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Greetings, y'all!,

 A blizzard was underway as I wrote this initial sentence nearly a week ago. Pieces of the old barn, yet to be re-roofed and re-sided, were further loosened by the strong winds and banging from time to time. My driveway is now jacked up with drifted snow and is a royal mess, but I've already gotten myself unstuck twice and simply await the warmer days in that last week of the month. Christmas won't be plentiful in gifts for me, but I could care less! I'm already extremely thankful that for now, I'm keeping the bills paid and have my taxes up to date, both Federally and the County. I've lived off the 2021 income this whole year and have two wall furnace units on the way with the capability of paying for the final installation, already having paid for the units themselves. Crypto Winter continues for now, yet there's change to come. More on that later.

The Big Bombshell is that SBF of FTX fame got arrested! I tend to agree our fuzzy-haired hero, who hired the same Epstein/Maxwell lawyer, remains under suicide watch and will likely be extradited to America for charges and trial. One livestreams' host is strongly encouraging people to remove their crypto from exchanges, so has Richard Heart for a long, long time, too! I've repeatedly warned of doing EXACTLY this with exception of traders whom collectively understand the inherent risks. I'm also in agreement with the host's suggestion that we're in for one hell of a Western Ride or two, both in the near and mid terms, specifically of volatility with significant focus on BTC and ETH. Again, not financial advice, but my gut instinct is shouting that when BTC tanks between 10k/12k, this is the Back Up The Truck With Your Black Powder Momenttm to dig in and scoop up bloodied, unwanted Bitcoins as the final capitulation would be likely at hand. If you're already into DCA'ing (Dollar Cost Averaging), you need not change a thing as you're ALREADY in the sweet spot. Give this time, y'all! More crypto news coming up..

With Santa's big day approaching, "Wally World" is checking over shopper's receipts in Casper. It's shopping season after all. Expect close scrutiny of ANY loose or unbagged items in your basket when leaving any Wal-Mart, so know where you place your receipt(s)! Although the staff are always friendly, it feels more like Sam's Club just a city block distance away.The store chain's CEO notes a significant uptick in shoplifting this year, that the possibility exists of store closures as we've seen with the Greater San Francisco area Walgreens just months ago (Californians, you can thank your state politicians and Gov for that one!) I've also noticed that the smaller chain stores are looking for more loss prevention monitors in this area. DISCLOSURE: I'm a long-time holder of WMT shares.

Baby Will in New Zealand gets.. Kidnapped! The NZ Government decided that a parent's rights to choose medical care which is reasonable is no longer tolerated. Will, who is four months old, has an injured heart. Procedures will require blood transfusions. The parents simply wanted the child to receive blood from someone not COVID-19 vaxxed. No assurances were given toward this and the parents refused. Americans, unless you individually gave blood in advance specifically for a procedure (you CAN do this! Analogous, I think is the term the blood bank gives it), understand that blood transfusions aren't separated by vaxxed versus unvaxxed, yet they'll quickly deny those with less issues the ability to donate. The NZ Government sees a child as belonging to the government, typical of a formerly-free nation now occupied with the simplicities (and inevitable follies) of communism. Don't laugh, as America is a target, our Second Amendment remaining our best defense. I could go deeper into the rabbit hole here, but view the 12/8 Owen Shroyer War Room show on banned dot video, specifically Hour One, and you'll get quite the stomachache. This is exactly why more must wake up and realize how badly the UN and their banker elites want to control and kill you! Owen dropped the f-bomb early in Hour Two and frankly, I don't blame him. Kiwis would be wise and sharp to keep this horrific event in mind when their evil PM is up for re-election. She more than showed her true colors this time with her complicity!

More crypto news; ZeroHedge unloads a zinger! This is what inevitably happens with these data collectors. You've likely read in the past, here on this Blog, my concerns with unregulated data collectors. These are corporations whose principals would rather not get dox'xed, yet are retarded enough to tell everyone of their discoveries, then of course the weaponized government agencies operating under color of law will happily pay freshly-printed $$ rather than haggle with a Federal Judge for warrants which may lead to lengthy battles in that very court, simply seeking that quick plea deal to boost a prosecutor's career which costs the least for them, yet often screws the party(ies) out of their Rights while further enriching these shadowy characters and their corporations, regardless if public or private. Corporatocracy at work again, and regarding the court, it's ALL about the agreement, after all! Bottom Line: WHY in the fuck do most of you insist on having a wallet(s) on your phone so these jackals can infiltrate with SDKs? WHY?? Are you jaded traders or too new to realize how many people truly don't want you to succeed? Play this smarter, dammit! I'm not giving you specifics, either!! Just read through the article, do not give it the TL;DR treatment, then maybe, perhaps you'll figure out where I'm coming from.

That's it for this rant. Enjoy the weekend and travel safely.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all,

 Welcome to December and the Third Anniversary of HEX! I'm seeing some think that Bitcoin is ready to rebound, but I still disagree with them. It's amazing that HEX has dropped a mere 20x-25x such that I'm thinking the wick of 1.2-1.5 cents in HEX to reset it is now revised to 1.8 cents. Bitcoin has dropped significantly as has most crypto. Hexicans, hang in there! RH predicts the end of the crypto winter to be in the next 4 to 12 weeks. This speaks very positively toward PulseChain and PulseX, both released together. Oh, and if you've not viewed any RH videos, this proves he's not trying to rugpull anyone and has been spot-on correct with most of what he predicts and warns us of!

 Earlier today, it was likely the biggest viewing event in the history of InfoWars. Ye, Nick & Ali Alexander all appeared on the Alex Jones show. There was some outlandish things that Ye (formerly Kanye West) uttered to the audience, but you have to bear in mind, he uses the "Baby Christian" as self-descriptive for now. He may well retract his "love of everyone" in light that many of his critics have no regard or use for any aspect of Christianity. The present numbers around the globe reflect this and when we've seen the stories of child trafficking at our pourous souther border with the Dems apparently encouraging it, I can better understand the apathy. Bottom Line? We're maybe into the Third Inning of this Quickening and it'll require WAY MORE PAIN to get the average American to learn and act on their future and personal welfare, not that of the government, who collectively proves time and time again to always screw up whatever they touch, the WEF / UN gladly assisting this upcoming collapse. To view and download the aforementioned broadcast, visit banned dot video. Literally, tens of millions tuned in over radio and streaming. I was one of just a few hundred who watched the trio drive to the airport on Ali's telegram Chat Stream. I can vouch in light of what I later saw that it was indeed Ye, behind the mask.

 What an election we had! Runoffs are expected, especially in a hotly-contested Senate race in Georgia later this month. Can Walker pull in the win? Many races in the same battleground states of the stolen elections seem to be pulling similar nonsense as we saw in 2020. In some places, Uncle Fetterman gets to sit with a light bulb in his mouth, otherwise mumbling away in the Senate, or his wife may well get to make his votes. I don't think much of that allowance. What if she's more radical than him, or could that have been part of The Plan?

Marijuana initiatives for full recreational usage among adults panned out positively for those in Missouri and Maryland, the latter having referred it from the Annapolis legislature to their residents. They failed in Arkansas for full rec, although the Dakotas both have medical MaryJane available. That means Wyoming is 2/3rd surrounded with states at least medicinal, the two rec states being Montana and Colorado. Given time, Idaho and Nebraska will likely join and for different reasons at that! Wyoming isn't ready for either at the moment. 2024 will be the Cowboy State's next opportunity for at least medicinal approval, which of course I'll gladly vote FOR, just as I did in Oklahoma in '18. As of this submission, there will be 21 states full rec and 37 medicinal (rec included).

No clear Red Wave was seen. Tsunami effects barely made it across the beaches, although several House races did flip. I already mentioned Fetterman earlier, yet another Pennsylvanian for a state office had earned 85% of the vote after dying last month. (He twice cheated cancer!) Did he win through votes of the dead as they seem to do in many other jurisdictions? Maybe the dead DO speak after all!

Congress put the brakes on the impending rail strike. Rail workers get extra $$ but an additional day off. I'm not at all certain of COVID vax policies amongst the unions and think this is a valid point which lawmakers paid little or no attention to. After all, if a worker gets sick due to any mandated vax'es from an experimental gene-altering garbage solution that Big Pharma remains non-transparent with the public of what's in it, I see huge losses to come, much the same way as we're seeing with the airlines. It's a GOOD thing there's two pilots available at the controls! On Bloomberg Crypto, Galaxy Digital's founder Mike Novogratz weighs in on the FTX mess. Even now, we're still not certain how deep this rabbit hole goes. Personally, I've tweeted that I'm surprised the hot lava hasn't yet reached the surface level with the burnt bunny carcass. Mike notes that 9 billion USD was moved out of the exchange into SBF's accounts. Michael Washburn of the Epoch Times also opines on how the FTX collapse could trigger a massive regulatory action(s) which as I agree, sets a faster and forced acceptance of the WEF / UN Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC. Again, I encourage all those around the globe reading this to continue using fiat whenever possible (per encouragement) and pose as strong a resistance toward CBDC implementation that you can muster! Once these globalist banker scum (which we didn't elect) get their claws on our economy, we're effectively screwed and given time will do their best to kill or otherwise enslave you. Want to argue the Constitution protects you? Biden already wants your guns and that's the final defense the Founders enshrined. You either possess a strong spine or you don't.

We may as well rebrand ourselves the Inflation Nation! It was already inevitable. Diesel fuel shortages are mounting and already critical in certain sections of the country. Inflation should really ramp up with gas prices back on the increase. You can already imagine the Shit Show that follows if diesel trucks can't make their destinations for either deliveries or returning for the next load. Again, have you, my wonderful readers done any preps? Git 'er DUN!! Cowboy State Daily has a good take on why Wyoming has to deal with some of the burden, Midwest politics in particular. Iowa, you get to earn back some of the money I saved through the excellent education at a bargain in Estherville some 11 years ago. Ethanol as a required mix-in is part of the cost burden and your lobbyists with Grassley ("Grassfed" to some Iowans, freshly re-elected too!) are part of your stipend. Still, most Iowans are stellar and I have a soft spot for y'all. Keep up your hospitality! I'll always appreciate it.

Have you yet viewed the FULL "Died Suddenly" movie/documentary? I can't say how much longer it remains, but it's up on Bitchute for now, It's 69 minutes of powerful knowledge and what the MSM wants to avoid, so pop some corn and watch. The Big Pharma $$ keeps 'em placated, fat & stupid.

ZeroHedge published an article regarding how our Veterans are being treated, even today. To an extent, citizens experience similar treatment from the cops. We have become a police state and that SHOULDN'T BE! Note too, how the Feds demand more trust without having actually earned honest trust from the taxpayers who paid their salaries, or is it just freshly-printed money (quickly vanishing in value) and to absolute hell with the formalities? Read and decide for yourselves! Sorry, but many of these Feds barely understand what they're enforcing, even with the "training" they receive. I sense significant political weaponization along much of it, especially in light of FTX and dare I say, the mid-term elections. Of course they'll contend that the Tenth Amendment gives the states the authority over these elections, yet at least five or six years ago, I roasted my two primary state reps in Oklahoma over their support of the Real ID nonsense, developing a national database from state driving records with additional provisions for future inclusion of DNA, Iris (eye) Scans and more.. Most Okies seemed to ignore this and Mistake Mary signed this crap, bending over to the Feds' arm-twisting as their roudy neighbor Texas already did some time before.

True, your cellphone contains so many goodies! Truly resourceful people can do incredible things, but too many of y'all need to hit the books more often and stop looking at your device so damned much! Why? Horrible spellers abound, this article outlining college students in particular. Some will blame the international interactions which social media often offer and the intense slang (ser = sir) (wen = when) we see, but as noted many years ago, many Resumes are weeded out because of them. SHORT LINKS

Quote of the Week:

Quote throughout December! courtesy of ShannenJPEG on Twitter:
Him: "Do you have any fantasies in the bedroom?"

Me: "Yes getting 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep."

That's it for now.. Hoping each of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, so get ready for Christmas. The Hal Turner Radio Show, yesterday and today, reported a neighbor of Hal who works for FedEx, notes he goes on FURLOUGH in a week or so and won't go back for three months! To see such actions right now in the major shopping and profits season of the year is nearly unheard of! Hal also stated on his show earlier this evening from metropolitan NYC that Bezos of Amazon fame has warned customers not to spend greedily on Christmas, that each of us will need the money! He's seeing something which we all should heed. I'll also opine that you take out some fiat ca$h and keep it secured out of the bank. Have it available in case a "bank holiday" should arise. Although the Fed can print up $$ as it sees fit, other factors as communication failures (cyberattacks by our enemies) can render our ATM's useless for a while.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, Y'all!,

 Did you forget to change your clocks back an hour last night? More and more devices automatcally do this nowdays, but the old-school wind-up watches and clocks still need the semi-annual love. Just Sayin'.
The radical diet isn't perfect, but still working for me. Because of headaches, I'm caving in every day I sense I need to and rationing the sugar fix to further tweak the diet. As I go along, I'll determine if more willpower is required for me to meet my goals going forth. The weight continues to be logged daily, usually at some time overnight. A net loss remains noted! The decent daytime snow arrived Thursday as advertised. I never left the house except to put out the garbage. Momma continues to be pleased about Snuggles the cat. Many cat toys which fell out of interest for years are going through a second use and Spencer, the older cat isn't the couch potato he was. All that is really good news. Spencer had things rough for a while and needed Vet help. He got a tooth removed and a thorough scrubbing elsewhere in his mouth. In two days, he's back to gaining weight again. I've got one stray neighborhood cat who truly wants inside! I won't allow it to come in as I know too little about it, having contacted one neighbor for any word of anyone having lost one with some weight, no collar and a rather friendly attitude. Even then, I remain suspicious of the critter's habits. I don't want my home freshly piss sprayed unless I'm prepared to deal with it. I'll also segregate the animal in one or two rooms to ensure it knows how to use a litter box. More trust will be granted as I see fit, but for now? HELL NO, unless it's fixin' to hit -10 or worse and it's a sense of desperation!

In crypto:
 Message to HEXICANS and my four onboards: There's someone who filed a bullshit lawsuit in a small claims court case against Richard and HEX. They're trying to invoke FUD and it's beyond retarded. This type of harassment has been going on since the launch of the HEX token as you'll quickly learn in minute 43 of the aforementioned video and the reasons they do this are numerous and have primarily due to receiving no promotional money or Richard handing them their collective asses in often-fierce debates, many which are easily found on YouTube and this experienced cryptoafficianado finds truly entertaining (as Richard proves his intelligence and continues delivering the truth of the facts as he knows them.) DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR STAKES OR HEX! Everything remains just fine and this person is very likely pissy and wants upcoming PulseChain and PulseX labeled at securities, praying that a default occurs. Our community is quite robust, there are many multimillionaires in the community and I'm also prepared to toss some $$ to assist against this mess if called on. So far this year, I've lived solely off remaining funds left over from the purchase of this Square of Solitude, the insurance, taxes and such. Because the lawsuit was filed by someone else in crypto during this "crypto winter", they're doing crappy themselves but it ain't due to HEX. In the video, JC says the attorneys taking on this case whom shall remain nameless have a rather low reputation. No telling how many attorneys told the filing party "I won't touch this, you have no case!" before they were located. Richard has never "rugged" anyone and frankly doesn't need or desire to! Of course, the party wants badly for a victory to petition the SEC to investigate the project. Before it was launched, Heart consulted with experienced attorneys whom specialize in securities to ensure compliance from as many possible facets of the complex diamond, including the HEX interface itself and how any promotions of this token should proceed. So far, so good! Stay Tuned and I'll keep y'all informed.

By the way, CryptoVince369 of SoCal on Twitter reminds us to keep your eyes on the prize! Indeed, a T-share is 2.5x more expensive per HEX than it was on Day 1. We're into the 1000 range approaching 1100 days. Those who believe they're too late for HEX are utterly clueless. NOW is a fantastic time to obtain more HEX as the downside from here isn't very much, although I'll be the first to emphatically state again that we've not reached the bottom of BTC, nor have the Bitcoin Bulls acquired much of it to prop up the price lately, instead taking advantage of other selling events to get it not too cheap. This only delays final capitulation. If you "get" this, you're way ahead in your understanding of this over your fellow crypto HODLers. I've been to this rodeo enough and have been a willing participant. Seen the scars yet? There's more contestants earning their share when they sell at the BOTTOM. It happens every time!

POLY was launched 11/5. Their staking website is and HDRN can be minted into POLY at 1:1 ratio until the period finishes. HDRN (Hedron) is mintable from an existing HEX stake or bought through UniSwap v3 with another DeFi ERC20 such as USDC. So far, over 300MM HDRN has been minted into POLY. Just as MAXI, POLY will be very liquid, yet those who possess any when the stake is through will receive amounts of HEX & HDRN. POLY is used to bid for HEX HSI (Hex Stake Instance) or Hex Stakes encapsulated which have gone to auction. This is yet a reason the minting period is very short as the upcoming auction is around the middle of this month!

COVID news: So ask yourself again WHY did Big Pharma seek out a blanket liability exemption regarding the jabs? Click and see for yourself! Pfizer's CEO, in a meeting with the WEF, readily admitted a 2023 goal, reducing the world's population by 50 percent! If this video link no longer works, please contact me either by Twitter or email and I'll gladly update as it's copied here.

How many of you read The Atlantic and their guest op ed regarding Pandemic Amnesty? Written by Emily Oster, a well-spoken educator at Brown University, with likely the most-read and most-controversial of this type of article in a good while, states her case in seeking a societal forgiveness. There are several things in her piece which may be lacking. She may not seem to realize when schools concentrate on woke nonsense as CRT and entertain sexually explicit books in our schools, that perhaps the lack of mathematic comprehension by today's students have a more vile root cause than COVID! We remember these agencies, both federal and state, were directly complicit on shutdowns. Corporations forced vaccinations to remain employed (including Wyoming Medical Center, which Banner Health acquired during the pandemic) and created a general societal panic and dare I say, DISCRIMINATION, against those who chose wisely to remain unvaccinated, their RIGHT to refuse in the first place, versus the Democrats who instead love their nanny state and still want to enforce it on the public, especially those who questioned the 94% efficiency claims which were debunked and followed by more calls for "more boosters!" including the Big Guy who still encouraged the jabs due to Hurricane Ian. They reacted to fear instead of applying critical thinking. If you surf here to ZeroHedge, the comments alone are quite snarky and I think rightfully so!! Due to all this irrationality and lying by TPTB, many businesses were forced shut and remain so today due to bankruptcy. I continue to salute all those who willingly resigned from employers, including our military and airlines, due to their refusal to accept into their bodies, an mRNA garbage clot shot which is presently killing many adults, otherwise having been in good health before their jabs. I further warn you to read EACH AND EVERY VACCINE INSERT YOU ENCOUNTER before you or any loved ones you protect will accept any of it. If it has mRNA technology, ditch it, refuse the shot and leave! Remember too, it is a Federal requirement that each vial contains an insert. If left "INTENTIONALLY BLANK", also ditch it and leave without the shot. I can't hold your hand but at least I can give each of you with eyes to see of the fair warning you deserve! Each of you must take charge of your health! There continues to be more and more muttering that mRNA tech is being spread throughout more and more vaccines. Remember, the dictionary has been modified with a new definition that includes "mRNA" so to provide additional protections in courts in regard to the jabs. The effects are of course unknown as it was with COVID's jabs and my critical thinking screams BULLSHIT! Emily, you do mean well in the op-ed, at least you have the nation talking, yet where are the apologies AND REMEDIES from the powers which enforced all this? We're damaged. Some are damaged goods and many are dead from it. You would likely demand remedies yourself and should expect no less from us to continue griping and demanding accountability, including capital punishments for those who indeed know better and are part of the depopulation cult. As I've seen on one Vietnam Veteran's bumper sticker; "We'll forgive Jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler!"

Worse yet, our coastal readiness is at serious risk. The US Coast Guard has serious issues trying to bring in replacements for personnel who refused the jabs which CG still apparently enforces! $50k recruitment bonuses? NO!! If the Draft gets reinstated, I sense many more dodgers than usual if the heretic policies of this kill shot continues to be enforced. Since Nuremburg trials forbade this practice, the globalist elites are trying their best to get as many injected with the garbage before another trial comes to pass. This is proving to be the biggest scam in humanity as these elites truly hate each of us.


C.D., here's one for you; Pryor, OK continues to grow and now has Canoo. It's an EV module manufacturer working with Panasonic. Maybe the Magical Time Shifter (MTS) near town works after all!

