary rights away to the FedRes over a century ago and they'll likely trick us into thinking that nothing can be done so they can't be easily blamed. They still have to be re-elected, correct? The FedCoin, likely the predecessor to Unicoin, I think is coming out in just months from now! You're among the few who are awake enough to resist NOW with making purchases with fiat and continuing to use it in utter resistance. The more electronic purchases you use, the less demand the FedRes and US Treasury has to maintain currency and coin respectively for the public. Doing this simple step whenever possible, will at the least, delay full implementation and maybe, perhaps, give us enough time to get others educated to this oncoming rape of our economic liberties. In the immediate timeframe, save your pocket change and whatever denominations of currency to squirrel away, not in the banks, not even your trusted local banks. They'll be called on by their bigger parents and uncles to provide liquidity. Besides, if an economic "holiday" is declared, you'll be in a way-better position of keeping bills paid and steps ahead of elites who truly want you to fail. Don't disclose how much you possess and don't entrust your bank box!! Keep it under your wing or somewhere secure in your nest. I fully expect plenty of really rank, nasty shit to hit the fan. China is already encircling Taiwan, yet reports continue that America has damned little in ammo to continue Ukraine's campaign. Russia is winning and will win Ukraine! I predict certain EU nations, particularly Finland, will regret joining NATO. China will await to strike and ultimately break off the UN/WEF on many of the globalist pegs. When enough USD comes roaring back in from other sovereigns, inflation will roar its ugly head, despite the UN/WEF and they know this! The sad part is that for nations now ditching the dollar, they won't be able to rely on us to do any saving their skins, not that we're in much a position to be able to assist any longer.

 A new, dangerous and more menacing scam is appearing. VOICE AI scams!! The FCC has a narrow window to truly force certain bad actors from using this new tech with caller ID spoofing, which continues. Elon Musk talks about AI outdoing humans. Is he considering if we stop feeding it so much intelligence, especially NOW? That is clearly the long-term solution as long as humans have freedom and history has freedom to both continue their evolution. This also becomes an issue with people spending excessive time with AI, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, which Italy is beginning to set strict regulations, especially in regard to age, using it. It's much like a smartphone v2.0! Feel this?? AI will claim to feel it and convince you of bullshit, caused by input of others who have their own agendas. Another dangerous factor to consider which few if any mention is the fact that AI, via shared intelligence, can operate decentralized and universally, versus Man who is centralized by biological necessity. We are in societal dynamic change and should exercise care going forth! Biological memory should always trump AI on human experience, no matter how close to it that AI can become. We have evolved in such a manner that sudden changes as envisioned by our new UN/WEF masters, whom we didn't vote or even have a solid voice in their matters, can handle the change in this dimension without complete mental and societal collapse. So THAT'S what the Big Guy means by Building Back Better? Don't believe it for a picosecond! After all, AI is a conscience WITHOUT A SOUL! Remember how primitive that Microsoft's "Tay" was? The world has already forgotten it and the next generation has arrived, although specific social constructs will inevitable invade as Tay was on his first day, but more subtly. Soon, expect more radio DeeJays to be replaced with AI. RadioGPT is among the pioneers, yet they admit their technology falls short. Trust that this technology must be carefully monitored to remain compliant to FCC regs and otherwise. Human intervention, I sense will come back into the equation in emergencies. It was fun to be part of the old school radio (1982-2007 off and on for me) RIP.

Solutions, you ask? How about an AI Fantasy Team?? There will very likely be more than one AI and we can expect open source distributions of it. I also expect that some versions will likely enforce various filtering which can be used for either good or evil! Before we can get there, social media and the available information from the Surveilance State must be reined in! We willingly give away too much information, caring precious little about Terms of Service, allowing full plagiarization. So who gets sued? AI is not a person and is likely as regulated as Bitcoin was during year 2009 when it arrived. The Wild West of information intelligence is further expanding and the Ocean through the Beaches via Electronic Manifest Destiny are being sought. From this point forward, exercise care of what information you give as AI presently has an incredible buffet to work with. Trust that Congress will likely do little if anything to realistically curb the diet, especially when the Deep Catch, the sheer information, is way deeper than the Real ID. If the UN doesn't already have our Drivers License data through this nonsense, I'd be surprised. Caveat Emptor!

The United Nations is apparently hellbent in putting through a fully marxist, facist, communist agenda. They now want age of consent to be a thing of the past. Tell me, why does the USA and others continue to support this utter stupidity? The UN building in NYC deserves to be gutted and the valuable real estate sold off.

Finally, is RICE the new culprit? More huge lies continue from the elites and their minion agencies. This is worse than the manure often used to fertilize this crop! You should already add rice and beans to your dry food rations as it's a complete protein.

OBITS: "Nurse Able", Judy Farrell of M.A.S.H. fame passed on Sunday 4/2 due to complications of a stroke she suffered nine days earlier. She was 84.

Some people got this wrong. The four with ABBA are still alive. Its their stellar guitarist, a fellow Swede who passed of cancer days ago. Lasse Wellander was with the group throughout their biggest successes, including the group's most recent release in 2021 "Voyage" and will be sorely missed. He was 70.

That's it for a busy Monday. I'm going back outside to enjoy this nice, sunny day on the Square of Solitude and decide what to do next. News is coming in fast and deep. As possible, I'll give you my take on these events.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings Y'all!,

Under 2 feet of snow has fallen here on the Square of Solitude. I've taken numerous pics but still don't have the time for a quick update on the Pic of the Week (when resumed, I'll announce it on Twitter) It was beautiful having seen nearly all the bare ground and the antelope returing before Monday. Now, just the birds are enjoying what they can forage on a small spot of my driveway where the wind has blown away all the snow on a 20 square foot circle. I gave several here and in Casper, the Heads Up of what the model data was indicating and gulped when I read the QPF values of up to 2.5" liquid beforehand. Just as the last big snowstorm, this too was a strengthening Colorado Low-Pressure system. It moved slightly more eastward than earlier forecast and the cold front along the south of it again poses a severe threat to Dixieland. Good news is that we're approaching a period of more than a week of relief. Mid=April could well deliver another wallop, although this is way too early to pin down.

Sorry, Trump's appearance in NY yesterday is second-fiddle to this. Keep your eyes on the ball as China has declared they're ready to be center stage of the New World Order. Oil is now being purchased with no dollar exposure or interaction by more and more nations. I understand France and Japan have joined this. So much for friendships we fostered in the past, but we have absolute marxist, facist, communist jackasses running the various DC asylums. Load up your gas tanks and continue your prepping NOW! I fully expect and predict inflation to severely ramp up and haven't been at all alone in this regard. Worse yet, due to OPEC's production cut of 1.15M bbls/day for most of the remainder of this year, gasoline will likely hike at least 75 cents by mid-May, if that long. What am I doing? I'm paying my county taxes to get that nagging headache out of the way and have been in food and ca$h preparations. Do your best to keep your debts paid up and continue prepping! The Dollar will take a painful crash and I have no idea of how long that will require to Great Reset for us. Bottom Line is that the Yuan will very, very likely replace the USD as the Reserve Currency and We the Empire are ruled by CL0WN$ so stop kidding yourselves that we're really so great! India is nearly ready to join, Mexico will likely become part of it, too. The BRICS continues to grow with Iran and Egypt joining. Russia could be thrown under the bus by the time the dust settles, even with their stronger economy. This is something NOT to ignore, now that Trump has appeared in the Manhattan Court. Our lives as Americans will likely change for the worse because no viable solutions are being enacted right now.

It's happened!! The ham sandwich has been indicted and Pandora's Box is opened, albeit with likely-weak results and potentially severe results to be manifest decades into the future. The Donald becomes our first President to receive a criminal indictment and became the first person to receive such indictment while a primary contender for his Partys' nomination at that! The Clown World has unveiled their star performance! I'm surprised he wasn't placed in cuffs. When does the mug shot come out?? It didn't happen.The Dems remain extremely desperate and pulling all the stops to keeping Orange Man out of the Oval Office in '24, despite any severe damage or other fallout to their party. The Method to the Means, rest be damned, is why they've gone short-circuit. Even if the flimsy Manhattan case fails, expect Atlanta and D.C. to fire additional volleys over the bow in hopes of making a mark. You see, this is nothing more than a POWER PLAY, just like their UN/WEF buddies push for. Alvin Bragg, a known receiver of George Soros funding, kept his promise as a good marionette. Trying to charge a Federal crime in a State court? 34 charges of falsified business records were brought up at arraingment Tuesday. Was the Stormy hush money made from campaign funds? That would be a crime, yet doubtful this was done, Cohen being smart enough to avoid such an outcome. I correctly predicted Trump would be released that same day. I'm predicting that Trump's counsel will push for a speedy trial instead of the nonsense December 2nd slated for The Donald's return appearance. I'm also fully supportive of a change in venue where Staten Island can at least provide a jury with functional operating brains instead of the ongoing constistently liberal, socialist, marxist, communist political evisceration. One point of view given which makes the greatest sense to me; Alvin has allowed barely under half of felony cases he and his minions carry responsibility, to be released back into society where they're causing harm - typical of outcomes from other Soros-backed DAs/PAs/CAs in this country. Unless Bragg himself either resigns soon or becomes indicted and jailed, he'll be promoted OUTSIDE of politics to some cushy position, much like most of these scumbag quack "panelists" who sold our children down the river, by voting unanomously to allow infants at 6 months of age to receive the extremely dangerous COVID "vaccine." They'll burn for their severe lack of critical thinking.

