~~~~~~~ A PLAY ON WORDS ~~~~~~~

 Greetings grammar grinches, and welcome to one of the early grammar cop websites. I started this project years ago while attending college in Iowa. I had about 25 sentences at the start and now around 90 I developed from misspellings I've seen all the way from blogs and online scrapbooks to regional newspapers, financial analysts, some very learned people, even the Associated Press! Hopefully, reviewing these sentences may give you enhanced awareness of their usage due to their context, which is exactly my point (Note though, a few carry accented pronunciations.) Extra points are earned if you get a chuckle, and even more if I made an error! If you found it helpful or like this, please tell others about this site.


Mister Carter agreed to lessen Rick's homework assignment since the boy learned his lesson of cheating in class!

Colter correctly guessed that the unwelcome guest was a skunk, stinking up the backyard.

Leona is the lone party on the loan she is paying off.

The local band discovered they were banned from attending Sunday's event!

Our Council was satisfied with the counsel the attorney offered.

If you cease to lubricate that axle, it may squeak badly, then sieze solid!

Brody asked for assistance from one of the assistants in my office today.

Our latest board member is apparently bored at all the meetings.

Fabian has a merry character about him, since he announced he will marry Claudia in June.

The statute the Council and Mayor passed yesterday allows an annual maintenance budget for the new Unknown Veteran's statue in Centennial Park.

That crooked trader proved himself as a traitor to the clients he swindled!

A painful part of my past was remembering when my grandfather passed away.

I'll give him a piece of my mind so others will know I've spoken my peace.

The principal sustained the boy's suspension on it being justified and strong on principle.

You need not attend art classes in college to do an excellent collage with basic materials and guidance.

You'll break all the glass in the back seat if you fail to brake the car properly.

Jackie whines on and on about the selection of wines at the restaurant.

They're having a big party over there Saturday night.

They're going to have their lawn covered in concrete!

I'll write you again when the time is right.

The stock market average falls quickly when most investors have a false sense of security!

It's better to patch up the hole now than having to waste the whole shirt.

The caring nurse tried in vain in her attempts to enter the needle into an available vein on the patient.

So many people were staring at the award-winning actress who played the starring role in the movie.

He was so afraid of heights that he took only a brief peek of the mountain peak.

The plane flew over the very plain grasslands.

Donna could lose her pet privileges if her dog gets loose again.

It's hard to beat the sweetness of a sugar beet, harvested at it's peak.

After I said "bye!", I drove by the store and returned there to buy some groceries.

There's much debate in town of having boarders who have crossed our borders, legal or not.

My heel is bandaged after being cut, so I must give it time to heal.

Your computer may lose it's flair if a major solar flare hits squarely with Earth!

It would be wise to close the window before taking all your clothes off.

Greg's voice became hoarse over all the commands he gave to his horse.

My son threw his baseball through the neighbor's front glass window.

We should all pray that looters won't prey on our tornado-ravaged neighborhood.

Let me tell you the tale about the squirrel's long tail being cut!

My heroine was arrested and she went through rehab on heroin possession charges.

No matter if it's copper, gold or steel - it's illegal to steal that coin!

Jared let out a groan when the bouncer said "You're not grown up enough to enter!"

We had seen Randy causing a scene in the restaurant earlier today.

If you simply wait and eat less, you should be able to lose unneeded weight.

Along the course, there was much coarse gravel and stones to be removed.

With so many tiers in achieving her lofty goal, Julie accepted the award in tears.

Don't let peer pressure allow you to do something stupid at the pier.

If I wish, I may exercise all my rights to not have my final rites read aloud.

Jared knew about Brent's new 4-wheeler long before Christmas!

The basis of good baseball include fundamentals such as rounding the bases.

"He made too many mistakes!" exclaimed the manager, having made his decision to terminate the otherwise-proper employee.

I may invest in this silver miner, although for now they expect only minor profits.

Do you believe the homework is due today?

Peter may have to alter his schedule for his worship at the altar.

They should have enough insight about the issue as to not incite a riot!

My pain level will soar when I become sore again.

A court can hold you liable if you commit libel on someone, are summoned, then ruled against accordingly.

I will worry about it then, as changing our vendors is better later than never.

You're late again because your chores took too long.

I rode my horse down the dusty gravel road.

We sailed to the isle to see Jessica walk down the aisle.

Ashley had a weak score on her algebra test this week.

Jimmy doesn't have enough capital to move his business near the state capitol.

Although Jake's illness has weakened him, the doctor says he should be better by the weekend.

That was a strange sight we saw at the new site, but don't forget to cite those sources!

If one doesn't drive reckless, they will more likely be wreckless as a result.

It isn't fair that the City increased my bus fare so steeply!

I took a picture of a baseball pitcher holding a bottle of Gatorade(tm).

Corin turned pale when he dropped the pail of soap suds on the customer's suit.

We heard the thundering hooves of the stampeding herd nearby.

Engineers will determine whether the weather could affect the levees.

Don't let me forget to meet Brandon today, as he wants to give us some meat from a deer he shot.

Sweat will pour out of your pores, if hot and are not dehydrated.

Because of the precedent the Court had set, it was routine for the President to consider signing this related bill into law.

Most believe one's soul is the sole entity that survives this life journey.

This new hire should help the company earn higher returns.

It is quite a difference between noisy and being quiet.

Your reign of control over your horse is dependent in part if you can rein it properly and with respect.

The next time I visit Champaign (Illinois), I'll toast with champagne to celebrate.

If you waste enough food, your waist will likely shrink.

The huge sword made that unmistakable sound as the blade soared past my ear.

The main role as an extra in the play, he was costumed as a dog to roll over for his master.

Did you hear that the President will visit here?

The sound effect was so loud, it affected everyone in the room.

The Strait of Hormuz on a map is not at all straight!

Can we know that there is no way it will work?

Since Jerry waived his extradition, his family waved him goodbye as he was taken to face trial.

We accept credit cards except from Antarctica.

Where should I go to wear this new shirt?

Additionals for the grins of it:

DECENT -> DESCENT (as in decending)
VOLUME -> VOLUME (as in amount/quantity versus loudness)

With more to add later..

Remember, It takes mere cash to buy kashmir.

Ask yourself: Are you..
paranoid or prepared?
victim or victor?
running or ruining?
gossip or gospel?
leader or laggard?
capable or culpable?
brave or afraid?
united or divided?
symbiotic or parasitic?
friend or fiend?
vanity or sanity?
mild or wild?
answer or cancer?
sizzle or fizzle?
cash or trash?
punishment or publicity?
judged by twelve or carried by six?

Have more I should consider adding? cxdomains ~at~ yahoo ~dot~ com and put "play on words" in the Subject Line please! Cheers..

Mark James Mullins