Such a hilarious video! Posted over 3 years ago, it's still available. This young cockatoo imitates the cats, they act like they're gonna eat it, but he holds his ground just fine!

Birthdays: Sally Field turns 76 today, 11/6. That's it for the weekend. Hoping each of you enjoyed it.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all,

 I apologize it's been a while, seven weeks to be specific! I've been busy paying multiple, expensive bills such as all my insurance, getting tags renewed, adding yet more food to my preps, and having attended the ARRL Division meetup not too far in Cheyenne on Saturday 10/7, nearly a month ago. Given enough time, I'll move some of these bills to April since most of the huge tax bills are finally done with and it won't cost me several thousand to get silly, routine things settled. At least my property taxes weren't raised excessively as it has to several I know in neighboring Natrona County. Their assessor got voted out of office, although that alone won't get to the damned root cause. I covered this in detail if you scroll down to the 7-29 entry.

The snow should be flying Thursday when this is released. It'll accumulate but not last long as the ground has been very warm. Douglas easily reached the mid-60s Wednesday as I got my winterization of the truck completed. It has a fresh tune-up but the mechanic still can't trace the root cause of the occasional, strange shifting in the automatic transmission which triggers both an engine light and "wrench" indicator on my Ford. A sensor so far makes the most sense toward the cause, but nothing conclusive.

Arkansas news: Momma wound up getting a new cat! The shelter mistook the cat's gender as it was listed as male, yet discovered to be female. She's been spayed and given the "Snuggles" name. No pictures just yet, so expect an update. It's mostly siamese, around 3 months old and already snuggles next to her new mommy at bedtime and gets along with her new big brother who celebrates his birthday this coming Wednesday.

Douglas news from October: Someone or a group vandalized an beautification exhibit in downtown Douglas. It depicted a child with a postal carrier, the child now armless. Douglas Police are seeking information on this incident which reportedly occurred early last Sunday morning, 10/2. And NO! Our Post Office is actually staffed by really good people as I send and fetch most of my mail there. It would've been too funny if the statue were booby-trapped and punched the vandal's lights out. After all, this crap is uncalled for!

Yours Truly wound up with a picture on page A-8 of the Douglas Budget newspaper. No, it wasn't in the Police Report, although literally next to it. I was helping with a project of a fantastic group I belong to. Some in my Inner Orbit have gotten copies of the article. Helping out kids the way we did is a tradition here and a very laudable use of my time. We do it again in January with a different type of book. Many in the town still have their originals from decades back. Mr. Webster approves!

Obit: MakerDAO co-founder and developer Nikolai Mushegian of San Juan, PR died recently due to drowning. He was 29. Mushegian was an important figure in crypto and made huge differences in Dai and later in MakerDAO to mention just a few.

I also take editorial license to pause and reflect on many recent "Sudden Death Syndrome" victims which the mainstream media refuses to investigate further.. After all, Rush wisened his listeners to "Follow the money trail!" and the jabs seem more and more apparent, especially for those inside the NFL who were forced under policy to receive the jabs. Furthermore, more children are becoming victims to the effects. I sincerely pray for a unanimous rejection by all Governors regarding any proposed mandatory requirements of receiving this liquid garbage. The Elites take incredible schadenfreude whenever another of our most innocent happens to die from the effects of this mixture which Big Pharma continues to refuse disclosure. Finally, expect more shutdowns and releases of new variants, far more virulent, created in Boston and elsewhere, with the only magical fix being yet another mRNA genetic modifier kill shot or two.

I'm also carefully watching developments on several trends in America; The supply of diesel fuel is way down! Part of it comes down to dwindling supply of Russian imports, although Lets Go Brandon and his minions seem happy to have essentially caused a nosedive in both domestic supply (diesel is refined before gasoline in the refinery chain) and our SPR or Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Reports are filtering in from the Northeast region of diesel being critical where the price has again risen well above $6/gal. Mind you, I know a little too much about diesel and the fact it can be created by anyone with the proper ingredients, yet it takes time. Catalysts are utilized to speed up the process on the industrial level, and that's how far I'm going on this discussion. (Watch that the sulfur content doesn't get too high) So far, the anticipated shortage hasn't affected my area of the Rockies nor much of Dixieland. Again, let me give you a final heads-up to prepare!

If you're visiting my Pic of the Week (check the front page for the link) you might know already of my new, radical diet. Wow! I've shed over 5 pounds in 48 hours on it and it didn't involve any crapping my guts out, as that was already done on Halloween before I began the diet. It's quite radical and I'm awaiting my body to go into ketosis. That little Heath bar was quite delicious and so far, I'm firmly situated on The Wagon! This diet is very workable but requires situational awareness. Wally World had boxes of Halloween Count Dracula and Halloween Franken Berry cereal for fifty cents each! Although I jumped on several boxes, they're unopened and will be placed in the freezer by the time you read this.

I may well create another Blog over the weekend. There's so much news I'm thinking of to comment here. That's the beauty of this website. Opinions usually based on reported stories with personal thoughts to give you, my readers, my take on past and current events and what may well happen. Of course when it comes to the very strong likelihood of Nuclear War, I pray that cooler heads prevail. It certainly won't happen in the District of Clowns anytime soon as much $$ is to be made! Just ask yourselves why the amounts of money to You-Crane continue to go UP & UP!! Money Laundering is the most likely and many of the weaponry continue to wind up on the black market, usually in Serbia. May each of you have a fruitful rest-of-the-week. I'm ready for the snow, so bring it on!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings y'all!,

Yesterday on Nine Eleven, America again morned that horrific Tuesday some 21 years ago. I've listened to numerous airline recordings of Flight 11 and others as there's much reflection back then. Elsewhere in this blog, I may have reflected on the havoc and insanity of that very day in Little Rock. Gas was 1.53/gal with huge lines forming to fuel up. It was strange to hear or see no aircraft, everyone having landed due to the craziness. It was also a rarity to catch unfiltered profanities being openly broadcast, the news too fresh to receive any filtering. Maybe someday I'll get to visit the Big Apple, just to visit that monument where the twin towers once stood, then remember and again pray for the nearly 3,000 who perished, adding those millions who died of the COVID-19 vax scam and so many unnecessary abortions. The UK is also mourning their loss of Queen Elizabeth II who served 70 years, her son Charles now declared as King Charles III yesterday morning. One particularly hilarious meme went viral, stating the 73-year old finally has a JOB! Imagine that.. Consider too, it's been barely past 25 years since his ex, Princess Diana was killed in that awful Paris limo accident, so the close timing is almost too close for comfort. William is heir to the throne and Harry has a tell-all book which is likely delayed due to his grandmother's death. Here's a picture snapped of the Queen, since gone viral, taken two days before she passed. I've spent this week with mixed events going on. It was Thursday when the longest-serving British monarch passed and hours later, a huge cold front scrubbed away the huge heat wave which had been setting new records in the region, in fact, some 30 degrees cooler where hunters are rather giddy, looking forward to the seasons as several animal species are going through annual rut, including the antelope that frequent my Square of Solitude. I've not seen any in the neighborhood since a week ago, just a lone mule deer doe running alongside the highway. I got some necessary dental work done and the pickup truck's loose driver window has been properly reattached. More work on the vehicle is planned next month and November, although for the most part, it runs wonderfully. Those spark plugs are being eyed for replacement before Thanksgiving! For now, insurance and the inconvenient taxes are again due as I await Crypto Winter to wrap up. BTC (Bitcoin) has pumped above 21k (MEH!!) as those ever-edgy traders want another pump, but where the hell are the BTC Bulls? More and more seem to agree with my sentiments that more sub-20k territory with sub-15k far more likely, are indeed in the tea leaves. At least Richard Heart is giving us fresh assurance of PulseChain and PulseX to be released. Watch his official channels for a two-week heads-up regarding the long-awaited snapshot and REMAIN ON GUARD to all the damned scammers, ready to lay their best game of bullshit. You've been forewarned.

I got back from vacation late Saturday evening 8/27. I spoke with former roomie T.O. in Casper (thanks for the birthday card!) We joke often of the animals I'll get for this place. Of course, some family members continue to be concerned that I would still put on my voicemail that I was away from home. They've still not visited my Square of Solitude to realize I have good neighbors who helped to keep eyes on the place. I'll return the favor as requested as it helps keep crime low. It's the Wyoming Way! Vacation in Fremont County was fun. Not perfect, but overall was kick-ass! I hadn't initially planned on riding horses and filling up on some of the finest food available, yet this past week was the last remaining spot I could occupy, I had to put a deposit on it around the first of the year, with the interesting news it landed on my birthday, although one other guest enjoyed hers on Saturday as we departed. I even had two cowboy poems I wrote back in February which I presented publicly for the very first time at the campfire, one which brought tears to a few eyes. I knew I had a powerful poem but didn't expect this. I won't submit them to the Blog, at least yet, as I had recorded my recitation which I'll submit to Clear Out West broadcast show near Pinedale for possible future broadcast. They offer podcast downloads and if either gets aired, I'll update y'all later. The two Nelson brothers in Sublette County have a hour show aired weekly on stations around the country which often include cowboy poetry. I met with others in the area I know, bought another shirt I can use, even met another guy close to my age who celebrated his birthday on mine, recently. That was also very good. I even took the liberty to record some clip-clops from my final dude ranch ride on the phone, to be used in one song which features that subject.

T.O. and I spent Nine Eleven on Casper Mountain at Crimson Dawn Park to enjoy the cloud-free day (a bit of haze was noted eastward) and we hiked over a mile or so to test out my ham radio repeater. I took several pics which will go on the Pic of the Week portion of the website, along with a few other recent ones, so be watching twitter for the links or simply go to my main page and click the Pic of the Week link (it gets updated twice weekly) The bad news is that my antenna analyzer must have malfunctioned as the new antenna I had under test on my repeater is operating very crappy and I may need to try another retune. I'm also getting a new analyzer of the same software build, but using N-connectors where the load goes so I can test with greater confidence. The old NanoVNA is getting tossed out as the useless brick it is. I'm also putting a new policy not to allow any handie-talkies inside the shop except if I'm NOT testing antennas, just to be certain I don't accidentally fry the next one.

I didn't expect this interesting angle to the energy issues in the EU. China is being quite the broker, making Russian gas their own, then reselling it to Europe. I agree with the author that China won't worry with it as their economy picks back up, with exception that they invoke even more stupid lockdowns. Still, it won't be enough to keep the Germans warm for very long. Trump was right! Germany's Maas giggled, but The Donald gets The Last Laugh. What will it be? German businesses having to shut down due to excessive energy costs, then whatever gas left over is used to keep their population warm?? NatGas prices globally are going to rise further with demand. Wyoming is open for business in clean coal to jurisdictions needing it. Just Sayin'. (wink wink!!)

Child Mutilizations versus Child Rapists.. Most states still allow child mutilizations, specifically of their genetalia for those who identify (or being groomed) for gender transfer. There was one man arrested for rape and wanted his genitals to be removed to prevent any reoccurances. At that time (I think back in the 90's) it was virtually impossible to locate a physician anywhere in Texas willing to perform his requested procedure. Now, we have schools willing to prevent notification to a child's parents of that child's gender identity and will seek the services for that child. Yes, it's disgusting!

Not quite as disgusting are the new IRS agents in training. I need not repost the link from a previous submission of the job requirements, including that of lethal force. Damn, these people can't seem to dress up at all! I can already see our Founders spinning in their graves. Trust that this won't help the jackasses as even those not making much who are affiliated with them will likely switch when they receive their audits, likely to become annual and certainly more INTRUSIVE! We have a government who loves to spend, having underlings with deep state connections which all benefit from the same and that ANY government program which can be expanded, is sacrosanct, thus adding to the growing cancer infesting the Swamp of the Potomac, and I'm afraid both parties will be sinful and retain them. These new agents will receive government pay with government money that you'll see as devaluing in the months ahead. Biden's administration will become more desperate to retain the status-quo. You've not yet seen much shit hit the fan, although I can't rule out at least one false flag event between now and the Mid-terms, now under two months away.

We have a president who doesn't know how to properly preside over this once-great nation. Hillary is still not over her 2016 loss, although I won't rule out her possible run for '24, several joining me on this prediction. Trump refuses to admit he was terribly duped in the COVID-19 vax scandal. I find it pathetic that he remains committed and has doubled down toward this killshot liquid garbage! DeSantis is now my choice to lead this nation, although my concerns of WW III could change many minds. It's also nice to hear Tulsi Gabbard being mentioned over and over again. She's saying the right things and I believe she could do some really good things if the UniParty gives her a chance. More and more, I'm calling out the Two Party System as a compromised grouping of men and women whom have a Deep State/CIA/FBI conglomerate of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who still get paid regardless, even from black budgets, ruling over them with blessings of various elites.

My message to the World Economic Forum and the United Nations for which it stands, odd bedfellows now firmly connected at the hip? Take your AI and GO EFF YOURSELVES! Learn how to cover your crappy derivative bets before you come to rub our noses that you shall boss us around, you dirty socialist, marxist, communists. The Wayback Machine via will also present quite a challenge for you scumbags to take down, spare trying your efforts on the various chan channels. I predict the Georgia Cornerstones being destroyed two months ago is just the start of revolution. You and your minions have severe mental issues which no amount of nanotech can possibly rectify and you're collectively doing the work of your boss, the Devil. It is the WEF/UN who should be eliminated from the internet, the indescribably filthy pox you've become. I'm also pleased to offer thoughts you won't like, such as the USA should've defunded the arrogant, bloated UN years ago and the Birch Society is vindicated. Obama will be proven as the worst President in American history, far worse than puppet Biden.

That's it for now.
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It's NOT Russia, Russia, Russia! It's Democrats, Democrats, Democrats!!
 Why did Trump's luxury Palm Beach mansion get raided on the evening of 8/8/2022? It's finally broken through the noise! We're collectively able to figure out conclusively that the Democrats and the weaponization of their Marxist, Socialist, Communist agendas via the FBI and through the DoJ (a federal magistrate who represented Epstein's many associates for over a score, reportedly signed the warrant) and Americans now realize how a massive slap of the face this is. Note though, the AG Garland admitted Thursday on national TV that he personally signed off on the warrant and Trump now wants the warrant publicly released. You see, this is likely the biggest political mistake in a century by the Democrat Party, but they're really that drunk for the power they enjoy. Most of these buffoons expect the WEF / UN to have their backs. Instead, they'll be slain and quartered. Democrats are even more stupid if they think their IRS Army will pull monetary blood from turnips. Instead, I sense real blood from real Americans will be shed in the Woke socialism they're demanding. Obama is being proven more and more, the disaster his presidency provided to the American people. ObamaCare was bad enough, yet his "civilian army" he spoke about over a decade ago may well cement his already-horrible legacy, even as he serves a third term through placeholder Biden, the Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated. We'll see who runs in '24 and if Michael O happens to be amongst the clowns. There are several rings to this upcoming circus. IRS agents with authority to kill, included.

Doubt me yet? The IRS will soon have nearly 87k new agents, enough to more than fill the bleachers in Norman where the Sooners play. It's obvious that Biden lied that only those sub 400k USD will be taxed. There are but 734 billionaires in the USA. Congress must address the laws which favors these agents throughout the 75k+ pages of Tax Code and other existing US Code. For now, read through the requirements of these new agents, working for the agency's CI or Criminal Investigations wing, they're essentially money cops with weapons and the capability to kill. THAT'S why they've been given another 700k USD to buy millions of extra ammo. They'll practice up and many bad apples, many lefties as this administration favors, will fuck things up and kill some taxpayers, yet plead they're the victims and beg Federal Grand Juries to forgive them, especially if further weaponized as members of some government Union. Why am I already seeing a similar George Floyd situation beginning to materialize? Overall, this won't work well, certainly no better than the presently-compromised and politically-weaponized FBI and the DoJ which our Attorney General will become as hated as Fauci. Mark my words and give this time to fester and ferment into utter vileness. I predict these new agents will fail and be thrown under the bus by the Elites when they become of no further use. The elites want us to have nothing and be happy, after all!

Author Salman Rushdie was attacked and apparently stabbed Friday in New York State before he was to give a speech. As the NY Times noted, Rushdie has remained under death threats since publication of "The Satanic Verses", considered blasphemous by many Muslims due to having fictionalized part of the life of the prophet Muhammad, first published in 1988. A year later, Iran's late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa, or edict calling for Rushdie's death, according to AP. Apparently, security hasn't remained strong enough in recent years for the convert to Islam decades ago. Shiv Aroor on Twitter noted Salman in his own words, having been interviewed on Aroor's show, that he would write it again. I doubt this was at all wise, as his words continue to be monitored by critics to this day. As of this submission, Rushdie remains in the hospital, is talking and cheerful, yet he has a long road of recovery ahead due to his injuries. Just as Christianity and many religious sects around the globe, Islam has several branches, some with very deep memories. If Rushdie should die, the assailant will be widely celebrated and praised by millions. Note too, the bounty on Rushdie's life has gradually increased and now exceeds 3.3MM USD. Lest we forget, our southern border remains VERY OPEN and many Muslims are among the illegals brought in by Cartels, with blessings by FU Brandon. Few things carry the passion that religion does. Perhaps you understand why it required several men to restrain the perp. No, NYS! This violent act didn't involve a gun.

The Wyoming State Fair arrives in Douglas this coming week! Here's one photo and yet another. These were taken earlier in the afternoon before the clouds and rain developed. Rains here in the Platte Valley have been so helpful over the past three days! There are still many wildfires to our west. Prayers out to one particular Twitter follower in Idaho, whose cattle are in danger due to bone dry conditions with fires closing in. At least in this area, the smoke is nowhere near as noxious as the previous two years I've lived here. The NWS still believes we have another La Nina season to endure, albeit not as extreme. It's also a bit strange for the lack of Atlantic hurricanes, but not so extreme! Remember Hurricane Andrew? He struck south Florida in late August. The bathtub temp waters and almost no shear allowed his rapid intensification. Take a look at SST's (surface sea temps) now and see for yourself how explosive this late-bloomer of hurricane season could well become! A Pro Hint that it requires 77F/25C to maintain a hurricane. Bear in mind, the peak production of hurricanes for the Northern Hemisphere generally falls on 9/9. I predict we may see four simultaneous, active storms in the Atlantic at some point before Halloween. The season ends the first of November.

Love your pets while you have them! Sadly, my mother has one less feline companion now. Ditzy (2012-2022), a pureblood Birman, was very special. Momma visited several veterinarians in her area, trying to determine the cause of frequent coughing and wheezing issues which cropped up recently with "Ditz." The cause of death is believed to be congestive heart failure. Mother still has Ditzy's brother who should reach his eleventh birthday around Columbus Day. That brother is already missing his sister, both were in regular competition during the Winter for that warm spot atop a low-power electric stove, more for looks than anything else. Ditzy loved the pet penthouse where both cats would stare at the bird feeder. Momma will take time out before deciding on another companion cat, the next one she thinks will be a rescue from the local shelter who does incredible works and deeds. RIP Ditz, Momma will cradle you again on The Other Side..

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Greetings, y'all

 I'm not in Douglas to argue with locals, yet a few are clearly wanting to argue. A local gas station where lottery tickets are sold has someone wearing a job badge, whose name I won't release, the location, nor will I snitch on that person to their employer. We didn't resort to any name calling and I'm willing to drop this. The only part which made no sense to me was during our exchange that a lottery terminal could still print tickets, even when I explained to the person that another competitor's terminal was out of service. This is totally silly to hear that a terminal can still print out tickets, as an Out Of Service terminal cannot transmit the resulting transaction to the Lottery, to be included in the drawing. So why didn't I choose to continue the argument which I'd already won? It's simply realizing I'm speaking to a younger guy working at a gas station and I'm already retired with PLENTY, not having to be too arrogant about anything at all, although I was really close to rubbing that in his face. If this person happens to be made aware of this story (it occurred last Friday 7/29) I certainly hope that person learns how to chill a bit. I'd be pleased to teach that person how to become a fisherman instead of eating the fish. Best of all, the only money they'd spend would be on the crypto to get started. I want no profit whatsoever from someone with a strong mind, capable, yet impatient and needing to learn what patience and delaying of gratification truly is. They'd very likely realize incredible happiness and mature greatly. I admit it took me until my 40's to realize my folly as I see much of myself in past reflection, yet here I am today. I truly want people to succeed, but with the status quo, I presently have doubts about that person, although I wish the best. Albeit, we're early in crypto, it's catching on and Wyomingites are in an exceptionally favorable position to thrive in it. Douglas, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE! 'Nuff said for now.