As several others and myself continue to predict, 1) DJT will win next year in a landslide, pulling off the Grover Cleveland move, 2) He will finally dismantle the Deep State if capable of it and it must be carefully done. It was the CIA who killed JFK after the latter promised massive change, if not outright elimination of that agency. 3) He must NEVER allow Swamp Creatures in both his Inner Orbit or Cabinet again. Most importantly, if you're conservative and see the Nashville shooting as absolute nonsense, this may be our collective chance of preventing a Civil War v2.0 as we've already come damned close to it already - something which the UN/WEF would love to see.

The FedRes raised rates by 25 basis points, simply a quarter-percent. They're still claiming they'll pivot (ceasing further rate raises in victory or usually - capitulation.) yet I suspect the horses left the barn a short while back. As mentioned at the start, many nations have agreed to put the Dollar out to pasture. France is now purchasing oil from China in Yuan currency. Brazil and China have now agreed to trade in each others' currencies. Y'all awake and prepping?

Getting on a plane? Yet another alphabet agency is failing us again. You remember the 737 Max series jets and the shitty design flaws. Apparently they've been "fixed" and we've not heard of any more issues popping up. Boeing had to shell out plenty and their airline customers weren't happy for months about it. Think I'm a heretic for bringing up this FAA shit again? Take a look at recent questions posed to the person vying for approval as the agency's next Administrator. Embarassing as hell! Furthermore, look at what COVID vax mandates by the airlines have done!! Smart pilots avoided the jabs. Myocarditis, likely due to unmitigated spike protein production, has forced the agency's hand. I doubt this turns out so good. I mentioned in another forum recently that my frequent monitoring of aviation traffic has brought up an observation.. I'm getting more foreign dialects on my scanner, even on domestic airlines and routes. I listen to almost a dozen ATC frequencies in three ATC regions and will contribute to the growing network of ADS-B feeders. No wonder there's much jabbering behind the scenes for our airspace to follow our railroads. A single pilot? What the fuck could go wrong. AI is nowhere near ready to assume control and I can only imaging the stress level if controllers are required to assume control over these craft to maintain safety, or is that even being thought through? Certainly these all-knowing Think Tanks in the Swamp and nearby have those magical solutions. I still get in arguments with people over the not-so-ready technology of autonomous driving in EV's, spare the battery heating issues that most models on the road suffer from. ((face palm))

Finally, I was hunting around in the comments section of the topic "Things that have become obsolete since 2000." which gave much food for thought, phone books in particular! The best one I found was a story from the 90's; "When I was in fourth grade (1994) I had a beta (sic) fish. One morning it was gone and disappeared. Swore my mom flushed him. About 3 or 4 years later I was using an old phone book to find Blockbuster Video number in the Yellow Pages and BOOM! There was my fish from 4th grade. He musta hopped out his tank and landed on that phone book. Got closed up and no one noticed. :-(

That's it for now. Spring Quickening has already sprung. Little Rock reached near 90 degrees yesterday while I didn't touch 30. It'll be nice for the expected warmup by the weekend. Take care!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!,

 Spring has sprung as of 3:24pm MDT Monday, but... Don't be so sure of that. That otherwise-useless groundhog Phil was spot on! Weatherwise, much of Dixieland has continued under a freeze and predictions of cold rain and snow, even a snowstorm in certain areas, could be coming up very soon! This being released Wednesday, my town expects 1 to 3 inches of snow as the day goes on. Yesterday, except for some of the deepest drifts, the snow was gone! Remember too, I'm nearly at the 5,000' elevation - high enough I have to follow high altitude directions on certain foods I prepare. Last year's latest season snow was May 20th and the first snow this season was October 24th here at the Square of Solitude.

 Could Trump be arrested? Not once, not twice but THREE TIMES this next week? Some predict tax evasion through his businesses will be the first shoe to drop with two other witch hunts being done as payback by a million dollar Soros-funded DA there. One of the charges in regard to Stormy, has already expired past the statute of limitations! Will #45 be without his Secret Service detail? That's been under DEEP discussion and as Trump understands first-hand, them Yankees like the show being run their way! You see, the Dems have this deep craving for their wet dream of Trump in a jail cell and the key thrown away. Watch the Orange Guy pull off the Grover Cleveland move by a landslide is what the ZeroHedge article seemingly predicts. Furthermore, Elon predicts the same. At this time, I cannot disagree! As of Monday, there were fences going up at the Manhattan Court. InfoWars guest and lawyer Robert Barnes noted on Monday's program that this rarely occurs, usually when something or someone requires SIGNIFICANT security. We'll see where it goes. UPDATE: Breaking of this news could've forced Manhattan to delay any arrest. All we need watch for are the media with cameras outside the courthouse to suss out when it takes place. He's supposed to be indicted today (Wednesday) with next week being when he either gets arrested or goes to court. Dems on both coasts drool for when they can watch The Donald get fingerprinted and that mugshot? I pray he puts on his very best Presidential smile for it and that history gives a blessing for it. Finally, a keeper mug over that of globalist Bill Gates in Albuquerque, long ago. They think it'll keep him from running? They still don't understand DJT and likely never will until they've lost everything they worked for and served from a government food line in a UN or FEMA camp. We warned you assholes to be careful what you wished for!

There must be a (radio show host) Michael Brown misunderstanding. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vetoed the UCC bill (I think HB 1159) for the RIGHT reasons! As I understand it, it would've essentially allowed only centralized money transmission, such as the proposed CBDC to exist. Bitcoin, etc. would be an underground thing with no more fiat on-ramps or off-ramps. Worse yet, as I've mentioned in this Blog, ad nauseam - it would eliminate all private transfers. This is per the UN & WEF whom want decentralized crypto as dead! Noem will be kindly remembered for stomping on this incoming rape of our monetary freedoms. By the way, Sen. Lummis stands by Wyoming community banks and doesn't want them to suffer for SVB and other failures. I reminded her to watch out for the very likely CBDC and encourage Wyomingites reading this to do the same. There's plenty of spinning plates at play, here! Wyoming legislators, you're included in this, too.

Other Wyoming news includes Gov. Gordon allowing girls and women's sports to remain exactly that - Girls and Women's Sports! We became the 19th state to retain some sort of integrity in this regard. We preach Equal Rights on our flag and Motto, which was initially focused on gender. The Governor allowing this to become law helps others in the same fight. We're trending on Twitter due to his lack of action that allows the Cowboy State to become the first to outlaw dispensing abortion pills. This becomes effective June 1st. We can expect at least a limited black market in these meds as the cops have more important shit to worry about. A good friend in Casper still hasn't gotten his accident report from the po-po, downtown. It occurred nearly a half year ago! I'm encouraging him to crack the whip or go before the City Council, first getting on their agenda so they have to give him ample time. You know me.. I'd be doing it! Former media dude. It don't faze me to shake it up a bit.

Crypto is beginning the rebound. A hat tip to David Pope for this news from the Cowboy State Daily. Just in time, Wyoming becomes the first state with its own crypto! Gov. Gordon allowed this bill to become law through no action. And I agree with him that there's room for improvements, that amendments are to come in future sessions. As I hear more about this upcoming stablecoin, I'll pass it along. Yesterday, Bitcoin was biting the heels of 29k. HEX is beginning to catch FIRE! Tuesday, it briefly bumped past a dime each and excitement is building toward the v3 testnet launch. Truthfully, v3 has been running in the background and hasn't been publicly released, yet performing well. Richard Heart stated recently that we're warned the launch of v3 is also our sole warning of release of mainnet!! If you're smart, you won't sell your HEX and may well expect further pumps with any dips as buying opportunities. Since the subject of snapshot (the point in time where ETH chain is copied to PulseChain) wasn't tweeted, assume it may occur at any point before now and the mainnet release.BE DAMNED CAREFUL OF SCAMMERS as they're trying to steal your HEX and will likely continue trying for the next several weeks and months during mainnet launch. This is their time for their best games. I've reported accounts of two this week and blocked two others, yesterday. Regarding Maximus and related HEX staking products, they've been pumping up very nicely in anticipation of Pool Party. You can learn more via the Maximus telegram channel.

Another quick update that Silk, of Diamond & Silk fame remains in the fight! She believes strongly that her sister succumbed to effects of COVID shedding from someone else having been vaxxed, despite Trump's reluctance to distance himself from continued support of the jabs. Although I'm not a medical professional, this is something treatable via ivermectin, taken regularly. Her appearance on InfoWars yesterday was really timely, she didn't mince her words and she's proudly carrying the torch in her sister's honor! I'll tune in for Mrs. Richardson for her Frank Speech show (8pm MST) as I can.

A Working Cowboy ProTip: When it comes to calving and certain ranch chores, blue jeans are useful, but not always!

Quote of the Week: Elon, you make a GOOD point!

