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I moved to Wyoming, living here since 8/30/2019
The Pic of the Week is not being consistently updated due to time constraints. Be watching my Twitter feed via @windmechanic for times I post them, either daily or as a series. Finally, my amateur repeater equipment in Arkansas has been donated. I plan to become active in Wyoming over time but am presently limited to VHF/UHF.

IPv6 compatible as of 9/27/11, courtesy of CloudFlare.

Any references inside this site can be ignored as that domain was discontinued in 2005.

POLL: There is no poll at the present time about this website or myself. You're encouraged to follow me (@windmechanic) on Twitter as I will post news of any new polls there. In the future, my polls should last at least a fortnight (2 weeks) or longer.

This mainpage inaugurated 11/1/10 and updated 07/11/20.