I've mailed out a nasty missive to the entire staff of a dental practice in Casper I've entrusted for over a year now. I've never mentioned the name here on this blog and won't disclose it now. They've been good until now, when I needed them the MOST! I won't go into excessive detail of it as they'll be reading about it soon enough. They had two entire open business days to return a call about a broken tooth (include the three days they were closed, the previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the total!) Their answering service made notes, including emailing them of my issue, so there's no excuse for this lack of standard on their part, even if not the dentist in their direct role. There's no pain, yet it could be serious if left unattended, even in the short term. Someone there did not heed the need to call me and I won't bother them as they're often very busy. Now, they'll never know if they could've helped me. This is inexcuseable and I'm changing dentists immediately. No, I won't file a formal complaint to the Dental Board if they strive to follow up and not allow this to happen to another future patient. If they insist on apologizing to me, any correspondence won't be seen as I'll shred it immediately. This same practice imposes a fee if I fail to notify them of a necessary change and outright miss the appointment. Although I can't do the same, I can choose a different dentist who will care. They can eat this one and learn from it!

This is the America we live in today. Worse yet, Wyoming as a whole is represented by a war hawk, District of Criminals Swamp Rat who seems to favor democratic stronghold Teton County where former Veep, father Dick retires happily. Even though there are some conservative Big Money folk in and around Jackson, does that remotely sound like Republican conservative representation? My pickup truck bumper sticker is vindicated daily and I continue to get extra looks of jealousy for extras of it which I don't have. She wants us as Wyomingites to believe she's on the high and moral side of her narrative, yet as I mentioned in the previous submission, ignored Guy Reffitt. He was among those being held in the DC Gulag for over 7 months with no representation, no bail and Lawfare prosecutors who have less regard to constitutional rights, since too many Americans remain too afraid to speak out. He was singled out for terrorism charges despite having not vandalized any property, nor assaulted anyone, but for full disclosure, his family have testified against him at his recent show trial. Later on, you'll read how this resolved itself in court. Although I'm not a lawyer, you should be made strongly aware of the trickery that agents use under a stressful situation to have evidence conveniently revealed. Sorry, but it's too late once you've applied that thumbprint to your phone and they've bagged the device, they can state you consented and be vindicated! You see, cops and agents are taught to cut to the chase before a lawyer has a chance to intervene. This is to protect and enhance both the profitability and continued relevancy of their agencies and make matters easier for the prosecutor(s), so Americans must be awake and aware NOW to process what is being said. Just like the poisonous vaccine where little to no information was given, there's damned little that can be done to hold them to account, until the People arise and demand justice. It has come to the point where these politically-weaponized agents boldly violate the Constitutional Rights of Americans, because they worry too much of the so-called pension most will never enjoy, once the WEF/UN throws them under the bus and the poisonous "vaccine" has done the Dirty Deeds. Are you seeing their Plan? Today, the ATF has become notorious lately in their battle against "straw men" gun purchases. Continue reading and you get to see how emboldened they've gotten under this crap Swamp administration. It might just piss you off.

Read about Reffitt's situation in this article and ask yourselves "If I want to attend a rally in The Swamp in peaceful protest under the First Amendment, will it affect me and my family?" Some didn't even attend the event or enter the Capitol, yet they're treated worse than Gitmo detainees, thanks to phone tracking which led to those in close proximity. Guy Reffitt was sentenced to 87 months in Federal prison. Lawfare prosecutors wanted additional terrorism charges and time added which Judge Friedrich denied. The judge seemed intent that Reffitt is suffering from mental issues, yet in my opinion, she seemed to never consider that his extended time in solitary may damn well have something to do with any issues she observed in her court. After all, who does the good Judge work for? Reffitt brought a gun to the Capitol, yet never took it out of the holster nor did he enter the building. Liz is numb to Wyomingite concerns given her on the J-6 subject. As a typical RINO, the END justifies the MEANS. She sees the corporate side of our government and considers the RESULTS as a corporation expects. It's NOT about We The People! The latest political ad is turning stomachs around the nation with her father slamming Trump. Why does she never say a thing in her ads, except that she approves such messages, so she gets the cheapest ad rate? I'm a former broadcaster and too familiar with public filing requirements in regard to political advertising, so I understand this fairly well. I think she sees the Gravy Train ending with her House seat and of course I'll do my part as a voting Wyomingite to see that through. With that said, she could well run for President in 2024, although as a Republican, she won't get any traction on the Gannett Peak she's facing, even with ropes, crampons and a trusty ice ax. Since she's already begging the state Dems to cross over and vote for her (there ain't many here) Liz would be best served in jumping parties if she's so desperate. Trump would quickly put his well-honed trolling skills to full usage, regardless of the party choice she makes. Cheney would have to use Deep State, Media and other entrenched resources to fight back as the actual numbers, at least in Wyoming, won't work. The one thing I agree with Liz is that Mr. My Pillow, Mike Lindell went overboard on his concerns of voting in this state. Statewide, counties have secured video, operational around the clock on each early voting box. Mules, if not caught, will at the very least be triggering fresh suspicions. This state, like the wildlife in it, is skittish on these type of matters.

Congratulations to a pathetic Kangaroo judge in Austin, TX for her somewhat-successful but slimy show trial against Alex Jones and InfoWars. The total awarded is shy of 50 million. Although well-played in the leftist-dominated city where Jones resides, she deserves a judicial review in light of all the unconstitutional roadblocks and general bullshit dispensed and I think should promptly be removed from the bench. Jones has granted an invitation for one of the Sandy Hook families to appear on his show. He admits the tragedy was 100% real and sees a deeper picture in light of it all, yet quickly noted how stacked against him from leftist judges and attorneys before his trial began. I agree with various staffers of InfoWars that a dig into the finances of these people are also in order. The fact that Jones couldn't defend himself is a travesty of justice, blatant violations of several amendments, and I pray there's enough leftover funds to appeal. A federal bankruptcy remains in full force to prevent confiscation of property and assists in preserving Rights as Jones strives to continue his enterprise in some manner, even if limited. More and more voices can be forced into silence in light of the dangerous precedent this sets, while the J-6 stupidity isn't far from my mind. It's obvious that the ultimate goal was to kill off InfoWars. The program itself has saved immense numbers of people from the COVID mRNA kill shots and has warned parents not to subject their babies and toddlers to the jabs. Alex releases his book "The Great Reset" which is available either from or Amazon on pre-order. It gets released later this month and I should be getting my hardcopy by Labor Day weekend.

I'm pleased with a recent "arrest" of an ATF agent who arrived at the residence of a gun purchaser. That purchaser called 911 with strong suspicions which brought out local cops whom drew weapons and forced the agent down. Not all agents are this bold (and stupid!) but he was literally begging for lead, believing it wouldn't happen. My recommendation for these agencies? The smarter agencies as the FCC will notify and bring along at least one LEO to witness their official duties. The agent whined and moaned that the local yokels were making the mistake, but he lied! Remember, agents and cops can lie, yet the sheeple cannot. The Feds can invoke 18 USC 1001. Furthermore, the local cops realize better than that clueless agent of the strong possibility of imposters operating under color of law in light of such sloppiness. Notice the obvious lack of professionalism and lack of uniform. Even the Postal Service has certain requirements for their delivery clerks! Worse yet, in some cities, they're taking numerous armed uniformed agents, essentially in SWAT gear, to residences for these serial number checks. Bottom Line? Former AG Eric Holder and his agency obviously violated the law on Obama's watch, yet Obama rules a third term with many of his former minions in the Swamp today through a man in dire need of the 25th Amendment. Yet I digress..

Now for two somewhat-related gun issues to ponder; Why is the Department of Commerce suddenly interested in the sales records of companies selling gun holsters? I would discourage people from using credit cards/debit cards to purchase these items going forth. We can fight back the Solari way, with CA$H! Consider too, using a local leather maker who will stand by their work. The Deep State wants to glean information on gun owners, no matter if they actually own a weapon. THIS is the socialist/communist/authoritarian bullshit you get from Obama's Third Term, through a Chinese agent and puppet, residing in "the basement" of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Lauren Boebert recently inquired as to why our Internal Revenue Service feel it necessary to arm their agents. I've not heard of a pattern of threats or deadly force, spare actual incidents of the same against their agents lately. Most agents in the Treasury who are armed, work for the Secret Service! The IRS already has quite an extensive amount of power, yet that's not enough for the Big Guy, interested in hiring even more agents which costs us plenty! The Democrat Party is all about growing The Swamp's reach, being true to supporters. After all, to get a fair trial in the District is impossible for a conservative when over 96% are Democrats. This tactic is also routinely used in the Southern District of New York. You see, this is the wet dream of Lawfare lawyers from Ivy League colleges being realized, weaponizing The System against The People as was experienced in Austin recently. The IRS isn't alone in this increased demand at the expense of taxpayers of ammo. The story gives additional insight of other agencies.

I sensed sometime back we'd start seeing some poetic justice begin to leak forth, even if overseas. I recorded a copy in case Twitter takes it down, so pretty-please let me know and I'll upload it on my server then update the hyperlink. This is one of the extremely few instances I'll edit my Blog, other than to correct mistakes I make from time to time. My bottom line? It MUST be seen! We're looking at an overseas physician get his car mirror and window smashed out. He should consider himself damned lucky the man didn't use the boomerang directly against his teeth. Considering what is yet to come, his nightmares and those of others complicit are likely beginning. Doctors, too many of you recommended a "vaccine" which proved to be a bioweapon, so stop acting so smug about the damages you've collectively done. In the end, your legal eagles likely won't keep you safe. Foremost, this isn't a threat from me. Furthermore, I don't encourage others to copycat someone clearly full of rage toward your profession and the American hospitals whom continue blindly following the crap CDC protocol. I'm only predicting the stark-raving REALITY in the matter which unfortunately you may have been duped into. A major Wyoming hospital required employees to receive this biogarbage to maintain their occupations, nevermind that demanding such is a violation of the Nuremberg Trials. Too many employers imposed the same and many ignored concerns. Our military and major airlines are now minus some of their best-trained and reliable personnel. Doctors, you were at least indirectly, part of the biggest scam and crime against humanity in history. Just wait until American infants and toddlers die. Some reports have already been received. Yes, these same elites want violence so they can pose as the saviors. Too many who choose to remain ignorant of the truth will buy up the nonsense and get sheared as the sheeple they'll likely remain.

UPDATE: I've gotten the external link to the audio mentioned regarding the Natrona County Assessor's office and exceptional tax increases. How long it remains on the K2 server, I don't know. I'm seeking permission to copy and play it on this website if it happens to come up for expiration on the Town Square Media server that hosts it. If so, and if it expires before 8/16, expect an update on a future blog which has a direct link.

Are you in California? Notice the numbers of U-Hauls leaving the state?? It's crap like this which are chasing out Californians for greener pastures. The state now wants to bill for water being drawn by wells on one's own property. As you'll notice, the owners are solely responsible for compliance. Nothing at all is being done to address the additional population of the undocumented, allowed to cross the southern border and remain. They get to use the water while Lakes Mead and Powell are draining rather dry. I continue to see new YouTube video updates on this disaster as it continues to unfold, nevermind Vegas and Death Valley both suffered catastrophic flooding due to the ongoing monsoon, the former had a flood watch which continued through Friday night! Did God hint to Clark County that they'd had better cache some of it while the getting is still good?

We have absolute dingbats running the asylum. Why would our resourceful, intelligent, sharp (/sarc) White House secretary publicly imply that SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is clueless, insufficient to do their lawful duties? Not only is she NOT a lawyer, she apparently inserts her own opinion to Roe v Wade. If this happened to come directly from the Big Guy (which frankly wouldn't surprise me) he certainly doesn't have the legal authority to determine anything as unconstitutional, although his handlers are clearly violating many aspects of the Document in various executive orders. And I thought Obama was bad, but I must remind myself that Barry is in term #3 and Michael may run in '24, bringing out #4. It's all about Hocus Pocus, ain't it?

So much for all my ranting, yet this is less stressful than having worked for one TV station in my past, spare the fight I had some fourteen years ago with the inherently-racist Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. May the next Governor-elect begin to scrub the state toilet bowl, beginning the tedious process of scrubbing toxic nonsense from that waste of taxpayer money and the horrible laws which continue to support their heresy. The stench remains vile! I never want to hear from them again, even if they have another "refund" to offer me. I think it's nothing more than tracking and have instructed family to simply shred any further correspondence they ever send me in the future.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all,

The weekend is almost here or has arrived, depending on your location and perspective. Cheyenne Frontier Days is ongoing. The Wyoming State Fair appears nearby in Douglas next month. Those are GOOD! I thought year 2020 was disappointing. 2022 is quickly becoming more and more pathetic. Remember too, we have mid-term elections coming up in November. Here in Wyoming, August 16th is the primary, although early voting is ongoing through 8/15. Mules, beware! Continuous video recording is ongoing at the few public boxes. (many thanks to Chuck Gray for legislation to secure these! DISCLOSURE: I've helped with his campaign for Secretary of State) I've found very few Re-Elect Cheney signs between Douglas and Casper, although I'd not be surprised to see more in the blue counties of, Teton, Albany and Laramie. Her official signs are bland as she is and of course, J-6 remains a rather sore spot to many residents. Later on, I have a reminder for voters about J-6 and why that should matter to each Wyomingite of voting age whom have registered. Please voice your opinion at the ballot box. We've not yet degraded to the pathetic levels of Georgia, Pennsylvania or Michigan. There's some hope for cheeseheads in Wisconsin and Arizona may get to redeem themselves. I could link stuff here, but trying to keep this short.

Wyoming should continue to bring up property tax reform! Reportedly, state legislators have brought up that question and failed. I think not enough pain is being felt where people have the courage to speak out. The situation in Natrona County has brought up a LOT of bad blood. Matt Keating, who is running for re-election as County Assessor, has stood by most of his record. He claims not only to have lost friends over his decisions, but I sense a statement given him personally was a veiled threat against him and his wife. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't have the perp jailed over threatening a public official as a result of official duties, as I've never heard of such a development before that early morning Sunday broadcast he revealed. To his credit, he's trying to get a discussion going for reform, yet I suspect he's playing both sides as he doesn't want to rub certain people in Cheyenne the wrong way. According to, over 3,000 appeals of his new assessments have come in. Dallas Laird, a lifetime Casperite and attorney for over a half-century is running for a County Commissioner seat and he gave sizeable input of his own, also aired in the same program last Sunday on KTWO 1030/95.1FM. In a questionaire through, one of his paragraph answers I think is inspiring, as many locals I know in the area don't like Banner running Wyoming Medical; "On some matters the (county) commissioners are not open and don’t provide full information. The sale of our hospital is a prime example. I am finding that the public is angry and do not understand why the hospital was sold. A $450 million dollar hospital was sold for half of its true value. The commissioners have never explained why they sold it so fast and so cheap." It's also no secret that Laird is very unhappy with Keating and for several reasons. Personally, I believe Wyoming should immediately impose a percentage limit on any changes in personal property assessments on an annual level. Should counties also impose a means test? Present inflationary trends should be assessed, too! We're the only state capable of keeping all state services open for an entire year with no further collections. We willingly allowed rest areas to be closed during the COVID shutdowns. Keating surprised me with the fact that eight counties had even greater assessment percentages than Natrona, which includes Casper. I've not gone through enough data to determine how many had increases in mills or if they were also deliquent in their updates as judged by the State. I do sense there's some serious problems in parts of Wyoming on the County level and the State needs to seriously consider changes which will be more fair to property owners. Those who I know locally are fully aboard on this reasoning. We deserve better than this bullshit! Already, my personal property valuation for 2023 is going up around 10% over this year. I doubt if most in Converse County will tolerate this being an annual expectation and voiced exactly that yesterday to two field assessors who visited. The two who are running for Commissioner seats in the County, be aware some aren't happy, many are literally suffering, therefore, don't get spend-happy. Just Sayin'.

Maybe you'll understand why I repeatedly refer to her, on here and Twitter, as Dammit Janet. Watch the video and feel the full force of gaslighting. Of course she was the Big Guy's choice. ((shaking head sideways)) Now, Father's Milk is something which is being impressed on our already-captured Medical Industrial Complex, begging for any government money, no matter how fraudulently obtained or how many succumb to the effects of The Jabs. I'm already willing to bet that one particular, unnamed Wyoming institution will grab that baton and "milk it" as they did when they forced employees to receive the still-experimental, never fully-approved, jab(s). Unsurprisingly, some of the forum comments give a very different definition. The picture of a man attempting to feed his child via his breast was creepy enough. Sometime back when a Swedish man was significantly interested in lactating for his children. He may well need to be committed. Of course the Lefties want responsible gun owners to receive such. Pro Tip: They WON'T be helped if they get what they wish. Why you ask?? Some people ain't no damn good and occasionally, a circumstance requires a good guy with a gun to put a bad guy in his place. Nuff said!

The J-6'ers already have many fully-innocent people in a DC jail for around a year and a half. It's those people who didn't enter the Capitol who I worry the most, yet there are those who peacefully walked and even talked the halls, after being allowed in by Capitol Police, one of those, a 69-year old Montana cancer patient who simply took pictures inside the complex, is presently serving a two month sentence for ((drum roll)) trespassing! Nevermind, all of us taxpayers through so many generations in many instances, have given tax and defended the property on which it sits. For the majority of Capitol protestors, still no bail and no counsel, yet Liz wants to attempt to gaslight my fellow Wyomingites that she's still at all fit to represent us? Does she ever ask about certain instigators who still haven't been charged and thrown in jail with the rest, they likely being infiltrating Feds of one of their already-numerous alphabet agencies she would protect for her Democratic buddies, having given her the spotlight so she can Trash Trump Totally. Yes, the alphabet agencies are politically weaponized, FBI and CIA in particular. Remember a former IRS commissioner years ago who was investigated for singling out conservative voices and organizations for further scrutiny? I think it was under Obama's watch. Many applicants didn't get their tax exemptions they rightfully deserved, yet that scumbag never was punished, being on the proper Swamp Side. Fast-forwarding to the future, some believe Cheney is seriously considering a Presidential 2024 run. I think Trump would be in the right to rub her face in the Swamp mud over what she's done to him. Cheney could've simply kept her mouth shut and allowed The Donald to leave office, but too much of the Swamp is in her blood. She took it upon herself to push these narratives. Now, by association, we get to witness a woman representative, running against other House Hopefuls who don't yet have the spinal fortitude to ask "You claim to be a conservative constitutionalist, yet we have hundreds in jail, no bail and no representation. You're a significant figure on that committee and have appeared on national TV which most Wyomingites believe to be a wasteful and unconstitutional show trial. Any comments?" and I will watch her either double or triple-up on her gaslighting or she reverts to "protection of our democracy" or "constitution" verbage before storming off the stage.

Tweet of the Week: It's summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. So why is ALL the world warming up faster than each other? A valid question unless you already understand of the degree of groupthink gaslighting, courtesy of our Ruling Elites. Congress, your lack of willingness to give these bastards your collective middle fingers, vertically-raised, is rather troubling. If anyone deserves defunding, it's the United Nations and their bastard stepchild, the WEF.

Have a fantastic weekend, and please pray for a good outcome for a molar tooth which cracked a hole in it yesterday. So far, no pain and it's not below the gumline, so I'm somewhat relieved and believe they can fill it.

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 Is this the SAME Ukraine government who many suspect is involved in Big Club money laundering back to the USA and other NATO countries? Notice how the amounts we've been sending there have continued to balLOON! The late Rush Limbaugh, whose Palm Beach mansion is up for sale now, said it best "Follow the money trail!" and this humble blogger hopes y'all catch on as BOTH parties in BOTH legislative houses of Congress continue to give at least a smirk of approval toward the Big Guy's actions in this regard. The Block reports that Ukrainian authorities have seized cash, real estate and a trove of silver, worth some $3,000,000 USD from a crypto OTC desk. The answer as we can guess is a shakedown regarding Russians who were interested in getting this property converted to crypto by the mentioned brokers. It also reportedly involved the "breakaway regions of Luhansk and Donetsk." which are two "oblasts", or states of Ukraine which Russia has helped liberate after already having voted and declared their independence from the nonsense of Kiyv. (which is pronounced Kee-ehv') It's apparent to me that they wish to punish the oblasts as we the USA and other nations have done to Russians by confiscation of Russian nationalist's properties. I can't put it past the Ukrainians for this instance being used to trash legit crypto, although you and I already understand that the USD is the very best source of money laundering there is. That's why stablecoins are considered such a threat, albeit the USD is being inflated to oblivion!