Quote of the Year: From among the most intelligent women in all of crypto "Central bankers manufacture the price stability of fiat currencies by interfering with natural market processes. Their actions can lead to systemic instability. Bitcoin by contrast is designed for systemic stability, not price stability." - Caitlin Long

That's it for now. Be watching for additional news as Azerbaijan and Armenia are at it again. Their WAR may well ignite late in the week, so reported Hal Turner on his shortwave radio show, yesterday. Iran plans to get involved and don't think Israel won't, either! It could force Russia to divert some resources away from Ukraine, something pleasing to the Deep State, their UN / WEF masters, and those in Congress on-the-take via money laundering, likely the #1 industry in Eew-Krayne. ((holding my nose!))

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Greetings Y'all!,

 Because of the speed of news, I may well have another entry by Wednesday. There's plenty happening now and I'll be without transportation for almost a week at some point this month. Don't worry though as I have plenty here and am prepared for most contingencies. At least the Federal taxes won't be an issue this year as I had made extremely little if any income last year with my tax attorneys telling me I need not file for '22. My $$ is still holding out for now and the recent pumpings of HEX & MAXI are encouraging. I'll also be shopping around for several delayed improvements and looking forward to that spare part replacement for one of my furnaces, presently on order per warranty. The weather in this part of the Cowboy State is more tranquil now, but remains cold and windy at times. It was a near perfect day Sunday as I continue to catch up on mailings and have only my electric bill and upcoming repair parts for the truck to settle this coming week.

The Clown World of M0n3y? Where to start.. Silicon Valley Bank, the second-largest of America's lending institutions, reported a massive loss, as much as 152 billion of it uninsured! FDIC and state regulators closed it down. Worse yet, cryptocurrencies have been affected. Stablecoins are often used to handle DeFi settlements. USDC, handled by Circle, was immediately struck by the closing, down as much as 11% overnight, Friday. Reportedly, 3.3 billion of the company's 40 billion reserves were in SVB. Because the DAI stablecoin has significant exposure to USDC, they also lost their peg to the Dollar, Tether USDT being the victor, this time around. As of this submission, quite a bit of ground has been regained and many believe Circle has, or will soon have the resources to bring back the USD peg, which would also benefit DAI. Several parties have added additional USDC, believing that they'll easily gain the 10+ percent to again match the peg, which many experts warn as risky, as witnessed with Terra's UST disaster last year. As of now, I'm seeing 96.3% on USDC and 96.6% on DAI which may bid well for those taking that dive. For now, the resolution is recently reported as confirmed by several sources including Drudge Report and we'll know something first-thing Monday morning. Several other banks were affected and their associated public stocks in many cases were halted in trading. In some areas, a bank run has begun. Here in Wyoming, I saw more people awaiting their turn to clean their muddy trucks than visiting their ATM's Saturday. When it really makes the news cycle after the weekend, I suspect more may fetch extra ca$h as I did to wait out short-term outcomes. Trust me that The Powers That Be really want a HOT WAR so to deflect more happenings and allow the Great Reset to cover up the turds in their respective sandboxes. If this contagion isn't resolved soon, the results won't be pretty and let's see how the FedRes handles it! Finally, don't forget the G-20 summit, held in December. Klaus Schwab was the keynote speaker. WTO, WHO, banksters are their tools of state power. WHO made a huge statement regarding expanding the present treaty regarding more power to them and ruination of American sovereignty on health. I've done my part to ensure my congresspeople are keenly aware of this. I'll trust they'll vote accordingly. Already, Russia is saying NYET! They're not going to put up with this UN crap. They want no part of future COVID-19 garbage, etc. and will be vindicated, given time.

In the world of crypto, it seems Bitcoin is wagging DeFi's tail, at least this time around. There's an obvious lack of Bitcoin Bulls to have at least kept BTC at 25k. Instead, a retreat to 20k support has already taken place with a small bounce as of this submission. The FUD by some commenters include a fear downward to as low as the 11k level. I can't fully disagree. MtGox has quite a bit of BTC to redistribute to creditors under terms of the Japanese Court, it being extended another month. Lawyers would entertain keeping this going as long as possible as the cash register continues adding more and more fees. BTC Whales and wannabes with plenty of money on the sidelines are seeing this too. Then the issue of Silk Road coins to be sold by the government was recently mentioned in Cointelegraph. I now know of PeckShield, a competitor to Chainalysis, keeping eyes on the government's BTC custody addresses. I have no word when the next auction takes place.

HEX is doing a SWEET pump in light of this banking mess. MAXI is doing even better! Why? Maximus is encountering a Pool Party (PARTY) where those with MAXI and other Maximus DAO coins will receive an airdrop of PARTY. Many have asked "wen snapshot?" which Goldkey replied "No one will know the date of the snapshot until after Pool Party launch." yet in a recent stream, he mentions it'll be after testnet v3 is publicly active, where they can test PARTY. There are no claims necessary for it, the PARTY tokens will appear in your wallet. As usual, DYOR before committing anything. The website? and reach out to Goldkey on Twitter through the Maximus channel.

UPDATE: Discovery Card CHOSE to do it next month. At least for now, Visa and Mastercard have halted implementing new ISO codes regarding gun and ammo purchases. DC, give it up, ALREADY!

Jacob Chansley as everyone knows now, is the Navy veteran who dressed up for the Capitol. New footage emerged where Capitol police essentially gave him a guided tour. Of course our J-6 jerks wanted that swept under the rug! This and other similar developments have halted the Proud Boys trial. Now, Elon has openly called for Chansley's release, Jacob's trial being the utter and pathetic sham it was. This should be the first thing any new President should do is pardon those as Jacob who were non-violent and immediate review of all video material to further vindicate those deserving of such disposition. I'd also openly allow civil actions as this continues to be the grossest miscarriage of justice on so many levels. Maybe those on the J-6 commission should be jailed in the same DC gulag and be subject to the same torture? It'd be a nice start.

To further muddy the lines, the Biden Administration gave this year's "International Women of Courage Award" to a biological male. This while many states are trying to preserve women's sporting events to be played solely by biological women going forth, into the future. My Parting Shot -w- video;
Question from a video "short", NBA or NFL?
36 have been accused of spousal abuse, 7 have been arrested for fraud, 19 have been accused of writing bad checks, 117 have directly or indirectly been bankrupted at least two businesses, 3 have done time for assault, 71 cannot get a credit card due to their bad credit, 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges, 8 have been arrested for shoplifting, 21 are presently defendents in lawsuits and 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year. NBA or NFL? NEITHER! It's the 435 members of the United States Congress. The Mo' U Know!!

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 Portions of this blog submission will have explicit language. This coming week will provide quite a bit of pre-Spring Rocky Mountain snow! Wyomingites should be readying and temps this week will be miserably cold. Every weekday in fact has snow in the forecast. Monday through Wednesday in my area of Wyoming predicts minor amounts. It gets sketchy by Thursday and by the coming weekend of 11th & 12th, we could have a decent foot or so here in the lower elevations of the nearby northern Laramie Range, some mountains having several more feet added! I'm awaiting the spare part necessary to fix one of my two downstairs furnaces. This prevents me from using my master bedroom where I must use the Guest Room to sleep for now. Because it's mostly underground, a nearby hill partially blocking the UHF signal and over 3 miles to the nearest cell tower, my phone struggles to keep any sort of data signal and drops calls frequently from that room. I've already done my research and have ordered a cellphone booster which should work perfectly. I'm giving you a Pro Tip if you're considering the same; Download the appropriate version of LTE Discovery for your phone to determine what band your phone operates on! When using the application, carefully review for what band your device uses, where the tower(s) you use are located, where you plan to locate your beam antenna to receive, consider where the power supply will be plugged in, and where you plan to install the inside antenna used to cover the bad signal area(s) [aim it AWAY from the outside beam antenna to avoid RF feedback.] Mine is designed to handle both Verizon and AT&T/T-Mobile/Union, so guests in the future won't have to worry about battery drainage from it constantly handshaking and LOUDLY at that! I've decided where to put the receive beam for now and expect this to change once I get towers constructed on both Hex Hill and here at the house.

Woody Harrelson did something requiring BIG BALLS! He spoke truth about the COVID-19 heresy during his Saturday Night Live monologue on 2/25! Not surprisingly, the majority of major print media chose the Blue Pill. Hey, somebody's LYING!! Woody, you deserve the Brass Huevos award and my continued admiration, even if Hollywood cancels you. I've heard of your continued release of new movies and plan to go watch them as I can. I believe age has improved the Texan's acting and directing craft as his peak hasn't yet happened. Watch Woody!

