Towerspace Road sign on a yet unexisting road recognized by Cleburne County, viewed from near the northeastern corner of my property. I had requested signage with a future road in mind to allow technical personnel access to a future communications tower site to be placed on the front acre. This photo taken in 1996 shows the original sign had worn due to the elements, and was taken down in late 97'. A new sign has since been made and was erected during winter 98' in the same location with plans being finalized on where to place the 24' tile and dirtwork to make access from State Highway 16 (Pangburn Road) a reality. A new permit was granted for the access to the property in Jan 99' with future plans including a residence or rent home on the back acre of this property, with Towerspace Road connecting and adding to an old existing road which spans at least 200 feet of the back acre. The overall road road length being between 375 to 450 feet when completed.

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