40 million people in the western US is in danger of extreme water rationing. Since Lake Mead is involved, it will also soon impact hydroelectric capabilities at Hoover Dam. There are many videos on water loss at Lake Mead. Water levels were already down 15 years ago when I visited the Dam but are far lower today. Worse yet, you won't hear shit about this on your Mockingbird Mass Media. Researcher Dane Wigington of reports in this video around five minutes into it, that an illegal federal gag order on NOAA to properly report the gradually-developing disaster. There's far more juicy bits in this interview on USA Watchdog that you might pop some corn and watch. We have a government intent on collapsing Americans. As being ordered by the unelected elitist asswipes at the WEF / UN, we vill eet sie bugz, have nothing and be hoppy.

Bitcoin news is sparse with crypto winter ongoing. MtGox could well distribute 140k BTC to their creditors, their former customers under the Japanese Court. I had but 62 cents remaining in credit and it cost more for them to get me postcard notifications (both English and Japanese) than I had remaining. I had escaped with all my BTC beforehand. The distribution if done now, I've likened to former British PM Gordon Brown, who sold off about half the British government's gold at the bottom of the market, and yes, that could push BTC to the 11k USD which Richard Heart predicted, or even lower and it could well go sideways from there for a spell. Of course, CoinTelegraph hasn't touched HEX with a ten-foot pole lately, so instead, they're giving an interesting story of a cat who shut down a BTC node, but don't read it if you've just eaten! A node is essentially a vote on the network and contains every bit of the blockchain, serving as a means of consensus as necessary. It's way wasteful whenever someone new wants to fire up another node as the whole damn blockchain has to be downloaded. It requires maybe a week or more for most broadband users to get it. There are several thousand nodes. Used to, I operated the only reachable (via port 8333) BTC node between Amarillo and Colorado Springs. I may have a screenshot of this, an BTC oasis surrounded by crypto desert.

Talk about ROTFLMAO. I just wish the video had audio of the hilarity! Latest In Space on Twitter gives us this gem of a video. Astronaut Mark Kelly once smuggled a full gorilla suit aboard the International Space Station. He didn't tell anyone about it. One day, without anyone knowing, he put it on. Oh, no biggee. Just a science experiment gone snafu. ((Muttley-type laugh))

Packflation (package inflation, where the package shrinks but little if any costs passed on) is in full swing. Expect this to get much worse and more costs to add insult. The Big Guy did it, although he'll blame Putin.

Finally, Summer has arrived and it's HOT! Thankfully, the lower level of the house remains basement-cool and I've never needed any cooling there. Before October, the nippy cold returns for another eight months. I've got to get ready for a handyman to change out a living room window for an AC unit and to hook up propane heaters to heat that lower level. These were two chores I couldn't get done last year as plumbers and handymen were answering emergency calls and little else, most being occupied with ongoing construction in Downtown Douglas. Third Street remains a mess, but new sewer pipe has been placed with other new infrastructure. Getting to the Post Office is a huge chore for now, so I'm checking my box thrice-weekly. So what am I doing to keep the time occupied? I'm making antennas now. My first two 450Mhz antennas made for repeater operation are completed, although the first will be what I operate my repeater with. The second one is more conventionally-tuned for Minus Offset and works fantastic from 442-450Mhz. These being collinear designed, they're barely short of 8'! Now to figure out how to box and ship these. Interested? email me via windmechanic `at` gmail *dot* com.

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Greetings, y'all,

 A silver car was seen speeding away from the scene of an explosion. Some are even asking "Was it an inside job?" North of Elberton, GA is the site where three large stones, inscribed with apparent references to various globalist agendas, was targeted and an explosion ensued barely after 4AM EDST on Wednesday, 7/6. It's been quite the awakening for many who weren't even aware of what was called the "American Stonehenge", albeit constructed over 40 years ago. Some of the carved statements strike a strange vibe in most visitors as there are no expressed parties stated of who would decide these outcomes, especially the global 500,000,000 population. No doubt the elites don't like the attention and awakening this gives the general population. It's LONG OVERDUE, I say! Will they be reconstructed? Additional questions will finally emerge on who or whom did it to begin with. I keep hearing that Ted Turner funded them. It would've been around the time he initiated CNN from an Atlanta warehouse with a leaking roof. His main mistake was choosing too many liberals to present the news. The pendulum swung out too far left and this gave space for Rush, Glenn, Tucker, Joe Rogan and a little wiggle room for Alex to encourage people to wake up and think. It's a hard sell with many media outlets, themselves struggling except for Big Pharma $$, to be vying hard for our eyeballs and ears. Y'all, use your brains!

 COVID came onto the scene some two score after erection of the stones. The elites were surprised how easy it was to sow panic and desperation into the population over The Jab. If this were an ordinary vaccine which was indeed "safe and effective" as marketed to the People, maybe the manufacturers wouldn't have insisted on waivers for liabilities. To this day, those in the FDA have never fully approved it and many within the agency have moved on, allowing those willing to compromise their souls to take their seats! Now, the USA is the only industrialized nation I'm aware of which gives authority to "vax" 6 month old babies on up to 5 years of age. Parents doing this are terribly unaware of the permanent injuries or death sentence they've inflicted as this liquid garbage permanently modifies the child's DNA. Likely, their children will be compromised as well, if both parents can actually procreate. Reports of reproductive harm and stillbirths are already on the increase. Keep reading as I'll comment on Roe v Wade further down. If the child has any chance of long-term survival, they will likely have to take ivermectin the remainder of their lives to consistently remove spike proteins. Trump went along with the false narrative when it occurred. He was lied to! He meant to do well with bringing forth efforts in vaccine manufacture to combat this epidemic. At best, it appears immunity lasts 4 months. Canada now wants jabs several times yearly and as Alex Jones and others have predicted, there's NO END to them, even the Canadian health minister stated no less earlier this week in an article on ZeroHedge which I haven't linked to.

Now, we mourn the death of former Japanese prime minister Abe (ah-bay') who was asassiniated 7/8 at a campaign speech. He was the longest serving PM of that nation. Unsurprisingly, many nationalist Chinese have celebrated the tragedy. The shooter used a homemade weapon and most speculate he was skilled or trained on what was apparently a 12-guage, firing two slugs which both made their mark. This from a nation with extremely little gun ownership and a general sense of Rule of Law. My concern? America has essentially handled Japanese defense since the end of WW II. Abe continued to handle affairs in the background after his retirement due to a health ailment and was well-liked by Trump. Is there a power vacuum now present which the Chinese might use this opportunity to sieze? Especially Taiwan?? This action alone will require more attention be immediately given to the Asian theater. I predict we'll see less attention given to Ukraine going forward, spare Russia firing nukes at America and NATO nations.

Why are women on the warpath regarding abortions? Most activists have received the jab, likely several! True, if they're concerned of carrying a defective fetus from having taking these harmful mRNA bioweapons, they have a valid point. I'm concerned that some states want to go as restrictive as having civll charges (and rewards given to snitches) filed against anyone assisting a woman in travel out of her resident state to obtain an abortion. I say "BULLSHIT" to all attorneys general who think their state's reach continues beyond their borders on this issue. I strongly believe it swings the pendulum to the extreme opposite and would likely be rendered unconstitutional if presented to the SCOTUS.

It was learned Friday that Elon Musk has ditched his Twitter deal. He looked under the hood and didn't like the excessive numbers of b0tS. The funny thing is if Twitter wants to force the purchase on Musk, he can force discovery and truly get to "the skinny" of the matter. Regarding the b0ts, this is just too obvious if you've looked to report an imposter account on behalf of someone else and noticed when you report it, that others are showing up. Inevitably, the bot accounts must be close to the name it purports. That's the Twitter "easy peasy" means of checking to ascertain if others are trying to be like you. I've taught a few on how to check this and it's simple; Click a tweet with the newly-discovered, phony-named person. Click the 3-dotted "menu" button and scroll down to Report. Follow the prompts to the point where more names show when selecting the imposter account to report. Notice these other names if any which show and decide if they appear to be legit or other imposter accounts which were created and possibly are to be used in the future or may be used now. Go ahead and report the initial tweet before going on, then proceed to nail the others or at least tell the real target they've made "The Club" and tip them in on the other imposter account names. If you continue, it's a tedious process as only one account can be reported at a time, yet Twitter staff will review each one. It can take over a week to get back results, yet they'll tell you if what you found indeed violates the portal community rules and what they did about it.

That's it for now. The Waiting Game begins on a check I received where a three-day hold is in progress. Even then, I have to either call or go back to the specific Credit Union to have those funds moved from savings to checking, so I can use the funds on my debit card for a purchase. This I think is among the most stupid of Credit Union policies, besides the fact that few can handle DIRECT bank wires, thus they cheated themselves out of literally 6-digit transactions I made in buying the HEX Headquarters, my Square of Solitude. Am I low on money? No problems here. The wolf isn't at my door, despite a huge IRS tax bill. Hey, I'm honest on my taxes so that when elections come to pass, I'm perfectly clear to gripe at them with full honesty. Now, when one pays so much of their money in a tax liability, it gives one reason to FINALLY give quality time in critical thinking skills of how it's being spent. Use the conclusions you make in your voting. Unless you're unfortunate to be a resident of the criminal battleground states who cheated Trump out of his rightful votes. (The Courts refused to consider the evidence, just so you know) definitely vote, more will be watching this time and it should make a difference.

TWEET OF THE WEEK (it's tasteless!) p.p.s. ; Happy Birthday, Todd!

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Greetings, y'all!,

The Johnson brothers got a no-score in the championship or "short go" of the CNFR in Casper on Saturday night, 6/18 - yet the Casper College team wound up fourth overall, not at all shabby when one considers the quality of talent and we're looking at 400 contestants from many, many colleges around the country. Not one college really stood dominant. I wound up busy most of last week so didn't get to Casper except to get my truck tire sensors replaced. It was fun to easily catch three performances last year but it won't be so easy in the future if the fuel costs to go and watch remain so high. I'll make up for missing it this year by the time I'll hang out at the State Fair in August. Radio amateurs coming to the Fair should note Douglas has two repeaters now; 147.150 (+) no CTCSS, and mine on 447.900 (-) 100 Hz. I'm still operating it on test mode as last time.

US Food and Drug Administration; you scumbags have more blood on your hands. You unanimously voted 21-0 to allow infants 6 months to young children at 5 years to be jabbed with this still-experimental garbage, marketed as a COVID "vaccine." Parents, please don't fall for it. The definition of a vaccine was changed to justify the mRNA narrative. If you got yourselves jabbed, don't pass on the death sentence to your children. Remember, you ARE WARNED of the risks and your ability to collect damages are minimal. Evidence is already strong that this crap has caused significant damage to young people and adults. I predict some children will require immediate hospitalization, if not outright die or suffer permanent injuries from your decision. If you entrust that mRNA technology is your Savior, I don't want to hear it when you suffer losses of the most hurtful kind. Do your research and STOP listening to the complicit Mockingbird Mass Media. Ignore the pleas of loved ones if you must. Ask yourself who owns and runs these media and the rubber-stamping by authorities for their stations to continue business as usual when they LIE! Safe and Effective? The FDA, via Rachel at the podium, again preaches this agency bullshit with their approval of the kiddy jabs. Let me assure you that expecting a "different result" is textbook precision to what Einstein warned us about insanity. Affiliates have FCC licenses for on-air. Politicians rely on them when running or being re-elected. Take it from someone with ample knowledge regarding political ads, they get the cheapest rate under law, so NOTHING will change!! On the other hand, your children are invaluable. COVID has a fatality rate of less than one percent for children. As of this submission, the United States is the only nation having authorized this kill shot for this age group. I don't give a damn that this is too long for TL;DR'ers. Jab your youngest at your own peril. They'll suffer, but YOU will suffer far worse for not having carefully invested time in your very own research and having to put additional brain cells into computational service for their own survival.

Red Flag Laws: They're presently an awful idea because of the apparent lack of due process and some states have made return of weapons to these individuals as very lengthy and costly. Although this sucks balls, remember we already tolerate lack of due process in our nation's capitol with the J-6 "insurrectionists", some who weren't even inside the capitol complex, no legal counsel and remaining in the D.C. jail without bail. Furthermore, ordinary Americans in most jurisdictions are subject to state civil asset forfeiture. They're released without charges, but deprived of their property deemed guilty by law enforcement who get to split it with their State and often with the Feds, an expensive legal process to get back any of what was taken and without compensation! That's what makes it unconstitutional, even though the Feds themselves participate in it. You see, these Red Flag Laws would be far more acceptable if involved states make returns much more transparent and be CONSISTENT on such. Some argue this is the beginning process to gun confiscation. I agree, especially in blue states and those going purple to blue. Texas, you're starting to worry me with at least a civil war breaking out as your state has tremendous numbers of arms and holdouts who WON'T tolerate confiscation. Hang in tough and fight resistance to your Lone Star.

Now I understand why certain folk in Wyoming politics want Hageman in place of Cheney. Harriet earned significant respect points Monday morning on the K2 Wake Up Wyoming show with Glenn Woods. She's strongly anti-bureaucrat when it comes to laws being drawn up. I strongly agree and it's not because bureaucrats can't draft up decent legislation and aren't experts in their field(s), but Congress has gotten so damned fat and lazy that they're not even given the time to review the tremendous numbers of new regulations and amendments given for their vote! With that said, I want very badly to see what she envisions - Congress having to take the time to write laws to be approved by colleagues. Bureaucrats aren't beholden to the voters and HH quickly admits this! She has a clue and I'm strongly considering voting for her. Still, getting others in the House aboard with her wisdom may be quite the stretch! The Swamp is quite deep as Trump learned. I'm finding it hilarious that Liz is begging Dems to switch and vote for her. I thought she was supposed to be a conservative Republican, right? She's already doing Nancy's dirty work because of her continued disdain at Orange Man. Now, will he run in 2024? More and more, I'd rather see DeSantis seriously consider a run for the Oval Office. For my Dem friends reading this, I remain steadfast that Tulsi Gabbard is the only one I'd consider voting for in the Dem's column. Wyoming is among a few states which allow a voter to change parties the day of the Primary, it being 8/16 when the Wyoming State Fair kicks off here in Douglas. Early voting begins this Friday, 7/1 and continues through 8/15.

Are you prepping?? The pain is yet to ramp up.. Around 10,000 cattle have fallen (read more below in my Kansas story). 2,000,000 turkeys, 40,000,000 chickens and 100 disasters to food processing facilities, some reportedly from aircraft running into them? I must ask "Does this sound like a hijack of the plane's navigation??" This from a Greg Reese report, freely available on banned dot video. Baby formula remains in shortage, yet the border region still gets much of what's being produced, for non-Americans with no skin in the game! Furthermore, the Sturgis, MI plant closed again. How is this not being planned behind the scenes? Any arrests yet from these food plants having been burned or destroyed? If yes, that information isn't being reported. I repeat as I've been doing here on past entries; It won't escape those who didn't prep! 10,000 cattle is the equivalent of nearly a week's volume in an average food processing facility. Frankly, will any of us ever hear of cause of death?

Ukraine continues to lose. Sorry, but Americans continue to be gaslit when it comes to what's being reported on the Mockingbird Mainstream Media. Why is it that there's little if any accountability? America pushes plenty of weaponry into Ukraine, yet some of it has reportedly been moved to the black market in Serbia for sale to others. Don't forget the Bidens and their involvement there before the elections. The nation is corrupt enough that money laundering is likely going on with those throughout The Big Club involved. Where is more of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve going? Europe! The prices can't be pushed back if the oil doesn't remain here, but there's a reason the Big Guy is giving them the oil. Silence!! They won't diss his irrational, insane policies (those of the WEF/UN) for having access to our stored Texas Tea. It's also reported that Germany is going back to COAL! Their republic doesn't have enough overall wind and solar to do the job. Whatever nat gas they have is being hoarded, thanks to less and less being provided by Russia. Remember, if it doesn't pass the Smell Test, then it's likely the Dirty Laundry or leading to it as sung in the tune with that title.

Note though, Lithuania may well cause the start of WW III. The NATO member is also a member of EU. There's that Russian enclave of Kaliningrad which relies on a Russian railroad to supply it. Lithuania agreed in writing not to impead Russia's supplies to Kaliningrad as a condition of joining the EU. At first, Lithuania abided by the EU directives of not allowing specific supplies to transit their country. The EU clarified that the railroad should be allowed to proceed, despite the sanctions elsewhere. So far, Lithuania hasn't budged! Now, troops are seen digging in short of the Russian and Belarus borders. This could get awful nasty and spread well into Europe, even before our Fourth of July celebrations. Some are predicting a delay going from late July into early August.

Kansas? NO! This is very sad to see cattle, hundreds of head, dead on the ground. It does bring up the subject of food supply as these animals were fat and processor-ready. A tweet in the same thread contains an explanation from A.J. Tarpoff who works with KSU Extension. It too is a worthy read, although I'm not willing to shed off the potential of an external act which lead to such losses. The panhandles and western KS has been in an extended drought. Having lived in the region for nearly eight years, there;'s more dry than wet Spring seasons I counted. Still, such losses this early are something I've never witnessed. I pray that changes, soon!

California? YES! As shown in ZeroHedge, SB 1162 if passed will mandate that job postings for larger companies and corporations will be required to show a pay range, rather than have applicants guess and walk into something they can't afford. Many online employment applications require an applicant to state an expected pay range. Many who are qualified are likely ditched from further consideration due to existing algorithms if this figure is deemed too generous. Some Casper-area employers now resort to job fairs because their unicorn-seeking nonsense has pissed off many who won't give them a second chance, myself included. Does that mean I won't work again? I'm very capable. I have no drug or alcohol issues and have no problems submitting to both pre-employment and duration-of-employment testing with any method considered as medically conclusive (no consistent track record of false positive results) I have NOTHING to hide in that regard. I'm on no work-hindering medications and am willing to work hard for the people who appreciate the talents I give. One previous employer has me on their paperwork on excellent terms. Now, I live in an area where I should be as local as possible. Winter travel in these parts is difficult and absenteeism would be expected several times a year, especially outside of Douglas.

It's easy to suss this one and police in Kentucky want to catch the perp(s), but I give it only a B-minus for effort. Joe Diffie sung this Dennis Linde tune which was released and reached the Top Ten in '93. Although Diffie died of COVID over two years ago, many country stations still play it to this day and of course I did when it was new on KCJC-FM. Where's the green heart? Why didn't the boy at least go up the water tank?? The most recent water tank incident involved Kingsland's water tank. The Cleveland County town in southern Arkansas where Johnny Cash was born, suffered a puncture to their water tank. Someone with a rifle shot placed the aim strategically where it appears the Man in Black (as a silhouette) is pissing out all the towns' valuable water. Johnny, you have the most copied, iconic photograph of a popular country artist when you visited Folsom Prison back in the day. (yes folks, THAT picture!) You may well be giggling now in retrospect.

That's it for now. Don't forget my Pic of the Week is updated twice weekly and available on this site via so enjoy!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!

Personally, the excess paperwork is close to getting resolved. It was HOT even up to yesterday, but a brief and welcomed respite arrived late yesterday. Tests continue on the new NN5NN/R repeater. Find it in lower Converse County on 447.9 Mhz. Hams can use minus 5 offset with 100Hz CTCSS. There will be days the repeater will remain off, so it's a catch-it-as-you-can thing. Because the repeater is solar-capable, I operate it on a large 12v battery when on the top of Hex Hill. I love how it covers Douglas, despite much of the city being hid from me by a large hill. The signal is strong enough and now effective to override that issue where most people using a 5W handie talkie should have few problems accessing it anywhere in town. Just wait until the tower goes up! I had to do some additional tuning to get it where it is in performance. A happy radio is a happy radio, after all! Also, crypto has taken it on the chin terribly! I fully expect a very brief rally and dead cat bounce. Nerves continue on-edge even with Hexicans as we await additional bug fixes in PulseChain. RH has 14 Devs so I'll continue to remain patient and let them work.

The news cycle is getting more crazy. Don't rely on the useless triple-M, the Mockingbird Mainstream Media. So we're all worried about TERRORISM? When certain activities take place by protestors on the LEFT, they have in-tow a convenient, pre-planned group of lawyers and bail bondmen to promptly handle the sordid details of quick release from the lawbreaking "peaceful" activities of these protestors. Didn't we witness the same damn thing in Portland and Seattle in 2020 with burned down buildings, injuries and deaths? Worse yet, because of the pendulum swing toward city leaders and district attorneys in the same, the perps didn't get jail time. Why enabler $0R0$ isn't in prison today is a travesty! He alone should be in solitary, not the J-6'ers who weren't even at the Capitol that day. There are those fully-innocent who remain political prisoners in year 2022. So much for "protection of democracy", right, Liz??