Speaking of watching, If you plan to see the 60-second timeless and iconic Iron Eyes Cody "The Crying Indian" Public Service Announcement regarding pollution from 1970, (it's an actual film reel being played) note the National Congress of American Indians now have the rights to that campaign. They will be monitoring it for 'unauthorized use' in the future as some ugly and disgusting memes have cropped up from it on occasion. I consider it one of the most important of its category in American History and I argue it should continue to be used and shown in historical and educational contexts! Furthermore, I remind the Congress, it was among the most POWERFUL campaigns ever aired as TV was still limited to 3 or 4 channels in many areas of the US and no cable TV existed to speak of. I was six years old and in first grade when it aired on more than one Little Rock TV station. After high school, I saw Iron Eyes Cody, an Italian-American actor who claimed some Cherokee lineage through his father, back in the mid 80's during the launch of the Great American Cleanup, the Ground Zero at Greers Ferry Lake near Heber Springs, near where I lived at the time. Other classy events got their Arkansas start while I was at KAWW radio, including the Carboard Boat Races in Arkansas and country singer Dan Seals visited the event. Those races were borne of an idea by Southern Illinois University of Carbondale engineers. Not long after, one of Arkansas' biggest fireworks displays was funded by the local Aromatique around the Sandy Beach Park area of the lake for the Fourth of July and continued for many years after. Those were some incredible times!

My Main Story? The CBDC is coming out, do you have any clue what it is? Representative Emmer (R-MN) the GOP Majority Whip has again introduced his anti-CBDC bill, pushing back at any intentions the Fed Reserve has in forcing the Digital Dollar. I've bitched and moaned about this Digital Dollar before on this blog because of the immense control which the UN and WEF along with various governments around the globe can exercise. Please understand that this will be a cryptocurrency, but not the type you're used to. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, even USDC are decentralized, the latter being a stablecoin, pegged onto the US Dollar. This new centralized digital dollar will NOT be legal for all debts, public and private! It can easily be restricted in what you may purchase with it or services you seek. Worse yet, the government can take it back from you, before you can spend it! Let me further explain why if you allow the CBDC to be normalized of how awful your future and those of future Americans will be affected. Even if you may well reject insertion of a microchip containing your digital identifier (which can contain far more information than you imagine, including all your medical records, conveniently available to the World Government and our Fed's databases.) If you're someone who appreciates your neighborhood and a neighborhood kid comes along with lemonade stands or lawnmowing as a business or service, can you actually pay him or her without full tracking with the CBDC? This alone in the electronic realm can track tax agents for a visit, as it did back in the 80's in New York State to a child's lemonade stand. Two NYS state agents were dispatched to collect around 2 bucks and change. Source, you ask? It was on Paul Harvey's radio show at the time, a story which never left my mind. The restrictions of what you may or may not purchase is that of the entire list and possibilities.. If you already work and drive a certain mileage to and from your work, you generate a certain amount of "carbon footprint" to the environment. The UN already is readying a carbon score for every person on the planet, except of course for them, as they get to fly as they wish on private jets. This is where it gets ugly! Your carbon footprint is then compared against the jet plane flight you wish to take to Cancun and back, which if it exceeds your allowance can be easily denied. Want that juicy steak cut you grew up with? It required a huge amount of water, grass and feed to raise that cow and of course the farting out of methane into the atmosphere. Now, the Social Credit Score! China already implements this and America is clearly in the Globalist's crosshairs. This comes down to the willingness of Americans in resisting this unelected takeover. I'll encourage each of you to develop your own solutions, other than that we should ignore and pray it goes away (which it very likely will not) and that we should resist through various, clever means. The SCS can be used to further your ability to spend any credit you have in your Digital Wallet. Vote for the wrong person or affiliate with the wrong Party? You'll have the freedom to do this, at a MASSIVE cost to you and likely your family or dependents! Let me take this a step further down the Rabbit Hole. Next month, Discover Card begins implementing a form of permanent digital tracking when it comes to your Second Amendment. Their explanation to me rings rather hollow as they can still simply ignore the new ISO tracking codes they're quite willing to implement. Will it benefit their customers or the authorities? The codes make gleaning the information an easy process, something Discover Card, et al, would like for you to brush aside. I've refused to rejoin Discover Card a long time ago and give them a D-minus personal rating. Will other card companies be pressured, even threatened with increasing regulations for the Globalists' strife to confiscate our guns? This implementation makes it too easy to label the Sheeple. Yes, I predict with extreme swiftness that these codes will be increasingly used against Americans' Social Credit Scores, because the Upper Crust and extreme-liberal Democrat Party bullies can't possibly allow any POTENTIAL of resistance against their tyranny, as if it were a pre-crime prevention tactic. Are you remotely aware of where this is all going? When will you stop participating in the Pledge of Allegiance?? We're certainly not providing Liberty and Justice for All whenever it comes down to the crooked-assed so-called justice the DC system with 96%+ Democrat Party voters on juries being offered to the plebs. The system is fucked there, Philly, Baltimore and southern NY to We The People!

The best resistance you can give for now into the immediate future is physical CA$H! As mentioned here before, gives quite a bit of discussion in this regard. Catherine Austin Fitts in Tennessee has so much free stuff on her website and it's not hard to follow. So you ask, "How can we contend with all this overwhelming force?" You can also think outside the box and form a formidable resistance, IF you can somehow keep your mouths shut and fingers off the damned phone and keyboard, bragging about it. I'm being very serious here! Even with the aforementioned, there will be people who pay with something under the table as the Russians did, barter which could well include drugs, sex, alcohol or otherwise that will inevitably damage society, which is absolutely what the UN / WEF wants! With the 87k IRS agents the Big Guy brought forth in the so-called inflation bill, they'll be directed to do the bidding and fill the contract jails with no fucking accountability, as we continue to see in the disgusting J-6 situation in The Swamp.

ZeroHedge had this article that South Carolina has damned near had enough. Introducing.. The Yankee Tax! I bet the good Senator has likely noticed that too much of the Palmetto State's tax money is going to the useless money laundering mess some seven times zones eastward. If it should pass, newcomers can expect a $250 fee added to one's newest drivers license and another $250 added to vehicle registration, likely per vehicle. Monies collected will be earmarked for infrastructure, which makes total sense. After all, how much of the 1.7 trillion infrastructure bill actually gets spent as intended? Too many of you haven't asked this or raised a stink with your congre$$ critters as that bill had more earmarks than an Iowa piggy.

David Hogg runs his mouth again. The 22-year old Floridian continues pushing just half of the interpretation of the Second Amendment. I recognize the terrible tragedy he encountered at his Parkland, FL high school over five years ago. I also recognize his push for a solution which simply doesn't work in reality, especially American society, more so affecting Rights of innocent, responsible Americans who don't embark on this senseless violence in the first place. We don't need gun regulation, Mr Hogg. We need serious and consistent regulation of the M0R0NS who abuse that Right! Have you or your gun-grabbing buddies ever slammed the SCOTUS for their convenient ruling that minors, as you were when the shootings took place, if taken alive, can no longer wind up with the Magic NeedlesTM or any constitutionally acceptable means of capital punishment, as appropriate justice? This was the unfortunate outcome of the Jonesboro, AR shootings. Your state has hardened criminal teens in major cities who have murdered with prosecution begging for some sort of permanent solution to make an appropriate example. Too many parents simply don't do proper parenting anymore. Certain Arkansas towns are guilty of this shit!
 Regarding the NRA, it has only limited relevance from me nowdays. As a former member during the Clinton years, I consistently received too many mailouts. Gradually, money improprieties were being alleged against their Upper Crust and they quickly fell out of favor with one exception - their excellent Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program for youth shooters! I've openly supported these outreaches while an Okie and met some really great people around Guymon. We poked tremendous disgust at these shootings, in particular when the perps were later set free, such as Jonesboro. We as gun owners also have kept our eyes on the gun grabber narratives. Hogg, my points of view haven't changed at all. Firstly, a Militia is NOT required for proper usage of the Second Amendment. Furthermore, I'll gladly give up my guns when each and every American and any operation of agents this nation calls on are not armed. This includes all levels of law enforcement including all federal agents including those new IRS agents, plus all military, private and public security, et al, fully give up theirs! No damned exceptions for anyone including all branches of government, deep state, black budget ops, PERIOD!! Not even the Brits can claim this as the incident at Parliament which involved 5 deaths and 40 injuries nearly six years ago clearly proves how guns are demanded as protection by those at the highest levels of power, and a final defense as an equalizer against those hell-bent against criminals. No, David. I don't easily forget, either!

Earlier this week, probably on Tuesday (28th), Hal Turner mentioned on his shortwave radio show of a rumor. The unconfirmed report is that Big Pharma Merck is deeply interested in purchasing, or has purchased, the biggest Ivermectin producer in India. If true, what would they do with the business? Is this something the World Health Organization wants permanently shut down?? Note that this proven drug remains on their important medications list to this day and has one of the safest profiles in all of modern medicine. People should be concerned of the motives, especially if access to it by people is restricted or eliminated, if any of this proves true. Ivermectin is proven to bind tightly to the spike proteins found in those infected with COVID and in particular, those who received the so-called vaccines. Some doctors have openly recommended a regular regimen of Ivermectin pills for the jabbed, for the remainder of their lives. If I hear more, I'll update y'all. Hal also aired another rumor on his Friday broadcast of the possibility of a huge amount of bank failures, maybe as early as this coming week! It may prove prudent for each of you to withdraw enough $$ for a week or two to live on, instead of plastic if the Big Banks happen to remove credit. Not many of you utilize checks except for routine bills, myself included. Ensure you're prepped! This rough winter's preparations have already paid off beautifully for me. Just Sayin'..