Prepping? You getting ready?? The Hal Turner Radio Show reported Monday that they're hearing much talk of a STRIKE by dock workers in both Seattle and Long Beach (L.A.) Both effective 6/30. Got stuff you're ordering from China? Get 'er dun! Time is running out. Hal reported earlier this evening that Shanghai banks are not honoring withdrawals. Bank runs? Some already opining that it could spread to Europe, then NYC by this weekend. Include some ca$h specific for survival in your preps. Got it? You've been warned!!

Wyoming news? Depends on what you're into. CNFR, the College National Finals Rodeo is ongoing in Casper through the 18th. Around 400 college students qualified, so getting a hotel room in Casper is next-to-impossible. It's FUN to watch and you never know who you might come across. Chuck Gray, considered by WyoRino as the most conservative in the state House and presently running for Wyoming Secretary of State was there in the stands last year. I've deployed one of the signs I recently picked up for his campaign and noticed others having populated much of Douglas proper with them, too. I watched three rounds of the rodeo last year before moving near Douglas. The Johnson brothers are again turning in fantastic times so let's see how this winds up going into Saturday (they have crowns to defend for Casper College, after all). National High School Rodeo finals are coming up in Gillette later this month, although I don't have the dates on this one.

Yellowstone has this once-in-a-lifetime major flooding event which has shut it down for the first time in the park's history. All five entrances are shut. At least 2 Wyoming highways and US 212 in Montana have been closed with washed-out bridges. You will need to call the Park AND check for highway travel information for your planned route, for status of re-opening and which entrances or highways you can use. For now, it's likely a big mess and was the perfect storm of melting snowpack, plenty of received rains since early April, the late Memorial Day snowstorm having closed US 212 to the east Montana entrance (around 8'+ which took a good while to clear) then near-continuous rains this past weekend from a stationary front that kept training more and more in and around the park.

Locals in Platte County will circle the wagons around Chugwater for their annual fundraising festival. Bring your cast-iron stomachs as the public gets to join in judging the Chili Cookoff which the city has a chili engrained with the name. A ranch rodeo follows the cookoff. Looking ahead, in late July, the Daddy of 'em all returns to Cheyenne, traffic goes halfway to fully insane, but the attendees seem to have a great time with all the rides, the concerts and of course the numerous rounds of PRCA rodeos from 7/23-7/31. cfdrodeo dot com has the full skinny.

August will bring the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo to Douglas on 8/16-8/20. Being so close, I'd be foolish not to attend at least a day or two. A QST to Wyoming radio amateurs: I am willing to propose an amateur radio booth for the 2023 State Fair if enough are willing to assist and participate in an Special Events station with the booth to encourage attendees to ask and learn more about this hobby. It'll give a rare opportunity for Douglas to promote both repeaters (Gordon and mine) to other hams, neither one yet in the repeater directory and I hope to be able to promote the PREPWY project at that time, firstly getting that statewide coordination on 70cm. It is planned to have both my repeater and an HF station operational on the fairgrounds. If any Wyoming hams have suggestions or other input toward this proposal for next year, please contact me via windmechanic at gmail dot com. Approval of this booth appears very likely because of the hobbys' non-profit nature, our ability to communicate when others fail and our proven track record as a hobby. Being in Douglas, I can present my proposal in-person and have plenty of time to do so between now and next August. For now, staff at the Fair are focused on the present year. I'll scout out the non-profit areas and input ideas to the Fair Board or appropriate committee on what I'll need to make the HF station and placement of the 440 antenna to make this a reality.

Dammit! My favorite sriracha sauce is getting in very short supply! ZeroHedge gives fair warning for those who love this staple in Chinese and Mexican restaurants throughout the globe that their chili pepper supply is terribly lacking. I've bought at least another large bottle to see me through Autumn. It gives a nice kick with most barbeque sauces and enjoyed straight on certain Asian dishes, oh boy! At least NOW is the perfect time for area realtors dealing with homes in Irwindale, CA to get whatever business done while the nearby plant is shut down. Many locals complain about the strong, peppery stench.

That's it for now. Summer will be HOT!

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings Y'all!,

A good read by Vigilant Citizen, featured in ZeroHedge I think is certainly worth your time. You see, what most consider as conspiracy theory is actually factual. These elites can't help themselves! They are compelled to broadcast their intentions as they've been doing for several score. The difference today is they're far more IN YOUR FACE about it. These unelected scum have the attention of American leaders ready to sell your asses even further down the river and it's not too hard to finally understand that no matter which side of the political aisle you're on, you are being played with numerous trial balloons. We must pop as many of these annoyances as possible, providing a strong and stronger resistance to their "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy." nonsense. The easiest to implement is paying in physical cash whenever possible or practical.

For Wyoming, we have elections coming up in August with the mid-terms in November. Remember too, despite what Trump hath brought to Casper, thou mayest choose to seek and vote for whom they believe shall best serve thy needs in the Cowboy State and beyond. Five are still in the race for Cheney's seat and she's already got the pocketbook buying up ad time - not quite to the level I experienced in Iowa, but there's still time! It's a hot Summer to soon arrive and the airwaves are already beginning to fill with plenty of Cheney gaslighting. Because this nation has political prisoners in year 2022 with her full knowledge,, I'm getting more questions about this and would rather have someone truly representing Wyomingites as a whole, instead of the occupying placeholder. She's the worst vote I've cast since my Arkansas days and that's been a long time now. I actually have standing to bitch, whine and moan about this. I'd entertain hearing her position about the WEF/UN than endlessly listen "to protect our democracy" which the Forum would rather kill us than deal with their own badly-bet derivative bets in the quadrillions USD. Why is Congress so lax in near-endless spending? It's just debt, isn't it?? I'm very surprised the USD has remained as strong as it has. It will have no choice but sink unless we're literally involved and directly at that in WW III. I think it's far more than the DC insiders are letting us on. Liz, you're being diverted and played by the other party, even if this proves to be an "end to all means" in achieving. This is a true 4-D chess game.

You see, no matter how you want to slice this crow pie with cow poo pudding on the side, there's NO free lunch. Schwab, Harari, et al clearly want us dead, done gradually like the frogs in the pot being heated. Just take a brief moment to consider there's always free cheese in the mousetrap. The UBI (Universal Basic Income) they'll eventually promise you has massive strings attached, likely through a treaty and they'll even go the extra distance to get everyone not in The Club (those with a functional cluster of brain cells capable of critical reasoning) aboard to agree with their bullshit, even if they must be made an example for the underlying sheeple. They've carefully strategized this and honed in the execution thereof, in part through their COVID scheme, worked up in a lab using CRISPR gene editing technology which the Chinese adore. Expect a return of masks and social distancing, even though for purposes of viral transmission, didn't work. The two good things masks can do is preserve your identity through thrawting the national Real ID database and actual protection against those shedding spike proteins from having been jabbed. Ultimately, both Russia and China won't go along with the WEF and that has their minions nervous. If you're already awakening to this, get your lard asses out of bed and welcome to the Jungle! Prep up for what will eventually happen, especially food with a long shelf life, not requiring refrigeration and at least some can travel with you. Ensure you have emergency drinking water already squared away. Keep your gas tank at least half-full and take advantage of any fuel discounts as that situation won't improve anytime soon. Medicines, emergency phyzz ca$h not on your immediate person for the cops to grab under Civil Asset Forfeiture? Remember, you don't have to "volunteer" this information as most are not your friend, instead beholden to their agency and whomever gets to split up the booty while economically raping you through your own. Ammo? Biden wants 9mm to get banned and the latest shooter in Oklahoma used such in getting at his doctor and many more totally innocents. With copycats from the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings, the media automatically places these in the lead or next to it because it fits The Narrative. You dig?

Going through Biden's speech, the two things I actually agree are universal background checks and mental health initiatives. The latter draws much criticism, yet the states generally carry that responsibility, too many already having chopped it off in budgets. We have too many Veterans who remain homeless. Red Flag laws are already in place in 19 states. As long as each will do their part in followup in getting a person's lawfully-possessed weapons back in their hands when the warrant authorizing such has run the course, I'll usually not have much issue with it. To that end, it comes down to the judges authorizing the warrants. Folks, this is much more a mental health problem. The guns are too stupid to know right from wrong. While I'm on this shooter subject, could the FBI do Americans a huge favor and stop egging on the mentally challenged into being the agencys' next Patsies? An retired agent allegedly did that with the 18-year old Buffalo shooter in a private Discourse chat, according to a Greg Reese report. If identified, that person deserves to concurrent sentencing with that shooter. Want "Enough is Enough!" Biden?? Look within your own Swamp and start cleaning house. It won't happen, but at least I'm on-record that one has become necessary. Your alphabet agencies and MIC all want more $$ to appear relevant and deserving, yet you authorize billions to Ukraine. Hal Turner mentioned last week that many of the weapons sent are already on the black market in Serbia, placed there by the Ukrainians, no less. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the same is happening with the gigantic amount of equipment left behind in Afghanistan. Other Wyoming news? Our Rep, Liz Cheney was on national TV Thursday evening during Prime Time? Yes, J-6 is on the agenda for at least five more hearings before the mid-terms. Her statements are typical of Democrats and the report contains only which fits the Commission's narrative. Some quickly defend her conservative stance, yet I must ask WHY she gives so much time to pursue a personal vendetta with #45. I agree with Tucker Carlson that this wasn't an insurrection for the reasons he stated in his opening remarks. Why is she so angry? Most Wyomingites don't believe she's representing the state who elected her. She loves to visit her father, former VP Dick Cheney who resides in Teton County. Her Twitter tweets give us a clue that she spends quality time in one of Wyoming's few blue-dominated areas, rather than travel the state, then practice the conservative values her radio ads openly and blatantly tout. How is she not a RINO? Now I'm not surprised about the oil patch support she's getting. They're more flush with $$ with higher energy prices and if she heavily supports the ongoing wars (I think we already know this!) then it's even better for energy here in the Cowboy State. More basic oil patch jobs have been showing up on job boards lately. Another energy boom is quickly developing. Gas today ranges from 4.35 to 4.59/gl in Casper. Stay Tuned!

Caitlin Long is suing the Federal Reserve for a master account for the SPDI Custodia Bank. Frankly, the Fed has no reason to have denied such access when they fully realize the 100% reserve that Wyoming SPDIs are required to abide by. Stay Tuned and I sincerely pray she prevails! I'm also hoping that my favorite CEX, Kraken will weigh in on this matter, they too having a SPDI granted by the Wyoming Division of Banking. I'll be watching this one.

Everyone, have a great weekend! I might be back with a new submission late Sunday.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!

 Depending on when you read this, I hope you're enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend or Holiday. The Big News for Wyoming was Trump's Wyoming Rally on Saturday 5/28 in Casper. I didn't attend the largest indoor crowd in the Cowboy State's history, but watched the entire stream online. I also had the option to instead attend the Grand Opening of the National Museum of Military Vehicles in Dubois. I had even printed out the ticket which would've gotten me in FREE! Hey, with gas at 3.99 or above in my whole region, I gotta choose my travel far more carefully. Now let me break down Trump's rally speech points in the mind of this happily retired, former wind turbine technician:

First and foremost, I'm not entirely green-energy minded. Instead, I've been focused on energy independence for America. Trump noted such of independence in his speech and went further. Yes, coal and oil must remain part of this energy mixture and for several reasons! We The People of the United States fully realize that China shall continue using coal, the same with Vietnam! Having all these sources is not only for defensive purposes, but to keep the grid energized and operational for whenever needed. Biden's administration seems to focus solely on renewables, yet to be truly effective and efficient, we MUST have it all! This is why Trump's most disappointing part of his speech was to focus solely for carbon sources, ignoring the superb wind resource we have in Wyoming! Blessed with class 5 and 6 winds available, the state makes money on utility-scale turbines with a production tax on each megawatt-hour produced. Why did that escape the eyes of Trump and his handlers? Will Harriet pay any attention to Wyomingites with properties that host renewables and at least compromise from Trump's continued hard stance against the same? Don't think for a moment that I won't pose that question to her and a brief explanation of why I will. Again, WE NEED IT ALL! Consider that the more expensive fossil fuels are bringing back some of those who left the state when it got too cheap for companies to justify keeping large oil field staffs. Boneheadedness by both parties is no excuse when this nation is so close to another World War.

At the start of the rally, Harriet clearly held her own. Although she has been in her own words, over 23k miles around this state (around the circumference of the Earth), this rally may well have given Wyomingites our first real glance, after all, first impressions DO matter and she had the Center cheering, covering nearly every topic! The main thing I think she missed in her speech is the WHO/UN treaty being tended to in Geneva which could well cause serious problems with our medical sovereignty, although she did mention the WHO COVID-19 failure and that swine Fauci, who deserves life in prison at the very least. One thing I still have against Trump is his early nominations, Wyoming included. As we've recently seen in Georgia, they didn't fare so well. There were many other qualified nominees for Cheney's house seat who've moved on after The Donald's nod a few months back. I will likely vote for Hageman (Haig'-uh-man), albeit reluctantly due to the circumstances. Sen. Lummis, if it was you who recommended her to Trump, understand I trust your judgement over most in all of Congress. I'll give her that chance as Liz clearly failed me in the chance I gave her as a newly-transplanted Wyomingite.

I don't know why The Donald wasted time mentioning voter ID laws, except for his TV and streaming audience. Wyoming has an excellent voter ID law and I seriously doubt it to be in any danger. Still, he senses what most of us already know, especially in regard to California with "over 38 million mailout ballots." Trump correctly susses that a tremendous amount of fraud will again be flung, even if it ultimately doesn't make a significant difference in the overall votes cast there. Hey, if Newsom can be re-elected in a voter recall, clearly the pain hasn't been felt yet. Give it time, I say!

I appreciate Trump mentioning Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her primary win for the Arkansas gubenatorial race, her being Trump's former Press Sec, so they know each others' abilities very well. He also mentioned how Cheney remains a War Hawk like her father. I appreciate how he commented against Antifa and BLM, then added the J-6 insurrection with it. We still have political prisoners in a D.C. jail, no legal help or bail. I sincerely pray they get their true justice. Frankly, many should be fully pardoned and compensated due to the aforementioned.

A short link:

Expecting under three months of wheat left? When will you have prepped for this??

That's it for now. Enjoy the holiday and if possible, take out some time and reflect on the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made for We the American People.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!.

There's a decent rant or two, so I warn ya, some of this submission is NSFW. For now, preparation continues here in Wyoming's Front Range. No, you won't get a complete list of what I have and YOU must put your own collective head(s) to what will be necessary for your circumstances. This is the prep submission I'm giving to Blog readers. At least the temps have risen into the 80's Monday, 70's today - but as expected, it won't last long. Going into the weekend, a late shot of overnight snow may happen. I'm willing to sprinkle some of the flower seeds and some of the sunflowers and cabbage into the ground, but little else. The yard is loaded with lavender, the scent is incredible whenever the wind calms enough. Miller moths are all over the place. I have to open the garage door to let out the dozens trapped each night. Flies will get worse going into Summer. They're the last to die off and usually not until the second snowfall or so. I no longer see my "community cat" but do see one of its companions. I maintain a cat food pantry just for them. Extras which may expire will go to the Humane Shelter except if I need to use one to bait and trap a varmint. The previous owner left behind a humane trap, fastened good on a long chain, and still works.

I hate to see this happen. As hard as politicians try to keep from bringing up sensitive subjects, sometimes it simply doesn't work out. Senator Lummis, an alumni of the college, spoke at YouDub's graduation ceremony and wound up apologizing for at least one remark, Monday. With that said, I agree with the statement she gave that generated the boos and heckling. Call me an aging fart fossil if you must, yet the vast majority of Wyomingites will fully agree on the biological aspect she mentioned and at least some degree to her underlying concerns regarding goverment, no matter how much book education a student of different opinion wants to fling at us, ultimately the Wyoming taxpayers. You may trust that the state pays liberally for much of the education received in really nice facilities! Occasionally, I interact with a few in Laramie and they're always fantastic and prompt with replies. Also to be noted, there are some biological aspects both sexes have in common, the breasts in particular. Women often inquire why men have breasts.. For the first six weeks in the womb, essentially we are all sisters! The Y-chromosome finally kicks in and makes changes. The article notes correctly how these subjects are sensitive in that region, especially due to Matthew Shepard's death in 1998. Next year marks the 25th anniversary which remains a lightning rod in the LGBTQ community, particularly due to the circumstances which led to his death. Many in Albany County would appreciate state hate crime laws approved here in Matthew's memory, Wyoming being among three states presently without - the other two being my native Arkansas and South Carolina. Either 2020 or 2021, an anti-beastiality bill was approved in this state and for GOOD reason! (Sweetwater County, north of Rock Springs. The most they could legally prosecute the stump-jumper was for trespassing.) It was a unanimous vote to pass! As long as a hate crime law is written and consistently administered as FAIR TO ALL INVOLVED PARTIES, I'd be supportive of a unanimous vote regarding imposition of further punishment for violent crimes where hate is attributed, accordingly.

Gasoline is nearly 7 and a half bucks per gallon in Los Angeles. This was on Monday 5/16. I don't know how much more of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve we have left, but it never truly brought down gas prices. Monday's gas is now 4.15/gal here in Douglas except Safeway, and I fully expect them to have followed suit by the time you're reading this. president Pudding Cup and his minions continue to ignore, or are blissfully unaware of the quagmire surrounding the Beltway. He likely gets his orders from Marxist-Socialist Emeritus President Barry Putt Putt, now in his third term with golf club in hand, pen and phone in the other. Marxism and Socialism are apparently alive and well, especially with a treaty that Biden is supporting which would grant medical authority to the World Health Organization, the same group who loves these vaccines which don't work, make you way sicker, then eventually kill you off with their innovative mRNA technology. Who the fuck elected these elitist assholes who are not even Americans? Yes, they want to conquer this nation and want to collectively cull us. Don't take your eyes off the damn ball! We're still paying the taxes and I don't doubt they each want a cut. I keenly predict masks to return by Autumn and food shortages to truly ramp up. ARE YOU PREPPING?? ARE YOU REALLY???

I got a terrific laugh from Twitter. Someone is prepping on stuff they love without considering the shelf life and griped openly about the 115 bucks spent on the overly-inflated prices paid basically on junk foods. I'm exercising choice of mercy by not reposting the link so they're spared a lifetime of shame from their ill-thought choices. Chips (shelf life usually 60-90 days), Cookies (a bit longer, usually no more than 6 months) and other treats. They should be considering food in cans, dehydrated foods, dehydrated or evaporated milk (you can add equal water and remain within legal standard for regular milk) cooking oil, cooking spray, then using it by oldest expiry date first. Also, if you bug out, don't forget any required can openers. Have you considered extra toiletries as toilet paper, extra toothbrushes? I keep extra stuff for the bathroom for the septic system. It's hard enough to keep a plumber interested in a customer in these parts, so make their few visits count! Medicines? Water purification that's portable? Bottom Line - You ain't got much time left. Bonus Points if you're already living out of the cities, they'll go apeshit first.

In light of Buffalo's sickening tragedy, some New Yorkers are waking up! They're FINALLY "getting it!!" When I basically wrote off the Empire State as a whole, I'm getting to see for myself that there's actually hope springing forth new green shoots, not the useless job-type green shoots that Obama mumbled endlessly about. Please, allow this to expand into a huge re-awakening for ALL New Yorkers. Guns in responsible and informed hands will make a massive difference, including less reliance on God Gov. While Albany is at it, they "need to heed" much better than before. Although they had the 18-year old Buffalo shooter evaluated the previous year, that didn't stop him from legally purchasing a firearm, spare the local law enforcement from keeping him on their radar! Furthermore, the public hasn't been made aware of any SSRI's or other severely disruptive drugs he may have been taking (or no longer WAS taking) which may have led to this needless episode. I've openly posted the SSRI stories link in this blog before. These drugs can be exceptionally dangerous in young people who are still developing. It would surprise me none if we learn something in this regard as time continues.