Ooops! You Branson-area folk gotta watch punching the pedal! Ain't too many '69 General Lee's remaining, now!

That's it for now. Exercise care in portions of the Midwest, especially in the South, as severe weather season has arrived. We're now into transition from La Nina to El Nino, so the weather patterns should be changing going into the Summer, if the latest forecasts are realized.

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Greetings Y'all!,

Being released on Saturday, it's been a busy 10 days or so with a combination of snowstorms and having to repair this computer! Fortunately, I had most things backed up, especially the juicy stuff as this blog, albeit late with much of it. Maybe the pickup truck will be unstuck by the time you read this, although I'm doing o.k. as I'm not short of food or other necessities. This is why prepping is critical if you live where I do. I'm also monitoring how the propane tank is working out and will very likely upgrade it to twice the size, due to a planned purchase of a generator. The home's value is already improved from the recent installation of two furnaces which heat the lower level. There's no need for any air conditioning there in the Summer months and electricity is usually cheaper outside of Winter. I've also discovered some of the electric thermostats need replacement, although most still connect a circuit.. Manually! (Uuughh)

It appears too, the bottom of HEX was decided last month. Those who noted my 1.8 cent prediction and acted on it have been nicely rewarded thus far with a more-than-doubling of their HEX value, at times already tripling. Some resourceful Hexicans were able to briefly jump on 1.5 and 1.6 cent HEX token value and excitement is already building toward either V3 testnet or straight to mainnet of PulseChain. PulseX, the dex of PulseChain will be co-released. Seymour Hersh released quite the bombshell! He's quite solid in his years of journalism. As far as I'm concerned, this is THE STORY OF 2023, although it occurred last year and we're almost midway through February. My concerns is the escalation of what the UN/WEF & our Government want... Another HOT WAR! Already, the Russians demand that Congress begin procedures to throw out Biden, since it was reportedly ordered by him. That act alone, done without Congressional approval or any declaration of WAR, could encourage a nuclear exchange with America, sooner than later. If you have a Plan-B at the ready, be prepared! At the least, I fully expect shells continue flying between Ukraine and Russia going into the 2/24 anniversary of this ongoing conflict. Some expect sooner than later because of oncoming Spring thaw making the move of Russian tanks far more difficult, but I'm betting on Groundhog Phil's additional six weeks of Winter to extend forth.

Inflation ain't goin' down again anytime soon. The Big Guy sold off our Strategic Petroleum months back and it's not back in place. It was quite the bargain for our Chinese "trading partners", right? Gradually, more Americans, especially those who hate this nation so much, will come to realize what an absolute failure Biden has been, except of course for his ability to line up his family pockets with $$. For now, the House has investigations ongoing regarding former Twitter execs, some who realize their Waterloo is damned close to being realized. We'll see what teeth these investigations bear, but expectations are certainly higher since the jabs are quickly falling out of favor. I want Australia, New Zealand, Canada in particular to become more free! They've been collectively harmed over the COVID jabs and we've not really seen the degree of genocide the liquid garbage will eventually render. Ivermectin is a good start as it tightly binds against the spike proteins, allowing the body to rid of it. Most likely, this becomes an ongoing, lifetime treatment.

Memphis has been quite the HOTBED! I need not add much to it, except a George Floyd v2.0 was so close at-hand, thanks to the unnecessary demise of Tyre. MPD removed their Scorpion program which all five officers involved have been charged with second-degree murder. At least this happened in a Red State, but in an area with enough Dems to throw bones to those who'd want to... cause problems. Long term readers to this Blog already know I'm not so keen to the way that policing has evolved and the lack of discussion on a general public level as to interactions with law enforcement. You see, this wasn't racially invoked. Snowden gives us a simple, effective answer and it doesn't require any nonsense defunding! I'll throw in that allowing these "programs" being as integrated or decentralized as they are, simply beg for this type of abuse. The young man was unarmed? Nobody has mentioned a deadly weapon being yielded. Even if so, he was easily outgunned and the attacked should've ended very shortly after he was contained and proved no longer as a threat. This obviously went on and on and the video didn't lie! Literally a police riot against a person with no chance of winning. Do these former cops work for Big Pharma? I'm seeing plenty of potential parallels here. One comment on twitter asked if certain cartels have already infiltrated law enforcement. Considering how Memphis Police lowered their standards to allow something as this to happen, it begs public scrutiny of their entire department! Memphis remains a rough-assed place to be, I'll grant that. I've been there dozens of times, partied there, earned my Extra Class ham ticket in 11/85 within a week of my first bronc ride.

The Beef FRAUD checkoff program. It continues to suck so badly. Lonesome Lands gives us the skinny on how it's been over the past several years. It wasn't always this way, but of course $$ has corrupted it with greater market concentration with the Big Four. Change my mind, dammit! I'm a former member of the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association over a score ago.

Texas (and more of Dixieland, truth be told) thought their wild piggy situation was bad? Canadians are watching out and dealing with their own swine mess, an interesting mix of commercial breeds with the feral ones, more or less adapted to the Great White North, now threatening to infiltrate south of their border. Montana and the Dakotas in particular are awaiting. Reportedly, Alberta has a 75 CAD bounty on each wild pig. I'm praying Paramount makes a feral hog episode of Yellowstone to address this EARLY. By the way, people dressing up more cowboy because of it ain't a bad thing, but it won't match the Urban Cowboy craze over two score ago and the ranch learning curve isn't so easy when the Big Four already have the stink bids firmly in place for what ranchers make, which is often pitifully low! The scales are balanced better when there's a processing facility with USDA inspection close by and the freedom to sell direct to the public, much like my state allows. Tyler Lindholm, if you're reading this, you remain the GOAT in this regard and continue receiving my admiration! He was the previous District 1 Wyoming State Rep and with his family in Sundance, assists Senator Lummis, another superb person on several levels. Back to Yellowstone, it appears possible that the present TV series, the most-watched on cable now, will be changing. Kevin Costner already is starring and directing another series on a competitive outlet. He wants far fewer days to shoot the Yellowstone series and so far, Paramount is saying "NO!" as they want to extend their cash cow a while longer. (Ranchers, you get this!) so be watching the Hollywood stuff for further developments. There's one particular Wyoming bill which I know has been under discussion that would allow money for a state film commission. Yellowstone itself could've been filmed here in the Cowboy State, but Montana lured it with their film money instead. The Big Horns are a Wyoming thing, yet tourists are going to Canada to view what the TV series has been showing, according to another publication last week. New Mexico has a more-advanced version of this which many action and Westerns have been filmed there. It's also safe to say there's some extremely painful learning curves going on with the Alec Baldwin - Rust circumstance. Lawmakers are also concerned of how Wyoming may be protrayed by the filming crews. I think that's silly as we should be setting the First Amendment examples which give these projects the artistic freedom they deserve. Let those birdies out the cage and see what happens. Wyoming may not be ready yet, but she should prepare to take action as the directors will be yelling "Action!" regardless if she's aboard the train or not!

The Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC has been Kraken Down. A 30 million dollar settlement was assessed to the San Francisco based exchange for a staking program the Commission alleged was a security and is now banned in continuing the specific program to Americans in the future, regardless if application for such were to be made now or into the future. Commissioner Peirce dissented on this decision and brought up several POWERFUL points. You see, as I've whined and moaned for some time now, our Congress has a duty to address more crypto matters, instead of simply punting these away to the alphabet agencies, the IRS in particular. Kraken awaits approval by the Kansas City FedRes to open a Cheyenne SPDI, the first granted under Wyoming's Special Purpose Depository Institution law. DISCLOSURE: I'm a Kraken customer in good standing and did not participate in the staking program mentioned in this story.

ZeroHedge had one noteable article on the developing mea culpa in regard to the Covid jabs in their comments section to be linked later on. Gradually, the Awakening is blooming beautifully, except for those intent on doubling down in the MSM as their favorite anchors and reporters collapse and die on the set. You see, the referenced report is one I give the same response as that of the Brown University professor in an article published last year in The Atlantic (you can find the link if searching my 2022 Blog, use "Atlantic" as your search word, using your browser), seeking forgiveness last year for all the bullshit dished out against those who sussed out this nonsense and chose for ourselves! DailyClout dot io has an expose' on the happenings in Britain. Folks, you ain't seen nothin' yet with more and more people of ALL AGES dying from this liquid garbage. I'd be "going long", investing on funeral services. Our media offers no solutions as doing so would affect Big Pharma's EUA for dispensing it and frankly, a bunch of these stations should start losing broadcast licenses over their continued local dissemination of misinformation whilst accepting the Feds' HHS money! Perhaps that's why several TV outlets, desperate to hire new staff, continue to require the jabs. I've already turned down one potential line of work because of this illegal imposition as they wasted their time, not even disclosing the requirement with the job description. You can smell their desperation when they wait until the very end, hoping you'd agree. I recommend if you're contacted for interview for any position to ascertain if "the jabs" are a requirement for employment and put pressure on these recruiters for their lack of disclosure if applicable. Let's get their Upper Crust to understand we ain't fallin' for it! Continue to stand your guard!! The battle isn't yet won, spare the battle these UN scum will do to reach "compliance".


You've now packed away those Christmas decorations. Some keep their lights active throughout the year, but I need the power to keep this house heated on the Upper Level. Before other holidays arrive and although it's a while away, here are some thoughts for next Christmas...

BTW, Thomas has a solution for this!

That's it for now, thanks for your patience while this computer got pieced back together.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all,

A lot has been going on last week here at the Square of Solitude. I remained without propane heat for the weekend as the downstairs concrete length was too great for the exhaust fittings, yet the rest of the project is very close to completion, despite the pressure test being postponed. This should be resolved by mid-week as an area welder must do tig welds, dealing with stainless steel. (crossing fingers) Depending on my experience, I may well get the upper level outfitted with propane for cooking and heating, although this will be a gradual process as the electric range still works fine and the upper-level electric heat works too. It's just that Reddy Kilowatt (cartoon character of the mid-20th century for the former Middle South Utilities) is economically raping me each Winter, even with coal powering my residence just 20 miles and nearly line-of-sight away. I'm still planning to have the fireplace repaired for use in the future. Thank You, Brandon. The very large banner at the corner of Ninth and Cedar at the edge of Douglas, strategically placed, has weathered in place just fine at least since Summer '21, yet the bold, profane message is fresh as ever! NOBODY has attempted to deface it and it's already weathered many a Wyoming blizzard and the hot Summer winds. I hope it remains throughout the remainder of time that Biden remains in office as he continues taking his orders from OBummer and his carryover minions, including those Deep Staters working with the Unelected Nincompoops (UN) as Barry essentially enjoys his third term.

It's becoming more and more mainstream. Senior doctors in Sweden are stepping up and speaking out that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous and should be halted immediately. Bravo! With Davos and the WEF meetings, Rebel News hounded the Pfizer CEO about their so-called vaccine and the damage these gene therapy shots are doing now. This was absolutely EPIC! You can support the work of these on-the-ground journalists through visiting and be patient as the site has been heavily loaded with many other pieces of footage from Switzerland. Still not convinced? Check out their footage of the same to Greta Thunberg, also at Davos.

Today, the Doomsday Clock has been reset to 90 seconds from midnight. This is the closest we've gotten! Also, FBI has found classified goods at Mike Pence's residence, adding to the three searches of Biden's property. Meanwhile, I get to laugh at the clown show at the White House, especially when their WH Sec. Jean-Pierre takes the stage.

SlowMist reveals for Cointelegraph readers of various, sneaky tricks recently used in various phishing attacks. Be careful out there!! Note: RELATED; Address Poisoning, in the aforementioned.

OBITS continue to be painful! Guitar master Jeff Beck caught bacterial meningitis and passed Tuesday 1/10 at age 78. His influence in rock music can't be ignored. He was among the greats. Certainly, thoughts are with his wife Sandra and entire family as they grieve. Paul Phillips said it best "Heaven's band just keeps getting better. We'll miss you, Jeff."
Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis and heir of her father's estate, died of cardiac arrest in California, Thursday 1/12 at age 54. She had four marriages (including Michael Jackson who died in 2009) and leaves behind three daughters with their grandmother, Priscilla Presley.
Yet another Rock Great passed. David Crosby died Thursday, 1/19 at age 81. A true pioneer in the genre, he was among the originals of the Byrds, then Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

In Wyoming news..
 Some people giggle at our legislative antics. Yet there are so many valid reasons we do what we do in Cheyenne during the Winter. Not only does this rub sand and salt in California's face, it also brings to ask about all the very remote areas of the Cowboy State and where infrastructure will be set up to enable powering of EVs and responding to broke-down EVs. This doesn't apply solely to cars, but those of higher classes, including the Big Truck EVs. These kind of things are what Senator Boner and others are mulling over and he's correct in calling out larger, progressive states for their imposition on states not ready to lay out the infrastructure. Opportunities? Maybe. I predict it'll require more dangling carrots to lure in these solutions. There are synergies and $$ to be made.

Damn! I had no idea this state was into chicken roping! We must be careful here, the eggs going for under seven bucks a dozen at Safeway and I'd share the short video here if I could find what I reviewed yesterday, a prepper who lives in Amish country and notes from his Amish friend of how laying chickens could well exceed 25 bucks each, come Spring! I never thought I'd see the day where it's almost cheaper now to use the similar-yoked quail eggs. But I digress. The story shows how some of the laws clash due to unforseen circumstances. Some of our legislators share giggles to outright laughter in these matters. If considering Wyoming as a resident, be prepared for the lack of progressiveness in many of our laws. Fortunately, we're way, way ahead of the other 49 in regard to crypto laws and some savvy business owners are seriously eyeing the move of their operations to here! Hotspots presently include Cheyenne, Sheridan and Laramie, although I expect Jackson and Casper may experience sprout-ups. Casper has yet to roll out the fiber optics, although it's clearly closing in, according to one decent source on this matter. Just get ME the broadband I've awaited patiently for since my 10/2021 move is all I ask certain providers.

Some states, especially the Blue tax and spender progressives, really want what the wealthy have. The Spendthrift Seven (CA, CT, HI, IL, MD, NY & WA) are now part of an Interstate Tax Compact to prevent easy avoidance through pulling up stakes and moving to another state. UPDATE: I've read that MN has added their blue state into this stupidity. Jennifer Schubert-Akin, CEO and Chairman of the non-profit Steamboat Institute in Colorado, gives us this story through the Washington Examiner. So far, just these Democrat-controlled seven, eight are aboard and these Big Fish would love it if the other 42 express any desire to join. With this being floated and coordination already ripening, they're hoping to gain additional states with light resources. There are so many jurisdictions I doubt would give it the time of day since their state would gain new residents, desperate for relief from progressive nonsense and extreme waste as we repeatedly notice in the City by the Bay. After all, Trump changed around portions of the tax code where taxpayers in these blue states can no longer deduct most local and state taxes in their calculations, and they're quite steep in the majority, especially CA. I expect some horse trading and potential dangling carrots, so if you're not yet located in a favorable jurisdiction or subject to it, be prepared to raise HELL to your lawmakers if this heresy crosses their respective desks. A friendly reminder to those eyeing Wyoming as a new residence destination;1) We're a state which you should have a solid reason to move here, as living here ain't always easy, especially outside certain cities or in certain remote counties. DYOR is paramount for your success and to help with expectations. The supply chain and weather can be problematic if you're not used to preparing, especially during Winter season. 2) If from a state where hanguns carry greater regulations, don't expect Wyoming to change Blue for You! Of states keeping tabs on known numbers of firearms, only DC outdoes the Cowboy State (Texas has no tally on their firearms' totals.) and there's plenty of gun clubs and shooting places throughout. Ammo isn't quite the headache to obtain as it was months back. 3) Internet access is gradually improving here, but in some areas, you'll have to be patient! It was among the biggest concerns I gave one of the Wyoming Hackathon committees in 2018 when this annual event in Laramie premiered. I was still an Oklahoman at that time. As of this submission, I'm still relagated to using my smartphone and data plan to tether my computer, including the upload of this blog so you may view it. I've always utilized external hosting and my website remains sited in OKC as it has for over a score. 4) When it comes to Blue State politics, particularly firearm regulations, please do everyone a favor and dump said politics at our state line.

San Francisco wants to do WHAT?? A city panel there is presently urging reparations in the amount of Five Million USD for each black adult there. I'm not willing to bet against it as the region isn't bankrupt.. Yet! Let me also take a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) that just as the Biden Administration has handled both Afghanistan and ongoing "support" (money-shoveling, laundering to through Ukraine, a convenient lack of accountability accompanies this nonsense to its ruinous conclusion. Let me throw in this nugget, FWIW; consider this takes place immediately after our Fed rolls out the CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency where TPTB can easily restrict where the money goes. There are endless numbers of people with the patience of a starving feral cat dumpster-diving outside a five-star, waiting to just blow this on gambling, hookers and blow. Trust that if these reparations were given ANY racial/minority group that people are people, we each possess red blood, an asshole, so the aforementioned applies. I'm an equal opportunity disser as I've seen plenty.

Recently, there had been talk of banning gas stoves. This smacks of WEF / UN quackery. On Wednesday, the US CPSC stated they have no plans to impose any ban on the same. A chef I follow on Twitter immediately called the Biden proposal as "Junk" and it's apparent why it's so. The next day, that same chef prepared cheeseburgers on his commercial-grade gas grill (he makes some massive-sized servings and I don't doubt they're amazingly delish!) His eye-candy wouldn't be near as enticing without natural gas, propane or charcoal giving the deep heat. Take that, Swamp Critters and your elitist masters!

An update on ZeroHedge late last Friday 1/13 gives more insight as to why the gas stoves were targeted as they were. It's all about control, an insidious grab for themselves. Don't fall for it, America!
p.s., expect a shitload of trial balloons of this type, going forth.