Now we travel three times zones westward. Sunday after church services were through, one man was killed with several others injured at a Taiwanese Presbyterian in Laguna Woods, CA. Just as the Buffalo shooting, the shooter drove externally (from Las Vegas) to commit these sick acts and was unknown to those in the target community. Furthermore, it was hate driven as it comes down to China versus Taiwan, several notes were found which expressed such. Federal officials have also intervened with hate crime charges likely. See the degree of coypcat-isms here? It's not even Summer and I expect it to be quite wild and HOT! Not to mention that WW III could well get triggered at a moments' notice. Are we entertained, yet?

Remember when the Russians were essentially removed from SWIFT and how far deep the Ruble dived? It was way deep and was an attempt to ruin the ongoing conflict between them and the Ukrainians, at least economically. As a result, the Russians played an incredibly powerful hand. Their cards? Natural Gas with fertilizer and other commodities they often trade for. How they trade has changed, too! "Unfriendly countries" must pay in Rubles. I think we saw over 100 Rubles for a US Dollar at the worst. It was around 88 RUB during early April and has been strengthening against the USD. I saw around 65 Rubles per USD during Monday. Want the latest quote? Don't just take my word for it. The petrodollar is clearly on the way OUT! Prepare, prepare, PREPARE, NOW!!

That's all I have to say for now. The news is insane and the Blog may be released more often to keep up with the trends. I also remind you to check out my Pic of the Week portion of my website, updated twice weekly. I'm good well into July for automatic releases, but am planning more content to cover the time I'm away on horseback and having the house and surroundings reworked. No word yet from the CPA. Two months now, so they can soon expect a call.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all,

 The freshest news is that of the tragic murders affecting Buffalo, NY at one of the Tops supermarket locations, Saturday. One thing that sucks which the Left fully knows about, yet wants to capitalize on, is comparing that perp against Kyle Rittenhouse. So many still have drunk the wrong Kool-Aid that Rittenhouse didn't belong there, never the hell mind that his father owns a business there and Kyle was known locally, being in Waukesha to help defend his family and property. On the other hand, the Buffalo shooter, likely a lone wolf actor, decided to take matters in his own hands, shooting over a dozen innocents in a predominantly black neighborhood, killing at least 10, two in critical care, another injured. One of the murders was to a retired police officer handling store security and had attempted to gun down the shooter, but the shooter's body armor absorbed the round's impact. Much like the Wal-Mart El Paso situation, the shooter drove up from downstate NY to commit the crimes. It took place within a minute according to one who saw the entire video segment. The 18-year old had submitted a manifesto online and clearly had issues. Unlike most other shooters, he stated to be cold-sober. The Feds have joined Buffalo Police in their investigation and charges will likely include that of hate crimes. No doubt there will be many more details to come out, but Twitter was alive with plenty of opinions, some very reactionary and timed to elicit irrational responses, especially regarding gun ownership. After all, the shooter resides in NY State, yet even the Governor admits he likely got the weapon legally. Folks, this ain't a gun problem! The guy could've decided to start stabbing or using other means of murder as they've experienced in the UK. NY State at best puts someone away for Life in Prison without parole. Changing the punishment may help this. There are teenagers who've killed adults over stupid or petty stuff and they can't receive Capital Punishment, thanks to a SCOTUS ruling. Florida remains pissed over that and would've gladly inserted the MagicNeedle(tm) into certain deserving thugs.

2000 Mules is a documentary by Dinesh D'Souza regarding the 2020 elections, This shot-across-the-bow is America's wake-up call and is showing in theaters in some cities but was released to the public virtually last Saturday 5/7. Many who have seen it are amazed at the damning evidence it gives. I would've gotten the link suspended if I had posted it directly on Twitter. Some have given excellent clues around it, so here's the best link to view it! I watched the nearly 90 minutes and appreciated the input by several conservative talk show hosts whom I've listened to their programs and how they collectively analyzed this. If you've not seen it, I've not spoiled it at all. It's clearly a smoking gun and evidence exists on locating the mules to have them arrested and questioned, just for starters. Of course, reports have been received that some of the witnesses have been intimidated by Georgia election officials just before the documentary's release. They stand firmly behind what was discovered! Now, it won't make any difference in the election because our Congress approved the electoral college vote on 1/6/2021 to validate, albeit falsely and with fraud, the election of Joe Biden. He's been such an embarassment and disaster to this country. Just remember the mid-terms in November! By the way, I'm still trying to find the Liz bumper sticker I promised Bill. I've already had a Casperite ask me about it during my Friday 5/6 visit.

Jerry, nobody could've said it any better! Watch NBC Sports and the call as Rich Strike, the biggest underdog and longest shot won the Derby on Mother's Day. With 80-1 odds, the only other time in Derby history this occurred was back in 1913, just before the Federal Reserve began the process of screwing over the economy. This was so epic, it brought tears to my eyes and I had to watch it around a dozen times to process it. Congratulations to trainer Eric Reed, who nearly lost everything in a barn fire owner Richard Dawson of RED TR-Racing and jockey Sonny Leon for one hell of an upset that people will talk about a good while. To see the underdog win so spectacularly was fulfilling. So what were the payouts, you ask? Click here for the skinny on it. Now, can we as American voters do the same in November?

I came across a strange tweet hours later that evening. Elon Musk sent to his 91M+ followers on Sunday; "If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya" so I wonder what intel he has. As of when it was sent, it grabbed literally thousands of uplikes a minute. Late in the week, it was being questioned if he's trying to get out of his Twitter purchase. He gives continued advice on using Twitter. @jack NEVER, or rarely at best, did that in the past, however, to his credit, @jack did respond later! So cool to see this. Some have opined the two get together for deep Twitter opTalk.

That's it for now. Typical for Wyoming, there's more rain and even a chance for late snow by next Friday with lows just below freezing. I'm still not up to planting for the garden, but thoroughly enjoying the lavender flowers. There's a whole bunch of them growing wildly on a single acre with smaller patches around the home.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all!

 The BIGGEST news by far is Roe v. Wade. 23 states will have outright bans on abortion if the SCOTUS opinion, leaked recently, will be finalized as such. What makes this lightning rod issue so significant is the fact that private SCOTUS notes were leaked to the public for the first time in the history of the Court. Essentially, the opinion is that abortion not be decided on the Federal level any longer, that the individual states be given full reign under the Tenth Amendment. Not at all decided are the issues of infanticide. The Senate may decide on a bill allowing abortion in all Fifty States, essentially making Roe v. Wade moot. I seriously doubt it would pass, no matter how compromised any of our Senators are! Stay Tuned as I fully expect violence to erupt from triggered radicalists.

In a close second-place, Elon Musk buys out Twitter for 44 Billion, making it go private. It's early in the purchase and many accounts, including that of our 45th President, have yet to be reinstated. Trump is so far sticking with his very own Truth Social he developed to combat the Cancel Culture. Personally, I started a Gab account and came extremely close to weaning followers away from the Blue Bird, yet I've hung on like a bad habit after 13 years. To see the changes to come in Twitter will be so priceless as it's become a cesspool of freedom loss. Already, Richard Heart has his verified check mark. Hope springs eternal and the libs are clearly triggered! While I'm at it, Richard gives us his latest tweet regarding "Wen Mainnet?"

Didn't I warn y'all twice in a row about prepping? Didn't I?? Just do it! Shanghai is no closer to releasing their millions, holed up in their residences. The USA produces little of anything for reasons we need not revisit now. Just surf to the story and see for yourself how bad it gets, that is if we're not already entrenched in a nuclear exchange or two by that point, brought on in part by the Big Guy's handlers in the District Swamp.

Maximus has just wrapped up their minting! The take? 50.6 Million USD at the end of the period (around 16.8 cents) 294,316,334+ MAXI is what shows in supply, the same amount of HEX was pledged and the stake officially began at midnight UTC Monday, 5/2 without a hitch! The wait begins then, so to all Gladiators (Maximus community), ENJOY your lives and don't forget the awesomeness of being part of the biggest stakes in all of HEX. So when is it due? HEX Day 6435, June 17th, 2037 is when those HODLing their MAXI can redeem it for the boatload of HEX interest and associated HDRN, the only co-minting coin available under this initial Maximus contract. Several Gladiators are already planning a huge festival on that day. I'm not leaving out the likelihood that I'll make it myself. Some are actively discussing a secondary contract, which I pointed out quickly to many would require another ticker, but could be far more massive in size and beneficial to the HEX price going forth, the minting period to likely equal or exceed the thirty days envisioned. Don't forget why it was shortened to a fortnight - We're about that long in time away from the mainnet release for both PLS and PLSX.

Another coin can be minted for the next 3 months or so. PulseDogeCoin has a set cap of 12,000,000 but can mint less. Only those with a HEX stake as of 4/20/2022 can mint their share of PLSD and it has already pumped with a recent high just short of 3.90, yet back to 2.57 when this was written late Saturday. Claim Period lasts until late July, 100 days from 4/20. It requires an ETH gas fee as of this writing, but I hope it'll be mintable on PLS when it goes mainnet, hopefully mid-May.

Congress, especially Pocahontas (Warren, who HATES crypto with a passion) you paying attention? DeFi is where it's going! Now we're seeing bridges being made. PulseChain isn't yet released, but big things are coming soon. Polygon (MATIC) also briefly trended on Twitter last Sunday. Of course I'll have quite a bit of pulsecoin, having participated in the sacrifice stage. Bitcoin's LN and PulseChain bridging? This could be so EPIC!

So Liz or her minions have been recording Kevin McCarthy? The upcoming elections should be rather interesting, no matter how much money she throws at us Wyomingites, yet I have to agree with Roger Stone that Trump is getting too much stupid advice from McCarthy. The grasp for POWER is so desperate that Rule of Law is rarely enforced, except for some of the courts. Mr. B.S. of Douglas noticed my Liz Cheney = Swamp Rat bumper sticker. Because I had no email entries (few Wyomingites read this for now), he gets the second sticker. I'm searching hard for it and have his mailing address. When found, he gets it. He was briefed on how to install the sticker. I'm hoping to obtain more as the year goes on.

Witchy Chick on Twitter asks why garden hoses SUCK instead of work as intended. Excellent observation! After all, this is Spring for most of us and as a parts clerk, I definitely dispensed my share of brand new water hose Y-connectors to farms in a 4-state area in both Spring and Summer.

Here's this week's Gem.

That's it for now. Enjoy your Tuesday and the rest of the week.



Greetings, y'all!,

 Before the blizzard arrived Saturday, it was nice and thundery Friday afternoon, well into the 70's. We needed the moisture, BADLY! I put on the "Liz Cheney = Swamp Rat" bumper sticker to the bumper, the first such sticker to grace the truck since its purchase over a decade ago. I still have a second one. Present rules to claim it:
1) If a Wyomingite, literally residing in Wyoming. You do not have to meet the full-year residency requirement to be eligible for this simple contest IF you happened to have moved here within the past 12 months and possess either a Wyoming Driver License (the phrase is correct!), official state ID or Wyoming voter card (due to WY voter ID law.) Sorry, a US passport alone will not prove residency in the Cowboy State. BONUS POINTS if a registered WY voter as that's very much the point here.
2) promise to do as I'll do when the temperature is warm enough to attach to the rear bumper of your favorite ride. and
3) are the FIRST PERSON making the request with #1 & #2 in mind. (per instructions to follow)
 Then I'll mail you that remaining sticker (Wyoming addresses only, please) with specific instructions for mounting it. Trust that you'll be in good company. You must request if I am not to disclose your name publicly at the time of entry if you're the winner! Instead, I would substitute your initials and the City or Town in Wyoming where it gets mailed to. Otherwise, I'm not responsible if you catch hell from any sympathetic ultra-libs in Albany or Teton counties. Entries must be by email; [email protected] and you must include in the subject line "Liz Bumper Sticker Entry" to be eligible! Again, only the first entry I receive that meets the aforementioned qualifications gets it and I make the final decision. If not won by 7/4/2022, I'll offer it again here on the Blog with different rules. Gotta spread the love, right? :-)

 Interesting times we live in! A Florida judge put the kibosh on the CDC's mask mandates. Cheers came from airline passengers and jeers came from the Big Guys' handlers in the Deep State and certain officials in Blue-dominant states whom truly want to exercise this continued tyranny on Americans whose tax money pays them. The White House Sec. wasted little time telling the MSM that CDC wants the DoJ to appeal and reinstate the mandates, lying through their collective teeth that COVID is making a comeback. It isn't! ((whispering)) "Not until we're damn close to the MidTerm Elections in November, that is." Many are openly blaming Trump for allowing Fauci to gaslight the populace so deeply. Gradually, more media are leaking out about young people collapsing or outright dying due to the mRNA jabs. China isn't doing themselves any favors with the continued chokehold on Shanghai, unless their motive is to starve the United States out of products we no longer produce. Overall, this needs to change and taxes must adjust downward to encourage this efficiency. Bonus Points if most of ObamaCare can be flushed down the loo of FAILED policies.

Didn't I warn each of you on the previous blog entry (scroll below, it's not been modified for content as I rarely do so) to go ahead and shop for family and friends NOW for the Holidays? Christmas in July might actually be too late if you're eyeing December. The same thing applies to your Food/Water/Medicines cache, aka prepping. You have none made? What about a basic garden if you have the space? Mine still can't be planted yet with fresh snow cover, some drifts over 2' in the garden zone as a blizzard visited all day Saturday and it's still snowing lightly early Sunday as I type this. Yet, there's time to grow veggies after Memorial Day and I'm prepared with both fertilizer and seeds from the recent seed swap here. If you're procrastinating, I'll have no inspiration to play you the sympathy fiddle except Chopin's classic Funeral Dirge. If not already in progress, get off your collective asses and Git 'Er Dun!

I'm very troubled that international squabbles won't be conveniently solved. Our unelected "leaders" of the WEF/UN who want depopulation and have incredible control of so many Heads of State are relying on America's fat-and-lazy attitude for an easy takeover. On the coasts, they'll certainly be granted their wish. Snowflakes who carry a "Meh!" attitude will likely realize their folly in a matter of months. Their Big Guy continues to be handled and show such lack of leadership. Worse yet, Rhode Island is such a disappointment with their Democrats planning to DOUBLE state income taxes on the unvaxxed, including parents if their children remain unvaxxed. Not just the state income tax, mind you - parents could be fined 50 dollars per month for leaving their children's immune systems intact and not producing the spike proteins which clog them up. This is typical tax-and-spend Democrat behavior. Exemptions, you ask? Requiring three physicians to sign off. Even then, their Health Department can overrule (very costly for most as additional doctor/patient relationships must be established to get all those approvals, this imposition alone begs for a lawsuit if passed and tested.) Bottom Line? Sen. Bell, the sponsor, has a son in a fragile state. COVID may well not be the reason, yet he wants to impose his will on fellow Rhode Islanders and I don't see how it will help his family now or in the future. Fine! Let him take the jabs and I hope he's chosen to do the same for all in his family. They'll be vaxxed and that means he need not worry any longer, right?? I hope the voters affected will remember this nonsense he presented when the Ballot Box is presented, even if he truly meant well. For now, raise hell toward Providence, then be prepared to get the Hell out of the Ocean State! I remind Senator Bell and each of his constituents this isn't a vaccine, it's not "safe and effective" as some continue to spout through their pieholes, that the definition of a vaccine was conveniently changed through TPTB into new dictionaries, that it remains "experimental" and never as fully FDA approved (still under EUA), that alternatives which have proven to work continue to be denied through most of the nation, that many have been forced to accept this gene therapy in direct violation of international rulings of the Nuremburg trials of 1947, that the ingredients remain a closely-guarded secret today, the first six months of the jabs did not include any warnings on the insert sheets each vial is required to contain (blank sheet!) and there is no means to reverse the damage(s) this toxic cocktail invokes. Skidding the tires into a perfect 180, thanks to SB 2188 in Tennessee, it's fully expected that ivermectin becomes an OTC product. Proof positive that the Yankees aren't so intelligent as they think. Both Senate and House chambers in Nashville approved it, yet I can't seem to easily confirm that Gov. Lee has signed it into law, even now. Definitely do your own research. There are answers! I have my ivermectin, it's the human type and it wasn't impossible.

Have some liquid HEX sitting around? Want to go for the MAXIMUM in a HEX stake without having to spend damn near 1ETH in gas fees to claim your hard-won bounty of delayed gratification?? Need liquidity, not an EES so you can spend if you must, during that stake time??? Although not financial advice, Maximus gets staked later this week on HEX day 880 and the collective stake expires and being fully matured on day 6435, some 15.2 years into the future, specifically Summer, 2037. The community participants, myself included, are called Gladiators. Of course, being part of a 5555 stake can claim their personal street cred having done so. No, so far I've chosen no tattoos as my rodeo scars tell part of my story. The recent audit showed no serious issues and the few fixes to the Maximus code were simple, aiding to better gas usage. As of this submission, over 145 million HEX had been pledged with the same already minted to Gladiators in the form of MAXI tokens. They'll be liquid and can be used as necessary through UniSwap or PulseX. At the very end of the stake, plenty of HDRN will be made available for those with MAXI to redeem. 150 million HEX (likely reached by midnight Sunday) will trigger the 10% bonus, thus the reason we're seeing whales throwing down HEX into it like crazy. One Gladiator thinks we could reach twice that amount before HEX day 880. It's sure putting a nice floor on HEX for now as several expected a dip to as low as 6 cents. Frankly, I never expected HEX to go below a dime, but it's crypto and will recover. PulseChain and PulseX should see to that. Watching ALL that HEX burn out of supply? PRICELESS!!

Now for the SHORT LINKS:

This week's video giggler goes to Twitter's gnuman1979.

This week's heart melter goes to Twitter's cctv_idiots.

That's it for now.
Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings y'all and Happy Easter!,

 Hoppin' down the Bunny Trail, I hope each of you enjoyed this day. It's a special time to reflect for many in their Christian journeys. Enjoy the time away from COVID masks as I predict you'll again see the mandates. The Big Guy extended transportation mask mandates until 5/3 on planes and commercial bus lines, but of course Title 42 is gone and nobody entering the southern border will be subject to either COVID testing or getting the jab(s). After all, it's all about the fact that hospitals follow those repeatedly-failing CDC guidelines. Why these same hospitals aren't being charged with FRAUD in many instances gives me strong reason to believe they've been strongarmed with orders originating in the UN, beholden to these scum Elites wanting depopulation of the world. Don't allow your attention to be deflected away from these wastes of our oxygen for any long period of time. They want a HOT WAR to throw our attention out the window, then to reappear as saviors. They're not worthy of being dog catchers in your town. Don't fall for it.

 LinkedIn has gone WOKE and closed down the CodeOfVets account. In return, that was the straw which broke this camel's back. I've shut down my LinkedIn on Wednesday 4/13 and won't return. I stated the reason for my departure to their staff and don't care at all if I'm simply counted as "the churn" as I'd rather be known for that, than support more messages from them and the wokeness they've allowed themselves to devolve into. This is not the way that a pro-employment and pro-networking portal should ever lean toward as free speech itself will give prospective employers, co-workers, those in one's network and other interested parties the true insights of it's members. LinkedIn is now useless to me as a result and I did leave a message for my network of how to stay in touch with me. If they care, they'll follow. If not, so be it. With that said, I'll be glad to remain in contact with anyone who was in my network.

Binance's CZ tweeted recently that Russia will make an official announcement of legalizing crypto for payments. I agree this will be huge news for crypto, nevertheless, the J-6 (January Sixth Commission) apparently want to recommend that Bitcoin be severely restricted or banned. No answer so far from Cheney on the tweet I posted, asking her for comment. She is obviously in a position to know. Zach Rector apparently is very bullish on XRP. He's not giving financial advice on YouTube as he's telling us what he's doing. Apparently, SEC doesn't have a solid enough case if any against Ripple and things could change quickly in the next 90 days. Sri Lanka is among the newest of nations now defaulting on their national debt. I warn humble readers that many nations in the third world will soon follow and America WILL FEEL MUCH PAIN by late Summer into Autumn. Unless you're in the Big Club which George Carlin told us about, such as Blackrock and Vanguard, (buying up homes all over Canada and USA) then expect Santa to take off his big coat, dig deep into his pockets and either pull out coal, a switch or simply show you that he has nothing for your kiddies this Christmas. RIGHT NOW, I'd suggest you do any holiday shopping you plan to do before it becomes impossible to obtain anything for The Season with the ridiculous tieups on the supply chain and inflation tagging along with it. RIGHT NOW, I'd again suggest you prepare for inevitable food shortages by squirreling away long shelf life items in cans. Also, if you have a vacation planned, plan on budgeting more for the inflation you'll encounter.