Amateur or "Ham Radio" remains relevant, no matter what any of you think of today's marvelous gadgets. Even if you possess a GMRS radio, can you expect any replies from anyone listening, if you're lucky? Mind you, there were two mountain climbers on Mt. Hood in Oregon during the Winter over a decade ago, who had to use one to call out for help and fortunately, some kids were playing outside, using their walkie-talkies. It was easily a 50 mile hop, but the mountaintop height and those kids hearing the emergency made THE difference for the lives of those two men. Keep in mind, cellphones generally have a limited range when at height as a signal being processed by several receiving towers often collides or may be too weak for even a single tower to lock onto enough for a call. You might be capable of a SMS (text) as those can make it whereas a call may not. I strongly encourage radio amateurs to at least monitor the most-used simplex frequencies in addition to any repeaters they may be monitoring. Here in Wyoming, not all repeaters have made the Directory, including mine and I'm among those who have filed months and months back. I'm very likely to again reach out to the coordinator as I've also not heard back of my statewide request in regard to my proposed PREPWY project. I'm also seriously considering a proposal to return a ham radio repeater to the top of Laramie Peak. Why go through the trouble of multiple links or a cluster of machines? If only a regional network using specific internet protocols were implemented, I'd not have to think the security and availability so deeply.

VIDEO: A message to the Unvaxxed. If you're in that group, it's a memorable 2 minutes.

VIDEO STREAM: If you're into dilemmas regarding the imploding big cities, especially in the Blue Zones, this is the one for you!

Elephants are just awesome!

Sometimes the light we see can be wierd, yet there's a Wierdo Light we should be aware of. Here's a Pro Tip on how to utilize this resource. Halloween is the perfect time!

That's it for now. My Ice Age on the homefront comes to an end during this coming week, likely before 1/25. Snow returns to the forecast several times and remains very cold into this weekend, the best chance on Sunday 1/29. The bitter cold should be firmly in place by the time this is posted, giving me a firm test of how these new heaters should be functioning, soon!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



 Greetings y'all and Welcome to 2023. I got the late start, yet there's quite a boatload to report.. Happy Birthday, brother Scott!

 I'm extremely concerned of International Health Regulations being proposed. This shouldn't be a TL;DR matter if you have American red blood. Have you eaten? This could ruin your appetite or really piss you off! This is among the reasons I make this blog available, so read on.. It was reported on the Hal Turner Radio Show Monday evening AND InfoWars of a secret meeting ongoing in Geneva, Switzerland through the week of this submission. You see, USA signed onto this Treaty (NOT the Pandemic Treaty, which is different) back in 2005. Now the World Health Organization, through these regulations, seek to change it where they become a governing body, no longer satisfied with their current role of giving recommendations. Get where I'm going? Articles and Annexes of proposed changes in these regulations, 46 pages worth as of now, are wide and far-sweeping if ratified. After you read this proposed horseshit, you'd be wise to contact your Congre$$ Critterz about it, although neither the President or Congress can modify anything if these proposals are indeed passed, other than fully nullifying our participation in the Treaty, itself.. Consider that anything this unelected body of busybodies happens to rule an issue of POTENTIAL Public Health can result in immediate imposition. It's no secret that many in medicine consider guns as a public health issue. Think of communist liberals' Wet Dreams finally realized when Americans citizens whom lawfully possess them are demanded to turn them in for confiscation and to be destroyed! We're not stupid to realize that those in sufficient power will have exceptions made for them or that personal protection shall be provided at sheeple expense. Have shock waves already entered your nervous system? It gets way better! Removing the phrase "Respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people" from their Article III is being discussed now. They want to give the Director General of the WHO, control over the means of production through an "allocation plan" of health products. This will impose rich nations as the USA that we must produce essentially everything to help out the poorest nations in a crisis, but We the Taxpaying sheeple pay the full bill. How about mandatory medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccine, implementing contact tracing, quarantine and REQUIRED treatment (in Article XVIII) yes, expect required jabs. They also want to "institute a system of global health certificates, in paper or digital format, including test certificates, vaccine certificates, prophylaxis certificates, recovery certificates, passenger locator forms and a traveler's health declaration." Per Articles 18, 23, 24, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36 & 44 with Annexes 6, 7 & 8. Next, they want power to redirect billions and billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical hospital emergency industrial complex with NO auditing per Article 44A. Furthermore, they want allowance of personal health data under their Article 45 (now, do you FINALLY get why I raised holy hell in Guymon at "Eggs & Issues" as I did? Real ID was the beginning of State -> Fed -> World data, to be placed under a communist control.) The WHO also seeks capacity to rule on our Freedom of Speech in regard to disinformation (Annex I on p.36) and want to impose website owners as Yours Truly, to provide and maintain "IHR infrastructure at points of entry" to allow the same to censor against such "disinformation" as they see fit. The meeting this week plans to submit this horseshit before 1/15 and remain in place for four months. It could well become ratified through simple majority by 5/30. The useless MSM won't connect the dots until enough raise hell, as they're controlled, still under any narrative in favor of kill shot mRNA treatments. Do you see the WRITING on the WALL? This is an easy-peasy way for politicians around the globe to punt the ball away to the globalists due to power of Treaty, while they can conveniently avoid the impositions due to them having exempted themselves. Abrogation of the aforementioned Treaty may well be the sole, workable answer. I agree with Hal that this is an insidious and severe POWER GRAB. There's no redress possible and the States can't conveniently ignore it, short of secession. Your awareness is just the start and I fear Civil War breaks out, especially with any potential gun grabbing by these unaccountable, unelected SCUM! Act on it now before my website may someday go dark or this information becomes scrubbed. It's the "NBC Opposite" or "The Less You Know."

On the personal front, the New Year gives me liberty to finally end some of my frozen crypto. The tax filing year for '22 will be the easiest year for me to resolve since I was a teenager, although it may cost me time to deal with an audit. The newly-placed IRS agents will focus on any American who made <$40k in 2022 according to several sources, myself among the unlucky. After all, I still had $$ remaining which I lived on, even though I never received any government-provided funds or other assistance! We'll see if McCarthy is good to his word in getting Obama's Army defunded. That's clearly welcome in my book as Congre$$ hasn't settled anything in regard to reasonable crypto regulation that I can see. I'm finally getting the furnace units installed here on the house next week. Many of you have asked about the ongoing broadband issues here. More than likely, I'll be connected before the end of this week! :-) I still await on a HEX pump to ca$h in expired stakes (freezing them using Good Accounting last August meant the earned HEX hasn't been reminted, so no tax liability exists until revisited and completed) yet expect little if anything until PulseChain and PulseX are finally released mainnet (with more on this later on.) We had insane weather just before Christmas and another notable storm in the first week of January, both helped along by the Atmospheric River, pumped by the Pacific into California. Not only will this help the West Coast, but help relieve ongoing drought issues in may parts of the Cowboy State. It caused several freeze issues around here, but I've slipped through them. The driveway with drifted snow is only recently recovered. When this blog is released, another two inches of snow is expected.

 Sports News around the globe was stunned and buzzed about Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin during Monday Night Football. The 24-year-old collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest following a Bengal's hit and thankfully is now back in Buffalo under medical care as of this submission. FOX news reported he's receiving tributes here and beyond. It was reported he suffered another heartattack after arrival at the Cincinatti hospital UC. What isn't confirmed yet, if Hamlin was jabbed with the liquid garbage, spare learning if a potential complication from such had any role in this. It's no secret the NFL pushed very hard to get everyone on-board with jabs of the still-experimental gene therapy. I think you can make at least some early conclusions. Hal Turner, on his radio show last Tuesday evening had a twitter screen capture from a person claiming to be a medical doctor, who reported in the tweet as having administered a COVID booster to Hamlin just after Christmas. The tweet has been subsequently deleted and I agree with Hal that if true, the disclosure might fall in HIPPA territory. Note all the overseas news of soccer players having issues of sudden collapse on their fields. Nevertheless, the NFL has so far postponed the remainder of the game and it has the nation's attention because it occurred on a major media outlet and was unfiltered, versus all the other Dead Suddenly adults and a growing number of recently-vaxxed children whom have received too little attention. This alone could be the Wakeup Call, the Rebel Yell to start the process of general distrust of those responsible for all this COVID heresy. Be attentive for the upcoming Twitter Files dump soon regarding Fauci. This whole ball of whatever is developing, with more to come.

There are numerous OBITS to report; Barbara Walters passed at 93 years of age. Many informally called her Bah-Bah-Wah-Wah from Saturday Night Live and she was quite a network TV fixture for decades. Soccer legend Pele of Brazil, 82 (his memory will remain bright there for a long time!) and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at age 95. The latter requested a simple funeral, conducted last Thursday. It's with a very heavy heart that I report the passing of Diamond. Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway, 51, died Monday. She was half of the popular Diamond and Silk duo and I was among their fans. Their banter and ability to reflect on many subjects as a duo will be very sorely missed. Although best known for their unwaivering support of #45 and their appearance with him, they could analyze many things about people and news events, giving their combined perspectives in their unique style of keeping it REAL! It was entertaining and enlightening, TV and YouTube time well-spent! I'm wondering what direction(s) Rochelle "Silk" Richardson will take in the aftermath of this untimely tragedy and of course I'll keep both in my prayers. RIP Diamond. God has plans for you and you're now in His care. We'll again catch your wonderful smile on the Other Side. Your heart may have given out, but your spirit remains and so will your SHINE!