You see, the American government is essentially no more.. We have damned little if any leadership. The Big Guy and Giggly Cameltoe with most other sovereigns openly allow these global bankers in the WEF, Schwab, Harari, et al; to screw more Americans out of our ability to control our very own cash! More and more are talking about the CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency. Solari Report and myself both encourage each of you to pay in CA$H whenever possible and provide such a strong resistance against this. If the CBDC is allowed to proceed in America and they eliminate all cash, you indeed will have nothing when you fail to spend it quickly enough and on whatever the bureaucratic assholes that you didn't even elect in the first place, can boss you into a very narrow, restricted list of things or services. Worse yet, if you have certain strong political viewpoints, these same asswipes may simply take your money away. Since you'd have no cash considered legal tender to pay a competent lawyer, you would be totally fucked. No, this wasn't nice to say here, but I'm a realist and known for my critical thinking and pay the bills on this Blog, not the losers at Facebook, etc. Do what you must to preserve yours for you and your children. More and more, those I listen to are agreeing this will be a HOT Summer. I'd be not too surprised if a HOT WAR joins it.

Liz Cheney is clearly UNFIT to represent Wyomingites in the District of Criminals. On 4/13 during hour #3 of InfoWars, Ali Alexander broke that the January Sixth committee will be making recommendations to either severely limit or ban Bitcoin! I remind readers that Wyoming has the most-friendly digital asset laws in the 50 states and crypto had nothing to do with their so-called insurrection which Capitol Police allowed around 600 people past the barricades into the Complex. This development is proof positive that Cheney is clearly out of touch with her constituents. I have tweeted her for any comment(s) she might share on Twitter. By the way, I still have the Liz Cheney = Swamp Rat bumper sticker, available:
1) If a Wyomingite, literally residing in Wyoming. You do not have to meet the full-year residency requirement to be eligible for this simple contest IF you happened to have moved here within the past 12 months and possess either a Wyoming Driver License (the phrase is correct!), official state ID or Wyoming voter card (due to WY voter ID law.) Sorry, a US passport alone will not prove residency. BONUS POINTS if a registered WY voter as that's very much the point here.
2) promise to do as I'll do when the temperature is warm enough to attach to the rear bumper of your favorite ride. and
3) are the FIRST PERSON making the request with #1 & #2 in mind. (per instructions to follow)
Then I'll mail you that remaining sticker (Wyoming addresses only, please) with specific instructions for mounting it. Trust that you'll be in good company. You must request if I am not to disclose your name publicly at the time of entry if you're the winner! Instead, I would substitute your initials and the City or Town in Wyoming where it gets mailed to. Otherwise, I'm not responsible if you catch hell from any sympathetic ultra-libs in Albany or Teton counties.
Entries must be by email; [email protected] and you must include in the subject line "Liz Bumper Sticker Entry" to be eligible! Again, only the first entry I receive that meets the aforementioned qualifications gets it and I make the final decision. If not won by 7/4/2022, I'll offer it again here on the Blog with different rules. Gotta spread the love, right? :-)

Juanita Broaddrick, raped by Bill Clinton a long time ago and didn't mince words on Twitter as @atensnut - finally got a permanent suspension from the portal, Monday 4/10. I can see why she pissed off someone there with this tweet, assuming it's genuine. The lefties, some with multiple vax'xes on their profiles, were celebrating wildly as they almost never get warned with their narrative of "free speech." With Elon having refused a board position on Twitter, they're stating emphatically that Broaddrick won't get a savior. What they're ignoring is that Elon can now buy up greater amounts of twitter stock in excess of 14.9%, with the possibility of changing twitter's internals. At best, Elon's decision gives them more time. DISCLOSURE: I was among Juanita's 600k or so followers.
UPDATE: With Musk having declared he's after all of Twitter with a 54.20 per share buyout (one lefty critic claims the 420 in the number relates to Elon enjoying weed, a bit of a stretch IMHO.) his purchase triggered Vanguard to outbuy as the new Big Kid. Oddly enough, not much media comments on that as the headlines belong to Elon! It doesn't surprise me that the "bastards" at SEC (Elon's tweeted description, not mine) has Tesla under investigation because the Swamp lefties running the show got severely triggered. My latest question? Why doesn't the SEC investigate Vanguard for their reactionary purchase, greater than that of Musk??

The Big Guy in one of his recent speeches, thinks someone who needs 20 bullets is a lousy shot in his cheap pitch for more gun control, yet he fails to disclose in how many instances a cop, a trained professional, considers a suspect as an ongoing threat, until they've literally emptied their weapon. There are many videos of this so I won't even bother to link any. In many instances, the suspect wasn't armed. You ask "The cops?" They were acquitted by grand juries or a prosecutor as justified, yet we NEVER heard of any obvious public outreach efforts by these cities as to how officer engagement with the public, the very taxpayers who support their livelihoods, are to be expected and could've resulted in better lawful compliance, even if the cops themselves were lying (and many DO!!) This is what the Courts are for and suspects should of course raise their voices at injustice. Don't you now understand more and more what triggered the public in Minneapolis regarding George Floyd and elsewhere? The sad effects was the extreme swing of the pendulum with many police agencies targeted for defunding. Now, Minneapolis is a cesspool. Former Gov. Pawlenty was such a moron for signing off the seat belt bill. It was needless and so was the Floyd situation.

Rancher's wife Ms. Puncher graced Twitter with this gem last week. The Rural Tip of the Day.

Honorable Mentions belong to our fantastic Purple Whale for this one! (rimshot sound effect)

That's it for now. I hope you read through it and are already prepping. You'll be damned miserable if you don't as I see no way out of this crappy quagmire.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all,
 Not much going this week. I got two simple bumper stickers of "Liz Cheney = Swamp Rat" when I was caught taking a picture of one on a vehicle in the Wally World parking lot. One goes on my truck. Do you want me to mail you the other? Read on..
If you
 1) are a Wyomingite, literally residing in Wyoming. You do not have to meet the full-year residency requirement to be eligible for this simple contest IF you happened to have moved here within the past 12 months and possess either a Wyoming Driver License (the phrase is correct!), official state ID or Wyoming voter card (due to WY voter ID law.) Sorry, a US passport alone will not prove residency. BONUS POINTS if a registered WY voter as that's very much the point here.
 2) promise to do as I'll do when the temperature is warm enough to attach to the rear bumper of your favorite ride. and
 3) are the FIRST PERSON making the request with #1 & #2 in mind. (per instructions to follow)
Then I'll mail you that remaining sticker (Wyoming addresses only, please) with specific instructions for mounting it. Trust that you'll be in good company. You must request if I am not to disclose your name publicly at the time of entry if you're the winner! Instead, I would substitute your initials and the City or Town in Wyoming where it gets mailed to. Otherwise, I'm not responsible if you catch hell from any sympathetic ultra-libs in Albany or Teton counties.
 Entries must be by email; [email protected] and you must include in the subject line "Liz Bumper Sticker Entry" to be eligible! Again, only the first entry I receive that meets the aforementioned qualifications gets it and I make the final decision. If not won by 7/4/2022, I'll offer it again here on the Blog with different rules. Gotta spread the love, right? :-)

Watch the weather if you're in the Wyoming Front Range! Potential snowstorm expected by late Monday/Tuesday into Wednesday. Amounts and locations even into Friday's models are still hard to pin down, although CYS Cheyenne weather office thinks the northern area of WY into SD could have heavy totals. I traveled to Casper on Friday, preparing for this event. Down South, Dixieland will have to be on guard for severe weather. In things crypto, Hex continues lingering in price, yet Ethereum gives no breaks. I'm still NOT reading anything about PulseChain / PulseX in the major crypto publications, they being focused on SOL & ADA. Can either improve enough to prove as an Ethereum Killer? I strongly believe PLS & PLSX will blow so many minds with fantastic participation and a pump (HEX included) which won't be easy to gatekeep any longer. Binance, I'm almost ready to print HEX t-shirts which diss your continued #201 ranking of 2020/2021's top performing asset.

 April Fools Day was no foolin' for Bitcoin. The nineteen-millionth BTC was minted that day, so just 2 million to go, the final one about 118 years from now. I learned that Caitlin Long's Avanti has changed its name to Custodia. Institutional customers interested in Custodia's services may email [email protected] according to a public release. I'm not aware of a specific launch, yet they're eyeing it soon, as during Q2/2022. I've also noticed Kraken exchange is closing their downtown Market St. office because crime has continued to escalate there. Kraken already is planning their Special Purpose Depository Institution or SPDI, based on 100% reserves and regulatory oversight by the Division of Banking in Cheyenne. I remember meeting Jesse during the Wyohackathon's beginning in 2018 when I still resided in Oklahoma's panhandle. Many I met were a bit surprised of my interest then, yet there's that gut feeling I possessed that many magical, epic things would result which brought me here. Why do you think I happily live in Wyoming today, even with the sucker punch winters and difficulties in getting certain services at times? I've already referred another friend to Kraken and he's far more impressed over their competitors' continued snail's pace. Frankly, without Kraken's prompt, excellent services, I would've missed out on this 40 acre Square of Solitude. Stay Tuned as I'm working on some cool additions to the land I call my own. Although I got Kraken's twitter handle wrong in my pitch, (@KrakenFX is correct) I believe Kraken's staff and Jesse would be well-positioned and satisfied in the future by moving their stuff down I-80 to Cheyenne around Memorial Day after the crappy weather is done for the season. They already realize how friendly the digital asset laws are and the huge push for both available and improved broadband for Wyomingites and businesses here. Read my Twitter pitch and see if you agree and heart it.

We're getting close to mainnet in both PulseChain and PulseX which should solve the ETH gas fees problem for a good long while on a new fork of the same! Scammers know this and have gotten rather creative lately. I'm letting my HEX onboards know this and encourage each of you so involved to carefully suss out each and every "offer" being waved in your faces that could cost you ALL your ERC20's. Bottom Line? NEVER, NEVER give out your seed phrase/wallet recovery phrase in any Google form, online, web form, direct message, no matter what reason they give you!!! You will get screwed and tattooed. It's just $$? Yeah, and scammers want every damn last centdime. It gives them mental and sexual stimuli they don't deserve and at your expense. I've discussed this before. Don't become their next fool or "mugu!"

Glenn Beck is right! My regular readers already have some grasp on cryptocurrencies. If you're not at all understanding of crypto, he strongly suggests you begin to learn more and more. The World Government Summit has been assembled in Dubai. My previous post mentions one attendee who suggested a Bill of Rights for We the Sheeple of this new, centralized CDBC which I expect they'll try and squish the Ruble and Yuan, then replacing it with their Global wallet, complete with human credit score as the Chinese enjoy today. This is very much an in-your-face power grab. Who in our government empowered this crap? Is it some type of sick treaty which got shoehorned, then signed in the past? Did it get passed by Congress as some sidenote thrown in a bill at the last minute? If anything, we need to rid ourselves of the UN. Instead, we're using it to poke more into Russia's affairs. I'm thinking this increasing poking of the Bear is to induce Putin into showing more of the Russian weapons, the MODERN ones! US intelligence would love to view the Bear's paw.

More and more, these greedy Elites want people to die and go away. If you haven't prepped for an extended period of supply interruptions, what's keeping you from doing that? As mentioned earlier, I'm adding to my prep stuff and am very surprised the gas price here hasn't gone past 3.78, although I expect another upswing soon. GET PREPARED! The shelves aren't magically restocked and trucks are at a premium. Most jobs I read about which I've not yet unsubbed on emails are trucker ones. Why go to college when a trucker school may pay itself back quickly? You will likely avoid getting the COVID jabs by asking the hard questions and being careful what you might sign or otherwise agree to. It's called survival in the whoring twenties. I'm talking about the Great Whore of The Swamp and certain Feddle Courtz who would push the COVID vax scams which are culling off our dreams of a future.

Meanwhile, Russia and China are using the backend trading, the system which avoids the pitfalls of SWIFT which I told readers about last year. The USD is getting weaker and weaker. As of Thursday, the Ruble, recently 88 per USD has advanced value, now just under 80. We're spending more and more toward Ukraine, a party to the Geneva Convention who reportedly are demasculating Russian P.O.W's.. Are you hearing any of this on the mockingbird media? I've heard this on at least two alternative media with excellent track records. If you're supporting Ukraine, dig deeper as they're gaslighting Washington. The Swamp is more and more active, wanting a hot War which will last years and could well lead to nuclear exchanges.

I watched the Senate confirm by roll vote, Ketanji Brown Jackson as the newest Associate Justice to SCOTUS. The vote was the expected 53-47 and of course Cameltoe was in her usual, giggly mood. Even though Jackson won and will take her seat with the other justices soon, there will be very close scrutiny on any issues regarding kiddy porn that she may ever encounter while on the bench. I'll keep an open mind that she might be absolutely kick-ass and that Tom Cotton may well be proven wrong, given time. Nevertheless, history has been made and I pray for the sake of this nation, the right decision was made.

This is at least one circumstance where the Dems are arguing, coherently! I consider it valid to ask why the hell Tennessee would allow children to marry! I also agree with another Democratic lawmaker's reasoning that the Bill could very well allow an Out Of Jail card to those charged with statutory rape. Tennessee, you are already fantastic. Don't go down this slippery slope, please! Well, if this gets passed and later goes before SCOTUS, will Justice Jackson render an opinion? Consider me an asshole if you must, but I think it valid to just keep that in mind.

With Elon Musk having bought out close to 10% of the social media's stock and inclusion to Twitter's board, many are scared shitless that the Blue Bird will have to finally calm down its woke friendliness. Some are already opining of Trump being reinstated! while some at Twitter may be dusting off their resumes. Hope springs eternal. Right? Perhaps Elon will start cleaning house of the exceptionally woke, yet I doubt this happens unless he becomes CEO there. I'm aware of an Ask Me Anything discussion between Musk and employees to come soon at Twitter HQ.

Folks, social media in some ways has come a LONG ways! See how to identify your favorite fast food outlets and get with the times.

I get this.. So "raye-ciss" and utterly insensitive against our digital cousins, ain't it? Robots generally SUCK. But robots don't seem to require vaxxing under illegal mandates (per Nuremberg trials of 1947) and they don't require vacations or family leave. So are they paying taxes? In the EU, at least one country requires companies employing them to pay an additional tax which I think is recurring.

This week's Food for Thought: These emergency data requests perhaps should be handled a different way, ya think?

Since Tax Time is looming on us, I'm so sad that Paul Harvey never got to see THIS gem! It would've made the stinger story at the end of his broadcast if he were here today. Raise your hands and SHOUT if you agree. Albeit it Canadian, just add The Swamp, The Big Guy and his handlers, also change Parliament to Congress.

Comment of the Week - 12MonkeyArmy recently commented on ZeroHedge, regarding unionization of Amazon's workers on Staten Island; "When Giovani da Verrazano sailed into NY harbor he exclaimed, 'Is tat en island'? And Staten Island got its name."

Y'all, don't forget to check out my Pic of the Week. Updated twice weekly at midnight Central time, USA, the first goes Monday - Thursday, the second is for your weekend from Friday through Sunday. Eventually, the update will happen in my Mountain Time zone.

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Greetings, y'all!

 There are NO April Fools nonsense added with this submission, but the news is accelerating at such a pace that I had to release something going into a new month. So far, an interesting week, although not as busy as the previous. I did get a call from my CPA that they're so stacked up with work that I'll be automatically filed for extension. David runs a decent ship and he's busier than a kitty covering litter. Now to see if they'll reach out to me for anything more needed to speed things up, but I'm certain for now they have it all. I paid my property tax for the new digs. The purchase contract I signed last October stipulated I'd be responsible for the second-half 2021 tax and that's a done deal. The next bill won't be until before Thanksgiving. Wyoming is very laggish in billing this stuff, but many other things are being paid for at different times. Another customer was paying her sales tax on her vehicle, she being a newcomer or having bought it in another state. There was huge relief I noticed on her face when completed. Converse County has a great overall staff. Esther, you're among the greatest! I still await more tomato sprouts to appear. These plantings were outside in the sun early in the week but I can't leave them overnight. The nagging cold and frost for this area won't be an afterthought until after Memorial Day. For now, I'm keeping the soil moist and nurturing them. I have yet to create the tiny hills for the crookneck squash. The colorful and flavorful Hopi turquoise corn will be planted around that time and I'm thinking some peas and sunflowers will work awesome. I don't have a whole lot of faith in okra for this region, but will water them well. It's more an Arkie-type crop and I'll expect it to mature the latest of 'em all. We'll see.

I've been considering backyard chickens, although I don't yet have a flock. One of two local outlet stores have run out of birds, expecting more in the week to come, before Easter of course! Now, word has it from APHIS via ZeroHedge that the avian flu has spread. Wyoming happens to be the first western state with a report from neighboring Johnson County, a distance NW of me.

The recent Oscars had some awkward moments. Twitter was clearly abuzz with a whole freakin' summary and then some! Some think he might have done it to help ratings, yet Will Smith apologized Monday 3/27 for the slap of Chris Rock on live TV, likely due to a joke about Will's wife Jada, whos ongoing battle with alopecia is now the focus of numerous talk shows. She's quite beautiful with that nearly-shaved head (God didn't create junk, you know!) and I wouldn't consider it shameful if she kept it so, but I'm an eagle, so who am I to talk? Still, this tweet is quite the keeper! BlackStarDiva on Twitter nailed this one out of the ballpark. Howard Stern's comments weren't lost on those who still troll him for whining about the end to COVID mandates. He might be spot-on thinking that Will needs to have his head checked, yet some think Howie should take a spot on the shrink's couch, too! One tweet opined that the 1990 Howie would make fun of the 2022 Howie. On Wednesday 3/30, Jada broke her silence to her 12 million instagram followers with "This is a season for healing and I'm here for it." I've watched enough TV to learn that black folk are very sensitive about their hair, both guys and gals. It's very much an identity thing too and there are many progressive styles from talented barbers and stylists which are very fly! This has been a subject mentioned at YouDub (UW Laramie) several times by black athletes and students attending the University. They encounter difficulties in finding time to travel when needing their hair styled and/or cut the way they expect. I suspect the school has tried more and more in recruiting qualified barbers and stylists for this region. In light of it all, Rock agrees there's no more room for hair jokes going forward. 'Nuff said for now, right?

Shifting back to the subject of entertainment, I sadly have to mention and grieve the passing of Taylor Hawkins, the talented drummer of Foo Fighters. The group has cancelled their future tour dates due to their loss. The band's statement added: "We’re sorry for and share in the disappointment that we won’t be seeing one another as planned. Instead, let’s take this time to grieve, to heal, to pull our loved ones close, and to appreciate all the music and memories we’ve made together. With Love, FOO FIGHTERS." Probably the appearance I remember best was Letterman's final show on CBS.

Well, Europe remains staunch and steadfast on not purchasing any Russian oil or gas with either gold or rubles. The remaining gas in the European reserve has maybe a week or less remaining. Already, Germans are being encouraged to put on thicker clothing and turn down that thermostat. When they run out, that should put industries on shutdown and the pensioners? "Let them grow icicles!"

Would I trust the CFTC with this? I'm still very cynical that the same agency whose four-year silver rigging investigation yielded nothing actionable to them, could possibly be of benefit to the still-developing crypto community, even with the Big Guy's blessings. Recently, he signed an Executive Order regarding crypto. We have New World Order economists pushing hard for CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currency) thus ridding nations of fiat cash they can't control. Remember, with a CBDC as the digital Yuan from China promises to be, it will be centralized! The government can choose:
* to dictate whatever they will allow you to buy.
* in controlling inflation, that you must spend at least some of your balance.
* most insidiously, choosing to make your money worthless. Imagine the endless number of reasons they'll use to abuse dissent.

 I wish the above story were April Fools puffery, but it ain't! So, you will own nothing and you will be happy. RIght?? Indeed, you will own nothing. The lefties haven't yet grasped that their UBI, part of the CBDC's rollout, won't really be theirs. They'll become very unhappy and realize their folly for letting Obama and the Big Guy have their time. Their Unicorn Utopia shall have such misery attached to it, then the Elitists will cull them off. There is that wonderful, endless saying "Be careful what you wish for!" as this is what I'm already envisioning.