I sensed we'd not heard the last of Ray Epps. J-6 remains the unhinged circus it's always been. Hopefully, the 118th Congress and House will begin to rehinge some degree of normalcy. Democrats have no shame because they've not been held to accountability. With Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) getting the gavel after 15 sessions of voting and agreeing to numerous concessions, maybe the Hard Liners will prove to be the right Kool Aid flavor in straightening out the new House Speaker. So far, so good. Time will tell, yet time still ticks away at many an innocent political prisoner in the District of Criminal's Gulag.

Even though HEXtronaut on Twitter noticed this trend in Mid-December, it's still ongoing to an extent! Monday night wrapped up the HEXconference, which this link should take you to the different YouTube videos, one for each night from 1-6/1-9. We hoped Richard Heart had more news regarding both v3 (the testnet version being readied for release) then the "snapshot" which some people are actually stating will be just a brief fork when PulseChain and PulseX are simultaneously launched. PulseX is reportedly ready, a nice fork of Pancake Swap, yet I was of the understanding earlier that UniSwap was the source. As a result of Monday night's NothingBurger, HEX price has noticeably dropped and HEXtronaut is again vindicated. There are more Big Fish dumping and I have some dry powder, ready for yet another deep wick. Until around 1/4/23, my 1.8 penny -w- deep wick prediction of HEX price was holding its own, nicely! As of this submission, what had crossed shy of three pennies has sunk into 2.1 cents and will likely revisit 1.8 cents as support. We're seeing more capitulation - you know, the incessant whining, moaning, crying, the knashing of teeth is upcoming, y'all. You'll look back at this post and realize this is an obvious sign that the worst is here and the best should be approaching where Blessed Relief arrives and all boats on the Hexican Sea again float, which will vindicate you for the TIME you already spent awaiting the positive outcome.

Inflation SUCKS! Don't take the cheaper unleaded gas prices you're enjoying for granted. ZeroHedge recently reminded us that we can expect way more expensive gasoline before the beginning of the Summer driving season. Personally, I'm planning a trip back to Arkansas in the late Spring to visit with family and friends there. Hopefully, all of you are keeping your vehicles in good shape and ready for when you need them. Inflation warnings continue for anything you're buying at the stores. Amazon goes only so far as I've rarely used them for food items. I'm considering getting apps for parking lot deliveries of both Wal-Mart & Safeway shopping and using a strict list to purchase. This should help reduce extra things I'm buying now and will help me on my dieting. Just some things to consider in these trying times.

Finally, an uppity Senator who happens to chair the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee stated last month, that a crypto ban may be on the table. Nevermind, he's likely among those who are part of the problem regarding excessive spending of We The Taxpayer's money whilst blaming crypto as a national security risk! Those in the crypto realm, watch this guy... Carefully. Let me also again warn that taking out at least some of your cash to hoard for emergencies may be wise.

That's it for now. Pay attention to world politics as I expect matters to continue heating up. I'm observing little if any change in the Washington politic and expect more to come from Russia and China.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, Y'all and Happy Valentines Day! <3

 The UFO and balloon-mania going on is nothing more than a distraction from the Nordstream Bomb Show. What about the disaster ongoing in East Palestine, OH? I did watch Gov. DeWine's interview on PBS Newshour yesterday. He appears confident of his people as the federal investigation continues, yet many potent questions of water pollution are going unanswered. Note there are two additional derailings on the table and the Newshour noted the USA had 1,044 reported last year! Animals are dying throughout the region and people are complaining of chlorine fumes. We're closer than ever for a direct US/RU conflict, nuclear definitely on the table. I'm convinced Russia will maintain Crimea and gain those oblasts (states) which voted to rejoin her. Europe, you're likely included on potential targets from NATO's continued poking of The Bear. Some are reporting the second invasion of Ukraine is happening now. HAVE YOU PREPPED? Rhode Island, you're bluer than blue! Why are you considering giving illegals the ability to vote when they haven't proven to Ocean Staters they have any skin in your game? More and more, you're going to suffer as California, but in a tiny package. The dollar is sinking and inflation continues to increase. Stay Tuned and keep the popcorn handy. (singing with hat tip to the talents of the late Jimmy Webb) Up, up and away-y-y-y in my CCP, my CCP ballo-o-o-n!

The Super Bowl didn't disappoint as the nail-biter I expected. 150 million had tuned in for it. I had predicted Philly to take it away from KC, but the Eagles gave one gift too many and the Chiefs are experts in cashing these gifts. KC is also superb in milking down the clock by timing their final field goal with a qualifying rodeo ride of time remaining. They were consistently aggravated by Philly's offensive capabilities of plowing the fourth down plays with QB Hurts getting in a record number for the Super Bowl. The halftime entertainment by Rihanna was really good except the crotch-grabbing and one Twitter commenter thinks she's pregnant again. The "War Room" on InfoWars agrees. How were the commercials in this year's Super Bowl lineup? Some interesting ones I have to admit. PoPCorners was good although I agree with one commenter that overuse of certain oils isn't a good thing and causes bodily inflammation. I hated the Ford commercials pushing all the electric vehicles, which we're still very unprepared for. Hulu and Tubi are both hoping to cash in on viewers that Paramount+ (plus) wants to keep. ETrade had a goody, I liked one of the Bud Light ones and have to give Travolta props for the T-Mobile 5G home internet, although it brought memories of last year's passing of screenmate Olivia Newton John as one of the Grease tunes was used. Now, I shouted loud profanities at the screen when Disney thanked people for their 100th anniversary. They still need to rid themselves of excess wokeness and sheer stupidity, even if the Mouse Network didn't get this year's Bowl Game. I think Walt is spinning in his grave with the damage already inflicted on his business from his successors.

In Arkansas News, Cleburne County (most say it Clee-burn, although Clay-burn is historically correct) made national news last month, with their change to paper ballots. As you'll learn through this excellent report from Conduit News, Arkansas already has a paper ballot option in their state constitution. Justices of the Peace heard from enough constituents and it was ruled through the Quorum Court in Heber Springs for paper ballots going forth. Furthermore, the video report informs the other 74 counties in the Natural State that they can also opt for paper ballots, too! I was a resident of Cleburne County and a public figure while working at KAWW in the county seat of Heber Springs from 1986 into 1990. During my time working for Newport Broadcasting, I often assisted in getting voter counts. Electronic counting sped up the process, yet doing it old-school by paper was far more FUN! A crecendo or two usually happened in some races. I made extra money awaiting these counts which often lasted past 11pm and usually wrapped up coverage past midnight. In some campaign races, recounts were required. I think it's nice to see this return to the southern Ozarks, which I hope to visit come Spring when I pay my first Arkansas visit since at least 2017. Expect some Heber pics to make my Pic of the Week later in the year. I still have one distant relative in Heber and a few who've passed on whose graves I may visit. Living there was an interesting and wilder time of my life. I'll try and include some stories, names changed of course, although some old-timers can still connect the dots.

Wyoming News has our legislature at work. They've thrown out several bills including personal property valuation reform which we real property owners desperately need. The movie commission bill also fell through as well as any potential expansion of state Medicaid. There are some interesting ones yet to be considered by opposite parties. The Senate has House-passed bills to consider while the House has several Senate files (yes, "files" are the term used for Wyoming Senate bills) to consider, too. If I notice anything in particular and earth-shattering, I'll try and pass those along in the week or two to come. WyomingPBS dot org is a great resource for those wanting the deeper dive.

HEX continues to slowly pump in anticipation of the PulseChain mainnet, possibly preceeded by the proposed V3 testnet. Note the testnet already exists, but operating on a non-disclosed PulseChain address. V2b has proven successful while V3 is undergoing what very likely no previous project in the crypto space has accomplished; integrating four separate modules and synching into a single, functional, and BUSY application. Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano (ADA) and one of Ethereum's founders, states his case of why HEX is not a staking security. Personally, I think Cardano will gain more acceptance in due course. A lot of work has gone into it and scalability will get worked out. A hat tip is certainly due for all being done through it to the University of Wyoming and their cryptocurrency/blockchain program.

I had this thought cross my mind just a month or two back and had no idea this dating service and blood database existed! You see, the blood centers simply ignore the extremely serious issues of separating blood which comes from a vaxxed person or a pureblood. Because?? It would scare us American sheeple and cause so many more to actually ask questions that qualify from those with critical thinking skills.

Marie Zeee, you're simply AWESOME! From Down Under, she interviewed Katherine Watt as the veil gets yanked from our military-led martial law operation to kill off actual Americans. So how will we be replaced? Our southern border has plenty and they're not being vaxxed! It's called Replacement Theory, gradually becoming reality with blessings from our new UN masters of the WEF. Who else?

Cow Tipping was one of those interesting memes. Now, we have wind turbines tipping over, and it's expensive! Of course these issues grab my attention as you already know of my past involvement in the industry. Could this be a lack of foresight in foundation engineering? With greater forces and weight being present due to all the upgrades of larger blades, more beefy gearboxes and generators, etc. we must ask now, "Can the existing turbines be assured a 20-year lifespan?"

That's it for now. It's hard to show love with so much WAR, hate, diversions and sheer stupidity, so prepare and hang in there.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,