I'm not yet done! One of the press attendees mentioned a "Digital Currency Bill of Rights" which I seriously doubt would survive a single news cycle for the reasons I've already warned you. At the least, I wanted my readers to understand why I have doubts it will make the news, unless enough of us begin to insist on such. There is this thing about ignorance by exclusion throughout most the media. The government will not want a decentralized cryptocurrency. It's much like their own (or another person's) genetalia they can't ignore touching - they can't leave it the hell alone! Worst of all, there are few Americans who can understand the basics of Bitcoin, much less what DeFi, DEXs and stablecoins, the latter posing a threat to the Fed's hold on an already-dying dollar, is about, spare they ever have to carry a digital device everywhere they go. Yet another reason many Americans will likely choose to get microchipped or jabbed with some nanotech that will implant something to be read. Regarding having to carry a smartphone with one's personal ID, perhaps that's why Obama pushed for the phones many years ago. He sold us down the river and his former Veep, Biden continues that today.

Are you indeed a Bitcoin OG? Were you part of the Mt. Gox crowd of just over a million users during their heyday? I've repeatedly claimed that status and have already submitted the proof required to authenticate me with a special Mt. Gox NFT, which owning it might well give me some future bennies, such as airdrops. Let me explain.. There's this hip website you can submit info and is then researched to find the account number with a Claim you file. As long as YOU held an account there and the NFT team can find it, provided nobody else files a claim against it in a particular amount of time, you'll receive an NFT. Before filing, you'll need to add a polygon wallet to your MetaMask or obtain a polygon wallet elsewhere to receive it. The form allows you to add a message with information that you or the team would know about Mt. Gox to assist in the claim. Don't ask me for hints or tips! Getting the NFT will prove your Bitcoin OG status. Still, some ask "Why Polygon / Matic?" Let's face it.. Ethereum remains too damned expensive for nearly anything, even with ERC1559. Once your claim is filed, bonus points if you still have the address you used while with Mt. Gox. They can verify your reception of email the team generates and that alone can prove you as OG-worthy. Having any old emails or documents from that time will also speed up verification. I should have the new NFT by Tax Day.

Now for the short links:

Once you see it, you can't unsee it. It's all about the perspective, so think of how you're viewing it when someone asks you to notice. It took me viewing a clue to break the apparent mystery, obvious to most. Sheesh!!

The ultimate booby trap? One might even ask if this was Epstein's last trip to the sink, but I digress.

That's it for now, and remember to engage your critical thinking, especially on this day.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,


Greetings, y'all!

 So far, so good on getting this Blog updated. I've even updated my phone's data plan to give me more data while doing most functions on the phone itself to ration data for my main computer. I'm hoping for a decent tax outcome. I want to encourage you to start visiting my Pic of the Week portion of my website again, beginning April Fools Day. No Foolin'! I've updated a lot of images and have two per week to show you, so you have time to view each. The first premieres on Friday and goes through the weekend. At midnight late Sunday into Monday - Central Time, it changes to the second weekly image which lasts Monday through Thursday. I'll also be open for some pics from you to consider adding later in the year. I'm set up and loaded through most of June and should have July and most of August set up in the next few days, so feel free to visit that section of the site Pic of the Week. I attended a seed swap in town yesterday. It's a great way to meet new people and swap your garden seeds for additional seeds you didn't consider trying earlier. For some of us, it's about prepping for the inevitable food shortages and having goods in which to barter. Master Gardeners from the Cooperative Extension Service were on hand to answer numerous questions posed. It was very successful and the coffee shop? They benefitted and also donated some goodies. You gotta appreciate small town biz. The bad news? Casper's Yellowstone Garage diner has closed earlier this week. They had excellent selections and tried really hard, yet never quite got back on track after COVID. I want badly to see the scum who engineered this bioweapon to lose everything, especially their money and freedom. That tipping point is being closely monitored by the Elitists to engineer their next countermove. They're not done with us.

Dammit Janet and her Fed minions want to find some means to freeze Russia's gold reserves. I thought she wanted cryptos to end. Cryptos should be the last damn thing on her mind as she remains utterly clueless. I think Russia gets the last laugh because they're willing to sell their commodities as oil and gas to Europe and elsewhere, if paid for in Russian Rubles! By the way, natural gas is quickly running out in northern Europe. There are no longer any coal burning plants in Europe due to all the excessive environmental whining and moaning. A real problem in electricity production is imminent in that region, industrial users will be affected first and that means they'll have to severely ration or shut down. Most of the European economy will suffer measurably, soon. Europe being "woke" will realize their choices, very soon. Likely, their gas will completely run out by the first weekend in April. Maybe France keeps their electricity going. Last time I checked, they're 80% nuclear. I've also heard where Biden wants no more Natural Gas drilling. He also seeks to pull the German Freezeout on the nation he leads and swore to defend. Now, the Big Guy wants to tax those with net value over 100 million to the tune of 20%, which brings in a paltry 360 billion. How many billions has he already committed to Ukraine, a nation with few if any American interests? He ignored Russia's valid security concerns and continues allowing his mouth to overload terribly. He has many in Congress very concerned when he insists that Putin not be allowed to remain in power, essentially voicing for regime change, a situation which America specializes in when looking at our track record over the years. How can he possibly ignore the Southern Border situation? It's plenty of nationalities, not just Latins trying to enter the USA. Plenty of Haitians, even Indians and a few Russians have awaited for their chance of collecting on all the social bennies, and they don't get vaxxed! It's a planned repopulation of the USA with dependent Democrat voters, the way the Big Guys' handlers want it continued. Amendment 25?? When, not if..

Russia has announced an arrest warrant for George Soros and China has announced Soros as a "global terrorist." I pray he goes down in flames. His love of money and wicked usage of the same to cause havoc on society, including here in America on so many fronts, is bad enough. At least 'ol George finally allowed his mouth to truly overload his ass, and frankly I'm surprised he spouted what he did. It'd be priceless if either #2 or #3 superpowers can force him on their soil and throw the scumbag into a Gitmo-grade dungeon. Many of us won't shed a tear. I will gladly travel to Colorado and smoke a celebratory joint of quality twist to toast his Waterloo. Mind you, it's been decades since I've lit up and generally won't do it unless there's a really kick-ass reason for it. This most definitely qualifies.

Is Alex Jones and InfoWars serious about ditching Austin? He has a very strong case to leave the City where he finished his teenage years. He's now in his upper 40's and sold his Austin home not long ago, reportedly using that money to help him ride out financial issues dogging InfoWars and various legal expenses which liberal lawyers are focused on shutting down the network, no matter what it takes! Jones mentioned on his live 3/26 show of how safe the Texas Capitol City was as recent as five years ago, now becoming quite a liberal cesspool. It's also gotten very expensive to live there by real estate demand and extremely liberal judges are already problematic where legal costs have blossomed for his network. Nashville is on his short list, although other small Texas cities are under consideration. He considers that Austin is now as lost as Los Angeles. I cannot disagree. Still, Austin will go more blue, regardless what Jones and InfoWars decides to do. If he remains, he'll remain a huge burr in the Lefties' collective saddles.

Didn't I warn y'all sometime back to prepare? It's looking quite horrible for my old kicking grounds in the Panhandles, albeit they received a blizzard on the first day of Spring. Some of you have done SOME prepping. Because I live in an area with a well for water, I have to prep in advance of an electric outage as the well pump won't work, so my kitchen area has plenty of drinking water stored. If it appears a blizzard will be severe, I'll fill up one of my two bathtubs with water for non-potable use as flushing the toilets or dishwashing as required. I keep enough clean clothes on-hand that I'm fine for an extended episode of this sort. I also keep ample food and drinking water around. Even though I have two refrigerators, I'm still not into keeping large amounts of frozen foods, except during Winter months when I could improvise in a power failure in the manner my family did in Little Rock during the year 2000 ice storms, moving those foodstuffs either into a large, sealed picnic cooler outside, or into a large canvas bag outside that's lifted high in the air. It's mostly foods which carry a long shelf life that make sense to keep plenty of. Also, it's not only food I'm keeping extra! Don't forget things as toilet paper, extra toiletries as soaps, toothbrushes, the critical stuff to keep one healthy. Your medications should be kept up to date. My First Aid Kit is also prepared. Inflation won't subside anytime soon and we can again thank the Democrat Party for their election fraud over a year ago and continued Stockholm Syndrome (learned helplessness) amongst their members in its aftermath. One local gas station has now crossed over four bucks a gallon, although Maverick and Safeway have somehow kept it 3.81 or a penny lower. As mentioned recently, one fuel analyst predicts 10 dollars/gal. by Summer and worse toward Thanksgiving. I'm hoping the tax burden is workable once they have the numbers crunched. National Weather Service officials in Cheyenne are coming out to Lusk City Hall for a severe weather spotter class. Check NWS Cheyenne for complete details of this and other online, virtual classes. Even before COVID, I had taken the advanced spotter virtual course through Des Moines. It's well-produced so there's no shame at all in taking it online, besides, they'll usually have a chat session where you can pose your questions.. Iowa can experience EF5 tornadoes, although most are of the quick spinups. Wyoming has most of their tornadoes from late May through July. With that said, I called my Uncle in Texas on 3/21 to warn him of the very high probability of severe weather days ago, especially the rich tornadic environment which wouldn't just go away with the already-balmy Spring unfolding, near the 80 degree mark. His observations told me plenty - turbidity and helicity were likely to play their role later in the evening. Sure enough, a series of tornadoes came almost too close for comfort in Houston County just hours after my call, during the 10pm CDST hour. At the same time, a large tornado was beginning to generate directly over downtown Tyler in Smith County, headed not far from my cousin's residence. My Uncle had emergency power for two days as power lines were downed in many parts of his county. He was able to obtain a good generator last year. I've tried in vain and learned the lead time on the model I need is 44 weeks! The nearest dealer is in the Gillette area, the next closest participating is either Cheyenne or Laramie. Sometimes, getting prepared is quite the chore. Just getting a plumber for bringing heat in this house on the lower level is impossible in the Winter. As I post this, the high made it near 80 here. Some Wyoming and Nebraska cities made new record highs and I took the time to open up the windows and doors to air out the old, letting in the new. At least the rain holds off until Tuesday. If any snow, it's too warm to stick around long.

Hexicans, we're getting very close to mainnet and over the past week, HEX is pumping again to the tune of around 35% in the last week. This is why more and more scammers are trying to screw us. Within PulseX chat on Telegram, the friendly ComBot is giving fair WARNING!
  "Do NOT interact with any unexpected ERC20s airdropped to your wallet, even if they appear to come from the PulseX sacrifice address. Just ignore them."
Now, I have no idea what the actual problem is, yet heed the warning if you've done a PulseX sacrifice. I've not participated in PLSX sac. Of course, plenty of questions as to "Wen?" it mainnets. Same goes with PulseChain. Both are close to being ready, especially PulseX. For now, I'm enjoying the pump in HEX and noticing some more stakes being made, likely due to Hedron (HDRN). A reminder that you must have some ETH available in MetaMask or whatever you're using for your HEX stakes, to mint your available Hedron, available only to HEX stakers. Eventually, those receiving or purchasing pHEX and stake the same will earn HDRN. Alex, your project is very very hip! You have my admiration.

That's it for now. Off to Casper for some Sunday preps shopping. I expect the mess in Ukraine to continue for some time, even with the talks to come in Turkey this week. I just don't expect or even anticipate any breakthroughs, especially with the nonsense political farting in The Swamp, as awful to the nose and ears as usual.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,



Greetings, y'all and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 This entry, I have NO links to share. This is my first submission of the year. It was 12 years ago today that the thaw finally arrived at Estherville, IA while a college student, seeing the ground again after that really rough winter. There's new snow on the ground here in eastern Wyoming. How long I have internet access for now remains in question. The 2021 Blog was implemented with one last entry I never got to post for Christmas, although I took time to compose it. You can find it through the 2021 Blog link if you wish, although I can't say it was posted until today, so I can't really cite any warnings or predictions of that time, due to the delay. The exception I make to it? I mention the two nations with a workaround to the SWIFT financial messaging service; Russia and China. Of course they can use it now with many banks now refusing further SWIFT to Russia due to the Ukranian War. Conflict? We're long past that. USA getting involved? We're already indirectly there and the elites want more a diversion than they have now. They have more culling of the sheeple to achieve. Read on further for more details as a new and very dangerous "vaccine" is to come to America.

  The Good Lord Blessed me with somehow allowing my phone to interface with my computer for now. I'm taking FULL advantage of it while I can, as you can imagine I still have no broadband access. This feature had been absent to me for months now and I recently had to go to the county library to get most of my tax information collected. Just this past Thursday through Saturday, I couldn't even go back inside the library because their heater had broke and they couldn't get someone out there to fix it. My mother is still befuddled why I can't get my plumbers to come back here. They never billed me for their visit around November and I've left them numerous messages on their answering service. I've seen both the guys around town doing other projects and figure I won't get the heating completed until Spring at the earliest. (I want to square that with 'em eventually as they have bills too) The Cheyenne weather office is carefully watching one of the models hinting at a BIG storm Monday or Tuesday next week when Spring arrives. These type of wallop or sucker-punch events are fairly routine, especially this month! With Gulf of Mexico moisture possibly being drawn into the possible system and advertised a slow mover, it could act much the same as last year on 3/15 when Casper received a record snowfall of 26" that overwhelmed the regular crews, kept me from work for a day, caused nearly 5' piles of snow on center lanes of 3-lane roadways and took a good while to melt. Stay Tuned and don't say I didn't give y'all on the Front Range a decent heads-up. We had another snowfall with bone-chilling cold for nearly a week that's finally broke to normal temps. Maybe, just maybe! (crossing fingers)

  Being a crypto tycoon means the IRS will definitely dig deeper than usual. Not only did Biden hire 500 additional agents to specifically focus on digital assets, too many in congress still remain terribly clueless and more so because of the Ukraine War diversion. With that said, The Big Guy has recently enacted an executive order regarding crypto. It's not as crappy as it could've been, still, it should be solely the role of congress to fix the mess they've allowed lack of regulation of the space to become. Wyoming still doesn't have the two SPDI banks they've legally chartered, likely due to the Fed Reserve still squabbling about it. Our representatives continue worrying about the USD. It shall tumble badly, the question remaining "When?" Yet they all continue to SUCK our money, having the huevos to vote themselves a 21% raise from 174k to 200k annually! Are you a goldfish or do you have enough of a backbone and brain to exercise your vote in the mid-terms? Probably less than 2 dozen congressional Republicans said Nay to it. I mailed off my tax return information to my Cheyenne CPA yesterday. Hopefully, enough information is in place for him to work with, despite me putting many hours of preparation. The Russian ruble has tumbled recently. American companies have for the most part moved out of Moscow and elsewhere in the Russian Federation. This is so sad to see, yet I squarely blame the USA for not heeding Russian concerns I consider valid. We've broken agreements made back in the 90's not to expand NATO. The EU has ramped up much pressure on Putin. Europe will suffer worse. It remains Winter in Germany. During my 2012 visit, it briefly snowed in Luebeck on April 2nd. Russian gas continues through Nord Stream I for now, yet has ceased through another major gas pipeline. NatGas prices there have risen more than 40% in a single day! Regular gas or "petrol" prices here in America have nearly doubled since the Big Guy was elected, very likely by fraud.

Even with this new pain the Dems have inflicted, I expect more voting nonsense with the mid-term elections to come this November. Biden is a mess. The Dems wanted Amendment 25 to be hurled at Trump, yet Biden's performance gives him greater reason to be targeted for such. Harris is even worse in some ways although she doesn't cackle under pressure quite the manner that Hillary does. Nobody wants to address reopening or any further drilling on any federal lands, even with some in the complicit media asking the White House press secretary about this issue. More and more, I'm convinced the government is so corrupt that nearly everyone active in the highest levels are severely compromised. I strongly believe the Biden family acts against American values and interests, too. Why isn't the media demanding Biden's tax returns or that of Hunter over the past several years? Will the Sheeple get that wonderful media leak in the same way it happened to #45? You see, this was how desperate the Dems were to regain power, to nominate and "elect" someone who operates as little more than a figurehead. Does this mean I'm automatically in Trump's pocket? Read on..

I don't appreciate Trump's role in nominating one Cheyenne-area attorney to hopefully replace Liz this November. The attorney may well be qualified, yet The Don, due to his nomination, essentially discouraged other qualified candidates in the Republican Party to continue making their case closer to the mid-terms! Most who were in the running dropped out when Harriet's name was brought up and I'm holding that strongly against #45 for butting in to Wyoming politics in such an early manner. It reminds me of how Ross Perot in '92 had the momentum, dropped out, then reentered and never could regain it. Trump, please STFU! Republican Party officials in Topeka have been asking Wyomingites about their voter positions and including envelopes asking for $$. I took the rare opportunity to whine, moan and generally bitch about how they handle matters in Oklahoma where independent voters can still get a Dem ballot in runoff elections, yet the GOP refuses to offer even one olive seed, much less a branch, except to remove the leaves and fruits to use the remainder, now a green switch to soundly whip our asses with! Bear in mind, Oklahoma makes it illegal for someone to defend themself with a STICK! (per Oklahoma Security Service laws as noted on the 3/13/22 broadcast of "Gun Talk", syndicated and broadcast now for 28 years) Until the GOP gets a clue, they haven't earned my dollars. I also warned them to stop capitulating. They give corporal punishment to the voters (yes, legal in OK in more ways than one) when they should actually start using corporate punishment to the Too Big To Fail crowd!

Now on to personal stuff. I still await further word when Visionary finally approves expenses for my site so I can fully fund my share of it. I've just purchased a repeater for 447.9 with 100Hz PL to site with the tower after construction. This arrives in a few weeks and I've confirmed the device can be powered by solar - important since I won't use any of the electricity which Visionary will set up, relying solely on solar and battery storage for what I'll site on the Hex Hill tower. I'm also going to follow up with my statewide coordination request for a single 70cm mobile/portable repeater pair with the Wyoham group who handle amateur coordination requests throughout the Cowboy State. I've named it PREPWY, the Portable Repeater Emergency Project for Wyoming and envision counties or responsible amateurs willing to provide these to be potential participants. To prevent harmful interference, each individual repeater will be coordinated with a UNIQUE subaudible tone on the input. One tone will be reserved for the Wind River Reservation where tribal members with amateur licenses can use a portable repeater to supplement their communcations during search and rescue. These portable repeaters can be used in educational settings, too.

On anti-vaxxing notes; Fauci may not be on TeeVee for now but he ain't finished with doing away with the useless Sheeple. Although quiet for now, expect more "variants" to suddenly appear AFTER the mid-terms with masks and more pressure for mandatory jabs. Furthermore, sometime around then or sooner, expect a new "vaccine" to appear. It will be just as dangerous as the existing mRNA ones, if not worse. I don't have the name of it to give you yet, but it contains ONLY the extremely dangerous spike protein. Don't be fooled into even considering it! If anything, the clots appear sooner and are nearly impossible to clear out. The spike protein will cross your brain/blood barrier and will slowly clot your senses where you're a useless zombie. It has already been approved for EUA in Canada, Australia and the EU. So far, it hasn't shown up on American shores but awful effects are being reported. Most insidious is the damage it creates to the female reproductive system. Any woman of reproductive age, planning on children, MUST refuse it! When the clots become more frequent and problematic in one's circulatory system, the lungs won't have the capacity and one's heart will eventually tax out, the right ventricle will fail, causing a fatal heart-attack in most instances. Those with a heart valve condition will likely die sooner. Already, reports are coming in from insurance companies of deaths across the ages.

The ultimate diversion from the effects of the gene-altering "vax" is in effect and Biden with the global elites really want a War, even if he refuses to admit it. His buddies in the MIC will make $$, Putin gets greater blame and the 15 billion or greater that the Big Guy recently committed to Ukraine I think some will be conveniently laundered back into the Biden's coffers. So let me ask again; "When the hell will the IRS audit him and Hunter? When will the Southern District of NY find even a picosecond to look into these sort of things?" Instead, they seemed to dwell on #45. So there you have it! A parting note for now that I recommend strongly you prepare for additional shortages to come, the worst being around late Summer going into Fall. Farmers already are anticipating the costs they'll incur and I assure you, it won't be easy for the Big Fish to impose stink bids anywhere near as easily as in the past! Fertilizer is no longer coming in from Russia, nor is any oil. Speaking of oil, I've heard cooking oil will become in short supply. Indonesia is the largest exporter of this staple and I've already bought extra. Buy whatever you can, NOW! Also, one additional gem I've heard - consider fasting and develop this as a habit. Too many Americans remain incredibly fat. If fasting, consider ordering a container of Brain Forza, easily found on eBay. It contains all the necessary elements for those who fast for several days in a row. By day three, you'll be glad you supplemented.

Gracias & Alles Liebe,